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HISTORIES before 1923

"The People's guide : a business, political and religious directory of Hendricks Co., Ind., together with a collection of very important documents and statistics connected with our moral, political and scientific history : also a historical sketch of Hendricks Co., and a brief history of each township" by Cline, McHaffie; pub. Indianapolis Ind.: Indianapolis Print. and Pub. House, 1874, 402 pgs. (LH6249, HeritageQuest images 2/2007 & 5/2007; pg.301 also from Virginia Anderson 3/1987)
      Pg.140: Brown Twp. Duncan, Arther; farmer; 2 m. n.e. Brownsburg. Born in Ky. 1810; settled in H.C. 1839. Dem. Methodist.
            Duncan, Wm.; farmer; 2 m. n.e. Brownsburg. Born in Ohio 1832; settled in H.C. 1839. Dem. Christian.
      Pg.229: Eel River Twp. Duncan, G.H.; farmer; 3 m s w Jamestown. Born in 1846; settled in H.C. 1863. Rep. Christian.
            Duncan, John W.; farmer; 3 m n w North Salem. Born in Ind. 1848; settled in H.C. 184(blank). Rep. Protestant.
            Duncan, James; farmer; 3 m n w North Salem. Born in Ky. 1806; settled in H.C. 1864. Rep. Methodist.
      Liberty Township: Pg.301: Duncan, J.A.; custom boot and shoe shop, repairing done to order; Clayton. Born in H C. 1850. Rep. Indp.
            Duncan, Charles; farmer; 4 m s w Center Valley. Born in N.C. 1810; settled in H.C. 1832. Dem. Protestant.
            Duncan, William G.; farmer; 4 m s w Center Valley. Born in H.C. 1843. Rep. Protestant.
      Pg.326: Lincoln Twp. Duncan, Charles; carpenter and farmer; Brownsburg. Born in Ind. 1848; settled in H.C. 1848. Dem. Christian.
            Duncan, A.J.; carpenter and joiner; Brownsburg. Born in H.C. 1845. Dem. Christian.

1878 "Atlas of Hendricks Co., Indiana : to which are added various general maps, history, statistics.." pub. by J.H. Beers (FHL film 812,503 item 1; and from Virginia Anderson 3/1987)
      Pg.11: Dugan biography indexed, not copied
      Pg.42, Eel River Twp; George H. Duncan, P.O. Jamestown, farmer, Sec. 20, settled here in 1864; born in Putnam Co. IN Jan. 10, 1846; son of James Duncan and Anna Proctor, b. Oct. 1813. Married Feb. 25, 1866, to Nancy Davis; two children -- Elmer C. b. March 1868; Lulu C. b. Sept. 16, 1873.
      Pg.46: DUNCAN, CHARLES, P.O. Center Valley; farmer, Sec. 32, settled here 1832, born in Randolph Co. NC March 5, 1810, son of Charles Duncan born Feb. 3, 1776, died Sept. 19, 1862, and Elizabeth Allred, born April 30, 1769, died Jan. 22, 1848, settled in Morgan Co. 1834. The subject of this sketch was married in Oct. 1833 to Delilah Blunk, born June 6, 1820, died in Dec. 1852, nine children: John B. born Sept. 5, 1839, d. Oct. 7, 1855; Henry G., b. Oct. 11, 1840, d. Sept. 11, 1874; Asenath M., b. Feb. 10, 1842; William G., b. June 21, 1843; Mary D., b. Nov. 21, 1844; E.R., b. Feb. 2, 1847; Sarah A., b. June 7, 1849, d. Oct. 1877; McCanna A., b. May 28, 1851; Charles F., b. Dec. 1852, died in infancy.
            DUNCAN, WILLIAM G., P.O. Center Valley, farmer, Sec. 32, born in this township June 21, 1843, son of Charles Duncan b. March 5, 1810 and Delila Blunk born June 6, 1820, died in Dec. 1852. William G. was married Feb. 18, 1867 to Matilda Barnes, born Jan. 19, 1850; her father Stephen b. Jan.? 5, 1803, and mother Lydia A. Lang? b. March 22, 1821, died March 31, 1857?, m. Aug. 10, 1843. 5 children: Lydia E., b. Aug. 21, 1869; Ora Iva, b. June 8, 1872; A.D., b. July 16, 1873; Lora A., b. Sept. 25, 1875; Amy R., b. Oct. 9, 1877.

