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US Land Patents in Louisiana and many other states are available on the Internet from the Bureau of Land Management, General Land Office Records (address as of 6/2001)

Index to Compiled Service Records of Volunteer Soldiers Who Served During War of 1812; National Archives Roll 62, Microcopy 602 (FHL film 882,580, Dun to Duq; copied all Duncan and variant spellings)
      All last names are Duncan unless otherwise noted; all entered service as privates and were discharged as privates unless otherwise listed. Vols = Volunteers; Mil = Militia
      George; Capt. Wallace's Co. Boatmen, LA Vols
      Samuel R.; DeClouet's Regt. LA Mil
      William Dunkan/Dunkin; 17, 18 & 19 Consolidated Regt., LA Mil

See the published abstracts and indexes to military records by Virgil D. White for Duncans who served in the various wars.
      Charles Duncan widow Sarah A. Buster of AR in 1888 and James Duncan of KS in 1887 drew pensions for service in the Mexican War from LA.

"Territorial Papers, Louisiana-Missouri Territory, 1803-1806" Vol.XIII (from Evelyn Sigler 12/1984)
      Pg.550+ Petition by the people of Louisiana to the President, July 4, 1806; asking for the appointment of Joseph Browne as Governor of the territory; his qualifications include "his perfect knowledge of their Language"; the petition written in English but the cover letter is written in French. Signed by James Duncan, Sec. 3, among many others.

"Reports of Cases Adjudged in The Supreme Court of Mississippi" by R.J. Walker, Reporter of the State; Natchez, 1834 (California State Law Library, 3rd Floor, Library & Courts Bldg., Sacramento, CA; from reference in "MS Gen. Exchange" Vol.1, 1955, pg.24)
      Pgs.281-292: Duncan vs. Dick, Dec. term 1827. Question involved whether a woman married and domiciled in LA, upon decease of husband, could claim dower in plantation and slaves in MS according to the laws of this state or whether the laws of LA would prevail, slaves being moveable property by laws of MS but immoveable by law of LA. Marriage took place in LA. (No names shown.) (extract from "MS Gen. Exchange")
            Opinion of the Court ... The statutory laws of this state provide that when any person shall die intestate, leaving no child or children or descendents of them, his widow shall have as her dower, one half of his real estate for the term of her natural life," and when a husband dies intestate, if there be no children ... but one child, she shall be entitled to one half of the personal estate. Revised code, page 280. Does this law of dower extend to the widow of a non resident, or is it confined to the widows of resident citizens. ... the widow of a non-resident is equally entitled to dower ... But it is contended that her right of dower is not founded in the law but in the contract. The contract of marriage having been entered into in LA and the husband and wife domiciliated there until the day of his death, she is entitled to no other rights in the estate of her husband wherever situation than the laws of that state give her. That there is a an implied contract where the marriage contract was made, by virtue of which laws the husband and wife have a community of property ... is therefore a bar to her dower. By our laws, a widow can be barred of dower only in two ways; by an express and valid agreement relinquishing her dower, or by an effectual devise and bequest of her husband in lieu of dower. But we will consider the grounds taken, so that the marriage contract creates a community in the property situated in this State, and that the wife is entitled to such share as she brought into the community, and one half the aquests and gains acquired since, which, therefore, is a bar to her dower. ... But this state has sole and exclusive jurisdiction over property situated in this state. ... If the husband and wife had (moved to this state), their rights to property acquired here after the removal would be governed by the laws of this state. ... Her dower in the personal property is reserved to her in all cases, and the personal estate is in this case as much subject to her dower as the real estate. Judgment of the orphans court affirmed.

