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Last revised February 5, 2014

Formed 1841 from Warren


1850 Henderson Co. IL Census
Pg.48, #167-170, S.S. PHELPS (m) 40 NY merchant $20,000
                  Saloma 35 VT
                  Laury (f) 18, William 16 IL
                  Emaly 14, Adaline 12 IL
                  Phebe A. 9, Henry H. 6, Stephen S. 11/12 IL
                  Parthena SHORES (f) 21 MA
                  Margaret DUNCAN 23 (33? written over) PA
                  John CURRY 21 ENG
                  William SHORES 24 MA clerk
                  George 23 MA clerk
                  Abraham (blank) 35 Unknown BLACK
                  (MAD: see 1846 York Co. PA Orphans Court V-44)
Pg.49, #179, H. P. HART family
                  Elisabeth DUNCAN 16 OH
Pg.51, #213, James W. HARRIS 42 PA
                  Esther 24 TN
                  Marcella A. 4, Mary M. 1 IL
Pg.53, #239, William C. RICE 34 KY lawyer $2000
                  Mary 23 KY
                  Ann 1 IL
                  Ann 69 VA
                  Catharine WALKER 17 KY
Pg.?, #483, William CHARD 47 OH farmer
                  Mary 41 OH
                  William J. 21, David 18 OH
                  Kimber (m) 17, James 15 OH
                  Martha A. 1 IL
                  (MAD: William J. Chard mar. Louiza Jane Duncan 11/30/1854 McDonough Co. IL)
Twp.9N Range 4W, taken 9/19/1850
Pg.71, #509, Charles DUNCAN 44 "PA" farmer $700
                  Dorcas 33 "PA"
                  Louisa J. 14, Mary 13 IL
                  John 12, Elizabeth 9 IL
                  William 6, Nancy 1 IL
                  (MAD: birthstates as given but in error; Charles Duncan mar. Darcus Coffman 11/10/1833 McDonough Co. IL; 1840 Buchanan Co. MO census)
Twp.8N Range 4W, taken 9/25/1850
Pg.77, #575-583, William MELVIN 64 VA farmer $1500
                  Mary 60 VA
                  Delila 40, Susan 35, Melvina 33 TN
                  William Jr. 26 TN farmer $800
                  (MAD: from White Co. TN, wife Mary Duncan)
Pg.77, #584, Cosby M. DUNCAN 25 TN farmer $2100
                  Nancy A. 22 IN
                  Samuel R. 2, James G. 6/12 IL
                  Helen OWENS 9 IL
Pg.77, #585, Joel B. HUSTON 39 TN farmer
                  Catharine 38 TN
                  William 19, George 17, Algenon 13, Walter 11 IL
                  Martha 8, John 6, Joel 2, Marion (m) 5/12 IL
Pg.77, #587, Elisabeth DUNCAN 49 TN $2000
                  Minerva 16, Mary J. 9 IL
                  John COOK 19 TN
                  (MAD: Minerva Duncan mar. John Cook 12/3/1850)
Pg.77, #580-588, James CYRUS 38 TN farmer $2750
                  Margaret 38 TN
                  Jesse 14, Sarah A. 9, John H. 7, Russell 5 IL
                  Lawson 3, William 9/12 IL
                  (MAD: James Cyrus mar. Margaret Duncan 9/16/1832 McDonough Co. IL)
Pg.77, #589, R.B. HUSTON (m) 26 TN
                  Nancy 21 TN
Pg.77, #590, John RUDDLE 26 KY farmer $600
                  McCarny (f) 20 TN
                  Ellen 1 IL
Pg.77, #591, Walter HUSTON Senr 70 VA farmer $4950
                  Nancy 59 SC
                  Mathew 20 TN
                  William ISOM 19 TN
                  Martha A. 10 IL
Pg.77, #596, Thomas BOWMAN 30 TN & family
Pg.77, #597, John WASSON 35 TN
                  Mary 33 TN
                  Harriet J. 13, William 9, John 7, Cyrus 5 IL
                  Archibald 4, Jesse 1/12 IL
                  Phebe NIHELL? 15 IN
Pg.77, #598, Isaac CRENSHAW 46 GA farmer $5000
                  Mary 41 KY
                  Harrison 20 IL
                  George W. 22 MO
                  Elisabeth 15 IA
                  Earyetna (f) 12, Celatha (f) 10, Daniel B. 7 IL
                  Isaac R. 5, Mary 4, William F. 2 IL
Twp.11N Range 4W
Pg.88, #740-754, Andrew DOUGLAS 33 PA farmer $300
                  Mary A. 32 PA
                  James D. 6, Jane A. 4, William C. 1 PA
                  Mathew 25 PA farmer
                  (MAD: see 1846 York Co. PA Orphans Court V-44)
Pg.88, #742, Samuel CURRY 47 ENG
                  Emma 47 ENG
                  Esther C. 15 & younger to age 5 all b. ENG
Pg.89, #748-763, David RAWHOUSER 30 PA farmer $900
                  Sarah K. 30 PA
                  James 7, David 5 IL
                  Robert 3 PA, Eliza J. 1 IL
                  Robert DUNCAN 35 PA farmer
                  James G. STEWART 19 OH farmer
                  (MAD: see 1846 York Co. PA Orphans Court V-44)
Pg.89, #749-764, George MUNDORFF 33 PA farmer $1,000
                  Caroline 33 PA
                  Charlotte 12, Peter W.H. 9, Eli C. 7 PA
                  Elisabeth 4, Zacary T. 4 twins IL
                  Isaiah F. 1 IL
                  Eliza J. DUNCAN 36 PA
                  (MAD: see James Duncan, d. 1845-46 Chanceford Twp, York Co. PA; Orphans Court V-44)
Twp.12N Range 4W, taken 10/9/1850
Pg.91, #778, Harvey LATHROP 29 NY farmer
                  Lydia 25 IN
                  3 children, age 6 to 3 mos, b. IL
Pg.?, #795, James SCOTT 44 VA $2000
                  Anna J. 36 VA
                  William F. 13, Robert F. 10, Rufus 7 IL
                  Mary A. 5, Frances A. 1 IL
                  Sarah HOPKINS 74 VA
                  Andrew F. SCOTT 48 VA farmer
                  Robert S. 36 VA
                  Belinda PERCARA 18 OH

