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Formed 1842 from Mercer, Lincoln


1850 Boyle Co. KY Census
District 1
Pg.319, #62, Jefferson McGINNIS family
Pg.319, #63, Lester S. WEBB family
Pg.319, #64, William Duncan 45 KY farmer $1800
                  Letitia 31 KY
                  Elisabeth A. 16, Mansch (m) 8 KY
                  Susan 5, Matilda 8/12 KY
                  Benj. ROBINSON 27 KY farmer
                  (MAD: 1860 Larue Co. KY census)
Pg.319, #65, Joseph W. ALLGOOD family
Pg.319, #66, Walter A. BROYLES family
Pg.319, #67, Samuel D. McGINNIS family
District 2
Pg.348, #32, William DUNCAN 45 KY carpenter $4000
                  Eliza 21, Blackburn 19, Logan (m) 17 KY
                  Allen 15, Mary 13 KY
                  Phebe 12, Elisabeth 9 KY
                  John SIMPSON 19 KY carpenter
                  Thomas HOW? 20 KY farmer
                  (MAD: son of Howson; mar. Phebe Caldwell 12/18/1827 Lincoln Co. KY; Logan Duncan in 1860 Johnson Co. MO census)
                  (neighbors Bentley, Preston, Vischer, Sandridge)
Pg.350, #53, Thomas SHETTON ?52 KY farmer
                  Paulina 38 KY
                  William 20, Samuel 18, James 16 KY
                  Lucinda J. 14, Mildred 10, Paulina 2 KY
                  William McELROY 20 KY student
                  William DUNCAN 24 KY student
                  (neighbors Wilson, Taylor)
                  (MAD: Shelton?; see Lettice Shelton & others mar. Lincoln Co. KY, to Lincoln Co. TN)
Pg.365, #215, John IRVINE 65 VA blacksmith $5000
                  Martha 40 KY
                  George T. 16 KY student
                  Robert GRAVES 20 KY barkeeper
                  Lucy J. DUNCAN 18 KY
                  Geo. LEO 27 KY blacksmith BLACK
                  (MAD: Lucy J. Duncan was wife of Charles Duncan)

1860 Boyle Co. KY Census
P.O. Danville
Pg.846, #35-(blank), Wm. DUNCAN 57 KY house builder $0-$0
                  Ann T. 34 KY (blank) $800-$2500
                  W.R. (m) 8, Edgar T. (m) 6 KY
                  M.B. (m) 4, Kate S. 8/12 KY
Pg.885, #292-319, Rachael B. CRAIG 62 KY (blank) $5000-$9000
                  Sarah W. CAUCKERN? 21 KY
                  H.C. DUNN (m) 23 OH student
                  Green DUNCAN (m) 19 KY student
                        (MAD: Green C. Duncan, son of Green Duncan of Nelson Co. KY)
Pg.934, #347(#547)-616, Will W. DUNCAN 36 KY ?teamster (?minister) asst. $1000-$1300
                  M.F. (f) 35 KY
                  L.M. (f) 7 KY
                  Geo. UPCHURCH 19 KY painter
Pg.950, #654-726, Will MAY 59 KY farmer $2800-$2000
                  Elizabeth 42 KY
                  John 21, Susan 19 KY
                  Abner MAY 55 KY farmer $1000-$1000
                  Charls. ROSE 58 KY "gentleman" $0-$0
                  Geo. B. DUNCAN 29 KY carpenter $0-$0
                  Harry JOHNSON 50 VA carpenter $800-$100
P.O. Perryville
Pg.952, #666-738, Daniel PAUL 40 KY cooper $0-$100
                  & family & other single men
                  James DUNCAN 22 KY laborer
P.O. Mitchelsburg
Pg.954, #676-748, Will DUNCAN 38 KY clergyman O.S.P. $800-$650
                  Martha F. 36 KY
                  Eliza M. 7 KY
                  Bell POLK (f) 15 KY
                  M.G. POLK (f) 26 KY
                  Rose A. POLK 21 KY

