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Formed 1795 from NW Territory, St. Clair Co.
Gallatin formed 1812 from Randolph
Jackson formed 1816 from Randolph, Johnson
Monroe formed 1816 from Randolph, St. Clair
Johnson formed 1822 from Randolph
Perry formed 1827 from Randolph, Jackson


1820-1840 Randolph Co. IL Census
      No Duncan indexed
      (MAD: James Buel mar. Mary Duncan 2/19/1813)

1850 Randolph Co. IL Census
Twp.5S Range 5W
Pg.2, #27-27, Joseph DUNCAN 52 SC BLACK laborer
                  Joisa (f) 40 KY BLACK
                  Edmond 23, John 14, Lee (m) 11 IL BLACK
                  Riley 9, Thomas R. 1, Lilly 7 IL BLACK
                  (MAD: definitely "Joseph" and Joisa)
Pg.2, #30-30, Josiah DUNCAN 23 IL BLACK laborer $0
                  Rosanna 18 IL BLACK
                  Henry HOWELL 10 IL BLACK
                  (MAD: definitely "Josiah"; one Isaiah Duncan mar. Rosanna Nouers 8/2/1849 St.Clair Co. IL)
Pg.33, #509-513, Elija LOFTON (m) 53 SC farmer $800
                  Eve 43 TN
                  Charles ROBBINS 20 IL
                  Lucretia DUNCAN 15 IL
                  Jacob 13 IL
                  Sarah A. 11 TN
                  Elizabeth C. LOFTON 6 MO
                  (MAD: David B. Duncan mar. Mrs. Eva Robbins 9/28/1834; Mrs. Eve Duncan mar. Eli Lofton 11/23/1848; David B. Duncan and Binum Duncan in Jackson Co. IL records 1837)
Pg.80, #189-196, Peter PHILLIPS 23 CAN carpenter $0
                  John 20 CAN
                  George MITCHELL 41 NY BLACK laborer
                  Cynthia A. 22 IL BLACK
                  George E. DUNCAN 18 IL BLACK
Twp.6S Range 9W
Pg.99, #92-2, Nicholas DOE 50 MO farmer $0
                  Mary 25 MO
                  Narcissa 15, Edward 12 IL
                  Charles 9, Joseph 4 IL
                  George BRESHIERE 23 MO woodchopper
                  Joseph DUNCAN 25 MO woodchopper
                  William DOGGET 25 MO

1860 Randolph Co. IL Census
Twp.5S Range 5W, P.O. Sparta
Pg.611, #174-174, Isah DUNCAN 30 IL MULATTO farmer $150-$225
                  Rosan (f) 24 TX MULATTO
                  Mary J. 9, Rosan 7, Eliza 5 IL MULATTOS?
                  Mary E. 2, Infant (f) 3/12 IL MULATTOS?
                  (MAD: Josiah and Rosanna in 1850)
Pg.611, #175-175, Louis DUNCAN 65 SC MULATTO (blank) $350-$275
                  Joyce 52 KY MULATTO
                  Edmund 35, Levi 22 IL MULATTOS farm laborer
                  Thomas 11, Ellender G. 10 IL MULATTOS
                  (MAD: Joseph & Louisa in 1850 census; definitely "Louis" in 1860 census)
Pg.625, #273-274, George DUNCAN 25 IL BLACK laborer $250-$50
                  Louesa (f) 25 IL BLACK
                  George S. 4, Susan 2 IL BLACK
                  James T. 1 IL BLACK
                  Lizzie MAYPOT 30 IL MULATTO
                  Mayde? (m) 4 IL MULATTO
Pg.626, #284-285, John DUNCAN 23 IL MULATTO teamster $60-$40
                  Ophelia 22 IL BLACK
                  Joseph 11/12 IL MULATTO
                  Newton STEEL 17 CT (white) laborer
Twp.4S Range 8W, P.O. Red Bud
Pg.749-50, #1217-1218, Luther SIMMEN 50 ME farmer $2000-$400
                  Sarah A. 27 OH
                  Samuel 22, Mary B. 17, Sarah P. 14 IL
                  Martha A. 11, Mary S. 2 IL
                  Zachariah DUNCAN 37 VA (blank)
Twp.6S Range 5W, P.O. Steele Mill
Pg.842, #1875-1885, Jacob DUNCAN 23 IL farmer $0-$350
                  Reda F. (f) 19 IL
                  George L. 1 IL
                  (MAD: Jacob Duncan mar. Rhoda T. Anderson 3/11/1858 Perry Co. IL, mar. Harriett Hodges 3/22/1863 Perry Co. IL)
City of Chester
Pg.949, #2671-2681, James M. DUNCAN 23 IL BLACK laborer $200-$50
                  Josephine 22 IL BLACK
                  Auguste (m) 4 IL BLACK

