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Formed 1855, original county


1860 Atchison Co. KS Census (and from Denzil Mauldin 1/1987)
Center Twp., P.O. Pardee
Pg.277, #977-973, T.G.C. DUNCAN (m) 30 KY farmer $400-$250
                  Sarah T. 26 MO
                  Louisa J. 6 MO
                  Nancy E. 4, Robert C. 2 KS
                  Emily F. 3/12 KS
                  (MAD: Thomas J. Duncan, 1850 Andrew Co. MO census with John & Ester Duncan)

1870 Atchison Co. KS Census
1st Ward, Atchison City
Pg.181, #232-218, Boarding house, boarders include
                  DUNCAN, Donald 23 SCT carpenter $0-$0
2nd Ward, Atchison City
Pg.199, #179-179, BROOKS, Martha 37 NY keeping boarders $0-$0, including
                  DUNCAN, Abram B. 38 IN works in saddle shop $0-$0
Pg.205, #231-235, JOHNSON, Hans (m) 22 SWEden laborer $0-$0
                  Sibella (f) 19 SWE keeping houses
                  Carl (m) 1 SWE
                  DUNCAN, Frank 21 SCT laborer $0-$0
                  WILLIAMS, Nelson (m) 33 NORway laborer $0-$0
                  Julia 29 NOR keeping house
                  John 8, Nelson 6, Nicholas 4 NOR
                  Julia 3, Kate 1 NY
4th Ward, Atchison City
Pg.241, #158-158, DUNCAN, Phillip 32 MO plasterer $0-$0
                  Sarah 34 MO keeping house
                  Dora (f) 11 MO at home, deaf & dumb
                  Squire (m) 9, John 7, George M. 6 MO going to school
                  Mary E. 5, Olive (f) 2 KS
                  (MAD: 1860 Randolph Co. MO census as P.P. Duncan; 1850 Monroe Co. MO census, son of David & Elizabeth)
Town of Center
Pg.268-9, #178-184, DUNCAN, Thomas J. 40 KY broom maker $500-$400
                  Sarah T. 34 MO keeping house
                  Robert C. 12, Emma F. 10 KS at home
                  Thomas E. 8, John B. 3, Charles 1 KS at home
Grasshopper Twp.
Pg.280, #18-21, ALLEN, Charity 68 KY keeping house $0-$0
                  William 26 IN farmer $0-$0
                  DUNCAN, Henry 25 MO farm laborer $0-$0
Town of Mt. Pleasant
Pg.328, #156-156, DUKIN, Patrick 30 IRE tanner $1200-$215, parents of foreign birth
                  Catherine 30 IRE keeping house, parents of foreign birth
                  John 12, Mary A. 10 KS at home, parents of foreign birth
                  Thomas 7 KS at home, parents of foreign birth


Atchison County KS Probate Court case files, ca. 1860-1917 (FHL film 1,819,361; SLC 9/2007)
      Case files are filed in two groupings. The first grouping is filed by the first letter of the surname and then numerically by date within that letter. The ordering was changed so the second grouping is filed in numerical order without any regard to date or surname.
      Probate case files contain estates, administrations and guardianships but exclude any insanity cases because of Kansas laws. Each case file contains documents relating to that file.
      Probate case files: C-241 to C-248 D-249 to D-306 E-307 to E-330 F-331 to F-345
      D-287: Eva J. Duncan, minor, A.B. Duncan, gdn, March 1st, 1882.
            Application - Journal E, pg.591, filed 1 March 1882. Appl. of A.B. Duncan of Atchison City and County, State of Kansas, that Eva J. Duncan, aged 9 years on 7 March 1882, minor child of Margaret Duncan, decd, that the minor has real property, value $600. 1 March, 1882, A.B. Duncan.
            (bond) Sureties for $1200, lot #3 and 2-1/4 feet of lot #4 in block 44 known as Old Atchison City. /s/ A.B. Duncan, E. Rohr, R.H. Hawthorn.
            Guardian oath recorded Vol.A, pg.32, Journal E, pg.591.
            Journal E, pg.593 - petition to sell real estate ... her said mother Margaret Duncan --- the house is old and delapidated, needs extensive repairs, the minor has no money ... minor is not a resident of the state of Kansas - recorded Journal E, pg.599.
            Journal E, pg.605 & 606. Supplemental report, 13 March 1882, permission to sell undivided half lot 3 and north 2-1/2 feet of lot 4 in block 44 in "Old Atchison" to said Alexander C. Gracie on 4 March 1882.
            Report of Sale, Journal E, pg.599 & 600, to Abraham Zahn for the other half for $600 each.