1904 "Standard Atlas of Hendricks County, Indiana" pub. by Ogle (FHL book 977.253 E7s; IN State Library book 912.772 H430, from C.T. Duncan 11/2007)
      Pg.57: Patrons: Duncan, Charles, P.O. Maplewood, [occupation?] merchandise, date of settlement 1848.

1885 "History of Hendricks Co. IN" by Inter-State Publ. Co. (FHL book 977.253 H2h, and pg.588 from Charley F. Wilcox 6/1992, apparently a different printing of same book)
      Pg.588: Franklin Twp. The first settler in Franklin Twp. was Judge Nathan Kirk, who without doubt settled on Mill Creek where the old Terre Haute road crosses it, in 1820 ... the next settler of whom we can get any account was Jeremiah Stiles, the founder of Stilesville, in 1830. He settled there in 1823, and was closely followed by John Smart, John and Isaac Wilcox, John Eslinger, David Orsburn and Jacob Reese. ... (CFW: pg.10, Isaac Wilcox married Sarah Duncan 15 Dec. 1828; her father William Duncan married Mary Eslinger 23 Sept. 1828 in Morgan Co. IN)
      Pg.705: Daniel F. Holtsclaw, Middle Township, son of John and Ann Holtsclaw, is a native of Hendricks County, IN, born Nov. 4, 1843. ...
      Pg.705: Marshall Holtsclaw, a prominent farmer of Middle Township, was born in Pulaski Co. KY, Oct. 25, 1832, a son of John and Annie Holtsclaw. In 1834 his parents moved to Montgomery Co. IN, and thence in 1835 to Hendricks County, ... His father was married twice. By the first wife were born three children -- Louis, John, and Francis J., and by the second, seven, five of whom are living -- Marshall, Green L., Daniel F., Surelda, and Mary A. ...

1914 "History of Hendricks County, Indiana : her people, industries and institutions" ed. by John V. Hadley, pub. by B.F. Bowen & Co. (LH8972, HeritageQuest 2/2007 and 5/2007; pg.699 from Virginia Anderson 3/1987; pg.830-832 from FHL film 934,906 item 3, SLC 9/1991)
      Pg.274-276: JOHN HENRY BUNTEN, farmer, of North Salem, born in Marion township, Hendricks Co. IN, on Feb. 24, 1850, his father being a native of Mercer county, KY, and his mother of Randolph Co. NC. Henry Harvey Bunten was born in 1818 and was the son of William and Leanna (Wilson) Bunten. When Henry Harvey Bunton was a young man he and his parents came to Marion township, this county, from KY, ... he married Frances Robbins, who was born in 1819, the daughter of William and Leah (Lamb) Robbins. She was a small girl when her parents left North Carolina ... Henry H. Bunten and Frances Robbins were married when they were both very young ... he dying in 1898 and his wife two years later. ... Mr. and Mrs. Henry Harvey Bunten were the parents of nine children, eight of whom grew to maturity. At the present time three daughters and John H., whose history is here presented, are the only living children of this marriage. John Henry Bunten was reared ... he and his sister Sarah E., stayed at home, caring for their parents until their death. Sarah E. is now the wife of William I. Gill, whose career is portrayed elsewhere in this volume. Mr. Bunten was married April 28, 1904, to Mrs. Pearl D. (Hadley) Duncan, the widow of Elmer Duncan, and the daughter of James and Jennie (Fleece) Hadley. James Hadley was born in 1847 in Marion township, this county, and was the son of Edmond R. and Sarah S. (Ragan) Hadley. ... Mrs. Bunten was born in Eel River township, this county, and in 1891 married Elmer C. Duncan, the son of George H. and Nancy (Davis) Duncan. For two years after their marriage Mr. and Mrs. Duncan lived in this county, then went to Colorado, where they remained for the next seven years. At the time of his marriage, Mr. Duncan assisted his father in a tile factory, but upon his removal to Colorado he engaged in gardening and fruit raising. He died in June, 1900, at the age of 33 years, leaving his widow with one son, Glenn D. After Mr. Duncan's death his widow came back to the home of her parents and lived with them until her marriage to Mr. Bunten. ...
