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Formed 1820 from Barren, Cumberland
Metcalfe formed 1860 from Monroe, Adair, Barren, Cumberland, Green


1820-1840 Monroe Co. KY Census
        No Duncan indexed

1840 Monroe Co. KY Census
        No Bowman indexed
Pg.250  Thos. Harland       0010,0001     - 1111,1001
        Thorite? Harland    1100,1        - 2100,01
   255  Martin Grider       1212,101      - 1100,001

1850 Monroe Co. KY Census
Pg.439, #1018, James R. DUNCAN 33 KY physician
                  Catharine 24 KY
                  Margaret 4 KY
                  Lucy 29 KY

1860 Monroe Co. KY Census
P.O. Tompkinsville
Pg.93, #648-652, J.R. DUNCAN (m) 44 KY physician $0-$0
                  A.A. (f) 25 KY
                  M.E. (f) 4 KY
                  M.E. LEWIS (f) 57 NC
                  (MAD: ?? James R. Duncan in 1870 Simpson Co. KY census)
Pg.189, #1335-1368, Jas. T. DUNCAN 24 KY miller $0-$0
                  Mary E. (B?.) 18 KY
                  Thos. 2/12 KY

1870 Monroe Co. KY Census
Precinct 6, P.O. Tompkinsville
Pg.183, #79-79, DUNCAN, Richmund (m) 26 KY MULATTO farmer $0-$250
                  Mary 25 KY MULATTO keeping house
                  Sarah Elizabeth 1 KY MULATTO
Pg.187, #138-129, CHANDLER, Nancy 60 TN (white) keeping house $0-$0
                  DUNCAN, Richard F. 6 TN (white)


Monroe Co. KY Commissioners Deeds (FHL film 589,613)
      Vol.1, 1877-1893 - no Duncan

Monroe Co. KY Deed Index 1863-1938; deeds start 1863; mention of disasters 1863 and 1888 (FHL film 589,611)
      Vol.1, 1863-1877; grantors on one page, grantees on the other page
      A-93: Duncan, J.R. to W.P. Denton
      A-227: Duncan & Carder from J. Gee
      A-235: Duncan, J.R. to John W. Seay
      A-238: Duncan, J.R. to John Benedict of Allen Co.
      A-239: Duncan, J.R. from John Benedict of Allen Co.
      A-239: Duncan, J.R. from D.H. Simmons
      A-241: Duncan, J.R. from J.J. Goodman
      A-242: Duncan, J.R. from Elisha Fortune (Fosturn?)
      A-243: Duncan, J.R. from James Campbell, 8 Jan. 1851
      B-407: Duncan, J.T.A.F. from J.R. Curd
      B-620: Duncan, Jas. T.A.J. to John Ray Jr.
      C-601: Duncan & Carden to M.O. Ross
      F-129: Duncan, Richmond from Sarah High
      F-540: Duncan, J.T.A.F. to E.D. Maxey
      I-33: Duncan, Jas. F.A.J. to Wm. F. Pedigs
      I-122: Duncan, J.R. from Wm. S. Bowman
      I-430: Duncan, Mary from Sarah High
      J-466: Duncan, J.R. to Jasper Hayes
      L-155: Duncan, J.R. to J.H. Emberton
      L-178: Duncan, John G. from J.H. Meadow
      L-219: Duncan, Rich. from James T. Walden
      L-524: Duncan, J.R. from J.W. Taylor