1870 Boyle Co. KY Census
Precinct #1, P.O. Mitchellsburg
Pg.129-130, #221-218, DUNCAN, Joseph 30 KY cooper $100-$100
                  Almira 28 KY keeping house
                  William 9, Florence (f) 6, Charles 3 KY
                  John R. 1/12 KY b.May
Precinct #2, P.O. Perryville
Pg.150, #101-107, STIGALL, William 45 KY farmer $21,300-$4,100
                  Malinda 30 KY keeping house
                  Robert 13 KY at home
                  William 6, Mary 4, Nancy 3, Rebecca 1 KY
                  Milton 40 KY stock trader $0-$200
                  BATTERN, Merrill (m) 21 KY laborer
                  DUNCAN, Sarah 40 KY "no occupation"
                  STIGALL, Lavina 42 KY BLACK domestic servant
                  Robert 19 KY BLACK laborer
                  James 9, John 6 KY BLACK
Pg.153, #17-17, DUNCAN, James 37 KY BLACK farm hand $1000-$270
                  Margeret 25 KY MULATTO keeping house
                  Lenora (f) 5 KY MULATTO
                  GREEN, Richard 54 KY BLACK farm hand
                  WILLIAMS, John 23 KY BLACK stone mason $150-$0
                  HENDRON, Monroe (m) 16 KY BLACK domestic servant
                  ROE, Richard 18 KY BLACK common laborer
Pg.167, #185-192, HUGHES, Elizabeth 75 KY keeping house $1500-$130
                  John 35 KY gunsmith
                  William 31 KY carriage smith
                  Bell (f) 25, Lizzie (f) 22 KY at home
                  DUNCAN, Blanche (f) 22 KY BLACK domestic servant
Pg.174, #274-301, DUNCAN, William 67 KY (white) carpenter $3000-$100
                  Ann T. 43 KY keeping house
                  William 17 KY at school
                  Edgar (m) 15, Matthew 12, Kate 9 KY at home
                  (MAD: William Duncan indexed age 67, but ?? could be age 57)
Pg.185, #23-24, DUNCAN, Gibson B. 39 KY (white) carpenter $0-$0
                  Minerva 37 KY milliner
                  G/Zenta (T/Y/Zenla?) (f) 1 KY
                  (MAD: Gideon Duncan in 1880, dau. Zula)
Pg.189, #89-95, DUNCAN, W.W. (m) 45 KY (white) minister $3500-$1244
                  Martha? (Marthie?) F. 45 KY keeping house
                  Lida? (Lila?) M. 17 KY at home
                  BARTIN, Mary 25 KY BLACK domestic servant
                  (MAD: 1880 Hickman Co. KY census, wife Martha F., dau. Lila)
Precinct 3, P.O. Danville
Pg.201, #80-86, DUNCAN, Henry 35 KY BLACK laborer $0-$0
                  Harriet 28 KY BLACK keeping house
                  Wash (m) 11 KY MULATTO at home
Pg.201, #81-88, DUNCAN, Rowan (m) 41 KY BLACK laborer $0-$0
                  Joicey 40 KY MULATTO keeping house
                  ROGY?, Howard 25 KY MULATTO laborer
                  Tillie (f) 21 KY BLACK domestic servant
                  DUNCAN, Charly (m) 14 KY BLACK laborer
                  BERRY, Isom (m) 5, Thomas 1 KY MULATTO
Pg.207, #136-147, HUTCHINSON, W.F. (m) 46 KY (white) miller $9000-$1000
                  Sarah 41 MS keeping house
                  Thomas 21 MS miller $0-$100
                  William 15, Henry 12 MS at school
                  C.A. (m) 10, Lizzie 4 MS
                  Mary B. 2 KY
                  GILMAN?, Henry 60 KY MULATTO laborer
                  DUNCAN, Owen 35 KY (white) laborer
                  (MAD: ? 1850 Garrard Co. KY census)
Precinct 4, P.O. Danville
Pg.221, #79-76, DUNCAN, Isaac 27 KY (white) cooper $0-$0
                  Louisa 22 KY keeping house
                  Andrew 5, Minnie (f) 2, George 1/12 b.May KY
Pg.221, #80-77, [DUNCAN] James T. 22 KY (white) cooper $0-$0
                  Mary 23 KY keeping house
                  Mary 3, Dulcinea (f) 1 KY
Pg.221, #90-87, DUNCAN, Lewis 51 KY (white) cooper $150-$0
                  Eliza 49 KY keeping house
                  Amanda 20, Sarah 17, Nancy 16 KY at home
                  Margaret 12, Peachy (f) 11 KY at home
                  Anderson (m) 9 KY


