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Formed 1817 from Gibson, Perry
Dubois formed 1818 from Pike


1830 Pike Co. IN Census
Washington Twp
Pg.371  David Duncan      1000,0000,1  -  2110,01
            (MAD: ? 1810-1820 Harrison Co. IN census; mar. Catharine Foster 11/9/1822)

1840 Pike Co. IN Census
      No Duncan indexed

1850 Pike Co. IN Census
Washington, Patoka, Madison Twps.
Pg.12, #162-162, Thomas DAVISON 45 IRE farmer $700
                  Isabela 25 ENG
                  William 14, Nancy 9 OH
                  Robert T. 7, James 5 OH
                  George 2, Margaret 5/12 IN
                  William FOSTER 30 ENG laborer
                  Mathew DUNCAN 21 IN laborer
Pg.24, #316-316, John E. DEDMAN 43 KY farmer $500
                  Sinthy (f) 35 IN
                  Thomas 12, Oliver 7 IN
                  Sarey C. 5, Henryett 2 IN
                  Elijah 65 KY laborer
                  Saley (f) 65 KY
                  Elen DUNCAN (f) 18 IN
Pg.62, #36-36, William McCAIN 46 GA farmer $400
                  Sarey 44 KY
                  Lewis 20, Isaac 19, Elizabeth 17 IN
                  Albert 14, Mary 12, Luisa (f) 10 IN
                  Emeline 7, William 5, Perry 1 IN
                  Almira DUNCAN (f) 23 IN
                  Mathew DUNCAN 20 IN laborer (not mar/in/year)

1860 Pike Co. IN Census
Jefferson Twp.
Pg.4, #32-29, William GRAY 76 VA farmer $5200-$2/3?000
                  Martha 51 IN
                  Alexander FOWLER 21 IN farm laborer
                  Eliza CAPEHART 16 IN
                  Aaron McBRIDE 20 IN farm laborer
                  Dunlap CAPEHART 15 IN farm laborer
                  Jackson PALMER 13 IN
                  William McCAIN 56 GA farmer $1320-$700
                  Sarah 54 KY
                  Albert 24, Mary A. 22, Sarah E. 17 IN
                  William F. 15, Perry (m) 12 IN
                  Climentine (f) 4 IN
                  Louisa DUNCAN 40 GA
Patoka Twp.
Pg.224, #656-656, Samuel DEADMAN 34 IN farmer $2000-$705
                  Ellen M. 29 NY
                  Rufus 10, Roina (f) 6 IN
                  Maria 4, John Q. 1 IN
                  Elizabeth DUNAM 15 IN
                  Charles DUNAM 64 MA farmer $225-$0

1870 Pike Co. IN Census
      No Duncan indexed


Pike Co. IN Marriages (FHL film 1,433,319)
   Vol.1-2 combined, 1817-1847
      Duncan, David to Catharine Foster, 11/9 1822; pg.11
      Hicks, Allen to Catharine Duncan, 1/12 1835; pg.56
      McCain, William to Sally Duncan, 9/24 1826; pg.23
   Vol.3, 1848-1859
      Duncan, Mary Almira to Crafford Coan, lic. 30 Aug. 1851, married 29 Aug. by John McDermott; pg.166
      Duncan, Jane to John Hart, lic. 22 Dec. 1851, married same date by Rich. B. Piers; pg.176
      Duncan, Ellen to George L. Preston, lic. 26 June 1852, married 27 June by C.C. Holliday, MG; pg.193
      Duncan, Matthew to Victoria Shircliff, lic. 12 Feb. 1856, married 13 Feb. by Isaac H. Alexander JP; pg.373 (FHL film 1,433,320)
      No others indexed


Pike Co. IN Probate records 1831-1849 (FHL film 434,850)
      Pg.79: 18 May 1835, appraisal of estate of David Duncan filed 15 Feb. 1834; sale bill; paid claim of Nicodemus and Elizabeth Hickman; more claims, no Duncan. (Record at bottom of page, too dark to read well)


