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Formed 1796 from Campbell, Mason
Pendleton formed 1787 from Bracken, Campbell
Robertson formed 1867 from Nicholas, Bracken, Mason, Fleming, Harrison


1810-1820 Bracken Co. KY Census
        No Duncan indexed

1830 Bracken Co. KY Census
Pg. 15  Ann Duncan         0010,2000,001 - 0000,001

1840 Bracken Co. KY Census
Pg.371  Thornton Duncan    1121,001      - 1102,01
          (MAD: 1830 Pendleton Co. KY census)

1850 Bracken Co. KY Census
Pg.418, #498, Thornton DANCAN 50 KY farmer $4100
                  Mary 48 KY
                  Elias A. 25 KY blacksmith
                  Zelittia (f) 17, Nimrod 15 KY
                  Handsford 12, Mary 9 KY
                  George 7, Willis 3 KY
                  (MAD: mar. Mary Routt 3/16/1820; 1860 Jackson Co. MO census; son of Elias Duncan & Eliz. Colvin, grandson of John Duncan & Wilkey)
Pg.420, #521, Isabella DANCAN 44 KY widow
                  Ann M. 17, Chas. B. 14 KY
                  (MAD: George H. Duncan mar. Isabella Gilbreath 4/22/1832 Harrison Co. KY; parents not determined)
Pg.420, #522, Margaret DANCAN 38 KY widow
                  Lucretia F. 14, Hensen H. 12 KY
                  William A. 7, James G.W. 5 KY
                  William CUNCIAS? 22 KY farmer
                  (MAD: Jacob Duncan mar. Margaret Galbreath 12/7/1834 Harrison Co. KY; he the son of Archibald & Hannah Williams)
Pg.421, #539, William McBEST 26 KY merchant
                  Elizabeth D. 21 KY
                  Mary L. 1/12 KY, John 66 VA
                  Joseph DUNCAN 20 KY merchant

1860 Bracken Co. KY Census
(MAD: census taker used ditto marks for surname even when a new surname in next household)
Eastern District, P.O. Augusta
Pg.105, #744-744, Abbot G. ASBURY 23 KY farmer $1800-$1223
                  Sarah S. 20 KY
                  John DUNKIN 19 KY field laborer
Pg.110, #780-780, William CABLER 38 KY farmer $1200-$720
                  Nancy 37 KY
                  Danniel 13, Rebecca 11, John B. 9 KY
                  Lydia 7, William A. 5, Joseph 4 KY
                  Sarah 3, Nancy J. 1, Ann E. 6/12 KY
                  Thomas J. DUNCAN 24 KY blacksmith
                  William A. 17 KY
                  Cynthia J. PEED? 27 KY
Pg.110, #782-782, Joseph TUCKER 60 PA farmer $1500-$1050
                  Louisa 49 KY
                  Mary 23, Sarah J. 21, Amanda 20 KY
                  Milley T. 15, Willis 12 KY
                  Louisa E. 10, Lucinda 8 KY
                  Danniel L. DUNKIN 15 KY farm laborer
                  Housen H. DUNKIN 22 KY farm laborer
District 1, P.O. Brooksville
Pg.236, #620-620, Robert L. THOMAS 38 KY farmer $8120-$5000
                  Sally A. 40 KY
                  Stephen 16, Ann E. 12, Margaret 6 KY
                  John 9, Cora (f) 1 KY
                  Thomas DUNCAN 35 KY farm laborer $0-$800
                  Temperance THOMAS (f) 73 MD
                  John BURKETT 64 VA (blank) $0-$7000
                  Catherine 60 OH
Pg.258, #767-767, Joseph DUNCAN 29 KY merchant $50-$2000
                  Mary E. 25 KY
                  Sarah A. ROUTT 28 KY (blank) $1200-$0
                  Ellis (m) 7, William 5 KY