      Pg.419-423: WILLIAM W. SAWYER, ...now living in comfortable retirement in Clayton, Hendricks county, Indiana, was born on October 23, 1846, near Hazelwood, this county, the son of John and Nancy (Martin) Sawyer. John Sawyer was a native of Randolph county, North Carolina, born in 1794, and died in this county in 1869 at the age of 75 years. ... He was twice married. By his first wife he became the father of six children, namely: Iredel, Eli, Irena, Nathan, Elizabeth and John Jr., all of whom have passed from this life. His second wife wa Nancy Martin, also a native of North Carolina, and the daughter of John B. and Jane (Cravens) Martin. She died in the winter of 1892, on January 21st, at the age of 77 years. She was the mother of eight children, but one of whom besides the subject is living, Araminta. Those deceased are Eliza, Mary, Rhoda, Theodore, James C., and Daniel C., who died at the front during the Civil War. ... William W. Sawyer ... enlisted in Civil War ... On April 16, 1867, Mr. Sawyer was united in marriage with Martha York, a daughter of Nathan and Rebecca (Folgeman) York, born on December 9, 1849. Nathan York was a native of North Carolina, and came to this state, and perhaps this county, with his parents when but a young man. ... (more on York family) ... Mr. and Mrs. Sawyer are the parents of twelve children, as follows: Jerome T., born in 1868, died in 1872; Ida Belle, born in 1870; Dayton M., born in 1872; Minta A., born in 1874 and died the same year; Walter, born in 1875; Arlington, born in 1878 and died in 1881; Charles, born in 1881 and died the same year; Mary Myrtle, born in 1882 and died in 1897; Oscar, born in 1885 and died the same year; Vonnie O., born in 1886 and died in 1888; (pg.422) Arthur, born in 1888, and Viola, born in 1891. ... Dayton, eldest living son of the subject [MAD: William W. Sawyer], married Annie Duncan and lives at Hazelwood, this county. They are the parents of seven children, two of whom, Dovey and Claire, have passed away. The others are Maude, Hubert, Sylvia, Dorris and Lowell. Sylvia is the wife of Archie Johnson and lives near Hall, in Morgan County. She has one child. Walter, another son of the subject, married Grace Lewis and lives at Martinsville, Indiana ... Arthur, youngest son of the subject, resides in the capital city ... Viola, the youngest daughter, became the wife of Guy Boyd, a farmer of Franklin township, this county. ...
      Pg.699-700: CHARLES P. DUNCAN. Among the younger farmers of Hendricks Co. IN ... is Charles P. Duncan, of Liberty Twp, who was born June 12, 1880, on the farm where he is now living. His parents were William G. and Matilda (Barnes) Duncan. William Duncan was a native of this county, his birth having occurred on June 21, 1843, and his death occurred June 17, 1911. William Duncan was the son of Charles and Delilah (Blunk) Duncan, and he spent his entire life in this county, with the exception of 4 years, when he was in the Civil War. He enlisted in 1861 ... The wife of William Duncan, Matilda Barnes, was a member of one of the pioneer families of this county. (MAD: mentioned that Barnes history was in sketch of her brother W.D. Barnes) She is still living in Hazelwood, this county. Charles P. Duncan spent his boyhood days ... Married March 31, 1902, to Nida Skaggs, dau. of Lee and Anna (Kavanus) Skaggs. Lee Skaggs b. TN, his wife a native of Liberty Twp, this county, they now living in Indianapolis. Mr. and Mrs. Duncan are parents of five children, Ollan who died age 5, Lloyd, Chrystine, Pauline and Kathryn Dee. Republican, Church of Christ.
      Pg.762-764: GEORGE B. DAVIS, ... of North Salem, was born April 14, 1869, near this town. His parents were Francis Marion and Sarah E. (Brown) Davis. (more on Davis ancestors) Mr. Davis was married in December, 1897, to Lulu C. Duncan, the daughter of George H. and Nancy (Davis) Duncan. She was born and reared in Eel River township, this county, near North Salem, and received her education in the North Salem schools. Her parents were both born and reared in this county and have spent their whole life here. Mr. and Mrs. Davis have three children: Rollin, aged eleven; Mildred, aged nine, and Mary Eunice, aged six. Members of the Christian church, ...