Monroe Co. KY Deeds from index
      MAD: Not all deeds copied that were listed in the index
   Deeds start 1863, mention of disasters 1863 and 1888 (SLC 5/2/2013)
   Deeds, v.A-B, 1863-1868 [MAD: Book A, terrible handwriting] (FHL film 589,599)
      A-93: 9 Dec. 1857, James R. Duncan of Monroe Co. KY, to Wm. P. Denten of same, for $20, 3-1/3 acres in Village of James Town on waters of Spring Creek, corner to Lance & Goodman, on Barlen's line. (FHL film 589,599)
      A-227: 18 May 1864, Jefferson Gee to J.T.A.F. Duncan and Thomas F. Carder; Gee & Duncan of Monroe Co. and Carden of Barren Co. KY, for $75, land on Mill Creek known as the Martin tract, 3-1/4 acres. (FHL film 589,599)
      A-235: 16 Dec. 1864, James R. Duncan of Monroe Co. KY for $4,000, to John W. Seay of Monroe Co. KY, land on Indian Creek near the village of James Town adj. Galetin & Glasgow Road, mouth of the lane between said Duncan and A. Campbell, corner small parcel sold by Duncan to Abraham Campbell adj. Walters survey, Lemmus? survey, corner land sold by Duncan to Benedict, being 250 acres more or less, being a union of 4 different parcels purchased by myself from Elisha Foster?, James Campbell, G.G. Goodman and D.H. Simmons. Also from Angeline Ann (X) Duncan, wife of James R. Duncan. (FHL film 589,599)
      A-238: 16 Jan. 1864, James R. Duncan of Monroe Co. KY sell to John Benedict of Allen Co. KY a lot or parcel of land in village of Jamestown, Monroe Co. KY, corner to 4 trees in original survey now corner to one acre lot sold by Fortune? to J.T. Goodman and now owned by John Benedict, corner to stake in Fortune's original line now owned by Duncan, ... corner to 6 acres lot, for $150 paid, warrant title. /s/ J.R. Duncan, Angelin A. Duncan. James R. Duncan and Angaline A. Duncan his wife ack. deed in Jefferson Co. KY 16 Dec. 1864. Recorded in Monroe Co. KY 4 April 1864.
      A-239: 26 Jan. 1865, John Benedict of Allen Co. KY sell to James R. Duncan of Monroe Co. KY a lot or parcel of land in village of Jamestown, Monroe Co. KY, being the N end of a one acre lot sold by E. Fortune to Jos?. Goodman now owned by me, corner to a one acre lot sold by E. Fortune to Jos. Black known as Boslers Jacks lot now owned by me, also a corner to a tract of land sold by E. Fortune to J.R. Duncan also in the west line of the above named one acre J.T. Gardner, corner to above J.T. Gardner ... corner to a four acre lot sold by Duncan to Benedict, for the sum of $10 paid. /s/ John Benedict. Wit. J.N. Long?. Ack. 10? Jany. 1865, recorded 4 April 1865.
      A-239/240: 15 Sept. 1859, D.H. Simmons to James R. Duncan, both of Monroe Co. KY, for $750 paid, sell tract or parcel of land in Monroe Co. KY on waters of Spring Creek, beg. on the top of a ridge, ... on W. King's line, containing 120 acres more or less, warrant title. /s/ D.H. Simons, Paradise? Ann Simons. Ack. 15 Sept. by D.H. Simmons and Paradise Ann Simmons his wife. Recorded 4 April 1865.
      A-241/242: 14 Nov. 1856, Jacob J. Goodman to James R. Duncan, both of Monroe Co. KY, for $500 paid, sell tract or parcel of land in Monroe Co. KY contiguous to the village of James Town, on the waters of Indian Creek, beginning at a stone, where a dogwood is called for in the original deed, corner to Fortunes original line now a corner to a one acre lot sold by Fortune to J.J. Goodman and now owned by John Benedict, then ... another corner to Fortune's original survey and also a corner to a 12 acre survey pattented in the name of James Campbell and now owned by J.R. Duncan, then to ... another corner to Duncan and also a corner to Gacy? Simmons 120 acre survey, then with Simmons line ... to corner to Simmons & Goodman, then to ... Benedict's line, containing 43 acres more or less, warrant title. /s/ J.J. Goodman, Nancy (X) Goodman. Wit. J.M. Frain?. Ack. by J.J. Goodman and Nancy Goodman his wife 22 Nov. 1856. Recorded 5 April 1865.
      A-242/243: 15 June 1863, Elisha Fortune to James R. Duncan, both of Monroe Co. KY, for $652.50 paid, sell tract or parcel of land in Monroe Co. KY contiguous to village of Jamestown, on the waters of Indian Creek, beg. on east side of Golith? and Glagen? Road, then with the road ... corner to Fortune Walbut & Duncan, then with the original line & Duncan's line ... corner to J.T. Goodman's one acre lot, ... J.T. Black's one acre lot, containing 65 acres and 54 poles by survey, warrant title. /s/ Elisha Fortune, Nancy (X) Fortune. Ack. by Elisha Fortune and Nancy his wife 15 June 1856. Recorded April 5, 1865.
      A-243/244: 8 Jan. 1851, James Campbell of Cole Co. MO for $60 paid by James R. Duncan of Monroe Co. KY, sell to said J.R. Duncan the tract or parcel of land in Monroe Co. KY, corner to said Campbell, then ... Simmons line, Godapus?? Goodman's corner, corner to Abraham Campbell, containing 12 acres more or less, warrant title. /s/ James Campbell. He ack. deed 8 Jan. 1851 in Cole Co. MO. Certification by Austin A. King, Gov. of MO, for Cole Co. Court Clerk. Filed in Monroe Co. KY 12 May 1851, re-recorded 5 April 1865.
      B-407: 1866. That in 1858 the undersigned sold to James T.A.J. Duncan, town lots in Tompkinsville, Monroe Co. KY, for $650, lots 111, 112, 113, 114, 115, 116, 117, 188, being the same lots I purchased from Samuel Ray Jr. and John Ray on 18 Sept. 1856; the deed was destroyed about 22 April 1863, burned together with the records, this to replace that deed. /s/ J.K. Aud, M.C. Aud, Warren Co. KY. (FHL film 589,599)
      B-620: 10 July 1868, James T.A.J. Duncan appointed friend John Ray Jr. of Monroe Co. KY attorney to receive debts or payments in State of KY, to sell all or any of my land in Monroe Co. KY. Signed in Johnson Co. TX; recorded 13 Oct. 1868; recorded 13 Nov. 1868 in Monroe Co. KY. (FHL film 589,599)
      C-601: 17 Aug. 1869, J.T.A.J. Duncan by John Ray Jr. his attorney, and L.W. Carden, to M.D. Ross, for $1250, land in Monroe Co. KY near Tompkinsville on Mill Creek, Cullen's line, 3-1/2 acres, and the wool carding machine and factory located on said lands 4 Oct. 1866. (FHL film 589,600)
   Deeds, v.F, 1873-1875 (FHL film 589,601)
      F-129: 16 Dec. 1873, Sarah (X) High lease my farm where I now live to Richmond "Ducon" of collor, for 20 years for 1/2 the harvest, reserving part for her own use. Certification of deed ... to Richard Duncan. (FHL film 589,601)
