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Bureau of Land Management, General Land Office Records; New Orleans, Orleans Par. LA, Land Office, Act/Treaty of April 24, 1820, Entry Classification: Sale-Cash Entries (Internet address as of 6/3/2001)
      Name, Acres, Date land document signed, County/Parish
      Duncan, George, and Brown, Josiah, 158.71a, Sep 25 1844, Plaquemines
      Cenas, Hilary B. and Duncan, George, and Brown, Josiah, 160a, Sep 25, 1844, Pointe Coupee
      Duncan, Thomas, 160a, Jan 24 1855, St.Bernard
      Duncan, William, 160a, Jun 13 1846, St.Bernard
      Meriam, N., and Wilkerson, James, and Duncan, A.S., 389a, Nov 09 1852, Iberville (MAD: ? See Deed X-368, Washington Co., Dist. of Columbia, in the case of James Wilkinson, an insolvent debtor, June 21, 1811, whose creditors included A.S. Duncan for $1,000, and who owned a great deal of land in KY, and "claim to an island lying across the mouth of Mobile Bay, about 7,000 acres, the said island purchased by John Forbes for Wilkinson from Euphasia Lacoste but the title has never been secured owing to some difficulty with the Spanish Government; the receipt for the purchase, and the obligation, having been assigned to A.S. Duncan to secure the payment of $2,157/44. This tract, as soon as the country is possessed by the United States, will be worth at least $4.00 per acre, for besides its fishery and the lighthouse and pilotage being dependent on it, it will become a future site of commerce." from pg.260-262, "KY Court of Appeals Deed Books V-Z, 1821-1835, and Supreme Court for District of KY, State of VA, 1783-1792" Vol.IV, by Michael L. Cook and Bettie A. Cook, 1985; FHL book 976.9 R2c and other libraries. MAD: ?? perhaps Abner L. Duncan of New Orleans, LA)

Bureau of Land Management, General Land Office Records; Greensburg, St.Helena Par. LA, Land Office, Act/Treaty of April 24, 1820, Entry Classification: Sale-Cash Entries (Internet address as of 6/3/2001)
      Name, Acres, Date land document signed, County/Parish
      Duncan, Margaret J., 121.38a, Jun 01 1860, Tangipahoa (MAD: 1850 Orleans Par. LA census)
      Duncan, Margarett J., 79.72a, Jul 01 1859, Tangipahoa

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"Territorial Papers, Territory of Orleans, 1803-1812" Vol.IX (Calif. State University, Sacramento, library)
      Pg.631+: 8 May 1806, copy of the Register of the Military (Militia) appointments made by the Governor of the Territory:
            William Duncan, 2nd Lieutenant, Cavalry, date of commission 27 November 1805. (pg.632)
            A.L. Duncan, 1st Lieutenant, Orleans Volunteers, date of commission 30 May 1806. (pg.639)
      Pg.661-4: 30 June 1806, Return of the officers of the Militia of the Territory of Orleans, since the Return made 8 May 1806: A.L. Duncan, 1st Lt., Orleans Volunteers, Resigned.
      Pg.925: 14 Feb. 1811, New Orleans: Testimonial for Mr. John R. Grymes, for the office of Attorney of the District, signed by A.L. Duncan and 12 others.
      (MAD: Abner Lawson Duncan, b.ca 1760 PA, mar. Frances Mather, d. 12/27/1823 New Orleans, LA, had dau. Frances Duncan mar. 1823 Frederick Daniel Conrad of VA, from "War of 1812 Ancestor Index." See also Adams Co. MS; see will of Seth Duncan in 1785 in York Co. PA. The will of Richard Butler dated 14 June 1814 in New Orleans, LA, mentioned his property in LA and in MS, and named his wife Margaret Butler, his brother in law Samuel McCutcheon of LA, sisters Rebecca McCutcheon and Harriet Hooke, his mother Jane Butler, his friend Abner L. Duncan and Abner's son John Nicholas Duncan under age 14, his friend James Williams Esq., Richard Butler Price son of Chancelor Price Esq. of Philadelphia, his brother William Butler, his friend Thomas Butler of LA, and to avoid contention and strife named his wife Margaret Butler, the Hon. Thomas Butler, and Abner Lawson Duncan of LA his execs, witnesses John Poultney, Jr., William Henderson, F.L. Turner, John Nicholson, Richard Relf; printed in "MS Court Records from the files of the High Court of Errors and Appeals, 1799-1859" by Mary Louise Flowers Hendrix, FHL book 976.2 P2h. The obituary of Abner L. Duncan Esq., lawyer, who died 12/27/1823 in New Orleans, was published in the "National Whig" of 1/12/1824 and quoted in "Obituaries from Early TN Newspapers, 1794-1851" by Silas Emmett Lucas. See also E.Baton Rouge Par. LA)

"List of private claims presented to the House of Representatives of the US from the 1st to the 31st Congress, inclusive" (copy of pages 552-3 from Joe Hammond 8/1984)
      Name of Claimants; nature or object of the claim; congress; session; how brought before the House of Rep.; Page of journal; to what committee of the House referred; No. or date of the report; nature of the report; No. of the bill; how disposed of by the House of Reps.; how disposed of by the Senate; Date of the act of Congress and remarks.
      Duncan, Abner L., attorney of; Compensation for supplies furnished militia in 1803; 9th; 2nd; Petition; pg. 563; Claims Committee (other columns blank) (MAD: see Orleans Par. LA)
      Duncan, Abner L., attorney of; (same compensation); 10th, 1st, Petition, 54, Claims Committee (other columns blank)
      Duncan, Abner L., attorney of; (same compensation); 17th; 1st; Petition; 273; Claims Committee; April 3, 1822; Favorable report; bill; Bill No. 169; Disposition: laid on table.
      Duncan, Abner L., attorney of; (same compensation); 18th; 1st; Petition; 255; Claims Committee; March 26, 1824; Adverse report; laid on table.
      Duncan, Abner L., executors of; Release from liability of certain bond; 23rd; 1st; Petition; pg. 33S; Judiciary Committee (other columns blank)

"The Constitution" Atlanta [Fulton Co. GA], Georgia, Wednesday, June 2, 1869; Morning Edition (transcription by and from Kathy Cawley 1/2004)
      City and Suburban Affairs.
      PERSONAL. --- Mr. Duncan, the accomplished editor of the New Orleans Bee, gave us the pleasure of a call yesterday. The Bee is one of the sprightliest of the New Orleans dailies. Mr. Duncan is a brother of the late Col. John W. Duncan, of this city.

