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Formed 1816 from Randolph, Johnson
Perry formed 1827 from Randolph, Jackson


1818 Jackson Co. IL State Census
Males over 21; other free whites
#  15   Matthew Duncan        2 - 2   -  4 slaves/servants

1820 Jackson Co. IL State Census
Males under 21; over 21; Females under 18; over 18
Pg.163  Matthew Duncan        1 - 2 - 0 - 1
   164  Jo. Duncan            1 - 4 - 0 - 1
   228  John S. Duncan        0 - 1 - 1 - 1

1820 Jackson Co. IL Federal Census
Big Hill
Pg. 67  Joseph Duncan         210140       - 20011
          (MAD: 1840 Morgan Co. IL census)
    68  James M. Duncan       000010       - 00100
        Mathew Duncan         100030       - 00010
          (MAD: 1830 Fayette Co. IL census,
            1840 Shelby Co. IL census)

1830 Jackson Co. IL Census
        No Duncan indexed

1840 Jackson Co. IL Census
Pg.268  Wm. Duncan            1000,1       - 1001
        Pearson Duncan        0010,0000,1  - 0010,0001
          (next to each other)
          (MAD: Person in 1830 Jefferson Co. IL census)

1850 Jackson Co. IL Census
Northern Dist., taken 10/12/1850
Pg.212, #288, John DUNCAN 22 IL farmer $0
                  Jane 23 KY
                  (MAD: John Duncan mar. June Adams 3/7/1850)
Pg.212, #289, Pearson DUNCAN 27 (sic) SC farmer $0
                  Sarah A. 35 OH
                  William ROUSE 12, Jane 9 OH
                  George 6, James 3 OH
                  Leonard DUNCAN 3, Sarah E. 2 IL
                  (MAD: Peerson Duncan mar. Tillitha Stirns 3/17/1844; Pierson Duncan mar. Sarah Ann Rouse 12/9/1849)
Taken 10/12/1850
Pg.213, #300, M.D.L.F. SPRINKLES (m) 22 KY farmer $0
                  Mary A. 25 TN
                  James T. DUNCAN 3 IL
                  (MAD: Thomas Duncan mar. Mary Ann Starns 2/9/1845; Mary Ann Duncan mar. M.D.S. Sprinkel 8/5/1850)
Taken 10/22/1850
Pg.225, #481-485, Ezekel Lowrey? (Lorenzo?) Leander Byron POLK 35 TN farmer $0
                  Martha 20 TN mar/in/year
                  (MAD: Looking for any Polk near Marion Co. IL, wife Martha)
Pg.225, #481-486, Jacob PETTY? (PITTY?) 52 NC farmer $150
                  Deza (f) 52 NC
                  Sally 20, Pauline (f) 13, Abraham 14 TN
                  Sarah A. STONE 2 IL
Pg.226, #497, William M. DUNCAN 34 GA farmer $1000
                  Sarah 34 IL
                  Pearson 14, Robert 12 IL
                  Mary 11, Jane 8 IL
                  Cornelius 7, Nancy 5 IL
                  Eliza 2, Ellen 7/12 IL
                  (MAD: ?? one William Duncan mar. Sarah Hazlewood 7/12/1844 Alexander Co. IL; one William M. Duncan mar. Nicey A. Lauderdale 1/28/1876)

1860 Jackson Co. IL Census (part also from info of Margaret L. Sopp 7/2001)
Twp.7 Range 4W, P.O. Bradley
Pg.376, #425, Lucretia DUNCAN 27 IL seamstress
                  Eliza 6, Sarah 2, Martha 6/12 IL
                  (MAD: Moses Duncan mar. Lucretia Rodgers, both of age, 10/28/1851, Macoupin Co. IL, not identified otherwise in 1860 census; one Mrs. Lucretia Duncan mar. Samuel Reynolds 11/24/1860 Montgomery Co. IL)
Twp.8 Range 4W, P.O. Jones Creek
Pg.382, #473, Wm. DUNCAN 45 NC farmer
                  Caroline 26 IN
                  Pearson 23, Cornelius 17 IL
                  Nancy 12, Eliza 10 IL
                  Ellen 9, Henry 7, Delaria (f) 4 IL
                  George 2, Charles 1 IL
                  (MAD: ?? one William Duncan mar. Nancy T. Scott 5/16/1855)
Pg.392, #541, John DUNCAN 31 IL day laborer
                  Jane 33 KY
                  William 7, Medora 2 IL
Pg.394, #556, Robert DUNCAN 23 IL farm laborer
                  Nancy 22 IL
                  Florence 4, Barbara 2 IL
Twp.8 Range 4
Pg.398, #582-582, Mary A. SPRINKLE 34 IL seamstress $0-$25
                  John 7 IL
                  John D. STORMS 28 IL day laborer
                  (MAD: widow of Thomas Duncan)
Twp.9 Range 1W, P.O. Carbondale
Pg.504, #1406, Jackson DUNCAN 28 TN farmer
                  Nancy 22 NY
                  Warren 4, George 2, James 4/12 IL
                  Susan HASTINGS 18 IL domestic

