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Formed 1796 from Jefferson, Nelson
Spencer formed 1824 from Shelby, Bullitt, Nelson


1810-1860 Bullitt Co. KY Census
      No Duncan indexed

1870 Bullitt Co. KY Census
Mt.Washington Dist.
Pg.202, #115-114, CORNELL, C.H. (m) 44 KY (white) farmer $0-$1500
                  Mary 36 KY keeping house
                  Mariah (f) 18 KY at home
                  James 9 KY
                  Alfred R. 1 KY
                  DUNCAN, George? (m) 19 KY (white) farm laborer
Pg.202, #120-119, WOODSON, H. 22 KY (white) farmer $0-$500
                  Amanda 32 KY keeping house (ages as given)
                  Dorsey L. (m) 25/365 KY b.May
                  DUNCAN, Beanis (Beamir?) (m) 11 KY BLACK
Shepherdsville Dist.
Pg.274, #443-443, SKINNER?, Amelia 29 KY (white) keeping house $3000-$500
                  John R. 6, Mollie 3 KY
                  TYDINGS, Richard 34 KY (white) farmer $700-$0
                  DUNCAN, Sarah 34 KY BLACK dom. servt.
                  Sam 5 KY BLACK


Bullitt Co. KY Deed Indexes (copied by CVD)
   General Index Book 1, 1797-1867 (FHL Film 482,676)
      L-195: Stoner, R.J. to Nelson Hickman & Hen. S. Duncan, 1841
      L-230: Duncan, H.S. to John R. Hefley, 1847
      M-439: Duncan, Thomas to A.C. Churchill, 1852
   Circuit Court Index, bk. A 1820-1842 (FHL film 482,649)
      No Duncan
   Deeds, Book A1 with index, 1797-1802 (FHL film 482,649)
      No Duncan
   Deeds, Book A2 with index, 1797-1805 (FHL Film 482,649)
      No Duncan