1870 Bracken Co. KY Census
Pg.271, #129-129, WADE? (WOODE?), Elizabeth 64 KY (white) keeps house, $3000-$250
                  Margarete 37 OH seamstress $1000-$500
                  John 29 KY tobacco mercht. $200-$500
                  Clara 21 KY (blank)
                  DUNCAN, Della (f) 14 KY (white) attending school
Berlin Dist. (pg.277-278 faded ink)
Pg.277, #28-28, BLACKERBY, Ann W. (f) 68 KY (white) keeps house $6750-$2500
                  Phillip 24 KY farmer $0-$1900
                  Francis (m) 22 KY farmer $0-$400
                  Mary C/E. 18 KY (blank)
                  Ann M. 10/12 KY b.July
                  RAND, Ben 19 KY BLACK (blank)
                  DUNKIN, Nick (m) 19 KY BLACK (blank)
                  Nancy 38 KY BLACK
                  Celia? (f) 12 KY BLACK
                  Betsy? 7 KY BLACK
                  Fanney (f) 5 KY BLACK
Pg.278, #47-47, DUNCAN, Wm. 34 KY (white) farmer $700-$0
                  Daniel (m) 47 KY farmer $1700-$750
                  Delia (f) 36 KY keeps house
                  John 6, Sallie (f) 4 KY
                  Mary (f) 3, Elbridge (m) 7/12 KY b.Noj?.
                  (MAD: William Duncan in 1850-1860 Fayette Co. KY census with Levicy Duncan)
Pg.288, #184-184, MORAN, H.B. (m) 32 KY (white) tobacco trader $8500-$0
                  GALAWAY, John 27 KY tobacco packer $0-$125
                  DUNCAN, Thos. 42 KY tobacco packer $0-$180
                  FORTUNE, M. (m) 30 OH tobacco packer
                  RAILEY, Thos. 47 IRE farmer, parents of foreign birth
                  AINEY, Eliza 23 KY BLACK house svt.
                  Emma 9 KY BLACK, father of foreign birth
                  Lou 6 KY BLACK, father of foreign birth
                  Tom 3/12 KY BLACK b.Apl., father of foreign birth
Pg.292, #20-20, DONSON, Noah 37 OH (white) farmer $0-$200
                  Ellen 35 KY keeps house
                  C.L/T. (m) 10, Mary B. 8 KY
                  Danl. P. 6, Geo. B. 4 KY
                  James W. 2, Jno. W. 1 KY
Brookville (pg.309 faded ink)
Pg.309, #44-44, DUNCAN, W. (m) 51 KY (white) blacksmith $0-$120
                  Ann 27 KY keeps house
                  John 4, Hulda (f) 1 KY
                  BARKER, Thos. 25 KY (white) farmer $0-$250
                  Elizabeth 21 KY keeps house
Brookville Precinct
Pg.330, #303-303, POPE, Antonio (m) 56 KY (white) farmer $5270-$1500
                  Elizabeth 51 KY keeps house
                  Antony (m) 16 KY works on farm
                  Thomas 14 KY works on farm
                  George 11, Susan 8 KY
                  DUNCAN, Martha (f) 29 KY (white) laborer
                  Charles 4 KY
Foster District
Pg.350, #12-12, DANSON, John 45 OH (white) farmer $0-$300
                  Lucretia 43 OH keeps house
                  Sarah 19 OH at home
                  Eliza 17, Sophia 14 KY at home
                  Fenetta (f) 12 KY at home
                  Reubin 10, Margaret 8 KY
                  John 6, Wm. 1 KY
                  ERION?, Henry (m) 28 OH (white) (blank) $0-$300
Milford Town
Pg.374, #6-6, DUNCAN, Jos. 39 KY (white) ret. merchant $4000-$5000
                  Mary 34 KY keeps house
                  MURPHY, Elija (m) 21 KY (white) (blank)
                  ROUTT, Wm. 13 KY (white) (blank)
                  OGDEN, Henry 9 KY (white) (blank)
                  DUNCAN, Willie (m) 23 KY (white) clerks in store
                  ROUTT, Wm. 49 KY (white) (blank) $800-$0
Pg.374, #7-7, DUNCAN, T.J.? (m) 34 KY (white) blacksmith $1300-$1500
                  Mary 30 KY keeps house
                  Wm. A. 6, Hulda 1 KY
                  Permelia (f) 18 KY
                  CLUFF, Jane (f) 14 KY (white)
                  (MAD: indexed I.J. and T.J., could be, or could be Jesse Duncan with the old-style double-s)