1870 Jackson Co. IL Census (page by page)
Bradley Precinct
Pg.4, #49-49, WARD, Benj. 44 AR farmer $2300-$250
                  William 17, Eliza 15, Sarah 12 IL
                  Martha 11 IL
                  DUNCAN, Lucretia 34 IL keeps house
                   (MAD: Eliza, Sarah & Martha had surname Duncan in 1860; Benjamin A. Ward mar. Lucretia Duncan 9/17 or 9/19/1870)
DeSoto Precinct
Pg.84, #261-260, DUNCAN, Wm. 61 MO farmer $1600-$500
                  Susan 29 IN keeps house
                  Jessee 23 IN works on farm
                  Darris (m) 17 IN
                  Catharine 14 IL
                  Wm. 8 AR
                  Candas (f) 8 IL
                  Joseph 6 IL
                  Edward 9/12 IL b. Sept.
                  (MAD: William was guardian of Mary, Darius, Catharine & William Duncan Jr. who were due money from estate of Soloman Shuford 1871 in Catawba Co. NC Deed 2-380; ? 1850 Morgan Co. IN census)
Elk Prairie Precinct
Pg.93, #126-126, DAVIS, Phillip 37 KY farmer $2000-$1000
                  Margaret 35 IL keeps house
                  Hordy (m) 14, Edgar 12, Clarra (f) 10 IL
                  Victora (f) 7, William 4, George 2 IL
                  DUNCAN, Frances (f) 25 IL school teacher
Killiam Precinct
Pg.135, #103-103, DUNCAN, Leander? (Lecu?don) 28 KY farmer $250-$50
                  Harriet 27 KY
                  Sarah 7, John 3 IL
Kincaid Precinct
Pg.152, #171-163, MORGAN, Sarah 56 OH keepshouse $1400-$200
                  DUNCAN, Leonard (m) 26 IL farmer
                  DUNCAN, Martin (m) 19 IL (blank)
                  (MAD: one Leonard Duncan mar. Rebecca A. Walker 9/23/1875)
Pg.153, #179-171, DUNCAN, Wm. 53 SC farmer $4000-$1000
                  Marilla 33 TN keeps house
                  Henry 17, George 12 IL
                  Charles 11, Albert 3 IL
                  Pierson 33 IL idiotic
                  HOBS, John J. 18 IL
                  Peter 16, Rachiel 14 IL
                  Clemsidia? (m) 12, Arselmia (f) 9 IL
                  MURDEN, Harriet 25 IL
                  DUNCAN, Robt. 32 IL works on farm
Pg.153, #181-173, EDWARD, Joseph 53 NC works on farm $0-$100
                  Nancy 33 IL keeps house
                  Thomas 11 IL
                  DUNCAN, Izabelle (f) 13 IL
                  Berbra (f) 11, Sarah 9, Margret 2 IL
                  (MAD: Nancy Duncan mar. Joseph Edwards 7/29/1868)
Makanda Precinct
Pg.177, #67-67, DUNCAN, Wm. 32 KY farmer $800-$50
                  Harriet? (f) 30 IL keeping house
                  Mary 10, Barbara?? (f) 3 IL
                  Nancy 7/12 IL b.Nov.
                  ANDERSON, Chas??? (m) 5 IL
Murphysboro Precinct
Pg.194, #24-24, DUNCAN, Jane 38 KY keeps house $500-$0
                  William 15, Dora 11 IL
                  & 4 coal miners from Ireland
Pg.231, #566-568, DUNCAN, Cornelius 26 IL coal miner $0-$200
                  Lucy 20 IL keeps house
                  William 3 IL
                  (MAD: Cornelius A. Duncan mar. Lucy Ann Elmore 3/15/1866)

1880 Jackson Co. IL Soundex
Murphysboro Twp. & City, Vol.27, ED 40, Sheet 42, Line 25 (pg.143B from index)
DUNCAN, Nancy 34 IN (white female)
            John 17 IL son
            Sarah 14, Anna 12, Ella 10, Emma 8 IL daus
            Fredie 6, Willie 4 IL sons