      Pg.830-832: EARL DUNCAN. The men who till the soil ... Earl Duncan, the son of William G. and Matilda (Barnes) Duncan, was born in Liberty Twp, Hendricks Co. IN, Nov. 11, 1878. William G. Duncan was one of the early pioneers of this county, and the history of the Duncan family ... elsewhere in this volume in the sketch of Charles P. Duncan, a brother of the subject of this sketch. Earl Duncan spent boyhood days on farm, married at age 23, engaged in farming south of Amo, this county, and a year later moved to his father-in-law's farm of 117 acres which he is now managing. Mr. Duncan married on Oct. 9, 1901, to Ada Reitzel, daughter of George W. and Elizabeth (Norton) Reitzel; three sons: Wendell, Russell and Ralph. George Washington Reitzel born Aug. 29, 1847, Hendricks Co. IN, son of Daniel & Melvina (Burks) Reitzel; Daniel Reitzel born in NC and came to Hendricks Co. IN with his brother David and brother-in-law Joshua Pickett when age 21 ... Melvina Burks born in KY, to Putnam Co. IN with parents Mr. & Mrs. Allen Burks when babe in arms; she died 1878. (more on Reitzel family) Mr. Duncan is Republican, Improved Order of Red Men, Christian Church.

1895 "Portrait & Biographical Record of Boone, Clinton and Hendricks Cos. IN" by A.W. Bowen (SUTRO microfilm 71 reel 6, CA State Library, Sutro Branch; FHL film 934,898 item 2, book 28; and from Gloria Duncan 2/1990)
      Pg.957-8: GEORGE H. DUNCAN, of Eel River township, Hendricks Co. IN, is an old soldier and an honored citizen. He was born Jan. 10, 1846, in Jackson Twp, Putnam Co. IN, son of James and Anna (Proctor) Duncan. He received a common education and was reared to farming, and when 17 years 6 months of age, enlisted at Greencastle, IN, in July, 1863, in Co. I, 115th Reg, IN Volunteer Infantry, under Capt. William H. Allison & Col. (afterward Brigadier Gen.) John R. Mahan. Mr. Duncan served 8 months in eastern TN, and was honorably discharged at Indianapolis, Feb. 25 1864; returned home & enlisted at Terre Haute, IN, in Co. K, 33rd Reg. IN Vol. Inf., under Capt. ... This service was in NC. discharged Indianapolis in July 1865, close of war. After his service he came to vicinity of North Salem, IN, and then took a trip to central MO, remaining 3 months, and again returned to Eel River twp. He married, Feb. 25, 1866, Nancy, dau. of William and Catherine (Zimmerman) Davis, two children: Elmer C. and Lula C. ...
            Mr. Duncan is of Scotch descent. Henry Duncan was a pioneer of Garrard Co. KY, from VA. James Duncan, father of our subject, was one of the first settlers of Putnam Co. IN, coming as early as 1829. He was the father of 18 children, by two marriages; by his first wife there were born to him: Coleman C., William, Mary, Annie, James, Miranda, Amanda, George, John, Nancy and Katurah; and by his second wife -- Amanda Dean -- he was the father of seven children: Ruth, Benjamin, Bell, Elmer, Della, Charles and Minerva R. James and John were soldiers in the Civil war; James in Co. H, 11th Reg. IN Vol. Inf., and John in the 142nd Reg., IN Vol. Inf.

1909 "A history of Clay County, Indiana : closing of the first century's history of the county, and showing the growth of its people, institutions, industries and wealth" by William Travis; pub. Chicago : Lewis Publishing (LH10318, HeritageQuest image 10/2007; FHL book 977.244 H2t and film 928,385 item 2)
      Vol.2 pg.103-104: WALTER COVINGTON DUNCAN, M.D.-- Among the representative business men of Harrison township is Walter C. Duncan, M.D., a well-known druggist of Clay City. A native of Indiana, he was born October 13, 1855, at Noblesville, Hamilton county. He comes from substantial Scotch ancestry, being a lineal descendant in the fifth generation from the immigrant ancestor, the line of descent being thus traced: Coleman, Daniel Coleman, Henry Coleman, Coleman Covington, and Walter Covington. (MAD: use caution on birthplace of the earliest Coleman Duncan)
      Coleman Duncan, who was born in Dumfrieshire, Scotland, came with his brother George to America in colonial days, settling in Virginia, where he lived during the remainder of his life. Daniel Coleman Duncan removed with his family from Virginia to Kentucky, becoming a pioneer of Hopkinsville, and was there employed in tilling the soil until his death. James Coleman Duncan was born in Culpeper county, Virginia, but was brought up on the Kentucky homestead. When a young man he came to Indiana as a pioneer settler of Hendricks county. Taking up a tract of timbered land three miles north of Salem, in the Fort Red School House district, he reclaimed a farm from the wilderness, on which he resided until his death, and many of his descendants are now living in that vicinity. He was twice married, and was the father of sixteen children, and as his second wife was a widow with six children when he married her he had the care of twenty-two children, truly a patriarchal family.
