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Formed 1810, Original Parish


1820 East Baton Rouge Par. LA Census
Pg. 6  John N. Duncan       000100  -  00000
         (MAD: John Nicholson Duncan)
       William Duncan       200010  -  20010

1830 East Baton Rouge Par. LA Census
Pg.243  Widow A. Duncan      0101,02  -  1002,201
            (MAD: Frances (Mather) d. by 1843, widow of Abner Lawson Duncan d. by 1833; children: dau. Frances Sophia mar. Frederic D. Conrad 9/4/1827, wit. John N. Duncan; dau. Eliza age 18 years bur. 8/14/1833, son Abner L.H. Duncan mar. Leontine Marie Bonnecaze 11/1/1843, dau. Anne mar. Alfred Conrad 2/29/1840, wit. H.E. Duncan. from "Diocese of Baton Rouge, LA, Catholic Church Records" Vol. 1-8, by Dept. of Archives, from Florence Dyess 2/1988; see also Orleans Par. LA)

1840 East Baton Rouge Par. LA Census
            No Duncan indexed

1850 East Baton Rouge Par. LA Census (and from Lucille Mehrkam 10/1983)
Bastin Borig City, taken 9/11/1850
Pg.177, #410, A.L. DUNCAN (m) 28 LA none $10,000
                  Leontine 24 LA
                  Blanche (f) 6, Abner 1 LA
                  (MAD: no Hannah or Hanna)

1860 East Baton Rouge Par. LA Census
City of Baton Rouge
Pg.499, #478-478, Leontine DUNCAN (f) 32 LA (blank) $21,900-$18,600
                  Abner 11, Leon (m) 10 LA
                  (MAD: widow of Abner L.H. Duncan bur. 3/26/1853 age 32y, from "Diocese of Baton Rouge, LA, Catholic Church Records")

1870 E. Baton Rouge Par. LA Census
Ward 1, Baton Rouge
Pg.1, #3-6, BONECAZE, Leon (m) 65 FRAnce merchant $18,000-$300, parents of foreign birth
                  Caroline 60 LA keeping house, parents of foreign birth
                  DUNCAN, L.M. (f) 40 LA (white) keeping house $30,000-$2,500, father of foreign birth
                  Abner 21 LA at home
                  Leon (m) 18 LA attending school
                  BONNECAZE, Jules (m) 42 LA (white) at home, father of foreign birth
                  Elvina (f) 40 FRAnce keeping house $0-$1000, parents of foreign birth
                  Alfred 18 LA commission merchant Jmr?
                  Leontine (f) 15 LA attending school
                  Julia 13 LA attending school
                  WATSON, Mansey? (m) 47 MD BLACK domestic
                  Henrietta 44 MD BLACK domestic
                  Priscilla 13 LA BLACK domestic
                  THOMAS, Eliza 40 LA MULATTO domestic
                  (MAD: Bonecaze and Bonnecaze spelled as given)
Pg. 11, #180-178, LYTLE, A.D. (m) 35 OH (white) photograph artist $10,000-$3000
                  Mary A. 32 PA keeping house
                  Babie (m) 10/12 LA
Pg. 11, #180-179, LINDIS, Elizabeth 19 LA (white) at home
                  BUSHMAN, W.H. (m) 20 LA photographer
                  BUTLER, Louisa 50 LA BLACK domestic
                  SPRING, Daniel 50 LA BLACK gardener
                  DUNCAN, Robert 12 LA BLACK domestic
                  STORY, Joseph 12 LA (white) domestic
Pg. 17, #272-280, STERLING, Asa 58 MS BLACK farm laborer $0-$0
                  Hannah 56 MO BLACK keeping house ("Missouri")
                  DUNCAN, Catherine 15 LA BLACK attending school
                  William 10 LA BLACK attending school
Ward 3, Baton Rouge
Pg. 99, #246-247, DUNKEN?, Abner 21 LA (white) farmer $0-$0 (alone)
Ward 8, Baton Rouge
Pg.153, #589-598, GUESS, Willis (m) 20 LA BLACK farm laborer $0-$0
                  Ann 22 LA BLACK farm laborer
                  DUNCAN, Charles 24 MO BLACK farm laborer
                  Amanda 1 LA BLACK


