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Jessamine Co. KY Deed Index (grantee index on FHL film 183,339; grantor index on FHL film 183,331)
      B-58: Duncan, Charles & Marget to David Hoover, 1805, 9+a Jessamine Creek
      B-77: Duncan, Chas. from Thos. Nicholson al, 1805, 98+a Jessamine Creek
      B-304: Duncan, Charles from John Lowry by Shf al, 1807, 120a E.fk of Jessamine Creek
      B-666: Dunkin, Chas. & Margaret to James Ewing, 1811, 95a Main Jessamine Creek
      F-33: Duncan, William from Thomas Lewis, 1819, 55a Hickman Road
      I-311: Duncan, Robert from Geo. Donner by atty al, 1829, 100a Hickman Rd
      I-482: Duncan, Wm. Exor al to John S. Blackford, 1831, 75+a Jessamine Creek
      I-486: Duncan, Wm. Exor al to James L. Peak, 1831, Lot 65-66 Main St. N'ville
      I-514: Duncan, Wm. Exor al to Chas. M. Davenport, 1831, 1a N'ville
      K-40: Duncan, Robert from Mary Donner, 1832, 100a Hickman Cr., relinq. of dower
      K-102: Duncan, Wm. Exor al to James W. Mitchell, 1832, Lot Main Cross St. N'ville
      K-289: Duncan, Robert & Milly to Joshua Long, 1833, 100a Hickman Creek
      K-414: Duncan, William from William Collier et al, 1834, power of attorney
      K-519: Duncan, Wm. Atty al to Thomas Payton, 1834, Lot N'ville
      L-200: Duncan, Wm. & Nancy to Wm. McPheters al, 1835, 65+a Hickman Creek
      L-389: Duncan, Wm. from Joseph G. Chinn al, 1836, 111+a Jessamine Creek
      L-424: Duncan, Wm. C. from H.C. Hallack, 1836, mortgage personal property
      M-424: Duncan, A.C. to Schuyler Sanders, 1838, mortgage personal property
      O-224: Duncan, Wm. from Jno. L. Nave est. al, 1842, pt. 1a Pike leading from Lexington to N'ville
      O-376: Duncan, Wm. from Jas. Anderson, 1844, Pt. 1a
      O-380: Duncan, Wm. al to James Anderson, 1844, 1+a
      P-35: Duncan, John C. & Martha A. to Wm. Murrain, 1844, power of attorney
      P-36: Duncan, John C. & Martha A. to Monroe Oaks, 1845, Pt. 9+a.
      P-67: Duncan, Wm. Exor al to James P. Majors, 1845, Lot 39 N'ville
      P-431: Duncan, Wm. exor Benj. Blackford Est. to Rion Duncan, 1847, 256+a road leading from N'ville to Versailles
      P-433: Duncan, Rion and Louisa to Wm. Duncan, 1847, 256+a road leading from Danville to Lexington
      Q-236: Duncan, Wm. & Nancy to Nicholasville Chairman & Board of Trustees Town of (blank), 1849, 11-1/2a Union Mills road N'ville
      Q-340: Duncan, Valentine from Charles Walker al, 1849, 64a KY River
      Q-605: Duncan, William and Nancy to John Funk, 1850, 113a E. Jessamine Creek
      Q-606: Duncan, William from Thos. D. Elmore, 1850, 2 tracts, 75+a & 132+a Versailles Road
      R-54: Duncan, Wm. & Nancy to Harker Duncan, 1851, 1a Danville, Lancaster & N'ville Pike
      R-554: Duncan, Wm. & Nancy to Kleber F. Price, 1853, 4+a
      R-555: Duncan, Wm. from Kleber F. Price al, 1853, Pt. 1a
      R-583: Duncan, Charles from Leroy M. Land al, 1853, 304a KY River
      R-702: Duncan, Charles, Lucy, Oliver, Wingfield, Peter, John W. by Comr. to G. Duncan, 1854, 57+A KY River
      R-749: Duncan, Grace, to James Duncan, 1854, 57+a KY River
      R-783: Duncan, Charles & Lucy J. to James Duncan, 1854, 51+a KY River
      S-76: Duncan, Charles & Lucy J. to John Fain, 1854, 60+a KY River
      S-269: Duncan, Lucy, Oliver, Wingfield, Peter, John W. by Comr. to Charles Duncan, 1854, 3a KY River

Jessamine Co. KY Deeds (from FHL films; some from Misc. Duncan Notebooks of Nancy Reba Roy or KY files of Kay D. Hampton now at Platte Co. MO Historical Society ca 1989)
      Book A1, pg.33: Charles Duncan to view best way from Clay's Mill to intersect road to Versailles, 1799.
