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HISTORIES before 1923

1878 "History of McDonough County, Illinois : its cities, towns and villages, with early reminiscences, personal incidents and anecdotes, and a complete business directory of the county" by J.S. Clark (CA State Library, Sutro Branch, and Los Angeles Public Library and FHL book 977.342 H2c)
      No Dunsworth biography
      Pg.18: On the admission of the State into the Union, what is now known as McDonough county was a part of Madison. Afterward, by an act of the Legislature, approved June 30, 1821, it was placed within the boundaries of Pike, and by a subsequent act, approved February 10, 1826, its present boundaries were determined, and it was attached to Schuyler county for judicial and recording purposes.
      Pg.22-23: The third meeting of the first regular term of the County Commissioners' Court was held on the first Monday in September, 1830, when the Commissioners proceeded to the selection of a grand and petit jury for the October term of the Circuit Court, being the first term. .... For petit jurymen were selected ... Enoch Cyrus, Russell Duncan, Reuben Harris, Jr. ... At this meeting ... and John Huston (was appointed) County Treasurer.
      Pg.37: In June, 1832, a battalion of men was raised in this and Warren counties, under call of the Governor, for service in the Black Hawk war. The organization was effected at Macomb, the Warren county men coming to this place for that purpose. Samuel Bogart, of McDonough, was chosen Major; .... They marched to the town of Oquawka (Henderson Co.), and they were there stationed for the purpose of guarding the frontier. They were out eighty-six days, but performed no special service. They drew their rations regularly, ate heartily, played euchre, and visited the friendly Indian camps on the opposite side of the river. At the expiration of their term, they all returned to Macomb, and received their discharge.
      Pg.69: Early Settlements. Macomb - Elias McFadden was the first settler in the vicinity of the present city of Macomb, and came to the place in the fall of 1828, or spring of 1829. He was followed soon after by John Baker ... After Mr. Baker, ... Samual Bogart, --- Anderson, and others, ....
      Pg.94-95: The following is a list of names of those who were out from this county (in the Mormon war of 1846): Wm. Duncan, Quartermaster Sergeant; ... Privates - Nicholas Bowman, Michael Harris, Isaac Bogard, Jacob Keithley, Elisha Dungan, Francis Rice, John Ferguson, Reuben Harris, Daniel Duncan, Preston Anderson, William E. Duncan, Joseph Duncan, Isaac Harris, John Duncan, John L. Anderson, James Anderson, (and many others).
      Pg.122-3: New Salem. - New Salem township lies in range 5 north, 1 west, ... The first sermon was preached by old Father Harris, at the house of William Osborne, at Pennington's Point, in 1834.
      Pg.126-7: Industry. - Industry township lies in range 4 north, 2 west, ... The following named gentlemen have served the township as members of the Board of Supervisors: ... R.A. Duncan, 1869; ....
      Pg.348: B.A. DUNCAN, M.D. Dr. B.A. Duncan, son of Jonathan and Leatha Duncan, is of Scotch, Irish and English descent, and was born April 6, 1825, in Frankfort, Washington Co. PA. But little is known of his family, or of his early history, except that his father gave him such an education as would fit him for the medical profession which he had chosen for his life work. His preparatory medical studies were conducted under the tutorship of Dr. Alexander McCandless, of Pittsburg, PA, graduating from the Medical College, in the same city, in the year 1845. In 1849, he came to Illinois and settled in McDonough county, on the site of the present village of Industry. .... For thirty-two years of his life, his whole time was spent in study ... with the exception of a few months in the service of his country as a member of the 138th regiment Illinois Volunteer Infantry. In this regiment he enlisted as a private in Co. A., Captain McClenahan, of Monmouth, and was assigned to duty as Hospital Steward.
            Dr. Duncan has been twice married. First, with Miss Julia Standard, on the tenth day of May, 1845, by whom he had three children, viz, Jonathan, Fleetwood and Thomas, the first named suffering a violent death, on the 29th of September, 1867, at the age of fourteen. Mrs. Duncan died of consumption of the first day of November, 1863. The doctor's second marriage was on the eighth day of November, 1864, with Miss Martha Merrick, who still survives him. By this last marriage there were six children born unto them, all of whom are yet living.
            In his last illness ... closing his life on the thirty-first of March, 1877. By his request, Mrs. Duncan was appointed Administratrix, a position ... she is well qualified to fill. ....
      Pg.376-7: HON. JOHN HUSTON. ... of Blandinsville township ... John Huston was born near Sparta, White Co. TN, May 17, 1808. His parents were Walter and Nancy (Bradshaw) Huston, the former being a Virginian by birth and the latter a Kentuckian. .... Before reaching his majority, Mr. Huston led to the marriage alter Miss Ann Melvin, with whom he happily lived until separated by death. They were married in his native county, on the second day of October, 1828, and twelve days thereafter the young couple, with all their worldly goods, departed for the great West, intending to make IL ... their home for the future. On the eleventh day of November, 1828, they arrived in Morgan county, where they remained some sixteen months, when they came to this county, arriving here on the fourteenth day of March, 1830. ...
      Pg.531: In 1831 he (Samuel L. Dark) was in the Black Hawk war under General Duncan, ....
      Pg.594-: At a meeting called for the purpose of organizing an "Old Settlers' Association," held in Campbell's Hall in June, 1869, ... "All citizens of McDonough county, who have resided therein thirty-three years, or who have resided in the State of Illinois thirty-three years, and who are now residents of said county, by giving their names, place of birth, age, and residence, become members of this Association." ... Meetings of the Association have been held annually ever since ... We append below as complete a list of old settlers, those living in the county forty years and upwards, as we could obtain:
            John L. Anderson, born March 28, 1815, in Adair county, Kentucky; came to this county in 1831. For many years resided in Macomb, but at present resides in Bushnell.
            Durham Harris, born in McDonough county, December 22, 1832; resides in Macomb township.
            Preston Huston, born in Blandinsville township in 1836; living there to the present time.
            Rigdon Huston, born in Blandinsville township in 1833; still resides in that township.
            W.M. Huston, M.D., born in the county in 1828; resides in Blandinsville.
            Hiram Russell, born in Green county, Kentucky, October 14, 1816; came to McDonough county in 1831.
            John L. Russell, born December 8, 1808, near Campbell, Green county, Kentucky; came to McDonough county May 5, 1832. ...
            John Mont. Walker, born April 29, 1819, in Adair county, Kentucky; came to this county in June of 1833. (Other Walkers b. Adair county, KY.)