1855 Henderson Co. IL State Census (from Alice Duncan)
ages 0-10, 10-20, 20-30, 30-40, 40-50, etc.
Pg. 1  John R. Woodsides       101     - 01
       Geo. Cartwright         0001    - 3001
    3  C. M. Duncan            301     - 201
       Nancy Bowman            1       - 0101
       James Atwater           001     - 101
       Hugh Woodsides          101     - 101
    4  Wm. J. Chard            001     - 001
       Wm. Chard
9N5W - no familiar names
   11  Robert G? Duncan        2001    - 1001
   12  Eliza Curry             012     - 01101
8N5W Terre Haute
   21  J. D. Miller            2111    - 2001
   22  Wm. L. Bennett          101     - 101
   23  Charles Bennett         30001   - 01001
11N5W Oquawka
   36  Jas. A. Stewart         1001    - 2001
       no Mary Melvin

1860 Henderson Co. IL census
Twp.11N Range 4W, taken 6/14/1860
Pg.344, #541 John H. WELCH 45 NY farmer $4300 $1500
                  Mary L. 40 NY
                  Children 8 and younger b. IL
                  Charles LATHROP 44 NY farmer
Twp.10N Range 4W, P.O. Biggsville, 6/22/1860 & 6/25/1860
Pg.384, #809, Robert G. DUNCAN 46 PA farmer $2500-$200
                  Mary 44 OH
                  James D. BARRS 13 OH
                  Thomas G. DUNCAN 6 IL
                  Anna E. 5, Mary E. 2, William M. 5/12 IL
Pg.395, #887, Edward J. DUNCAN (m) 35 PA farmer $0-$0
                  John C. (f) 30 PA
                  Mary E. (f) 32 PA
Twp.9N Range 4W, P.O. Biggsville, 7/10/1860
Pg.438, #1145, William CHARD Sr. 57 OH farmer $1400 $150
                  Mary 51 OH
                  David 30, James 25, Albert 15 OH
                  Mary A. 11, Marion (f) 8 IL
Pg.442, #1175, William J. CHARD 30 OH farmer $1000 $150
                  Louisa J. 25 IL
                  Amelia M. 3, Lewis J. 6/12 IL
                  (MAD: William J. Chard mar. Louiza Jane Duncan 11/30/1854 McDonough Co. IL)
Twp.8N Range 4W, P.O. Raritan, 7/17/1860
Pg.469, #1353, William MELVIN 37 TN farmer $5000-200
                  Elizabeth 34 KY
                  Ellen 8, John 6, Jesse 4, Mary 3 IL
Pg.469, #1358, Harrison HUNGATE 24 IL farmer $1200 $100
                  Mary 23 MO
                  ? A. (m) 2 IL
                  (MAD: Harrison H. Hungate mar. Mary C. Duncan 8/20/1857 McDonough Co. IL)
Twp.8N Range 4W, P.O. Raritan, 7/17/1860
Pg.471, #1369, Cosby DUNCAN 35 TN farmer $4000-$170
                  Nancy A. 30 IN
                  Samuel R. 10, James G. 9, Malinda J. 7 IL
                  Sardenia (f) 6, John S. 4, William B. 3 IL
Pg.473, #1287, Wm. G. EASTON 50 TN farmer $3000-400
                  Delila 50 TN
                  Mary MELVIN 75 TN
                  Aurietta (f) 9, Milton 7 IL
Taken 7/18/1860
Pg.478, #1417, Charles DUNCAN 50 TN farmer $1000-$150
                  Dorcus 43 KY
                  John M. 21, Elizabeth 19, William 14 MO
                  Nancy A. 13, Henry 11 MO
                  James C. 9, Granderson 5 IL
                  (MAD: children on 1870 Yolo Co. CA census)
Pg.481, #1433, Elizabeth DUNCAN 60 TN $1200-$300
                  James HAZELWEED 30 KY farmer
                  Mary J. 20 IL
                  John B. GIVENS? 39? IN farmer $700
                  Martha A. 25 IN
                  (MAD: GIVENS ch. b. IN until 1857, then IL)
                  Joseph A. GIBSON 20 KY farmer
                  (MAD: James R. Haselwood mar. Mary Jane Duncan 2/16/1860)
Pg.484, #1450, William E. DUNCAN 38 TN farmer $800 $100
                  Elizabeth 36 IL
                  Jerusha J. (f) 10, Charles T. 8 IL
                  Samuel C. 6, Stephen H. 3 IL
                  Henry C. BROWNING 15 IL
                  (MAD: 1850 Hancock Co. IL census; 1870 Schuyler Co. IL census)
Twp.8N Range 5W, P.O. Terre Haute, 7/23/1860
Pg.493, #1572, James DUNCAN 40 KY laborer -- $50
                  Catharine 40 KY
                  Samuel 21, Sarah D. 19, Larkin 17, Carl K. 13 KY
                  (MAD: 1850 Lincoln Co. KY census; 1870 Fulton Co. IL census)

