Duncans in Worcester Co. MD


Duncan research files of
Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson
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Last revised August 20, 2007

Formed 1742 from Somerset
Wicomico formed 1867 from Somerset, Worcester


1790 Worcester Co. MD Census
Pg.124  Josiah Duncan         111x1
Pg.127  Charles Duncan        105x1
        John Duncan           112x1
        Levin Duncan          112xx
        William Duncan        103xx

1800 Worcester Co. MD Census
Pg.195  Thomas Duncan         30010        - 20010
   196  Wm. Dunken            11010        - 12010
        Thomas Dunkin         00010        - 41010
   212  Thomas Duncan         42110        - 00010
        William Duncan        21010        - 20010
   230  John Duncan           10010        - 10010
   234  Levi Duncan           10010        - 32010
          (MAD: Levi Duncan mar. Leah Purnell 5/26/1797)
   235  Josiah Duncan         11010        - 11101
          (MAD: Josiah Duncan mar. Martha M. Dale
            10/20/1795, to Smith Co. TN)

1810 Worcester Co. MD Census
Pg.558  William Duncan        01001        - 00201
   560  Thomas Duncan         01110        - 12010
   591  Henry Duncan          00100        - 00000
   592  Levi Duncan           11010        - 20201
   604  Milby Duncan          10010        - 10101
          (MAD: Milby Duncan mar. Sally White 4/1/1806)

1820 Worcester Co. MD Census
Snowhill Dist.
Pg.173  Henry Dunkin          000010       - 00001
   176  Thos. Duncan          100001       - 13001
3rd District
Pg.185  Milly Duncan          210100       - 30010
   193  Ben Duncan            Free colored
   196  Joseph Duncan         111010       - 00100
4th District
Pg.201  Levi Duncan           010001       - 01001
        James Duncan          000100       - 10110

1830 Worcester Co. MD Census
3rd District
Pg.287  Milby Duncan          0111,1001    - 0201,001
4th & 5th Districts
Pg.316  James Duncan Esq.     0200,001     - 0002,01
   317  Levi Duncan Esq.      0000,1001    - 0100,1000,1
   318  James Duncan          2000,01      - 0110,1

1840 Worcester Co. MD Census
Pg.314  Melby Duncan          0010,1000,1  - 2010,0001
   320  Levi Duncan           0000,0000,1  - 1000,0000,01
   321  Hiram Duncan          1000,02      - 1000,11

1850 Worcester Co. MD Census
6th District
Pg.166, #28-28, James DUNCAN 33 MD farmer $0
                  Harriet 23 MD
                  Eleanor TOWNSEND 15 MD BLACK
                  Tolbert DENNIS 27 MD BLACK labourer
                  Henry BASSIT 9 MD BLACK
Pg.166, #37-37, Milby DUNCAN 69 MD farmer $500
                  Sarah 64 VA
                  Elizabeth 32 MD
4th District
Pg.206, #74-74, Hiram K. DUNCAN 42 MD farmer $10,300
                  Catherine 30 MD
                  Levi 12, Mary H. 10 MD
                  Sarah C. 8, Charles W. 6 MD
                  John E. 4, Lemuel B. 1 MD
                  Mary A. POWELL 17 MD
                  Hiram J. SMACK 17 MD laborer
Pg.210, #118-118, Peter WEST 52 MD BLACK farmer $0
                  Nancy 23 MD BLACK
                  Daniel A. 4, Mary A.N. 4/12 MD BLACKS
                  Mary DANCAN 18 MD BLACK
                  William H. DUNCAN 1 MD BLACK
Pg.222, #299-300, Amelia DUNCAN 35 MD BLACK (blank) $0
                  Eresine (f) 8, Mary A. 6 MD BLACK
                  Isaac G. 1 MD BLACK
6th District
Pg.240, #1-1, James DUNCAN 64 VA teacher (alone)
3rd Election & 1st Census District
Pg.244, #58-58, Joseph GRAY 31 MD farmer $800
                  Cathrene 26 MD
                  Sarah E. 8, William J. 5 MD
                  James P. 4, John A. 2 MD
                  "Marth" A. (f) 1 MD
                  Lemuel P. PANITT (m) 26 MD labor
                  Caroline DUNCAN 20 MD BLACK
Berlin, 1st Census District
Pg.263, #346-346, James McGREGOR 52 MD "none" $6,000
                  Mary 51 MD
                  Mary A. 22 MD
                  James 19 MD "none"
                  Wm. 16, Jno. 12 MD
                  Comfort HUDSON (f) 75 MD -- $500
                  Fanny QUILLIN (f) 20 MD
                  (MAD: looked for Mary Caroline McGregor dau. of James Duncan son of Levi died 1841, but see Caroline Duncan age 17 in 1850 census pg.272 below with mother Nancy unmarried.)
3rd Election & 1st Census District
Pg.266, #381-381, David PRUITT 38 MD farmer $0
                  Prissilla 31 MD
                  Mary 14, John 12 MD
                  David T. 10, George 9 MD
                  Susan A. NEWTON 66 VA
                  Galty DUNCAN (f) 24 MD
                  (MAD: does not indicate BLACK)
Pg.267, #401-401, Hiram B. DUNCAN 23 MD farmer $1000
                  Sarah M. 25 MD
                  James D.M. 2, Wm. M.S. 8/12 MD
Pg.270-1, #452-452, Wm. DUNCAN 27 MD farmer $0
                  Martha 23 MD
                  Josiah J. 3, Hetty M. (f) 1 MD
                  Leah LEWIS (f) 26 MD
                  George W. 2 MD
Pg.272, #473-473, Nancy DUNCAN 48 MD (blank) $21,000
                  Saml. J. 21 MD farmer
                  Caroline 17 MD
                  Mary C. SMITH 1 MD
Pg.285, #690-690, Ananis BRADFORD (m) 43 MD farmer $600
                  Mary 65 MD
                  Ann E. DUNCAN 16 MD
2nd Election Dist. & 1st Census District
Pg.308, #1039-1039, John STROYES? 50 MD farmer $3000
                  Charlot 34 MD
                  Jno. 10, Irving (m) 8 MD
                  James 6, Charlot 3 MD
                  Esther 18, Amanda 16, Nancy 14 MD
                  Catharine DUNCAN 50 MD
                  Eliza 15 MD
                  Jno. J. TAYLOR 30 MD "none"
                  Jno. BLAKE 34 MD MULATTO (blank) $0
                  Isaac 19 MD MULATTO