1885 "History of McDonough County, Illinois : together with sketches of the towns, villages and townships, educational, civil, military and political history; portraits of prominent individuals, and biographies of the representative citizens; and History of Illinois ..." pub. by Continental Historical Co. (FHL film 1,000,503 item 2)
      Pg.89: The same spring of 1830, William Duncan came to the above township (Blandinsville) and made a settlement, but the following winter drove him away. He afterward removed to Iowa where he died.
            Enoch Cyrus also settled in the same locality, at the same time. He farmed sometimes and taught school, being the first teacher in the township now known as Blandinsville. After a few years he sold out and went to MO and from there to California, when he died.
            John Huston, arrived in McDonough county on the 14th of March, 1830, ... He died July 8, 1854. His son, William M., now a practicing physician in the town of Blandinsville, then but a small child, came with his father and mother.
      Pg.90: In the fall of 1830, Joel Duncan, father of Russell and Charles, came to McDonough county. He made his home temporarily with his son Russell, and commenced the erection of a cabin, but before he had it finished, the great snow of that winter came on, so thirteen people were compelled to live all winter in that little cabin not over eighteen feet square. In the spring Joel removed south of his sons and opened a farm, where he afterwards died.
            Russell Duncan, was also a settler of 1830. He erected a cabin in which he installed his family on section 3, of Blandinsville. It was his intention to place it on section 4, but got it the wrong side of the line. He lived here until the spring of 1840, when he died very suddenly. With him came his brother Charles Duncan, who was a single man. He made his home sometime with his brother, but moved to Hancock county. Later he came back, but afterwards, during the time of the rush to California, he fell in with the tide of emigration, and moved to that Eldorado of the west, where he now resides.
      Pg.92: John Anderson came from Columbia, Adair Co. KY, in 1830, to Lewistown, Fulton Co., and in November, 1831, located two miles and a half west of Macomb ... was a native of Washington Co. PA.
            Samuel Bogart came to Macomb during the early summer of 1831, and opened a small grocery. He afterwards, in 1832, commanded, as major, the odd battalion during the Black Hawk war. At its close, or in 1833, he went to Iowa.
      Pg.93: John Duncan made a settlement in Blandinsville township in 1831, and remained a resident until his death, many years after.
      Pg.130-: The Mormon War: (See pages 94-95, 1878 History.)
      Pg.151-2: Civil War - Eleventh Cavalry, Company I. Privates: Duncan, Elias.
      Pg.175: Same, Seventy-Eighth Infantry, Company C. Privates: Duncan, James M.; Duncan, John.
      Pg.183: Same, One Hundred and Nineteenth Infantry, Company H. Privates: Duncan, Benjamin; Duncan, James E.
      Pg.185: Same, One Hundred and Twenty-Fourth Infantry, Company D; Privates: Duncan, Joseph. Company I; Privates: Duncan, William H.
      Pg.187-8: Same, One Hundred and Thirty-Seventh Infantry, Company C; Privates: Duncan, John. Company I; Privates: Duncan, Isaac.
      Pg.199: Roll of Honor. Benjamin Duncan died at Memphis, Tennessee, August 5, 1864.
      Pg.203-4: County Government. At the special election, held August 7, (1830), in the several magistrate's districts, ... In the Second district were elected ... Samuel Bogart, justice of the peace.
      Pg.217: Board of Supervisors. 1869: B.A. Duncan, Industry.
      Pg.223: License (for marriage) was issued to the following named parties during the year 1832: James Cyrus and Margaret Duncan, September 1; married September 16.
            The following named were licensed to marry during the year 1833: John Scott and Mary Duncan, November 2; married, November 7.
            Charles Duncan and Darcus Coffman, November 2; married, November 10.
      Pg.224: The marriage licenses issued during the year 1834, were to the following parties: Reuben Harris and Mary Marlow, November 11.
      Pg.276: John Huston (see pages 376-377, 1878 History).
      Pg.330: First Term of the circuit court (see pages 22-23, 1878 History).
      Pg.409: Dr. James B. Kyle (deceased), was among the early physicians of the county, having come here January 10, 1835. He was a native of Ohio, and was born in Miami County, September 20, 1808. ... He was married to Sarah P. Rice, July 19, 1836. She is a daughter of Benjamin Rice, of Greene Co. KY. ....
      Pg.419: William M. Huston, M.D., ... was born August 6, 1829, near the city of Jacksonville, in Morgan Co. IL. In 1830 his parents removed to this county and located on a farm. ....
      Pg.420: J.M. Duncan, physician in Blandinsville, was born in this county, three miles northwest from the village, April 8, 1859 (MAD: should be 1839). His parents were John and Margaret (Wright) Duncan. The former died March 4, 1873, in this county, and was buried in "Old Liberty" cemetery. The latter died in 1856 and was buried in the same place. J.M. remained at home until he was 21 years of age. ... In 1862 he enlisted in Captain Hume's company, 78th Illinois volunteers, ... At the close of the war he was married to Mary J. Cranshaw, of Henderson county. .... Five children have been born to his family, four of whom are living. Arthur Q. was born August 14, 1866; Alta Belle, July 30, 1872; James Melvin, June 7, 1880; Sura Wilmerth, December 10, 1882. Ruby Mary, died July 25, 1871, at Marcelline, Adams county. The father of J.M., John Duncan, was one of the pioneers of the county, having emigrated from White Co. TN, in 1832, and settled in Blandinsville township, and followed farming until the day of his death. The family consisted of eleven children, nine boys and two girls. Mary Jane, born October 5, 1825; Thomas B., born June 18, 1828; Elizabeth, born July 20, 1830; Charles, born February 5, 1832; William, born December 27, 1833; Joel, born October 6, 1835; John, born September 15, 1837; James M., born April 8, 1839; Benjamin F., born July 15, 1841; Harrison H., born December 11, 1844; Samuel B., May 6, 1846. Of these, eight are now living. Charles died in the mines of California, May 27, 1853; Joel died in this county June 20, 1857; Elizabeth died in June, 1879. James M. is a member of the Grand Army of the Republic.
      Pg.421: Dr. B.A. Duncan (see Page 348, 1878 History)
      Pg.479: Bedford Christian Church, Blandinsville Township. This congregation was organized, April 7, 1850, by Elder Milton Dodge, with the following members: ... Peter Shelly, James and Margaret Cyrus, Elizabeth Duncan, Walter Huston, Sr., Walter Huston, Jr., Joel B. and Catharine Huston, Waney Huston, Sr., Waney Huston, Jr., Zelpha Huston, David Shelly, Elizabeth Shelley, ...
      Pg.549: Tennessee Township: Joshua Hunt, deceased, was born in Washington Co. TN, in 18--. His parents were natives of England, and from there came to America, where Joshua was reared. He was married to Nancy Bacon, by whom he had 11 children - Abbie, Isaac B., Samuel A., Mary, Sarah, Thomas J., John B., Simon W., Harriet, deceased, Wancy, deceased, Manda C., deceased. Mr. Hunt died in this township. Simon W. Hunt, who was the eighth son of Mr. Joshua Hunt, was born in Washington Co. TN, on the 29th day of May, 1825. He came to McDonough county with his parents, .... (Also Bacon family of Washington Co., TN, pg.555)
      Pg.558-9: Lewis B. Mourning ... On the 7th day of June, 1853, he was married to Lucinda Keithly, daughter of Jacob and Sarah (Roberts) Keithly. ....
      Pg.610: Colchester Township: Thomas J. Bowman ... His father, Daniel N. Bowman, was a native of the State of Tennessee, being born in 1814, and who came to McDonough Co. IL, in 1844 ... until his death ... in 1858. He was married in Greene county, in the year 1842, to Margaret Parker, ....
      Pg.627: Hire Township: In 1839, Jacob Keithley and family came to McDonough County, ... In 1870 he removed to California, where he died five years later. Mr. Keithley was born in Bath Co. KY, in August, 1805, his ancestors being of German extraction. He lived in Kentucky until 12 years of age, when the family removed to Indiana, where he grew to manhood. It was in that state that he united his destinies with Sarah Roberts, and to them were born 12 children - ten sons and two daughters. .... His wife still lives in Blandinsville, at an advanced age, ... (pg.638, George W. Keithley, native of Indiana, born in 1831, July 22. .... Pg.639, James Keithley was born in Harrison Co. IN, February 11, 1838. ...)
      Pg.645: John Isom ... born in Blandinsville township, December 25, 1838. His father was Henry Isom, and mother, Jane (Bradshaw) Isom ... both dying in 1842 in Blandinsville township ....
      Pg.652: Lamoine Township: Hugh E. Wear, a native of Washington Co. TN, came with his family to Lamoine township, in May, 1835. He was born in 1789, and in 1825 removed to Monroe Co. TN, where he remained about seven years, when he went to Franklin Co. IL, after which he came to this township. His death occurred in 1873, and he was interred at Scott's church. His wife, whose maiden name was Sarah Duncomb, died in 1858. Mr. Wear was justice of the peace in Lamoine for a number of years. Andrew Wear came at the same time with his father, Hugh, and is still a resident of the township.
      Pg.653: Joseph D. Wear, a son of Hugh, came with his parents to Lamoine township, in 1836. He was born in Washington Co. TN, February 25, 1815, and married January 16, 1838, to Mary B. Downs, who were the parents of 10 children. They are still residents of the township.
      Pg.661: George J. Lawyer ... Mr. Lawyer was married in November, 1867, to Amanda C. Wear, a daughter of Hugh and Sarah (Duncomb) Wear. ...
      Pg.673: Emmet Township: James D. Griffith came to the county in 1853, ... his native county being Buckingham (Virginia) where he was born July 20, 1810. ...
      Pg.682-3: Allen A. Walker, deceased, ... He was born in the state of Kentucky in 1802 ... death occurred August 30, 1858, ... His wife was Amelia Rice, a native of Kentucky, born in December 1803 and died Feburary 7, 1866.
      Pg.683: Abraham B. Stickle ... He was married August 10, 1853, to Sarah Duncan, a native of Kentucky and daughter of William and Catharine Duncan, who were early settlers in this county. William Duncan died in 1859; his widow is now living with her children. Mrs. Stickle died February 7, 1857. January 1, 1860, Mr. Stickle was again married to Sarah Metcalf ... (MAD: William Duncan mar. Catherine Purdy 1832 Washington Co. KY; 1840 Marion Co. KY)
      Pg.739: Industry Township: George Bennett is a son of Aaron and Betsey (Tibergin) Bennett, natives of West Virginia. They were married in 1818 - the former died in Virginia, and the latter in Ohio, in 1864. George was born June 15, 1820, in Warren Co. OH, ....
      Pg.740: Frank Duncan is a son of Colonel Jonathan and Agnes Leeper Duncan, natives of York and Washington Cos. PA, the former born November 14, 1791, the latter June 9, 1813. Colonel Duncan gained his title by gallant service in the war of 1812. He died September 10, 1876. His widow, Mrs. Agnes L. Duncan, is yet living. Frank Duncan was born February 22, 1855, in McDonough Co. IL. At the age of 15 his parents moved to Monmouth, Illinois, where he entered school, which he attended three years, the last year in the Union business college. He was married, March 10, 1875, to Clara Runkle, of Industry, daughter of Darius Runkle. Three children have been born to them - Bertha, Laura and Freddie, all of which are living. Mr. Duncan is a farmer, and is a member of the Masonic fraternity, and a republican in politics.
      Pg.764: Prairie City Township: William H. Tannehill, son of John F. and Althea (King) Tannehill, was born in Fort Madison, Iowa, in 1846. ...
      Pg.838: Bushnell Township: City of Bushnell: John Leib, dealer in harness, etc. ... The harness department was established by George Duncan, and in January, 1874, Mr. Leib became a partner in the business ...
      Pg.847: J.L. Griffith came to McDonough county in the fall of 1864, from Fulton county, ... He is a native of Pennsylvania, having been born in that state on the 25th of March, 1835. ...
      Pg.856: Blandinsville Township: On the 14th day of March, 1830, John Huston arrived from Morgan Co. IL, and took up a farm ... His family, upon their arrival, consisted of himself and wife and one child, now a practicing physician of Blandinsville. ... Mr. Huston died July 8, 1854, leaving seven children. ... Mr. Rigdon Huston, the third son of John Huston, ...
      Pg.860: Russell Duncan also came in 1830. He occupied a part of Mr. Huston's house until he had erected one for himself and family on section 3, which, however, he intended to build on section 4, but by mistake it was put up on the wrong side of the line. He came from Tennessee, and after his cabin was completed, he immediately moved into it. He lived there until the time of his death, which occurred very suddenly in the spring of 1840. The old homestead is now owned and occupied by Charles Huston.
            Charles Duncan came about the same time. As he was a single man, he took up a claim with his brother, Russell, with whom he lived until his father came to the township. He afterward removed to Hancock county, but did not remain there a great while, returning to this township. He subsequently removed to California, where he now resides.
            The spring of 1830 also brought Enoch Cyrus to the township, who came from his native state, Tennessee. He was a man of considerable education, and taught the first term of school in the township. After a few years he sold out and removed to Missouri. He afterward went to California, where his death occurred. Philip George now resides on the place.
      Pg.861: In the fall of 1830, Joel Duncan came from Tennessee, and moved into the cabin with his son Russell, on section 4. He immediately commenced operations for the erection of a cabin for himself and family, but being overtaken in the week before its completion by the great snow storm of 1830-31, he was unable to finish it that fall. As a consequence 13 lived in a cabin 18 feet square, with one door, no windows, and but a loft for the accomodation of the many sleepers. He afterward settled on another place, south of there, where he died.
            The settlement after this date (fall of 1830) was very slow for a few years, and then the county filled up rapidly. In the fall of 1831, John Duncan came to the township, and here died.
            Thomas B. Duncan is one early settler of this county, having come here with his parents, November 2, 1831, and settled on section 18, of Blandinsville township. He is a native of Tennessee, and was born in White Co., June 18, 1828. He is a son of John and Margaret (Wright) Duncan. He continued to make his home on the old farm until the time of his marriage, March 1, 1849, to Martha Ann Woodside, daughter of Samuel and Eleanor (Robinson) Woodside. Soon after that important event he moved to the northwest quarter of section 14, and there lived until 1855. He then moved to the southwest quarter of section 8, and there lived in a small frame house until March, 1858. In 1858 he returned to the old homestead, and there remained until 1862, then removed to Blandinsville village and engaged in blacksmithing until 1864. He then changed his business and went into the drug trade with Dr. J.H. Emery, and continued 18 months, when he sold out to Davis Aldrich. His next move was in the fall of 1865, ... in the grocery business, then sold out to C.M. Duncan. ... Meanwhile, ... he took a trip with a mule team across the plains to Colorado, and to the present site of Leadville. ... Mr. and Mrs. Duncan are the parents of three children, Alice, born May 22, 1856, and the wife of J.W. Crenshaw, of Henderson Co. IL; Franklin W., born May 2, 1860, now living in Iowa; and Louis H., born July 15, 1872. ...
      Pg.864: In 1834 Joseph Duncan entered land on section 4, where he afterward suddenly died. The place is now owned by his widow.
      Pg.893: Reuben R. Harris was born in this county in 1846. His parents, Reuben and Allie (Wolf) Harris were among the earliest settlers here and were from Tennessee. Reuben Harris, Sr. died August 15, 1870. He was a resident of this county at the time of the Mormon war, in which he participated. His widow, Allie (Wolf) Harris, is still living at the advanced age of 80 years. The subject of this sketch was married January 12, 1865, to Jane Severns, a daughter of James Severns, of Ohio. Eleven children have blest their union - Lizzie, Ida, Allie, Nettie, Alta, Alva, Jennie, Nellie, Dellie, Laura and Charlie. Mr. Harris owns a highly desirable farm, containing 130 acres, located in section 31, Blandinsville township. He is engaged in general farming and stock raising, and is a successful farmer and a good citizen. His politics are democratic.
            H.H. Duncan, of Blandinsville township, is a son of John and Mary (White) Duncan, natives of Tennessee. H.H. Duncan was born in this township December 11, 1844, and here grew to manhood. October 22, 1875, he was united in marriage with Mahala Hamilton, a daughter of James Hamilton, of Kentucky, and by this union has four children - Albert, Alfred, John Riley and Clarence E. Mr. Duncan is the owner of real estate in this township, and is a worthy and respected citizen. He is politically, a democrat.
      Pg.888: The notion trade has a representative in C.M. Duncan. Causby M. Duncan was born in White Co. TN, October 6, 1824. He was reared to agricultural pursuits, attending the district school as he had opportunity. He resided with his parents till he reached the age of 23. March 21, 1847, he was married to Nancy Ann Cooper, and was living in Henderson Co. IL. Soon after the young couple setting out for themselves removed to a farm in that county, on which they lived for 25 years, and then sold out and moved to McDonough county, in 1874, and located at Blandinsville, where he engaged in the mercantile business ... Since that time he has been engaged in various occupations, having no regular trade. Mr. and Mrs. Duncan have had 11 children, nine of whom are now living - Samuel R., now living in Oregon; Matilda Jane, married to Thomas Metcalf, of Blandinsville; John C., living in this county; Charles D., in Missouri; Mary Elizabeth, wife of William Markwell, also in Missouri; William B., living in this county; Thomas F., in Iowa; George W. and Joseph L., living with their parents. Those deceased are - James G. and Sardina Catherine. The former is buried at Portland, Oregon, and the latter in Indiana.
      Pg.889: Silas J. Grigsby ... was born in Hardin Co. KY, August 6, 1823. He attended the first school of this township, taught by Enoch Cyrus and another, taught by James Cyrus, a brother of Enoch. ...
      Pg.936: Sciota Township: John Huff, deceased, ... was married to Rebecca Anderson, daughter of Preston Anderson, and old settler of Blandinsville township. Their marriage took place January 15, 1857. ...
      Pg.966: Mound Township: William Pace (from Cumberland Co., KY); Pg.1075, City of Macomb: William I. Pace, from Kentucky, married 1830; Pg.1076, George W. Pace, one of his sons.
      Pg.967: A.J. Fleming ... was married, March 11, 1852, to E.C. Melvin.
      Pg.1016: Walnut Grove Township: Alexander Walker (father of Quintuss) from Adair Co., KY ....
      Pg.1018: John J. Scott family, from Pennsylvania.
      Pg.1026: John F. Tannehill, b. Butler Co., OH, August 2, 1814, son of James and Anna Tannehill; to McDonough Co. 1839; married Olethea P. King.
      Pg.1029: John Henry Snapp, now deceased, was born in East Tennessee, in 1809. He was reared in Tennessee, and in 1834 left that state and came to McDonough county ... He was married in East Tennessee to Mary Ann Kepple, a native of that state. ....
      Pg.1033: Elisha Fargusson was born in Adair Co. KY, January 29, 1814, and is a son of Stephen and Nancy Fargusson. There Elisha was reared until he reached the age of 19 years, when he removed to Illinois, locating in Morgan county, where he farmed for two years, being a resident of that county during the winter of the deep snow. ... In the fall of 1832, he came to McDonough county, settling at Wolf Grove, in Macomb township. ... He resided here until 1843, when he removed to Galena, where he engaged in mining lead for seven years. He then went to California, where he continued to engage in mining some nine years, when he returned to McDonough county. ... Mr. Fargusson was married in McDonough county, April 11, 1861, to Isabel Duncan, a daughter of William and Catherine Duncan, who came from the state of Kentucky to this county in 1842. Her father died in 1860, but her mother is still living, and makes her home with her daughter, Isabel. ....