Boyle Co. KY Marriage Bonds (FHL film 191,806)
      Vol.1, 1841-1847 (no bride index)
            Pg.138: William Duncan and John B. McGinnis bond 3 August 1847, for marriage of Wm. Duncan and Letitia Downey. Wit. Mark Nichols, Clk. (Jean Harper & MAD: apparently 2nd marriage for William Duncan who mar. (1st) Nancy Goodnight 10/7/1826 in Mercer Co. KY)
      Vol.2, 1848-1855 - no index


Boyle Co. KY Wills (1842-1927 index on FHL film 191,796; wills on FHL film 191,797)
      No Dorsey will; see Order Book 1-98.
      1-18: Nuncupative will of Elizabeth Henderson; on 27 Feb. 1844, Elizabeth Henderson of Boyle Co. called upon the undersigned to witness and take note of her last will and testament. She then willed a piece of Janes & Lucy be sold and she then had on hand should be sold and with the proceeds 10 of her daughters except Esther Duncan should be purchased new dresses and to Esther Duncan she willed $20 to be laid out in clothes for herself, the balance of her estate to be equally divided among the following of her daughters, Nancy McGill, Polly Caldwell, Dicy Johnson, the children of deceased daughter Phebe Caldwell, Betsy Rice, Ann Pritchett, the children of deceased daughter Margaret Robertson, Priscilla Gordon and Sally Parks. The above was told to us on the above day of February and is reduced to writing on the same day she being there in her ilness (sic) and near her death. Witnesses, Wm. Caldwell, John Henderson. Probated March Court 1844. James Caldwell Senr. appointed admin., security John K. Johnson. (MAD: Esther Henderson mar. John Duncan 4/13/1812 Mercer Co. KY)
      1-56: 2 March 1846, will of James (X) Downey of Boyle Co. KY; to wife Nancy Downey $400 that belonged to her at the time of our marriage which we hold notes for, also $50 to be paid her out of my own estate and $15 which we hold a note on my son Thomas Downey. She is to have the above $15 paid out of my son Thomas Downey's portion of my estate, also one bed and furniture, one bureau, etc; provided she will make her right to my land after my death if it shall be necessary. To my hereinafter named children the remainder of my estate, to William Downey, John Downey, Margaret Valentine Divine Jane Pearler, Permelia Divine, John H. Downey, Mary Downey, Thomas Downey, Letisha Downey, Martha Right and Caroline Downey an equal portion except my dau. Caroline to have $20 more. To my dau. Elizabeth Macintire not above mentioned an equal portion with my other children, for her own use not liable for any of her husband's debts, to be put in the hands of my son-in-law Andrew Divine to pay for her support. John Downey, James H. Downey and Thomas Downey each owe me $30 that is to be settled out of their portion. My executor sell my land and proceeds go to my said children before named. Appoint my friend Jacob Goodnight executor. Wit. Wm. Barker, Benjamin (X) Chatham. Proved March 1846.
      2-154: 26 Oct. 1876, will of Ann Fuesley? Duncan of Boyle Co.; to my husband William Duncan; remainder to four children William R. Duncan, Edger S. Duncan, Waltham Beatty Duncan and Naile Logan Duncan; Mr. E.C. Carter to be executor. Wit. Chas. E. Browan?, S.P. Davis. Proved Nov. 1876.


