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Formed 1824 from Shelby, Bullitt, Nelson


1830 Spencer Co. KY Census
      No Duncan indexed

1840 Spencer Co. KY Census
Pg.225  L. Doncon (Deacon?)      0202,001  -  0011,101

1850-1860 Spencer Co. KY Census
      No Duncan indexed

1870 Spencer Co. KY Census
Camp Branch Precinct
Pg.134, #97-97, WATSON, Perlana (f) 62 KY (white) keeping house $4800-$1000
                  Melvina 25 KY without ocpt.
                  Henry F. 19 KY farmer
                  DUNCAN, Rachel 40 KY BLACK domestic servt.
                  Norris (m) 8, Charles 9 KY BLACK
Elk Creek Precinct
Pg.137, #36-37, RUSSEL, James 34 KY (white) farmer $14,000-$2500
                  Elizabeth 33 KY keeping house
                  Mary 10 KY at school
                  Joseph 4, Maxey (m) 2 KY
                  Joseph 72 KY retired farmer $0-$8000
                  MILLER, Frederic (m) 43 KY BLACK farm hand $0-$200
                  Harriett 41 KY BLACK domestic servant
                  DUNKIN, Stephan 36 KY BLACK farm hand
                  BOOKER, Doughtray (m) 16 KY BLACK farm hand
Pg.138, #43-46, REAGEN, Micheal 47 IRE Ret. dry good merchant $2500-$600, parents of foreign birth
                  Mary 11 IN at school, parents of foreign birth
                  Thomas 9 IN, parents of foreign birth
                  KINKEAD, John 28 KY clerk in dry good store $0-$4000
                  DUNCAN, Margaret 50 KY BLACK keeping house
Pg.139, #49-52, ROBISON, Franklin 37 KY (white) farmer $12,000-$2,000
                  Georgia (f) 28 KY keeping house
                  Maggie 4, Laura 2 KY
                  STONE, Lewis 30 KY BLACK farm hand
                  Aealine (f) 25 KY BLACK domestic servant
                  George 7, Mary 5, Luvena (f) 3 KY BLACK
                  Jane 3/12 KY BLACK b.Mar.
                  Henry 17 KY BLACK farm laborer
                  DUNCAN, Warrick (m) 18 KY BLACK farm laborer
Pg.144, #100-103, McDANIEL, Margaret (f) 74 KY (white) farmer $3000-$4000
                  SPEARS, Wm. P. 34 KY (white) farmer $0-$400
                  FOREMAN, Martha 27 KY (white) domestic servant
                  FOREMAN, Thomas 25 KY BLACK farm laborer ("B" written over "W")
                  DUNCAN, Isaac 43 KY BLACK farm laborer ("B" written over "W")
Taylorsville Precinct
Pg.169, #88-88, WOOLTON, John B. 58 KY (white) farmer $6000-$300
                  Syrna H. (f) 41 KY keeping house
                  LACKY, Katie 12 KY (white) at school
                  HARDESTY, Elizabeth 21 KY (white) no occupation
                  DUNCAN, Susan 9 KY BLACK domestic servant
Pg.171, #117-117, MONTGOMERY, T.L. (m) 25 IL teacher $0-$0
                  Mary E. 22 KY music teacher
                  Benjamine (m) 1 KY
                  BUCKNER, Elizabeth 50 KY (white) teacher
                  DRYSONE, Josephine 32 KY without occupation
                  Edgar 11 KY at school
                  Hurbert (m) 9 KY
                  DUNCAN, Susan 55 KY MULATTO domestic servant
                  BROWN, Ellen 10 KY MULATTO domestic servant
Pg.172, #123-123, KING, Mark L. (m) 26 KY clerk in clerk's Office $0-$0
                  Laura M. 28 KY keeping house
                  Ethel 3, Bertha (f) 1 KY
                  DUNCAN, Sallie 18 KY MULATTO domestic servant
Pg.177, #189-188, DUNCAN, Warrick 55 KY BLACK farm laborer $0-$0
                  Susan 51 KY MULATTO keeping house
                  Manda (f) 22 KY MULATTO domestic servant
                  Lina (f) 16 KY MULATTO domestic servant
Pg.177, #190-#189, DAVIS, Levi 47 KY MULATTO farm laborer
                  Julia F. 34 KY MULATTO keeping house
                  Humphry (m) 11, Katie (f) 9 KY MULATTO
                  Morris (m) 7, Fannie B. 6 KY MULATTO
                  Sarah J. 5, Eliza B. 3 KY MULATTO
                  Levi 9/12 KY MULATTO b.Oct.
                  DUNCAN, Annie 2 KY MULATTO
                  Fannie 1 KY MULATTO
Pg.182-183, #248-246, VAN DYKE, Jack 35 KY (white) farmer $10,375-$4,000
                  Bettie 31 KY keeping house
                  William 9, Charley 5, Kittie (f) 1 KY
                  DUNCAN, Eliza 16 KY BLACK domestic servant
                  Julia 12 KY BLACK (blank)