1870 Randolph Co. IL Census
Sparta PO, Twp.5 R5W
Pg.221, #35-35, DUNCAN, George 37 IL BLACK laborer $0-$0
                  Maria L. 38 IL BLACK keeping house
                  George S. 14, Susan C. 13 IL BLACKS
                  Maria J. 9, Elizabeth 7 IL BLACKS
                  Ellen J. 5, Joseph F. 3 IL, Mary J. 1 IL BLACKS
                  BISHROW, Jenna? (f) 11 IL BLACK
                  Elizabeth 8 IL BLACK
Pg.222, #37-37, DUNCAN, John 33 IL BLACK laborer $50-$150
                  Obeline? (f) 32 IL BLACK keeping house
                  John N. 7 IL BLACK
Pg.227, #116-116, DUNCAN, Lewis 76 SC BLACK farmer $1000-$0
                  Joicy 65 KY MULATTO keeping house
                  Edmond 46 IL MULATTO laborer
                  Thomas 21 IL MULATTO
Pg.227, #118-118, DUNCAN, Isic (m) 42 IL MULATTO farmer $600-$200
                  Rosanah (f) 38 TX BLACK keeping house
                  Rosinah (f) 17 IL BLACK
                  Liza (f) 15, Mary E. 12 IL BLACKS
                  Cordelia 10, William 8 IL BLACKS
Steeles Mills PO, Twp.6S R5W
Pg.251, #93-96, LOFTON, Eli 72 SC farmer $3500-$345
                  Eve 62 TN keeping house
                  DUNCAN, George 11 IL
Rockwood PO, Twp.7S R5W
Pg.269, #120-118, MURDER, John S?. 50 KY farmer $1200-$200
                  Catherine 52 IL keeping house
                  TINNEN?, Matilda 18 MO
                  DUNCAN, Hezikah (m) 15 IL
                  ROY, Lewisa (f) 6 IL
                  HENSON, William U. 3 IL


Randolph Co. IL Deed Indexes (SLC 9/12/2013 and 9/13/2013)
   Recorder's register and grantor index 1796-1814 (FHL film 974,431, item 1)
      Index pages A-D missing (SLC 9/9/2013)
   Deeds, Vol. 1779-1803 - no index (FHL film 956,815)
      Vol. 1795-1799 - no index
      Vol. 1794-1805 - no index
      Vol. 1797-1806 - no index
      Vol. 1768-1807, Vol.GIJK - no index
   Deeds v. L-M 1804-1815 - no Duncan (FHL film 956,816)
   Deeds v. N 1815-1822; grantor index only (FHL film 956,817)
      N-144: Duncan, Matthew to Charles W. Hunter, a deed
   Deeds v. O 1822-1834; grantor index only (FHL film 956,818)
      O-213: Duncan, Mathew to Sidney Breese
      O-238: Duncan, Mathew to Sidney Breese
   Deeds v. P-Q 1834-1839; grantor indexes only (FHL film 956,819)
      P-108: Duncan, James M. to John Fillson
   Deeds v. R-S 1838-1841 (FHL film 956,820)
      No Duncan
   Deeds v. T-U 1842-1844 (FHL film 956,821)
      T-486: Duncan, Pendleton to O. Page Eaton
   Deeds v. V-W 1844-1848 (FHL film 956,822)
      W-395: Robinson, William to Eve Duncan
   Deeds v. X-Y 1848-1850; no grantee index (FHL film 956,823)
      No Duncan
   Deeds v. Z 1850-1851 (FHL film 956,824)
      No Duncan grantor, no grantee index
   Deeds v. AA 1851-1852 (FHL film 956,825)
      No Duncan grantor, no grantee index
   Deeds v. BB 1852-1853 (FHL film 956,826)
      No Duncan grantor, no grantee index