1870 Henderson Co. IL Census (#80 and #119 also from Alice Duncan, copied in 1970)
Twp.8N R4W, P.O. Raritan
Pg.72, #80-75, DUNCAN, Elias 26 IL farmer $0-$1500
                  Nancy 18 IL keeping house
                  Ella 1/12 IL b. Apr.
                  HANLINE, Nathan 23 KY farm lab.
Pg.72, #112-107, HAZLEWOOD, James R. 39 IN farmer $0-$1455
                  Mary 29 IL keeping house
                  Minerva 9, James 3 IL
                  DUNCAN, Elizabeth 69 TN
                  BURTON, Adaline 40? KY
Pg.75, #119-114, DUNCAN, Causby 45 NC farmer $10250 $2230
                  Nancy 42 OH keeping house
                  Samuel 22, James 20 IL farm labs.
                  Melinda 18, Sardina 17 IL
                  John 15 IL farm lab.
                  William 13, Mary 12, Charles 11 IL
                  Thomas 8, George 6, Joseph 5 IL
Pg.77, #145-138, DUNCAN, William 21 IL farm lab. $0-$850
                  Mary 18 IL keeping house
                  (MAD: William J. Duncan mar. Mary Hardesty 12/31/1868 McDonough Co. IL)
Pg.77, #148-141, DUNCAN, John H. 32 IL farm lab. $0-$400
                  Leoni (f) 28 MO keeping house
                  Terry (m) 2 IL
                  (MAD: John Duncan mar. Leona Hazelwood 5/5/1867 McDonough Co. IL)
Twp.10N Range 4W, P.O. Biggsville
Pg.100, #85-84, DOUGLAS, Mary A. 54 PA farmer $6500-$1315
                  William 21 PA farm lab.
                  John 17 IL farm lab.
                  Agnes 13 IL
                  DUNCAN, Eliza 57 PA
                  ANDERSON, Alfred 21 SWEden farm lab, parents of foreign birth
Pg.104, #141-138, DUNCAN, Robert G. 55 PA farmer $4800-$1276
                  Mary 52 OH keeping house, father of foreign birth
                  Thomas 16 IL farm lab.
                  Agnes 14 IL
                  BARR, John 23 OH farm lab. $0-$400
                  JOHNSTON, Salana (f) 20 IA school teacher
                  MUNDORF, Elizabeth 4 IL
Town of Warren
Pg.171, #15-14, SHULL, Philip 48 IN day lab. $225-$100
                  Lydia 53 OH keeping house
                  Solomon 18 IN farm lab.
                  William 16 IL farm lab. $0-$250
                  John 14 IL farm lab.
                  Mary 12, Oliver 8 IL
                  DUNCAN, Landon "1" IL
                  Sarah 22 IN
                  Mary 3 IL