East Baton Rouge Par. LA Index to District Court Probate Records 1808-1924 (FHL film 330,098)
      Probate #8, Duncan, William; Succession of, No.2, O.S. (A.G. Duncan), filed Dec. 2, 1825, Bundle 7
      Probate #122, Duncan, Thomas; Succession No.2, filed July 24, 1828, Bundle #10
      Probate #278, Duncan, Frances S., Succession No.2, filed Aug. 6, 1831, Bundle 17
      Probate #769, Duncan, A.L., "(for emancipation)" filed May 19, 1842, Bundle 39
      Probate #100, Duncan, A.L. "(for partition)" filed July 14, 1824, Bundle 46
      Probate #158, Duncan, William, filed March 26, 1821, Bundle 47
      Next was 1880, not copied

East Baton Rouge Par. LA Probate Records, Deslat - Dupy, 1808-1900 (FHL film 330,037; loose documents, in semi-alphabetic order, but William Duncan after Dunn name; page # counter at top of film above documents; many documents not extracted.)
      Counter #492: Abner L.H. Duncan, filed 5-4-1853; inventory includes lots of land, other items.
      Counter #502: Abner L. Duncan, filed 2/1824, flat file #463 Pro. Inventory of part of his estate.
            Counter #505: 6 April 1825, Messrs Samuel Steer, Cornelius R. French, Wm. Wikoff Junr, B.G. Harney and Thos. G. Morgan, all friends and nearest relatives of the minor children of late Abner L. Duncan decd; John N. Duncan, one of major heirs being also present and assisting, per petition dated 2 April 1825, that if a suit is brought by Jac Moore and Robert Moore for recovery of land, the execs. are authorized to oppose the claim.
            Counter #508: 7 Feb. 1824, on request of Messrs. John Nicholson, J.N. Duncan, Philip Hickey and Geo. Mather, execs. of will of late Abner L. Duncan who died at New Orleans Dec. last, made inventory ... $53,988.25.
            Counter #524: Statement of Frederick D. Conrad of City of New Orleans, curator ad lites of Frances Duncan and under tutor of Hannah Duncan, Elira Duncan and Abner Duncan, minor children of Abner L. Duncan, authorize Henry Blanchard of Baton Rouge to represent me at a family meeting to compromise differences, July 9, 1824.
            Counter #527: Said minors now reside with their mother in East Baton Rouge Parish; their attorney L.C. Duncan.
      Counter #531: Flat file, successor Mrs. Francis S. Duncan, filed 8-2-1831. She died in Pennsylvania in the latter end of June last.
            Counter #533: Family meeting, Hannah, Elira, and Abner Duncan, minor children of Abner L. Duncan and Frances S. Duncan decd., Aug. 25, 1838.
            Counter #536: Mention Abner Lawson Duncan.
            Counter #538: John N. Duncan Senr, tutor of the minor children of late Mrs. Frances S. Duncan, appointed admin.
            Counter #542: Heirs of Abner L. Duncan and Frances S. Duncan ... afsd. "four" children by his said wife Frances and John N. Duncan Junior of New Orleans, now(not?) living, a child of Abner L. Duncan by a prior marriage. Mrs. Frances S. Conrad, heir of age, and Mr. John N. Duncan Senr. tutor of said minors. Mention 3/5 interest of minors in their own behalf. 3/4 of their mother's share.
      Counter #554: Flat file, Thomas Duncan and Alice A. Reynolds, 2-21-1828. Mrs. Alice A. Reynolds decd, land to be sold, bought by deceased Alice A. Reynolds of the succession of the late Thomas Duncan decd. on 8 Sept. 1828, parcel at Springfield landing about "25" arpens of land.
            Counter #563: Order for sale of land of late Thomas Duncan decd, about "75" arpens of land adj. R. & G. Ross.
            Counter #565: Bond of Charles Hubbs (/s/ Chas. Hubbs) and Michals? Branagan (/s/ L. Branagan) for $700, 6 Aug. 1828. Charles Hubbs to be curator of the vacant estate of Thomas Duncan decd. Appraisal rec. Book M, folio 346.
      Counter #567: Abner L. Duncan, for emancipation, filed 5-21-1842. He a minor age 20, wants to be emancipated (declared an adult).
      Counter #572: Margaret Dunn (not copied)
      Counter #582: No. #295 Rec. flat file, William Duncan, 8-11-1820. 17 April 1833, creditors of late Wm. Duncan to elect another syndict in place of John A. McNeill decd. or of designating me sole administrator, William Wikoff Senr. Esqr., $32.87-1/2 creditor. His estate owes estate of Abner L. Duncan; Frederick D. Conrad atty. in fact of his wife Frances S. Conrad, Hannah E. Duncan, John N. Duncan tutor of Elvira Duncan and Abner L. Duncan, all children and heirs of Abner L. Duncan and Frances S. Duncan, of John M. Duncan son and heir of Abner L. Duncan; Wm. Duncan owes them over $10,000. (many other creditors).
            Counter #594: 5 March 1822, went to plantation formerly the residence of Mrs. Rowell where Mrs. Mary Duncan now resides to sell balance of estate, real and personal, of late William Duncan decd. per court order 2 March 1822.
            Counter #595: Mary Duncan, the widow, bought set of silver spoons and plate ware, negro man Peter ... (and other items; other buyers listed, not copied)
            Counter #597: Report to the Probate court: The petition of Mary C. Duncan, widow of the late William Duncan of the Fourth District, that her late husband William Duncan died on the 11 of this month at Baton Rouge intestate, leaving five children, all minors under the age of puberty, to wit, Alexander Duncan, Elizabeth Duncan, William Duncan, Julian Duncan and Mary Duncan; /s/ Mary Duncan, Sept. 4, 1820. Henry H. Gurley appointed under tutor to the five minor children, Sept. 4, 1820. (originally dated August 31, crossed out, September 4th written above)