Bracken Co. KY Deed Index (FHL film 344,069; SLC 1/9/1988 and 9/22/2012)
      C-66: 1 Jan. 1799, Robert Higgins of Bracken Co. KY, emancipation of slave George Duncan.
      H-55: John H. Duncan & wife to Samuel Young, 1826
      H-273: Jno. Duncan and wife Paulina to Thomas Holt, P/A
      J-198: Duncan & Holt to Joseph Taylor, 1835
      K-281: Duncan & Holt to Jno. Matthews, deed - not found 9/22/2012
      L-47: Duncan, Thornton from Wm. Isham, Jas. & Jno. Garrard, deed, pg.47 (Book L, 1836)
      N-357: Duncan, Thornton from Geo. D. Routt, Mort., pg.357
      N-411: Duncan, Thornton & al from George D. Routt, mort., pg.411
      O-24: Duncan, Routt & al to George D. Routt, release, pg.24
      O-47: Duncan, Jacob to Daniel Jackson, mort., pg.47
      P-4: Duncan, Hansford from Simeon H. Walton, deed, pg.4
      Q-300: Duncan, Hansford to R. & E. Fishbuck, deed, pg.300
      R-496: Duncan, Thornton from Isaac Kinney, mort., pg.496
      None Book S, quit book T, 1852 & later