      B-58/59: 18 March 1805, Charles Duncan and wife Margret of Jessamine Co. KY to David Hoovor late of Washington Co. MD, for $81 paid, convey to said David Hoover a parcel of land in Jessamine Co. on the waters of Jessamine Creek by estimation containing 9 acres and 1/2 more or less, beg. at a stake the NE corner of a tract of 10 acres that Thomas Nicholson sold to Thomas Akins, running N 17 deg. E 44 poles to a stake near a large walnut tree, then N 75 deg. W 18 poles into a small branch of sd. creek, then S 21 deg. W 17 poles to a stake, then S 80 deg. W 34 poles into the middle of the said creek and mouth of a small branch, then with the said creek S 20 deg. E 21 poles to a stump, then S 78 deg. E 38 poles to be beginning. /s/ Charles Duncan, E. Marget (X) Duncan. Ack. in court March 1805, ordered recorded. (MAD: "nine" acres) (FHL film 183,344; SLC 9/11/2010)
      B-77/78: 18 March 1805, Thomas Nicholson and wife Nancy of Jessamine Co. KY to Charles Duncan of same, for 300 pounds, parcel in Jessamine Co. on the waters of Jessamine Creek containing 98 acres and 1/2 (MAD: "ninety eight" acres) more or less, beg. at four buckeyes, the E corner of said tract, and running S 16? deg. W 139 poles to a stone, then N 70 deg. W 100 poles to a hickory white oak and buckeye, then N 4 deg. E 97 poles to a walnut saplin, then N 65 deg. E 8 poles to the creek, then N 12 poles, then N 68 deg. E 4 poles, then N 16 deg. W 26 poles near to a white oak, then S 70 deg. E 130 poles to the beginning. /s/ Thomas Nicholson, Nancy (X) Nicholson. Ack. in court March 1805, ordered recorded. (FHL film 183,344; SLC 9/11/2010)
      B-304/305: 16 Nov. 1807, John McKenny, Deputy Sheriff for John Barry Sheriff of Jessamine Co. KY, to Charles Duncan of same, that by virtue of a judgment recorded in the Jessamine Circuit Court against John Lowry and James Todd by John Patrick, an execution issued against the estate of said John and James for 354 pounds 19 shillings 2 pence with interest at 6% from 28 May 1807 until paid, also 78 cents costs 29 Aug. 1807 and came to the hands of the deputy Sheriff on 3 Sept. and said John Lowry and James Todd not having goods chattles and slaves sufficient to satisfy the whole amount, by direction of said John Lowry, the deputy Sheriff levied 120 acres of land on the waters of the east fork of Jessamine Creek, being a part of Anthony Lodoskey's preemption, beg. at a buckeye the NE corner of Nathaniel Evans ?, running S 234 poles to Fisher Rice's line, then with Rice's line N 60 W 96 poles to a hickory white oak and papaa? in said line, then N 234 poles to a white oak and two hickorys, then S 60 E 96 poles to the beg., containing 120 acres; advertised according to law, and sold on 28 Sept. 1807 to said Charles Duncan for $650. /s/ John McKenny, D. for Jno. Barry Sheriff; ack. at Nov. Court 1807. (FHL film 183,344; SLC 9/11/2010)
      B-666/667: 15 July 1811, Charles Duncan and wife Margaret Dunkin of Jessamine Co. KY to James Ewing of same, for $861, sell to James Ewing a parcel of land containing 95 acres in Jessamine Co. on the main Jessamine Creek, beg. on W side of Jessamine Creek at a white oak & elm formerly, now by David? Rays? corner S 71 deg. E 139 poles to 3 buckeyes, S 14 deg. W 101 poles to a walnut & oak, N 78 deg. W 17? poles to a branch, S 32 W 15 poles to a buckeye, S 76 deg. W 35 poles to the middle of the Creek, then down the Creek S 23 deg. E 78? poles, N 70 deg. W 55 poles to a buckeye & white oak, N 1? deg. E 102 poles to a walnut & 2 sugar trees, N 46 deg. E up the Creek 18-1/2 poles, N 24 deg. W 9 poles, N 72 deg. E 15 poles, N 75 deg. W 10 poles, N 17 deg. E 15 poles, N 47 deg. W 14 poles to the beginning, together with all the improvements. /s/ Chas. Dunkin, Margaret (X) Dunkin. Ack. July 2, 1811. (FHL film 183,344; SLC 9/11/2010)
      1812, Jan.: Order that Chas. Duncan be appt. Surveyor of the Hickman Rd. from Nicholasville to Penielson's Shop.
      1819: Wm. Duncan bought land on Hickman Cr. for $1491 from Thos. Lewis, part of Peter Manson's tract.
      I-311: 22 Dec. 1829, George Donner of Sangamon Co. IL (signed by Jacob Donner, attorney in fact) to Robert Duncan of Jessamine Co. KY, $600, 100 acres on Lickman's Creek adj. Chrisman's corner, James Davey's land. No wit. Dower relinq. in K-40. (FHL film 183,347)
      I-482: 16 April 1831, James Gooch and William Duncan, executors of the last will of Jacob Neid decd, to John S. Blackford, all Jessamine Co. KY, 75 acres on Jessamine Creek ... not copied further. (FHL film 183,347)
      K-40: 24 May 1832, Mary (X) Donner wife of George Donner relinquish land in I-311. (FHL film 183,347)
      1831: Wm. Duncan, exec. to Chas. M. Davenport, 1 acre in Nicholasville.
      1831: Wm. Duncan, Exec. to James L. Peak, Lot 65-66 Main St. Nicholasville.
      1832: Alexander Duncan owed Dr Charles Davenport $8.75.
      1833: Alexander Duncan, bought a plow.
