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Formed 1819 from Allen, Logan and Warren
Part of Simpson Co. returned to Allen Co. in 1822


1820 Simpson Co. KY Census
Pg.  7  Sandford Duncan       300010      - 11010
    19  Nathaniel Watson      210010      - 20010
    24  Joseph Duncan         000011      - 10001

1830 Simpson Co. KY Census
Pg.296  Mary Watson           001         - 1120,01
        William J. Williams   3000,01     - 1210,11
          (MAD: looking for William Williams mar.
            Jenny Duncan 7/15/1816 Allen Co. KY)
   299  Sanford Duncan        3111,001    - 0101,001

1840 Simpson Co. KY Census
Pg.182  Sanford Duncan        0030,1001   - 0000,001
   205  William Williams      1110,01     - 1110,01

1850 Simpson Co. KY Census
Pg.4, #44-44, Wm. J. WILLIAMS 57 TN farmer $300
                  H. (f) 56 TN
                  A.G.(m) 14, M.H.(f) 12 KY
Pg.28, #359-360, H.J. DUNCAN (m) 34 KY farmer $900
                  Ann E. 26 TN
                  N.E. (f) 5, E.N. (f) 3, M.J. (f) 6/12 KY
                  Andy McDALE 22 TN laborer $0
                  L.M. (f) 16 TN
                  (MAD: Henry J. Duncan mar. Elizabeth A. Rutherford 10/19/1841 Sumner Co. TN)
Pg.70, #963-964, Sanford DUNCAN 64 VA farmer $1400
                  Nancy 64 KY

1860 Simpson Co. KY Census
Franklin P.O.
Pg.300, #361-351, Henry J. DUNCAN 49 KY farmer $7000-$12,825
                  Ann E. 36 TN
                  Nannie 15, Ella 12, Mary 10 KY
                  Hellen (f) 8, Bethlah (f) 6 KY
                  Sanford (m) 4, James 2 KY
                  Martha McCLANAHAN 34 TN (blank) $0-$1000
Pg.300, #364-354, Nancy DUNCAN 70 VA farmer $3000-$3300 (alone)
Pg.315, #475-463, Amanda R. OVERBEY 73 VA farmer $1500-$0
                  Lydia 23 VA idiot
                  James DUNCAN 30 KY laborer
                  Nancy 25 KY
                  Betsey 4, James 2 KY
Pg.360, #792-776, S.S. DUNCAN (m) 35 KY farmer $600-$300
                  Mary A. 35 KY
                  (no children, not m/in/year)
Pg.362, #805-789, Henry DUNCAN 24 KY farmer $0-$300
                  Mary F. 24 KY
                  (no children, not m/in/year)
Pg.392, #989, Hotel
                  George W. DUNCAN 35 KY physician $0-$6050
                  (MAD: born 1/1826, son of Sanford Duncan; see the Bible Record in TN)