Spencer Co. KY Will Index, Vol.A, 1824-1918 (FHL film 482,493)
      No Duncan to 1887


Spencer Co. KY Deeds (Index 1824-1863 on FHL film 482,475)
      C-15: 18 Dec. 1830, Andrew Boiles and wife Margaret of Spencer Co. KY to Thomas Duncan of Nelson Co. KY, $5 per acre, 127 acres on S.side Salt River on Camp Branch, a branch of Simpsons Creek, adj. King's survey, corner Josiah Watson's 850 acre survey. Signed Andrew Boyle, Margaret (X) Boyle. No wit. (FHL film 482,458)
      E-188: 10 March 1840, Thomas Duncan and wife Harriet of Nelson Co. KY to Gilbert Glass of Spencer Co. KY, $2354, 113 acres purchased by said Duncan of Abraham Eldredge on Simpson's Creek adj. Jonathan Davis. Signed Thomas Duncan Jr., Harriet Duncan. No wit. (FHL film 482,459)
      E-189: 10 March 1840, Thomas Duncan and wife Harriet of Nelson Co. KY to William Boyle of Spencer Co. KY, $2646, 126 acres on Simpsons Creek on S.side Camp branch that said Duncan bought from Andrew Boyle. Signed Thomas Duncan Jr., Harriet Duncan. No wit. (FHL film 482,459)
      I-20: 22 Oct. 1850, William Thomas and wife Polly (X) of Nelson Co. KY to John Duncan a man of colour of Nelson Co. KY, $150, 50 acres on Salt River adj. John Holtzclaw. No wit. (FHL film 482,461)
      L-430; March, 1861, Isaac W. Duncan and Thomas Duncan, children and heirs of Ellis Duncan, to Green Duncan; that Green and Ellis Duncan were joint owners of land in a decree in the Nelson Co. Circuit Court of Ellis Duncan's administrators vs. his creditors and heirs; the undivided 1/2 interest of said Ellis Duncan in the land was sold at commissioner's sale; deed to Green Duncan who paid the purchase price; the land in a deed 2 Nov. 1837 from Zachariah Green to said Green and Ellis Duncan recorded Book 22, pg. 37; deed signed on their behalf 18 June 1861 by J.W. Muir, Comr. (FHL film 482,463)
      L-618: 7 Dec. 1863, Wm. H. Cheatham to William W. Duncan for $1,056.25 paid (part paid and part due), 8+ acres adj. town of Taylorsville. No wit., no location. (FHL film 482,463)


Daviess Co. KY Deed (FHL film 579,993)
      C-251: 21 April 1830, John Duncan and wife Prudence (X) of Nelson Co. KY to Robert Duncan of Daviess Co. KY, $230, 151-3/4 acres on Pup Creek. No wit. (MAD: John Duncan mar. Prudence Hughes 6/12/1813 in Nelson Co. KY; Prudence Duncan mar. Jesse Stone 10/10/1838 in Spencer Co. KY; see Jesse Stone 1840 Nelson Co. KY census)

Macoupin Co. IL Deeds (SLC 12/12/2013)
      U-9/10: 27 May 1850, Jonathan Davis, William Y. Davis and Thomas Duncan, executors of the will of Jonathan Davis, decd, of Spencer Co. KY, to David L. Peebles of Macoupin Co. IL, for $1200 secured by mortgage dated 20 April 1850 and due one for $300 due 3 months after date with 10% interest, one for $300 due 20 April 1851, one for $300 due 20 April 1852, and one for $300 due 20 April 1853, amounting in the whole to $1200, convey in fee simple the following tracts or parcels of land in Macoupin Co. IL, the E 1/2 of NE 1/4 Sec.21 Twp.10 Range 8 containing 80 acres, the NE 1/4 of Sec.28 Twp.10 Range 8 containing 160 acres, the E 1/2 of SE 1/4 Sec.28 Twp.10 Range 8 containing 80 acres, with appurtenances, warrant title, but retain lien for full payment of purchase money of $1200 secured to be paid by notes. /s/ Jona. Davis, W.Y. Davis, Thomas Duncan. Ack. 27 May 1850 by Jonathan Davis, William Y. Davis and Thomas Duncan before Raphael Lancaster, Clerk of County Court of Spencer Co. KY. Certification 3 June 1850 by Samuel Marshall, presiding Justice of County Court of Spencer Co. KY, for Raphael Lancaster Esq. Recorded Nov. 25, 1850. [Sideways Note: discharged and released, July 8, 1854.] (FHL film 1,320,287)


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