      K-289: 28 Sept. 1833, Robert Duncan and wife Milley (X) of Jessamine Co. KY to Joshua Long of Madison Co. KY, $800, 100 acres on Hickman's Creek, corner James Davis, Chrisman, Walker. (FHL film 183,347) (MAD: to Shelby Co. MO)
      1835: Wm. & Nancy Duncan sold 65 acres on Hickman Cr.
      1836: Wm. C. Duncan had mortgage on a horse of a man named Halleck.
      1836: Wm. Duncan bought 111 acres on Jessamine Cr. from Joseph G. Chinn.
      1838: Alex. Crockett Duncan mortgaged his personal property.
      1842: Wm. Duncan bought land on the Lexington Road.
      1844: Wm. Duncan & Natheniel Blackford, Execrs. for Benj. Blackford.
      P-35: 30 Nov. 1844, John C. Duncan and wife Martha A. of Johnson Co. MO, appoint William Murrain of Jessamine Co. KY, attorney to receive money, etc., due and payable, especially to sell all my lands lying in Jessamine Co. KY and convey my right and title thereto. Recorded in Johnson Co. MO. (FHL film 183,350)
      P-36: 17 Feb. 1845, John C. Duncan and wife Martha A. of Johnson Co. MO to Monroe Oaks of Jessamine Co. KY, for $45, all the right, title and interest to 9 acres and a few poles, more or less, in Jessamine Co. KY, being the interest they have to lot No. 2 in the division of the lands of Isaac Johnson decd and allotted to Holman Johnson decd, one of the heirs of Isaac Johnson decd (said Martha A. Duncan is daughter of said Holman Johnson decd.), the interest hereby conveyed being 1/4 part of lot No. 2, the same that descended to them from said Holman Johnson decd, for a more particular description of land refer to record of Jessamine Co. Court in Will Book F, page 314. /s/ by Wm. Murrain, attorney. (FHL film 183,350)
      P-431/432: 10 May 1847, William Duncan and Nathaniel Blackford as executors of the will of Benjamin Blackford decd, to Ryon Duncan, all of Jessamine Co. KY, for $12,864 paid and secured to be paid by said Ryon Duncan, sell to said Ryon Duncan a parcel of land in Jessamine Co. on the N side of the town of Nicholasville containing by survey 256-1/4 acres, beg. at a rock in the turnpike road corner to James Andersons land now Ubber? F. Price's, then S 14-1/4 W 14-8/10 poles to a rock corner to the heirs of Jacob Horne decd, then N 59.55 deg. W 164-1/2 poles to a honey locust corner to Elmore, then S 1-1/2 W 92-3/10 poles to a rock standing on the S side of the road leading from Nicholasville to Versailles, then S 21 E 124 poles 6 links to a rock, then S 89 E 66-9/10 poles to the middle of the turnpike road, then with the middle of the same N 14-1/2 E 26-6/10 poles, then S 75.38 deg. E 40 poles to a rock corner to George Brown, then S 8.40 deg. W 42 poles 23-1/2 links to a rock said Brown's corner, then S 89.2-1/3 E 92-1/2 poles to a big walnut stump in Evans old line, then N 30.58 deg. E 143-4/10 poles to a rock corner to Harrison Daniel, then N 58.35 W 74-1/2 poles to a rock corner to Daniel, then S 28-3/4 W 43 poles to a rock corner to Anderson, then N 60 W 95-6/10 poles to the beg. /w/ Wm. Duncan, Nathaniel Blackford. Ack. Aug. 4, 1847, entered of record. (FHL film 183,350; SLC 9/11/2010)
      P-433: 30 May 1847, Rion Duncan & wife Louisa to William Duncan, both of Jessamine Co. KY, sell to Wm. Duncan a parcel of land in Jessamine Co. KY on the turnpike road from Danville to Lexington north of the town of Nicholasville, KY, beg. at a rock in the turnpike road corner to James Andersons land, now Kuber? (Scuber?) Prices, then S 14-1/4 W 14-8/10 poles to a rock corner to the land of the heirs of Jacob Horine? decd, then N 59.55 deg. W 164-1/2 poles to a honey locust corner to Elmore, then S 1-1/2 W 92-3/10 poles to a rock corner to Elmore, then S 1-1/2 W 92-3/10 poles to a rock standing on the S side of the road leading from Nicholasville to Versailles, then S 89 E 69-9/10 poles to the middle of the same, N 14-1/2 E 26-6/10 poles, then S 75.38 deg. E 40 poles to a rock corner to George Brown, then S 8.40 deg. W 42 poles 23-1/2 links to a rock said Brown's corner, then S 89.2-1/3 E 92-1/2 poles to a big walnut stump in Evans old line, then N 30.58 deg. E 143-4/10 poles to a rock corner to Harrison Daniel, then N 58.35 W 74-1/2 poles to a rock corner to Daniel, then S 28-3/4 W 43 poles to a rock corner to Anderson, then N 60 W 95-6/10 poles to the beg., containing 256 and 1/4 acres, for $12,864 paid and secured. /s/ Rion Duncan, Louisa Duncan. Ack. August 7, 1847. (FHL film 183,350; SLC 9/11/2010)
      1849: Wm. Duncan sold land for a cemetery to the city of Nicholasville.