1870 Simpson Co. KY Census
Sub District #150, No.1 Voting Precinct, P.O. Franklin
Pg.17, #133-133, DUNCAN, James R. 54 KY (white) physician $0-$4000 (alone)
                  (MAD: J.R. Duncan in 1860 Monroe Co. KY census)
Pg.18, #154-154, DUNCAN, George W. 44 KY (white) physician $5000-$6000
                  Dorinda 34 TN (blank occupation)
                  Mary S. 4, Charles A. 2 KY
                  BROWN, Samuel J. 22 KY (white) painter $0-$600
Pg.23, #89-89, DUNCAN, William M. (m) 32 KY (white) keeps house $900-$3500
                  Mary E. 30 KY (blank occupation)
                  PORTER, Williamson 35 KY Ret. Liquor Dealer $0-$1000
                  MERTONS, Henry 30 BADen Catholic Priest $0-$200, parents of foreign birth
                  GROVES, Ezekiel 23 TN (white) drives waggon $0-$600
                  PORTER, James S. 24 KY sewing machine agt. $0-$150
                  WADE, Henry D. 30 KY clerk in store $0-$600
                  KEMMA, Henry B. 26 SC dentist $0-$200
                  WALSH, John H. 29 IRE plasterer $3000-$500
                  PORTER, Jerry (m) 25 KY BLACK porter in tavern
                  LEWIS, Ellen 25 KY BLACK cook in tavern
                  KIDD, Johnson (m) 25 KY BLACK porter in tavern $0-$200
                  TRAVIS, Thomas 23 KY MULATTO waitor in tavern
                  BUTTER, Grand (m) 13 KY BLACK
                  ROBINSON, Wesley 12 KY BLACK
                  BOAZ, Jane 20 KY BLACK
Lake Spring Precinct
Pg.25, #1-1, DUNCAN?, Jane 42 KY (white) keeping house $4320-$330
                  Helen 20, Fannie 18 KY
                  John 16 IL
                  Bettie (f) 14 MO
                  Coleman (m) 12 MO attending school
Pg.32, #107-107, DUNCAN, Henry J. 56 KY (white) farmer $0-$0
                  Ann 45 TN keeping house
                  Ella 22, Helen 18 KY
                  Bethiah (f) 15 KY
                  Sanford (m) 14, James 12 KY
                  Mattie (f) 10, Charles 6 KY
Voting Precinct #2, Sub Dist. No.150, P.O. Franklin
Pg.35, #38-38, DUNCAN, Fredrick 55 KY BLACK works on farm $100-$150
                  Charlett (f) 42 VA BLACK (blank occupation)
                  Martha G. 16, Ada E. 14 KY BLACK
                  Oliver F. 5, Wesley 2 KY BLACK
Pg.35, #39-39, DUNCAN, Joseph 28 KY MULATTO works in grist mill $0-$170
                  Nancy 22 TN MULATTO (blank occupation)
                  Ann 5 TN MULATTO
                  Mansfield (m) 3 KY MULATTO
                  William 2 KY MULATTO


Simpson Co. KY Land Warrants 1819 - 1835 (FHL film 551,240)
      No index

Simpson Co. KY Surveys (FHL film 56539)
      No index
      Spotted Sanford Duncan, did not copy


Simpson Co. KY Circuit Court Order Books (FHL film 551,216)
      Book A, 1819-1823 - no index
      Book A1, 1823-1825 - no index
      Book C, 1825-1828 - no index
      Book D, 1828-1835 - no Duncan (negative index)


Simpson Co. KY tax records (FHL film 8,233)
1819: Duncan, Sandford, 118a Drake's Creek; 100a Muddy Creek, Logan Co.,
      1 white, 2 black, 3 horses
      Duncan, Joseph, 80a "not classed", 2w, 3h
1820: Duncan, Sandford, 200a Drake's, 1w, 2b, 4h
      Duncan, Joseph, 80a Lick Fork name Z. Duncan, 2w, 3h
1821: Duncan, Joseph, 80a D. Creek, name Z. Duncan, survey S. Duncan, 1w, 4h
      Duncan, Zadock, 1w, 0h
1822: Duncan, Sandford, 260a R. River, 1w, 3h
1823: Duncan, Sandford, 200a D. Creek, 1w, 3h
1824: No Joseph Duncan, did not check further

Simpson Co. KY Tax Lists 1828-1847 (FHL film 8,233; from Patrick W. Costigan to Louis Boone to MAD 1984)
      MAD: The tax lists for 1828, 1830, and 1831 show Lewis Reeder for J. or Joseph Duncan, deceased; the 1833 and 1834 tax lists show Lewis Reeder for Joseph Duncan decd. for land in Hickman Co. KY; the 1843 list shows Lewis Reeder for Mary Duncan, and 1847 for Duncan heirs. The tax records should be consulted for further details.


Livingston Co. KY Deeds (FHL film 318,164)
      CC-314: 20 June 1832, William Duncan to John Duncan, both Livingston Co. KY, $100, 100 acres on Livingston Creek adj. Wiley Howard and Flourl? (Flanel?) Burnett, part of a military survey of 1666-2/3 acres orig. patent to Edmond Brooks. No wit.
      DD-198: 17 July 1834, John Duncan of Caldwell Co. KY to Pulaski J. Hughes of Simpson Co. KY, $200, 100 acres in Simpson Co. on Simpson Creek, corner Wiley Howard's line, Flarel? Bennett's line, part of military survey of 1,666-2/3 acre patent to Edmond Brooks. Signed John Duncan Jr.