Jackson Co. IL Probate Records (MAD: courthouse fire 1843)
      Will Record Vol.1-2, 1843-64 (FHL film 968,931)
      Pg.23: 16 Oct. 1843, Pirson Duncan of Jackson Co. IL died intestate on or about 27 Sept. 1843, having personal property in this state which may be lost or destroyed ... urgency ... appoint Pirson Duncan Jr. of Jackson Co. IL administrator.
      Pg.24: 16 Oct. 1843, bond of Pierson (X) Duncan Jr. and Andrew J. Crane, both of Jackson Co. IL, for $600; order for letters of administration to be issued.
      Pg.489: 27 May 1853; Person Duncan of Jackson Co. IL died 8 April 1853; appoint William P. Willson administrator; urgency clause (personal property may be lost or diminished in value if speedy care be not taken of the same)
      Probate Record C, 1843-1851 (FHL film 968,934)
      Pg.13: 16 Oct. 1843, Pirson Duncan Jr. granted letters of administration for estate of Pirson Duncan Sr. decd; widow Sarah Duncan relinquished right of administration. Pg.18, court certified the letters on 18 Oct. 1843. Sale Bill presented $164.32-1/2 value, sold for $155.31, 7 March 1844 (pg.29). 28 Oct. 1844, claims presented (pg.66). Pg.431, Pierson Duncan Jr. to appear on 7 Jan. 1851 and report on his activities in said administration. Pg.451, Pierson reported that he will pay all claims allowed against the estate, 9 Jan. 1851.
      Probate Record A1, 1851-1859 (FHL film 968,934)
      Pg.13, 42: 5 May 1851, William E. Talbot complains that Pierson Duncan refuses to comply and pay his claim; 3 Nov. 1851 he says that Pierson still refuses to pay.
      Pg.15: Hezekiah C. Hodges administrator of estate of Sarah Duncan decd; estate of $64.12, no real estate. (about 5 May 1851)
      Pgs.141, 145, & later: Pierson Duncan Jr. died; mention of widow's separate property; claims include Wm. W. Duncan.


Jackson Co. IL Deed Indexes 1838-1864 (grantees on FHL film 967,408; grantors, 967,410)
      E-113: Duncan, Wm. from Harrison Colbert, 7 Feb. 1844, N of SW of NE S12 T8S R6W
      F-39: Duncan, P. from E.B. Aldridge & wife, 3 April 1847, N of NW S36 T8S R5W
      G-580: Duncan, Pierson from Pernicy Bilderback, 4 May 1852, N of SE S14 T8S R5W
      H-34: Duncan, Sarah M. from John D. Starns, 20 Dec. 1853, SE of SE S14 T8S R5W
      H-229: Duncan, Sarah A. from Wm. P. Whitson, 20 May 1854, NW of SE and NE of SE S14 T8S R5W
      H-228: Duncan, Sarah M. to James M. Brown, 20 May 1854, N of NW S36 T8S R5W
      Did not copy James M. Duncan grantors; quit 1856