Bracken Co. KY Deeds (SLC 1/9/1988 and 9/22/2012)
      C-66/67: 1 Jan. 1799, Robert Higgins of Bracken Co. KY, in consideration of the personal service of George Duncan, a man of colour and until the ensealing & delivery hereof a slave, for term of 6 years and 8 months from the date hereof, which the said George by indenture bearing equal date with these presents hath covenanted to perform, manumitted, released and acquited to said George all right, ... which I may have to the said George as a slave hereafter, hereby ack. the signature of the indenture afsd. /s/ Robt. Higgins. Robert Higgins appeared before Robert Davis and John Boube, J.P., and ack. the manumission. Bracken Co. KY Court 4 Feb. 1799, Manumission of George Dunkin ack. and ordered recorded. (FHL film 344,072; SLC 9/22/2012)
      H-55/56: 27 June 1825, John H. Duncan and wife Paulina of Jefferson Co. MS by their attorney in fact David Holt of Fayette Co. KY to Samuel Young of Bracken Co. KY, for $625 paid, sell land in Bracken Co. KY on waters of ?Lucy Creek containing 500 acres, beg. in Greenup's pattent line, ... warrant title. /s/ John H. Duncan, Paulina R. Duncan, by their attorney in fact David Holt. Wit. Robert C. Flora. Ack. 25 June 1825 by David Holt before Robert C. Flora, D.C., Bracken Co. (FHL film 344,075; SLC 9/22/2012)
      H-273/274: 27 Sept. 1827, John H. Duncan and wife Paulina A.R. Duncan of Jefferson Co. MS appoint Thomas Holt of Harrison Co. KY our attorney to sell and convey 500 acres of land in Bracken Co. KY, being part of a tract of land formerly owned by Thomas Holt, Senr, and by him bequeathed to said John H. Duncan and Paulina A.R. Duncan, wife of afsd Duncan and daughter of said Thomas Holt, Senr, ... and upon sale, shall make deed ... /s/ John H. Duncan, Paulina A.R. Duncan. They appeared 27 Sept. 1827 before W.L. Davis, J.P., and E. Duggan, J.P., of Jefferson Co. MS. Certification 2 Oct. 1827 by Isaac Pikes, Clerk of Jefferson Co. Court, for William L. Davis and E. Duggan. Certification by Jacob Ramsan Holmes, presiding Justice of Jefferson Co. Court, for Isaac Pikes, 4 Oct. 1827. Recorded Bracken Co. KY April 7, 1828. (FHL film 344,075; SLC 9/22/2012)
      J-198/199: 22 Dec. 1831, Foster Dmasters of Harrison Co. KY as attorney in fact for John H. Duncan and wife Paulina and Amelia B. Holt, all of Adams Co. MS, to Joseph Taylor of Bracken Co. KY, for $489.50 paid, sell two tracts of land in Bracken Co. KY on waters of Snag Creek, 1st tract beg. S. of Young's NE corner, ... containing 506 acres, the tract which belongs to America B. Holt; the 2nd tract beg. at Samuel Young's NW corner, then ... Hoofman's corner, ... containing in all 523 acres but only 423 acres of afsd tract is hereby conveyed to said Taylor having previously sold 100 acres out of said 523 acres to John Matthews, together with appurtenances and improvements, warrant title. /s/ Foster Demastus (Demasters?), Wit. Thomas S. Dobyns. Ack. Dec. 23, 1831, ordered recorded. Del. to owner 29 Sept. 1841. (FHL film 344,076; SLC 9/22/2012)
      J-199/200: (blank) Dec. 1831, Foster Demasters and wife Louiza late Louiza Holt of Harrison Co. KY to Andrew McClanahan of Bracken Co. KY, for $82 paid, sell tract of land in Bracken Co. on waters of Snagg & Locust Creeks, beg. at John Dillman's NE corner, ... containing 164 acres, warrant title. /s/ Foster Demastus, Louisa Demastus. They ack. deed before Henry F?. Moore, Clerk of Harrison Co. Court, and Louisa released her dower right, 20 Dec. 1831. Recorded Bracken Co. Dec. 23, 1831. (FHL fim 344,076; SLC 9/22/2012)
      L-47: 1 Dec. 1834, William "Garred" and wife Sally of Bracken Co. KY to Thornton Duncan of Pendleton Co. KY; that William Garrard, James Garrard, Isham T. Garrard, and John M. Garrard & wife Sally J. Garrard this day have sold to Thornton Duncan, for $935.75, 195-1/2 acres on bank of north fork of Licking, Routt's corner; wit. Simson? Routt, Riley Routt. (FHL film 344,076; SLC 1/9/1988; rechecked SLC 3/2/1999)
      N-357/358: 20 June 1842, That George D. Routt owes Thornton Duncan $118 by note 21 May 1842, and owes Zachariah Moran $105 by note 18 June 1842 with Thornton Duncan his security, therefore 20 June 1842, George D. Routt of Bracken Co. KY to Thornton Duncan of afsd, for $1, sell negro boy named Tom about 8 years old, but if George D. Routt shall pay the debts, this mortgage to be void. Ack. before John Payne, Clerk of Bracken Conty Court, 20 June 1842. (FHL film 344,077; SLC 9/22/2012)
      N-411: That Bunly L. Miner, Thornton Duncan, Joseph Routt and Riley Routt have this day become security of George D. Routt in 3 replevin bonds, one in favor of Morford's Extr for $135.16, one in favor of M.R. Whitehead for $98.63, and one in favor of Wells & Charsay? (Clinsay?) for $56.56, the said bonds taken by P.S. Blader, Sheriff of Bracken Co., and two executions issued from office of Clerk of Bracken Circuit Court in favor of Exors of John W. Routt decd., one against said George D. Routt principal and the other against John Routt principal and George D., Security, both amounting to $751.02, the judgments obtained at the June term of said County in 1842, amounting in the whole to $943.35 ...., now to secure the afsd B.L. Miner, T. Duncan, Joseph Routt, and Riley Routt in their securityships in said bonds, and further to secure B.L. Miner, Thornton Duncan, and Joseph Routt in payment of $707.88 being the amount held against said Geo. D. Routt exclusive of costs by afsd Exors of John W. Routt, decd, ... George D. Routt this day sold to said Miner, Duncan and Routt, one negro man named Hugh and one negro girl Cyntha, one negro girl named Kit, and other girl named Lucy, but if George D. Routt pay all legal demands against him ... and pay Burly L. Miner, Thornton Duncan, and Joseph Routt $707.88 with interest within one year, then this mortgage to be void. /s/ 22 July 1842, George D. Routt. Ack. and Recorded July 25, 1842. (FHL film 344,077; SLC 9/22/2012)
      O-24: (no date) Whereas George D. Routt of Bracken Co. KY on 22 July 1842 mortgaged slave Hugh to Thornton Duncan, Riley Routt and Joseph Routt and Bimly? L. Minor of KY; release of mortgage. Filed 26 Dec. 1842. (FHL film 344,078; SLC 1/9/1988)
      O-47: 4 Feb. 1843, Jacob Duncan of Bracken Co. KY to Daniel Jackson of Harrison Co. KY, $153; Jackson is security for Duncan to Hugh Frazer; mortgage horse, waggon, etc. (owned by said Duncan and Peter Veach), also undivided interest in lumber at Dilts mill, sheep, etc. No wit. (FHL film 344,078; SLC 1/9/1988)
      P-4: 31 Jan. 1845, Simeon H. Walton of Bracken Co. KY to Hansford Duncan of Pendleton Co. KY, $1200, 200 acres on Locust & Willow Creeks, on which said Walton now resides. No wit. (FHL film 344,078; SLC 1/9/1988)
      Q-300: 14 March 1849, Hansford Duncan & wife Cynthia (+) of Pendleton Co. KY to Robert & Elliott Fishback of Bracken Co. KY, $2000, 200 acres on Locust & Willow Creeks; mention title bond 10 March 1848. Reg. Pendleton Co. KY. (FHL film 344,079; SLC 1/9/1988)
      R-496/497: 22 March 1852, That Isaac Kinney Junior has become indebted to Thornton Duncan for $200 due on account and also as security for $40 due 25 Dec. 1853, ... to secure Thornton Duncan, mortgage tract of land on waters of North Fork of Licking River containing about 300 acres, 200 acres formerly belonging to Isaac Kinndy Sr. and 100 adj. purchased from Coleman and Prine?, (and livestock and furniture). /s/ Isaac Kinney. Ack. and recorded 22 March 1852. Release of Mortgage March 19, 1853, by Thornton Duncan. (FHL film 344,080; SLC 9/2/2012)