1860 Worcester Co. MD Census
Snow Hill
Pg.546, #279-277, John STURGIS 60 MD farmer $2500-$4500
                  Amanda 26 MD (blank) $1,000-$0
                  Nancy 24 MD (blank) $1,000-$0
                  John 20, Irving (m) 17, James 15 MD
                  Charlotte 13, Alice 10 MD
                  Catherine DUNCAN 62 MD lady
                  Eliza 25 MD
                  John BLAKE 60 MD MULATTO laborer
Colburn's, P.O. Snow Hill
Pg.572, #459-457, Mary COLBOURN 46 MD farming $2500-$1600
                  Rosa WIMBRO 1 MD
                  Nancy "COLBURN" 20 MD (blank) $1000-$0
                  William 19 MD (blank) $1000-0
                  Emeline 16 MD (blank) $1000-0
                  Perry 12 MD (blank) $1000-$0
                  Elizabeth DUNCAN 43 MD domestic
                  Samuel BATES 14 MD BLACK
Pg.589, #589-586, James DUNCAN 44 MD farmer $1450-$1500
                  Peter (m) 31 MD
                  John W. PURNELL 18 MD BLACK laborer
                  (MAD: 1870 Wicomico Co. MD census)
Berlin, P.O. Whaleysville
Pg.638, #915-911, Galty DUNCAN (f) 35 MD BLACK
                  James 7 MD MULATTO
                  Milly 3, Hannah 1 MD BLACK
Pg.639, #919-915, Hiram B. DUNCAN 35 MD (blank) $9600-$8500
                  James 10 MD
                  George SMITH 13 MD
                  Charles DUNCAN 7 MD
                  Lemuel SMITH 18 MD
Pg.641-642, #939-934, James ENNIS 60 MD farmer $0-$100
                  Milly 40 MD
                  Catherine 25 MD
                  Ellen 22 MD
                  Matilda 20, Sally 18 MD
                  James 20 (sic), Lemuel 12, William 15 MD
                  Lavinia 8, Joseph 6 MD
                  George HENMAN 8 MD
                  Charles DUNCAN 12 MD BLACK
Berlin, P.O. Berlin
Pg.649, #975-970, Lemuel DUNCAN 31 MD farmer $0-$5000
                  Charlotte 30 MD (blank) $3000-$0
                  Anna 4, Mary 2, George 8/12 MD
                  Nancy 50 MD
                  Caroline SMITH 9 MD
Pg.650, #983-978, Lambert C. POWELL 64 MD farmer $2500-$10,000
                  Louisa 50 MD
                  Eliza 23, Hatty 21 MD
                  Peter 16, Ebenezer 12 MD
                  Louisa 10, Ada 6 MD
                  Olivia DUNCAN 5 MD
St. Martins
Pg.719, #1466-1460, William DUNCAN 40 MD farmer $0-$150
                  Martha 30 MD
                  James 10, Hatty 9, William 1 MD
                  Matilda MATHEWS 55 MD
                  Leah LYNCH (f) 70 MD
                  Harriet DUNCAN 30 MD BLACK domestic
                  Elizabeth 8, Henry 6 MD BLACK
Derickson's X-Roads
Pg.820, #2191-2190, Catherine DUNCAN 38 MD farming $5000-$450
                  Levi 23 MD teacher
                  Mary 20, Sarah 18 MD
                  Charles W. 16, John E. 14 MD
                  Lemuel 12, Isaac H. 10 MD
                  (MAD: 1870 Wicomico Co. MD census)
Pg.832-3, #2281-2080, Levin DUNCAN 30 MD farmer $0-$250
                  Nancy 40 MD
                  Charles 11, Jacob 10 MD
                  William 8, James 6, Daniel 5 MD
                  Sally 4, Louisa 2 MD
                  (MAD: 1870 Tuscarawas Co. OH census)
Castin's, P.O. New Town
Pg.901, #2757-2757, Mary DUNCAN 25 MD BLACK day laborer
                  Ebenezer 9 MD BLACK
                  Margaret 7, Jane 4 MD BLACK
Pg.908, #2819-2818, Thomas HANANSEN 48 MD farmer $1500-$300
                  James LEWIS 40 MD
                  William DUNCAN 12 MD BLACK farm boy