Boyle Co. KY Order Books (FHL film 191,804)
   Book 1, 1842-1847
      1-198: 14 Oct. 1844: Abram J. Caldwell and John Harlan, two of the commissioners heretofore appointed by Boyle Co. court to make division of lands held by owners within this state together with non-residents, having been called upon by Joshua F. Bell & Thomas Barber of KY to divide certain lands in Boyle Co. held by them in conjunction with the following non-residents of KY, to wit, Elizabeth Duncan late Dorsey & Thomas Duncan her husband, John P. Dorsey, Greenberry Dorsey & Henry P. Dorsey, heirs of Henry P. Dorsey decd, late of PA, having divided said lands, returned their report in writing to this court with the quantity of the land & the same is hereby ordered to be filed & recorded. (MAD: See Dauphin Co. PA)
   Book 2, 1847-1852
      2-136: 16 April 1849, on motion of William Duncan by attorney it is ordered that said Duncan be and he is hereby appointed guardian of his infant daughter Eve Elizabeth Duncan whereupon said Duncan appeared in court & together with Phil D. Girser? & J?.C. Carter his securities, executed and acknowledged bond in the penalty of $1500 conditioned according to law.
      2-266: 17 March 1851, a report of the processioners appointed to survey the line between Wm. Duncan & Wm. R. McGinnes was this day produced at the bench and acknowledged by W.E. Crawford & John Harlan & ordered to be recorded.
      2-398: 21 Sept. 1852, William Duncan in court, stated that P.D. Gieser who is his security on his bond as guardian for Eve E. Duncan having removed from county ... security now R.H. Mays.

Boyle Co. KY Circuit Court Records
   Vol.1, 1842-1846 (FHL film 961,923)
      Pg.266, Nov. 1840, Samuel Ely, admr. of Elizabeth Duncan, decd, vs. James M. Moore, recover $275. Moore did not appear.
      Pg.562: May 1845, Wm. Duncan vs. Willis Green. (too faint to read)
   Vol.2, 1845-1848:
      Pg.39, Aug. 14, 1845: William Duncan vs. Willis Green, suit dismissed by Comp. (Duncan).
   Vol.3, 1849-1850 (FHL film 961,924)
      Pg.176, 19 Dec. 1849: E.M. Duncan upon Petition; Case was heard on the bill of complainants; that Green T?. Jones who was appointed trustee for the complainants by the will of Josiah Caldwell decd. refused to accept the trust, as appears from the proceedings of the Lincoln Co. court; the infant complainants are entitled to the relief sought in their bill; it is ordered that William Duncan the father of said infants be appointed trustee for the complainants Ellen M. Duncan, Mary R. Duncan and Phoebe A. Duncan, devisees under the last will of their grandfather Josiah Caldwell decd; William Duncan required to post bond of $2000, with Robert H. Mays, James M. McFerran and Richard C. Talbott or any two of them as his securities.
      Pg.176-177, 19 Dec. 1849; Henry Pope vs. George H. Pope's heirs, upon petition for sale of slaves. ... Answer and petition of Delilah Pope, widow, Henry Bruce admr, Zachariah Pope, Sally Ann & Seymoure Moratti adult children, William Duncan guardian for Elizabeth Duncan a grand-child, and Henry Bruce guardian for Abraham Pope, Ephraim Pope and William Pope minors, children and heirs of George H. Pope decd; asking for sale of negroes.
      Pg.489, 11 Sept. 1850; Wm. Duncan guard. for Eve E. Duncan; petition. Sale of real estate in the petition will redound to the interest of the infant ....
   Vol.4, 1851-1852 - no Duncan


Boyle Co. KY Deed Indexes (1842-1882 index for Vol.4 & later on FHL film 191,798; SLC 9/11/1987 and 9/22/2012)
   Vol.1, 1842-1845 (no x-index) (FHL film 191,799) and Books 1-2, 1841-1847 (index at front of Vol.1; FHL film 1,490,652; no Duncan Book 2)
      1-195: Weisiger, Joseph P. & wife & James S. Hopkins & wife to William Duncan
   Books 3-4, 1847-1852 - no index at front of books (FHL film 1,490,653)

