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Illinois Statewide Marriage Index, 1763-1900; An Ongoing Project of the Illinois State Archives & the Illinois State Genealogical Society

US Land Patents in Illinois and many other states are available on the Internet from the Bureau of Land Management, General Land Office Records (address as of 6/2001)

IL Public Domain Land Tract Sales

See the published abstracts and indexes to military records by Virgil D. White for Duncans who served in the various wars.

"Territorial Papers, Louisiana-Missouri Territory, 1815-1821" Vol.XV (CA State University, Sacramento, Library)
      Pg.130: Reference in letter April 22, 1816, to James M. Duncan being willing to accept a contract to survey between the St. Francis and Arkansas River "before next fall."

"Territorial Papers, Arkansas Territory, 1819-1825" Vol.XIX (CA State University, Sacramento, Library)
      Pg.101: Reference to James M. Duncan of IL, not copied.

"Territorial Papers, Illinois Territory, 1809-1814" Vol.XVI (CA State University, Sacramento, Library)
      Pg.300-2: List of officers and soldiers tendering their services as a company of rangers or mounted riflemen, Feb. 28, 1813. They offer to continue in service twelve months unless sooner discharged. Signed by Capt. Jacob Short and others with ranks of Lt., Ensign, and Sargent, and others with no ranks shown, including John Dunkom jun and John Dunkom senr. (MAD: see ? Franklin Co. IL)
      Pg.392: Letter, Shadrach Bond, Washington City, to the Secretary of State, Jan. 11, 1814: I take the Liberty of requesting you to appoint Mr. Matthew Duncan of Kaskaskia Illinois Territory, to Print and Publish the Laws of Congress in said Territory.

"Territorial Papers, Illinois Territory, 1814-1818" Vol.XVII (CA State University, Sacramento, Library)
      Pg.307: Letter to Edward Tiffin, Surveyor General, from Enoch Moore, St. Clair Co. Ferry opposite St. Louis, March 2, 1816 ... Milton & myself did employ a Mr. Duncan ... (as surveyor; indexed Matthew Duncan).
      Pg.440: Letter from Matthew Duncan, Fort Clark, IL, October 31, 1816 ... Since my arrival at this fort I am informed (trouble with Indians; references to surveying problems). Cover letter Nov. 20, 1816, mentions several letters from surveyors, some on the Mississippi and others from near Peoria.
      Pg.523: Letter to Secretary of War from Gov. Edwards, Kaskaskia, IL Territory, July 20, 1817 ... I would also beg leave to recommend Majr. James M. Duncan as surveyor, he is willing to undertake it, and is well qualified.
      Pg.551: Letter to and from same, Dec. 6, 1817, reference to Majr. Duncan engaged in public surveying. (indexed as Matthew Duncan).
      Pg.645+: Long list of appointments by Governor of Illinois Territory of men to various positions, listed by date.
            Pg.650: Sept. 30, 1814, Joseph Duncan, Lieutenant, 2nd Regiment (Militia).

"List of private claims presented to the House of Representatives of the US from the 1st to the 31st Congress, inclusive" (pgs.552-3 from Joe Hammond 8/1984)
      Name of Claimants; nature or object of the claim; congress; session; how brought before the House of Rep.; Page of journal; to what committee of the House referred; No. or date of the report; nature of the report; No. of the bill; how disposed of by the House of Reps.; how disposed of by the Senate; Date of the act of Congress and remarks.
      Duncan, Matthew (Ill.); Release from deficiency on Treasury books; 25th; 2nd; Petition; pg.274; Claims Committee; Report #804; Adverse; Laid on table.


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