1870 Worcester Co. MD Census
District 1, P.O. New Town
Pg.688, #421-440, DUNCAN, George 40 MD BLACK farmer $0-$400
                  Mary? 35 MD BLACK K.house
                  George 18 MD BLACK works on farm
                  Jane 16 MD BLACK
                  Sallie 12 MD BLACK
                  WILLIAMS, Loyd (m) 8 MD BLACK works on farm
District 2, P.O. Snow Hill
Pg.699, #52-55, SPENCER, Irving 41 MD farmer $10,000-$1,200
                  Jennie 35 MD K.house
                  Margarette 5, Thomas 3 MD
                  HICKMAN, Mary 54 MD domestic servt. $0-4200
                  CHORIX?, Pricilla 14 MD domestic servant
                  FASIT, Rhoda 65 MD BLACK domestic servant
                  DUNCAN, Peter 35 MD BLACK works on farm
                  TURPIN, George 19 MD BLACK works on farm
Berlin Dist.
Pg.751, #286-293, DUNCAN, William 48 MD farmer $0-$300
                  Martha 43 MD K.house
                  James 23, Hetty 20 MD
                  William 14, Annie 9 MD
                  HAMMOND, Henry 13 MD BLACK laborer $0-$20
Pg.754, #322-330, BAKER, Handy (m) 60 MD BLACK farmer $0-$25
                  Mary 54 MD BLACK K.house
                  Jane 20 MD BLACK
                  Comfort (f) 78 MD BLACK
                  DUNCAN, John H. 17 MD BLACK
                  George 15 MD BLACK
Pg.760, #395-408, MORRIS, Justice (m) 60 MD BLACK farmer $0-$250
                  Caroline 52 MD BLACK K.house
                  Riley (m) 22 MD BLACK laborer
                  Arny (f) 21 MD BLACK
                  Frederick 19 MD BLACK
                  DUNCAN, James 6 MD BLACK
Pg.763, #434-449, DUNCAN, Levi 22 MD BLACK laborer $0-$200
                  Rebecca 20 MD BLACK K.house
                  William 2, Mary 1 MD BLACK
Pg.768, #498-521, DUNCAN, Girtrict (f) 40 MD BLACK K.house $0-$25
                  Milly (f) 13 MD BLACK
                  Robert 8 MD BLACK
Pg.778, #21-22, DUNCAN, Charles 26 MD laborer $0-$100
                  Catharine 22 MD K.house
                  (no children)
Pg.780, #55-58, JARVIS, Cyrius (m) 26 MD carpenter $500-$200
                  Catharine 20 MD K.house
                  DUNCAN, Sarah 30 MD BLACK
                  Sarah 2, James 5 MD BLACK
                  Henry 3/12 MD BLACK b.March
Pg.780, #59-62, ENNIS, Samuel 38 MD (white) shoemaker $500-$300
                  Charlotte A. 30 MD K.house
                  Sarah 11, Joseph 8, Samuel 5 MD
                  DUNCAN, Isaac 19 MD apprentice
                  HAMMOND, William 17 MD apprentice
                  DAVIS, Samuel 16 MD apprentice
District 8, P.O. Sandy Hill
Pg.872, #354-370, PAYNE, Samuel A. 59 MD farmer ($3900-$1200 on line above)
                  Laura 17 MD keeping house
                  MANUEL, John 25 MD BLACK works on farm
                  REED, Jo.George (m) 15 MD BLACK works on farm
                  DUNCAN, Jane 14 MD BLACK servant