1894 "Portrait and biographical record of Hancock, McDonough and Henderson counties, Illinois" pub. by Lake City Pub. (CA State Library, Sutro Branch, book F547 H2p8; FHL book 977.34 D3p and film 924,497 item 9)
      Pg.182-3: PRESTON HUSTON, retired farmer residing in Blandinsville, among pioneers of McDonough Co. Born Blandinsville Twp. Sept. 14, 1837, son of John Huston who was one of very earliest settlers of this locality. Father born in White Co., TN, May 17, 1808, and upon obtaining majority, emigrated to Morgan Co. IL, in 1829. 18 months later to this county & took up residence on Sec. 19, Blandinsville Twp, 160 acres which he entered from Government; added to from time to time. Made journey from TN to IL with an ox-team, and on his arrival possessions were fifty cents in money and a blind mare. The half- dollar was spent for salt soon after his arrival. His uncle, who had accompanied him on the journey, loaned him a yoke of oxen, and with these he plowed forty acres .... During the first winter he split rails necessary to fence this tract, and also built a log cabin, in which the family lived for 18 months. The nearest mill was at Jacksonville, required 8 days to make the trip to and from there. In 1832 Mr. Huston removed to a larger log cabin, which he had built about a half mile from his first home, and making additions to this soon had what at time was considered a very pretentious log residence.
            In White Co. TN, on the 2d of October 1828, John Huston married Miss Ann, daughter of William and Mary (Duncan) Melvin, and to them were born the following children: William M., a practicing physician of Blandinsville; Walter, Rigdon and Crockett, all deceased; Preston of this sketch; Thomas, a farmer and stock raiser of Columbus, Kan.; Mary, wife of Strather Givens, a retired farmer of Abingdon, IL; and John, who carries on farming and stock-raising in Blandinsville Township. The father of this family was called to his final rest July 8, 1854, and the mother, who long survived him, passed away January 22, 1892. ...
            On September 12, 1861, Mr. (Preston) Huston married Miss Elmira Berry, daughter of Col. William and Patsy (Givens) Berry. Five children: John, who died in infancy; Marion W., who also has passed away; Robert, a clothier of Havana, Ill.; George B., who went west for his health, and is now living in Delta, Colo.; and Donna Martha, deceased. The mother of this family died December 29, 1871, and on 15 May 1874, Mr. Huston married Martha M. Berry, maiden name Martha M. Campbell, dau. of Eli and Martha (Wrenshaw) Campbell. By this marriage was born a daughter, who died in infancy. ....
      Pg.188: WILLIAM M. HUSTON, M.D., almost quarter century engaged in practice of medicine in Blandinsville, born Jacksonville, Morgan Co. IL, 6 Aug. 1829, one of family of 8 children whose parents were John and Annie (Melvin) Huston. Father and mother both natives of White Co. TN, and marriage was celebrated there. The lady was a daughter of William and Mary (Duncan) Melvin. In 1830 John Huston removed with his family to McDonough Co. IL, and farmed. Of children, William M. of this sketch is eldest; Walter L. died age 22; Rigdon, farmer & stock raiser of McDonough Co. is now deceased; Preston retired farmer living in Blandinsville; Thomas B. retired in Columbus, Kan.; Mary E. wife of S. Givens retired farmer in Abingdon, Il.; John farming in Blandinsville Twp; and Crockett, decd, farmer of McDonough Co.
            Dr. Huston ... his father entered 160 acres of land from Government in Blandinsville Twp. ... Dr. Huston when 22 left home; during 1848 and 1849 attended Knox College of Galesburg, Ill; began reading medicine with Drs. McMurphy & Parkins of Rushville, Ill, continued studies for 18 months; in 1852 entered Cincinnati Eclectic Medical College which attended for 2 terms; December 1853 opened office and began practice in Monmouth, Ill., where remained for 3 years.
            During that time Dr. Huston was married. On 19 June 1855 wedded Sarah Coleman, dau. of James and Lucy O. (Hawkins) Coleman, of Hopkinsville, Ky; three children: Lucy A., wife of Elden M. Stevenson of Canton, Ill.; Arman Lee, wife of Lyman I. Henry, attorney of Ouray, Colo.; and Hardin C., of Blandinsville, who died of fever in Florida May 4, 1887.
            Dr. Huston to Mexico, Mo., where spent 2 years, then returned to Rushville until 1862, then Henderson Co., in 1871 to Blandinsville.