Jackson Co. IL Deeds Book E, F, G, H (SLC 10/4/2011)
   Deeds vol.D-E 1843-1847 (FHL Film 967,413)
      E-113/114: 7 Feb. 1844, Harrison Colbert to William Duncan, for $25 paid, sell tract or parcel of land in Jackson Co. IL, being N 1/2 of SW 1/4 of NE 1/4 of Sec.12 in Twp.8 South Range 5 West, containing 20 acres, and William Duncan shall have full privilege of the water of this land, warrant title. /s/ Harrison Colbert. Wit. A.B. Cleaveland, James O'Daniell. Ack. 7 Feb. 1844 before James O'Daniell, Justice of the Peace. Recorded March 7, 1844. (FHL film 967,413)
   Deeds vol.F-G 1847-1854 (FHL film 967,414)
      F-39/40: 3 April 1847, Ezekiel B. Alldredge and wife Polly of Jackson Co. IL to Pierson Dunkin of same, for $180 paid, sell tract of land or lot of ground in Jackson Co. IL, being N 1/2 of NW 1/4 of Sec.36 in Twp.8 South Range 5 West, warrant title. /s/ E.B. Alldredge, Polly (X) Alldredge. Wit. G.W. Wren, Wilson Ray. Ack. 3 April 1847, Polly examined separately by G.W. Wren, Justice of the Peace. Recorded Aug. 6, 1847. (FHL film 967,414)
      G-580/581: 4 May 1852, Perneicy Bilderback of Randolph Co. IL to Pearson Duncan of Jackson Co. IL, for $50 paid, sell land in Jackson Co. IL, the NE 1/4 of SE 1/4 of Sec.14 in Twp.8 South Range 5 West, containing 40 acres in district of lands subject to sale at Kaskaskia, IL, together with appurtenances belonging, she will warrant title. /s/ Perneicy (X) Bilderback. Wit. Wm. N. Mitchel, Weley? Lane. Ack. 5 May 1852 before Richard Lie, J.P. Filed 1? (21?) Jan. and recorded 6 Feb. 1854. (FHL film 967,414)
   Deeds vol.H-I 1854-1856 (FHL Film 967,415)
      H-34: 20 Dec. 1853, John D. Starns to Sarah Duncan, both Jackson Co. IL, for $60 paid, sell land in Jackson Co. IL, the SE 1/4 of SE 1/4 of Sec.14 in Twp.8 South Range 5 West containing 40 acres, together with hereditaments belonging, warrant title. /s/ John D. Starns. Wit. A.J. Davis, R.A. Bradley. Ack. 20 Dec. 1853 before R.A. Bradley, J.P. (FHL film 967,415)
      H-228/229: Sarah A. Duncan to James M. Brown, Deed. 20 May 1854, Sarahan Duncan of Jackson Co. IL for $60 paid by James M. Brown of Jackson Co. IL, quitclaim to said James M. Brown the N 1/2 of NW 1/4 of Sec.36 Twp.8 South of Range 5 West, /s/ Sarahan (X) Duncan. Wit. Benj. Redfield. She ack. 20 May 1854 before Benjamin Redfield, J.P. Recorded Aug. 7, 1854. (FHL film 967,415)
      H-229/230: William P. Wilson to Sarah A. Duncan, Deed. 20 March 1854, William P. Wilson of Jackson Co. IL, admin. of estate which was of Person Duncan late of said county decd, intestate, that at the March term of Jackson County Court in 1854 in the matter of the petition of William P. "Willson" admin. afsd for him to sell the NW 1/4 of SE 1/4 of Sec.14 in Twp.8 South Range 5 West, also N 1/2 of NW 1/4 of Sec.36 in said Twp. and Range, all Jackson Co. IL, was ordered by court in words: March 20, 1854, ... this day came forward William P. Wilson admin. of Person Duncan decd by his attorney A.M. Jenkins and petitioned court to order sale of the real estate of said decd, whereupon it was ordered that whereas proof of the indebtedness of said estate has been made, and advertisements have been published, and no opposition being made, William P. Wilson admin. is authorized to sell the following real estate: the NW 1/4 of SE 1/4 of Sec.14 and NE 1/4 of SE [1/4] of Sec.14, both Twp.8 South of Range 5 West, also N 1/2 of NW 1/4 of Sec.36 Twp.8 South Range 5 West in Jackson Co. IL, or so much as necessary to pay the debts; and per order proceeded to sell on 6th day of present month May 1854, at public auction the premises; and the NW 1/4 of SE 1/4 of NE 1/4 of SE 1/4 of Sec.14 in Twp.8 South of Range 5 West in Jackson Co., and struck off to Sarahan Duncan of said Jackson Co., she the highest bidder, for $100. Now I the said William P. "Duncan" admin. as aforesaid by virtue of order afsd and for $100 paid by said Sarahan Duncan, sell to said Sarahan Duncan, her heirs etc., [and] that I have in all respects complied with the order of the court. /s/ William P. Wilson, 20 May 1854, Admin. of said Estate. Wit. Benj. Redfield. William P. Wilson ack. before Benjamin Redfield, J.P., 20 May 1854. Recorded Aug. 7, 1854. (FHL film 967,415)


"Territorial Papers, Illinois Territory, 1809-1814" Vol.XVI (CA State University Sacramento Library)
      Pg.392: Letter, Shadrach Bond, Washington City, to the Secretary of State, Jan. 11, 1814: I take the Liberty of requesting you to appoint Mr. Matthew Duncan of Kaskaskia Illinois Territory, to Print and Publish the Laws of Congress in said Territory.

