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Formed 1826 from Unorganized Territory, Parke
Clinton formed 1830 from Tippecanoe


1830 Tippecanoe Co. IN Census
Pg.101  Aaron Duncan       0002,0000,1  - 0           Wabash
          (William next to Aaron)
        William Duncan     0000,01      - 0001
          (MAD: ? 1850 White Co. IN census, wife Mary)
   119  Robert Duncan      0011,0001    - 1110,001    Fairfield
   121  James Duncan       2000,1       - 0010,1
   125  Joseph Dunkin      0000,1       - 0000,1      Randolph

1840 Tippecanoe Co. IN Census
Pg.245  James Duncan       1020,11      - 1200,01     Perry
   264  William Duncan     0100,0100,01 - 2100,01     Wabash
          (Crawford next to William)
        Crawford Duncan    1100,1       - 1100,1
          (MAD: Crawford Duncan mar. Tabitha Owens 9/25/1837)

1850 Tippecanoe Co. IN Census
(Could not locate Frederick Hatce-Hatch-Hather or Jacob Graner-Graves-Grayham)
Wabash Twp.
Pg.18, #249-249, Bryant THORNELL 31 VA farmer $0
                  Tabitha 35 NC
                  Elizabeth 12, Wm. 10 IN
                  Samuel 9, Ann 7 IN
                  Wm. MARSHALL 9 IN
                  Amanda THORNELL 6, Jeremiah 4 IN
                  Geo. W. 6/12 IN
                  Jeremiah THORNELL 24 VA
                  (MAD: Tabitha Duncan mar. Bryant "Thernelle" or "Thernett" 8/24/1848; ? Tabitha Owens, widow of Crawford Duncan)
Fairfield Twp.
Pg.118, #1557-1557, Daniel DUNKIN 35 OH farmer $0
                  Elizabeth 30 OH
                  John G. 7 IN
                  William GILLEN 23 OH laborer $0
                  Benj. LONG 28 OH laborer $0
                  (MAD: 1860 Richland Co. WI census)
Washington Twp.
Pg.140, #152-152, John CUNNINGHAM 60 PA farmer $6170
                  Amandia (f) 16 IN ("Ia")
                  David PETERS 29 OH farmer $0
                  Mary CUNNINGHAM 46 OH
                  Andrew 14 IN
                  (MAD: John Cunningham d. 1859; his dau. Maria mar. Nathan Andrews of Polk Co. IA 1850 whose dau. Sarah J. b.1839 IN mar. John Duncan)

1860 Tippecanoe Co. IN Census
Wabash Twp.
Pg.643, #243-243, Silas STEELE 38 OH farmer $11750-$850
                  Mary Jane 37 PA
                  George 13, Edward 8 IN
                  Ella 7, Flence (f) 4 IN
                  Andrew S. 2, Winfield 2/12 IN
                  Elizabeth MORRIS 15 NY, Mary 12 NY
                  William DUNKIN 20 IN (blank)
                  Frederic BITTERMEYER 27 Germany
Pg.660, #378-374, Bryant THORNELL 39 VA farmer $0-$430
                  Tabitha 44 NC
                  William M. 17, Jeremiah 15 IN
                  Amanda DUNKIN 17 IN
                  Louisa THORNELL 9, Emeretta 6 IN
                  Lorenda E. (f) 3 IN

1870 Tippecanoe Co. IN Census (pg.327 also from Bonnie D. Clark 8/1999)
Lafayette, Ward 5
Pg.194, #238-239, HILLSTAR?, S?. H.W. (f) 70 DE widow $15,000-$1,000
                  DUNCAN, Johanna 51 PA maid $1000-$0
                  CASH, Clarence (m) 20 PA (blank)
                  (MAD: blot on name)
Lafayette, Ward 6
Pg.211, #160-182, DUNCAN, John 30 SCT gas filler? $5-$0, parents of foreign birth
                  Betsy 30 SCT wife, parents of foreign birth
                  Robert 14, Adam 12 OH, parents of foreign birth
                  Margaret 7 OH, parents of foreign birth
                  Willie (m) 3 IN, parents of foreign birth
                  George 6/12 IN b.Dec., parents of foreign birth
                  (MAD: 1860 Hamilton Co. OH census, John & Bridget 26 SCT; 1880 Thayer Co. NE census)
Tippecanoe Twp., Chauncey P.O.
Pg.327, #65-66, DUNCAN, Ameretta (f) 60 OH keeps house $250-$300
                  Frank 16 MA
                  Mary 11 MD
Pg.328, #87-87, DUNCAN, Amarell (f) 45 OH keeps house $250-$300
                  George (m) 20 IN domestic
                  Francis M. (m) 16, Mary 12 IN
                  (MAD: Ameretta should be about age 53; 1850-1860 White Co. IN census, widow of John Duncan)
Pg.337, #236-226, GRAVES, John 67 VA retired $3400-$8000
                  Eliza 56 OH keeps house $1500-$100
                  DUNCAN, John W. 28 IN clerk $0-$0
Pg.347, #408-377, SEVILLE, Peter B. 54 OH farmer? & family
                  DUNCAN, Emily J. 22 IN
Wabash Twp.
Pg.368, #95-95, DOWNING, M.H. (m) 38 IN farmer $8000-$2300
                  Mary 40 IN keeps house
                  Charles S. 13 IN
                  ANDERSON, Alpheuis (f) 14 IN
                  DUNCAN, Geo. W. 20 IN