Henderson Co. IL Marriage Index, grooms (Oquawka, Henderson Co. IL, courthouse, 10/1979)
      Duncan, Causby M. to Nancy Cooper, 21 March 1847, A-20
      Duncan, Albert to Sarah Shull, 2 Jan. 1866, B-25
      Duncan, John T. to Araetna Crenshaw, 26 Sept. 1861, B-13
      Duncan, Samuel to Sarah Biggs, 5 June 1862, B-14
      Duncan, Larkin to Amanda Biggs, 21 Aug. 1862, B-15
      Duncan, James M. to Mary Hamilton, 1 Jan. 1863, B-16
      Duncan, John C. to Miss Margaret E. Duncan, 7 April 1863, B-17
      Duncan, James M. to Mary J. Crenshaw, 16 Nov. 1865, B-24
      Duncan, William J. to Miss Mary E. Thompson, lic. #2595 10 March 1875, B-54 married 11 March 1875 by Rev. Elijah Ransem MG
      Duncan, Harrison to Ruth M. (Mahala) Hamilton, 23 Oct. 1875, B-56


Henderson Co. IL Deed Indexes (SLC 12/9/2013)
   Grantors index to deeds v.1-4 1841-18xx72? (FHL film 1,377,850)
     (no column headings) [MAD: "Vol." is Deed Book Number]
      Duncan, Jas. to Alexis Philps, Page 2, Entry Record, 19
      Duncan, Joseph to Phelps, Entry 51, (pg.) 226? (236?)
      Duncan, Jas. F. to S.S. Phelps, Entry 161, (pg.) 466, Record 4
     Column headings: Grantors, Grantees, Vol., Page, Ent.
      Duncan, James F. to Stephen S. Phelps, Vol.4, Page 466, Ent.161
      Same to Samuel Darnell, Vol.4, page 474, Ent.162
      Duncan, Charles to James Cyrus, Vol.7, page 177 Ent.67
      Duncan, Joseph by Admr. to L.B. Parsons, Vol.7, page 219, Ent.69
      Duncan, Joseph to James M. Duncan, Vol.7, page 537, Ent.90
     Column headings: Grantors, Grantees, Record Vol., Page, Entry Book Page
      Duncan, C.M. to Elisha Blandon, Vol.15 page 211, Entry 132
      Dunkins, S?. Watres to Josiah Lombard, Vol.17 page 323, Entry 220
     Column headings: Grantor, Grantee, Instmt., Date, Consid, Book, Page, (opposing page) Description of Property, When Filed: Month, day, year, A.M., P.M.
      Duncan, Jno. (Jrs?) et al to Harrison Dills, Q.C., Mch. 17, 1864, $250, Book 21 pg.538? (338?), S 1/2 35 9N 4W, April 8, 1864, 1 PM
      to 1866
   Grantees index to deeds v.1-3 1841-1862 (FHL film 1,377,851)
     Column headings: Grantee, Grantor, Description, (Page) Entry, Record, Vol.
      Duncan, Joseph from Alex Philps, part of Oquawka, Entry 2, Record 17, Vol.1
      Duncan, C.W. from John B. James, SE 33 8N 4W & others, Entry 67, Record 475, Vol.2
      Duncan, Joseph from Auditor, SE 34 8N 5W, Entry 68, 495, Vol.2
     Column headings: Grantees, Grantors, Vol., Page, Ent.D.
      Duncan, James M. from Auditor of State, Vol.6, page 288, Ent. 35
      Duncan, James M. from Joseph Duncan, Vol.7, page 537, Ent.90
      Duncan, James M. & others from Auditor of Public Account, Vol.8, page 23, Ent.108
      Duncan, Robert G. from Gabriel Duval & others, Vol.9, page 447, Ent. 169
      Same from Robert G. Duncan, Vol.9, page 448, Ent.169
      Duncan, Joseph from Dunlap & Crane, Vol.9, page 476, Ent. 171
      Duncan, James? M. from Auditor of Public Account, Vol.9, page 631, Ent. 182
      Duncan, Joseph from John Laws heirs, Vol.10, page 125, Ent.192
     Column headings: Grantees, Grantors, RECORD Vol., Page; Entry Book Page
      Duncan, C.M. from Wm. Ousely, Vol.15, page 90, Ent.124
      Duncan, C.M. from John Huston, Vol.15, page 211, Ent.132
      Dinkins?, T. Watres from W.R. Sikes, Vol.17, page 321, Ent.220
   Grantees index to deeds v.4 1862+ (FHL film 1,392,774)
     Column headings: Grantee, Grantor, Instmt., Date, Consid, Book, Page, (opposing page) Description of Property, When Filed: Month, day, year, A.M., P.M.
      Duncan, Crosby M. from John Eads &w, Q.C., May 7, 1863, $100.00, 20-108?, SE NE 33. 8.4, May 12, 1863, 7 (PM)
      Duncan, James M. from Auditor of State, Tax Deed, February 14, 1831, $1.84, 19-46?, NE 29 11N 4W, February 20, 1864, 2 PM
      Duncan, John C. from Matthews Douglass, W.D., June 2, 1862, $1500, 14-??, W 1/2 SE 21 10N 4W, March 24, 1864, 10 AM
      Quit December 1866