"New York Times," New York, New York, 20 Apr 1863 (from Kathy D. Cawley 10/2006)
      Obituary. DUNCAN.- On Saturday evening, April 18 [1863], WILLIAM DUNCAN, of New Orleans, in the 63rd year of his age. The friends of the family, and those of his son, REV. WILLIAM C. DUNCAN, D.D., of New Orleans, are invited to attend the funeral, at the residence of his brother-in-law, GEORGE PAYN QUACKENBOS, No. 201 West 28th-st., on Tuesday afternoon, at 3 o'clock.

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Succession records, District Court, Orleans Par. LA, 1846-1880 (index, 1846-1880; New Orleans, LA, Information from Carolyn F. Castor 2/2001)
      The only official record which I have obtained to date is "a family meeting" to resolve the sale of a small piece of property which had belonged to Rev. William Cecil Duncan of New Orleans. It was a meeting which happened in the presence of a judge to discuss the sale of a piece of land owned jointly by Abby Duncan and her brother, John Juden. It lists Abby, the children, Abby's brother, and a few local cousins, including one who married her daughter, Sarah. The family meeting held in March 1868 for the descendants of my related William Cecil Duncan is on film 533303. My William Cecil Duncan actually died May 1, 1864. (MAD: Successions #20454-20493, 1846-1880, on FHL Film 533,303)
       [The will of an] unrelated William C. Duncan who died in 1861 is on FHL films 532800 and 532801. (MAD: Successions #18537-18569, 1861-1862, FHL Film 532,800; Successions #18569-18599, 1861-1862, FHL Film 532,801)
      The New Orleans Public Library site is here:
      Click on "City Archives and Special Collections"
      For $3.00 per name, they will look up the name in an index and will then send the film number and item number where the document can be found through the LDS Family History Center. If you request it, the library will send you copies of the document at $2.00 a page. ... I have also ordered copies of newspaper announcements for $2 each.

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Index to War of 1812 Pension Applications and Bounty Land Warrant Applications; National Archives Films (FHL film 840,458)
      These are large cards, with printed areas for the following information: Numbers ("Wid. Orig." WO; "Wid. Ctf." WC; "Sur. Orig." SO; "Sur. Ctf." SC); Soldier, Widow, Service, Enlisted, Discharged; Bounty Land (warrant numbers, acres, and year, for a total of 160 acres); Remarks; Residence of soldier, residence of widow, maiden name of widow, marriage of soldier and widow, death of soldier, death of widow. They are in strict alphabetic order. Copied most Duncan and variant spellings; have copy of a few cards from microfilm; did not copy NY, MD, MA, PA, etc.)
      Duncan, Lemuel H., widow Sylvia Co.; WO 34741, WC 21791; BL 52973-80-50, 35710-80-55; Private Capt. Allen's Co. TN Mil. 9/28/1814 to 4/7/1815; sol. res. 1852, 1853 New Orleans, LA, 1855 Parish of Orleans, LA; wid. res. 1879 PO Amite City, Par. of Tangipahoa, LA, 1887, 1888 San Jose, Santa Clara Co. CA; maiden name of widow: soldier's 1st wife Abena Fights, 2nd wife Emily White, widow Sylvia Cork (1st m. Ross) m. Dec. 4, 1873, Warren Co. MS; sol. d. June 23, 1871, Parish of Tangipahoa, LA; wid. d. June 11, 1892. (MAD: from ? Maury Co. TN; 1860 St.Helena Par. LA census)

"Records of LA Confederate Soldiers and LA Confederate Commands" by Andrew B. Booth, 1920, Vol.2, B-G (FHL film 1,305,384 and 1,685,400; also from Evelyn Sigler 3/1985, and pgs.712-714 from Florence Dyess 1987 & 1990)
      Duncan, Archibald, Pvt. 1st Lt. Co. B, 6th LA Inf. Enlisted June 5, 1861, Camp Moore, LA. Present on all Rolls to April 1862. Roll for May and June, 1862, Present. Promoted from 1st Corpl. to 1st Lt. May 8, 1862. Rolls from July, 1862, to June, 1863, Present. Roll for July and Aug. 1863, Absent. Wounded at Gettysburg July 2, 1863. Rolls from Sept. 1863 to Aug. 1864, Present; Comdg. Co. Roll for May 1 to Aug. 31, 1864, dated Nov. 2, 1864, Prisoner of War, Captured Sept. 3, 1864. Federal Rolls of Prisoners of War, Captured Fisher's Hill, VA, Sept. 22, 1864, Recd. at Ft. Delaware, DE, from Harper's Ferry WV, Sept. 25, 1864. Released on Oath, June 17, 1865, of Allegiance to US. Complexion dark, eyes dark, height 5 ft. 7 in., Res. Orleans Par., LA, born Scotland, occupation cook, age when enlisted 24, single.
      Duncan, Edward, Pvt. 3rd Co. Battn. Washington Arty, LA. Enlisted May 26, 1861, New Orleans, LA. Present on all Rolls to Dec. 1863. Roll for Jan. and Feb. 1864, Absent on furlough for 30 days from Feb. 17, 1864. Roll for March and April 1864, Present. Retd. to Co. March 17, 1864, from absence on furlough. Present on Roll for May and June, 1864. Federal Rolls of Prisoners of War show him captured at Petersburg, VA, July 15, 1864. Recd. at Old Capitol Prison, Washington, DC, July 25, 1864. Transfd. to Fredericksburg, VA, July 28, 1864, per order Mil. Gov. Roll for July and Aug. 1864, Present. Captured Petersburg, VA, July 16. Exchanged Aug. 1, 1864. Rolls from Sept. 1864 to Feb. 1865, Present. On List of Prisoners of War, Paroled at Farmville, VA, April 11 to 12, 1865. On Record of Paroled Prisoners remaining in Richmond, VA, April 15, 1865. Remarks: Pr. Grant's Order to leave Army, No. of days, 3. Born LA, occupation clerk, Res. New Orleans, LA, age when enlisted 21, single.
      Duncan, George, Pvt. Co. C, Cons. Regt. LA Inf. Enlisted March 5, 1862, New Orleans, LA. Roll for Jan. and Feb. 1864, Absent. Detailed on Signal Corps with Capt. Jones at Shreveport, order of Gen. Taylor, Jan. 26, 1864. On Rolls of Prisoners of War, Paroled at Alexandria, LA, June 3, 1865. Res. New Orleans, LA.
      Duncan, J.K., Major F. & S. 1st LA Hvy. Arty. (Regulars). Appears on muster-in roll, dated New Orleans, LA, April 11, 1861. Mustered into service, March 24, 1861. On Roster dated Feb. 19, 1864. Apptd. Capt., C.S.A.; D. Beltzhoover, Successor. (MAD: Johnson Kelly Duncan)
      Duncan, James W., Pvt. Co. E, 5th LA Inf. Enlisted May 4, 1861, New Orleans, LA. Present on Rolls to Feb. 1862. Rolls from July 1862 to Dec. 1863, Absent, Detached on C.S. Bakery in Richmond, VA. Rolls from Jan. 1864 to April 1864, Absent, Detailed as Baker in Andersonville, GA. Rolls from May 1 to Aug. 31, 1864, Absent, Detailed as Baker in Salisbury, NC. On Register of refugees and Rebel Deserters, Provost Marshal General, Washington, DC, received Feb. 17, 1865, Hdqrs. Army of the Potomac. Taken Oath. Transportation furnished to Norfolk, VA. Born Wheeling [Ohio Co.], VA, occupation clerk, Res. New Orleans, LA, age when enlisted 21, single.
      Duncan, S.K., Brig. Gen. P.C.S.A. On List of Paroled Officers. Paroled at Fts. Jackson and St. Phillip, LA, April 28, 1862. Place of parole not given. (MAD: Johnson Kelly Duncan of Orleans Par. LA 1851; served in the Seminole War, lived New Orleans 1855, d. Knoxville, Knox Co. TN, 12/18/1862 of typhoid fever; from "The Civil War Dictionary" by Mark Mayo Boatner. Johnson K. Duncan mar. Mary Grimshaw 3/9/1858 in Christ Church Episcopal Cathedral, from "New Orleans [LA] Genesis" Vol.2 #8, Sept. 1963, pg.314; Johnson Kelly Duncan born 3/19/1827 York Co. PA, from pg.260, "National Cyclopedia of American Biography" Vol.12)
      Duncan, W.B., Jr., Pvt. Co. D, Cres. Regt. LA Inf. Also on Rolls of Co. B, 18th LA Inf. Pvt. Enlisted March 5, 1862, New Orleans, LA. Roll for May and June 1862, Sick in quarters. Regtl. Return for July, 1862, Transfd. Cres. Regt. to Co. B, 18th LA Inf., July 30, 1862. Tupelo, Roll for July and Aug. 1862, Present. Rolls from Nov. 1862 to Feb. 1863, Absent. Missing since Battle of Texana Road, Oct. 27, 1862. Federal Rolls of Prisoners of War, Captured Labadieville, LA, Oct. 27, 1862. Paroled Donaldsonville, LA, Oct. 29, 1862. On List not dated of paroled prisoners who wish to be exchanged. Exchanged from Str. Frolic near Baton Rouge, LA, Feb. 23, 1863. Roll for May and June 1863, Absent. Detached on Signal Corps, April 1863; now at Alexandria, LA. Also on Rolls of Co. G, Cons. Cres. Regt. LA Inf. Pvt. Roll for Jan. and Feb. 1864, Absent. Detailed in Signal Corps. Deported prisoner. Rolls of Prisoners of War. Paroled Natchitoches, LA, June 6, 1865. Res. New Orleans, LA.
      Duncan, William, Co. F, 3rd Regt. 3rd Brig. 1st Div. LA Mil. On Roll dated New Orleans, LA, April 22, 1862. Res. 369 Julia St. Ordered into service of the State of Louisiana.

