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Duncan research files of
Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson
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Last revised November 26, 2011

Formed 1835 from St. Joseph
Lake formed 1836 from Porter, Newton


1840-1860 Porter Co. IN Census
      No Duncan indexed

1870 Porter Co. IN Census
Jackson Twp.
Pg.50, #193-193, DUNCAN, Amos 54 OH wood chopper $0-$0
                  Ann V. 36 IN keeping house
                  Arnetta (f) 12, Edy (m) 10 IN
                  Eveline 7, Adeline 6 IN
                  Rosetta 3, Hezakiah (m) 1 IN
                  Francis M. (m) 17 IN day laborer
Pg.50, #198-198, WOOTON, Joseph (m) 26 OH wood chopper $0-$0
                  Mary 70 VA keeping house
                  DUNCAN, Mary 17 IN domestic servant
                  WOOTON, William 23 OH wood chopper
                  WOOSTER, Wm. A. (m) 12 IN


Porter Co. IN Deed index, 1836-1852, General index, v. 2-3, 1852-1860, Deed index, grantee, 1860-1868 (FHL film 1,703,895; SLC 10/8/2011)
      Duncan, H. et al from J.H. Workman, Oct. 11, 1839, NW 1/2 14-33-7 and S 1/2 SE 1/4 10-33-7 (Sec.-Twp-Range), F-535
      Duncan, H.F. to Wm. James, June 24, 1843, und. 1/2 of N 1/2 of 14-33-7W & und. 1/2 of S 1/2 of SE 1/2? (1/4?) of 10-33-7W, F-594
      No other Duncan to ca 1852

Porter Co. IN Deeds (FHL film 1,703,769; SLC 10/8/2011)
      F-535/536: 11 Oct. 1839, Jeremiah H. Workman of Byron, Genesee Co. NY, to Daniel D. Thompkins and Henry F. Duncan of same place, for $1500 paid, sell tract or parcel of land in town of (blank), Porter Co. IN, being NW 1/4 of Sec.14 in Twp.33 North of Range 7W, containing 160 acres by survey, also one other parcel being the S 1/2 of SE 1/4 Sec.10 Twp.33 North of Range 7W containing 80 acres by survey, together with appurtenances, warrant title. /s/ Jeremiah H. Workman. Wit. Calvin Wells. Jeremiah H. Workman appeared 11 Oct. 1839 before Calvin Wells, a Commissioner of Deeds for Genesee Co. NY. Certification by H.W. Soper, Clerk of Genesee Co., 15 Jan. 1840. Recorded Dec. 22, 1851. (FHL film 1,703,769; SLC 10/8/2011)
      F-594/596: 24 June 1843, Henry F. Duncan and wife Laura of Genesee Co. NY to William James, for $750 paid, sell tract of land in Porter Co. IN being North (blank) quarter of Sec.14 Twp.33 North of Range 7W containing 160 acres by survey. It is the intention of this instrument to convey one undivided half of the above land, being the part that said Duncan now owns, also one undivided half of the S 1/2 of SE 1/4 of Sec.10 in Twp.33 North of Range 7W containing 80 acres by survey, together with appurtenances etc., warrant title. /s/ Henry F. Duncan, Laura Duncan. Wit. Asa Bowdish, Russell Watrous. Henry F. Duncan and wife Laury appeared "24th day of 1844" before Russell Watrous, Justice of the Peace of Genesee Co. NY. Recorded March 2, 1852. Certification 2 April 1852 by M.G. Soper, Clerk of Genesee Co. NY, for Russell Watrous, recorded April 18, 1853. (FHL film 1,703,769; SLC 10/8/2011)


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