Henderson Co. IL Deed Indexes, Books 1-4 to 1867 (Oquawka, Henderson Co. IL, courthouse, 10/1979)
      1-17: 23 May 1836, Duncan, Joseph agreement between Joseph Duncan of Morgan Co. IL, and Alex Phelps, for part of Oquawka.
      1-19: 24 May 1841, Duncan, Joseph to Alexes Phelps of Morgan Co.
      2-475: 25 March 1846, Duncan, Causby M. from John B. James of Albany, NY, SE, Sec. 33, 8N4W, & others, $275.
      2-495: 12 Jan. 1836, Duncan, Joseph from auditor, SE 1/4 Sec. 34, 8N5W, $2.62.
      4-466: 18 June 1850, Duncan, James F. to Stephen S. Phelps, $48 mortgage, household goods.
      4-474: 12 Aug. 1850, Duncan, James F. to Samuel Darnell, $70 mortgage, equipment.
      6-288: 10 Jan. 1829, Duncan, James M. from Auditor of State, NE 1/4 Sec. 35, 10N5W, $1.84.
      7-177: 2 March 1853, Charles Duncan of Henderson County, appoint James Cyrus of Henderson Co. IL as attorney to receive of administrator of estate of Daniel Duncan, late of (blank), whatever may be coming as heir. No wit.
      7-219: 5 March 1853, William Thomas, admr. of will of Joseph Duncan, to Louis B. Parsons of Alton, IL; 17 Jan. 1837 Joseph Duncan sold to Benjamin Godfrey and Doctor Benjamin F. Edwards, both of Alton, 1/16 part of all lots in town of Oquawka, now in Henderson Co. IL; recorded in Morgan Co. IL.
      7-537: Will of Joseph Duncan; wife and children being provided on an ample estate & income by her father and their grandfather the late James R. Smith, no further provision made; wife in trust for use of herself & children household ....; support my aged mother during her natural life; sister Polly Ann Lynn; some $10 to $15 to Anett; heirs of Joseph Cooley; Jacksonville trustees for church & other blds; suit US vs myself & others as security for William Lynn to be defended; other provisions; Exec. brother James M. Duncan and friend William Brown; trust funds which came to my hands from the executor of the will of the late James R. Smith. No date. Wit. John Todd, James King, Wm. C. Scott. Codicil 14 Jan. 1844 appoints friend Doct. Daniel C. Pierson one of executors. Same Wit. Rec. Morgan Co. 18 Jan. 1844; 13 July 1844 appointed admin. Widow Elizabeth C. Duncan relinquished right to letters of adm.
      8-23: 9 Jan. 1833, Auditor of Public Accounts to various ... inc. James M. Duncan, NE 1/4 Sec. 33, 8N4W, $1.82.
      9-447: 10 May 1849, Duncan, Robert G. from Gabriel B. Duval of Montgomery AL, Ellen Duval, William J. Duval and Marcellus Duval of Crawford Co. AR, R.C.W. Radford & wife Octavia of Lynchburg, VA, $180, E. 1/2 SE 1/4 Sec. 28, 10N4W, 80 acres.
      9-448: 6 March 1851, Duncan, Robert G. of Henderson Co. IL, quit claim from John Morse of Hancock Co. IL, $1, land in 9-447.
      9-476: (date?) Duncan, Joseph of Morgan Co. from James and wife Elizabeth Dunlap of Morgan Co., and James W. Crane of Tazewell Co., IL, $200, 2/7 of land in Fulton, Warren, McDonough & Hancock Cos. IL, 160 acres SE 1/4 Sec. 17 5N3E; 160 acres NE 1/4 Sec. 23 8N2E; 160 acres SW 1/4 Sec. 20 6N1E in Fulton Co.; 160 acres SE 1/4 Sec. 20 4N4W in McDonough Co.; 160 acres NE 1/4 Sec. 1 4N7W Hancock Co.; 160 acres SW 1/4 Sec. 10 8N6W in Henderson Co. /s/ James Duncan, Elizabeth Duncan, James Dunlap, atty for James M. Crane. Rec. Morgan Co.
      9-631: 8 Jan. 1831, Duncan, James M. from Auditor, $1.82, SE 1/4 Sec. 35 11N5W; James M. Duncan assignee of Thomas C. Kirkham.
      10-125: 9 June 1834, Duncan, Joseph from John Laws heirs, $400, 9 quarter sections, various twps. not copied.
      14-607: 2 June 1862, Duncan, John C. from Matthew & Elleanor Douglas, $1500, 8 acres, W 1/2 SE, Sec. 21 10N4W.
      15-90: 19 May 1858, Duncan, C.M. from Wm. Ousely, $74, mortgage of equipment; wit. Z. Britt.
      15-211: 7 Feb. 1854, Duncan, Causby M. from John & Ann Huston, $100, quit claim SE 1/4 NE 1/4 Sec. 33 8N4W.
      15-211: 1 March 1858, Duncan, Causby M. of Bedford, IL, to Elisha Blandon, lease for 6 years SW part SE 1/4 Sec. 33 8N4W, 50 acres.
      19-468: 14 Feb. 1831, Duncan, James M. from auditor, $1.84, NE 1/4 Sec. 29 11N4W.
      20-108: 7 May 1863, Duncan, Crosby M. from John & Hannah K. Eads of Knox Co., $100, SE 1/4 NE 1/4 Sec. 33 8N4W.
      21-538: 17 March 1864, Duncan, Joseph, Elizabeth C., & others of Morgan Co., to Harrison Dills of Adams Co., ILL.