Tippecanoe Co. IN Marriages (FHL film 878,010; only checked a few, for spelling)
      Frederick Hatce (Hotcis?) to Jane Duncan, both Tippecanoe Co., lic. 11 June 1838, mar. 14 June 1838 by R. Blacklidge JP (2-75)
      Jacob C. Graner (sic) to Eliza Ann Duncan, lic. 18 Nov. 1847, mar. 17 Nov. 1847 (sic) by J.G. Wilson (3-178)
      Bryant Thernett (not Thernelle) to Tabitha Duncan, lic. 24 Aug. 1848, mar. same date by Peter Caster (3-278)


Tippecanoe Co. IN Probate Records (indexes on FHL film 872,065 items 2-3)
      Index to final record, county clerk's office
            1826-1853 - no Duncan (FHL film 872,065 item 2)
            1848-1853 - no Duncan (FHL film 872,065 item 3)
      Vol.8, Common Pleas Court: (FHL film 872,130)
            Pg.262: March 1861, John Duncan, William Duncan and Maria A. Duncan by their next friend Nathan Andrew, vs. Isaac Cunningham, John Cunningham, Andrew J. Cunningham, Mary Jane Holmes and her husband Thomas Holmes, Eliza Gates and husband Andrew Gates, Amanda Hamilton and husband Abraham Hamilton, petition for partition of land; Nathan Andrew, the grandfather of above Duncans who are under 6 years of age, he taking care of the infants at the request of their father who with said infants are now residents of the State of Iowa; their rights in estate of John Cunningham decd. late of this county; that on March 1861 John Duncan is age 5 years, William Duncan about 2-1/2 years, and Maria A. Duncan about 1 year. That John Cunningham died Feb. 1859 leaving a will, of Washington Twp, naming his youngest daughter Amanda, step-son James McKinly, son Isaac Cunningham; his real estate to go in shares to Isaac Cunningham, John Cunningham, Andrew Jackson Cunningham, Mary Holmes wife of Thomas, Amanda Hamilton wife of Abraham, and Eliza Gates wife of Andy; the administrators appointed were John and Isaac Cunningham; the Duncan children are the children and only heirs at law of Sarah J. Duncan who is dead, said Sarah J. having been the only child and sole heir of Maria Andrews, the wife of their next friend and grandfather Nathan Andrews, that Maria Andrews died before the mother of the Duncan children; that Maria Andrews was a daughter of decedent and died before he died; the others are of full age; land in John Duncan et al vs. Isaac Cunningham et al (land description not copied); the others offer compromise of 1/2 a full share; the judge said the Duncan children have no claim under the will, but everyone agreed to the 1/2 a full share compromise.
      Will Record, circuit court, Vol.2, 1834-1892 - no Duncan (FHL film 872,064)