British & Spanish Grants, W. FL, 1768-1820; incl. index (FHL film 882,923; SLC 6/11/2008)
      No Duncan

British & Spanish Grants, W.FL, 1772-1813 & US Land Claims, LA, 1812-1852 approx., Baton Rouge, LA (FHL film 882,924 item 1-4; SLC 6/11/2008)
      Book 1, Part 1: Greenbery Claimants; typed by WPA, no date
      Tracts belonging to Lt. Gov. Dunford in West Florida:
            20,000 acres - Alex Duncan's 20,000 acres back of the lands above W side of Thompson's Creek and these which front toward the Mississippi above the creek. (pg.244)
            250 acres - Anthony Foster's half of his tract of 1,100 acres on bank of William Duncan's 200 acres, William Casty's? 400 acres and William Briant's 314? acres, fork of the River Iberville. (pg.245)
      Quit book 1, pt.1, British West Florida

Bureau of Land Management, General Land Office Records; Greensburg, St.Helena Par. LA, Land Office, Act/Treaty of April 24, 1820, Entry Classification: Sale-Cash Entries (Internet address as of 6/3/2001)
      Name, Acres, Date land document signed, County/Parish
      Duncan, Robert, 205.2a, Aug 01 1853, E.Baton Rouge & E.Feliciana (MAD: ? 1860 Livingston Par. LA census)