1892 "Confederate Military History : a library of Confederate states history, in twelve volumes written by distinguished men of the South" by Clement Anselm Evans (Memphis Public Library 973.742 Ee92; from Evelyn Sigler 2/1985)
      Vol.10, pg.296: Brigadier Gen. Johnson Kelly Duncan, b. York Co. PA, March 19, 1827, graduated from West Point July 1, 1849. He served in Florida against the Seminole Indians in 1849 and 1850, and on garrison duty at Forts Sullivan and Preble ME; assisted on the Northern Pacific RR exploration 1853-54. He resigned Jan. 31, 1855. Then became Sup. of repairs of the New Orleans branch mint, marine hospitals and quarantine warehouse; subsequently civil engineer, surveyor and architect at New Orleans 1859-60; 1860-61 chief engineer of the board of public works of LA. When the war began he offered his services to Mr. Davis, was commissioned as Col., on Jan. 1862 he was commissioned Brig. Gen. He was placed in command of the coast defenses. April, 1862 Farregut bombarded coast forts for 6 days and on to New Orleans; New Orleans surrendered. Gen. Duncan made a gallant fight but was compelled to surrender. He lived only a few months longer. He died 18 Dec. 1862 in Knoxville, TN, age 36. (MAD: a similar reference can be found in "The Civil War Dictionary" by Mark M. Boatner, 1988)

Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.
      Dunkin, Celestin, widow Dunkin, Alice; K 7 La. Inf.; 1908 Feb. 11, Invalid Appl. #1370899, no cert., La.; 1909 Jan. 7, Widow Appl. #911244, Cert. #685394, La. (MAD: ?? Celestin Duncan mar. Victoria Williams 12/15/1880 Orleans Par. LA)

Case Files of Applications from Former Confederates for Presidential Pardons ("Amnesty Papers") 1865-1867, Group I, Pardon Applications Submitted by Persons from the South (from Kathy Cawley 9/2007; MAD's extract)
      Duncan, Samuel P., Oath of Allegiance of Samuel P. Duncan, late Capt. of C.A.??. under Genl. Taylor, CA, of the City of New Orleans, LA, sworn to in New York City, description: 5 feet 10-2/4 inches, blk hair, blue eyes, dark complexion. New York, July 6, 1865, petition of S.P. Duncan, having been an officer of the Confederate Army; when the rebellion was inaugurated I was in New Orleans and a Captain in the Fire Co. when the city was threatened with invasion the Fire Companies were organized into a Battalion of which I was elected the Major. When the city surrendered in 1862 I immediately returned to my father's residence near Natchez, Miss. Soon after reaching there I was conscripted and furnished a substitute who was regularly mustered into service. Under subsequent legislative action of the State in which I then was, I became a second time liable to military duty. When I applied for and received the position of volunteer aid on the staff of Brig. Genl. Slaughter. This position being afterwards abolished by the Confederate authorities at Richmond, I applied for and received a commission as Captain and A.A. Genl. which I held until the close of the war, being at that time on the staff of Lt. Genl. Taylor. On the surrender of Genl. Taylor I came here at the solicitation of my father Dr. Stephen Duncan formerly of Natchez Miss. now for two years past a resident of the City of New York, and I now respectfully appeal ... for pardon. Prior to the Emancipation Proclamation my property was worth over $20,000. What it is now worth or would now bring I have not the means of knowing. (Roll 27, Louisiana, Ad-Gi names, FHL film 1,758,765) (MAD: Natchez, Adams Co. MS)