"Territorial Papers, Illinois Territory, 1814-1818" Vol.XVII (CA State University Sacramento Library)
      Pg.307: Letter to Edward Tiffin, Surveyor General, from Enoch Moore, St. Clair Co. Ferry opposite St. Louis, March 2, 1816 ... Milton & myself did employ a Mr. Duncan ... (as surveyor; indexed Matthew Duncan).
      Pg.440: Letter from Matthew Duncan, Fort Clark, IL, October 31, 1816 ... Since my arrival at this fort I am informed (trouble with Indians; references to surveying problems). Cover letter Nov. 20, 1816, mentions several letters from surveyors, some on the Mississippi and others from near Peoria.
      Pg.523: Letter to Secretary of War from Gov. Edwards, Kaskaskia, IL Territory, July 20, 1817 ... I would also beg leave to recommend Majr. James M. Duncan as surveyor, he is willing to undertake it, and is well qualified.
      Pg.551: Letter to and from same, Dec. 6, 1817, reference to Majr. Duncan engaged in public surveying. (indexed as Matthew Duncan).
      Pg.645+: Long list of appointments by Governor of Illinois Territory of men to various positions, listed by date.
            Pg.650: Sept. 30, 1814, Joseph Duncan, Lieutenant, 2nd Regiment (Militia).
            Pg.651: Jan. 24, 1815, Matthew Duncan, Justice of Peace, "Ran." (Randolph) County.
            Pg.656: July 26, 1816, Matthew Duncan, Recorder of Randolph Co. (footnote: vice (in place of) William Arundel, deceased.)
            Pg.671: Aug. 7, 1817, Joseph Duncan, Justice of Peace, Madison County.

"The [Illinois] governors' letter-books, 1818-1834" by Elias K. Kane, Shadrach Bond; pub. Springfield, Ill.: Trustees of the Illinois State Historical Library, 1909, 353 pgs. (LH6189, HeritageQuest images 4/2007 and 7/2007)
      Pg.61-62: Governors' Letter-Books, February 5, 1824.
      Copy of a letter to Mathew Duncan, Esq.(1).
            Vandalia, Feby. 5, 1824.
      Sir -- I recd by the last mail your letter dated Dec. 15, (but with the Postmark of Jany 23) in which you inform me that you, as one of a company, were anxious to lease the Muddy Saline and wish to know for what length of time and on what terms I should be willing to grant a lease to be paid in improvements made on the place. In reply I have to state, that I should be willing to lease the Muddy Saline for the term of three years free of rent; on condition that you would bind yourselves to dig or bore into the earth or rock to the depth of [at] least one hundred feet unless you should sooner find good salt water, as strongly impregnated with salt as the best salt water used at the Gallatin Saline and of a quantity sufficient to keep in constant operation 40 kettles of 40 gallons each; to wall up the well with durable materials to erect all the necessary buildings for the making of the salt, and the accomodations of the hands; to cut the timber regularly both big and little as well trunks as limbs; and to bind yourselves not to commit any waste, and to deliver in good Repair at the expiration of the lease, the premises with every thing on them except the metal which will be considered your property.
      A violation of the above conditions; or an omission or neglect to labour on the improvements for a period of some three or four months to make void the lease.
      If these or somewhat similar terms (for I should not object to vary them a little) should please you and the company, one of you had better come up and have the lease executed at this place.
      I am with all due respect, EDWARD COLES.
      To Mathew Duncan, Esq., Brownsville.
      Footnote 1. Matthew Duncan : born 1790 in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky; 1814 removed to Kaskaskia where he founded "The Illinois Herald," the first newspaper published in Illinois; January 24, 1815, appointed justice of the peace of Randolph County by Governor Edwards; 1815, published first volume of "Pope's Digest;" January 26, 1816, appointed recorder of Randolph County; 1817, sold printing establishment and newspaper to Daniel P. Cook and Robert Blackwell; October 4, 1832, elected captain of a company of Illinois Rangers; 1833, appointed captain in first regiment of dragoons of the regular army; 1837, resigned commission and entered business at Shelbyville; January 16, 1844, died. --Snyder, John F., Personal Letter.
      Pg.62: Copy of a letter Richd J. Hamilton (1).
            Vandalia, March 19, 1824.
      Dr. Sir -- About the first of Feby. I received a communication from Mathew Duncan, in which he expressed a wish to lease the Muddy Saline, and requested to be informed on what terms I would lease it, to be paid for in improvements. I immediately complied with his request by stating the length of time and conditions on which I would lease it. Since then I have not heard from him.
      About a month since I received an application from John Hammon, of your town, to cultivate a field on the Saline tract. To this I have made no reply in consequence of my being in daily expectation of hearing from Mr. Duncan.
      Feeling myself under the necessity of troubling some friend, and knowing of none in the vicinity in which I have more confidence, or who I believe would more cheerfully render a service to the State than yourself, I am induced to ask the favour of you to ascertain whether Mr. Duncan intends leasing the Saline; and if he should not, to rent for the season the field to Mr. Hammon, or some other person to be paid in improvements to be made on the place, or for such other consideration as you may think most advantageous for the state.
      You would also render an acceptable service to the State, as well as confer a favour on me, by undertaking the Genl. Superintendance of the Saline until it is rented. (MAD: more not copied, no other mention of Mathew Duncan, footnote re Richard Jones Hamilton not copied)
      Pg.131: Governors' Letter-Books, October 25, 1827. Letter mentions Jos. Duncan at board of directors meetings of 22 October 1822 and 20 August 1823.
            Footnote 3. Joseph Duncan : born February 22, 1794, at Paris, Kentucky; (in the Territorial Records of Illinois, a Joseph Duncan was appointed September 30, 1814, lieutenant of the Second Regiment of St. Clair County; August 7, 1818, a justice of the peace of Madison County); 1818, settled at Fountain Bluff, Jackson County; 1823, commissioned major-general of the Illinois militia; 1824-26, state senator from Jackson County; 1827-34, congressional representative; 1828, married Elizabeth Caldwell Smith and moved to Jacksonville; 1831, appointed brigadier-general by Governor Reynolds; 1834-38, governor of Illinois; 1842, unsuccessful Whig candidate for governor; January 15, 1844, died at Jacksonville; in politics Duncan was first a Jacksonian Democrat and then a Whig. --Reynolds, John My Own Times, Illinois, 1855.
      Pg.133: Copy of a letter to the Cashier: Executive Department, Dec. 11th, 1827. Sir-- You will please furnish to this Department, a statement of the amount of Auditors Warrant other than those belonging to the school fund which are now in your possession as Cashier of the Bank of Illinois. Very respectfully, Your most obt. Servt, Ninian Edwards.
            (to) James M. Duncan (1) Cashier of the State Bank of Illinois.
            Footnote (1): James M. Duncan; served as clerk of the Supreme Court from 1819-41.


Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.
      Duncan, Amos; A 11 & C 109 ILL Inf.; 1884 April 12, Invalid Appl. #510662, Cert. #?1110923 (?410923), IL. (MAD: "Agnos Duncan", of Makanda [Jackson Co.] IL per IL Civil War database; see also ? Stephenson Co. IL; 1860 Union Co. IL census)
      Duncan, Cornelius A., widow Duncan, Lucy A.; A 80 Ill. Inf.; 1890 Aug. 18, Invalid Appl. #914087, Cert. #661674, MO; 1905 Nov. 16, Widow Appl. #838071, Cert. #610560, Ill. (MAD: ? 1850-1880 Jackson Co. IL, b.1843 IL)
      Duncan, John D., widow Duncan, Jane A.; A 80 Ill. Inf.; 1863 Feb. 14, Widow Appl. #12752, Cert. #47207. (MAD: of Jackson Co. IL per IL Civil War database)
      Duncan, Leonard; D 8 & A 144 Ill. Inf.; 1887 Dec. 31, Invalid Appl. #634126, Cert. #597441, MO. (MAD: 1850, 1870-1880 Jackson Co. IL; or see Logan or Pike Co. IL)
      Duncan, Peter H., widow Duncan, Amy; H 27 Ill. Inf.; 1890 Aug. 5, Invalid Appl. #835744, Cert. #606814, MO; 1916 Oct. 23, Widow Appl. #1083170, Cert. #A-12-18-31, MO. (MAD: 1850 Morgan Co. IN census; to Jackson Co. IL; to Barry Co. MO)
      Duncan, Thomas R.; D 81 Ill. Inf.; 1880 Feb. 19, Invalid Appl. #349425, Cert. #385516. (MAD: 1850 Morgan Co. IN census; of DeSoto [Jackson Co.] IL per IL Civil War database)

Go to the transcript of the Civil War Military Records for:
      Civil War Records, Robert Duncan of Saline, Pope, Hardin, Jackson, and Gallatin Co. IL


Williamson Co. IL Deeds
      P-30: (filed) February 24, 1860. 9 Feb. 1869, Jessee Powell and Sarah Powell his wife and Ellen Duncan of Jackson Co. IL, to Louis Powell of Williamson Co. IL, for $100 paid, quit claim those certain tracts or parcels of land with the appurtenances in Williamson Co. IL, the W 1/2 NW 1/4 Sec.19 and S 1/2 SW 1/4 Sec.18, all in Twp.9S Range 3E, containing in all 155 acres and 52/100 of an acre, it being the interest that descended to the parties of the first part as heirs at law of William Pikedale of said county now deceased, and the same having never been divided, they said parties merely sell and relinquish their undivided interest in the said real estate. /s/ Jessie Powell, Sarah Powell, Ellen Duncan. They appeared in Jackson Co. IL before J.D.W. Hamilton, Notary Public, 9 Feb. 1859. (filed) February 24, 1860. (FHL film 965,440; SLC 5/30/2011)

