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Formed 1859, original county


1860 Wyandotte Co. KS Census
Quindaro Twp.
Pg.920, #392-444, Thomas DUNCAN 40 MO farmer $0-$0
                  Martha 26 MO
                  Sarah F. 6, William T. 4 MO
                  James W. 16 MO
                  William FARMER 81 VA
                  John DUNCAN 23 MO
                  (MAD: Thomas Duncan mar. Martha Farmer 11/24/1853 Holt Co. MO)
Pg.920, #393-445, James L. DUNCAN 45 MO farmer $0-$0
                  Polly 40 MO
                  Lousie E. (f) 19, Sarah A. 17 MO
                  Greembery (m) 9, Dulcina (f) 4 MO
                  Lucinda (f) 2 MO
                  Sarah FARMER 35 MO
                  (MAD: James S. Duncan mar. Polly Farmer of St.Louis Co. 1/12/1845 Franklin Co. MO)

1870 Wyandotte Co. KS Census
Quindard Twp.
Pg.527, #16-17, EDWARDS, Issac 33 IN farmer $0-$500
                  Elizabeth 32 MO
                  William 14 MO farm laborer
                  Ellen 13 MO
                  Minnie M. 4, Alonzo (m) 1 KS
                  DUNCAN, Woodford 23 MO BLACK farm laborer
Pg.528, #30-31, CREEK, Phillip 78 VA BLACK farm laborer $100-$0
                  Lydia Ann 57 KY BLACK keeping house
                  DUNCAN, Margaret 22 MO BLACK
                  James 27 TN BLACK farm laborer $0-$0
                  Lee Grant (m) 11/12 KS b.Aug. BLACK
                  CREEK, Laura 12 MO BLACK
                  James A. 11 MO BLACK
                  VANCE, Jane 12 MO BLACK
                  Ann 10 MO BLACK
                  John W. 4 KS BLACK
Pg.543, #253-259, DUNCAN, Thomas 47 MO farmer $3000-$600
                  Martha 37 MO
                  Sarah F. 15, William L. 13 MO attending school
                  Louiza (f) 10, Henrietta (f) 7 KS
                  Lavenie F. (f) 5, George J. 3 KS
                  Laura 5/12 b.Jan. KS
Pg.546, #289-295, DUNCAN, James L. 50 MO farmer $1500-$400
                  Mary 49 MO keeping house
                  Greenbury (m) 19 MO farm laborer
                  Dulcina (f) 14, Linderman (m) 11 KS at home
                  Mary (f) 10, John (m) 6 KS
                  (MAD: last four names overwritten; G.B. (m) 28 MO, M.M. (f) 19 KS, and J.T/L. Duncan (m) 16 KS in 1880 Montague Co. TX census)
Wyandotte Twp.
Pg.585, #236-250, DUNCAN, Robert 40 CAN farmer $0-$300, parents of foreign birth
                  Mary A. 34 MO keeping house
                  (no children)
Wayndotte City, Ward 2
Pg.621, #217-219, RIDDLE, Sylvester 50 KY BLACK teamster $200-$0
                  Vrinia? (f) 48 VA BLACK keeping house
                  HAGGINS, Nancy 23 MO BLACK washer
                  William 1 KS BLACK
                  DUNCAN, Plimia (f) 8 MO BLACK
                  HANNANS, Curtis (m) 7 MO BLACK
Wyandotte City, pg.126 (from Lavaun Burch 1/1994)
Pg.622, #226-227, DUNCAN, Susan 54 KY head of house
                  Susan 13 MO
                  Frank M. 33 OH millwright
                  Eliza 24 VA
                  Edwin 2, William 9/12 KS
                  MOUNT, Wilson 22 VA store clerk
                  John 19 VA
                  (MAD: Alexander Duncan mar. Susan Shields 12/9/1833 Brown Co. OH; 1850 Highland Co. OH census, 1860 Jackson Co. MO census; F.M. Duncan mar. Eliza Mounts 2/3/1864 Jackson Co. MO)