Henderson Co. IL Deeds (sent by Mrs. James D. Rogers, Henderson County Clerk, 4/1977)
      No deed for a Charles Duncan
      (2-475) 25 March 1846, John B. James of City of Albany, NY, to Causby M. Duncan of Henderson Co., IL, $225, land in Warren (sic) Co., SE 1/4 Sec. 33, Twp 8N4W, a portion of the estate of the late William James of Albany NY decd, conveyed to John B. James in partition of lands.
      (no book) pg. 26, #21134. 17 Dec. 1873, Causby M. Duncan and wife Nancy A. (X) Duncan of town of Bedford, Henderson Co. IL, $9200, to Edmund N. Driskell of village of Blandinsville, McDonough Co. IL, SE 1/4 Sec. 33, Twp 8N4W, and SE 1/4 of NE 1/4 of Sec. 33, Twp. 8N4W, in County of Henderson, IL.

Henderson Co. IL Deed Extracts (from Ronda Berry 3/1995)
      26-514: 26 Oct. 1868, Ignatius Howard and wife Mary Howard to Henry Hugenschutz, $800, land commencing SE corner of SE quarter Sec.19 Twp 9N Range 5W; running north along E.line of said quarter section 40 chains; then south 38-1/2 deg. west 16 chains 40 links; then south 28 deg. west 16 chains 70 links; then south 15 degrees west 13 chains 20 links; then east along the south side of said quarter section 20 chains and 64 links to beginning, containing 49.66 acres more or less. #17613. (MAD: land was in Warren Co. IL when bought by Howards)
      34-164: 13 Jan. 1877, Wesley Howard and wife Charity A. Howard of Des Moines Co. IA to John H. Hugenschutz of Henderson Co. IL, $200, SE 1/4 Sec.19 and 12 acres off S.side of tract of 24 acres on W.side of SE 1/4 of NE 1/4 of Sec.8 all in 9N5W. #23092
      34-517: 3 Jan. 1876, Solomon D. Howard and wife Nancy Howard to John Hugenschutz, $175, undivided right of W.part in SE 1/4 of Sec.19 in 9N5W, containing 100.34 acres. Also undivided right in 12 acres of S.side of tract 24 acres on W.side of SE 1/4 of NE 1/4 of Sec.8 in 9N5W. #22427
      34-541: 5 March 1877, Wayman Howard and wife Loretta Howard, to John Hugenschutz, $200, SE 1/4 of Sec.19 and 12 acres off S.side of a tract of 24 acres on W.side of SE 1/4 of NE 1/4 of Sec.8 in 9N5W. #23091
      34-183: 1 June 1877, Douglas Howard and wife Melissa Howard to John Hugenschutz, $200, SE 1/4 of Sec.19, 12 acres off S.side of tract and 24 acres on W.side of SE 1/4 of NE 1/4 of Sec.8 all in 9N5W. #23319
      32-217: Heirs of I. Howard. 30 Aug. 1876, Mary Howard, widow of Ignatius Howard, Madison Howard, Elsie Coffman and Alfred Coffman, Ann Howard and Mary Ellen Howard, heirs of I. Howard to John Hugenschutz, $875, SE 1/4 of Sec.19 and 12 acres off S.side of a tract of 24 acres on W.side of SE 1/4 of NE 1/4 of Sec.8 in 9N5W. Notarized by F.M. Marion on 2 June 1876 in Sacramento Co. CA. He says he knows Alfred and Elise Coffman and they are who they say they are. #22726 (MAD: Alfred Coffman and 2nd wife Elsie Howard lived near Elk Grove in San Joaquin Co. CA)


Henderson Co. IL Probate records (Oquawka courthouse, 10/1979)
      Box 4, James J. Duncan; Robert G. Duncan admr, no heirs given, died 19 Oct. 1856.
      16: James G. Duncan, son of Causby M. Duncan who committed him (not death).
      29: John C. Duncan, died 9 Jan. 1884 near Biggsville, widow Mary M. Duncan, children/minor heirs: John N/W? Duncan and Jennie M. Duncan.
      50: John C. Duncan (same as box 29)
      83: Verna A. Duncan - not looked at
      296: Marjorie Marie Duncan - not looked at