Worcester Co. MD Orphans Court, General Index 1742-1850 (FHL film 14,569)
      Columns: Deceased persons names; Wills proved (date); Execs & Admin. Names; Dates of Bonds; Sureties Names; Inventories Filed (month/year); Sales; Desperate Debts; "Sperate" Debts; Accounts Passed (month/year), (blank heading)
      Vol.1, 1742-1821
      Duncan, John, Oct. 21, 1777; Jesse Duncan, bond Dec. 10, 1777, sureties Benjamin Purnell and William S. Hill; Inv. filed: De Bonis Non Granted; other columns blank.
            Will of John Duncan recorded in Liber JW#4 1769-1783, folio 345, dated 13 Oct. 1776, proved 21 Oct. 1777; to brother Levin Duncan, 32 acre "Friends Assistance" purchased of Oliver Griffin (was in dispute with Thomas Duncan); to brothers James, Charles, James, Jesse (exec.); to Louis Pointer; to John Duncan son of Charles; to bros. & sisters Thomas Duncan, Levin Duncan (exec.), Mary Smith, Betsy Davis, Elizabeth Wheller; wit. Jethro Bowen, Jessee Long, Jessee Davis. (pg.41, Vol.1, Libers JW#4 1769-1783, "Worcester Co. MD Wills 1769-1851" abstracts by Ruth T. Dryden, Vol.1 to 8, FHL book 975.221 P28d and fiche 6,117,587 and 6,117,588, annotated on pg.51, "A Closer Look at Worcester Co. Wills" by David V. Heise, errors & omissions ... 1666-1851, FHL book 975.221 P28h)
      Duncan, Elizabeth, April 9, 1778; Thomas Duncan, bond April 9, 1778, sureties John Davis and William Parker, Inv. filed May 13, 1782; Accounts passed March 23, 1785.
            Will of Elizabeth Duncan recorded in Liber JW#4 1769-1783, folio 369, dated 15 March 1774, proved 9 April 1778; to son Levin, tract where I live, "Duncans Delight" if he give 50 acres bought of John Duncan to my dau. Elizabeth Wheller; to 6 sons Thomas, Charles, James, John, Jessee, Levin; to daus. Betty Davis, Mary Smith, Elizabeth Wheeler; wit. John Jones, Joseph Jones, Comfort Jones. (pg.43, Vol.1, Libers JW#4 1769-1783, "Worcester Co. MD Wills 1769-1851" abstracts by Ruth T. Dryden, Vol.1 to 8, FHL book 975.221 P28d and fiche 6,117,587 and 6,117,588, annotated on pg.52, "A Closer Look at Worcester Co. Wills" by David V. Heise, errors & omissions ... 1666-1851, FHL book 975.221 P28h)
      Duncan, Jessee, Nov. 21, 1780; John Postly, bond Nov. 21, 1780, sureties Isaac Evans and John Curren; Inv. March 9, 1792; Sperate Debts March 13, 1793; Accounts passed March 13, 1793.
            Will of Jesse Duncan recorded in Libers JW#4 1769-1783, folio 439, dated 10 Nov. 1780, proved 21 Nov. 1780; to sisters Elizabeth Davis, Mary Smith, Elizabeth Wheeler, Lucy Duncan; to brother Levin Duncan; to John Postly, lot of land bought of James Rownd "Newbolds Lott", lot bought of Thomas Duncan joining a lot now in possession of John Curren 8 acres, exec; wit. Isaac Evans, John Curren, Rebecca Riley. (pg.49, Vol.1, Libers JW#4 1769-1783, "Worcester Co. MD Wills 1769-1851" abstracts by Ruth T. Dryden, Vol.1 to 8, FHL book 975.221 P28d and fiche 6,117,587 and 6,117,588, annotated on pg.54, "A Closer Look at Worcester Co. Wills" by David V. Heise, errors & omissions ... 1666-1851, FHL book 975.221 P28h)
      Duncan, John, (blank date); Thomas Duncan, bond D B N (de bonis non) Dec. 6, 1780, sureties Solomon Long and McKernney Smack; Inv. June 25, 1782; Accounts passed Oct. 14, 1783.
      Duncan, John, (blank date); John Postley, bond De Bonis Non Aug. 31, 1781, sureties Samuel Smily and David Fassitt; Inv. June 24, 1782; Accounts Passed Oct. 14, 1783; (blank) March 9, 1792.
      Duncan, Levin, Nov. 28, 1788; Molly Duncan, bond Nov. 28, 1788, sureties Charles Hammond and Parker Selby; Inv. June 11, 1789; Sperate debts March 16, 1792; Accounts passed March 16, 1792.
            Will of Levin Duncan recorded in Liber JW#13, folio 159, dated 13 Feb. 1788, proved 28 Nov. 1788; sons Levi (Duncan's Delight, Duncan's Delight Enlarged) (under age), Edward, Henery, Milby; daus. Hannah, Nansey, Marthay; wife Molley (Friend Assitence, Friend Assitence Inlarged, Cold Elbow Rome) (exec.); wit. Charles Hammond, Edward Hammond, Parker Selby. (pg.30, "Worcester Co. MD Will Book JW-13, 1783-1790" by David V. Heise, FHL book 975.221 P28he, annotated on pg.60, "A Closer Look at Worcester Co. Wills" by Heise, errors & omissions ... 1666-1851, FHL book 975.221 P28h)
      Duncan, Thomas, April 28, 1790; Mary, Isaac and William Duncan, bond May 4, 1790, sureties John Gunby and James Martin; Inv. Aug. 10, 1791; Sperate debts June 6, 1794; Accounts passed April 5, 1792 and June 6, 1796; (blank) Oct. 29, 1799.
            Will of Thomas Duncan Sr. recorded in Liber JW#13, folio 249, dated 13 April 1790, proved 28 April 1790; sons Thomas, Caleb, Isaac (exec), William (exec); wife Mary (Hallay Grave, Crooked Lot) (exec.); mention Solomon Collins; to be sold (Poor Luck); daus. Saray Davis, Catering Givan; wit. Shadrach Davis, Hanah Smith, Tabitha Davis, Hester Holland. (pg.45, "Worcester Co. MD Will Book JW-13, 1783-1790" by David V. Heise, FHL book 975.221 P28he) (MAD: see Catherine Duncan b. 1763, wife of Robert Givan, mar. 1781, their son Gilbert Givan to Dearborn Co. IN 1818)
      Duncan, Charles, Aug. 25, 1795; Josiah Dungan, bond Sept. 5, 1795, sureties William McGregor and Isaac Williams; Inv. Jan. 8, 1796; Sperate debts Aug. 30, 1796; Accounts passed March 29, 1796.
            Will of Charles Duncan recorded in Libers JW 1790-1799, folio 210, dated 15 June 1793, proved 25 Aug. 1795; to wife Kezia; to daus. Mary Williams, Elizabeth Freeman, Rachel Freeman, Kezia Rein; to son Josiah, exec.; wit. Thomas Dale, Isaac Williams, Martha Macknite Dale. (pg.21, Vol.2, Libers JW 1790-1799, "Worcester Co. MD Wills 1769-1851" abstracts by Ruth T. Dryden, Vol.1 to 8, FHL book 975.221 P28d and fiche 6,117,587 and 6,117,588)
      Duncan, Mary, March 2, 1798; Caleb Duncan (all other columns blank)