1910 Census, Kansas City, Wyandotte County, Kansas (from Kathy D. Cawley 4/2005)
S.D.# 2, E.D.# 179, Ward 5, Page# 57B, Image 6 of 39
   16 North Eighth Street
DUNCAN, Maggie, head, f/w, age 50, W'd, 11 chi. born, 6 living, MO./KY./KY. Housekeeper/boarder Home
BAKER, Walter, boarder, m/w, age 40, M1X 12 yrs., MO./MO./MO.
HART, Fred, boarder, m/w, age 20, single, TX./U.S./U.S.
DUNCAN, Arvel, son, m/w, age 20, single, MO./MO./MO. Boiler Maker/railroad
(KDC: Ages are off, but this is them!)
      (KDC: see 1880 DeKalb Co. MO census)


Mexican War Pension file, William B. Duncan (copy of documents from Geraldine L. Whitter 5/1999, MAD's extract)
      William B. Duncan, Enlisted 1846, discharged 1847. Soldier's certificate No. 795056, William B. Duncan, Pvt., Co. F, Kans. Vol. Pd., Can No. 16456. Sept. 27, 1883, War Department, Adjutant General's Office, Washington (477,310); returned to the Commissioner of Pension, William B. Duncan, a Private of Company F, 16th Regiment Kans. Cavy. Volunteers, was enrolled on 1 Jany. 1864 at Wyandotte, for 3 yrs, and is reported on the muster roll of said co. from enlistment to April 30 /64, present and reported to August 31 /64. Sept. & Oct. /64. Absent sick in Wyandotte Co. Kans. since Oct. 4 /64. ...
            Declaration for an Original Invalid Pension ... Madison Co. AR, 22 March 1883, appeared William B. Duncan age 59 who was enrolled on 1 Nov. 1863 in Co. F, 16 Reg. Kans. Cavl. commanded by Col. Davis and was discharged at Levenworth, Kans. 1 Dec. 1865; personal description age 59 years, height 6 feet no inches, complexion fair, hair dark, eyes blue; that in Wyandott, Kans, on or about 15 March 1865, then and there contracted kidney wound or injury; disease of kidney affected? rumatic bone scurvey?, treated at Julesburg, Col., and Leeavensworth, Kans.; since leaving service he has resided in Jackson and Leveler? in MO, here 12 years, occupation farmer .... /w/ William B. Duncan, Dutton PO, Madison Co. AR.
            Declaration of Survivor for Pension, Mexican War Pension, Act of Jan. 29, 1887: Madison Co. AR, on 11 March 1887, appeared William B. Duncan, resident of Dutton in Madison Co. AR, who served as Private under Capt. John G. Stevenson in Reg. of MO Cav. commanded by Col. John Donathan in War with Mexico; that I enlisted at Union, Franklin Co. MO, on or about June 1846 for one [year?] and was discharged at New Orleans, LA, on June 1847; service marched from Union, Franklin Co. MO, to and through Mexico War in the battles Braceto & Sacramento & marched back to New Orleans, La.; that I am 63 years of age, having been born at St. Charles Co. MO on 27 Aug. 1823; that I am married, the maiden name of my wife was Margaret J. Jones whom I married at Franklin Co. MO (blank day and month) 1828, that my wife is now living; service proved by: that on 29 Nov. 1847 I was allowed and received a Bounty Land Warrant or script, and affidavits of William A. Marrs and William Tweedy; since my discharge I have resided in the states of MO, KS and AR; /s/ William (X) B. Duncan; wit. W.C. Roberts, C.W. Kenerston.
            Affidavit of witness William A. Marrs, 11 March 1887, known William B. Duncan for 15 years, served in the company of Capt. John G. Stevenson in Reg. commanded by Col. John Donathan, knows William B. Duncan to have served in the war with Mexico from having heard others state and from his own statements that he served in the Mexican War and from having seen papers directed to him and in his possession sent him from J.L. Edwards Commissioner of Pensions dated Nov. 29th, 1847; that William B. Duncan was engaged in a battle in said war, in the battles of Bracita & Sacramento in 1846; that William B. Duncan is 62 years of age, having been born on or about 27 Aug. 1823 at St.Charles Co. MO. Affidvit of witness William Tweedy, 11 March 1887, known William B. Duncan 15 years, served in the company of capt. John G. Stevenson in Reg. commanded by Col. John Donathan, (same as statement by William A. Marrs).
      Declaration for Invalid Pension, Act of June 27, 1890, Madison Co. AR, 24 July 1890, appeared William B. Duncan, age 66 years, resident of Town of Dutton, Madison Co. AR, who was enrolled on 3 Jan. 1863 as Private Co. F, 16th Kansas Cav. Vol., discharged at Ft. Levensworth, KS, on 6 Dec. 1867, unable to earn a support by reason of disease of both feet?, back entirely disabled, gravul? & Kidney disease; that he is a pensioner under certificate No. 2552 (Mexican); /s/ William (X) B. Duncan, wit. M.U. Cowan, T.T. Cowan.
      Invalid Pension, June 23, 1892, questions: My wife is dead, name Margret J. Duncan, maiden name Margret J. Jones; married Frankling Co. MO April 23, 1848, recorded in the Clerks Office at Union, Frankling Co. MO; I have been married but once; I have 8 [children living], Joanna, born March 22nd /54, M.S. Aug. 4th /60, L.H.? Oct. 13th /64, U.S. born June 25th /56, A.P. May 3rd /62, J.B. Feb. 15th /68, C. Emma Jan. 5 /58, M.J. March 11th /63. Reply dated July 6th 1892, W.B. Duncan, P.O. Dutton, Madison Co. AR. (MAD: initials not easy to read).
      Pensioner dropped: Certificate No. 795056, William B. Duncan, ... Died 22 Jan. 1903. No other claims.

