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Formed 1845 from Hickman


1850 Fulton Co. KY Census
      No Duncan indexed

1860 Fulton Co. KY Census
P.O. Hickman
Pg.448, #296, Andrew GIBBS 40 VA farmer $1500-$1800
                  Susan 31 TN
                  Antony (sic) 10, Henry 7, Mary 5 TN
                  Joseph 2, Nancy 5/12 KY
                  Wm. DUNCAN 23 KY farm laborer

1870 Fulton Co. KY Census (pg.235 also from Kathy Cawley 2/2002)
District 2, P.O. Jordan Station
Pg.218, #53-81, DUNCAN, E.M. (m) 34 TN (white) house carpenter $600-$100
                  Elizabeth 32 TN keeps house
                  (no children)
                  (MAD: Edwin Duncan, 1860 Wilson Co. TN census with Aly Duncan; Edwin M. Duncan mar. Elizabeth Kilzer 3/20/1862 Wilson Co. TN)
Pg.219, #61-94, DUNCAN, Henry 47 KY BLACK (blank occupations)
                  Mary 45 KY BLACK (blank)
                  JACKSON, Wm. 23 TN BLACK
                  JAMES, Reuben 25 KY MULATTO
                  MITCHELL, John 28 MO? (Ma?) BLACK
                  THOMAS, N. (m) 24 TN BLACK
                  Alfred 22 TN BLACK
Pg.221, #89-128, DUNCAN, Henry 48 KY BLACK ?Chufin? card wool $0-$0
                  Mary 45 KY BLACK
                  (no children)
District 2, P.O. Hickman
Pg.229, #188-264, EATHERLY, H.B. (m) 37 TN farmer $0-$0
                  Alice 23 TN keeps house
                  William 3 TN
                  Albert S. 2 KY
                  Marshall 5/12 KY b.Feb.
Pg.229, #188-265, DUNCAN, Ala (f) 60 TN (white) (blank) (alone)
                  (MAD: 1860 Wilson Co. TN census)
District 3, P.O. Hickman
Pg.235, #22-23, HARDIN, H.H. (m) 49 KY (white) home carpenter $1000-$100
                  Ida Belle 28 MS keeps house
                  Mary Ann 18, Elizabeth V. 15 KY at school
                  Ellen 14 KY at school
                  Horace (m) 9, Charles 4 KY
                  Hattie Belle 2 KY
                  DUNCAN, John 8 TN (white)
Pg.238, #59-82, DUNCAN, Henry S. 36 NJ (white) fisherman $0-$300
                  Margaret G. 34 MO keeps house
                  (no children)
Pg.240, #85-108, PARHAM, Bynum (m) 22 KY (white) (blank) (alone)
Pg.240, #85-109, CARRGILL, Jno. W. 29 KY (white) atty at law $2500-$1000
                  Mary H. 26 LA keeps home
                  Henry N. 1 KY
                  DUNCAN, Mary E. 45 MA (Mass) (white) (blank)
                  Alice 14 LA at school
                  Frankee (f) 10 LA
Pg.240, #85-110, BRANHAM, M. (m) 23 TN (white) (blank) (alone)
Pg.253, #293-337, DUNCAN, Thomas 42 SCT works on R.R. $0-$0, parents of foreign birth (alone)
District 4, P.O. New Madrid
Pg.272, #28-36, EVERETT, R.C. (m) 34 KY (white) farmer $33,519-$190
                  Margaret 35 TN keeps house
                  Nancy E. 12 KY
                  Margaret C. 6 KY
                  Cynthia B. 4, Mary 1 KY
                  Christenia (f) 78 SCT (blank), parents of foreign birth
                  CROCKETT, J.G. (m) 17? KY (white) works on farm
                  LIPPINCOTT, H.M. (m) 24 NJ (white) works on farm
                  DUNCAN, Lucinda 19 VA (blank)
                  UNCILL?, Green (m) 25 KY (blank)
                  STARK, H.M. (m) 28 TN (blank)


Fulton Co. KY Deed Indexes 1845-1887 (FHL Film 321,393; copied by CVD)
      4-49: Duncan & Russell to Prichett, Wm., 49
      8-489: 1873, Duncan, M.C. from H.A. Tyler, Book 8, pg.489

Fulton Co. KY Deeds
      4-49/50: Whereas William Pichett by power of attorney from Alexander C. Watson and John Watson to prosecute a suit or suits in the Hickman Circuit Court to recover their interest as heirs at law of Green B. Watson decd. in his said estate and said Alexander C. Watson did after the execution and delivery of said power of attorney, to wit on the 13th? day of March 1856 sold all his undivided interest in and to the aforesaid estate and the said John Watson did on the 18th day of March 1856 sell also his undivided interest in Green B. Watson's estate to Leroy Russell as will eneid? by written agreement now in the hands of Bedford Duncan and said Russell and whereas said Prichett in pursuance of said power of attorney has instituted suit for the recovery of interest in said estate in the Hickman Circuit Court, now therefore know all men by these presents that said William Prichett hereby relinquishes and surenders to said Duncan & Russell by his power and authority under said power of attorney as aforesaid and surenders all right under same for any purpose whatsoever on the following conditions, said Prichett agrees and binds himself to give said Duncan and Russell all information or papers he has in relation to said estate and by advice or otherwise when nesary? and said parties in the prosecution of said suit in consideration whereof said Duncan & Russell agree and bind themselves if successful in recovering the interest aforesaid to pay said Pirchett an amount equal to one third value of the property which may be recovered the value of said one third fixed by disinterested friends of said Parties chosen by themselves said Duncan & Russell and to prosecute said suit hereafter in their own names and prosecute same with vigilance and as much dispatch as possible when terminated to pay said William Pirchett for his services already rendered and to be under one third value of which? my? (any?) recovered it is expressly understood if nothing is recovered said Pirchett is to receive nothing for his services for which said Pirchett binds himself not to interfere in the prosecution of said suit then to and with any information he may possess said Duncan & Russell it is further agreed that each of said parties is to pay one third of any and all lawyers fees and other expenses and? pay to a successful termination of said suit. In witness whereof we have hereto put our hands and seals this 28th day of October 1856. /s/ W.M. Pritchett, Leroy Russell, Bedford Duncan. William Pritcheet, Leroy Russell and Bedford Duncan appeared before Thomas S. Chapman, Clerk of the Circuint Court of Union Co. and produced the instrument, 28 October 1856, /s/ Thos. S. Chapman, Clerk. Certification by G.S. Morris, Clerk of the Fulton County Court, certify the instrument of writing and certificates have been duly recorded in his office, 1 Nov. 1856. (FHL film 321,395; spelling varies)
      8-489: May 3, 1873, H.A. Tyler and Bettie F. Tyler of City of Hickman, KY, for $75 paid, and $75 promised to be paid and evidenced by the note of M.C. Duncan of even date payable to the order of H.A. Tyler 4 years after date with interest, have sold with clause of general warrantee to said M.C. Duncan two pieces of ground known on the chart of East Hickman & vicinity as Vicinity Lots No.152 and 153, containing in the aggregate 18 & 6/10 acres. /s/ H.A. Tyler, B.F. Tyler. They acknowledged deed 30 June 1873 before Jno. A. Wilson, by J.G. Bynum. (FHL film 321,398)


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