1907 "Historical encyclopedia of Illinois; History of McDonough County" ed. by Newton Bateman, Paul Selby; McDonough Co. ed. by Alexander McLean, pub. by Munsell Publ. Co. (FHL film 908,389)
      No Dunsworth
      Pg.625 - see pages 22-23 in 1878 History
      Pg.670: In 1830 Russell Duncan built his cabin on Section 3 and lived there until his death in the spring of 1840. .... Enoch Cyrus came to the township in the same year, taught the first term of school, and after a few years, sold his land and went to California, where he died. Joel Duncan located on Section 4, also in 1830, built a cabin, and afterward removed to a farm farther south, where he spent the rest of his life. .... Thomas B. Duncan settled on Section 18, but subsequently removed to Section 8, where he has since resided for years. .... In 1834 Joseph Duncan entered land on Section 4, where he afterward suddenly died.
      Pg.780: Old Settlers - August 16, 1905, was to be Pioneers' Day:
            C.M. Duncan, aged 80, born October 6, 1824, in Tennessee, came to State 1830.
            Mrs. John Scott
            (Photo) Crosby Duncan, 82; John Duncan, 71
      Pg.791: Blandinsville Lodge No. 233, A.F. & A.M. was organized October 7, 1857. The present officers are: ... Dr. B.F. Duncan .... Blandinsville Chapter, Royal Arch Masons, was organized some five or six years ago. The present officers are: B.F. Duncan, C.H. ...
      Pg.868: DUNCAN, Benjamin F., M.D., a well-known physician and surgeon, who is engaged in the practice of his profession in Blandinsville, McDonough Co. IL, was born in Blandinsville Township, July 15, 1841, a son of John and Margaret (Wright) Duncan, natives of the State of Tennessee. John Duncan was a farmer by occupation, and came from Tennessee to Illinois and located in McDonough County in 1836. In that year he bought 160 acres of land three and a half miles northwest of Blandinsville, and subsequently, 160 acres more, five miles northeast of town.
            B.F. Duncan is one of a family of eleven children, three of whom are still living. He was reared on his father's farm ... After reaching years of maturity he taught school for a number of years in Henderson, Hancock, Warren and McDonough Counties. He then pursued a course of medical study at Keokuk, Iowa, and in 1884, was graduated from the Keokuk College of Physicians and Surgeons. ...
            On October 29, 1868, Dr. Duncan was married to Fannie A. Sweasy, a native of Kentucky, and one child, Marion E., is the offspring of their union. ....
      Pg.896: HARRIS, James, Jr. ... James and Prudence (Harris) Harris, pioneers of 1834; James Harris Jr., b. in McDonough Co. in December, 1834, son of Daniel (II.) and Laura (Mayo) Harris, who were natives of New York ... (and other Harris families; not Reuben Harris)