HISTORIES before 1923

1911 "History of Wyandotte Co. KS & Its People" by Perl W. Morgan, pub. by Lewis Pub. Co. (CA State Library, Sutro Branch; FHL book 978.139 H2m and film 1,000,041 items 3-4)
      No Duncan biography indexed

1890 "Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas : historical and biographical. Comprising a condensed history of the state, a careful history of Wyandotte County, and a comprehensive history of the growth of the cities, towns and villages..." pub. by Goodspeed Pub. Co. (CA State Library, Sutro Branch; FHL book 978.139 H2w and film 1,000,041 item 2)
      Pg.584-5: ROBERT DUNCAN, grocer, Edwardsville, KS. Born New Brunswick on Sept. 20, 1830, son of John and Christina (Gerrad) Duncan, both natives of Scotland; parents married in New Brunswick, 8 sons & 1 dau. born and reared there. Robert Duncan, 5th child, age 9 went with a Mr. Esson to near Kingston, Upper Canada, for 10 years. From 1849 to 1863 was in Cobury postoffice, Ottawa and Kingston; in 1863 health failed, came west; worked on Union Pacific Railroad 1863-1868; 1868 settled Wyandotte Co. Married in 1863 to Miss Mary A. Jeffers; previously in 1858 he was married in Canada to Miss Margaret Wilson, who bore him two children, a son and daughter; the daughter Fannie C. married and resides in Winnipeg, Canada. Mr. Duncan and present wife are members of Christian Church and he a Democrat. (MAD: one Robert Duncan of Wyandott, KS, mar. Mary Ann Davis of Shawneetown, KS, 6/13/1865, in Jackson Co. MO; from "Marriage Records of Jackson Co. MO 1827-1850, 1851-1865" by Vineyard, Vol.2, 1851-1865; FHL book 977.841 V25v)

"The Book of Missourians : the achievements and personnel of notable living men and women of Missouri in the opening decade of the twentieth century" ed. by M.L. Van Nada; pub. Chicago: T.J. Steele & Co., 1906, 483 pgs. (LH10659, HeritageQuest images 5/2007; FHL film 1,651,390)
      Pg.450: STEPHEN HOOD RAGAN, M.D., born September 3, 1864, near Johnson Station, Tarrant county, Tex., son of Col. Stephen C. Ragan. ... Dr. Ragan was married November 22, 1885, to Miss Vena Duncan, a daughter of Thomas Duncan, who is a native of Missouri, and a pioneer settler of Wyandotte county, Kansas. Three children have been born, Walter, Stephen and Alpha Ragan. Business and residence address, 3034 Holmes, Kansas City, Missouri. (MAD: Kansas City, Jackson Co. MO)


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