      1849: Valentine Duncan of Madison Co. bought 64 acres on the Kentucky River from Chas. Walker and Linny, his wife, a man of color. $150.
      1850: Wm. Duncan bought two tracts on the Versailles Road -- 75 acres and 132 acres for $12, $94.
      R-54/55: 15 Nov. 1851, William Duncan and wife Nancy of Jessamine Co. KY to Harker Duncan of same, for $150, parcel of land on the Danville Lancaster & Nicholasville Turnpike Road containing 1 acre, beg. at a stone on the side of said road and corner to William S. Scott, then with said Scott's line N 89-1/2 deg. W 25-1/2 poles to a stone pillar on the E bank of the E fork of Jessamine Creek, then N 14-1/2 deg. 6-1/2 poles to a stone on the W bank of said Creek, then S 89-1/2 deg. E 25-1/2 poles to a stone on the side of said road, then with said road S 14-1/2 deg. W 6-1/2 poles to the beg. /s/ William Duncan. (no signature shown for Nancy) Ack. by William Duncan Nov. 15, 1851, and recorded. (FHL film 183,351; SLC 9/11/2010)
      R-554: 29 Dec. 1853, William Duncan and wife Nancy to Kleber F. Price, $465.62, 4-2/4 acres & 25 poles on E. side of railroad formerly in K.F. Price's line, adj. Coldwell's corner, William Duncan's corner; no wit. (FHL film 183,351)
      R-555: 29 Dec. 1853, Kleber F. Price and wife Elisabeth to William Duncan, both Jessamine Co. KY, $12.50, 20 poles corner Mrs. Hovine on W.side of road; no wit. (FHL film 183,351)
      R-583: 30 Dec. 1853, Leroy M. Land and wife Sarah J. to Charles Duncan, all Jessamine Co. KY, $2100, 304-1/4 acres on Kentucky River adj. John Portwood, Carvers Branch, mouth of a small branch; no wit. (FHL film 185,351)
      R-702: 27 March 1854, Oliver Duncan, Peter Duncan, Wingfield Duncan, Lucy Duncan, John Wesley Duncan, heirs of Valentine Duncan decd, and Charles Duncan (1st part), by R. Runyan Commr. under a decree of Madison Circuit Court in suit in Chancery of Duncan's administrator against Valentine Duncan's heirs and creditors, to Grace Duncan (2nd part), $272, 57-1/4 acres on bank of Kentucky River above the Carver's Ferry, up the River ... to the mouth of a branch, up the same with John Lari?'s [line], Charles Duncan's corner and line, incl. 1/4 acre in an oblong or half-square at the Ferry landing bounded the long way by the River ...; /s/ Oliver Duncan, Peter Duncan, Wingfield Duncan, Lucy Duncan, Jno. Wesley Duncan, Charles Duncan, by R. Runyan; Charles Duncan and Lucy Jane Duncan his wife, for value recd of Valentine Duncan now decd & his heirs, we hereby ratify & approve the foregoing, 5 Aug. 1854; deed produced in court by Richard Runyon. (FHL film 183,351)
      R-749: 12 Aug. 1854, Grace (x) Duncan to James Duncan, both Jessamine Co. KY, $272, 57-1/4 acres on Kentucky River, beg. on bank of the river above the Carvers Ferry landing, adj. Fountains land, corner Charles Duncan, to exclude 1/4 acre at ferry landing; wit. Andw. Hemphill, Harvey Duncan. (FHL film 183,351) (MAD: Grace Duncan was widow of Edward Duncan, and James Duncan was their son; Edward Duncan mar. Grace Taylor 7/30/1804 Madison Co. KY)
      R-783: 12 Dec. 1854, Charles Duncan and wife Lucy Jane to James Duncan, all Jessamine Co. KY, $363.15, 51-3/4 acres & 21 poles on Kentucky River, corner James Duncan, Charles Duncan, John Fain's line; no wit. (FHL film 183,351)
      S-76: 26 Dec. 1854, Charles Duncan and wife Lucy Jane to John Fain, both Jessamine Co. KY, $730.87, 60-3/4 acres & 25 poles on Kentucky River, corner Mr. Land, Portwood's line; no wit. (FHL film 183,351)
      S-269: 28 March 1854, Oliver Duncan, Peter Duncan, Wingfield Duncan, Lucy Duncan, John Wesley? Duncan, heirs of Valentine Duncan decd, by R. Runyan, Commissioner per decree of Madison Co. Circuit Court in suit in chancery of Valentine Duncan's admr. against Valentine Duncan's heirs and creditors, to Charles Duncan, $21, 3 acres on Kentucky River in Jessamine Co. adj. said Charles Duncan, top of the cliff. (FHL film 183,351)
      1855: Harvey Duncan bought land on Hickman Creek.
      1857: James Duncan and Nancy his wife sell KY R. land to Henry Hunter.