Randolph Co. IL Deed Indexes (copied by CVD in SLC 5/9/2013)
   The early deed books contain some marriages, wills, powers of attorney.
Indexes found at beginning of most volumes.
   Index to Deeds, Vol.C, 1853-1858 (FHL film 974,431, item 2; copied by CVD in SLC 5/9/2013)
      HH-151: Duncan, Wm. & wife to John D. Tindall, Deed, filed Sep. 2, 1856, recorded Sep. 2, 1856, 1/6 part of SW 1/4 Sec.35 T7S R6W
      HH-302: Duplicate to John A. Douglass, Oct. 6, 1856, Oct. 6, 1856, E 1/2 SE 1/4 Sec.21 W 1/2 SW 1/4 NE SW Sec.22 T5S R7W (two entries)
      HH-302: Duplicate to A.C. Thompson, Oct. 6, 1856, Oct. 6, 1856, S 1/2 NE Sec.26 T5S R8W (two entries)
      II-545: Duncan, Jacob from Eli Lofton & wife, Deed, Aug. 10, 1857, Aug. 10, 1857, NE NW Sec.12 T6S R5W
   Index to Deeds, Vol.D, 1858-1863 (FHL film 974,431, item 3)
      MM-416&17: Duncan, Lewis et al from Jas. M. Rams? Comr., Aug. 3, 1859, Aug. 3, 1859, W hf W hf NW qr Sec.11 T5S R5W &c
      RR-436: Duncan, Jacob from Isaac S. VanBrunt?, Mort., Feb. 5, 1862, Feb. 5, 1862, NE NW Sec.12 T61 R5W
      RR-485: Duncan, John from John McKetry?, Deed, Feb. 28, 1862, February 28, 1862, Lot 10 in Blk 18 in Town of Eden