1911 "History of Bardolph [McDonough Co.], IL" by Epworth League (from Georgia Toporke 11/1984)
      Pg.82: The Workmen. Bardolph Lodge, No. 128, Ancient Order of United Workmen, was organized on the 10th of October, 1878, ... The charter members (included) Henry Duncan.
      Pg.115: HENRY DUNCAN, born in Indiana Dec. 11, 1848. His parents were Isaac and Mary Duncan, and they came to Indiana from PA a few years before his birth. Their occupation was farming. They removed from Indiana to Illinois when he was 3 years old and settled northwest of Bardolph on the place now occupied by Wm. Switzer. A few years later they removed to the place adjoining the Bardolph cemetery now owned by Ben Ely. They are both buried in the Bardolph cemetery. Henry Duncan was married August 21, 1873, at Macomb, IL, to Miss Nancy A. Morgan, who was born in Bethel Township, McDonough Co., on August 25, 1853. Six children were born to them, four boys and two girls, the girls both dying very young. He belongs to Wolf Grove Camp No. 126, Modern Woodmen of America, Bardolph, IL.
      Pg.108: CLARENCE W. DUNCAN Son of Henry Duncan, was born Sept. 25th, 1882. He finished the course prescribed by the Bardolph schools, and has been in the employ of the C.B.&Q. R.R. for about eight years, being at present time first man in line for section foreman, and foreman at the present time. He is a Master Mason and a member of the I.O.O.F. lodge. A steady and industrious young man; also at present a member of the town board.