      Coleman Covington Duncan was born in 1831, in Hendricks county, Indiana, on the parental homestead. He was reared to agricultural pursuits, and as a boy eagerly seized every opportunity for increasing his knowledge and advancing his education beyond that obtained in the common schools. When ready to start in life on his own account he embarked in the mercantile business, for a number of years thereafter being located at Carpentersville, Putnam county, Indiana. From there he went to Otterville, Boone county, Missouri, where he dealt in live stock until after the breaking out of the Civil War. Returning then to this state, he kept a hotel at Greencastle for a number of years, and then engaged in the marble business in Illinois, first in Salem, and later in Vandalia. Giving up that business, he again came back to Indiana, and after a short residence in Brazil settled in Clay City, and here spent his last days, dying at the age of 73 years. His wife, whose maiden name was Elizabeth Glen, was born in Hendricks county, Indiana, 67 years ago, a daughter of William A. and Mary (McKenzie) Glen. Her parents were both born in Virginia, of colonial ancestry, and were among the earlier settlers of Hendricks county. Of the children born to Coleman C. and Elizabeth Duncan, four grew to maturity, as follows: Walter C., the subject of this sketch; James William; Mary; and Frank. (MAD: 1860 Cooper Co. MO census, 1870 Marion Co. IL census)
      Walter C. Duncan received his early education in the public schools, and at the age of 19 years began the study of medicine with Dr. R.H. Hogan, then one of the leading practitioners of Salem, Illinois. He subsequently attended lectures at the Saint Louis Medical College from which he was graduated with the degree of M.D. in 1876. The ensuing year Dr. Duncan practiced with his former preceptor, and then located in Vandalia, Illinois, where he was in active practice for eight years. Removing then to Smithboro, Illinois, he was there located as a physician for three years, in his professional career meeting with success. Coming to Clay City in 1889, the Doctor purchased a drug business which he has conducted most successfully ever since.
      Dr. Duncan married, in 1889, Mrs. Elizabeth (Perkins) Brown, who was born in Bond county, Illinois, a daughter of Henry and Mary Perkins. By her marriage with Mr. Brown, Mrs. Duncan has had one child, William Brown, of Millbury Grove, Bond county, Illinois.

1918 "A Standard History of Kansas and Kansans" by William E. Connelley, pub. by Lewis Publishing Company, Chicago, IL, 1918, Vol.5 (FHL book 978.1 H2c; complete text also on Internet, from address sent by Angela Loy 5/1999)
      MAD: See this site for more, including comments by Combs researcher C. Hammett with a possible correction.
      Pg.2724-6: LEW WALLACE DUNCAN. The close of the Civil war launched a new era of settlement in the West. ... James P. Duncan ... dropped down near Gooch's Mill in Cooper County [MO] in the wilderness of forest and wild turkeys.
      Mr. Duncan's stay in that semi-hostile region was a brief two years before he moved on to Kansas. He chose his location at Lawrence [Douglas Co.] when the classic crown of "K.U." was being added to the dome of Mt. Oread and he settled on the Colmore farm whose early owner was one of the victims of the Quantrell raid. Two years later the call of the Missouri wild beckoned him back among the "pukes and mossbacks" of Grundy County where he spent a season and raised a crop on the banks of Grand River near Trenton. But having once breathed the Kansas air and learned the Kansas tongue, Missouri environment failed to soothe and charm and the privileges and opportunities of the "Sunflower State" were again sought, and this time he settled along the Neosho River near Humboldt. In Allen County [KS] he has since lived and grown old in humble service as a farmer and as a public official and when he became a county officer he established his home in Iola where it has since been maintained.