Atchison Co. KS General index to Deeds, grantor & grantee 1866-1871 (FHL film 1,728,939; SLC 9/2007)
      Grantors, 1866-1871:
      March 11, 1867, Duncan, T.J.C. & wife to Truax, Joseph, mortgage R-111, Block 49, Pardee, satisfied Nov. 20, 1867.
      June 20, 1868, Duncan, T.J.C. et ux to Kelly, Samuel, mortgage R-362, satisfied July 5, 1869, Blks 50 & 57 & lots 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 & 15, Block 45 in Pardee.
      Oct. 17, 1868, Duncan, T.J.C. et ux to Cushman, Adolphus, deed T-183, Block 50 & 57 Pardee
      April 9, 1869, Duncan, T.J.C. et ux to Cushman, Abial, W.deed T-415, lots 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 & 16, Block 45, Pardee.
      Grantees, 1866-1871:
      Nov. 21, 1867 - Duncan, T.J.C. from Shriner, Wm. H. & wife, deed D-312, Blk 54 & 57 and lots 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 & 15 Block 45 Pardee.
      Grantors 1871-1882:
      Sept. 16, 1873, Duncan, A.B. etc? to A.G. Otis, W.D. 37-296, pt. SE 1/4 Sec.11 T6 R20
      May 16, 1878, Duncan, H.C. per Sheriff to Trimble, Jas. M., Sheriff's deed X-168, Pt. S.W. 28-5-18 Quarter pt. NW Sec.33 T5 R18.
      June 8, 1878, Duncan, T.J.C. to Webster, C.T?., W.D. rec. 47-512, NE 1/4 NW 1/4 Sec.2 T7 R14.
      Grantees, 1871-1882 (FHL film 1,728,940)
      Jan. 11, 1876, Duncan, T.J.C. from Cobb, N.A., Q.C.D. 42-96, NE 1/4 NW Sec.2 T7 R19
      Jan. 11, 1876, Duncan, T.J.C. from Cobb, G.W. decd, Exr deed 45-436, NE 1/4 NW Sec.2 T7 R19
      Grantors, 1882-1887:
      March 14, 1882, Dunkin, Alvan B. to Gracie, Alex C., W.D. 61-189, 1/2 3 & pt 4 lots 44 block "O.A."
      March 14, 1882, Dunkin, Eva J. to Gracie, Alex C., guardian deed 63-25, 1/2 3 & pt 4 lots 44 block "O.A."
      Sept. 14, 1882, Duncan?, Phillip P. to Northwestern Met. Life Ins. Co., mortgage 60-589, Lot 10 block 21 "S.A."
      July 11, 1885, Dunkin, Phil to Gilbert & Gay, mortgage 74-382, lots 10 & pt. 11, block 21, S.A.
      Oct. 23, 1885, Duncan, Mary to Bird, L.F., mortgage 74-218, lot 11, block 34, "N.A."