Randolph Co. IL Deeds (SLC 9/13/2013)
      N-144/145: 20 Sept. 1817, Mathew Duncan and Susan B. Duncan his wife, both of Town of Kaskaskia in Territory of IL, to Charles W. Hunter of Town of St. Louis, St. Louis Co. MO, for $1,000 paid, sell lot or parcel of ground in Town of Kaskaskia in Territory of IL afsd upon which the said Mathew Duncan lately resided, bounded on south by a street running west from the house of Thomas Cox upon the Kaskaskia River, on the north by the lot of Madame Torrangean, on the east by a cross street dividing the same from the lots of Jean Rts?? Montroy?ewis? and on the west by a lot of Louis La Chappell, being the same lot which was conveyed by Benjamin Stephenson Sherriff of Randolph Co. to Philip Fouke and David Anderson and by said Fouke and Anderson to the said Mathew Duncan, together with a large frame house and all other buildings and improvements thereon, and appertenances belonging, warrant title. /s/ Mathew Duncan, Susan C. Duncan. Wit. Jas?. W. Ask?, ?? J. Smith. They ack. deed 24 Oct. 1817 before Jno. M. Ferran, one of the Judges of the County Court of Randolph Co. IL. Recorded 25 Oct. 1817. (FHL film 956,817)
      O-213/214: 17 Oct. 1827, Mathew Duncan and Susan his wife now of Gallatin Co. IL, to Sidney Breese of Randolph Co. same state, for $138 paid, sell tract or parcel of land adjoining town of Kaskaskia, Randolph Co. IL, being Claim No.1760, recorded in Office of the Land and patented by the President of the US to the heirs of Michel Danie and by them sold to said Mathew Duncan, which tract of land is bounded, beg. on Chartre Street in said Village or Town of Kaskaskia and extending on the north to the Kaskaskia River joining the lands of Antoine Beinvanue now decd on the west, and the lands of St. Pierre on the east, the Kaskaskia River on the north, and said Chartre Street on the south, containing 60 square arpents more or less, being the same tract of land described in the patent, together with appertenances, warrant title. /s/ Mathew Duncan, Susan C. Duncan. Wit. Joseph E. Watkins, Andrew Frazer. Ack. 17 Oct. 1827 before Joseph E. Watkins, J.P. of Gallatin Co. IL. Cert. by Thos. L. Posey, Clerk of County Commissioner Court of Gallatin Co. IL, 17 Oct. 1827. Recorded 1 Jan. 1828. (FHL film 956,818)
      O-238/239: 9 Jan. 1828, Mathew Duncan and Susan his wife of Gallatin Co. IL to Sidney Breese of Randolph Co. IL, for $130 paid, sell Claim Number 1760 for 60 square arpents on the north of the Village of Kaskaskia in the point Urhand?, beginning on Charter Street in said Village, extending on the north to the Kaskaskia River joining the lands of Antrine Bienervase's heirs or assignees on the west and the lands of the heirs of the St.Pierre's on the east, granted by the government of the US to the heirs of Michel Davis, it being an ancient French Grant, or their legal representatives by letters patent 6 May 1820, and by said heirs conveyed to said Mathew Duncan by deeds 2 Oct. 1816, 13 Sept. 1816, 11 Oct. 1816 and 16 June 1820, recorded in Randolph Co. Recorder's Office, together with appurtenances, warrant title. /s/ Mathew Duncan, Susan C. Duncan. Wit. John W. Barnard, Alex. F. Grant. Ack. 9 Jan. 1828 before Les. White, Clerk of the Circuit Court, Gallatin Co. IL. Recorded 26 March 1828. (FHL film 956,818)
      P-108: 27 Feb. 1835, James M. Duncan of Fayette Co. IL for $20 paid by John Tillson? (Fillson?) Jr. of Hillsboro, Montgomery Co. IL, release and quit claim to said John Fillson Jr. land in Randolph Co. IL, Claim 45 Survey 253 containing 77 acres, with appurtenances. /s/ J.M. Duncan. Wit. L. Morton. Ack. 19 June 1835 before Jas. M. Berry, Clerk of Circuit Court, Fayette Co. IL. Recorded 30 Oct. 1835. (FHL film 956,819)
      T-486: Mortgage Deed, Pendleton Duncan to O. Page Eaton. 4 Aug. 1842, Pendleton Duncan of Randolph Co. to O.P. Eaton of Franklin Co. IL, for $300 paid by said O.P. Eaton, sell parcel of land in Randolph Co. IL, NE 1/4 NE 1/4 Sec.29 Twp.7S Range 6W of the third principal meridian containing 40 acres more or less, with appurtenances, provided that if said Pendleton Duncan pays to said O.P. Eaton $300 with interest as per 4 several notes of $75 each bearing even date with this instrument, payable in 4 annuel instalments commencing 25 Dec. next, then this deed to be null, otherwise to remain in full force. /s/ Pendleton (X) Duncan. Wit. Abel J. Rees, Seth Allen. Ack. 5 Aug. 1842 before Seth Allen, J.P., Randolph Co. IL. Recorded Feb. 8, 1843. (FHL film 956,821)
      W-395: 5 Sept. 1845, William Robinson and Elizabeth his wife of Randolph Co. IL to Eve Duncan of afsd, for $71 paid, sell our interest to a tract of land in Randolph Co. IL, SW 1/4 SE 1/4 Sec.9 Twp.6S Range 5W containing 40 acres more or less, with appurtenances, warrant title. /s/ William (X) Robinson, Elizabeth (X) Robinson. Wit. Isaac B. Brown, James (X) Sloker. Ack. 5 Sept. 1845 before Isaac B. Brown, J.P., Randolph Co. IL. Recorded May 15, 1847. (FHL film 956,822)


"Territorial Papers, Illinois Territory, 1809-1814" Vol.XVI (CA State University Sacramento Library)
      Pg.392: Letter, Shadrach Bond, Washington City, to the Secretary of State, Jan. 11, 1814: I take the Liberty of requesting you to appoint Mr. Matthew Duncan of Kaskaskia Illinois Territory, to Print and Publish the Laws of Congress in said Territory.

"Territorial Papers, Illinois Territory, 1814-1818" Vol.XVII (CA State University Sacramento Library)
      Pg.307: Letter to Edward Tiffin, Surveyor General, from Enoch Moore, St. Clair Co. Ferry opposite St. Louis, March 2, 1816 ... Milton & myself did employ a Mr. Duncan ... (as surveyor; indexed Matthew Duncan).
      Pg.440: Letter from Matthew Duncan, Fort Clark, IL, October 31, 1816 ... Since my arrival at this fort I am informed (trouble with Indians; references to surveying problems). Cover letter Nov. 20, 1816, mentions several letters from surveyors, some on the Mississippi and others from near Peoria.
      Pg.551: Letter to and from same, Dec. 6, 1817, reference to Majr. Duncan engaged in public surveying. (indexed as Matthew Duncan).
      Pg.645+: Long list of appointments by Governor of Illinois Territory of men to various positions, listed by date.
            Pg.651: Jan. 24, 1815, Matthew Duncan, Justice of Peace, "Ran." (Randolph) County.
            Pg.656: July 26, 1816, Matthew Duncan, Recorder of Randolph Co. (footnote: vice (in place of) William Arundel, deceased.)