            Will of Mary Duncan recorded in Libers JW 1790-1799, folio 345, dated 13 Oct. 1794, proved 2 March 1798; to Hester Holland, tract "Happhazzard"; to son Caleb, exec; wit. Thomas Duncan, Michael Holland, Faney Duncan. (pg.36, Vol.2, Libers JW 1790-1799, "Worcester Co. MD Wills 1769-1851" abstracts by Ruth T. Dryden, Vol.1 to 8, FHL book 975.221 P28d and fiche 6,117,587 and 6,117,588)
      Duncan, John, (blank); William Duncan, bond Dec. 27, 1805, sureties Isaac Williams and Bownd Givan; Inv. Feb. 11, 1806; sales Oct. 15, 1806; Accounts passed Nov. 18, 1807.
            Record of John Duncan, decd, recorded in Liber JBR#6, folio 287, 17 Dec. 1805; admin. Martha Duncan, bonds. Isaac Williams, Round Givan. (pg.16, Vol.4, Libers JBR 1803-1807, "Worcester Co. MD Wills 1769-1851" abstracts by Ruth T. Dryden, Vol.1 to 8, FHL book 975.221 P28d and fiche 6,117,587 and 6,117,588)
      Duncan, William, Jan. 8, 1819; Thomas Duncan, bond Jan. 8, 1819, sureties Henry White and Isaac P. Davis; Inv. Jan. 14, 1819; Sales Feb. 9, 1819; Desperate Debts May 14, 1819; Sperate Debts Oct. 6, 1820; Accounts passed Oct. 6, 1820.
            Will of William Duncan recorded in Libers MH#10, folio 348, dated 18 Nov. 1816, proved 8 Jan. 1819; to son Josiah, tract "Newington Green" 100 acres; to wife (unnamed); to 3 daus. Jane Challey, Sally Purnell, Mary Collins; to brother Thomas Duncan, exec.; wit. Henry White, Isaac P. Davis, Hessey Truitt. (pg.26, Vol.6, Libers MH#10 1813-1822, "Worcester Co. MD Wills 1769-1851" abstracts by Ruth T. Dryden, Vol.1 to 8, FHL book 975.221 P28d and fiche 6,117,587 and 6,117,588, annotated on pg.123, "A Closer Look at Worcester Co. Wills" by David V. Heise, errors & omissions ... 1666-1851, FHL book 975.221 P28h)
      Vol.2, 1821-1850
      Duncan, Henry, 8 April 1823; Levin Holland, bond 22 April 1823, sureties Robert Givan and James C. Bowen; Inv. 14 May 1823; Sales 12 Aug. 1823; Accounts passed 10 Jan. 1827.
            Will of Henry Duncan recorded in Liber MH#27, folio 10, dated 1 Msarch 1823, proved 8 April 1823; to nephew Henry D. Gunby, house and lot bought of Jenkins Bowen; to nephew Stephen R. Gunby youngest son of sister Hannah, same if Henry has no heirs; to children of sister Hannah Gunby, Mary, Henry, John, Stephen; to brother Milby Duncan; friend Levin Holland, exec.; wit. Edward Hay, Joseiah Cropper, James Gray; codicil 6 March 1823, wit. incl. Levin R. Franklin. (pg.1, Vol.7, Libers MH 1822-1833, "Worcester Co. MD Wills 1769-1851" abstracts by Ruth T. Dryden, Vol.1 to 8, FHL book 975.221 P28d and fiche 6,117,587 and 6,117,588, annotated on pg.134, "A Closer Look at Worcester Co. Wills" by David V. Heise, errors & omissions ... 1666-1851, FHL book 975.221 P28h)
      Duncan, Josiah, 10 Nov. 1823; John P. Ratledge, bond 10 Nov. 1823, sureties Jenkins Bowen and Thos. Davis; Inv. 11 Nov. 1823; Sales 24 Feb. 1824.
            Will of Josiah Duncan recorded in Liber MH#27, folio 55, dted 21 Sept. 1823, proved 10 Nov. 1823; Thomas Wells to pay what is due; land "Nowington Green" to be sold; to wife Molly; friend John P. Ratledge, exec.; wit. John P. Ratledge, Jenkins Bowin, Thomas Davis. (pg.4, Vol.7, Libers MH 1822-1833, "Worcester Co. MD Wills 1769-1851" abstracts by Ruth T. Dryden, Vol.1 to 8, FHL book 975.221 P28d and fiche 6,117,587 and 6,117,588, annotated on pg.136, "A Closer Look at Worcester Co. Wills" by David V. Heise, errors & omissions ... 1666-1851, FHL book 975.221 P28h)
      Duncan, Thomas, (blank); Frances Duncan, bond 5 Jan. 1825, sureties Parker Colliers and Matthew Purnell; Inv. 11 Jan. 1825; Sales 8 March 1825; Desperate Debts 18 May 1825; Sperate Debts 21 April 1826; Accounts passed 21 April 1826.
      Duncan, Fanny, 8 Aug. 1826; James Duncan, bond 8 Aug. 1826, sureties Isaac Holland and Thos. Purnell; Inv. 12 Aug. 1826 and 19 Dec. 1826; Sales 12 Dec. 1826 "(conv. & fodded 15 Aug. 1824)"; Desperate Debts 12 Dec. 1826; Sperate Debts 15 Dec. 1830; Accounts passed 11 Jan. 1830.
            Will of Fanny Duncan recorded in Libers MH 1822-1833, folio 237, dated 19 July 1826, proved 8 Aug. 1826; to daus. Fanny Sturgis, Charlotte Duncan, Druscilla Duncan; to son Thomas; to nephew James Duncan exec.; wit. Isaac Holland, Elizabeth M. Hammond, Julian Ward. (pg.19, Vol.7, Libers MH 1822-1833, "Worcester Co. MD Wills 1769-1851" abstracts by Ruth T. Dryden, Vol.1 to 8, FHL book 975.221 P28d and fiche 6,117,587 and 6,117,588)
      Duncan, Thomas, (blank); James Duncan, D.B.N. 9 Feb. 1827, sureties Robert Givan Jr. and Joshua Rown; (all other columns blank).
      Duncan, Thomas (of Th.), (blank); Samuel D. Harper, bond 27 April 1832, sureties John Sturgis (of Jno) and Pat G. Townsend; Inv. 12 May 1832; Sperate Debts 11 June 1833; Accounts passed 12 June 1833.
      Duncan, James, 22 June 1841; James McGrigor, bond 22 June 1841, sureties Ebenezer B. Davis and Powell Patey; Inv. 13 July 1841; Sales 9 Nov. 1841; Sperate Debts 17 Jan. 1843; Accounts passed 17 Jan. 1843; (extra column) 15 Nov. 1843.
            Will of James Duncan of Levi recorded in Libers LPS 1834-1851, folio 198, dated 5 May 1841, proved 22 June 1841; to wife Nancy, plantation 138 acres, then to son Lemuel James; to son Hiram Burton Duncan, plantation bought of Levi Duncan 33 acres; to dau. Laura Ann wife of Merrill Smith; to daus. Eliza Margaretta, Mary Caroline McGrigor, lands on west side Pocomoke River purchased of Annanias Powell and Joshua Givans, "Straland," "The Ivey Neck"; to wife Nancy, exec.; to friend James McGregor; wit. Josiah Showell, George Davison, James Rain. (pg.25, Vol.8, Libers LPS 1834-1851, "Worcester Co. MD Wills 1769-1851" abstracts by Ruth T. Dryden, Vol.1 to 8, FHL book 975.221 P28d and fiche 6,117,587 and 6,117,588)
      Duncan, Levi, (blank); Hiram R. Duncan, bond 7 March 1841, sureties Garretson Gordy and Lambert C. Bratten; Inv. 14 March 1848; Sales 13 June 1848; Desperate Debts 13 June 1848; Sperate Debts 13 March 1849; Accounts passed 21 Nov. 1849. (line below: Dist. of negroes 12 March 1850; close 26 Nov. 1880)