Atchison Co. KS Deeds (SLC 9/2007)
      R-111, filed March 11, 1867. Thomas J.C. Duncan and wife to Joseph Truax. 12 May 1864, Thomas J.C. Duncan and Sarah Y. Duncan his wife of Atchison Co. KS to Joseph Truax of Atchison Co. KS, for $100, Block 49 in town of Pardee, mortgage at 10% interest on promissory note. Both signed. (FHL film 1,065,204; filled in forms)
      37-296, filed Sept. 16, 1873. 2 Aug. 1873, A.B. Duncan and wife Margaret Duncan formerly Mrs. Margaret Sagui of Atchison Co. KS to Alfred G. Otis of same, $300, all their right, title and interest in property, undivided 1/7 part now held by Mount Vernon Cemetery Association of Atchison Co. KS, of all lots, blocks, and parcels of land and all personal property, notes, etc., being 20 acres of land from the SE 1/4 of Sec.11 Twp.6 Range 20 at NE corner of said 1/4 section ... 1/7 part heretofore owned by Jacob Sagui now decd which descended to Mrs. Margaret Duncan formerly Mrs. Margaret Sagui his widow. Both signed. (FHL film 1,065,193)
      61-189: 13 March 1882, Alvan B. "Duncan," widower, of Atchison Co. KS, to Alexander C. Gracie of same, $600, undivided 1/2 lot 3 and N 2-1/4 feet of lot 4, all in block 44 in "Old Atchison" inherited from "Margaret Dunkin (nee Sagui)" deceased. /s/ A.B. Duncan. (FHL film 1,064,314)
      63-25: 13 March 1882, Alvan B. Duncan, guardian of the estate of Eva Duncan by appointment of Probate Court, minor heir of Margaret Duncan (nee Sague) deceased of Atchison Co. KS, to Alexander C. Gracie; that per petition filed 2 March 1882, and on 8 March 1882 order of sale was granted ... appraised by 3 disinterested householders, sold for more than 3/4 the appraisal value, sold undivided half lot 3 and the North 2-1/2 feet of lot 4, Block 44, in "Old Atchison" part of the city. (FHL film 1,064,315 item 3, handwritten document)


Andrew Co. MO Deed
      15-652: 23 April 1866, Johnson F. Duncan of Atchison Co. MO appoint T.J.C. Duncan of Atchison Co. KS my attorney. No wit. Appeared in Fremont Co. IA, 23 April 1866, /s/ J.F. Duncan; filed 25 April 1866. (FHL film 1,006,158)

HISTORIES before 1923

1918-1919 "A standard history of Kansas and Kansans" by William E. Connelley, pub. by Lewis Publishing Company, Chicago, IL, Vol.1 to 5 (CA State Library, Sutro Branch; FHL book 978.1 H2c and film 1,000,029)
      Pg.1437-8: JOHN E. DUNCAN, town of Shannon [Atchison Co.] for 30 years. Born Madison Co. IL, March 24, 1862; his father John Duncan b. in County Tipperary, Ireland, in 1817; to America 1850; married in New York State; soon after to farm in Macoupin Co. IL; d. there 1890; Democrat, Catholic. Wife was Mary Hooley, born County Tipperary in 1818, to US 1851; d. Macoupin Co. 1907. Her children were: Patrick, farmer in Macoupin Co.; John E.; Margaret m. John Moran, a Macoupin Co. farmer; Nellie lives Girard, IL, widow of Owen O'Neil who was real estate man at Girard; William, foreman of Brown-Hamilton Shoe Factory in St. Louis MO.
      John E. to KS April 11, 1887, to Shannon Sept. 1887; Democrat, Catholic. Married in Shannon in 1890 to Miss Margaret Clark, dau. of Matthew and Catherine (O'Grady) Clark; both parents now deceased. Mr. & Mrs. Duncan have 5 children: John Matthew, who grad. from College 1911; Catherine, in Academy at Atchison; Margaret in same; Bernardette in public school; and Dorothy.

