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Formed 1822 from Unorganized Territory


1830-1850 Henry Co. IN Census
      No Duncan indexed

1860 Henry Co. IN Census
Pg.32 Indexed Robert Duncan 27 OH, Henry Twp, actually Robert DONGAN w/Sarah DONGAN, not copied
Wayne Twp.
Pg.470, #135, Samuel DUNCAN 50 PA ("Penn") miller $0-$500
                  Margaret 42 VA ("Vir")
                  Daniel D. 15, Beverly W. (f) 11, Joseph T. 8 OH
                  Saml. F. 3 IN
                  (MAD: 1850 Warren Co. OH census; one Samuel Duncan mar. Catharine Haines 6/22/1843 or Elizabeth Hornback 5/24/1843 in Montgomery Co. OH; Samuel Duncan mar. Margaret Cuffy 2/10/1844 Montgomery Co. OH; Daniel Davison Duncan b. 1844 mar. Naomi Jessop b. 1842 Henry Co. IN, from "Abstract of Records of Society of Friends in Indiana" by Heiss, Vol.4, Raysville-Knightstown, Henry Co. IN)

1870 Henry Co. IN Census
Franklin Twp.
Pg.64, #84-84, DUNCAN, David 59 OH farmer $8000-$2000
                  Mary 64 KY ("Kt.") house keeper
                  (MAD: 1860 Rush Co. IN census)
Spiceland Twp.
Pg.238, #189-190, SMITH, James 38 KY laborer $0-$200
                  Nancy J. 31 KY house keeper
                  Lucinda 14, Josiah? (m) 13 KY
                  Ann E. 11, Mary E. 9 KY
                  William J. 6, John M. 3 IN
                  Metta? J. (f) 3, Sarah E. 1 IN
                  DUNCAN, John 24 KY laborer
                  (MAD: John indexed age 29, but plainly age 24)
Wayne Twp.
Pg.276, #120-127, DUNCAN, Swe?. L. (Lewes Sr.?) 28 NY woolen factory $5000-$500, mother of foreign birth
                  Nancy J. 27 KY house keeper
                  Mary 2/12 IN b.Aug.
                  (MAD: indexed Swe. L. Duncan, but ??)
Pg.278, #155-161, DUNCAN, Samual 60 PA miller $8000-$1200
                  Margaret 57 WV
                  Beverly W. (m) 21 OH farmer
                  Joseph T. 18 OH laborer in mill
                  Samuel F. 13 IN
                  MADISON, Catharine 21 IN domestic
Pg.278, 3156-162, DUNCAN, Davidson 25 OH miller $0-$500
                  Naomie? (f) 27 IN house keeper
                  Samuel E?. 2 IN


Henry Co. IN Guardian Docket 1830-1842 (FHL fiche 6,334,123; SLC 6/17/2008)
      No Duncan page by page

Henry Co. IN Index to wills, 1822-1976 (FHL film 1,887,978 Item 2; SLC 6/17/2008)
      Duncan, C. Reid, Q-225-231 (MAD: Book Q is after 1897, not looked for)

Henry Co. IN Probate order books (SLC 6/17/2008)
      Order book, v. A-B 1822-1839 - no Duncan (FHL film 1,888,165 item 3)
      Order book, v. C-D 1839-1850 - (FHL film 1,888,166)
         C page torn, no Duncan; no Duncan on D page
      Order book, v. E 1851-1854 & Order book, v. 1 1854-1859 - no Duncan (FHL film 1,888,167)


Henry Co. IN Deed Indexes (FHL film 1,901,909; SLC 6/17/2008)
      Vol.A-B index, 1823-1837 - no Duncan (FHL film 1,901,909 item 2)
      Vol.C-N? index, 1837-1848 - no Duncan grantee (FHL film 1,901,909 item 3)
      J-6: Duncan, B. to Oliver Griffin, warranty deed, Nov. 26, 1839, $1150, lot 7 in Knightstown, lot 7 square
      Vol.O-Z index, 1847-1856 - no Duncan grantee (FHL film 1,901,910 item 1)
      O-391: Duncan, Ben F. to Jesse Charles, warranty, Feb. 22, 1847, $32, in the E SE Sec.33 T16 R9, Headright 91, rec. July 6, 1848

Henry Co. IN Deeds (SLC 6/17/2008)
      J-6: 24 Nov. 1839, Benjamin Duncan and wife Susan M. of Henry Co. IN to Oliver Griffin of Henry Co. IN, $1,150, lot 7 in block 7 in town of Knightstown, Henry C. IN. /s/ B. Duncan, S.M. Duncan. Wit. B.W. Evans, Wm. G. Grubbs JP (FHL film 1,901,547)
      O-391: 22 Feb. 1847, Benjamin F. Duncan of Hancock Co. IN to Jesse Charles of Henry Co. IN, $32, 91/100 of an acre in the E 1/2 SE 1/4 Sec.33 Twp.16N Range 9E in the SW corner of Joll Pusey's land on W side of Mill River. /s/ Benjamin F. Duncan, (wife) Susan M. Duncan. Wit. J. Meek, C?. Price. (FHL film 1,901,549)

Henry Co. IN Partition records (SLC 6/17/2008)
      FHL catalog: Contains records of the partitioning of real estate and property among heirs in estate probate causes heard by the Court of Common Pleas.
      Partition record, v. 1 1853-1867 - no Duncan (FHL film 1,887,978 item 3)
      Partition record, v. 2 1868-1872 - no Duncan (FHL film 1,888,164 item 1)