Pike Co. IN Deed Indexes
   Deed index, v. A-C, 1817-1836 (FHL film 1,433,515 item 1)
      Duncan, David (from) Thos. C. Stewart & wife (to), A-398
      Duncan, David to James Campbell, A-582
      Duncan, David (from) Josiah Crayton (to), C-85
      Duncan, David (from) R. Bunton & wife (to), C-141
      Duncan, David & wife to Mathew? Linbry?, C-172
      Duncans Admr to Saml. Black, C-466
   Index to grantors, v.A 1817-1836, v.B 1817-1851, v.C-D (A-J) to Apr. 1873 (FHL film 1,433,515 items 2-6)
      Duncan, David to James Cambell, warranty, July 24, 1822, $30, outlot 166 Petersburgh, 1 acre, Aug. 7, 1822, B-304 (book-page number as given)
      Duncan, David & w to Mathew Ainley, G.W.D., Mar. 1, 1832, $197.50, W 1/2 NE 1/4 (Sec.) 12 Twp.1S, R7W, 80 acres, Jan. 5, 1833, C-172
      No other Duncan through 1851
   Index to grantees, v. A-D, Oct. 1817-Apr. 1873 (A-J, V.D) (FHL film 1,433,518)
      Black, Samuel from Wm. McCain admr. D. Duncan, Adm. D., Oct. 25, 1836, $42, S end of E 1/2 of SW 1/4 4-2S-7W, 40 acres, Oct. 26, 1836, C-466
      Duncan, David from Thos. C. Stewart & wife, G.W.D., Aug. 28, 1819, $60, outlot 166 Petersburg, .50 acres, Sept. 17, 1819, A-398
      Duncan, David from Josiah Craton & wife, G.W.D., Dec. 8, 1830, $200, W 1/2 NE 12-1S-7W, 80 acres, Nov. 1, 1831, C-85
      Duncan, David from Robert Brenton & wife, G.W.D., May 29, 1832, $100, S end E 1/2 SW 4-2S-7W, 40 acres, Sept. 27, 1832, C-141
      No others through 1849/1851

Pike Co. IN Deeds
      A-398/400: 28 Aug. 1819, Thomas C. Stewart and wife Elizabeth of Pike Co. IN to David Duncan of same place, for $60 paid, sell lot in Town of Petersburgh, Pike Co. IN, containing about 1/2 acre, known in the plat of the town as Number 166, together with appurtenances. /s/ Thomas C. Stewart, Elizabeth Stewart. Wit. John McIntire, John Simonton, James Kinman. 28 Aug. 1819, Thomas C. Stewart and wife Elizabeth appeared before John McIntire, Recorder, Pike Co. Recorded Sept. 17, 1819. (FHL film 1,433,492)
      B-304/305: 24 July 1822, David Duncan of Pike Co. IN to James Campbell of same place, for $30 paid, sell lot or parcel of ground in town of Petersburg, Pike Co. IN, said lot containing in and about 1/2 acre, known on the plat by No.166, being the same lot conveyed by Thomas C. Stewart and wife to David Duncan by deed in fee simple dated 28 Aug. 1819, together with appurtenances, warrant title. /s/ David (X) Duncan. Wit. John McIntire, Hiram W. Kinman. 24 July 1822, David Duncan ack. deed before John McIntire, Recorder of Pike Co. Recorded Aug. 7, 1822. (FHL film 1,433,492)
      C-85/86: 8 Dec. 1830, David Duncan and wife Catharine from Josiah Craton and wife Polly, both of Pike Co. IN, for $200 paid by said David Duncan and wife Catharine, sell to said David Duncan and wife Catharine tract or parcel of land in afsd on waters of flat creek, being the W 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec.12 Twp.1S Range 7W, containing 80 acres, together with appurtenances, warrant title. /s/ Josiah (X) Craton, Polly (X) Craton. Wit. Charles D. Bruler, Flemon (X) Thomas. Josiah Craton and wife Polly ack. deed 8 Dec. 1830 before Charles D. Bruler, J.P. Recorded Nov. 1, 1831. (FHL film 1,433,493)
      C-141/142: 29 May 1832, Robert Brenton and wife Catherine, citizens of Pike Co. IN, to David Duncan of same place, for $100 paid, sell tract or parcel of land, being S end of E 1/2 SW 1/4 Sec.4 Twp.2S Range 7W in Pike Co. IN, containing 40 acres, together with appertenances, warrant title. /s/ Robert Brenton, Catharine Brenton. Wit. Charles Debruler, Jacob Chappel. 29 May 1832, Robert Brenton and Catherine his wife appeared before Charles D. Bruler, J.P. Recorded 27 Sept. 1832. (FHL film 1,433,493)
      C-172/173: 1 March 1832, David Duncan and wife Cathrine to Matthew Ainley, both of Pike Co. IN, for $197.50 paid, sell tract or parcel of land in county & state afsd on waters of Flat creek, being W 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec.12 Twp.1S Range 7W, warrant title. /s/ David (X) Duncan, Cathrine (X) Duncan. Wit. Charles D. Bruler, Richard Ainley. David Duncan and wife Cathrine appeared 1 March 1832 before Charles D. Bruler, J.P. Recorded 5 Jany. 1833. (FHL film 1,433,493)
      C-466/467: Whereas the Probate Court of Pike Co. IN at Nov. term 1835 ordered that the admin. of estate of David Duncan late of Pike Co. decd expose 40 acres of land in Pike Co., being part of SW 1/4 Sec.2 Twp.2S R7W, the real estate of said Duncan deceased, that he sell said land on credit of 9 months, advertising the same at least 20 days at 3 of the most public places in the County and likewise at the county seat, and report his procedings to Probate Court, and at Feb. term 1836 the admin. reported that on 9 Dec. 1835 he sold the 40 acres of land to Samuel Black for $42, he being the highest bidder, and Samuel Black executed his note with security for the purchase money, the court decreed the sale be confirmed; therefore, in consideration of the premises and decree, I, William McCain admin. of estate of David Duncan do convey to said Samuel Black all the interest which David Duncan decd. had or the heirs of said David Duncan now have, to said tract of land containing 40 acres, being S end of E 1/2 of SW 1/4 of Sec.4 Twp.2S R7W, together with appurtenances. 25 Oct. 1836. /s/ William McCain, Administrator of D. Duncan decd. 25 Oct. 1836, William McCain appeared before John McIntire, Recorder, Pike Co. Recorded 26 Oct. 1836. (FHL film 1,433,493)