1916 "History of Atchison Co. KS" by Sheffield Ingalls, pub. by Standard Pub. Co., Lawrence, KS (CA State Library, Sutro Branch; FHL film 873,938 item 1 and 1,000,033 item 3)
      Pg.620-2: JOHN E. DUNCAN, of Shannon, KS; born March 21, 1863, in Moro, Madison Co. IL; son of John & Mary (Hooley) Duncan, who had 8 children, 3 of whom are now dead. Father was born Dec. 1818 in Ireland; left IRE 1846 for NY; farmed in NY State; married two years later. In 1851 to IL until 1891. Mother of John Duncan born in IRE in 1827; in 1848 left with brother William to America; she died 1907; both parents Catholic. John E. to Shannon 1887; also owns land Macoupin Co. IL; married 1890 to Margaret V. Clark, following children: John, with father in business; Kathrine age 16; Margaret age 11; Bernadette age 9; Dorothy age 4. Mrs. Duncan is dau. of Mathias and Katherine (O'Grady) Clark, both from Ireland to America. Mr. Duncan a Democrat, family is Catholic.

1883 "History of the State of Kansas : containing a full account of its growth from an uninhabited territory to a wealthy and important state; of its early settlements; a supplementary history and description of its counties, cities, towns and villages, their advantages, industries and commerce, to which are added biographical sketches and portraits of prominent men and early settlers" ed. by William G. Cutler, A.T. Andreas; pub. Chicago : A.T. Andreas (FHL book 978.1 H2hi 1976 & v.2; FHL film 982,248 items 1-2)
      Pg.387, Atchison Co., Atchison. P.P. DUNKIN, contractor and plasterer, Atchison, Kan., was born in 1836. In 1845, went to Morgan County, Ill. In 1855, went to Virginia, Ill., where he learned the trade of plain and ornamental plasterer. In 1857, commenced taking contracts. In 1863, went to Missouri where he followed his trade, and in 1865 came to this place, and has plastered many of the largest blocks, among these the Ogden block, Price block and a large number of the best residences. He employs twenty men in the various capacities of his business, and last year paid out $10,000 for labor alone. Was married in 1859 at Randolph, Mo., to Miss Sarah Palmer. They have six children -- Dora I., Squire W., John W., Mary, George and Ollie. In 1869, he was appointed Deputy Marshal of this place and held the office two years. Is a member of the Atchison Lodge K. of H. (MAD: Indexed Phillips P. Dunkin)


"The Globe" Atchison [Atchison Co.], Ks., November, 18, 1879 (transcription by and from Kathy Cawley 1/2004)
      Last Thursday a man named William Duncan, well known in this city, was shot and killed at Plattsmouth, Neb. He was a gambler by profession, and had roped a green one in and skinned him out of fifty dollars on the string game. A quarrel ensued, during which the stranger drew a revolver and shot Duncan through the heart, killing him almost instantly. We learn of no arrests being made.

"Atchison Daily Globe" Atchison [Atchison Co.], Kansas, February 1, 1883 (transcription by and from Kathy Cawley 1/2004)
      MISS LIBBIE DUNCAN, the Topeka girl who is accused of running away to join the Hess opera company, worked as a servant girl in Atchison, in the family of J.F. Tufts, the lawyer, until last Monday, when her mother arrived and took her home. The man who honestly tries to be of use in this country by inventing a sensation usually fails miserably.

"Atchison Daily Globe" Atchison [Atchison Co.], Kansas, April 6, 1883 (transcription by and from Kathy Cawley 1/2004)
      The sheriff of Marshall County, Kansas, passed through the city yesterday om his way to the State asylum in Topeka with JAMES DUNCAN, of Maryville, who has been adjudged insane. Duncan was a former resident of Atchison, and was connected with the patent lime kiln in the northwestern part of the city in 1873. From this city he went to Arkansas, in 1874, where he resided until 1880, when he went to Kansas City, and from there to Axtell, Kansas and Maryville. Some two or three months ago he tried to commit suicide by cutting his throat, but was prevented, and since that time he has gradually been losing his mind.


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