Logan Co. KY Deeds
      G-468: No.307. 21 Dec. 1819, Sanford Duncan of Simpson Co. KY to Samuel H. Curd of Logan Co. KY, for $200 paid, sell parcel of land in Logan Co. KY on waters of Muddy River, being one equal undivided moiety of 200 acres granted to master of the Newton Academy 7 Sept. 1814 and conveyed by the trustees to Duncan, hereby selling to said Curd 1/2 of said survey, warrant title. /s/ Sandford Duncan. He ack. deed in Logan Co. KY 21 Dec. 1819. (FHL film 364,584)
      IJ-99/100: No.51. 16 April 1821, Sandford Duncan of Simpson Co. KY to John Clark of Logan Co. KY, for 7 cents paid, sell parcel of land in Logan Co. KY on waters of the Elk Fork of Muddy River, one equal undivided moity of a 200 acre survey deeded to me by trustees of Newton Academy, a part of which I deeded to Saml. H. Curd, together with appurtenances, warrant title against claim of said Duncan, heirs &c under him. /s/ Sandford Duncan. He ack. deed 16 April 1821. (FHL film 364,585)
      27-292: No.216. 3 Jan. 1846, John Q. Duncan executor of Coleman Duncan decd. of Simpson Co. KY to Tim. Lyne of Logan Co. KY, for $1,312 paid, sell parcel of land in Logan Co. KY on the waters of big whipporwill, corner to David Sydner & B. Browder, Richd. Browder's line, W. Browder's field, Wm. Browder and Sydner (line), also one other tract in the Claylick woods adj. the lands of Wm. Browder and Mrs. E.A.C. Jefferes, at John S. Long's corner standing on a part of the original 50 acre tract of which this is a part 18-1/2 poles from Cobb and Morrow's corner, Small's line, Higbee's corner, part said 30 acre tract, Higbee & Long's line, the last contains 3-1/2 or 4 acres sold by deceased to John S. Long decd which said John Q. Duncan does not sell, both tracts as sold containing 164 acres with all appurtenances, free from claims ... /s/ Jno. Q. Duncan exr. of Coleman Duncan. Wit. T.N. Lyne, C.S. Lyne. Ack. 2 Feb. 1846. (FHL film 364,593)

Warren Co. KY Deed (FHL film 339,909)
      21-279/280: 23 May 1848, Robert Briggs of Ralls Co. MO to Sandford Duncan of Simpson Co. KY, for $50 paid, sell one equal undivided half of Lot No.54 in Moore's addition to town of Bowling Green, KY, the other half of said town lot was conveyed by me to Ben Hampton of KY, the afsd lot was conveyed to me by Robert Moore, with appurtenances, warrant title. /s/ Robert Briggs. Ack. 23 May 1848 in Ralls Co. MO before Chapel Carstarphen?, Presiding Justice of Ralls Co. MO court, certified by William A. Young, Clerk of Ralls Co. MO County Court, May 28, 1848. Recorded Mason Co. KY 24 June 1848.


Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.
      Duncan, Henry, widow Duncan, Ann; Wag. Q.M. D USA & Old War; 1928 June 30, Widow Appl. #1618040, no cert., KY; remarks XC877402 combined. (MAD: ?? see Simpson Co. KY)

HISTORIES before 1923

1878 "The Biographical encyclopaedia of Kentucky of the dead and living men of the nineteenth century" pub. by J.M. Armstrong (from Evelyn Sigler 11/1984; FHL book 976.9 D3b)
      Pg.496: George Washington Duncan, physician and surgeon, born Simpson Co. KY Jan. 12, 1826. His paternal grandfather was one of three brothers who came to this county from Scotland among the early colonists. Father Sanford Duncan. George Washington Duncan graduated from the Univ. of Louisville in 1868, entered practice at Mitchellville, TN. In 1859 he moved to Franklin, KY. Member of Cumberland Presb. Church of Franklin, KY; Mason; married in 1859 Miss Dorinda Puryear of Smith Co. TN; had 7 children.
      Pg.692: Hon. James R. Duncan, M.D., physician and surgeon, born Nov. 1, 1815 in Logan Co. KY. Parents were natives of Culpeper Co. VA. Father was farmer in Logan Co. since 1824 and is now 93 years old. His mother died Aug. 4, 1824. Graduated from Transylvania Univ. 1850, was a surgeon in Union Army, 1863 State Senator from 13th Dist. From May 1864 and three following years traveled in CA, OR, WA Territory, Idaho, Montana, returned to KY; a Missionary Baptist, Mason; married May 8, 1845 Catherine Dunn of Allen Co. KY. She died Oct. 15, 1855; he m. (2) Sept. 19, 1871 Elizabeth Harris of Simpson Co. KY. His only child, daughter by first marriage, is the wife of D.H. Roark, now residing in KS.