Bracken Co. KY Vital Statistics (from Karen King Scales 2/1997)
      John Duncan, died age 23, Bracken Co. KY 1854, son of David Duncan. (KKS: not 100% sure if son of David Duncan & Luvicia Halsell, but age fits)

Bracken Co. KY Death Certificate (from Karen King Scales 2/1997)
      #5605, died Bracken Co. KY, Vot. Prct Foster, KY; Daniel Duncan, male, white, widower, born April 29, 1822, age 88 yrs 10 mos 14 days, farmer, landlord, born KY, father David Duncan born KY, mother Vicy Halsey born KY; died March 15, 1911; attended March 11, 1911 to March 14, 1911, death occured 12 am from broncho-pneumonia of 4 days, contributory: pulmonary emphysema of indefinite duration, /s/ O.W. Brown MD, March 16, 1911; informant Della Duncan of Foster, KY; burial at Odd Fellows Cemetery, Lennoxburg? KY, March 17, 1911, by Chas. N. McCarty of Foster, KY; filed 3/17/1911.


Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.
      Duncan, Franklin; F 16 KY Inf.; 1890 Aug. 5, Invalid Appl. #867675, Cert. #680850, KY. (MAD: mustered in at Camp Temple, KY; Mason, Fleming, Bracken, Lewis and Whitley Cos. KY)
      Duncan, William H.; H 16 KY Inf.; 1875 Nov. 13, Invalid Appl. #210333, Cert. #217834. (MAD: mustered in at Camp Lee, KY; Mason, Fleming, Bracken, Lewis and Whitley Cos. KY) (MAD: 1860 Fleming Co. KY census)

HISTORIES before 1923

1888 "KY, A History of the State" by Perrin; Edition 8-B (from Evelyn Sigler 7/1982 and Nancy Bobal 11/1993)
      Pg.803: JOSEPH DUNCAN, native of Pendleton Co. KY, born August 28, 1830, son of Thornton and Mary (Routt) Duncan. He was reared in Bracken Co. KY; his parents removed there when he was quite young; in 1854 he married Miss Mary E. Ogden, a daughter of John and Frances (Threlkeld) Ogdon, of Bracken Co. Mr. Duncan is a member of the firm of Ogdon & Duncan, composed of Bela Ogdon and Joseph Duncan. They have many business interest besides their store, which is the largest in the county. They are interested in steam saw and grist-mills as well as the leaf tobacco trade.
      Pg.803: THOMAS J. DUNCAN, native of Harrison Co. KY, born in 1836, son of Wesley and Huldah Duncan. He was reared in Harrison Co., to Bracken Co. KY when about 21 years of age. In February 1861 he married Miss Mary A. Askins, a daughter of Archibald A. Askins, of Bracken Co. In 1879 Mr. Duncan began merchandising in Milford, being the junior partner of the firm of Brown & Duncan. In 1881 he served one term in the Legislature, when he resumed the mercantile business, in which he is still interested.

1882 "History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison & Nicholas Co., KY" by Perrin (from Evelyn Sigler 7/1982)
      Mary Duncan, dau. of Thornton and Mary Routt, natives of Culpeper Co., VA.