"Louisiana term reports, or, Cases argued and determined in the Supreme Court of the state of Louisiana" by Francois-Xavier Martin, one of the Judges of said court, Vol.VIII, being Vol.X of this reporter; spine title "Louisiana : Martin's Reports" Vol.10, pgs.671 to 674 (California State Law Library 12/2003) (MAD: see E. Baton Rouge Par. LA)
      DUNN & Wife vs. DUNCAN'S Heirs; Supreme Court of the State of Louisiana, Eastern District; 10 Mart. (o.s.) 671; February, 1822, Decided.
      APPEAL from the court of the third district.
      COUNSEL: Turner and Carleton for the plaintiffs, Duncan for the defendants.
      (opinion) PORTER, J. The petition alleges, that the plaintiffs sold to one William Duncan, in his life time, 180 merino and common sheep, for the sum of $700, who executed his promissory note for the same, to Margaret Dunn, payable in four months from the 17th of February, 1820, and that the said Duncan has since deceased, leaving the present defendants, his heirs, who have accepted the succession with the benefit of an inventory.
      It also contains an averment, that the objects sold, or a large portion of them, are yet in the hands of the defendants, and that the petitioners have a lien on them. Judgment is asked for the said sum of $700, and that the sheep in possession of the heirs, be seized and sold to satisfy the privilege which, as vendors, the plaintiffs preserved on them.
      The answer denied generally the allegations contained in the petition, and prayed time for the heirs to ascertain if the estate of their father was solvent or not.
      The cause was submitted to a jury, who found the following verdict: -- "We find for the plaintiffs, the amount of the note marked D. but no privilege on the flock of sheep."
      Judgment was rendered by the court, in pursuance to the verdict. The plaintiffs appealed, and now insist, that the proof given on the trial clearly establishes the lien on the property sold.
      The note referred to by the jury, in their finding, is in the following words: "Four months after date, I promise to pay to Mrs. M. Dunn, or order, seven hundred dollars, for value received. (Signed) WM. Duncan. Feb. 7th, 1820."
      As the consideration for which this obligation was executed, is not mentioned in the instrument itself, the plaintiffs have endeavoured to establish, by verbal evidence, that it was given for the property mentioned in the petition.
      On this point it is proved, that the ancestor of the defendants declared, that he had bought a flock of sheep from Dunn, but that he did not tell the witness he gave his note for them; that there was about 150 of them, and that the sheep inventoried, as forming a part of Duncan's estate, were the same that was purchased by William Duncan, from Mr. Dunn; they had always remained in possession of William Duncan, from the time he bought them until they were seized by the sheriff.
      Another witness proved, that Mr. Dunn, had in the year 1819, a very large flock of sheep, and that they were healthy and fine looking.
      There is nothing in this evidence which proves that the note given to Mrs. Dunn, was in consideration of the sheep sold by her husband; some presumption perhaps is raised that this is the fact, but much stronger proof should be offered to authorise us to disturb the verdict of the jury.
      I therefore think that the judgment of the district court should be affirmed with costs.
      MARTIN, J. I concur. The evidence in this case, does certainly raise a strong presumption that the note declared on by the plaintiffs, was given for the sheep, on which they claim a lien, as sellers, but is not so conclusive, as to authorise this court to discredit the facts impliedly found by the jury in their general verdict, viz. that they are not the same sheep, &c.
      It is therefore ordered, adjudged and decreed, that the judgment of the district court be affirmed with costs.

"Reports of cases argued and determined in the Supreme Court of the State of Louisiana" by Thomas Curry; Vol.XIV; "Louisiana Reports" Vol.14, pgs.556 to 558 (California State Law Library, Sacramento, 3/2004)
      DUNCAN'S Syndics vs. DUNCAN'S Heirs; Supreme Court of the State of Louisiana, Eastern District; 14 La. 556; March, 1840.
      Appeal from the Court of Probates, for the Parish of East Baton Rouge.
      The syndics of the creditors of the estate of Wm. Duncan, deceased, filed their tableau of distribution, in which they placed the heirs of A.L. Duncan as debtors for the amount of two judgments, and interest, amounting to seven thousand one hundred and twenty-seven dollars and thirty-one cents, while they are credited by a judgment against the estate and interest thereon, amounting to three thousand eight hundred and fourteen dollars and eighty-seven cents.
      The defendants, heirs and legal representatives of Abner L. Duncan, deceased, opposed the tableau of distribution on various grounds; and especially that they ought to be placed thereon as creditors for ten thousand dollars. They further oppose the allowance of claims to various other creditors as injurious to them, and deny that the estate of Wm. Duncan is in any manner indebted for these claims. For these and other reasons, they pray that the tableau and petition for its homologation be rejected and dismissed.
      There was an agreement between the parties, that the heirs of A.L. Duncan should not be compelled to pay until it should be ascertained, upon a final judgment homologating the tableau, what amount is due them from the estate of Wm. Duncan.
      From the mass of evidence which was produced, the judge of probates was still of opinion, the opponents failed to prove the matters set up in their opposition, and especially against the claims of the other creditors objected to. There was judgment, dismissing the oppositions, and the opponents appealed.
      This court affirmed the judgment below, because it appeared the appellants stand on the tableau as debtors in a much larger sum than they are credited with; so that they are debtors for a balance, and without interest to contest the claims of the creditors.
      A re-hearing was prayed for, and obtained, on the ground that the claim or debts for and against the appellants, placed on the tableau, could not be compensated and opposed so as to extinguish each other.
      BRUNET, for the plaintiff and appellees, contended that the tableau was properly homologated; that the judgment debts against the appellants were final, and formed res judicata between all the parties, and could not be changed; that there was no evidence to sustain any part of the opposition, and it could be viewed in no other light than an effort, continued through some sixteen years, to get rid of the payment of the purchase money of property purchased at the sale of Wm. Duncan's estate.
      C.M. and F.D. CONRAD, for the appellants, insisted, that the claims which they opposed were unsupported by evidence, and should be rejected.
      BULLARD, J., delivered the opinion of the court:
      A re-hearing was granted in this case, on the suggestion that the court was mistaken in point of fact, in supposing that the appellants were not creditors of the insolvent. Upon looking again into the record, we find that William Duncan whose estate is administered by syndics, was indebted, at his death, to A.L. Duncan, and that the latter purchased largely at the sale of his effects. If compensation took place then, the latter would probably turn out to be debtor, instead of creditor, of the estate. But such could not be the case, and we are of opinion, that he retained all his rights as creditor, to make opposition to the tableau, notwithstanding the amount he owed to the estate as a purchaser, and notwithstanding any agreement that nothing was to be paid until the final settlement of the tableau. But we look in vain for the evidence in support of those claims to which the appellants made opposition in the court below, and justice, in our opinion, requires that the case should be remanded.
      It is, therefore, ordered, adjudged and decreed, that the judgment of the Court of Probates be reversed, and that the case be remanded for further proceedings, according to law, the appellees paying costs of this appeal.