Lowndes Co. AL County Court Estate Papers, Dulany, A.B. to Evans, Peter (FHL film 1,544,208)
      DUNCAN, ANDERSON. Inventory 25 Oct. 1866, admin. John A. Duncan. J.B. Duncan bought Anderson Duncan's land. (MAD: see also estate in Montgomery Co. AL)
            Petition of John A. Duncan, that Anderson Duncan died intestate on or about 11 April 1862 in said county, being a citizen of said county, and left property consisting of land and personal effects at about the value of $1650, that the heirs at law of Anderson Duncan are petitioner John A. Duncan, and Lydia W. Douglass wife of F.M. Douglass, over the age of 21 residing in Lowndes Co., M. Martha E.J. Mason wife of E.P.J. Mason over the age of 21 of Lowndes Co., Frances E.A. Duncan under 21 residing in Montgomery Co. AL, Julius B. Duncan in Butler Co. AL over 21, Charles B. Duncan over 21 in AR ("Arkansas"), James M. Duncan over 21 who when last heard from resided in Louisiania, and Wm. W. Duncan over 21 who when last heard from resided in TX, all children of said decd, and (blank) Smith and (blank) Smith over age 21 children of Jane Elizabeth a dau. of decd. now decd. who married first John S. Smith and afterwards Willm. Page, and the following named minor ch. of said Jane Elizabeth under age 21 years (6 children, first names blank, surname Page), all ch. of said Jane Elizabeth, all of whose children reside in MS; 23 July 1869. (frame 121-122)
            Deposition of William Martin (Maslin?) 17 Nov. 1866, that he knows the heirs at law of Anderson Duncan decd. are J.B. Duncan res. AL, Jane (blank) mar. woman res. LA, J.A. Duncan res. AL, Thomas Duncan LA, Wm. Duncan LA, Martha Johnson AL mar. woman, Charles Duncan AL, Lydia Douglas mar. woman AL, Francis Duncan single woman AL; he knew the lands belonging to the estate of said Anderson Duncan decd; that the land could not be equally divided but should be sold. (frame 123)
            Interrogation of B.R. Ingram, 17 Nov. 1866, that he knows the heirs at law of Anderson Duncan decd. are J.B. Duncan, Jane "I do not know her other name" married woman & resides in LA, J.A. Duncan AL, Thos. Duncan LA, Wm. Duncan LA, Martha Johnson married woman AL, Charles Duncan AL, Lydia Douglas married woman AL, and Frances Duncan AL, all of full age; he knows the land belonging to the estate of Anderson Duncan decd, that it could not be equally divided and should be sold. (frames 124-125)

Montgomery Co. AL Estate Papers 1817-1949, Dreher, Anna C. - Dunham, Bradford; no Dunkin (FHL film 1,711,406; did not copy all papers in each file)
      DUNCAN, GEORGE W. Administrator Edwin Johnson, receipts 1850 incl. bill of Anderson A. Duncan for 4 months board, and 1860. (frame 2333). List by Edwin P. Johnson of heirs of George W. Duncan decd, 10 Dec. 1861, were (1) Martha Johnson, wife of Edwin P. Johnson, (2) Charles Duncan; (3) Lydia Duncan a minor; (4) Frances Duncan a minor; (5) the children of Jane Smith alias Page who was decd at the time of the death of decd and who left living some children, supposed to be minors whose names are unknown and residence not known; (6) Bennet Duncan, Lowndes Co. AL; (7) John Duncan, Lowndes Co. AL; (8) James Duncan, TX or LA; (9) Thomas Duncan, TX or LA; (1) William Duncan, TX or LA. (frame 2371; have copy) Petition by Edwin P. Johnson, 6 March 1860, admin. of estate of George W. Duncan decd, that decd. left real estate: SW 1/4 NW 1/4 Sec.15 R19 T13, 40a; and left living at his death the following heirs at law: (1) Martha Johnson wife of Edwin Johnson admin; (2) Charles Duncan a minor; (3) Lidia Duncan a minor; (4) Frances Duncan a minor; all brothers and sisters of the decd by father's side and also by the mother's side; (5) children of Jane Smith alias Page who was dead at the time of the death of decd and who left living some children supposed to be minors whose names are unknown to admin and reside in TX; (6) Bennett Duncan Lowndes Co. AL minor; (7) John Duncan Lowndes Co. AL minor; (8) James Duncan TX or LA minor; (9) Thomas Duncan TX or LA minor; (10) William Duncan TX or LA; all over the age of 21 years, and the said Jane, Bennett, John, Thomas, William are m?others of the decd. only by the fathers side, petition to sell real estate to pay debts. (frame 2372-3) (MAD: see also estate in Lowndes Co. AL)