Worcester Co. MD Orphans Court Proceedings, 1806-1809 book (FHL film 14,577)
      Pg.23: Feb. Court 1806, Martha Duncan, admin. of John Duncan decd; personal estate insufficient to pay debts, they to have the full time allowed by law for settlement of said estates.
      Pg.?: Feb. & Oct. Court 1806, no reference found to John Duncan, bond, sales, etc. per Orphans Court index.
      No index in book, quit.

Worcester Co. MD Wills
      Extracts from many early Worcester Co. MD wills are posted on the website for the Worcester County [MD] Genealogy Records from Ocean City Life-Saving Station Museum:


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ISAAC DUNKIN, W-11138, MD (FHL film 970,867; National Archives Roll 867; and extract from June Ricketts 11/1985)
      Private; Warrant 11138 issued 8 Jan. 1796 to Geo. Ponsonley, assignee. (Indexed as BLW #11138-100-8, served as a Private in the MD Line, in "Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files" by Virgil White, Vol.IV, pg.1042, FHL book 973 M28g) (MAD: see Caroline and Worcester Cos. MD)


Accomack Co. VA Deeds
      1757-70, Vol.3 pt.1, pg.148: 26 May 1761, Thomas (Y) Fisher and wife Susannah (X) of Accomack Co. VA to James Dunkin of Worcester Co. MD, £65, 100 acres in Masango Swamp, the land which George Pope the Elder purchased of Daniel of St. Thomas Tenepor (sic) by deed; George Hope and wife Annabella to Thomas Fisher. Wit. Thos. Ames, Bonland Savage and Richard Bundick; rec. 26 May 1761. (FHL film 30,006)
      1841-42, Vol.31 pg.435: Receipt 25 Sept. 1841, received of John Sturgis of Worcester Co. who married Charlott P. Duncan widow of Caleb Duncan Jr. decd, $200 in full of legacy left to Thomas P. Duncan by his father Caleb Duncan Sr. decd in said Duncan's will; /s/ James K. Duncan exec. of Caleb Duncan Jr. decd; wit. John Massey?, Isaac Lott? (FHL film 30,070)