Hancock Co. IN Deeds (FHL film 1,302,744)
      F-425: 26 Nov. 1839, Oliver Griffin and wife Sarah D. of Henry Co. IN to Benjamin Duncan of Henry Co. IN, $1000, lot 72 in Greenfield. Wit. David Reynolds, Wm. G. Grubbs (JP). Rec. Henry Co. IN.
      F-427: 21 Nov. 1839, Lot Edwards and wife Catharine of Hancock Co. IN to Benjamin Duncan of Henry Co. IN, $1000, lots 91, 69, 90 in Greenfield. Wit. A.M. Pattison, J. Mathers.
      F-468: 21 Nov. 1839, Benjamin Duncan and wife Susan M. of Henry Co. IN to Lot Edwards of Hancock Co. IN, $600, lot 91 & W 1/2 lot 69 in Greenfield. Reg. Hancock Co. IN. Wit. A.M. Pattison, J?. Mathers. Paid in full 8 July 1848.

HISTORIES before 1923

1874 "People's Guide (Directory) ... of Henry County, Indiana" by Cline & McHaffie (SUTRO microfilm 277 reel 54 book 217; IN State Library book 977.201 H521 PE, from C.T. Duncan 12/2007)
      Pg.167: Franklin Township. Duncan, David; farmer; 3-1/4 m. n.w. Lewisville. Born in Ohio 1810; settled in H.C. 1865. Rep. R.Baptist.
      Pg.200: Greensboro Township. Duncan, Samuel; farmer; 4 m. w. Greensboro. Born in Ky. 1843; settled in H.C. 1873. Rep. Methodist.
      Pg.353: Wayne Township. Duncan, D.D.; firm of S. & D.D. Duncan; 3 m. n.e. Knightstown. Born in Ohio 1844; settled in H.C. 1856 Rep. Methodist.
            Duncan, Samuel; firm of S. & D.D. Duncan; 3 m. n.e. Knightstown. Born in Pa. 1810; settled in H.C. 1856 Rep. Methodist.
            Duncan, J.T.; jobber; 3 m. n.e. Knightstown. Born in Ohio 1852; settled in H.C. 1856. Rep. Christian.

1884 "History of Henry County, Indiana : together with sketches of its cities, villages and towns, educational, religious, civil, military, and political history, portraits of prominent persons, and biographies of representative citizens : also a condensed history of Indiana, embodying accounts of pre-historic races, aborigines, Winnebago and Black Hawk wars, and a brief review of its civil and political history." by G.R. Clark; pub. Chicago: Inter-State Pub. Co. (LH6288, HeritageQuest images 4/2007)
      Pg.389: Physicians of Henry Co. in 1839 ... Benjamin Duncan, of Knights town.

1906 "Hazzard's history of Henry County, Indiana : 1822- 1906" by George Hazzard; pub. New Castle, Ind.: G. Hazzard (LH6256, HeritageQuest images 5/2007)
      Pg.538-539: Twenty Second Infantry (Civil War). The records of the War Department credit the following named soldiers to Henry County, the particular address not ascertainable, viz: Benjamin F. Duncan, John S. Duncan, ...
      Pg.650-651: Post Members (1905): Daniel Davidson Duncan, Company A, 105th Indiana Infantry (Morgan Raid); Company A, 139th Indiana Infantry. (MAD: also on pg.673)
      Pg.786: Duncan, Benjamin F., Private, Unassigned, 22nd Indiana Infantry.
            Duncan, Daniel Davidson, Private, Company A., 105th Indiana Infantry (Morgan Raid); Private, Company A, 139th Indiana Infantry.
            Duncan, John S., Private, Unassigned, 22nd Indiana Infantry.

1900 "Genealogical and biographical record of Will County, Illinois : containing biographies of well known citizens of the past and present" by Biographical Pub. Co. (FHL film 1,000,523 item 2)
      Pg.142: S. Finley Duncan, DDS; Dentist of Joliet. Opened office in Joliet in 1888; retained former patrons at Wilmington as well as gained new ones. First member of this branch of Duncan family in America was James Duncan, who came from Scotland and settled in Perry Co. PA. His son, Samuel, was born in PA where he followed miller's trade in early life. In 1854 to IN, first in county adjoining Henry Co. to which he subsequently removed. Rented grist and sawmill, later bought the property. Republican, Methodist. Died 1895 age 85 years. Twice married, by first wife (unnamed) had four daughters, one of whom, Hannah J. Duncan, survives; by second wife, Margaret Duffy of OH, had five children, four of whom attained mature years: Davidson D. engaged in milling at old homestead; John Wesley died in infancy; Beverly W., business man of Markle, IN; Joseph Trimble, farmer & stock raiser of Henry Co. IN; and S. Finley of this sketch. In Knightstown, IN, near where Dr. Duncan was born Dec. 1, 1856, he received his education and grew up; took up study of dentistry at age 18 ... Feb. 1879 came to Will Co. Presbyterian Church. Married on Oct. 18, 1881, to Louise, daughter of Bryan Fisher of Wilmington; two chidren: Margaret Louise and Hubert Fisher. (MAD: John Charles Duncan, b.1882, son of Daniel Davidson Duncan, listed in Vol.IV pg.163, "Compendium of American Genealogy" by Virkus)


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