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Cherokee Co. AL Deeds (FHL film 1,035,257 item 1)
      D-78: 13 Dec. 1870, William H. Irwin of Cherokee Co. AL to Rev. Herman Pope Duncan (later: Rev. Herman Cope Duncan; headed "H.C. Duncan") of New Orleans, LA, for $6500, undivided 3/4 part of Round Mountain Estate, 2,500 acres, and iron ore furnaces, etc., subject to judgement in suit between Geraldine Hill and Jas. M. Elliott and W.H. Irwin etc.; rec. May 12, 1886.
      D-79: 2 March 1872, Herman Cope Duncan of City of New Orleans, LA, to Shelly Seymour of same, $7500, the whole Round Mountain Iron Estate; rec. May 12, 1886. (Next deed, D-81, Jas. M. Elliott to Shelly Seymour, $15,000, Round Mountain Iron Estate.)
      (MAD: Herman J. Duncan, son of Rev. Herman C. Duncan and Maria Elizabeth Cook, born Philadelphia, PA; children Greer A. and Herman; from pg.219 of 1925 "History of LA" by Chambers, Vol.2; Memphis Public Library book 976.3 C44; from Evelyn Sigler 12/1984; see also Rapides Par. LA)

Escambia Co. FL Deed
      B-222: 16 Jan. 1830, Juan Brosnaham of City of Pensacola, Escambia Co. FL, for $64.38, deed to John N. Duncan of City of New Orleans, LA, lot 261 on Palafox St. in City of Pensacola that I purchased at tax collector sale and was conveyed to me by Charles Mifflin on 11 Feb. 1828. Wit. Joseph O. Neill, Blydia? N?anhaun. Rec. 18 Jan. 1830. (FHL film 932,526)

Kendall Co. IL Deed (SLC 9/12/2013)
      P-631/632: 27 Feb. 1856, Thomas Redmond of City of New Orleans, LA, and wife Mary, to George Currin Duncan also of same City of New Orleans, for $300 paid, sell tract of land in IL, forming the E 1/2 SW 1/4 Sec.36 Twp.36N Range 7E, containing 80 acres, together with appurtenances, the same being purchased from one Stephen Doyle by deed 6 March 1849, recorded Book F pg.256, warrant title. /s/ Thomas Redmond, Mary (J) Redmond. They ack. deed 27 Feb. 1856 in City of New Orleans, Parish & State afsd, before Richard Brenan, Commissioner of Parish of Orleans, LA. Filed April 12, 1856. (FHL film 1,403,522)

Madison Co. IL Deed (SLC 12/12/2013)
      27-455/457: 13 Sept. 1845, James M. Wight, a special commissioner appointed by circuit court of Winnebago Co. in the Chancery Suit on behalf of Isabella Taylor, George Taylor, William Primrose and Elizabeth Primrose his wife, George Porter and Elspet Porter his wife, and unknown heirs and devisees of James Duncan decd, to release and convey to Alexander Ferguson all the interest which the said Isabella Taylor, George Taylor, William Primrose and Elizabeth Primrose his wife, George Porter and Elspet Porter his wife, and the unknown heirs and devisees of James Duncan decd. all or any of them have or by any possibility might have to several tracts or parcels of land of the first part, to Alexander Ferguson of City of St.Louis, MO. Whereas David Chalmers, William Sitle?, John George Grals, Robert Cotler, Peter Williamson, Alexander Foulertan, Alexander Smith, Thos. Chalmers and Nathaniel Huguhon? as directors of the Aberdeen North American Investment and Loan Company, lately, on 8 Feb. 1845, filed their bill of complaint on the chancery side of said Circuit Court of Winnebago Co. against Isabella Taylor, George Taylor, William Primrose and Elizabeth Primrose his wife, George Porter and Elspet Porter his wife, Alexander Ferguson, and the unknown heirs and devisees of James Duncan decd, setting forth that one William Taylor late of city of St.Louis decd, in his lifetime as agent of the complainants but in his own name purchased diverse parcels of land in Winnebago Co. IL, and after purchase, William Taylor died seized of the legal title of said land but as trustee of said complainant ... leaving as his heirs at law Isabella Taylor, George Taylor, Elizabeth Primrose wife of William Primrose and Elspet Porter wife of George Porter, that said William Taylor by his last will devised his real estate to Alexander Ferguson afsd and to James Duncan now decd but then of city of New Orleans LA, which will after the death of said William Taylor was duly admitted to probate and recorded in the Parish and city of New Orleans, LA, and after the admission of the will to probate, the said James Duncan had died, the heirs and division unknown to said complainants, the complainants praying the Court of Chancery would decree the said Isabella Taylor, George Taylor, William Primrose and Elizabeth his wife, George Porter and Elspet his wife, Alexander Ferguson, and the unknown heirs and devisees of James Duncan decd, to convey and release the tracts of land to Alexander Ferguson or such other persons ... and the Circuit Court on Chancery sitting on 21 April 1845 by its decree ... required ... to make a deed to Alexander Ferguson ... and they having neglected to do this, ... appointed a special commissioner, James M. Wight, in behalf of (the above), for $1, sell tracts or parcels of land in Madison Co. IL, equal undivided 1/4 of W 1/2 SW 1/4 Sec.27 and equal undivided 1/2 of N 1/2 NW 1/4 Sec.34 Twp.3 Range 1W, with appurtenances ... to Alexander Ferguson. /s/ James M. Wight. Wit. S.M. Church. Ack. 13 Sept. 1845 before Selden M. Church, Clerk, Winnebago Co. IL. Recorded Oct. 20, 1845. (FHL film 484,059)

