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Formed 1821 from Caldwell, Livingston
Calloway, Graves formed 1821 from Hickman
McCracken formed 1824 from Hickman
Ballard formed 1842 from Hickman, McCracken
Fulton formed 1845 from Hickman


1830-1840 Hickman Co. KY Census
      No Duncan indexed

1850 Hickman Co. KY Census
Pg.14, #190, Mary HANDLEY 57 KY $500
                  Edward BATTER 19 KY farmer $250
                  Mariah 16 TN
                  Lucy DUNCAN 40 TN
                  (MAD: Lucy the widow of Tandy P. Duncan mar. Lucy Davis 4/19/1839 Obion Co. TN; E.G. Butler mar. Maria S.L. Duncan 1/21/1850. Tandy P. Duncan from Sumner Co. TN 1838, b. 11/4/1778 VA, d. 8/2/1839; from "Middle TN Crossroads" by Louise G. Lynch, 1981)

1860 Hickman Co. KY Census
Hays Dist., P.O. Baltimore
Pg.545, #739-713, H. HAYS (m) 54 KY farmer $8500-$18400
                  Ann 46 KY
                  William J. 20, Washington J. 20 KY (twins)
                  Alfred B. 18, Henry C. 16 KY
                  Peter R. 12 KY
                  Ruth A. 10, Ann E. 5 KY
                  Jos. B. DUNCAN 17 KY Student S.C.
Potato Patch Dist., P.O. Wesley
Pg.586, #1030-1003, E.G. BUTLER (m) 37 KY farmer $600-$350
                  Marah H. 25 KY
                  Thomas J. 9, Mahaline 8 KY
                  John D.W. 5, Sarah E. 4 KY
                  Fanny 3, Florence 6/12 KY
                  Lucretia P. DUNCAN (f) 51 TN laborer
                  U. DICKERSON (m) 45 TN laborer

1870 Hickman Co. KY Census
      No Duncan indexed


Hickman Co. KY Mixed Probate Records, Wills etc.
      Vol.A, 1822-36 - no Duncan, no Reeder (FHL film 321,380)
      Vol.B, 1836-45 - no Duncan, no Reeder
      Vol.C, 1845-60 - no Duncan (FHL film 321,381)
      Vol.D, 1853-59 - no Duncan


Hickman Co. KY Deed Index 1822-1887 (FHL film 321,365)
      Q-280: W.W. Duncun from J.L. Waldon, 1873
      & later deeds not copied; no Duncan indexed earlier
      No Reeder grantee or grantor until at least 1852


Hickman Co. KY Court Orders (FHL film 321,376)
   Book A, 1822-1836:
      Pg.1: Feb., 1822 (first court), William Duncan Esq. produced a commission from the KY Governor appointing him sheriff of Hickman Co., took oath, security John Anderson, Arthur H. Davis and Andrew Bell.
      Pg.12: 7 Oct. 1822, the court proceeded to lay the county levy, to wit ... To William B. Duncan, Sheriff, for account, $13.15; same, same, $10.45; ... William B. Duncan sheriff for his exificio services, $40.00 (also deputy sheriff, clerk, judge of the election, etc.)
            Ordered that the Sheriff of this county collect from each titheable in this county 37-1/2 cents and pay the above claims. Ordered that the Sheriff of this county pay to the persons who have claims laid in the county levy of Caldwell and Livingston Counties on the south of TN River in the year 1821.
            On motion of William B. Duncan sheriff of this county, it is ordered that it be certified to the auditor of public accounts that said William B. Duncan be allowed $13.55 for his account.
      Pg.12: 13 Jan. 1823, Ordered that William B. Duncan sheriff of this county be allowed $113.25 as per his delinquent list filed, which was sworn to by Isaac Lampson D.Sheriff & Ordered to be certified.
      Pg.13: 13 Jan. 1823, same, allowed $29.50 delinquent list.
      Pg.27: 14 Oct. 1823, ordered that William B. Duncan late sheriff of this county be allowed for his delinquent list of the revanue (sic) for the 1821 (sic), to wit ...
      Pg.28: 14 Oct. 1823, same (two entries)
      Pg.31: 12 Jan. 1824, ordered that it be certified to the sheriff of Hickman Co. that William B. Duncan late sheriff of this county be allowed a credit of $48 upon the execution in the hands of said sheriff against said Duncan, John Anderson, Arthur H. Davis and Andrew Bell, wherein the Justices of this county are Plaintiffs.
      Pg.114: April, 1829, on motion of John M. Dinkin that he is a bona fide settler on NW 1/4 of Sec. 36, Twp. 1N, Range 5W (list of bona fide settlers)
   Book B, 1836-1846 - no Duncan


Hickman Co. KY Tax Records (FHL film 8,042)
1822: (waterstained)
      Duncan, Thomas, 0 white poles, 1 horse (pg.5)
      Duncan, Samuel?, 1 wp, 1 horse (pg.6)
      1 name
      Duncan, Samuel, 1 wp, 1 horse
      several names
      Duncan, Wm. B., 1 wp, 2 bp, 7 horses
1823: Henderson? Duncan, 1 wp, 1 horse (pg.4)
1824: no Duncan
1825: Richard Duncan, 1 wp, 1 horse (pg.2)
1826-1829: no Duncan
1830-1833: no tax books

HISTORIES before 1923

1885 "Kentucky History" by Perrin & Battle (from Evelyn Sigler 9/1982)
      Hickman Co.: William Duncan was the first sheriff. (MAD: See Caldwell and Calloway Co. KY)
            Paducah Hubworks Inc. - 1879, David Duncan, President.

1885 "KY, a History of the State" 1st? Edition (Volume), by Perrin, Battle & Kniffin (FHL book 976.9 D3wt, Los Angeles Public Library book 976.9 B336, and from Evelyn Sigler 9/1982)
      Pg.160, Hickman Co. S. ROBERTS, born in Daviess Co. KY, May 7, 1843, a son of Henry and Elizabeth (Duncan) Roberts. The father was born in VA and died in 1855, aged 75. Our subject was reared on his father's farm, and at age 21, ... telegraphing and railroading. In 1875 he moved to Arlington, for 8 years, in winter of 1883 he came to Columbus and purchased the Columbus City Mills which he has since operated. He owns one farm in Hickman Co. and two farms in Ballard Co., also a hotel and other property in Arlington ... Mr. Roberts was married in 1872 to Miss Julia Payne of Union Co. KY, two children. (MAD: Elizabeth Duncan b. 1806; mar. (1st) Benjamin Moffett 11/6/1827 Daviess Co. KY)


Simpson Co. KY Tax Lists (FHL film 8,233; from Patrick W. Costigan to Louis Boone to MAD 1984)
      MAD: The tax lists for 1828, 1830, and 1831 show Lewis Reeder for J. or Joseph Duncan, deceased; the 1833 and 1834 tax lists show Lewis Reeder for Joseph Duncan decd. for land in Hickman Co. KY; the 1843 list shows Lewis Reeder for Mary Duncan, and 1847 for Duncan heirs. The tax records should be consulted for further details.


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