      F-540/541: 1 March 1875, Johnson Co. TX. I, J.T.A. Duncan the duly appointed guardian of the persons and estate of the minor heirs of myself and his deceased wife Mary E. Duncan, to wit, Thomas Duncan, Hix Duncan, Loretha Duncan and John Duncan, have nominated and appointed E.D. Maxey of Monroe Co. KY my agent and attorney in fact for me and in my name as guardian afsd to demand and receive from any person who may have any money or property in the State of KY to which my wards may be entitled, particularly from the administrator or executor of the estate of G.B. Hix decd. or any person ... things of value to which my said wards may be entitled as children of their deceased mother Mary E. Duncan and heirs of the G.B. Hix decd. who was their maternal grandfather ... /s/ J.T.A.J. Duncan. He ack. 1 March 1875 before G.H. Maxey, Clerk, D.C., Johnson Co. TX.
   Deeds, v.I, 1877-1881 (FHL film 589,603)
      I-33/35: 29 Sept. 1879, T.A.J. Duncan to William F. Pedigs, for $130 paid, sell my entire interest, which is 1/3 interest in 2 tracts or parcels of land in Monroe Co. KY on the waters of Mill Creek, 1st tract, beg. in the original line between Charles Cullens and James C. Stephens, then ... with original line and another tract belonging to Ray Pedigo & Duncan to ... fallen gum in Petcott's? (originally Oldham's) line, ... another tract formerly owned by Ray, with Cullen's line, containing 116 acres more or less; 2nd tract beg. at corner to J.C. Stephens and with his line ... the military line, then ... corner to Grenstaff, containing 134 acres more or less, warrant title. /s/ J.T.A.J. Duncan. Ack. Johnson Co. TX on 29 Sept. 1879, /s/ Jno. B. Hadson, Clerk, Dist. Court, Johnson Co. TX. Recorded 9 Oct. 1879 in Monroe Co. KY. (MAD: indexed James T.A.J. Duncan)
      I-122/123: 14 Nov. 1879, William G. Brandon of Monroe Co. KY for $400 paid, $50 cash in hand and two notes of $175 each, one due 12 months from date, the other due 24 months from date, sell to J.R. Duncan of afsd a tract or parcel of land, corner to C.A. Jenkins in Sutts line, containing 85 acres more or less, warrant title. /s/ William G. Brandon, Mary F. (X) Brandon. Wit. A.W. Potter. Ack. Nov. 14, 1879 by W.G. Brandon and Mary F. Brandon his wife, recorded 31 Jan. 1880.
      I-430/431: 22 Dec. 1880, Sarah High to Mary Duncan and her heirs, all of Monroe Co. KY, that Sarah High has given to said Mary Duncan and her heirs one tract of land on the waters of East Fork Creek, corner to Humes, corner to Bray, containing 116 acres more or less, provided the said Mary Duncan takes care of me and waites on me so long as I live. /s/ Sarah (X) High. Wit. J.A. Bushong. Ack. by Sarah High 22 Feb. 1881, lodged for record 28 Feb. 1881, recorded 13 April 1881.
   Deeds, v. J 1881-1884 (FHL film 589,604)
      J-466/467: 11 April 1883, J.R. Duncan and S.M. Duncan his wife to Jasper Hayes, for $30 paid, sell parcel of land in Monroe Co. KY on waters of East Fork Creek, in Meadow's line and corner to John Curtis, Apollis line, corner to Apollis and Meadows, containing 22 and 1/2 acres more or less, warrant title. /s/ J.R. Duncan, S.M. Duncan. They ack. deed 16 May 1883, recorded 7 June 1883.
   Deeds, v. L 1886-1889 (FHL film 589,606)
      L-155/156: Aug. 10, 1886, J.R. Duncan and Sarah M. Duncan his wife of Monroe Co. KY for $350, $150 paid, one note for $100 due 12 months from date and one note for $100 due two years after date, both notes to draw interest, sell to J.W. Emberton of the same county and state, [MAD: apparently a line missing when deed was recorded] and bounded as follows, viz, beginning ... down the branch, ... corner to C.A?. Jenkins? in Tulls line, then ... to the beginning, containing 85 acres more or less, warrant title. /s/ J.R. Duncan, S.M. Duncan. Produced 11 Aug. 1886 and ack., certified to record 8 Feb. 1887.
      L-178/180: The heirs of John H. Meadow decd., to wit, Wesley B. Meadow, Silas W. Meadow, S.S. Meadow, John C. Haslin and Mary W. Haslin his wife, Sarah Ann Celcer and Elizabeth Aken, to Wm. Duncan and John G. Duncan, for "Twelve ^sixteen^ hundred and sixty two dollars" paid to the heirs, $162 paid and $1,054 paid between Jan. 1, 1887 and first of March 1887 if called for to be paid to party of first part by party of second part, sell to party of second part a parcel of land on the waters of Line Creek and Barren River, Monroe Co. KY, beg. on the bank of the River, then ... to the course of East Fork Creek, then down the river to ... stone in Hayes field, then ... corner to A.D. Riherd, then ... foot of bluff on bank of Barren River, containing 323 acres more or less, together with all appurtenances, ... warrant title. (MAD: no date given) /s/ S.W. Meadow, S.S. Meador, J.C. Haslin, Mary W. Haslin, W.B. Meador, S.A. Celsor, E.B. Aken. Certification by S.M. Matlock, Clerk of Marion Co. KY Court, certify the deed from Wilson B. Meador, Silas W. Meador, J.C. Haslin and others to Wm. H. Duncan and John G. Duncan was produced in court and was ack. by Silas H. Meador, whereupon I have certified said deed for record, 27 Sept. 1886. Trousdale Co. TN, appeared S.S. Meador befor D.L. Goodall, Clerk of County Court, 10 Dec. 1886. Monroe Co. KY, cert. by J.A. Flippin, Clerk of County Court, from W.B. Meador and others to Wm. Duncan and J.G. Duncan was produced on 1 Feb. 1887 to J.A. Bray, Deputy Clerk, and ack. by J.C. Haslin, Mary W. Haslin, W.B. Meador, S.A. Celsor and E.B. Aken. Recorded 8 March 1887 in Monroe Co. KY.
      L-219/220: 17 Feb. 1887, James T. Walden and Mary A. Walden to Richmond Duncan, for $30, $11 paid the balance of $19 on which land a lien is retained until purchase money is paid, sell tract of land in Monroe Co. KY on waters of Mill Creek, Walden's corner, Walden's and Evans' line, containing 2 acres all in a square, General Warranty. /s/ James T. Walden, Mary A. Walden. Ack. 23 April 1887 before J.A. Flippin, Clerk of Monroe Co. KY Court, recorded 18 May 1887.
      L-524/525: 24 Nov. 1888, John W. Taylor and I.J. Taylor of Monroe Co. KY to J.R. Duncan of Macon Co. TN, for $600 paid, sell parcel of land in Monroe Co. KY on waters of line creek, ... corner near an old road, ... containing 134 acres more or less, with appurtenances, General Warranty. /s/ J.W. Taylor, I.J. Taylor. Ack. 26 Nov. 1888 before J.B. Crawford, Deputy Clerk of Monroe Co. Recorded 26 Nov. 1888.


"Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Kentucky" (Union Soldiers), 1861-1866, Vol.I (from John A. Duncan 1995, and FHL film 1,463,599 for Regiment organization)
      Page, Company, Name, Rank, Date enrolled, When and where mustered in, period, when and where mustered out, remarks. Separate groups for Discharged, Transferred, Died, Deserted.
      Pg.112, Company B, 5th KY Volunteer Cavalry, organized at Camp Sandridge, Gallatin, [Sumner Co.] TN, raised in Southern Part of KY on the TN border: Jas. T.A.J. Duncan, Captain, enr. Oct. 10, 1861, mustered in May 23, 1862 at Columbia, [Maury Co.] TN, for 3 years; resigned Jan. 11, 1863. (MAD: resided Monroe Co. KY per list of officer)
      Pg.786, Field & Staff of the 9th KY Volunteer Infantry, organized at Columbia, [Adair Co.] KY: James R. Duncan, Surgeon, enr. Sept. 15, 1861; mustered in Nov. 26, 1861, at Camp Boyle, KY, for 3 years; resigned Jan. 11th, 1862. (MAD: resided Campbell Co. KY per list of officers; see also James R. resided Monroe Co. KY, surgeon in 37th KY Vol. Mounted Infantry mustered at Jefferson Co. KY)

"Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Kentucky" (Union Soldiers), 1861-1866, Vol.II (from John A. Duncan 1995 and FHL film 1,463,600, appendix pages)
      Page, Company, Name, Rank, Date enrolled, When and where mustered in, period, when and where mustered out, remarks. Separate groups for Discharged, Transferred, Died, Deserted.
      Pg.369, Field & Staff, 37th KY Volunteer Mounted Infantry: James R. Duncan, Surgeon, enr. Nov. 1, 1863; mustered in Nov. 1, 1863, at Louisville, [Jefferson Co.] KY, for 1 year; mustered out Dec. 29, 1864, at Louisville, KY. (MAD: resided Monroe Co. KY per list of officers; see also James R. resided Campbell Co. KY, surgeon in 9th KY Vol. Inf. organized at Adair Co. KY)

"Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Kentucky" (Union Soldiers), 1861-1866, Vol.II (from John A. Duncan 1995, and FHL film 1,463,600, appendix & other pages)
      Pg.919, Alphabetical List of Officers. Name, Rank, Regiment, Residence, Remarks. (MAD: semi-alphabetical, not indexed)
      Duncan, James T.A.J., Captain, 5th Cavalry, Tompkinsville [Monroe Co.] KY, resigned Jan. 11, 1863. (MAD: Company organized at Sumner Co. TN)
      Duncan, James R., Surgeon, 9th Infantry, California [Campbell Co.] KY, resigned Jan. 11, 1862. (MAD: organized at Adair Co. KY; see also J.R.)
      Duncan, J.R., Surgeon, 37th Infantry, Fountain Run [Monroe Co.] KY, (blank) (MAD: mustered Nov. 1, 1863, at Jefferson Co. KY; see also James R.)

Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.
      Duncan, James R., widow Duncan, Elizabeth H.; Surg. 37 KY Mtd. Inf. 3 yrs. (MAD: 3 yrs?), 9 KY Inf.; 1890 March 29, Widow Appl. #418299, Cert. #337141, KY. (MAD: 1850 & 1860 Monroe Co. KY census; mustered at Louisville, Jefferson Co. KY)
      Duncan, James T.A.J., widow Duncan, Mary F.; B 5 KY Cav.; 1905 March 6, Widow Appl. #824123, Cert. #897793, Tex. (MAD: mustered in at Columbia, Maury Co. TN; 1850 Barren Co. KY census, 1860 Monroe Co. KY census)


Brown Co. OH Deed (FHL film 361,772)
      D4-415: 1 March 1825, John Barrett and wife Frances of Monrow (sic) Co. KY to Thomas Duncan of said county and state (sic), $150, undivided moiety of land in Brown Co., bank of River Ohio, 216 acres. Reg. in Brown Co. OH. (MAD: the other half was sold to Lowman L. Haws, D4-414; no grantor deed for either through 1853)

HISTORIES before 1923

1886 "KY, a History of the State" 3rd Edition (Volume), by Perrin, Battle & Kniffin (FHL book 976.9 D3wt and Evelyn Sigler 4/1982 and Denzil R. Mauldin 3/1984)
      Pg.48 (pg.767), Monroe Co. BENJAMIN T. CHISM was born Oct. 3, 1852, in Monroe Co. KY, on the farm where he now resides. His father, James T. Chism, was born June 3, 1810, in Monroe Co. KY; married Sarah T.E. Duncan who bore him seven children; he owned a plantation of 500 acres; he was a strong Union man, and during the war bought horses and stock for the Federal Army. During 1845-47 he was sheriff of Monroe Co. KY, was a farmer, a member of the A.F. & A.M., and of the Methodist Episcopal Church South with which he was connected for 37 years; he died Dec. 11, 1884. Benjamin T. is looking after his father's estate and caring for his widowed mother. ...
      Pg.49 (pg.767), Monroe Co. ANDREW COMER was born April 30, 1817 in the house where he now lives, on Lime Creek in NE corner of Macon Co. TN, where he has always resided. His father, Samuel Comer, was a native of SC, and about 1802 removed to Jackson (now Macon) Co. TN where he died Sept. 9, 1827; he married Nancy Browning of SC ... Andrew Comer received early education at schools of the neighborhood; has been thrice married; first on Oct. 3, 1839, to Elizabeth, dau. of Robert and Jane (Crawford) Welch of Monroe Co. KY, had children Marlin, William, Nancy J. (Harlin), and Elizabeth. He married 2nd to Sarah Moans, March 23, 1851. On Septmber 16, 1856 he married Mrs. Priscilla, widow of Jesse Harlin and dau. of William and Elizabeth (Howard) Crawford of Monroe Co., born Jan. 8, 1822, and have had one daughter, Sarah M. (Duncan). ....