Adams Co. MS Deeds
      R-139/142: 11 Feb. 1829, George Currie Duncan and wife Frances Ann Duncan of City of New Orleans, LA, but now in the City of Natchez, to Nathaniel Dick and James Dick of said City of New Orleans and Christopher Todd and wife Sarah of State of TN; for $20,000 paid Frances A., sell the life estate of the said Frances Ann Duncan "(acquired by her the widow of the late John Dick deceased)" to one undivided moiety of all that plantation called Poplar Grove Plantation lying southerly of second creek in Adams Co. MS containing 11 arpens or French acres, being the same tract conveyed by Isaac Johnson to the late Benjamin Farrar decd. by deed 2 Dec. 1800 and conveyed by said Benjamin in his lifetime to said John Dick decd. by deed 29 Jan. 1820, together with the houses, ... Also the one undivided moiety of the following slaves, being upon the said Poplar Grove plantation, to wit, Joe, Class, Phil (right margin too faint) -dir, Billy, Anthony, Jack, Richard, Alick, Pier, Chester, B..., Cambridge, Less, Henry, Delozier, Supe?, Obadiah, Pane, Toby, Will, Isaac, Frank, Carolina, Adams, Old Jack, Little D..?, Jeffery, Dinah, Alley, Hetty, Bettie?, Vicy, Nancy, Judy, Candis Bets, Seyll?, Greser?, Sealy, Kathy, Affy, Harriet, Patience, Anna, Little R?? (too dark), Delphy, Eliza, Lotty, Ann, Sangar, Darkey, (MAD many more not copied). Also the one undivided moiety of all the horses, mules, farming utensils, belonging to the said Poplar Grove Plantation, being the undivided moiety of ... the life estate of the said Frances Ann Duncan as the widow of said John Dick deceased, and being secured in and to the said Frances Ann in her own right by a marriage contract entered into and executed by the said parties of the first part in the city of New Orleans on 19 July 1826, recorded in Book P, pg.492, 493 of the records of deeds of Adams Co.; also all the estate, etc., of said George Currie Duncan and Francis Ann Duncan or either of them in the same. /s/ Frances Ann Duncan, G. Currie Duncan. Ack. 11 Feb. 1829, no wit. (FHL film 892,058)
      R-142/144: 11 Feb. 1829, Nathaniel Dick and James Dick and Christopher Todd & wife Sarah by their attorney said Nathaniel Dick, to Mrs. Frances Ann Duncan of City of New Orleans, mortgage the life estate during the lifetime of said ?? to one undivided moiety of the plantation called Poplar Grove Plantation, slaves, etc., they to pay $23,000. /s/ Nathl. Dick, James Dick, Christopher Todd, Sarah Todd. Ack. 11 Feb. 1829. (FHL film 892,058)

Amite Co. MS Conveyance Records; index v.1, 1810-1870 (FHL film 864,435)
      1-124: 6 Aug. 1818, before Notary Public of City of New Orleans, LA, appeared Samuel H. Stackhouse, a merchant of this city, and said he granted to Abner L. Duncan, atty. & counsellor at law of same, 4 quarter sections in Amite Co. MS bought from the United States, NW 1/4 Sec.19, SW 1/4 Sec.19, NE 1/4 Sec.24, and SE 1/4 Sec.24, and slave, stock, etc. on said quarter sections of land, and lot in town of Liberty, MS, for $5,000. (FHL film 864,441)
      1-131: 3 March 1820?, before Notary Public of City of New Orleans, LA, appeared Samuel H. Stackhouse, a merchant of this city, and Abner L. Duncan, atty. & counsellor at law of same, ... land in Sec.13 and 11: Sec.13, NE 1/4 Sec.13, 151.12 acres, and Sec.11, 156.30 acres, and 3 lots in town of Liberty, all Amite Co. MS, and 4 quarter sections in note 6 Aug. 1818, for $1,000. (FHL film 864,441)

Claiborne Co. MS Land Deed
      Y-160: 1 Feb. 1845, William I. Minor of Adams Co. MS, Frances Chotard of Adams Co. MS and her husband Henry Chotard, Katharine (/s/ Catherine) L. Wilkins and her husband James C. Wilkins of New Orleans City, Frances Kenner Duncan and her husband George Curry Duncan of New Orleans City, Martha K. Oxley and her husband Charles Oxley of New Orleans, Minor Kenner of New Orleans, William B. Kenner of New Orleans, Duncan F. Kenner of New Orleans, and George R. Kenner of New Orleans, to Benjamin Smith, for $912, one undivided half of 185 acres in Claiborne Co. MS known as the Mundell or Powell tract on the South Side of the North fork of the Bayou Pierre adj. said Smith and one Lasser?. (FHL film 877,311)

Lauderdale Co. MS Deed (FHL film 899,137)
      J-252: 1 July 1859, William C. Duncan and wife A. Elizabeth Duncan and L. Alex Duncan and wife Annie B. Duncan of City of New Orleans, LA, to F.C. Semmes of Lauderdale Co. MS, for $200, their interest in SE 1/4 NW 1/4 and NE 1/4 SW 1/4, Sec. 11, T6, R15E. Wit. George Clark and Edw. A. Willard. Ack. before R. Brenan, Commr., New Orleans, LA. (MAD: Wm. C. Duncan 26 NY & family in 1850 Orleans Par. LA; L. Alexander Duncan 51 NY in 1880 Lauderdale Co. MS but not found 1850-1870)

Warren Co. MS Deed
      L-108: 23 March 1838, John Thatcher & John F. Bodley and wife Sarah H. of Vicksburg, MS, owe G. Currie Duncan of New Orleans, $12,000, have delivered 2 promissory notes (more not copied). (FHL film 1,639,870)

"Louisiana Genealogical Register" Vol.18 #3 1971, and Vol.19 #1 and #3, 1972 (FHL book 976.3 B2gr, and from Evelyn Sigler 12/1984). Some of the same or similar records were included in "LA Misc. Records," 1971, by DAR (FHL film 893,747, item 2)
      Livingston Parish, LA, Court Records, taken from books at Tangipahoa Parish. "Livingston Parish LA was created from St.Helena Parish in 1832 and a section of Livingston Parish was given to the Parish of Tangipahoa when the latter parish was created in 1869. Fortuitously, someone, probably the Clerk of Court, of the newly created Tangipahoa Parish, sent a scribe to Livingston Parish and copied some of the documents dealing with land transactions, said land now being included in the Parish of Tangipahoa. The Courthouse of Livingston Parish was destroyed by fire in 1870 and the original records were lost."
      MAD: Some of these copied records were submitted to the periodical by Mrs. John T. Watkins, Hammond, LA. These included deeds from "Book No. 1 & 2 Combined" and from "Book 3"
      MAD: An 1856 deed on pg.324 from William Tucker and wife Mary Ann Shilling to Mrs. Margaret Jane Duncan, widow of Thomas Duncan. (MAD: Thomas A. Duncan mar. Margaret Jane Stoddard or Stothart 1/24/1822 Davidson Co. TN; she in 1850 New Orleans, LA census.) An 1856 deed on pg.327 from Mrs. M. Duncan to Robert T. Duncan. (MAD: These documents were listed as Book 1&2 in the periodical, but as Book 1 by the DAR on pg.252)