Tippecanoe Co. IN Deeds
   Index 1826-41 to Vol. A-P - too light to read (FHL film 862,988)
   General index to deeds (FHL films 863,455 to 863,458)
      A-42: 29 May 1826, Benjamin Duncan (no wife) of Ross Co. OH to James Cochran of same, $300, W 1/2 SE 1/4 and E 1/2 SW 1/4 of Sec.3, and E 1/2 NW 1/4 Sec.10, both Twp 22, Range 4 West, all in Terre Haute Dist. Wit. John McCullough, Robert Johnston. Reg. in Montgomery Co. IN 6 July 1827. (FHL film 854,176)
      A-273: 23 May 1828, Robert Duncan and wife Hannah of Tippecanoe Co. IN to Henry Rerick of same, $89, N fraction NE 1/4 Sec.5, Twp 22N, R3W, 71.53 acres. Wit. Wm. Bush JP, Hannah Rerick. (FHL film 854,176)
      B-195: 11 June 1830, A.L. Clark as company agent (no locality) to John H. Duncan (no locality, lot #1 in addition to town of Lafayette. (FHL film 854,176; not copied further)
      B-219: 24 April 1830, Samuel Dunkin and wife Susannah of Fountain Co. IN to Josip (sic) Dunkin of Tippecanoe Co., $180, equal half E 1/2 SE 1/4 Sec.17, and E 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec.20, both Twp 21, Range 4W. Wit. Jasper Wilson, Wm. A. Stephens. (FHL film 854,176)
      D-274: 16 March 1832, Hercules Dunkin and wife Sarah of Fountain Co. IN to John D. Cook of State of IN, $300, 80 acres, E 1/2 SE 1/4, and 80 acres, W 1/2 SE 1/4, both Sec.11, Twp 24, Range 4W. Wit. Jacob K?. Copinger?, George Worthington. (FHL film 854,177; faint)
      E-5: 14 May 1833, Joseph Dunkin and wife Elizabeth (x) of Tippecanoe Co. IN to Thomas Branton of same, $900, 80 acres, E 1/2 SE 1/4 Sec.17, and 80 acres, E 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec.20, both Twp. 21, Range 4W. Wit. Thomas Smiley, Mary Smiley. (FHL film 854,178)
      H-97: 7 Sept. 1832, Henry Resick and wife Julia to Robert Dunkin, both Tippecanoe Co., $25?, 1? acre, Sec.3, Twp 22, Range 3. (FHL film 862,976)
      N-269: 16 March 1837, Joshua Dunkin and wife Nancy to Jonathan Birch, both Fountain Co. IN, $1280, 160 acres, SW 1/4 Sec.8 Twp 24 Range 4. Wit. Wm. Dertington, Edward Mitchell. (FHL film 862,979)
      O-138: 25 Feb. 1834, Amos Dunkin and wife Keziah to Reason Dunkin, both Adams Co. OH, $800, W 1/2 SE 1/4, S. frac. of NE 1/4, E 1/4 SE 1/4, and N frac. NE 1/4, all Sec.4, Twp 24, Range 4, on waters of Wabash. Wit. Moses Lockhart, James Scott. (FHL film 862,979, and from Iris Grimmett)
      P-499: 24 Feb. 1838, Rezin Dunkin and wife Margaret to Edward Hemphill Jr., both Fountain Co. IN, $2500, (land in O-138). Wit. Wm. V?. Powell JP, Hercules Dunkin. (FHL film 862,980)
      Q-260: 18 Sept. 1841, William Duncan and wife Mary (X) to James Peirce, both Tippecanoe Co. IN, $400, 80 acres, S frac. NE 1/4 Sec.2, Twp 25, Range 5. Wit. Benjamin Hinkle JP. (FHL film 862,980) (MAD: indexed as Twp.23; 1850 White Co. IN census)
      U-271: 18 Aug. 1845, Jas. D. McDonald to John H. Duncan, lots in LaFayette addition. (from index)
      W-361: 15 Nov. 1845, John H. Duncan to Jesse Andrew, lot #1 in adn. to Lafayette.
      27-199: 15 Jan. 1850, John H. Duncan to Henry Neauman?, lot in Lafayette
      28-143: 31 May 1848, John H. Duncan and wife Elizabeth to Jesse Sargent of Warren Co. IN, $150, our interest in real estate as heirs of George Sargent Sr. decd., of Fountain Co. IN. Wit. Eveline Hollory, Samuel Colman. (FHL film 875,091)
      Quit at Vol. 30, 1852.