1910 "Past and Present of Nodaway Co. MO" pub. by B.F. Bowen (FHL book 977.8124 H2 V.1-2; Los Angeles Public Library book 977.81 N761Pa Vol.2)
      Pg.1033: GOLDIA ANDERSON ... was born April 9, 1888, near the town of Parnell, and she has made this place her home, being reared and educated here, .... She is the daughter of James and Margaret R. (Hawk) Anderson. Her father, James Anderson, was elected sheriff of Nodaway county, serving two terms in a very praiseworth manner, and her grandfather, A.J. Anderson, was one of the pioneer settlers of Nodaway county, having moved here as early as 1842 and located near the present site of Parnell, there being only three other white settlers in this part of the county. The maternal grandfather, George W. Hawk, moved from the state of Illinois to Nodaway county, Missouri, in the year 1868.

1882 "The History of Nodaway County, Missouri : containing a history of the county, its cities, towns, etc., biographical sketches of its citizens, Nodaway County in the late war, general and local statistics, portraits of early settlers and prominent men, history of Missouri, map of Nodaway County, ..." by National Historical Co. (FHL book 977.8124 H2h)
      Pg.698: WILLIAM DUNCAN, farmer, section 26, post office Burlington Junction, is a son of John and Margaret (Wright) Duncan, the former of North Carolina, and the latter a native of Tennessee. The subject of this narrative was born in McDonough Co. IL, December 27, 1833. His avocation during life has been the same as at the present time. In 1869 he came to Nodaway Co. MO, where he has since resided. His landed interest consists of 160 acres. Miss Ella Birton became the wife of William Duncan February 17, 1856. Mrs. D. was born in Kentucky, September 5, 1834. They have had eight children: Jane, Margaret, Noah S., Thomas, Allen, Nora E., Clarence J. and Edna A.

1906 "The Book of St.Louisans : A Biographical Dictionary of Leading Living Men of the City of St.Louis" Edited by John W. Leonard, Pub. St.Louis, The St.Louis Republic, 1906; Copyright, 1906, by Albert Nelson Marquis (Google Books 8/6/2009, Harvard College Library book, US 25460. 20)
      Pg.147: DAVIS, Charles Richard Harding, president C.R.H. Davis Real Estate Co.; born Macomb, Ill., Sept. 4, 1859; son of William P. and Nancy Thomas (Duncan) Davis; educated in common schools, and two years at Simpson College, Indianola, Ia.; married, St.Louis, Jan. 2, 1889, Etta Alma Carroll; one son, Kenneth Massey. Began business life as clerk in Bedford, Iowa, May, 1878; went to Colo., winter of 1879, and engaged in drug business, under firm name of Davis & Baehr, at Alamosa; purchased Baehr's interest in 1880; closed out in Alamosa in 1882; was salesman for Mermod & Jaccard Jewelry Co., Oct., 1882, to Jan. 1, 1889; sincse then engaged in real estate business (not as agent), buying, selling, building and handling subdivisions on own account. President C.R.H. Davis Real Estate Co., Royal Investment Co., Federal Investment Co. Member Merchants' Exchange. Republican. Episcopalian. Clubs: Mercantile, Glen Echo Country. Office: Wainwright Bldg. Residence: 5221 Washington Boul. (MAD: Macomb, McDonough Co. IL)