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HISTORIES before 1923

1885-1888 "KY, a History of the State" 4th Edition (Volume), by Perrin, Battle & Kniffin (FHL book 976.9 D3wt)
      Pg.56-7, Mercer Co. GEORGE BOHON, native of Wayne Co. KY, born July 4, 1849. His father William F. Bohon a merchant in Wayne and Mercer Cos. was born in Nov. 1810 in Mercer Co.; he married at about thirty years of age to Mrs. V.A. Hutchison, of Danville, KY; seven children: Dr. J.T. of Lincoln Co.; W.J., wholesale hats, of Louisville; H.C., cashier of First National Bank, Harrodsburg; Elizabeth H., wife of L.W. Hudson, a farmer of Garrard Co.; George; Mattie B., wife of A.H. Peacock, a jeweler of Sherman, TX; and Rane S., dry goods merchant, Decatur, IL, all of whom are living. William F. Bohon died in 63rd year of age, in April 1873. Jack Bohon, the grandfather of George Bohon, was a native of Culpeper Co. VA, one of first settlers in Mercer Co., married Miss Martha Lightfoot, nine children (not copied here). George Bohon ... at age 21 in Louisville 1869, five years, then livery business in Danville, KY; sold out in 1876 and embarked in grocery business, later other business; 1883 purchased half interest in Mercer Grain & Coal Co., for one year, then present business as dealer in buggies. Mr. Bohon in December 1871 married Miss Irene Saunders, dau. of S.B. & Phoebe (Duncan) Saunders of Jessamine Co.; three children: Minnie, Davis and Hanly, all living; Christian Church.

1887 "KY, a History of the State" 5th or 6th Edition (Volume), by Perrin, Battle & Kniffin (FHL book 976.9 D3wt and from Evelyn Sigler 7/1982)
      Pg.29. ROBERT PERRY BLACKFORD was born Nov. 26, 1814, a son of Anthony and Elizabeth (Duncan) Blackford, both natives of Jessamine Co. His paternal grandfather, Benjamin Blackford, was a native of NJ. Robert's father was drafted in the war of 1812 but hired a substitute. He was a shoemaker by occupation, and died about 1843; was born in 1792; six of his children are still living. Robert Perry Blackford was reared on the farm, and in 1832 went to Shelby Co. MO and ran a carding machine. In 1844 he returned to Nicholasville ... He married in Jan. 1847 to Susan V. (McGee) Dedman, of Jessamine, dau. of Seth McGee (deceased) of Jessamine Co. Seven chidren ...
      Pg.33. JAMES J. BURCH was born Dec. 18, 1804, in King and Queen Co. VA, and is the oldest son of Henry and Katie (Jorden) Burch of the same county. His father, in 1809, landed in Nicholasville [Jessamine Co.] and located on a farm. He was born about 1765, and died in 1835. James J. was reared in Nicholasville ... read medicine, and has practiced in Jessamine and Fayette Cos. for about 45 years. He was married Nov. 3, 1831, to Miss Mary B. Robinson, of Jessamine Co. KY, born in 1812, and still living. They have two children living: Anna E. and Mattie B. Ed Hulett is the husband of the former, and J.W. Duncan of the latter. Members of Christian Church.
      Pg.45-6 (pg.783). DUNCAN FAMILY. It has been truly said "Those lives that are without striking incidents are nevertheless worthy of record." That portion of history which is denominated biography has particular claims upon the historian, and truth is but a matter of common honesty. Rev. William Duncan was born in Perthshire, Scotland, Jan. 7, 1630. He fell a Martyr during the religious troubles that afflicted Scotland at the time of Charles II was restored to the throne of his ancestors. Rev. William Duncan had a grandson William Duncan who was born in Scotland April 19, 1690, and settled in the colony of VA in the year 1719. He was married to Ruth Rawley Feb. 11, 1722. Rawley Duncan born in Culpeper Co. VA. Nov. 23, 1724, was the grandfather of the late William Duncan of Jessamine Co. who died in 1863 and was born in Jessamine Co. Jan. 1, 1788. William married Nancy Blackford dau. of Benj. Blackford in 1813. Children: Ryan born Nov. 6, 1814; Margaret born Jan. 14, 1817; Catherine born July 17, 1819; Sally Ann born Oct. 21, 1821; James born Feb. 7, 1824; Robert born Sept. 8, 1826; Benjamin S. born Feb. 13, 1829; Charles W. born April 28, 1831; and Mary D. born Sept. 23, 1834. Robert and Benjamin are the only sons now living, Mrs. Kate Bourn and Mrs. Sallie Scott the only daughters. Robert Duncan married Miss Virginia Nave in 1865; children: Maggie Florence, Robert Jacob, Lizzie, Miranda & Emma Besueden. Benjamin S. Duncan married Lucy A. Funk, youngest dau. of John Funk, May 22, 1856; children: Allen B., Carrie B. and John W. Duncan. Allen B. Duncan married Miss Georgia Proctor, dau. of J.W. Proctor, of Danville, KY; Carrie B. Duncan married David Bell, son of Dr. Bell and grandson of the late Judge Robertson, both of Lexington, KY; J.W. Duncan is not married. Charles Duncan the grandfather of Robert and Benjamin was born at Culpeper C.H. VA, Oct. 8, 1762. He settled in Jessamine Co. in 1787, where he reared a large family, and died during a visit he made to Washington [Co.], IN, July 12, 1829. Sallie A. Duncan, dau. of William and Nancy Duncan, whose sketch appears elsewhere, was married to Robert Carlisle, in 1861; he was a native of Fayette Co. KY; his father was Robert Carlisle who was born in VA, and John G. Carlisle is a nephew of Robert Carlisle Sr. R.G. Carlisle was a school-teacher in this county about 1850; he was born in 1820 and died in 1864; one child survives: Lizzie G., married to James A. Hulett of Jessamine Co. Sallie A. Duncan's second marriage was to Willaby S. Scott, born in Bourbon Co. KY in 1815, died in 1882, leaving three children: Sallie, Carlisle and Eliza. Mrs. Scott owns 70 acres of fine land in Nicholasville Precinct. B.S. Duncan owns 880 acres in the same precinct.