Will of [Rev.] Henry White, filed in New Castle Co. DE (complete transcription from Becky Hobson 9/2003; MAD's extract; she has a copy of the will, handed down in her family)
      (Rebecca Hobson note: the will was probated in 1859 in New Castle Co. DE where Rev. Henry White lived with his son-in-law Benjamin Peters and daughter Anne. He was originally from Accomack Co. VA as was his sister, James Duncan's mother. The land for James Duncan is in Worcester / Wicomico Co. MD around Powellville / Whiton area where he also had land that formerly belonged to Mary G. "Polly" Dennis, daughter of Valentine Dennis and wife of Rev. Henry White's son William Matthew White. The complete text of Rev. Henry White's will is posted on the following website, under Delaware, New Castle Co., wills: http://www.pa-roots.com/cgi-bin/data/newcastledewill.cgi?read=9
      Will dated 25 Jan. 1856 of Henry White of New Castle Co. DE, preacher of Gospel in Methodist Episcopal Church; (1) to my grandsons Edward White and King Valentine Dennis White as tenants in common, my lands formerly of ---- Davis where my nephew James Duncan now lives in Worcester Co. MD, James Duncan to retain possession until youngest of grandsons is 21 and pay half the sale of corn to them or their guardians; (2) to granddau. Sally Elizabeth White and grandson John D. White (both under 21) as tenants in common, lands in Worcester Co. MD, land conveyed to me by Robert Given & wife, and adjoining land formerly devised by Valentine Dennis, father of Mary, wife of William M. White, to said Mary and then conveyed to me, and William M. White and wife Mary may live on the Givens land free of rent for life; (3) my son John F.J. (?) White owes me two obligations dated Sept. 21, 1847, $3792.90 and $2241, with interest, the first obligation released and 1/4 the second obligation released, the 3/4 part to be paid equally to my three grandchildren, children of my decd. dau. Elizabeth R. McClannahan, viz, John Henry, Yal?tonn and Sarah Anne, all under 21, but not to go to their father; if my son John F.J. White charges my said grandchildren for anything previous to the death of their grandmother Lucy McClaninahan (MAD: sic), that charge to be deducted from the above; (4) to my dau. Ann B. Peters, wife of Benjamin Peters, my land in New Castle Co. DE, she to pay $100 to Parents Missionary Society of Methodist Episcopal Church, and $400 to trustees of Methodist Episcopal Church in Village of Christiana, New Castle Co., to help build a new church, and pay $2100.00 to my three named grandchildren, children of said Elizabeth R. McClannahan, in 3 installments; (5) by deed of manumission 11 March 1852, recorded New Castle Co. DE Book K, Vol.6, pg.65, I have manumitted upon their becoming 21, my two slaves (H?)enry and Lucy, children of my colored woman Kisten, I give to my dau. Ann B. Peters their unexpired term of service, Henry's to expire on 15 Oct. 1863, and Lucy's on 15 Feb. 1869; (6) to my dau. Ann B. Peters my wearing apparel, furniture, personal effects, etc. on the farm now occupied by her husband, no inventory to be made; (7) my silver watch to Edward White, son of William M. White; (8) to my grandson William H. White $300; (9) any money owed from my son William M. White to above James Duncan be paid from my estate; (10) any money advanced should be charged to my devisee or legatee's share; (11) residue to my grandchildren, children of William M. White, viz, Sally Elizabeth, John D., Edward and King Valentine Dennis White; (12) appoint my friend Thomast (MAD: sic) Titus executor, or my friends Jacob L. (or S.) Weedin and Cyrus Starn. /s/ Henry White, witness Margaret H. Bates, Geo. Plunkett, David M. Bates.
      Rev. Henry White Obit (from Becky Hobson 9/2003; she has the newspaper clipping handed down in the family)
            Rev. Henry White died at the home of his son-in-law, Benjamin Peters, New Castle, Delaware, October 17, 1856. He was the oldest member of the Philadelphia Conference, which he joined in 1803. He had been the pastor of various Methodist churches in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware, and was for many years a merchant at Snow Hill, Worchester, Maryland. He was born in Accomac, Virginia, September 17, 1777. - New York Christian Advocate, 1856 Nov. 13, pg.184. (Becky Hobson: See also Minutes of the M.E. Conferences, 1856-57, pp. 215-17.)

Smith Co. TN Deed
      B-510: 12 March 1807, Thomas Dale Junr. of Worcester, MD, appoints Adam Dale of Smith Co. his attorney to receive accounts due me from Maj. Thomas Harney of Davidson Co.; to convey 160 acres in Smith Co. purchased from Daniel Allen unto William Dale and to convey 10 acres of said land to Robert W. Roberts. To sell my moveable personal property and to pay off debts. /s/ Thomas Dale. Wit. Josiah Duncan, Wm. McGrigor. Proven in Worcester on 12 March 1807 by acknowledgement, rec. 3 July 1807. (pg.92-3, Vol.1, "Smith Co. TN Deeds 1800-1816, Books B-E" by Barbara Cumpton, Vol.1-4, FHL book 976.852 R2c)

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Family Bibles:
      The Bible of Charles Duncan and wife Keziah, mar. 25 May 1761, children include John Duncan born 2 March 1762 and Josiah Duncan born 18 Sept. 1764, was published on pg.20, "Southern Genealogists Exchange Quarterly" Vol.15 #72 Winter 1974, FHL book 976. D25s.
      The Bible of Isaac A. Duncan, born 8 April 1810, and his wife Isabella L. Duncan, born 18 Feb. 1815, married 14 April 1836 in Maury Co. TN, was published on pg.20, "Southern Genealogists Exchange Quarterly" Vol.15 #72 Winter 1974, FHL book 976. D25s.
      The Old Timmons Bible for Levi D. Timmions, born 8 July 1811, and Fanny Duncan, born 20 July 1819, married 22 Dec. 1836, was copied for Marsha Lybbert in 1983 by Charles Timmons who got it from Mrs. Ursel Barr of Clarence, MO.
      Another Bible lists Milby Duncan died 13 Sept. 1855, and Sarah (White) Duncan, died 22 June 1853, father and mother of Levin Duncan who was born 31 July 1814 in Worcester Co. Maryland, married Irene J. Coard on 2 March 1842 in Shelby Co. MO, Levin Duncan died 3 Nov. 1888, Irene J. Duncan died 28 Feb. 1903; this Bible lists the children of Levin and Irene J. Duncan. It was copied for Marsha Lybbert in 1983 by Charles Timmons who got it from Mrs. Ursel Barr of Clarence, MO.