1886-1887 "KY, a History of the State" 3rd Edition (Volume), by Perrin, Battle & Kniffin (FHL book 976.9 D3wt; and from Evelyn Sigler 7/1982 and Denzil R. Mauldin 2/1984)
      Pg.189-190 (pg.654-5), Simpson Co. DR. GEORGE W. DUNCAN was born Jan. 26, 1826, in Simpson Co. KY, and is the tenth of 8 boys and 4 girls born to Sanford and Nancy (Hammond) Duncan. Sanford Duncan was born in Loudoun Co. VA. He was a son of Colman Duncan, who married Mary Lyne, both of Westmoreland Co. VA; was a Revolutionary soldier and immigrated to Nelson Co. KY about 1795. He was born in February, 1742, and died in April, 1823. His wife was born in March, 1749, and died in May, 1814. Colman Duncan was a son of Henry Duncan, who was born in Scotland. He with two brothers came to the United States and settled in Westmoreland Co. VA. Mrs. Nancy (Hammond) Duncan was a daughter of Job Hammond, who married Mary Stone, both of KY and of Welsh origin. He was an officer of the Revolutionary war, and was wounded in both arms in an Indian fight. Sanford Duncan came from Nelson to Logan Co. KY about 1800. In 1818 he located 5 miles south of Franklin, assisted in organizing the county of Simpson, was one of the commissioners appointed to run and locate the State line from Reelfoot Lake to the Mississippi River in 1840; was also appointed one of the commissioners to survey Simpson Co. and lay out school districts. He did all the public business in his own community, and was one of the most influential and valuable citizens in Simpson Co. He farmed extensively ... Masonic fraternity. Dr. G.W. Duncan was reared on a farm and received a good education. In 1840 he entered Cumberland College at Princeton. When the college was transferred to Lebanon he returned to Franklin and finished his education. In 1846 commenced the study of medicine ... in 1848 graduated; located and commenced practice at Mitchellville, TN. In 1859 located in Franklin, KY ... ever since. He married, September 4, 1860, Dorinda Puryar, of Smith Co. TN, a daughter of William and Mary (Pearce) Puryar, both natives of TN, of French and Scotch descent, respectively. William was a son of Daniel Puryar. To Mr. and Mrs. Duncan have been born eight children, four now living: Mary Sanford, Charles A., George H. and William A. Dr. Duncan and wife are members of the Cumberland Presbyterian and Baptist Churches, respectively. ... Masonic fraternity, Knight Templar. ...
      Pg.191 (pg.656), Simpson Co. DR. CHARLES H. EDWARDS was born Jan. 10, 1834, in Sumner Co. TN. ... At the age of 20 he commenced the study of medicine with Dr. George W. Duncan at Mitchellville [Sumner Co.], TN. In 1857 he graduated from the University of Nashville, TN, and located at Mitchellville with his preceptor, Dr. Duncan. In 1862 he enlisted ... In January, 1863, he located in Franklin, KY, ... ever since. September 1, 1863, he married Nannie E. Duncan, of Simpson County, a daughter of Henry J. and Ann E. (Rutherford) Duncan, natives, respectively, of Logan Co. KY and Sumner Co. TN. Henry J. is a son of Sanford Duncan, who married Nancy Hammond. ...