      Pg.75. LYNE FAMILY. About 1650, Thomas Lyne said to have been of Welsh origin, the ancestor of the Lyne Family now residents of Jessamine Co., with his brother Henry emigrated from Bristol, England, to Westmoreland Co. VA. He had a son Thomas who married a Mary Edwards of VA and he also had a son Thomas who married a Mary Sandford. He had nine children, of whom one was a Thomas, and he married Mary Pagit of VA, who died in 1812 (his death occurring about 1804). He was a blacksmith by trade and operated a hotel on the Winchester & Alexandria VA road. He had seven children: James, Robert, Thomas, Timothy, William, Sandford and Naomi (Mrs. Reuben Settle). Thomas Lyne the fourth was born March 26, 1783, in Loudoun Co. VA, subsequently settled in Woodford Co. KY, and engaged in farming and the blacksmithing business; he married Mary Connelley, dau. of Sandford and Mary (Ramey) Connelley, natives of VA; he died in 1848, she in 1870. They had eleven children: Sandford, Nancy (Mrs. David Williams), Mary (Mrs. Elijah Neal), William, Daniel, Matilda (Mrs. John S. Duncan), Thomas, Martha (Mrs. Joseph A. Gaines), Elizabeth (Mrs. S.P. Hendricks), James and Fannie (Mrs. George W. Goode). William, the fourth child, was born March 7, 1813, and married Margaret Jane Ray, dau. of Robert and Elizabeth Ray, of Fayette Co., who died Sept. 29, 1884, leaving six children (more not copied).
      Pg.85-6. MICHAEL NAVE (or NEFF), born in 1734 in Wurtemberg, Germany, immigrated to this country about 1755, settled in Juniata Co. PA, died in 1816. His son, Leonard Nave, born in Juniata Co. PA in 1768 and removed to Estill Co. KY about 1790, a blacksmith, subsequently carried on the business in Lexington. "He had two sons, Dr. Peter Nave and Jonathan Nave." Later in life, Leonard moved to Jessamine and lived with his son Dr. Peter Nave and engaged in business there; he died in 1842 at the home of his son Peter. "Leonard had four sons:" John, Dr. Peter, Michael (who settled in the neighborhood of Dayton) and Jonathan; four daughters: Mrs. Corman (of Jessamine Co. KY), Mrs. Peter Hoover (of Jessamine Co. KY), Mrs. John Dickerson (of IN) and Elizabeth Woodward. Jonathan Nave was born Feb. 14, 1799, and was also a blacksmith. He settled in Jessamine Co. about two miles from Nicholasville, on the Lexington Pike. He purchased a farm where his son Jacob A. Nave now resides, blacksmith until about 12 years before his death, Nov. 21, 1862. In 1829 he married Miranda Springer, born in 1803 and died Oct. 1, 1882. They had seven children: John L. Nave (now resides in Pulaski Co.); Jacob A. Nave born in 1832 living on homestead; Huldah J. Nave born Aug. 16, 1833, married on Nov. 23, 1854, Samuel H. Arnett of Jessamine Co. who died Sept. 16, 1869 (children not copied here); Amanda M. Nave married Merritt S. Barkley, resides in Sherman, TX (three children); James M. Nave, born Jan. 30, 1837, married May 4, 1875 to Miss Judith Rice, then to Miss Nannie Randolph (more not copied); Michael H. Nave born March 20, 1839, married in 1869 to Miss Mattie Harbaugh of Jessamine Co. (children not copied). The seventh child, Virginia Nave born July 3, 1842, married Robert Duncan in 1864, five children: Maggie F., Robert J., Elizabeth H., Miranda S. and Mary Emma.

1898 "History of Jessamine Co. KY" by Bennett H. Young, S.M. Duncan Associate Author (Los Angeles Public Library book 976.91 J58Yo, and from Patti Carver 3/1983 and Evelyn Sigler 11/1986)
      Pg. 260-261: THE DUNCANS. Among the earliest settlers in Jessamine county were James Duncan and Charles Duncan. They located within the boundary of Jessamine early in 1788. Charles Duncan was born in Culpeper Co. VA in 1761. He was the father of William Duncan, so long known, who died at his home immediately above Nicholasville in 1863. William Duncan's mother was Margaret Burnside, sister of the Revolutionary soldier, Robert Burnside, the great uncle of Gen. A.E. Burnside. William Duncan was born near Barclay's old mill in 1788. In 1813 he married Nancy Blackford, daughter of Benj. Blackford.