Bullitt Co. KY Deeds
      L-195: 30 Jan. 1844, Roman J. Stoner to Nelson Hickman and Henry S. Duncan of Bullitt Co. KY, for $45 paid, sell tract or parcel of land in Bullitt Co. KY on waters of Cofer's run near to Doomis Tanney loml?? (tomt??), beg. at a mulberry snag in a sink, then ... to the beginning, containing 3 acres of land more or less, and all the right, title and interest of said Roman J. Stoner to said premises, warrant title. /s/ Roman J. Stoner. Roman J. Stoner ack. deed 23 Nov. 1846 before N.C. Summers, Clerk of the County Court, and the tax was paid 4 Nov. 1847, recorded 8 Nov. 1847. (FHL film 482,662)
      L-230/231: 4 Nov. 1847, Nelson Hickman and Henry S. Duncan and Eliza Duncan his wife, to John R. Hefley, for $100 paid, Duncan and Hickman have sold to said Henry R. Hefley a tract or parcel of land in Bullitt Co. on waters of Cofer's Run on the main road to Bardstown, containing 3 acres of land more or less, being the same land conveyed to said Duncan and Hickman by Rowan J. Stoner 30 Jan. 1844, with the appurtenances, warrant title. /s/ Nelson Hickman, H.S. Duncan, Eliza Duncan. Nelson Hickman appeared before Noah C. Summers, Clerk of Bullitt Co. Court, Nov. 4, 1847, and on Jan. 22, 1848, was acknowledged by H.S. Duncan. Recorded 9 Feb. 1848. (FHL film 482,662)
      M-459/461: 11 Sept. 1852, Scarlette B. Duncan, Jeanette L. Duncan, William H. Duncan, Jepthah Duncan, Margaret B. Duncan, Charles Duncan and Milly his wife of Nelson Co. KY, and Lloyd Clarkson and Elizabeth Ana his wife of Washington Co. KY, and Thomas Duncan of Nelson Co. KY, to Armistead H. Churchill, Alexander P. Churchill, Eliza Ann McKinney and Lucy Slaughter, devisees of Henry Churchill decd, that some years ago the said Thomas Duncan sold to said Henry Churchill the 1/10 part of a tract of land in Bullitt Co. on waters of Knob Creek and Salt River containing by patent 986 acres and also 1/8 part of 150 acres of said land, being the part owned by Hugh Burkley decd which 150 acres had been devised by said Hugh to his sister Catharine during her natural life, being the same tract owned and occupied by Scarlett Burkley at the time of his death, for the conveyance of which said Thomas Duncan executed to Henry Churchill his bond, which land Thomas Duncan claimed in right of his wife, and whereas also Jonathan D. Burkley also sold to said Henry Churchill his interest in the tract of 986 acres and executed his bond to Churchill to convey it but has died without doing it, whereby his interest devolved to his heirs of whom Nancy Duncan the wife of the said Thomas Duncan was one and the said Nancy Duncan has also departed this life, whereby her interest has descended to the parties of the first part before named had only children excepted? the said Thomas Duncan, Lloyd Clarkson and Charles Duncan, and all of the parties of the first part wishing to ratify and confirm the sales made by said Thomas Duncan and Jonathan D. Burkley for $1 sell to said A.H. Churchill, A.P. Churchill, Eliza Ann McKinney and Lucy Slaughter the afsd tract of land sold by said Thomas Duncan, and so much of the land afsd as was sold by Jonathan D. Burkley to said Henry Churchill; Thomas Duncan will warrant title of that part sold by him but the other grantors are in no way to be responsible for any defect? of title, they only intending to convey such title as has been vested in them by the death of the said Nancy Duncan and Jonathan D. Burkley. /s/ Thomas Duncan Jr., Scarlett B. Duncan, Jepthah Duncan, Margaret Duncan, Milly Dawson (wife of), Charles Dawson, Jennette L. Duncan, Loyd Clarkson, (and wife) Elizabeth A. Clarkson, Wm. H. Duncan. 6 April 1853, W.H. Duncan appeared before R.H. Rountree, Clerk of Marion Co. KY Court. 7 April 1853, Margaret Duncan and Loyd Clarkson and Elizabeth A. Clarkson his wife appeared before John B. Starn? Clerk of Washington Co. KY Court. 9 April 1853, Thomas Duncan, Scarlett B. Duncan, Jepthat Duncan, Jennette L. Duncan, Charles Dawson and his wife Milly Dawson appeared before J. Darrius Elliott, Clerk of Nelson Co. KY Court. Recorded 12 April 1853, Bullitt Co. KY. (FHL film 482,663; indexed as M-439)

HISTORIES before 1923

1883 "History of the State of Kansas : containing a full account of its growth from an uninhabited territory to a wealthy and important state; of its early settlements; a supplementary history and description of its counties, cities, towns and villages, their advantages, industries and commerce, to which are added biographical sketches and portraits of prominent men and early settlers" ed. by William G. Cutler, A.T. Andreas; pub. Chicago : A.T. Andreas (FHL book 978.1 H2hi 1976 & v.2; FHL film 982,248 items 1-2)
      Pg.1528: Kingman Co., Kingman. HORACE B. DUNCAN, physician, was born in Hardin County, Ky., November 9, 1850. He is the son of William T. Duncan, a cabinet-maker by trade, and native of Kentucky, and Eveline, his wife, also a native of the same State. Horace B. commenced his education in the common school, but in 1870 he entered Lynnland College, located in Hardin County, Ky., which he attended for three years. He afterward attended the medical department of the university at Louisville for two terms, graduating from there in 1876. After graduating, he located at Lebanon Junction, Bullitt Co., Ky., where he commenced the practice of medicine, which he pursued until 1879, when he moved to Kansas and located at Kingman, where he resumed the practice of his profession. On May 7, 1879, Mr. Duncan was married in Bullitt County, Ky., to Miss Sally M?. Hays (MAD: poor copy), a native of said county. One son has been the issue of their marriage, Everett B., born in Kingman, Kan., April 23, 1880.


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