Henderson Co. IL Probate Records (Oquawka Courthouse, 10/1979)
      Box 16: January, 1869, inquisition as to the insanity of James G. Duncan; 11 Jan. 1869 in proceedings; jury found James G. Duncan insane and fit person to be sent to IL. State Hospital for Insane; he is a resident of Co. of Henderson; his age is 19 years; his insanity is of 4 years duration but manifest only a part of this time, the cause of which is illness and over excitement; his insanity is slightly hereditary; he is not subject to epilepsy; he is free from vermin and is not affected by any contagious or infectious disease; he is not a pauper; that said James G. Duncan was present during the inquisiton. The ancestral insanity was of brief duration and readily amenable to proper treatment. /s/ Samuel H. Russle, M.D.; Jacob Spangler, E.D. Richey, D. McFarland, Jas. Scott, T.S. Carll.
      Raritan, Ill.; Jan. 10 1869; Gents. This is to certify that I am acquainted with C.M. Duncan and his son James, the young man he brings to you for inspection. His mind has not been in a healthful state at times for some four years to my knowledge. I have given him medicine at different times and am satisfied that it is best that he should be sent to the assylum. I think it is inherited as his mother has had two spells lasting some months &c. /s/ Wm. M. Huston, Attending Physician.

Henderson Co. IL Will Book, page 141 (from Mrs. Lura Bray 10/1979)
      Will of William Melvin, dated 19 Oct. 1850; probated June 1852 and Oct. 1853: Wife Mary; 3 daughters Delila Melvin, Susan Melvin, Vina Melvin; son Milton Melvin; Joel Duncan to deed to sons James and William Melvin 12-1/2 acres NW corner NE 1/4 Sec. 18, Twp 7N4W; son Thomas Melvin $20; $1 each to Anna Huston, Polly Connor, Jane Grigsby (no relationship given).

Henderson Co. IL Probate Documents (from Treva Lefler to Petie Schee to MAD 9/1986)
      Will of William (X) Melvin, 19 Oct. 1850: My wife Mary Melvin have all personal property; wife Mary Melvin and three daughters Delila Melvin, Susan Melvin & Vina Melvin have W. of S.E. 1/4 of Sec. 34 in T.8N R. 4W the natural lifetime of my wife Mary Melvin & after her death my three daughters above named have the land as long as they remain single, and if they marry then it is to be equally divided among then; my wife Mary Melvin & my daughters aforesaid have 1/2 of E 1/2 of SE of SW of Sec.6, Twp. 7N Range 4W in the same way; my son Milton Melvin have E. 1/2 SE 34 8N R.4W and 1/2 of E 1/2 SE SW of Sec. 6 7N 4W. That Joel Duncan deed to my sons James & William Melvin 12-1/2 acres in NW corner of NE 1/4 Sec. 18, T.7N, R.4W. My son Thomas Melvin have the $25 that I lent him; that Anna Huston, Polly Conner & Jane Grigsby have $1. Wit. John Huston, James Cyrus.
      Petition of Wm. G. Eaten, 20 Oct. 1853, for letters of admin. in estate of Mary Melvin, Henderson Co. IL, who died at her residence 16 Aug. 1853; her estate consists chiefly of notes and accounts valued at $800; survivors were Delilah Eaten, Ann Bughman, James Melvin, Thos. Melvin, Vina Beaver, Polly Conner, Wm. Melvin, Jane Ball & the minor heirs of Milton Melvin decd.
      Recapitulation and Final Report of account of John Huston, admr. of estate of Ann Boughman, filed 2 July 1894: Heirs: Wm. M. Huston; Preston Huston; Mary H. Givens; Thomas B. Huston; John Huston; heirs of Rigan? Huston: Theadora Huston, Chas. R. Huston, Luella Huston. Also a list of real estate in Henderson and McDonough Co. IL.