Carroll Co. IN Deed
      A-348: 21 July 1834, James Duncan and wife Elizabeth Duncan of Tippecanoe Co. IN to William Smith of Carrol Co. IN, for $100 paid, sell land in Carroll Co. IN, E 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec.27 Twp.24 Range 1E containing 80 acres by survey more or less, together with appurtenances, warrant title. /s/ James Duncan, Elizabeth Duncan. Wit. Wm. Bush, John Duncan. James Duncan and wife Elizabeth ack. before Wm. Bush, J.P. of Tippecanoe Co. IN, she released dower rights, 21 July 1834. Recorded August 30, 1834. (FHL film 2,208,674 item 5)

St.Joseph Co. IN Deed
      E-411: 24 Oct. 1836, John Duncan and wife Amareta? (X) Duncan of St.Joseph Co. IN to Barton & Fremide? (indexed Favourite) of Tippecanoe Co. IN, for $100 paid, sell land in St.Joseph Co. IN, being NE 1/4 SW 1/4 Sec.17 Twp.36N Range 3E, warrant title. /s/ John Duncan, Amereta? (X) Duncan. Wit. ?. R. Berklodge??, T.W. Maning? (very faint) John Duncan and Amaretta? his wife appeared in Tippecanoe Co. IN before V?. Blackledge, J.P., 24 Oct. 1836, recorded St.Joseph Co. IN Jan. 24, 1839. (FHL film 1,605,745; very faint)

HISTORIES before 1923

"Past and present of Tippecanoe County, Indiana" by B Wilson Smith, Edwin Jenkins, Alva O Reser, Gabriel Godfroy, et al; ed. by Richard P. DeHart; pub. Indianapolis, Ind.: B.F. Bowen & Co., 1909, 1375 pgs. (LH6286, HeritageQuest images 4/2007; FHL film 934,920 items 3-4)
      Vol.2, pg.1019-1020: THOMAS M. MARKS, son of Aaron, a descendant of the Kentucky pioneer, was born in Nelson Co. KY, May 15, 1807. In the spring of 1826 he came to Tippecanoe county, ... returned to KY for his bride, Lydia Howey ... He died September 14, 1876, and his wife on February 13, 1876, both being buried in the Marks cemetery, ... They had seven children who reached maturity, besides the eldest that died in infancy. Anna, the oldest daughter, married Daniel Crisman, but both are now dead. Jane, deceased, was the wife of Andrew J. Berryhill. Jacob died in February 1908, leaving a widow and five children, the former since deceased. Aaron makes his home in Lafayette. Elizabeth, deceased wife of John Bowles. Lydia, wife of Marion Duncan, of Jackson township. Thomas M. Marks, fifth of the above list, was born in Wayne township, Tippecanoe county, July 28, 1842. ...
      Vol.2, pg.1007-1008: JACOB M. TAYLOR ... William and Sarah Ann (Bonnett) Taylor came into the county, both Virginians, the former born December 12, 1796, of Irish stock, and the latter in June, 1797, of German descent. In youth they migrated to Ohio, married in Pike county, February 3, 1820, and in 1824 removed to northwestern Indiana ... He died October 30, 1857, and his wife in 1871. Of his eleven children the only survivors are Jacob Jr., and Henry H. who lives in Texas. Jacob M. Taylor, youngest of the surviving sons, was born in Wayne township, Tippecanoe County, Indiana, September 12, 1839. ... In early manhood Mr. Taylor married Matilda, daughter of John and Matilda (Emerson) Kennedy, by whom he has four children. Charles S., who married Margaret Olive Glunt, resides in Wayne township and has two children, George Willard and Charles Lawrence; Alonzo married Jennie May Duncan, resides in Jackson township and has five children, Lloyd Leslie, Clarence Otis, Hazel Lydia, Nellie May and Gladys. Almeda Lula Bell is Mr. Taylor's third child and Almedia O. is the youngest. ...

1888 "History of Harrison & Mercer Cos. MO" by Goodspeed (FHL book 977.8 H2hh)
      Pg.624-5: Dr. H.J. Skinner, b. Perry Co. OH on 10 March 1831, son of Samuel & Elizabeth (Hazelton) Skinner; January 15, 1854, he married Susan Duncan, who was born in Tippecanoe Co. IN Sept. 28, 1837, a daughter of William and Mary Duncan. One son and one dau., Josephine S. & Charles H.; Mrs. Skinner died Sept. 25, 1862, and on 5 Aug. 1864 he married her sister Charlotta, born White Co. IN 8 March 1840, who was the mother of 5 ch: Edna R., Willie, Harry B., Loren H., Laura C. Mrs. Skinner d. 12 July 1884 and the Dr. then married Emily J. Hess ... Dr. Skinner lived White Co. IN with parents until ca 1855; to Harrison Co. MO 1857. (more not copied on spouses of children)


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