"The [Illinois] governors' letter-books, 1818-1834" by Elias K. Kane, Shadrach Bond; pub. Springfield, Ill.: Trustees of the Illinois State Historical Library, 1909, 353 pgs. (LH6189, HeritageQuest images 4/2007 and 7/2007)
      Pg.61-62: Governors' Letter-Books, February 5, 1824.
      Copy of a letter to Mathew Duncan, Esq.(1).
            Vandalia, Feby. 5, 1824.
      Sir -- I recd by the last mail your letter dated Dec. 15, (but with the Postmark of Jany 23) in which you inform me that you, as one of a company, were anxious to lease the Muddy Saline and wish to know for what length of time and on what terms I should be willing to grant a lease to be paid in improvements made on the place. In reply I have to state, that I should be willing to lease the Muddy Saline for the term of three years free of rent; on condition that you would bind yourselves to dig or bore into the earth or rock to the depth of [at] least one hundred feet unless you should sooner find good salt water, as strongly impregnated with salt as the best salt water used at the Gallatin Saline and of a quantity sufficient to keep in constant operation 40 kettles of 40 gallons each; to wall up the well with durable materials to erect all the necessary buildings for the making of the salt, and the accomodations of the hands; to cut the timber regularly both big and little as well trunks as limbs; and to bind yourselves not to commit any waste, and to deliver in good Repair at the expiration of the lease, the premises with every thing on them except the metal which will be considered your property.
      A violation of the above conditions; or an omission or neglect to labour on the improvements for a period of some three or four months to make void the lease.
      If these or somewhat similar terms (for I should not object to vary them a little) should please you and the company, one of you had better come up and have the lease executed at this place.
      I am with all due respect, EDWARD COLES.
      To Mathew Duncan, Esq., Brownsville.
      Footnote 1. Matthew Duncan : born 1790 in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky; 1814 removed to Kaskaskia where he founded "The Illinois Herald," the first newspaper published in Illinois; January 24, 1815, appointed justice of the peace of Randolph County by Governor Edwards; 1815, published first volume of "Pope's Digest;" January 26, 1816, appointed recorder of Randolph County; 1817, sold printing establishment and newspaper to Daniel P. Cook and Robert Blackwell; October 4, 1832, elected captain of a company of Illinois Rangers; 1833, appointed captain in first regiment of dragoons of the regular army; 1837, resigned commission and entered business at Shelbyville; January 16, 1844, died. --Snyder, John F., Personal Letter.
      Pg.62: Copy of a letter Richd J. Hamilton (1).
            Vandalia, March 19, 1824.
      Dr. Sir -- About the first of Feby. I received a communication from Mathew Duncan, in which he expressed a wish to lease the Muddy Saline, and requested to be informed on what terms I would lease it, to be paid for in improvements. I immediately complied with his request by stating the length of time and conditions on which I would lease it. Since then I have not heard from him.
      About a month since I received an application from John Hammon, of your town, to cultivate a field on the Saline tract. To this I have made no reply in consequence of my being in daily expectation of hearing from Mr. Duncan.
      Feeling myself under the necessity of troubling some friend, and knowing of none in the vicinity in which I have more confidence, or who I believe would more cheerfully render a service to the State than yourself, I am induced to ask the favour of you to ascertain whether Mr. Duncan intends leasing the Saline; and if he should not, to rent for the season the field to Mr. Hammon, or some other person to be paid in improvements to be made on the place, or for such other consideration as you may think most advantageous for the state.
      You would also render an acceptable service to the State, as well as confer a favour on me, by undertaking the Genl. Superintendance of the Saline until it is rented. (MAD: more not copied, no other mention of Mathew Duncan, footnote re Richard Jones Hamilton not copied)