East Baton Rouge Par. LA Probate Records, Deslat - Dupy, 1808-1900 (FHL film 330,037; loose documents, in semi-alphabetic order, but William Duncan after Dunn name; page # counter at top of film above documents; many documents not extracted.)
      Counter #492: Abner L.H. Duncan, filed 5-4-1853; inventory includes lots of land, other items.
      Counter #502: Abner L. Duncan, filed 2/1824, flat file #463 Pro. Inventory of part of his estate.
            Counter #505: 6 April 1825, Messrs Samuel Steer, Cornelius R. French, Wm. Wikoff Junr, B.G. Harney and Thos. G. Morgan, all friends and nearest relatives of the minor children of late Abner L. Duncan decd; John N. Duncan, one of major heirs being also present and assisting, per petition dated 2 April 1825, that if a suit is brought by Jac Moore and Robert Moore for recovery of land, the execs. are authorized to oppose the claim.
            Counter #508: 7 Feb. 1824, on request of Messrs. John Nicholson, J.N. Duncan, Philip Hickey and Geo. Mather, execs. of will of late Abner L. Duncan who died at New Orleans Dec. last, made inventory ... $53,988.25.
            Counter #524: Statement of Frederick D. Conrad of City of New Orleans, curator ad lites of Frances Duncan and under tutor of Hannah Duncan, Elira Duncan and Abner Duncan, minor children of Abner L. Duncan, authorize Henry Blanchard of Baton Rouge to represent me at a family meeting to compromise differences, July 9, 1824.
            Counter #527: Said minors now reside with their mother in East Baton Rouge Parish; their attorney L.C. Duncan.
      Counter #531: Flat file, successor Mrs. Francis S. Duncan, filed 8-2-1831. She died in Pennsylvania in the latter end of June last.
            Counter #533: Family meeting, Hannah, Elira, and Abner Duncan, minor children of Abner L. Duncan and Frances S. Duncan decd., Aug. 25, 1838.
            Counter #536: Mention Abner Lawson Duncan.
            Counter #538: John N. Duncan Senr, tutor of the minor children of late Mrs. Frances S. Duncan, appointed admin.
            Counter #542: Heirs of Abner L. Duncan and Frances S. Duncan ... afsd. "four" children by his said wife Frances and John N. Duncan Junior of New Orleans, now(not?) living, a child of Abner L. Duncan by a prior marriage. Mrs. Frances S. Conrad, heir of age, and Mr. John N. Duncan Senr. tutor of said minors. Mention 3/5 interest of minors in their own behalf. 3/4 of their mother's share.

Concordia Par. LA Probate Court conveyances 1825-1831, Book E (FHL film 858,693)
      Reverse index - no Duncan
      Direct index - Duncan, L.C. to Joseph Vidal est., pg.232
      E-232: Disclaimer, that 15 Oct. 1828 appeared Lucius C. Duncan of City of New Orleans; the tracts of land in the bills of sale #1 to #5 (land in Concordia Parish) were made for the late Joseph Vidal and were Vidal's land, not Duncan's, lands bought at public sale for non-payment of taxes, 1824-1826. (MAD: more details not copied)

Floyd Co. IN Deeds
      S-340/341: 5 March 1847, James Orr and wife Martha of Jefferson Co. to Garnett Duncan, for $400 paid, being a balance ascertained and agreed upon to be due to said Duncan upon a final settlement this day growing out of monies received by said Orr from the nursery of said Duncan, sell land on the Knobs about 5 or 6 miles from New Albany and in Indiana containing 80 acres, the E 1/2 SE 1/4 Sec.9 Twp.2S Range 6E, patented to Elizabeth St.Lawrence on 24 Nov. 1830 and conveyed by the patentee to David Fyfe on 24 Sept. 1830 Book E pgs.30-31, devised to said Martha by said David Fyfe her father, warrant title. /s/ James Orr, Martha (X) Orr. Wit. to Martha Orr's signature, F.H. White, Notary Public. James Orr and wife Martha Orr appeared before Francis H. White, Notary Public of Jefferson Co. KY, 10 March 1847. Recorded March 16, 1842. (FHL film 1,412,119)
      X-11/12: 2 Dec. 1850, Garnett Duncan and wife Caroline E. Duncan of New Orleans, LA, to Francis Banet of Floyd Co. IN, for $450 paid, sell land in Floyd Co. IN, E 1/2 SE 1/4 Sec.9 Twp.2S Range 6E containing 80 acres more or less, warrant title. /s/ Garnett Duncan, Caroline E. Duncan. They appeared before R.M. Kearney, Commissioner, City of New Orleans, LA, 2 Dec. 1850. Recorded Dec. 28, 1850. (FHL film 1,412,121)

Clermont Co. OH Deeds
      L2-343: 30 May 1836, Marcus C. Wells of town of Moscow, Clermont Co. OH, to Lucius C. Duncan of City of New Orleans, State of Louisiana, for $950, two lots in town of Moscow on Water Street, Lots 10 and 12. Wit. Thos. Fee, E.L. Fee. Recorded June 10, 1836. (FHL film 333,153)

Greene Co. TN Deed (FHL film 944,418)
      8-120: 16 Aug. 1805, Abner L. Duncan formerly of Greeneville in TN but now of the Territory of Orleans, release to George Duffield mortgage on land. Power of attorney to Robert Wyly to make deed.
      (MAD: This deed is also referred to on Minutes pg.41, 28 Oct. 1805, extracted in pg.204 of "Greene Co. TN Minutes of Court of Common Pleas, 1797-1807" by Sandra Kelton Houston, ca 1981; FHL book 976.891 P29tc)
      (MAD: Marion Co. SC Probate Record on Roll #639, will of John Paisley, 24 Oct. 1806, named among others his brother Robert Paisley who was to receive amounts now on the hands of Thomas Uruhart and Abner L. Duncan my attorneys residing in the City of New Orleans; and later documents; quoted on pg.14-15 of "Marion Co. SC Probate Records" Vol.2, 1828-1889, by Lucille Utley and Danny Smith; FHL book 975.786 P2uL)

Muhlenberg Co. KY Deeds
      13-31/40: 25 Aug. 1842, Aylett H. Buckner and Cadwallader Churchill, partners, late firm of Buckner & Churchill, of State of KY, to Alexander Ferguson of City of St. Louis MO, and James Duncan of City of New Orleans, LA, $35,000; $7,500 paid 8 Dec. 1842 and $5,000 (paid later); mentions bar iron, tons to be delivered, etc., land on Pond Creek & its waters, 600 acres from James Weir to partners, sand lick creek, 525 acres from Alney McLean to Buckner, 200 acres, 200 acres, 621 acres, 250 acres, 1200 acres, 900 acres. (indexed as 9 tracts, 4695 acres on Pond Creek) Release by Elizabeth A. Buckner and Arabella D. Churchill. Release of mortgage indexed on page 40. (FHL film 556,437)
      15-355/60: (no date) Deed between Christian Donaldson or Duncan residing in the Town of Stonehaven, Scotland, widow of the deceased David Carnegie Duncan of the City of Aberdeen, Scotland, the parents of the deceased James Duncan of the City of New Orleans, LA; Lockhart Duncan of said City of Aberdeen, brother of said deceased James Duncan; Christian Duncan, Elizabeth Duncan and Catharine Duncan, all residing in said City of Aberdeen, sisters of said deceased James Duncan; Robert Duncan residing at Newport, Monmouth Co. England, brother of said deceased James Duncan; Mary Carnegie Duncan or Coombs, spouse of Samuel Coombs of Newport aforesaid and sister of said deceased James Duncan, and the said Samuel Coombs for his interest; Jane Duncan spouse of James Donaldson, engineer in the employment of the West India Royal Mail Storm Packet Company in the West Indies and sister of the said deceased James Duncan, and the said James Donaldson for his interest; parties of the 1st part, to Alexander Ferguson of City of Chicago, State of IL, of 2nd part; for $1, quit claim, transfer etc. their right to land in Muhlenberg Co. KY (probably land in 13-31, not copied here) ... incorporating the Green River Iron Manufacturing Company 26 Jan. 1841. First registered 25 Sept. 1850 in Burough of Aberdeen in Scotland. (FHL film 556,438)