1883 "History of the State of Kansas : containing a full account of its growth from an uninhabited territory to a wealthy and important state; of its early settlements; a supplementary history and description of its counties, cities, towns and villages, their advantages, industries and commerce, to which are added biographical sketches and portraits of prominent men and early settlers" ed. by William G. Cutler, A.T. Andreas; pub. Chicago : A.T. Andreas (FHL book 978.1 H2hi 1976 & v.2; FHL film 982,248 items 1-2)
      Pg.776: Harvey Co., Newton. J.R. DUNCAN, M.D., was born in Logan County, Ky., six miles south of Russellville, November 1, 1815. In the spring of 1836 he came to Jackson County, Mo., remaining until the spring of 1840, and coming into Kansas in 1837 (MAD: dates as given), with the Missouri State Volunteers to drive the Osages from the western border of Missouri; while in Missouri he read medicine about one year in Glasgow and then returned to Kentucky to complete his medical education. He studied with Dr. A.S. Walker, of Scottville, Allen Co., Ky., and graduated from the medical department of the Transylvania University at Lexington, Ky. In January, 1845, he commenced practice at Jimtown, Monroe Co., Ky., where he remained until the fall of 1861, when he entered the army as a surgeon in the Ninth Kentucky Volunteer Infantry, United States Army. He resigned his commission in February, 1862, and was subsequently with the Fourteenth Illinois Cavalry, Fifth Indiana Cavalry, Thirteenth Kentucky Infantry, and Thirty-seventh Kentucky Mounted Infantry. He was mustered out December 29, 1864, and remained at Louisville until June 2, 1865. In August, 1863, he was elected State Senator from the Thirteenth Senatorial District, composed of Allen, Simpson and Monroe counties, having had assurances from the Secretary of War that he should be granted leave of absence to attend the sessions of the Legislature. He went to San Francisco June 2, 1864, and spent the three succeeding years west of the Rocky Mountains, but did not permanently locate anywhere. In April, 1868, he returned to Franklin, Simpson Co., Ky., and engaged in active practice until he came came (MAD: sic) to Newton in May, 1880. He was married in Allen County, Ky., May 8, 1845, to Catharine Dunn, a native of that county. Mrs. Duncan died October 15, 1855, leaving one child - Margaret Elizabeth, now Mrs. D.H. Roark, a resident of Harper County, Kan. He was married September 19, 1871, in Simpson County, Ky., to Elizabeth Harris, his present wife, a native of Simpson County, Ky. Dr. Duncan is Chairman of the Board of Examining Surgeons for Pensioners, Harvey County, Kan., a member of the Baptist Church, and also of the order of A.F. & A.M., Blue Lodge, Chapter Council and Commandery.


"Texas Biography" Houston [Harris Co.] Scrapbook (Main Houston, TX, Library, TX Room; from Lucille Mehrkam 3/1984)
      MAD: This volume contains an article dated 10/20/1950, "From Pencils to Big Coffee Firm -- Duncan's Story" about Herschel Mills Duncan (age 18 in 1907), from Monroe Co. KY, brother of Charlie Duncan, grandson of Dr. John Green Duncan. It also contains an article from "The Houston Post" of Feb. 1984 about Mrs. Charles W. Duncan Sr., nee Lillian House (b.1894), of Houston, whose husband was co-founder of the Duncan Coffee Co.


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