1881 "The History of Jackson County, Missouri ... : containing a history of the county, its cities, towns, etc., biographical sketches ... history of Missouri, maps of Jackson County" by Union Historical Co. (Los Angeles Public Library book 977.81 J13Hi)
      Pg.932: Van Buren Township. WILLIAM CASH, farmer and hotel-keeper, Lone Jack, MO, was born in Wilkes Co. NC April 16, 1815, and was a son of Lewis and Mary Cash. At an early age he moved with his parents to Lincoln Co. KY. Lived in Lincoln Co. till about 17 years of age, then to Lexington 3 years, then Brucken (sic) Co. KY and worked at his trade for about 7 years. He was married July 7, 1840, to Miss Elizabeth Duncan, who was born in Pendleton Co. KY October 3, 1823, she being a daughter of Thornton and Mary Duncan. This couple then moved to Harrison Co. and remained there till they moved to MO, in 1856, when they settled in Benton Co. and lived there 8 years; thence to Cooper Co. MO and remained there until 1877, when they located in Lone Jack. Eleven children, six of whom are still living: Thornton, born Oct. 10, 1843; Oscar, Oct. 13, 1845; Mary E., Nov. 10, 1847; Milton, May 4, 1853; Ellen, April 29, 1858; John H., Jan. 8, 1861. ...

1887 "Portrait and Biographical Album of Coles Co. IL" by Chapman Bros. (FHL film 825,562)
      Pg.228: SAMUEL J. JACKSON, postmaster, merchant and manufacturer of tile and brick at Fuller's Point in North Okaw Twp, is operating not far from the scene of his birthplace, having been born in this township March 7, 1859. The family history of our subject is in its main points as follows: Bernard Jackson, his grandfather, was born near Alexandria, VA, in 1770, and carried on the trades of a cabinet-maker and carpenter in connection with farming for many years. Later in life ... quiet pursuits of a country life. He was married in his native county, and a few years later removed to Stanton, now Ripley, Brown Co. OH; there the wife and mother died Oct. 3, 1814, aged 41 years and 15 days; this was the first death which occurred in the town of Ripley, funeral sermon was preached at the grave by Rev. John Collins who happened to be passing through the neighborhood ... He united with the Methodist Episcopal Church and remained an active member until his death. His remains were laid to rest at Stone Chapel, in West Union Circuit, Adams Co. OH. He has two sons who are engaged in this ministry, namely, Rev. William H? of Indiana and Rev. Andrew B. located in Southeastern Kansas, both members of Conference of Methodist Episcopal Church.
            The family of the grandparents included ten children, there being besides those above mentioned, William deceased; Samuel deceased; James a resident of Louisiana; Polly deceased; George, Juliet, Harriet and John, the latter residents of Williamstown, KY. After the death of his first wife, Bernard Jackson married in 1815 to Miss Elizabeth Whistner, born in MD in 1793 whose parents afterward removed to KY. Fifteen years later Mr. and Mrs. Jackson took up their abode on a farm in Ripley Co. OH, where the grandfather spent his last years. His wife Elizabeth subsequently came to this county and made her home with her son, Madison B., until her death. Of this marriage there were born ten children: William, a resident of Indiana, Jerome M., died at Memphis TN, Maria, Andrew B., Wesley, Newton J., Malinda (deceased), Susan J., Milton M. the father of our subject, and Madison B. ... Milton M. born in Adams Co. OH on Jan. 31, 1833, ... he and brother Madison worked together, and in fall of 1855 Milton to North Okaw Twp, this county ... (MAD: Charles Duncan mar. Harriet Jackson 8/12/1830 Harrison Co. KY; Charles & family in 1850 Adams Co. IL census; Mason Duncan mar. Juliet Jackson 6/8/1825 Bracken Co. KY)