Boyle Co. KY Deeds (SLC 9/11/1987 and 9/22/2012)
   Vol.1, 1842-1845 (no index) (FHL film 191,799)
      1-106: 7 Feb. 1828, John Duncan of Grayson Co. KY to James S. Hopkins of Lincoln Co., $81, one undivided 10th of 110 acres in Lincoln Co. which my father in his lifetime purchased of John Smith & Willis Green, and on which my father died and on which my mother Agnes Duncan now lives; John one of heirs of Howson Duncan. Wit. Joseph Duncan, William Duncan. Rec. Boyle Co. KY 30 March 1843 on oath of William Duncan.
      1-195: For $400 paid by William Duncan, sell to said William Duncan an undivided interest of four? of the whole tract of land devised by (blank) Duncan to ten of his children in the new county of Boyle on the road leading from Danville to Huntsville and on the east side of said road the four? (blank) conveyed being the same purchased by James S. Hopkins from Joseph Duncan, John Duncan, (blank) Duncan & Stephen Suthern and by them conveyed to him by deed recorded in Lincoln Co., supposed to contain in the whole about 109 acres, warrant title, 25 March 1843. /s/ J.S. Hopkins, Jos. Weisiger, Isabella E.J.? Weisiger, Sarah Hopkins. Wit. John S?. Bell, David Bell. John S. Hopkins and Sarah Hopkins his wife produced in court 25 Nov. 1843, and on 28 Nov. 1843 the deed was ack. by Joseph Weisiger and his wife Isabella Weisiger. Recorded 28 Nov. 1843. (FHL film 1,490,652; SLC 9/22/2012)
      1-199: 18 Dec. 1843, William Duncan to Thomas B. Moore, for $25 per acre, being the same division? by Howson Duncan of Lincoln Co. to his ten children, on the main road from Danville to Hustonsville, 8/10 of which was purchased by said William Duncan from James S. Hopkins & Joseph Mieger? & Joshua Nichols and the other 2/10ths he derived one by purchase from Smallwood Maddox & wife & the other as one of the devisees of said Howson Duncan; beg. at McFerrans line, Dr. Craig, Witkins line, J. Fisher, 100 acres 2 roods 35 poles. No wit; no wife.
      1-200 (next document): 18 Dec. 1843, In consideration of an arrangement made between William Duncan & myself, I deliver? all the right, title, etc. to lands specified in above-written deed, land having been mortgaged to me by said Duncan for money due me from said Duncan which mortgage is in record in Lincoln Co., the money having been paid me, I make this statement to satisfy Thomas R. Moore that there will not be any dificulty arrising from any claim I may have to said land. /s/ James M. McFerran.
      1-221: 10 Dec. 1843, Jonathan H. Dorsey and wife Mary M., Samuel Miles Green and wife Rachel E. late Dorsey, all of Huntingdon Co. PA, to Thomas Barber & Joshua F. Bell of Danville, KY, $1300, all right, etc., to land in town of Danville, 2/3 undivided interest, two of heirs of Greenberry Dorsey decd. late of PA, conveyed to Dorsey 1794 & 1795. (MAD: see Dauphin Co. PA)
      1-223: Similar to 1-221, not copied.
      1-381: 26 Nov. 1844, Thos. Barber/Barbee & wife Nancy S., and Joshua F. Bell and wife Mary M., mortgage to William J. Moore.
   Vol.2, 1845-1849 (no index) (FHL film 191,800)
      2-193: 16 April 1846, William Duncan of Boyle Co. KY to James M. McFerran of Boyle Co., $175, land near Danville & Hustonville road, adj. land sold by William Duncan to Thomas R. Moore and D. William Craig's tract, containing 7 acres, once owned by Willis Green, sold by Green to my father Howson Duncan. No wife, no wit.
   Vol.3, 1847-1852 (no index) (FHL film 191,801)
   Vol.4 (FHL film 191,801; deeds from master index)
      4-66: 11 July 1829, survey of line between Wm. Duncan & Wm. R. McGinness on west bank of Chaplins, filed 17 March 1851.
      4-83: 16 Jan. 1849, Charles Duncan and wife Lucy Jane to Parker C. Latimer, all Boyle Co., $345, 25 acres on Chaplins Creek, corner William R. McGinnis, Jefferson McGinnis, C. Duncan. Wit. A. Fulkerson, G.S. Caldwell. (MAD: see Jessamine Co. ?)
      4-97: 31 Dec. 1850, Alexander Aldrige and wife America to William Duncan, all Boyle Co., $250, lot in town of Danville adj. lot sold by Aldrige to Duncan on Proctor Street. No wit.
      4-146: 25 March 1843, Josha. Nichols and wife Hannah to William Duncan, $400, undivided interest of 4/10 land devised by Howson Duncan to ten of his children, adj. road from Danville to Hustonville, these 4/10 purchased by Joshua Nichols from H.H. Duncan and wife and John Parr and wife and Stephen Southern and wife and Ellen Moore by deeds recorded in Lincoln Co. Wit. Joshua F. Bell, Thos. Cowan.
      4-206: 24 March 1849, William Dunkin and Letitia (X) his wife to John B. McGinniss, all Boyle Co., $1575, land on Doctor's Fork of Chaplin, 87-1/2 acres, corner Wm. Barker, S. Downey, & others. No wit.
      4-283: 9 Feb. 1852, Eve Elizabeth Duncan by Circuit Court to Henry Harlan, decree in suit of William Duncan, guardian for Eve Elizabeth Duncan, upon a partition for sale of real estate; decree authorized William Duncan to sell land, 15 acres, corner to John Miller in Harlan's line, corner lot 6.
            (MAD: apparently there is a court suit ca 1849, settled 1852, possibly because of death of Elizabeth Henderson, mother of Phebe Caldwell who mar. William Duncan 12/18/1827 Lincoln Co. KY)
   Book 5 (FHL film 191,802)


Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.
      Duncan, Gideon B., widow Duncan, Minerva L.; H 19 KY Inf., G 3 V.R.C.; 1866 June 16, Invalid Appl. #110095, Cert #128887; 1910 March 5, Widow Appl. #937233, Cert. #700456, Ohio. (MAD: mustered in at Harrodsburg, Mercer Co. KY; 1880 Boyle Co. KY; ? 1910 Columbus Wd.9, Franklin Co. OH)


Garrard Co. KY Deed (FHL film 183,250; SLC 5/2/2013)
      U-388/389: #5334. 20 March 1858, Elizabeth Duncan of Boyle Co. KY for $200 paid, sell to Robert Branaugh of Garrard Co. KY, the undivided 1/6 of a certain tract of land in Garrard Co. KY owned by Isaac Burchill at the time of his death, and supposed to contain 56-1/2 acres more or less, the interest hereby conveyed being inherited by Elizabeth Duncan as the daughter and heir of said Isaac Burchill, together with appurtenances, warrant title. /s/ Elizabeth (X) Duncan. Wit. W.J. Reiser. She ack. deed 20 March 1858 before R.R. Bolling, Clk of Boyle Co. Court. Recorded Garrard Co. KY 28 May 1858.

Madison Co. KY deed (FHL film 183,296)
      3-203: That on 4 Feb. 1845, Charles Duncan and Lucy Jane Duncan made deed to Henry Evans for 110-1/4 acres; that Lucy Jane Duncan was not of lawful age at the time, that all but $325 has been paid, now for $1, Charles Duncan and Lucy Jane Duncan of Boyle Co. KY to Henry Evans, that 110-1/4 acres on Muddy Creek, this being a deed of confirmation, 9 Dec. 1846; ack. in Boyle Co. KY; rec. 12 Dec. 1846, Charles Duncan and Mary Jane his wife (sic).