            James Duncan, the grandfather of S.M. Duncan, was born in Culpeper Co. VA, July 18, 1763, and was among the last white men killed by the Indians. With two companions, John Huckstep and Joseph Burnside, he went to the mouth of Paint Lick to get salt. They had made the salt and were returning home, when suddenly the report of a gun was heard and Burnside fell with a bullet through his heart. James Duncan was shot by another Indian who had climbed up on a high bluff, and the bullet entered the head of James Duncan, killing him instantly. Huckstep escaped to Crab Orchard, where Col. Whitley sent out a party in pursuit of the Indians and followed them to near Cumberland Gap. They captured the horses of the two men who had been killed, but the Indians made their escape.
            Alexander C. Duncan, the father of S.M. Duncan, was the oldest child of James Duncan, who was killed in his 28th year and left three small children. When a small boy James Duncan ran away from home in company with Nathaniel Harris, the distinguished Methodist minister, and enlisted in the army of General Greene, and was at the battle of Guilford Court House and at the siege of Yorktown. James Duncan was born July 18, 1763, and was married to Mary Crockett, daughter of William Crockett, of Wythe county, in 1787. One hundred years after the death of James Duncan, there came a great rise in the creeks which enter Paint Lick. They disclosed a skeleton. On examination of this skeleton a bullet hole was found in the head and the remains were identified as those of James Duncan, who had been killed and buried at that point nearly a century before. Every bone was perfect with the exception of the right foot. The remains were removed to Nicholasville cemetery and laid to rest amid kindred dust.
            The descendants of James Duncan and his brother, who thus early made their home in Jessamine county, in large numbers still reside in the county and they have always been good citizens and patriots.
      Pg. 262-263: S.M. DUNCAN. Mr. S.M. Duncan, who has been one of the most diligent, and faithful of all the antiquarians in Kentucky, was a son of Alexander Crockett Duncan and Hannah N. Williams, the latter being a native of Mecklenburg Co. NC. She was born March 8, 1793, and died in 1861. Mr. Duncan's father was born in Fort Blackamore, Russell Co. VA, and came to Jessamine county in 1788. He was an infant when his father, James Duncan, settled within the limits of Jessamine county. S.M. Duncan was born in Pulaski county, in 1830. He enjoyed limited advantages of education, but most wonderfully improved them ... He has gathered together an immense amount of material concerning not only the earliest history of Jessamine county and its people, but in regard to the early history of Kentucky. He has always had a passion for acquiring old letters and documents, and, but for his patience and care and labor, not only in the finding, but in the preservation, of materials, it would have been impossible for any one to write a history of Jessamine county. Mr. Duncan began this collection of material when quite a young man. He talked with men who had been in the Revolutionary War, and to those who had in their minds fresh recollections of the struggles, trials and dangers of pioneer life in Kentucky. He has written a great deal on the subject, and deserves the thanks of the people, not only of Jessamine county, but of Central Kentucky.

"Draper Collection of Kentucky Papers" Calendar Series, Vol.II (from Evelyn Sigler, 6/1983)
      June 9, 1881; Samuel M. Duncan, Nicholasville, KY, postal card to Lyman C. Draper correcting error in spelling of name Charnock in letter of Robert Burnside published in the Jessamine Journal; the name of Saxon origin.
      Nov. 21, 1881; Samuel M. Duncan to Lyman C. Draper. Refers to Wm. H. Polk of Lexington for the selection of agents for Drapers' King's Mtn. and Its Heroes.
      July 21, 1882; Samuel M. Duncan to Lyman C. Draper. Inquires if letter written by Nathaniel Adams, his maternal uncle, has been received.

Draper Manuscripts, Series CC, Vol. 33 & 34 (FHL film 889,121; from index to Vol. & Series sent by Evelyn Sigler)
      Vol.33, pg.25: Postcard to Mr. Lyman C. Draper, Madison, Wis., from Nicholasville, Ky, June 9, 1881: "Dear Sir: In the letter of Robert Burnside published in the Jessamine Journal the printer makes a mistake in the name of Charnock. It is Charnock and not Channock as it is printed. The name is of old Saxon origin in South Carolina." /s/ Saml. M. Duncan.
      MAD: I looked only at these volumes in this series. The pages in the volumes are numbered, and between each page is a letter or correspondence (in chronological order by date) from someone. There is no index to the page numbers in the volume. Many of the letters refer to his recently published "Kings Men" book. One letter from Saml. M. Duncan said that he would offer to handle the sale of the book but that he was unable to do so because of age or infirmity or other commitments. Some of the letters had genealogical information, mostly corrections to the information in Mr. Draper's book. Saml. M. Duncan also had letters in front of pages 29 and 32 in Vol. 33 and page 15 in Vol. 34. No genealogical information contained in them, and not copied.

"Hancock's diary, or, A history of the Second Tennessee Confederate Cavalry : with sketches of First and Seventh battalions, also, portraits and biographical sketches." by R.R. Hancock; pub. Nashville, Tenn.: Brandon Print. Co., 1887, 663 pgs. (LH12688, HeritageQuest images 5/2007; FHL fiche 6,082,669)
      Pg.33: June 1861. ... Muster roll of Captain E.D. Payne's Company (D): Duncan, J.H., d.
      Pg.38: September, 1861. ... Monday, 9th ... It was about this time that Captain Payne left the battalion, and Duncan was made Captain of Company D.