Franklin Co. KY General Court Deed (SLC 2/2009)
      H-367: 11 March 1819, William Duncan of Parish of East Batton Rouge in Louisiana, for divers good causes, appoint John H. Hanna and William S. Waller of town of Frankfort, KY, or either of them, my attorneys to grant a release of a mortgage on an estate sold by me to Nicholas Lafond? of Woodford Co. KY, and to grant a release to any other mortgage security in my favor made in KY etc. Wit. James D. Colt. Ack. East Batten Rouge, LA, 11 March 1819. Clerk of General Court of KY, 15 Jan. 1820. (FHL film 266,181)

Cumberland Co. PA Deed
      S-53/55: 5 Dec. 1807, Samuel Robinson of PA, Practitionery of Physic, and wife Mary Serena to James Duncan of Cumberland Co. PA, Attorney at Law, for $1, sell messuage and tract or parcel of land on the River Mississippi at or near the Tunica Village containing 500 acres more or less, being the same premises which Lucetta Pollock of City of Philadelphia and now decd. by her will devised to the said Mary Serena Robinson, and also all other lands etc. within the bounds of the Government of Baton Rouge or other dominions of his Catholic Majesty or within the Mississippi Territory or other Territorial Government of the US, and also all houses, lots of ground and tracts of land situate in the counties of Cumberland, Center, Northumberland, Lycoming, Bedford, Mifflin and Westmoreland in the State of Pennsylvania or in other parts of said state which James Pollock late of Borough of Carlisle devised to afsd Mary Serena and others and whereof a moiety became vested in said Mary Serena on the decease of the afsd Lucetta Pollock ... together with all improvements ... Samuel Robinson and wife Mary ... /s/ Saml. Robinson, Mary S. Robinson. Wit. Craven N. Luckett, James Green, for Samuel Robinson; Arch. Loudon and H.H. Brackenridge for Mary Serena Robinson. Recorded 16 Jan. 1808. (FHL film 21,055; SLC 9/9/2010; edges of pages very dark to very light)


"Diocese of Baton Rouge, LA, Catholic Church Records" Vol. 1-7, by Dept. of Archives (from Florence Dyess 2/1988)
      MAD: these books have several Duncan births, deaths and marriages listed.

"LA Genealogical Register" Vol.19, 1972 (from Evelyn Sigler 12/1984)
      This periodical includes an index to the 3rd District Court Papers, Parish of East Baton Rouge, LA, including Dockets #1579, 5/8/1829, Syndics of Wm. Duncan's est. vs. Frances Duncan, widow of Abner L. Duncan and others; and #1933, 6/30/1832, John N. Duncan Sr. admr. of Francis S. Duncan, vs. Wm. Wikoff Sr. It also includes burials of Duncans in the Magnolia Cemetery, Baton Rouge, LA, on pg.406.

1938 (ca) "Historical Encyclopedia of LA" by Ellis Arthur Davis (FHL fiche 6,051,333; and book 976.3 D3d)
      Vol.2, pg.1215, includes information on Joseph H. Duncan, born East Baton Rouge Par. 8/14/1876, son of Abner Duncan and Annabelle Hart.


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