Bradley Co. AR Probate Records, Box 4, Bundle 6 (from Jean S. Duncan by email 4/30/2000)
      Samuel Halley in account Estate of Wm Duncan
      120 acres of land 240.00, Dan a slave 800.00
      Alsey a slave 600.00
      Lewis a slave 300.00
      John a slave 175.00
      Fed a slave 200.00 Sale, notes and accounts.
      Cash Received of E. Conery...
      Received on the sale of Mat 800.00
      Received on the sale of Sandy 1000.00
      Cr the estate of Wm Duncan to S Halley Adm: (jsd: "includes")
      Cash paid to Notary public in New Orleans LA 9.00
      Medical service 20.00
      Cash paid Wm K. Duncan 59.54
      Cash paid Elizabeth A. Duncan wid 556.42
      ...Traveling Expenses New Orleans and home again...in 1852 16.00
      Traveling Expenses New Orleans and Lake Providence in 1853 36.00...
      By the Death of Fed 200.00
      Total 4417.61
      (MAD: Lake Providence, E. Carroll Par. LA)

Newspaper article, "REPUBLICAN COMPILER" TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 1830, GETTYSBURG [Adams Co., PA] (text from Kathy Cawley 11/2005; see Davidson Co. TN and Orleans Par. LA)
      We do not know when we have ever heard of a more distressing occurrence than is related in letters just received from Nashville, in Tennessee. MR. THOMAS A. DUNCAN (brother of GEN. JOSEPH DUNCAN, the representative in Congress from the State of Illinois,) left Nashville for New Orleans eary in December, with the intention to settle in the former place. -- Having made his arrangements there, he was returning to Nashville, but, being in ill health and somewhat delirious from fever, he landed at Iberville, and was received with kindness at MR. ROBERT BELL'S, of that place, a connexion (sp) of his wife. On the 27th December, being left in charge of two men, they were overtaken by sleep, and, just before daylight, MR. DUNCAN rose, got out of the house, and it is supposed waded into the river until the cold drove him from it; when, endeavoring to find MR. BELL'S house, (the houses looking much alike) he mistook for it another, occupied as a store by a Frenchman. This person came to the door when MR. D. knocked at it -- closed the door on seeing him, went back and got a sword, and, on returning, stabbed him to the heart! MR. D. was about twenty-seven years of age, much loved by his friends, and has left a wife and two children to lament his death. Nat. Intel

Tangipahoa Par. LA Records (extracts from Jim Perrin, Historian of Ponchatoula, LA, 10/2005)
      On 31 May 1856 Mrs. Margaret STATHART of New Orleans, Widow of Thomas A. DUNCAN, appointed Robert T. DUNCAN to be her attorney. [Tangipahoa Conveyance Ordinance Book Livingston 1, p. 327. Note: Tangipahoa Parish was formed from Livingston and three other nearby parishes in 1869]
      Margaret Jane Stathart Duncan, of New Orleans widow of Thomas A. Duncan, appointed Robert T. Duncan to represent her in the purchase of two tracts of land totaling about 161 acres in Section 31, Township six south, Range eight east in June 1856. Margaret then "of Livingston Parish" {the Ponchatoula area} sold 121 acres of this land to Cornelia Speake of New Orleans on credit at a considerable profit in June 1860. (from Jim Perrin 10/21/2005)

Tangipahoa Par. LA Records (extracts from Jim Perrin, Historian of Ponchatoula, LA, 10/2005)
      There was a Robert DUNCAN listed in the 1860 census in the area that was Ponchatoula, ... in Livingston Parish [LA], [who] married Arizona TURNAGE (b. ca. 1838 in Livingston Parish, dau. of Thomas TURNAGE and Mary BEAVERS), d. 16 Jan. 1917 in Ponchatoula, buried in Wetmore Cemetery just west of Ponchatoula. They had several children: Emma, b. ca. 1853, m. Robert J. ARNOLD; Ella Olivia (1858-1943), m. Edwin Rusha WELLS; Louisa "Lou", b. 5 June 1860 at Springfield, d. 5 Feb. 1931 at Ponchatoula, buried in Wetmore Cem.; William, b. ca. 1862, d. Jan. 1950; Robert, Jr., b. ca. 1867; Thomas A., b. ca. 1869, alive in Jan. 1950; Anna, b. ca. 1871, living in Jan. 1950, m. Octave S. BROUSSARD; and May L. DUNCAN, b. ca. 1875, d. 20 Dec. 1902, buried in Wetmore Cem., m. Charles W. SIMMS. There is a Louisa DUNCAN listed with this Robert DUNCAN family on the 1860 census, age 41.
      This Robert DUNCAN is believed to be the same Robert DUNCAN who is listed on the 1850 census in Livingston Parish living with attorney George W. WATTERSTON.
      Robert DUNCAN served as a constable in the Ponchatoula area in 1857, Justice of the Peace in 1868, alderman of the town of Ponchatoula 1872-1873, & 1882.
      Robert DUNCAN apparently had siblings Henry DUNCAN, b. ca. 1826, d. 2 Nov. 1862. Henry and his brother Robert DUNCAN purchased land in the new town of Ponchatoula in 1857. Henry DUNCAN was a young attorney and was elected as the first mayor of Ponchatoula in 1861, but apparently resigned a few weeks later to enter the Confederate Army. He was dischanged from the army because of sickness 28 Aug. 1861. Henry's brother William DUNCAN was the administrator of Henry's estate, which included a lot in the town of Ponchatoula jointly owned by Henry and Joseph DUNCAN.
      William DUNCAN was born about 1834 according to census records {which is much after Thomas A. DUNCAN's death}, and was living with his brother Henry DUNCAN when the 1850 census was conducted in Livingston Parish. William also served in the Confederate Army. William married 3 June 1863 in Livingston Parish to Martha R. KINCHEN and they had four children. William was also an attorney and he moved a bit north in Tangipahoa Parish after the war and lived in Amite, LA. He died between 1880 and 1899.
      There also seems to be a Mary Louise DUNCAN in this family, who was born 12 Aug. 1829 at Springfield, and married a Mr. SUMMERS. She died 26 Feb. 1900 in New Orleans. This is probably the Louisa listed on the 1860 with the Robert DUNCAN family. In Dec. 1899, Robert DUNCAN, Sr. of Tangipahoa Parish and Louisa SUMMERS, widow, of New Orleans, stated that they were the sole surviving brother and sister of William DUNCAN, deceased of Tangipahoa Parish, late husband of Mrs. Martha DUNCAN of Amite. [Tangipahoa COB 32, p. 562] (MAD: see 1880 Orleans Par. LA census)