Fayette Co. KY Deeds
      45-616: 6 June 1868, Maryum (X) Sharp wife of Tilford (X) Sharp of Pendleton Co. KY to William Duncan of Bracken Co. KY, for $120, real estate in Fayette Co. KY on waters of Boffmans and Boon Creeks, being one undivided one seventh of about 85-1/2 acres which David Duncan the father of said Maryum Sharp died seized & possessed, it being her undivided interest, which descended to her as one of the heirs of said David Duncan decd; wit. J.B. Applegate. (from Karen King Scales 2/1997)
      48-17: 12 June 1869, Carlos Sharp and wife Margaret Sharp of Bracken Co. KY to William Duncan of same, for $30, my interest in 85-1/2 acres in Fayette Co. KY on waters of Bofman and Boons Creek, adj. Gentry and Rogers, lying about 1-1/2 miles east of town of Athens; said Carlos Sharp is the son and heir of Maryum Sharp decd and at her death fell heir to about 5 acres of said 85-1/2 acres; no wit.; ack. 12 June 1869. (from Karen King Scales 2/1997)
      50-220: 7 Sept. 1870, Daniel T. Sharpe of Bracken Co. KY to William Duncan of same, for $90, his undivided interest in land in Fayette Co. KY, the whole tract containing by survey 85-1/2 acres, the same that was conveyed to Samuel Duncan by John Frank & wife on 27 Aug. 1807, and is of record in Fayette Co. Book No.2 page 194, said interest being the undivided 28th part of said land which "decended" to the said Sharpe from his grandfather to his mother, who inherited the one undivided seventh part, and the said Sharpe inherited the undivided 1/4 part of said 1/7, making as aforesaid the undivided 1/28th of the whole tract; /s/ Daniel T. Sharp (seal), no wit; ack. 7 Sept. 1870, rec. 8 Jan. 1872. (from Karen King Scales 2/1997) (KKS: Daniel T. Sharp was the son of Martha Duncan who mar. John Sharp Jr. 24 March 1838 in Pendleton Co. KY; see Pendleton Co. KY 1850 census; MAD: see County Court Deed B-194)
      102-145: 26 Aug. 1870, Daniel (X) Duncan and wife Adeline of Bracken Co. KY to William Duncan of County aforesaid, $75, land in Fayette Co. on Boone Creek, one undivided seventh of land, 85-1/2 acres, declared to their father David Duncan decd. and now in possession of said William Duncan. No wit. Rec. Pendleton Co. 26 Oct. 1870, rec. Fayette Co. KY 12 Feb. 1894. (FHL film 8,739)

Pendleton Co. KY Deeds
      G-113: 18 July 1836, Thornton Duncan of Bracken Co. KY to Birkett Colvin of Pendleton Co. KY, $31, 8 acres on Blanket Creek, being NW part of tract purchased by said Thornton Duncan from John Wheeler, adj. said Birkett Colvin's spring branch. No wife, no wit. (FHL film 272,785)
      G-224: 23 Jan. 1837, Thornton Duncan and wife Mary of Bracken Co. KY to Beverly L. Minor of Pendleton Co. KY, $400, 108 acres on Blanket Creek adj. Samuel Meredith's survey, corner Nimrod Colvin, Baldwin Coppage's land, incl. plantation and improvements whereon Charles Duncan now lives. No wit. (FHL film 272,785)
      H-579: 3 April 1846, Hansford Duncan and wife Cynthia (X) of Bracken Co. KY to Benjamin L. Forsyth of Pendleton Co. KY, $1200, tracts on Blanket Creek, (1st) tract conveyed to Hansford Duncan by his father Elias Duncan in his lifetime bounded ... Robt. Forsythe's SW corner and line to his NE corner, crossing the river and down the river, 249 acres, subject to 70 acres long since conveyed to Thornton Duncan by his father Elias Duncan, leaving a ballance of 179 acres in said 1st tract. (2) part of land conveyed to Thornton Duncan by John Wheeler 21 Feb. 1825, adj. the land conveyed to Hansford Duncan by Elias Duncan herein conveyed by Hansford Duncan to said B.L. Forsyth the quantity not known. (3) tract conveyed by Nimrod Colvin to said Hansford Duncan May 8, 1841, beg. south side Blanket Creek, near NW corner of Duncan's land of 179 acres, containing 100 acres. Ack. 11 April 1846. (FHL film 272,785; SLC 6/2009)
      H-597: 16 March 1846, Thornton M. Duncan and wife Polly of Bracken Co. KY to Hansford Duncan of same Co. & State, $40, land in Pendleton Co. on Blanket Creek, being all that part of tract of land conveyed to said Thornton M. Duncan by John Wheeler by deed 21 Feb. 1825, and which lies in SW corner of said tract and on SW side of said Creek binding on said Creek, and the lines contained in the deed and adj. land now owned by said Hansford Duncan the quantity not known but be the same more or less; no wit. Rec. in Bracken Co. KY. (FHL film 272,785)


"Kentucky Ancestors" Vol.5 #2, Oct. 1969 (from Evelyn Sigler 6/1982, and FHL film 924,766; and SUTRO book F450 K4, CA State Library, Sutro Branch)
      Pg.87 contains the Family Bible record of Daniel Duncan, b. 4/29/1822, d. 3/14/1911, wife Adelia, buried Foster, Bracken Co. KY.


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