HISTORIES before 1923

"Portrait and biographical record of Randolph, Jackson, Perry and Monroe Counties, Illinois : containing biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens of the counties : together with biographies and portraits of all the presidents of the United States, and the governors of the state of Illinois." (anonymous); pub. Chicago: Biographical Pub. Co., 1894, 863 pgs. (LH9755, HeritageQuest images 4/2007; FHL film 825,600 and 1,000,511 item 2)
      Pg.463-464: ROBERT ROBERTSON, born in Renfrewshire, Scotland, was an early settler of Randolph County, Sec.29, Township 4, Range 5, where he located in 1849. ... Robert grew to man's estate in his native country ... carpenter & joiner for some time in Paisley. When ready to establish a home of his own, he was married, November 11, 1844, to Miss Jane Duncan, a native of Scotland, where her birth occurred in 1826. She is the daughter of John and Isabella (McFee) Duncan, both of whom departed this life in the Old Country. Mrs. Robertson is the eldest of five children, and besides her brother Daniel who lives in New Zealand, is the only one living. Her father was a member of the Gaelic Church, while her mother was of the Old Light Covenanter faith. ... Our subject and his family to America in 1849 ...

"Illinois in 1818" by Solon J. Buck; pub. Springfield: Illinois Centennial Commission, 1917, 429 pgs. (LH9073, HeritageQuest images 4/2007; FHL book 977.3 B4ic v.0 and film 2,055,558 item 6)
      Pg.171: Two weekly papers printed in Illinois at the time it became a state ... the older of these was established at Kaskaskia in 1814 by Matthew Duncan, with the name of "Illinois Herald." Its publication was made possible by both federal and territorial patronage, for it was paid liberally for printing the United States laws and proclamations, and had in addition a monopoly of the public printing for the territory. In 1816, probably in April, the paper was sold to "Daniel P. Cook and Co." and the name was changed to "Western Intelligencer." ... (MAD: Kaskaskia, Randolph Co. IL)

1878 "History of Jackson County, Illinois : with biographical sketches of some of its prominent men and pioneers" ed. by J.H. Brownlee and R. Allyn, pub. by Brink, McDonough & Co. (FHL book Q 977.3994 H2b and FHL film 962,314 item 1)
      Pg.86: William Montgomery Duncan was born in Lancaster Dist. SC, 1 Nov. 1815, 8th of 10 children of Pierson and Sarah Duncan. Family to Jackson Co. GA when William age about 8, in fall of 1827 to IL with wife and children, arriving Christmas day in Jefferson Co. Fall of 1829 to Randolph Co., about 8 miles above Kaskaskia; spring 1831 to Jackson Co. about 1/2 mile from home place of William Duncan. Father died about 1843, widow survived him 3 or 4 years. Wm. M. Duncan married June 22, 1835, to Sarah Atkins of Randolph Co.; 10 children, 5 yet living; she died 25 Nov. 1854, and he m. 8 July 1855 to Caroline Tyndall; 4 children, 3 yet living. Mrs. Duncan died 30 April 1865, he married on 5 Sept. following to Mrs. Marilla Hobbs; 4 children, two boys yet living. Mrs. D. died 6 Sept. 1875, and on 28 Jan. 1876, he m. a sister to his former wife, Mrs. N. Hobbs, who is still living. Democrat, enjoying good health, is among the old residents of his township.
            (MAD: Peirceson Duncan of Jackson Co. IL had Public Domain Land 8/19/1836 in Randolph Co. IL; from IL Public Domain Land Sales)

"Historical encyclopedia of Illinois and history of St. Clair Co." ed. by Newton Bateman, Paul Selby; Hist. of St.Clair Co. ed. by A.S. Wilderman, A.A. Wilderman.; pub. Chicago: Munsell Pub. Co., 1907, 1284 pgs. (LH8178, HeritageQuest images 4/2007; FHL film 1,000,513 items 2-3 and v.2 on 825,603)
"Historical encyclopedia of Illinois and history of Boone Co." ed. by Newton Bateman, Paul Selby; Boone Co. hist. ed. by Richard V. Carpenter; pub. Chicago: Munsell Pub. Co., 1909, 1019 pgs. (LH4506, HeritageQuest images 4/2007; FHL fiche 6,334,303)
      Vol.I, pg.141: DUNCAN, THOMAS, soldier, was born in Kaskaskia, Ill., April 14, 1809; served as a private in the Illinois mounted volunteers during the Black Hawk War of 1832; also as First Lieutenant of cavalry in the regular army in the Mexican War (1846), and as Major and Lieutenant-Colonel during the War of the Rebellion, still later doing duty upon the frontier keeping the Indians in check. He was retired from active service in 1873, and died in Washington, Jan. 7, 1887. (MAD: Kaskaskia, Randolph Co. IL)
      (MAD: text is identical to both books, same page number)


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