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"Papers Concerning Robertson's Colony in TX" by Malcolm D. McLean, 1974 (Memphis Public Library book 976.4 M163p; from Evelyn Sigler 9/1984)
      The Texas Association was formed by citizens of TN and KY in 1822 for the purpose of settling in TX.
      Vol.1, pg.iiii: Abner L. Duncan, Financier. MAD: There is a lot of information given in this article about Abner L. Duncan of New Orleans, and his connection with TX. Pg.392-393 includes more information about his connection with TX in 1822-1823.
      MAD: There is more information about Abner Lawson Duncan, who married Ester Eldridge or Aldridge 6/24/1799 Adams Co. MS, then to Frances Sophia Mather in New Orleans, in an article by Alida Conrad Gurney on pg.139 of "LA Gen. Register" Vol.26, 1979, and also on pg.51 of "Baton Rouge Newsletter" Vol.V, #2, May 1985. There is brief mention of his home on pg.157 in "Old LA Plantation Homes" by Seebold, 1971; Memphis Public Library book 976.354510, from Evelyn Sigler 9/1984. His granddau. Rosa Elizabeth Duncan, b. 12/3/1831 New Orleans LA, dau. of Judge N. Duncan of New Orleans, married William Preston Johnston 7/7/1853 in New Haven, CT, from pg.131 of "National Cyclopedia of American Biography" Vol.9, and "The Prestons of Smithfield and Greenfield in VA" by Dorman, 1982; both from Evelyn Sigler 1984)

"NE Historic & Genealogical Register" by NE Hist. Gen. Society" Vol. CXL, July, 1986 (from Mary Louise Craven 12/1986)
      Pgs. 211-218: Alexander Duncan (1805-1889) of Scotland, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, and England. by Kip Sperry.
      MAD: This article contains information on his son, William Butler Duncan, b. at Edinburgh, Scotland, 17 March 1830; d. at New York City 20 June 1912, who married at New Orleans, LA, 22 Nov. 1853, to Jane Percy Sargent; lived in Providence, RI, and New York City. See this article for more about the family.

"Marriages and Obituaries from the 'New Orleans [LA] Christian Advocate,' with Complete Index" Vol.1, 1851-1860, by E.M. & Ema L. Tipton, 1980 (SUTRO book F208 T56, CA State Library, Sutro Branch; FHL book 973 V2no)
      This book contains references to several Duncans.

"CA Pioneer Records" by CA DAR, Vol.18 (FHL film 844,444 item 18)
      Pg.97-101: Line of Samuel Montgomery Duncan, born Strabane, IRE, 5/25/1823, to New York City about 1834 or 1837, then New Orleans, to CA 1849, married Sonoma Co. CA 10/6/1855 to Frances Holliday, d. Oakland, CA, 7/26/1875; his brothers and sisters include Lucinda, Mary, Rebecca, Jane, and Alexander Duncan. He and his brother Alexander Duncan in 1860 founded the town of Duncan Mills four miles below the present site, Samuel to San Francisco ca 1873, then to Oakland. The article names several of Samuel's children, as well as brothers and sisters of Frances Holliday.
      Alexander Duncan, brother of Samuel Montgomery Duncan, born in Strabane, Ireland, in August 1820, died in Duncan Mills [Sonoma Co.], CA, in the spring of 1901, buried in Oakland, CA; had married in New York City to Ann Jane Holliday, sister of Frances Holliday who married his brother. His children were born in New Orleans, LA, from 1845 to about 1849, to CA early 1850's. The article names Alexander's children and many grand-children.

"The family book of Bakewell, Page, Campbell : being some account of the descendants of John Bakewell, of Castle Donington, Leicestershire, England, born in 1638 : Benjamin Page, born in 1765, at Norwich, England : William Campbell, born July 1, 1766, at Mauchline, Ayrshire, Scotland : John Harding, of Leicester. Title page Front matter Contents Introduction Origin of the Bakewell Family The family of Bakewell of Castle Donington The Atterbury Family The William Bakewell Family The Benjamin Bakewell Family The Robert Bakewell Family The Benjamin Page Family The John Harding Family The William Campbell Family." By B.G. Bakewell; pub. Pittsburgh: W.G. Johnston & Co., printers and stationers, 1896. (text from Kathy D. Cawley 12/2006)
      The William Bakewell Family. Nicholas Augustus Berthoud.
      Pg.41. ELIZA BAKEWELL 5 (William4, Joseph3, Robert2, John1) third child of William and Lucy Bakewell, b. 28 June, 1790, at Burton-on-Trent, England; d. in 1853, at St. Louis, Mo., of yellow fever; married, 6 March, 1816, NICHOLAS AUGUSTA BERTHOUD. His father was the Marquis de Saint Pie', and his mother was dame d'honneur to Queen Marie Antoinette, emigre' nobles who fled from Paris during the French Revolution, and assumed the name of Berthoud on coming to this country. They has seven children -
   I. MARY JULIA BERTHOUD; married James Grimshaw, an English merchant living in New Orleans, where his widow resides. Children -
      1. MARY GRIMSHAW; married JOHNSON K. DUNCAN, and has two children -
         1. JAMES GRIMSHAW DUNCAN, married Martha Helm, and had issue.
         2. MARY K. DUNCAN; married Dr. Fred. Parham.
      2. HENRY GRIMSHAW, of California; married Lida C. Travis, and had three sons - 1. Seaborn Travis; 2. Henry, and 3. Reginald Grimshaw.
      5. ALEXANDER GORDON GRIMSHAW, of Natchez, Miss.; married Josephine Booth, and has three children - 1. Russell; 2. Meta, and 3. Maude Grimshaw.
      6. ELIZABETH GRIMSHAW; married William J. Seymour, and has five children - 1. William G.; 2. Gordon; 3. Jane; 4. Elliott, and 5. Caroline Eulalia Seymour.
      7. EDWARD KENYON GRIMSHAW; married Annie Reade.
      8. WILLIAM GRIMSHAW; married Hattie Knight, and has two sons - 1. William, and 2. Pierce Knight Grimshaw.

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