Livingston Co. KY Deed (FHL film 318,163)
      AA-206: 3 Oct. 1823, Matthew Duncan and wife Susan of Johnson Co. IL, to Jesse McDonall and James Slaughter of Bardstown, Nelson Co. KY, $40, all the right etc. said Duncan and wife are entitled to as one of the heirs or devisees of Robert Slaughter decd, and as one of the heirs of Maw?/Marie? Elener Slaughter decd, two tracts of land in Livingston Co. KY containing 200 acres each and patented in the name of Robert Slaughter by patent 5 Jan. 1809, being one undivided seventh part of said two tracts of land. Signed Matthew Duncan, Susan C. Duncan. Duncans appeared in Nelson Co. KY 7 Oct. 1823.

Nelson Co. KY Deed (FHL film 483,131)
      16-169: 3 Oct. 1823, Mathew Duncan and wife Susan C. of Jackson Co. IL to Philip C. Slaughter "(son of James)" of Nelson Co. KY, $250, about 116 acres on Beech Fork whereon the said Philip C. Slaughter lately resided, adj. land conveyed to said Philip by Joshua Norris and wife and whereon he now lives, and adj. lands of John Deal and William Ables, and adj. the Beech Fork. No wit.

Cape Girardeau Co. MO Deeds (FHL film 925,632)
      F-122: 11 May 1821, William Smith of Randolph Co. IL to Matthew Duncan of Jackson Co. IL, $350, 640 acre grant to said William Smith as his settlement right, ref. to book in Recorders Office in Jackson, Cape Girardeau Co. MO. /s/ Wm. (X) Smith, Margonnet (X) Smith. Wit. Saml. Johnston, Sarah Johnston, Hilliard Fowler. Rec. Kaskaskia, Randolph Co. IL.
      F-171: 21 Nov. 1821, Mathew Duncan of Jackson Co. IL to John Payne of town of Jackson, MO, $1800, 640 acre grant to William Smith deeded to Duncan 11 May 1821. No wife. Wit. A.P. Field, James R. McDonald.
      F-266: 28 July 1822, John Payne Jr. of Town of Jackson, MO, to Matthew Duncan of Jackson Co. MO (sic), $1300, 320 acres taken off NW end of Survey #2273 in name of William Smith of 640 acres, being 1/2 the orig. land, on waters of White Water. No wife. Wit. Isaiah F. Hamilton, John Wathn (?).
      F-279: Clerk recorded additional info that was on the back of the above deed, the following in explanation ... 320 acres to be taken off SW instead of NW end, so the 320 acres not conveyed is free from the swamp. Both signed.
      F-282: 15 Sept. 1822, Matthew Duncan of Jackson Co. IL to William P?. Lacy of Town of Jackson, MO, $500, 3 slaves Mariah, age 20, Eliza age 2, and Diannah an infant, transferred from Isaac Murphy who raised them in Sumner Co. TN to Duncan by bill of sale 28 April 1822. Wit. Jo. Duncan, E. Fenwick.

Ste. Genevieve Co. MO Deeds (SLC 7/17/2014; have JPG images)
      C-367/368: 22 May 1819, Thomas Fenwick of St.Genevieve Co., heir and admin. of estate of Joseph Fenwick decd, to Mathew Duncan, Joseph Duncan & Polly Ann Duncan of Jackson Co. IL, and James J. Fenwick of Ste. Genevieve Co. MO, that said Thomas Fenwick admin. & one of heirs of Joseph Fenwick decd. for $1,150 paid by said Mathew Duncan, Joseph Duncan, Polly Ann Duncan and James J. Fenwick, and the said Mathew, Joseph, Polly Ann and James J. therefrom discharged, sell to said Mathew, Joseph, Polly Ann and James J. all his interest and claim to 90 acres of land, and all claim he may have or will hereafter derive as admin., heir &c of said Joseph Fenwick decd either as a settlement or preemption right, beg. at an elm, oak and poplar standing just above the mouth of the Spring Branch which enters the Mississippi just above the old horse mill, then 80 poles westwardly at right angles of the river, then south and east again to the Mississippi River to make the quantity of 60 acres, also 30 acres in oblong square adj. and running at full length the tract, but said Thomas Fenwick may reserve 5 acres more or less upon the front on the river & lake? in the apple orchard and residence of his mother with one acre for a Roman Catholick Church and burying ground, for which said Thomas Fenwick is to exchange an equal quantity of land which he hereby reserves which is to join the river on the south end of the land before conveyed, ... to be laid off at the election of said Thomas Fenwick at the time the town is surveyed which is to be laid off upon the said tract so as not to interfere with the streets and plot of said town ..., said Thomas Fenwick warrants the tract, with appurtenances except as is herein excepted, the crop of vegetables, wheat, timothy corn &c growing on the same ... fence around the old peach orchard ... with the horse mill and its appertenances, understood the party of second part reserve to Thomas Fenwick the privilege of the ferry across the Mississippi River for said town, and to have excusive privilege of purchasing at $45 per acre any land of the said Thomas Fenwick and they are not to sell to any other person whatever except the said party refuse to give the same. /s/ Ths. Fenwick. Wit. James Tanner, E. Fenwick. Ack. 16 Oct. 1820 before Tho. Oliver, J.P. Recorded 16 Oct. 1820. (FHL film 915,466)