HISTORIES before 1923

1885-1888 "KY, a History of the State" 4th Edition (Volume), by Perrin, Battle & Kniffin (FHL book 976.9 D3wt)
      Pg.26-7, Boyle Co. ALEXANDER ROBERTSON McKEE MD, born 4 Feb. 1816 near Lancaster, Garrard Co. KY, the third son of Hon. Samuel McKee who was a prominent and successful lawyer and politician during the early history of the State. Dr. McKee ... took his degree in medicine at the Univ. of PA with the class of 1830; then located at Richmond, Madison Co. KY; in 1837 to Clay Co. MO for two years, in 1859 returned to KY, located at Danville, until his death on 13 Feb. 1886. He was one of organizers of Boyle Co. Medical Society, also ... Dr. McKee's father, Hon. Samuel McKee, born in Rockbridge Co. VA on Oct. 13, 1774, he removed with his father, Col. Wm. McKee, to Garrard Co. KY about the year 1800. He was a member of Congress from 1806 to 1816, succeeding Judge John Boyle; circuit judge for a number of years, and an officer in the War of 1812. Dr. McKee had only two brothers, Col. Wm. R. McKee who graduated at military academy at West Point in 1829, subsequently colonel of 2nd KY Reg. in war with Mexico and lost his life at the head of his regiment at the same time with Lt. Col. Henry Clay Jr. at Buena Vista. His other brother, Judge George R. McKee, lawyer, resides in Covington. Dr. McKee's only sister, Jane Logan McKee, married Dr. Benjamin F. Duncan of Garrard Co. She died at the old McKee homestead near Lancaster in 1873. Dr. McKee's mother was Martha Robertson, dau. of Alexander Robertson, the first sheriff of Mercer Co. ... (more on McKee ancestors). Dr. McKee married in Sept. 1842, to Mary Ashby, dau. of Dr. M.Q. Ashby, of Richmond, KY; six children ...
      Pg.46, Garrard Co. JOEL T. BAUGHMAN was born March 4, 1825, in Lincoln (now Boyle) Co. KY; in 1851 he removed to Lincoln Co. and in 1866 to "Oakland Place" near the Frying Pan bend of Dicks River, Garrard Co., where he now resides. His father, Henry Baughman Jr., a native of VA, was born in 1776; he came to KY in 1780, remained here two years with his family, then went back to the "Old Dominion" for his mother; he was a farmer and large slave owner; was assessor of property in Lincoln Co., a Whig, and died in 1865. He was the son of Henry Baughman, of VA, who was murdered by Indians eight miles above Crab Orchard. This sad event happened when Henry Baughman, Jr., was on his return from VA with his mother, and had reached the fort above Crab Orchard, when the Indians opened fire, and Henry Baughman Sr. was killed in his attempt to give his relatives a chance to escape. The children born to Henry Sr. were Nancy (Gilbreath), Ticia (Duncan), Polly (McGill), Jacob and John (both killed at St.Clair's defeat), and Henry Jr. Henry Jr. married Patience, dau. of William Owsley, of Lincoln Co. (born 1784, died 1843) and to them were born ... (MAD: possibly Christina Baughman who married Benjamin Duncan Jr. 6/13/1796 Lincoln Co. KY)
      Pg.147, Boyle Co. WILLIAM WALKER HENDERSON, born May 12, 1818, ten miles west of Danville, and has all his life been a resident of Boyle Co. His father, James Henderson, also a native of Boyle Co., was a soldier in the war of 1812, and died in 1819; son of John Henderson from VA to KY during Rev. War, married Elizabeth Mann of VA and their offspring were: Nancy (Magill), Polly (Caldwell), Dycie (Johnson), Phoebe (Caldwell), Elizabeth (Pritchett), James, Esther (Duncan), Sarah (Parkes), Ann (Rice), Peggy (Robinson), Priscilla (Gordon), John and Louisa. James Henderson married Mary, dau. of Philip Walker of Boyle Co. (died in 1876) and to them were born William W. and Albert E.; after the death of her husband, Mrs. Henderson married Thomas Davis (children not copied here). In Jan. 1864, W.W. Henderson married Mrs. Jane Harlan, dau. of Ludwell Evans of Boyle Co., no children. ...(MAD: Esther Henderson mar. John Duncan 4/13/1812 Mercer Co. KY)