      James Proctor Duncan was born near New Maysville, Putnam County, Indiana, March 22, 1840. ... Mr. Duncan married during the period of his youth and established his humble home not far from the Red schoolhouse which subsequently figured in the local events of the Civil war. ....
      Mr. Duncan married September 20, 1858, Mary Ellen Bailey, a daughter of Zacharia and Eliza (Frame) Bailey, the former of whom was born in Bath Co. KY in 1812, a son of William Bailey, and settled in Hendricks Co. IN as a young man. ....
      James P. Duncan was a son of James Duncan, born in Bourbon Co. KY, October 12, 1806, and resided in that state till twenty-three years of age when he followed the course of empire northward and settled in Putnam County, Indiana, when the state was but twelve years old. He resided and carried on his work of the farm near New Maysville till just before the rebellion when he moved to Hendricks County and passed away near North Salem in August, 1885. ...
      James Duncan married his first wife in Kentucky and was the father of eleven children by this union. Mrs. Duncan was Anna, a daughter of Jas. Buchanan and Lizzie (Tudor) Proctor. The Proctor family abandoned Kentucky for Indiana when the forests of the latter were still virgin but were Mississippi settlers of Kentucky. Valentine Tudor married a Miss Hicks and was himself a descendant of the English "house of Tudor" and was a slaveholding farmer in Kentucky. Mrs. Duncan died in 1855 and was the mother of Mary who married Wm. Woodard and died near North Salem, Indiana; Coleman C. who died in Clay City, Indiana; Dr. William whose death in Indiana resulted from ill treatment and winter exposure at the hands of the Hickory County, Missouri, rebels during the war; Annie died at Humboldt, Kansas, as the widow of Champ C. Yeager; Miranda married A.J. Stephens and both died at Rich Hill, Missouri; Amanda married Frank Zimmerman first, a union soldier whose own pistol accidentally killed him, and she subsequently married Allen Ray and died in Indianapolis; George W., of North Salem, Indiana, one of the heroes of the battle of "Ft. Red"; John W. who died at Humboldt, Kansas; Nancy passed away as Mrs. John Gosnold, in Kansas City, Missouri; Kittie was Mrs. Wm. Long when she died at Holden, Missouri. James Duncan married Mrs. Amanda Dean for his second wife and their issue were Ruth who married William Peck; Benjamin, of North Salem; Belle, wife of Geo. Davenport; Elmer and Della, twins; Charles, a Nebraska ranchman; and Minerva. ....
      The father of James Duncan was Henry Duncan whose family formed a part of the exodus to Kentucky from Fauquier and Culpeper counties, Virginia. Madison County, Kentucky, received them and he subsequently lived in Bourbon County. In 1835, or about that date, Henry Duncan brought his numerous family, yet at home, to Missouri and settled in Cooper County where he passed away. The family was a member of the Lone Elm locality of the county and there he is buried. Henry Duncan married Sally [sic] Combs and among their numerous children were Matilda who married Coleman Covington, of Covington, Kentucky; Miranda became Mrs. Wm. Barnett and Margaret died as the wife of Wallace Stone, of Cooper County. The sons of Henry and Sally Duncan were James, the only one to settle in Indiana; Hiram, a Missouri colonel of Confederate troops in the Civil war; Jeptha, Jackson, Granvil and George whose posterity is numerous throughout Missouri and the West. ....
      ... [I]t is believed that James [Duncan], who was murdered by the Indians at the mouth of Paint Lick Creek in Kentucky, November 7, 1792, leaving a widow and three children, was the father of Henry Duncan, the grandfather of James P. Duncan, the founder of this Kansas branch of the family. (MAD: earlier generations not copied here; no proof)

1891 "History of Vigo Co. IN with Biographical Selections" by H.C. Bradsby (FHL film 934,921 item 4)
      Pg.936: Ellis E. South, general ticket and freight agent ... born Nov. 11, 1851, a son of Daniel B. and Martha (Duncan) South, natives of Ohio and of English descent, former of whom was a prominent man, having served a number of years as treasurer of Hendricks Co. IN. He died at Danville, IN, in 1862. Ellis E., who is the elder of two children, was reared in Danville, IN, where he attended school ... married in St. Louis to Nettie C., daughter of George P. Cook and of German descent. ...

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