Portion of Givan Family Bible (from Opal Hughes 9/2002 who has the Bible; not an exact quote; added information from Opal in parentheses; see 1790 will of Thomas Duncan in Worcester Co. MD)
      Robert Givan, born 12th of March 1760
      Catherine Duncan, born 3rd of Sept 1763
            Married 6th of January in 1781.
      Catherine Duncan died 13th July 1795
            (Opal: Robert Givan married three more times)
      Gilbert Givan, born 31st July 1789
      Gilbert Givan married Sarah C. Merrill 2nd December 1813
            (Opal: married in Accomac County, Virginia; to Dearborn Co. IN 1818, buried in Dearborn County, Indiana, near Sparta)
      MAD: an obituary for Amelia Dashiell, b. 17 Feb. 1794 Worcester Co. MD, d. 22 Dec. 1836 Dearborn Co. IN, dau. of Thomas Duncan, wife of John Dashiell, published in the issue of 17 Feb. 1837, was given on pg.24 of "Abstracts of Obituaries in the 'Western Christian Advocate' 1834-1850" by Margaret R. Waters, Dorothy Riker and Doris Leistner, 1988 (FHL book 973 V4w)

"Land Records of Worcester Co. MD 1666-1810" by Ruth T. Dryden (FHL book 975.221 R28d)
      Notes on the Book (by the author): Where "no name" or "unnamed" (tract of land) is used, there could be a question as to the verification of this deed. These are the author's determination as to which lands were exchanged so beware of these entries; the author did not have the complete records of resurveyed lands so many places were absorbed into new patents. Widows were entitled to 1/3 of their husbands estates, called Dower Rights, and are indicated when she relinquished her claim on land sold; she is usually referred to as the relic of her husband. When land is sold for 5 sh., it is usually to a relative, daughter, brother, nephew, since this is a token payment. The term "no acreage" means the land was described in the deed but the exact number of acres sold was not included. One moity is one half of the land. The land descends by law to the eldest son, and there may not be a deed or will to indicate this. If there were no sons, to a brother or nephew, or occasionally to daughters and their husbands or dower rights to the widow's second husband.
      Sources: Deed books of Somerset and Worcester Co. MD to 1810; MD Calendar of Wills by Baldwin; Will Books of Somerset & Worcester Co. abstracted by Dryden; Old Somerset on the Eastern Shore of MD by Torrence; 1783 Tax Lists abstracted by Dryden; 1666-1723 Rent Rolls abstracted by Dryden; Federal Census Records; Card Index, patent files, Hall of Records, Annapolis, MD; Maps - Harry L. Benson tract maps of Worcester Co. MD, MDHR G.1727-437 MD Hall of Records, Commission, Dept. of General Services, Anapolis, MD.
      MAD: No deed book & page or other exact source is given for these extracts. The entries are in alphabetic order by name of tract. No explanation is given for dates after 1810. There may be more than one tract with the same name.
      MAD: This is an excellent source to trace the ownership, including the original patent, subsequent sale, and possible inheritance, of land owned by Duncans. There are Duncans on land Addition on pg.10, Amdever or Indeavour on pg.22, Bassitts Choice on pg.39-40, Beyond Expectation on pg.60, Boshworth on pg.64, Chance on pg.108, Collins Security on pg.121-2, Contentment on pg.133, Crooked Lot on pg.153, Cypress Pond on pg.160, Duncans Conclusion on pg.197, Duncans Delight on pg.197-8, Elbo Room on pg.204, Folly on pg.230, Friends Advice on pg.243, Friends Assistance on pg.244, Friends Choice on pg.245, Golden Neck on pg.259, Good Increase on pg.263, Highfield on pg.296, Holly Grove on pg.312 (see Accomack Co. VA), Ivy Neck on pg.326, Landown on pg.353, Long Delay on pg.375, Long Ridge on pg.378, Long Trusted on pg.378, Lucas Choice on pg.381, Maidens Blush on pg.384, Newbolds Lot on pg.432, Newington Green on pg.433-4, Partnership on pg.460, Poor Luck on pg.487, Powells Advice on pg.493-4, Priviledge on pg.499, Sea Branch on pg.549, Swains Adventure on pg.619, Union on pg.653.

1950 "The Eastern Shore of Maryland and Virginia" Vol.III, Personal and Family Records, by Charles B. Clark (FHL book 975 H2cc)
      Pg.311 of this book contains a biography of William B. Duncan, born 19 Nov. 1865 in Accomac Co. VA, son of William and Mary L. Duncan, married Florence O. Taylor on 19 Dec. 1887, moved to Pocomoke City [Worcester Co. MD] in 1905. Sketches of several of his children appear on pgs.232 and 311 to 313.


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