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Formed 1760 from York
Hancock, Washington formed 1789 from Lincoln
Kennebec formed 1799 from Lincoln
Waldo formed 1827 from Hancock, Lincoln, Kennebec
Sagadahoc formed 1854 from Lincoln
Knox formed 1860 from Lincoln, Waldo


1790 Lincoln Co. ME Census
Pg. 34  Robart Duncan       104xx                   Bowdoin Town
    43  John Duncan         124xx                   Pownalborough Town

1800 Lincoln Co. ME Census
Pg.335  Robert Duncan       20010        - 11010    Thompsonborough

1810 Lincoln Co. ME Census
Pg. 19  Robert Dunkin       10101        - 01001            Lisbon
   328  Samuel E. Duncan    30010        - 01101            Bath

1820 Lincoln Co. ME Census
Pg.125  Saml. E. Duncan     020001       - 11010            Bath
   199  Robert Duncan       200011       - 11101            Litchfield

1830 Lincoln Co. ME Census
Pg. 46  Robert Duncan       0011,01      - 1110,0100,01     Litchfield
   342  Sarah Duncan        0101,(2?/1?) - 0002,001         Bath

1840 Lincoln Co. ME Census
Pg.364  Sarah Duncan        011          - 0100,0001        Bath
        George W. Duncan    1101,21      - 2000,32
            (Sarah and George W. next to each other)
        William H. Duncan   0000,01      - 0000,1

1850 Lincoln Co. ME Census
Pg.72, #149-175, Samuel DUNCAN 33 ME mariner $1000
                  Lucinda 27 ME
                  Orin C. (m) 7, Monira (f) 4 ME
                  (MAD: 1860 Kings Co. NY census, Brooklyn Ward 11 Dist.3; Monira definitely starts with "M")
Pg.117, #881, George W. DUNCAN 47 ME mariner
                  Hannah H. 42 ME
                  George T. 19 ME sailer
                  Lucy F. 16, Allin P. 14 ME
                  Franklin H. 12, Dolevia E. 9 ME
                  Freeman S. 7, Mary A. 4 ME
                  (MAD: Hannah and family in 1860 Knox Co. ME census)
Pg.127, #16-17, Samuel E. DUNCAN 70 ME none
                  Sarah 65 ME
                  Charles E. 29 ME mariner $800
                  Hannah J. 29 ME
                  Emma J. 7, Charles D. 5 ME
                  Frederick C. 3, Catherine D. 9/12 ME
                  Ellen FITZGERALD 22 IRE
                  Margaret JAMESON 20 IRE
                  (MAD: Charles Davenport Duncan in Union Navy in Civil War, son of Capt. C.C. Duncan; from pg.215, "SC Historical Magazine" Vol.75.; also referred to in "The Sea Chain" by John E. Duncan, 1986. Samuel Easton Duncan, wife Sarah Webb, was son of Dr. Samuel Duncan 1745-1784 and Hannah Donnell; from DAR Lineages)
Pg.140, #189-225, David C. MAGOUN 59 ME merchant & family
                  William H. DUNCAN 49 ME mariner $2500
                  Abigail P. 33 ME
                  & 2 others
Pg.194, #827-975, George W. DUNCAN 40 ME blacksmith $3000
                  Adeline 40 ME
                  George H. 17, William C. 15 ME
                  Avis A. (f) 13, Horatio A. 8 ME
                  Eaton D. (m) 1 ME
                  & others
                  (MAD: 1860 Sagadahoc Co. ME census)

1860 Lincoln Co. ME Census
      No Duncan indexed

1870 Lincoln Co. ME Census
Pg.739, #222-249, Jail (starts pg.738R)
                  DUNCAN, Charles 24 MD prisoner, father of foreign birth

HISTORIES before 1923

"Valley of the upper Maumee River : with historical account of Allen County and the city of Fort Wayne, Indiana : the story of its progress from savagery to civilization." by Robert S. Robertson; pub. Madison, Wis.: Brant & Fuller, 1889, 1030 pgs. (LH6270, HeritageQuest images 4/2007; FHL book 977.274 H2v v.1-2 and film 1,000,529 items 3-4)
      Vol.1, pg.438-439: Allen county ... the Smalls of Marion township. They are among the descendants of five brothers, Joseph, Joshua, Purington, John Sr., and Taylor, who were passengers on the Mayflower, ... Joseph Small, jr., the ancestor of the Smalls of Allen County, was the first child born in Old Borden, in 1778. He ... and his wife were natives of Maine, and remained there until 1817, when they determined to emigrate to a point four miles above Cincinnati. With seven children - Louis, Maria, Mary, Delilah, Catharine, Emeline and Joseph, ... after about four years they moved to Cleveland and Joseph Small purchased a farm ... in 1838, with his family, he cut his way through to Allen county, and settled on section 23. Mr. Small, with the help of his sons, helped to cut the first roads in the township. The wife of this pioneer was Margaret Duncan, whose father was a Scotchman. He was pressed into the British service soon after emigrating to this country, but deserted and went to the mountains of Maine, where he was married and lived and died. Mr. and Mrs. Small raised a family of thirteen children, all but two of whom lived to maturity. Louis, the oldest of the family, died about 1840, leaving a large family, some of whom are living in Michigan and some in Iowa. Maria was married to Lorenzo Holly, and they died in Michigan. Mary Small was married to Riley Hance. ... Fidelia first married .... Catharine Small .... Joseph Small .... Robert Small, one of the oldest settlers of Marion township, was born June 25, 1819, near Cincinnati. ... (MAD: 1994 query by Diane Williams: Margaret Duncan b.1786 Bowdoin, [Lincoln then Sagadahoc Co.], Maine, m. Joseph SMALL.)


Source records for Samuel Duncan of Bath, Maine, born 1745, died 30 June 1784, wife Hannah Donnell, and their descendants, have been posted in 2003 by Jon A. Duncan on the Duncan message board at Ancestry.com:


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