1888 "KY, a History of the State" 5th or 6th Edition (Volume), by Perrin, Battle & Kniffin (FHL book 976.9 D3wt, and Evelyn Sigler 7/1982)
      Pg.176 (pg.785). JOHN T. DUNCAN., son of William W. and Amanda (Harrington) Duncan, born in Shelby Co. KY on April 3, 1851, but removed to Oldham Co. in his infancy. On Sept. 18, 1873, he married Miss Ida Smith, of Jefferson Co., had four children: Rosa, Willie, Alexander and Gail. Has farm of 280 acres in Floydsburg Precinct, Oldham Co., and a member of the Baptist Church at Pewee Valley. William Duncan, the father of John T., was born near Danville, Boyle Co. KY, Jan. 15, 1823, a son of John and Frances (Yager) Duncan. He settled in Oldham Co. about 30 years ago, where he owns 300 acres, and 150 acres in Shelby Co. where he had previously resided. In 1845 he married Miss Julia Cardwell of Jefferson Co., where he also resided for a time. Mrs. Julia Duncan died before the year expired, and Mr. Duncan in 1848 married Miss Amanda Harrington of Shelby Co; eight children: John, Silas, Henry, Alexander, Mary, Robert, James and Alice. Mr. Duncan is president of Floydsburg & Aikin Turnpike Co., a Democrat, and with his family is a Baptist.
      Pg.193. W.O. HEAD, born in Oldham Co. KY, Aug. 30, 1847; his father, James Head, also a native of Oldham Co., merchant and farmer and for many years a justice of the peace. Zoch Head, grandfather of W.O. Head, a Virginian, to Oldham Co. when quite young. Mrs. James Head's maiden name was Margaret McMakin, born in Nelson Co., her mother Kittie Owsley, came from VA. James Head's mother was Rachel Oglesby. W.O. Head educated at La Grange College, a farmer, Ballards-ville Dist. In 1871, he married Miss Susan, dau. of Sandy and Mildred (Jones) Duncan, natives of Boyle and Oldham Co. respectively. The children born to this marriage are four: Alexander, Maggie, Minnie and Babe. Baptist Church, Democrat.

1891 "Portrait & Biographical Album of Macoupin Co. IL" by Biographical Pub. Co. (from Sue Monaghan 8/1987 and FHL book 977.383 D3p)
      Pg.493: Prof. Thomas E. Moore, Co. Superintendent of Schools ... native this county, b. Honey Point Twp, Sept. 16, 1847, son of Thomas D. Moore, native of Danville [Boyle Co.], KY, early pioneer of this section of IL. The paternal grandfather of our subject, William Moore, was born in VA and was a son of an immigrant from North of Ireland descended from Scotch ancestry and who came to this country in Colonial times; he first settled in VA, then KY, early pioneer of Danville where he died. He married in KY to Ellen Duncan, a native of Fauquier Co. VA and dau. of William Duncan, also a VA'n by birth. Grandfather Moore was a farmer, and after his removal to Danville, KY, devoted himself to his calling in that place the remainder of his life. Thomas D. Moore resided in native State until 1834, then age 20 started out ... to IL, to Carlinville, unmarried, his mother kept house for him. After a year, he returned to KY to marry Julia Dickerson, native of Jessamine Co., b. 1813. ...
      (MAD: William Moore mar. Ellen Duncan 3/24/1813 Lincoln Co. KY; she listed as daughter of Howson Duncan in his will; mother listed as Ellen Duncan in marriages by Anne Burns)


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