"Territorial Papers, Indiana Territory" Vol.VIII (CA State University, Sacramento, library, and from Evelyn Sigler 6/1982)
      Pg.317-20: Memorial to Congress by Citizens of the Territory; ordered to lie on the table, November 26, 1814: Settlements in the New purchase made by General Harrison on the Wabash and two forks of White River were made by a few adventurers (footnote indicates this was the area later Clark Co., around White Oak Springs); the petition asks that these settlers be given preference to the lands they have improved. Signed by James Duncan and others, including Elijah Vanlaningham (sic), Jesse Calahan, Isaac Garrot.
      Pg.331-5: Memorial to Congress by Citizens of the Territory; read February 1, 1815: Petition similar to that on page 317-320 above. (footnote: some families lived in White Oak Springs [Clark Co.], some in Jackson, Pike, Dubois, and Switzerland Cos.) Signed by more petitioners than above petition; includes Thomas Duncan, Thomas Evans, Saml. Marshall.

HISTORIES before 1923

1885 "History of Pike & Dubois Cos. IN" by Goodspeed (FHL book 977.23 H2h)
      No Duncan in Pike Co.; no Duncan indexed in 'IN Biographical Index'
      Pg.533: Civil War, 1863: Co. F, 53rd Regt, Officers include Henry Duncan 1st Lt.; Henry Duncan 2nd Lt., from Dubois Co.

1881 "Atlas of Gibson & Pike Co. IN" pub by Lake (SUTRO microfilm 277 reel 50 book 181, CA State Library, Sutro Branch; FHL film 812,503 item 6)
      Pg.17: List of Patrons, Pike Co., Washington Township: Duncan, J.B., P.O. Petersburgh, physician and surgeon, born Lawrence Co. IN, settled Pike Co. IN 1879.

"History of Gibson County, Indiana : her people, industries and institutions" by Gil R. Stormont; pub. Indianapolis, Ind.: B.F. Bowen & Co., 1914, 1238 pgs. (LH6313, HeritageQuest images 4/2007 & 5/2007; FHL film 934,905; pg.138 also from Louis Boone 9/1984)
      Pg.138: W.B. DUNCAN, M.D., a practicing physician of Patoka, was born in Pike Co. IN, January 20, 1851, a son of John J. and Harriet Duncan. The former was born in 1823, and was a son of Shadrack Duncan, whose father emigrated from Scotland to America. The maternal grandfather's name was Routt. John Duncan died in 1889 and his wife many years previous. Their children were Dr. W.B.; Mary, wife of Jacob McAtee; Ellen B., wife of Melvin Colt; and Eckless, who married Anson Jerauld. After the death of his first wife, John Duncan wedded Rillo Woods, by whom he had four children - Obie, Joseph, Mabel and Hattie. Dr. Duncan spent his boyhood on his father's farm and after attaining his majority ... In 1885 he came to Patoka, ... In Greene Co. IN, Dr. Duncan was united in marriage to Allie M. Buckner, a dau. of Edward Buckner, a merchant. They have three children -- Belle, Frank and Edith, ...
      Pg.909-910: MARYFIELD M. COLEMAN ... born March 8, 1845, in Monroe township, Pike Co. Indiana, son of Conrad and Nellie Coleman. ... (more on Conrad Coleman). Maryfield M. Coleman ... on April 5, 1866, married Catherine Nossett, of Columbia township, Gibson county, a daughter of William Nossett, of Columbia township, Gibson county. To Mr. Coleman by his first marriage were born five children, the eldest being Warrick, druggist and trustee, at Winslow, Indiana; Lucy, the wife of George Duncan, of Pike county, Indiana; Edgar, who is a breeder of fine cattle and jacks, at Muren, Indiana ... the fourth child is Millard, who is in the livery business at Oakland City ... the fifth child was Ada, who died when sixteen years of age. Catherine Nossett Coleman died July 25, 1890, and he married for the second time on July 30, 1901, to Catherine Martin, of Pike county ....


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