      Pg.176: Seventh Battalion, Company A., ... Duncan (MAD: no first name), Fourth Sergeant. Captured at Medon, West Tennessee, and mortally wounded July 15, 1864.
      Pg.584: E.O. Elliott served as quartermaster of the Second Tennessee until it and Wilson's Regiment were consolidated, about February, 1865. He was then sent into West Tennessee with a detachment under Captain William Duncan, in search of absentees from Forrest's command. ...
      Pg.599-601: CAPTAIN JAMES HARVEY DUNCAN. J.H. DUNCAN, second son of Alexander C. and Hannah Duncan, was born March 10th, 1817, in Pulaski County, Kentucky. His grandfather, James Duncan, who was born at Culpepper Court House, in Culpepper County, Virginia, July 18th, 1764, was a soldier in the Revolutionary War, and was at the siege and capture of Yorktown, Virginia, when Lord Cornwallis surrendered to General Washington on the 18th of October, 1781; and in 1790 he settled in Kentucky, where he was killed the next year by the Indians, leaving a widow and three small children. The oldest was the Captain's father, who was born in Russell County, Virginia, June 30th, 1788; the other two, William and Sallie (the latter became Mrs. McGee), were twins, and born in Jessamine County, Kentucky, in 1790. After the war of 1812, William settled in Hickman County, Tennessee, where, after raising a large family, he died in 1869.
            The Honorable Ralph Williams, the captain's grandfather on his mother's side, also served in the Revolutionary War under General Greene and the famous Marion.
            The subject of this sketch, who was educated in the common country schools, learned the carpenter's trade when a young man, and was a very successful contractor for ten or twelve years in Lancaster, the county seat of Garrard County, Kentucky.
            In 1843 he married Mrs. Fannie Dawson, who died in 1847, leaving no children. He was married again in 1848 to Miss Louisa B. Hudson, who was born in Garrard County, Kentucky, in 1830. He left Kentucky in 1849, and settled in Davidson County, Tennessee, where he was engaged in farming and trading in horses, mules, and cattle when the war broke out.
            J.H. Duncan enlisted in the Confederate service as a private in Captain E.D. Payne's company, which, about the first week in July, 1861, became Company D of the First Battalion of Tennessee Cavalry. About September following he was, much against his own will, unanimously elected captain of Company D, Captain Payne having resigned. Captain Duncan served at the head of his company with the First Battallion during the two campaigns into Kentucky under General Zollicoffer, who was warmly attached to the captain. It has been said that the latter was the only man who could make the former laugh.
      Pg.600. R.R. Hancock's Diary.
            After the action and defeat at Fishing Creek, Kentucky, the captain fell back with the Confederate army through Middle Tennessee to North Mississippi, where, in May, 1862, the First Battalion re-enlisted and reorganized and Companies B and D were consolidated, and Captain William Parrish commanded the consolidated company.
            Captain Duncan now returned to Middle Tennessee, and soon after joined Wheeler's Cavalry,* (*He raised and commanded an independent company of scouts, but reported to Wheeler.) with which he did valiant service until wounded in the foot at Chickamauga September 20th, 1863, where he was captured and sent to prison on Johnson's Island. He was exchanged in time to take part in General Hood's campaign against Nashville on the staff of General Granberry. He served on faithfullly to the close of the war; surrendered to General James Wilson near Selma, Alabama, and was soon after with loved ones at home in the northern portion of Wilson County, Tennessee, to which place his family had removed in 1863. His occupation after the war was farming and trading in stock.
            Captain Duncan was very lively - always had an anecdote to suit the occasion, and was a favorite with all soldiers. He was a warm partisan in all elections, and was always a States' Rights Democrat. He was a devoted husband and a kind and affectionate father. His last wife bore him three daughters - Cora (now Mrs. Birthright), Eudora (now Mrs. Buchanan, of Nashville, Tennessee), and Lizzie (who died in 1880), and two sons - James McAfee, of Saundersville, Sumner County, Tennessee, and Mongolia (of Texas).
            In reference to her father's death Eudora says, in a letter to her uncle, S.M. Duncan:
            "Pa's death was caused by taking an overdose of morphine through mistake. He was in wretched health, and went himself to Starkes' store in Saundersville, Sumner County,* (*The captain lived in Wilson County and had crossed the Cumberland River to attend church as above named.) and purchased a bottle of morphine, THINKING it was quinine. .... (MAD: elipses theirs) He took it at ten o'clock A.M. and lived until ten at night, October 15th, 1873. Everthing that could be done was administered for his recovery, but all of no avail. Brother Jesse Sewell was carrying on a protracted meeting at Saundersville at the time. Pa was so anxious to hear the discourse through, as he was a strict member of the Christian Church, and had been one year previous to his death, he took the quinine, as he thought, as a stimulant. .... (MAD: elipses theirs) We never knew until after services that he had taken anything, as ma did not attend church that day. Brother Sewell assisted him home. He never spoke but once after returning. He said: 'Ma, I cannot be with you long; I am almost gone,' then fell asleep in Jesus, never to wake with us in this old, unreligious world."
            The remains of the gallant captain were interred at the McLean graveyard, in the first district of Wilson County. The captain's widow is still (1887) living.

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