1892 "Biographical Review of Cass, Schuyler and Brown Counties Illinois : containing biographical sketches of pioneers and leading citizens" pub. by Biographical Review Pub. Co. (FHL film 934,972 item 1)
      Pg.238-9: JOHN L. BENNETT, born in McDonough Co. IL, December 13, 1832, is the son of Isaac Bennett, born in North Carolina, May 22, 1808. He married in White Co. TN, Mary Lynch, April 8, 1834. She was the daughter of Charles and Mary Lynch. (MAD: Isaac Bennett's wife was Mary Duncan, daughter of Thomas Duncan and Mary Lynch) The latter was born August 7, 1814. Her parents, who were farmers, reared eight children, the father dying in Tennessee, at the age of forty-five, her mother in Hancock Co. IL, aged eighty-four years. Grandfather Bennett died in Kentucky in 1831, and his wife in Hancock county at the age of eighty years. She came to Illinois in 1834, her son, Isaac, coming with her. They first settled in McDonough county, coming from Tennessee in ox carts, taking about eight weeks to the trip. They were in humble circumstances, and lived in McDonough county for two years, and then went from there to Hancock county, where they took up a claim of 160 acres of wild land with no improvements. .... They had eleven children: John L., the second, is a farmer and stock grower of Hiar (sic) township, McDonough county; Mary Jane was the wife of Philo McPeigh, who died and left two children; Norelan is a large farmer of Hancock county, and has three children; Barbary Ann was the wife of George Bradly, and died, leaving four children; Rufus, a farmer of Hancock Co. IL; Lorinda, killed by a kick from a horse at the age of eleven; Zilpha died at fourteen; Jeremiah, a wealthy ranchman and stock-grower of Texas; Lucinda, wife of William Duncan, died leaving five children; Phoebe is married and resides in St. Louis, and has two children.
            He married at twenty-one and soon left home. His wife was Elizabeth Carder, born in Indiana, where she was reared, daughter of Cooper B. Carder, of South Carolina, who came to Illinois in 1839. Her mother was a Miss Dudney, of Tennessee. Mr. and Mrs. Carder came to Illinois in 1839, where the latter died in 1853, leaving Elizabeth to care for the home. Mrs. Bennett's father, nearly eighty years of age, is living with her on the farm, of 180 acres.

1906 "History of the State of CA and Biographical Record of the Sacramento Valley, CA" by Prof. J.M. Guinn (CA State Library book qc 920.079 G9; also from Vivian Biddle; Sacramento FHC book 979.453 H964g; see Yolo Co. CA)
      Pg.1664: JAMES M. McHENRY ... The widow of Mr. McHenry was in maidenhood Elizabeth Duncan, who was born near St. Joseph, Mo. Her father, Charles Duncan, was born in Tennessee, a son of Joel Duncan, also a native of the same state, whence he removed to McDonough Co. IL, and engaged as a farmer until his death. He was of Scotch descent and inherited the qualities of manhood characteristic of the natives of that country.
            Charles Duncan became a resident of Illinois in boyhood and in young manhood removed to Andrew Co. MO, where he followed his early training and became a farmer. Subsequently he returned to McDonough Co. IL, thence to Henderson county, same state, where he made his home until 1864, in which year he crossed the plains with his wife and seven children ... making the trip, which lasted from March to July, with horse teams, there being but twelve wagons in the party. Although the Indians were very troublesome they came through safely and upon his arrival in California, Mr. Duncan ... Plainfield, where his death occurred in 1886, lacking but fifteen days of being eighty years old. ...
            He was a member of the Baptist Church, as was his wife, formerly Dorcas Coffman, a native of Kentucky, and the daughter of Jacob Coffman, who settled in Hancock county, Illinois, where he died. ...
            Reared in Illinois, Elizabeth Duncan received her education in the public schools of that state, and in 1864 ... William Keithly ... Born of this marriage were three children, namely: Frank, who conducts a part of the home ranch; Charles H., located in McCloud, Cal.; and Hattie, widow of W.E. West, and now residing in Alaska.

1913 "History of Yolo County, California, with biographical sketches" by Tom Gregory, pub. by Historic Record Company (CA State Library book qc979.451 G8; FHL film 547,559 item 1)
      Pg.304-6: JAMES M. McHENRY ... January 25, 1875, Mr. McHenry married his second wife, Mrs. Elizabeth (Duncan) Keithly, born near St. Joseph, Mo. ... Elizabeth Duncan was the daughter of Charles and Dorcas (Coffman) Duncan, natives of Tennessee and Maryland, respectively, and received her education in the public schools near St. Joseph, Mo. Her paternal grandfather, Joel Duncan, of Scotch parentage, was also a native of Tennessee and settled in McDonough Co. IL, where he farmed until his death. His son Charles spent his youth in Illinois, removing later to Andrew Co. MO, where he operated a farm for a time. Later he located in Henderson Co. IL, where he remained until 1864, going thence to California, with his wife and seven children, in company with twelve families westward bound, their well-stocked wagons being drawn by horses. After five months of weary travel, not the least of their troubles having been the necessity of frequently keeping the Indians at bay, they reached Yolo county, where Mr. Duncan filed upon a homestead near Plainfield, actively conducting his ranch until his death in 1886, at the age of eighty years, lacking but two weeks. Of the various sections in which Mr. Duncan had made his home, he found no climate so agreeable as that of California, which he termed the land of sunshine and flowers.
            Mr. Duncan was united in marriage with Dorcas Coffman, who was born in Maryland and who accompanied her parents to Hancock county, Ill. Her father, Jacob Coffman, born in Maryland, was a farmer by occupation, and with his wife spent his last years in Illinois. Mr. and Mrs. Duncan were blessed with the following children: Louisa J., now Mrs. W.J. Chard, of Washington; Mary C., who became the wife of H.H. Hungate, and who now resides in Walla Walla, Wash.; Elizabeth, Mrs. McHenry; William J., who makes his home in Waitsburg, Wash.; Nancy A., now Mrs. J.T. McJunkin of Hanford, CA; H.C., who resides in Fair Oaks, CA; James C., of Shasta county; and Lane, who prior to his removal to Garfield County, Wash., served for eight years as clerk of Yolo county.
            January 25, 1866, Elizabeth Duncan became the wife of William Keithly, who was born in Indiana, and who moved to McDonough county, Ill., with his parents, Jacob and Sarah (Roberts) Keithly. The son assisted upon his father's farm until 1852, when, with his brother John, he crossed the plains to Yolo Co. CA, with the aid of ox-teams. ....