1905 "History of the state of California and biographical record of the San Joaquin Valley, California : an historical story of the state's marvelous growth from its earliest settlement to the present time, also containing biographies of well-known citizens of the past and present" by Prof. James Miller Guinn, pub. by Chapman Pub. Co. (CA State Library book qc979.4 G9Hc; FHL book 979.4 H2gj and film 468,761 and film 1,000,096)
      Pg.1580: NATHANIEL P. DUNCAN, M.D. To Nathaniel P. Duncan, M.D., belongs the distinction of being the oldest physician in Hanford, Kings county, in point of years of service in the medical profession. Dr. Duncan was born in Pittsburg, PA, January 9, 1849, a son of Robert C., and grandson of Thomas Duncan, whose father, a native of Scotland, came to the United States about the time of the Revolutionary war and first located in Louisiana, where he operated a plantation for a number of years. He subsequently removed to Pennsylvania, but soon afterward died in Pittsburg, while still a comparatively young man, from yellow fever.
      Robert C. Duncan was born in Louisiana, and was an infant when his parents removed to Pennsylvania. He was reared and educated in the latter state, and engaged in merchandising in Beaver Falls and Pittsburg. He died in the latter city at the age of about seventy years. He married Nancy Patterson, a native of Pennsylvania, who still resides in that state at the advanced age of eighty-seven years. Her father, Nathaniel Patterson, was at one time a civil engineer in Pittsburg.
      The boyhood and youth of Dr. Nathaniel P. Duncan were spent in Pittsburg and vicinity ... He subsequently attended Beaver Academy, ... Coming to California, he visited various towns, finally locating, in 1876, at Lemoore, Kings county ... At Lemoore, Cal., in 1877, he was united in marriage with Mary Cramer, a native of Calaveras Co. CA .... (MAD: see Beaver Co. PA)

1892 "A memorial and biographical history of the counties of Fresno, Tulare and Kern, California : illustrated, containing a history of this important section of the Pacific coast from the earliest period and biographical mention of many of its pioneers and also of prominent citizens of today" by Myron Angle, pub. by Lewis Pub. Co. (book qc979.48 M5, CA State Library, and FHL book 979.48 H2a and film 468,733 item 4 and 1,000,101 item 1)
      Pg.405-6: N.P. DUNCAN, M.D. (Indexed at Cal. State Library as Nathaniel Duncan) ... young professional man of Hanford, Tulare Co., CA, ... born in Pittsburg, PA, in 1849. He is of Scotch descent, his ancestors being among the early settlers of Louisiana. His father, Robert C. Duncan, a native of Louisiana, emigrated to Pittsburg about 1820, and was there engaged in the mercantile business. His mother was Nancy (Patterson) Duncan, a daughter of Nathaniel Patterson, a surveyor and engineer, ... out of the city of Pittsburg.

"The Duncans of Bourbon Co. KY" by Julia Hoge Spencer Ardery (FHL fiche 6,018,102 and other sources).
      This book includes many source records and lineages for Duncans in Bourbon Co. KY and should be consulted.
      It includes Thomas A. Duncan, son of Major Joseph Duncan and Ann Maria McLaughlin, who married Margaret Jane Stoddard, was a laywer at Nashville, Davidson Co. TN, and was killed in 1831 in Louisiana. MAD: his widow Margaret was buried in New Orleans, LA.

"Ancestor Hunting" Reprint Columns from the Shreveport Journal, 1963-1968, by Watkins, 1969 (TN Gen. Society Library #153 from Evelyn Sigler 12/1984)
      Pg.170: Column of 8/18/1964, from booklet by Hugh Brockett in 1860, kept updated by Margaret Brown Brockett: (MAD: See White Co. IL)
            Births: May J. Duncan Dec. 8, 1858; Margaret E. Duncan Oct. 30, 1860; John A. Duncan March 11, 1863; Joseph B. Duncan Sept. 27, 1861; Vinson E. Duncan Feb. 1868; David B. Duncan Jan. 31, 1876.
            Deaths: Maggie C. Duncan 1883; Susan E. Brockett Duncan, sister of Nath., July 4, 1890; John A. Duncan Dec. 18, 1902; Elizabeth T. Duncan April 4, 1904; John A. Duncan Sr. May 20, 1907.
      Pg.480: Column of 8/30/1966, Mrs. L.C. Wells of Pinceton, LA, needs info on J.D. Forgerson m. Betty P. Duncan, 1857. Where? (MAD: see Laclede Co. MO)


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