      Pg.201 (pg.645-5), Simpson Co. HON. HENSLEY G. HARRIS, born Nov. 26, 1804 in Madison Co. KY, youngest of six boys and six girls born to Christian (MAD: sic) and Elizabeth (Grubbs) Harris, who were born in Albemarle Co. VA. Christopher Harris was of Irish and Welsh extraction, farmer and Baptist minister, born in 1753, died age 86 years ... Christopher Harris and wife immigrated to KY about 3 or 4 years after Col. Boone's first appearance in the State, and settled in Madison Co. KY. Hon. Mr. Harris was reared on a farm, moved with his parents to Logan (now Simpson) Co. in 1816, ... mar. Mar. 10, 1831, Malinda J. Vineyard, born Logan Co., a dau. of William and Elizabeth (Stanley) Vineyard born respectively in NC and VA, emigrated from NC to TN, and about 1813 settled Logan Co. KY ... Mr. and Mrs. (Hensley G.) Harris had children: Elizabeth Frances Duncan, Mourning T. Morton, Mary E. Lauck, Joseph B., Hattie H. Dickey (deceased), William C. (deceased), John G., Hensley G. (killed by guerrillas), Amanda E. McQuidy, Jesse V., and Katie K. Members of Baptist Church; until 1881 lived six miles north of Franklin, then purchased residence in Franklin. ...
      Pg.225-6 (pg.691), Simpson Co. JOHN R. MILLIKEN, MD, born in Simpson Co. KY, Aug. 27, 1836, son of William W. & Nancy (Leaton) Milliken, he native of Logan and she of Simpson Co. KY, both of Irish descent, born 1808 and 1812 respectively. When a small boy, William W. Milliken moved with parents to Simpson Co. ... The doctor married Oct. 15, 1863, Bettie A. Neely, a native of Simpson Co. KY, born July 28, 1843, dau. of Squire John and Rebecca F. (Duncan) Neely. Dr. & Mrs. Milliken had seven sons, Charles W., Floyd N., James S., Thomas H., John Harberson, George D., and Robert M. ....
      Pg.233-4 (pg.698-9), Simpson Co. EDMOND D.F. READ was born in Allen Co. KY Aug. 31, 1813, and is the 7th in a family of 9 children born to Theophilus and Margaret (Duncan) Read, both of whom were natives of VA and of Scotch-English descent. Theophilus Read was educated and married in his native State, where for several years he was engaged in agricultural pursuits. In 1812 he removed with his wife and family to Allen Co. KY, then almost an unbroken wilderness. Here he bought wild land and subsequently improved a farm upon which he resided until his death, which occurred in October, 1825, in his 51st year. ... he died at his sister's near Paris [Bourbon Co.], KY, while absent from home buying goods. For several years he was a captain in the State militia, and he and his wife were from early life members of the Baptist Church. The death of Mrs. Margaret Read occurred February 13, 1856, in her 81st year. Edmund D.F. Read ... to Allen Co. KY.
      Pg.234, Simpson Co. JOSEPHUS S. REEDER was born Aug. 7, 1851, on Sulphur Fork in eastern portion of Simpson Co. KY; in 1864 removed with his parents to Franklin where he grew to manhood, and in 1882 returned to vicinity where he was born, and where he has since resided. His father, Emory D. Reeder, also a native of Simpson Co., was born in 1809, was long a member of the Baptist Church, and died in 1875. He was the son of Lewis Reeder, a native of NC, who was born in 1774 and was a pioneer in Simpson Co.; was a member of the old regular Baptist Church and died in 1850. His father was Joshua Reeder. Emory D. Reeder married Gillis, dau. of John Hunt, of Allen Co. (born in 1811), and had ch.: Eliza (Wade), Shelby, Jasper, Francis M., Mary J. (Hawthorn and Wyatt), John H., Joanna (Pare), and Josephus S. ...
            Information from Susan Carol Howard 1/2000: There is a Lewis Reeder Bible (son of Joshua Reeder and Elizabeth Taylor) for Lewis' family with his second wife, Frances Sidney McElwain, married 12/11/1828, which was published in the volume: Simpson County Historical Society, compilers (1975) "Simpson County Kentucky Records," pp. 129-132. At the time the book was published, the Lewis Reeder Bible belonged to Allie Augusta Reeder Jackson (Mrs. J. H. Jackson). Upon her death, the Bible went to one of Allie's daughters. The Bible copyright was 1856. This is the source for the data on Lewis Reeder.