1905 "Biographical review of Des Moines County, Iowa : containing biographical and genealogical sketches of many of the prominent citizens of to-day and also of the past" pub. by Hobart Pub. Co. (from Ronda Berry 3/1995; and FHL films 1,697,420 item 3 and FHL film 934,938 item 1)
      Pg.511: WESLEY HOWARD. Mr. Howard ... a native of TN, he was born in White Co., Dec. 25, 1825, a son of Ignacius and Mary (Duncan) Howard. Ignacius Howard, a native of eastern TN, was a farmer, following that occupation in TN, and later in IL, whither he removed when his son Wesley was 9 years of age, locating six miles north of La Harpe [Hancock Co. IL]. He remained there only about 18 months, however, at the expiration of which period he again removed, coming to Des Moines Co. IA. In the spring of 1837 he located in Benton Twp, where he purchased a half-section ... erected buildings and established a home for himself and family. Here he resided for a long term of years, but finally removed to Henderson Co. IL where he shortly afterward died at the age of 74 years. His wife, also a native of TN, long survivied him, and died in CA at the advanced age of 91 years. (MAD: ? San Joaquin Co. or Sacramento Co.; Mary Duncan b. 1800 TN per 1850 census of Des Moines Co. IA; see also McDonough Co. IL)
            Wesley Howard obtained his early education in his native State, and later accompanied his parents in their removal to IL and to Des Moines Co. ... In his 26th year he ... purchased a farm of his own ... He resided upon that farm for a number of years, but in 1865 removed to Danville township, where he engaged extensively in general farming and stock-raising for the remainder of his active career. He still owns a fine and very productive farm of 80 acres three miles east of the village of Danville ... He now resides in Danville, where he has a pleasant home ...
            Dec. 4, 1851, Mr. Howard was united in marriage to Miss Charity A. Perry, who was born in Washington Co. PA, accompanying her parents to IA in 1845. She is the dau. of Thomas J.R. and Peggy (Gaston) Perry. (MAD: more on Perry family not copied here) To Mr. and Mrs. Howard have been born 5 children, as follows: Amanda, who died age 21 years; Perry L., now residing on a farm near Hepler, KS, married Miss Laura Van Dyke and has 3 daus. Myrtle, Elsa and Helen; Thomas who died age 4 years; James now residing on his father's farm in Danville twp. ... mar. Miss Hattie Jackson and has 3 children Murle, Grace and Walter; and William, who at age 16 years was drowned in Skunk River while bathing. ....

1879 "History of Fulton County, Illinois : together with sketches of its cities, villages and townships, educational, religious, civil, military, and political history; portraits of prominent persons and biographies of representative citizens" pub. by Chas. C. Chapman & Co. (FHL book 977.348 H2h)
      Pg.430: Astoria Twp. George D. Duncan, merchant, native of PA, where born in 1835. On attaining his majority, to Fulton Co., locating at Vermont, where engaged in saddlery and harness trade for 2 years; then due to ill-health he farmed, although for 9 subsequent years he dealt in same business at Bushnell [McDonough Co.], IL; then settled at Astoria in 1873; partner 3 years with Mr. S. Fackler; now a dry-goods merchant and grocer. (MAD: 1850 Somerset, Allegheny or Franklin Co. PA census)

"History of Gage County, Nebraska : a narrative of the past, with special emphasis upon the pioneer period of the county's history, its social, commercial, educational, religious, and civic development from the early days to the present time" by Hugh J. Dobbs; pub. Lincoln, Neb.: Western Pub. and Engraving Co., 1918, 1102 pgs. (LH9151, HeritageQuest images 5/2007; FHL film 1,000,188 item 1)
      Pg.432,434-435: ARNOTT DUNCAN McCANDLESS, ... representative member of the bar ... in city of Wymore ... He was born on a farm six miles east of Macomb, McDonough county, Illinois, on the 27th of August 1849, and is a son of William Wallace McCandless and Sarah (Duncan) McCandless, both natives of Pennsylvania. ... Arnott D. McCandless was five years old when his parents removed from McDonough county, Illinois, and settled on a farm one-half mile southwest of Aledo, Mercer county [Illinois], and he was a lad of about thirteen years when his father ... soldier of the Union in the Civil War, was killed at the battle of Stone River, on the 31st of December, 1862 .... He had become the father of six children, and his widow and two of her married daughters eventually came to Nebraska and settled in Box Butte county. While visiting at the home of her son Arnott D., of this review, at Wymore, the widowed mother was summoned to eternal rest, her death having occurred in 1910, at which time she was 88 years of age. ... In 1873 Mr. McCandless wedded Miss Gertrude Cabeen, who was born at Keithsburg, Illinois, a daughter of Richard C. Cabeen, an early settler of Mercer county, that state. ... No children.

"Historical & Biographical Sketch, One Branch of the Williamson Family, 1745-1906" by Rev. Robert Duncan Williamson (Library of Congress book CS71.W729 1906)
      Pg.14+: Chapter III. Mother's Ancestry and a Part of Her History. Catherine Duncan Williamson, our mother, was the youngest daughter but one of Andrew Duncan and Anne Smith. She was born in York Co. PA, July 11, 1788, about two miles from Cross Roads and three miles from the old Round Hill Presbyterian Church.
      Her grandfather and grandmother, James and Elizabeth Duncan, were natives of Ireland, of Scotch-Irish birth, and came to this country from the North of Ireland about the year 1748 or 1750, locating in the eastern part of PA in what was then known as Lancaster Co. They had four sons and two daughters, James, Robert, John and Andrew, and Mary and Elizabeth. (Smith parents not copied here.)
      Andrew Duncan, mother's father was born in York Co. PA March 10, 1750. He was the youngest son of James and Elizabeth Duncan of Chestnut Level, Lancaster Co. PA, near Piquea. James Duncan was no doubt the son of Andrew or William Duncan, who came into the country from Perthshire, Scotland, about 1722 or 1730. Andrew, William and Thomas were sons of William Duncan, and Margaret McMurdo of Dumfries, Scotland. William was a son of Rev. William of Perthshire, a martyr of 1690. The above seems to be our ancestry on mother's side of the house, and until disproved we accept it, and it is an ancestry of which we may well feel proud. Ann Smith, his wife, mother's mother, was born June 7, 1755, and died October 15, 1805, aged 50 years, 4 months and 8 days.
      Andrew Duncan and Anne Smith were married June 18, 1772. The first wife died October 15, 1805, when he was married the 2nd time to Elizabeth Andrews, June 27, 1809.
      The children of Andrew Duncan and Anne Smith ...
      7. Robert, born Jan. 24, 1787, married; he and younger brother Jonathan settled on farm in Washington Co. PA; three sons and two daus. Andrew, oldest, moved to Logan Co. OH, then Mercer, IL, then IA. At last accounts, one other brother and sister occupied the old home; nothing is known of the other two. Robert d. May 28, 1827; no record of wife's death.
      9. Jonathan, born November 14, 1791, mar. first Aleatha Swearinger; had four boys and one dau: Sarah Anne mar. William McCandlass who died in civil war; Bazel, physician in Pinehook, McDonough Co. IL; Thomas, living near Fort Des Moines, IA; 4 and 5 are dead. Jonathan mar. 2nd Agnes Harper, had 7 or 8 children, 4 are physicians. One dau. mar. and living in TX. Jonathan lived for years near Frankfort, PA, then in 1854 to Sunbeam, IL, about 16 miles north of Monmouth, where he died about 1880.
      MAD: This book contains much more on this family.

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