Catawba Co. NC Deed (FHL film 593,287)
      2-380: 24 Jan. 1871, William Duncan of Jackson Co. IL, guardian of Mary Duncan, Darius Duncan, Catharine Duncan and William Duncan Jr., appoint A.G. Corpening of Catawba Co. NC attorney to collect all money due said Mary Duncan, Darius Duncan, Catherine Duncan and William Duncan Jr. from the estate of Soloman Shuford decd and to receipt the same, etc.; no wit. Authorization by Catawba Co. NC Probate Court to Jackson Co. IL Probate Court, 1 March 1871, to take acknowledgement of William Duncan, guardian; done, 31 March 1871; recorded 27 April 1871.

HISTORIES before 1923

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1983 "Jackson Co. IL Formation and Early Settlement" by John W.D. Wright, pub. by Jackson Co. Historical Society (FHL book 977.3994 h2w)
      This book contains on pg.102-4 information about Matthew Duncan, b.1790 Bourbon Co. KY, d.1844, and his brothers Gov. Joseph Duncan and John S. Duncan, sons of Major Joseph Duncan and Anna Maria McLaughlin.

"Our Hutzel Heritage, A Genealogy of the Hutzel-Hutsell Family" by Sue Hutsell and Jane Hutsell Terral, 1980 (FHL book 929.273 H979h)
      Pg.28 of this book has information on Amanda Hutsell who mar. 6/15/1837 in Martinsville, Morgan Co. IN, to William Duncan, b. 10/14/1808 NY, son of Robert Duncan, to Jackson Co. IL; source "History of Cherokee Co. KS" 1904, by Allison. Pg.50 has information on Thomas R. Duncan in the same source. Pgs.51-52 have information on Peter Hutsell Duncan, Giles Mitchell Duncan, and Jesse H. Duncan, sons of Amanda Hutsell and William Duncan.

"Waverly Historical & Genealogical Society Newsletter" (Morgan Co. IL), issue #47, April 1990 (from Onda Harris 6/1999 from Fort Wayne, Allen Co. IN Public Library; indexed as "Joseph Duncan Bible")
      Pg.7-8 of this periodical contain an article about Governor Joseph Duncan, b. 2/23/1794 Bourbon Co. KY, d. 1/15/1844 Jacksonville, IL, son of Major Joseph Duncan and Anna Maria McLaughlin, and lists more information on his wife and children, including full dates of birth, death and marriage. One son who lived to adulthood was Joseph Duncan, b. 10/19/1835, d. 11/28/1906 Chicago, Cook Co. IL, mar. Harriet Newell C. Stevens.

"The Duncans of Bourbon Co. KY" by Julia Hoge Spencer Ardery (FHL fiche 6,018,102 and other libraries)
      This book contains the family of Major Joseph Duncan, b.ca 1752, d.1803 Bourbon Co. KY, wife Ann Maria McLaughlin, and their children, including (1) Capt. Matthew Duncan who mar. Susan Clayton Slaughter, moved to Kaskaskia, IL, in 1814 and lived in Shelbyville, IL, 1833-1844; (2) James S. or M. Duncan, wife Margaret, who died in 1856 in Berlin, Sangamon Co. IL; and (3) Governor Joseph Duncan, b. 22 Feb. 1794 Bourbon Co, KY; mar. Elizabeth Caldwell Smith 1828; d. 15 Jan. 1844 Jacksonville, IL.


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