1887 "History of Hamilton, Knox and Shelby Cos. TN" by Goodspeed (FHL book 976.8 H2ha, Vol.3)
      Pg.956-7, Knox Co.: Samuel H. Dunscomb, president of the Bank of Commerce, is a son of Samuel D. and Ann W. (Rayburn) Dunscomb. The father was born in NY City and the mother in Montgomery Co. VA. At an early day they removed to KY, where they were married. In their family were four children -- two sons and two daughters -- of whom only one is now living. The father was a farmer by occupation. During the war of 1812 he went on the campaign to Canada, under Shelby. After his death the mother married William C. Baker, by whom she had two children. Our subject is of English and Irish descent, born December 18, 1822, in Simpson Co. KY. He received his education in the common schools, and at the age of 18 began as salesman in a mercantile house, where he remained about 8 years. In 1846 he came to Memphis and engaged in ... In 1854 he married Marietta C. Elder, and by her had 5 sons, ...
      (MAD: see Samuel Duvall Dunscomb Bible Record on pg.263 of the DAR Misc. Records of 1952, Vol.1, on FHL film 854,847 item 5; see Logan Co. KY)

1883 "History of the State of Kansas : containing a full account of its growth from an uninhabited territory to a wealthy and important state; of its early settlements; a supplementary history and description of its counties, cities, towns and villages, their advantages, industries and commerce, to which are added biographical sketches and portraits of prominent men and early settlers" ed. by William G. Cutler, A.T. Andreas; pub. Chicago : A.T. Andreas (FHL book 978.1 H2hi 1976 & v.2; FHL film 982,248 items 1-2)
      Pg.776: Harvey Co., Newton. J.R. DUNCAN, M.D., was born in Logan County, Ky., six miles south of Russellville, November 1, 1815. In the spring of 1836 he came to Jackson County, Mo., remaining until the spring of 1840, and coming into Kansas in 1837 (MAD: dates as given), with the Missouri State Volunteers to drive the Osages from the western border of Missouri; while in Missouri he read medicine about one year in Glasgow and then returned to Kentucky to complete his medical education. He studied with Dr. A.S. Walker, of Scottville, Allen Co., Ky., and graduated from the medical department of the Transylvania University at Lexington, Ky. In January, 1845, he commenced practice at Jimtown, Monroe Co., Ky., where he remained until the fall of 1861, when he entered the army as a surgeon in the Ninth Kentucky Volunteer Infantry, United States Army. He resigned his commission in February, 1862, and was subsequently with the Fourteenth Illinois Cavalry, Fifth Indiana Cavalry, Thirteenth Kentucky Infantry, and Thirty-seventh Kentucky Mounted Infantry. He was mustered out December 29, 1864, and remained at Louisville until June 2, 1865. In August, 1863, he was elected State Senator from the Thirteenth Senatorial District, composed of Allen, Simpson and Monroe counties, having had assurances from the Secretary of War that he should be granted leave of absence to attend the sessions of the Legislature. He went to San Francisco June 2, 1864, and spent the three succeeding years west of the Rocky Mountains, but did not permanently locate anywhere. In April, 1868, he returned to Franklin, Simpson Co., Ky., and engaged in active practice until he came came (MAD: sic) to Newton in May, 1880. He was married in Allen County, Ky., May 8, 1845, to Catharine Dunn, a native of that county. Mrs. Duncan died October 15, 1855, leaving one child - Margaret Elizabeth, now Mrs. D.H. Roark, a resident of Harper County, Kan. He was married September 19, 1871, in Simpson County, Ky., to Elizabeth Harris, his present wife, a native of Simpson County, Ky. Dr. Duncan is Chairman of the Board of Examining Surgeons for Pensioners, Harvey County, Kan., a member of the Baptist Church, and also of the order of A.F. & A.M., Blue Lodge, Chapter Council and Commandery.


"TN Records: Tombstone Inscriptions and Manuscripts, Historical and Genealogical" or "Bible Records - Tombstone Inscriptions" by Jeannette Tillotson Acklen, ca 1933 (Sacramento FHC, and from Evelyn Sigler 4/1982)
      Pg.140 of this book contains the Family register of Job Hammond, father of Nancy Duncan, mother of George W. Duncan, including the Bible of Geo. W. Duncan. It includes the Family register of Colman Duncan, b. 2/21/1742, and wife Mary Lynn, and their children, including Sandford Duncan b. 10/25/1786, wife Nancy Hammond, and their children including George W. Duncan b. 1/12/1826, and wife Dorinda Ann Puryear who mar. 9/4/1866 in Smith Co. TN.

"Simpson Co. KY Records" compiled by Simpson Co. Historical Society, 1975 (FHL book 976.9735 V2s)
      This volume contains the cemetery record of Sanford Duncan and his family on pg.248.


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