Henderson Co. IL Estate File for Mary Melvin (from Treva Lefler 1/1991)
      Petition for Letters of Administration; Petition of Wm. G. Eaton 20 Oct. 1873, in the matter of the estate of Mary Melvin, deceased; to Henderson Co. IL; Mary Melvin late of Henderson Co. IL died at her residence in the county on 16 August 1873, leaving no will, possessed real and personal estate consisting chiefly of notes and accounts worth about $800; left surviving her Delilah Eaton, Ann Bughman, James Melvin, Thos. Melvin, Vina Beaver, Polly Conner, Wm. Melvin, Jane Ball and the minor heirs of Milton Melvin decd, her children and heirs; petitioner is a creditor, petitions for letters of administration.
      Notes and accounts Due (all 10% interest): By Whom Owing, Date, Interest, Good/Doubtful: Huston Penny, Jan. 1, 1872, $300 good; same, $76; A.F.W. James, Jan. 31st 1872, $60, good; same, $60; F.M. McDerwit?, Dec. 17th 1868, $38? good; Jas. E. Huff &c & Dueling?, March 17? 1858, $56 good; Harvey Hays, Jan. 7, 1870, $150 doubtful; same, Jan. 23, 1867, $60 doubtful; same, Sep. 4th 1866, $30 doubtful. Inventory signed 20 Oct. 1873 by Wm. G. Eaton.
      Administrator's account Jan. 17 1876, by Wm. G. Eaton:
            Amount of Money Received or Collected: Oct. 18, 1875, balance last report $101.55; Jan. 17, 1876, cash received on note of F.M. McDerund? $72.35; Jan. 14, same of Abraham Darling, $104.50 (total $278.40); Jan. 17 same of D. Huston, $30.00 (total $30.00); Total Am't $308.40.
            Items paid out: ... (court fees, etc.) paid Mrs. Ann Buffman one of the heirs $18.34-2/9, paid James Melvin same, Thos. Melvin same, Jane Ball same, Mary Connor same, Melvina Beaver same, Wm. Melvin same, Delilia Eaten same, Annette Huff $9.17-1/9, Milton Melvin $9.17-1/9.
      Administrator's account Oct. 18, 1875 by Wm. G. Eaton:
            Items of receipt ... $1108.65 total (interest, payments on note, etc.)
            Items paid out ... court fees, coffin, etc., fees of estate vs. Hays, and "one of the heirs" Mrs. Ann Buffman $100, (same amount to) James Melvin, Thos. Melvin, Jane Ball, Mary Connor, Melvina Beaver, Wm. Melvin, Delilia C. Eaton, and $50 each to Annette Huff and Milton Melvin.


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"Macomb Journal," Thursday, Aug. 21, 1873 obit (from Treva Lefler 1/1991)
      In Bedford Township at the residence of her son-in-law, W.G. Eaton, August 16th 1873, Mrs. Mary Melvin, in the 90th year of her age.
      The deceased was born in North Carolina, while young, moved with her parents to Washington County, Tennessee; lived there for awhile then moved to White County. In 1838 she, with her husband and family, moved to McDonough, and has lived in this county ever since. She was an affectionate mother, devoted Christian, and possessed the fullest confidence of all. She leaves a large circle of relatives and friends to mourn her loss.
      (TL: The above obit is not all true; she was born in North Carolina, now Washington Co. TN, not moving. Also they first moved to McDonough Co. IL, then to Henderson Co. where William and Mary Melvin both died.)

Henderson Co. IL Collectors Books (tax records, some in shed out back of courthouse, some in basement; looked only at Twp 8N4W, some years; 10/1997)
8N4W: 1849: Elizabeth Duncan, Crosby M. Duncan - personal property.
       1851: Elizabeth Duncan, Cosby Duncan - personal property.
       1851: Crosby Duncan - real property.
       1852: Elizabeth Duncan, Crosby M. Duncan.
       1854, 1855, 1858 - same
       1856: William Duncan, Elizabeth Duncan, Causby M. Duncan.
       1857: William E. Duncan, Elizabeth Duncan, Causby M. Duncan.

Henderson Co. IL, Raritan Village Cemetery, Raritan Twp (copied by MAD 10/1979)
      J. E. Duncan 1857-1929
      Lydia E. his wife 1860-1932

"Henderson Co. IL Cemeteries" Vol.I, by Virginia Ross and Jane Evans, 1979, includes in Davidson Cemetery, Sec.12, Media Twp, Henderson Co. IL, on pg.47, the stone for John M. Duncan, departed this life Dec. 24, 1863, age 23y 11m 11d. According to Mary Kozel, 6/1980, a resident of the area, the stone actually reads age 24y 11m 11d.

HISTORIES before 1923

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Hancock Co. IL Marriage Book C (from Alice Duncan)
      Duncan, John C., age 36, f. Cosby Duncan, m. Nancy Cooper, b. Henderson Co.; to Nancy B. Ingersoll, age 22, f. Hiram Ingersoll, m. Mary Peterman, b. Elveston, IL; mar. 21 Nov. 1894 by John M. Leonard MG at Elveston, IL; C-28, #1108

Hancock Co. IL Death Records (from Alice Duncan)
      A-133: Duncan, Stephen H., age 28 yrs 8 months 13 days, died 22 March 1886 at res. of James Duncan, Fountain Green Twp; born Henderson Co.; burial Scott cemetery, McDonough Co. IL.

Des Moines Co. IA Deeds (SLC 6/17/2008)
      26-31: Feb. 24, 1862, Moses Wassom and wife Elizabeth Wassom of Mahaska Co. IA, and John Wassom and wife Mary (X) and Catharine Duncan of Henderson Co. IL, William Jackson and Adaline Jackson, to Jessee Wassom of Des Moines Co. IA, for $500, quit claim all our right and title to E 1/2 SW 1/4 Sec.14 and NW 1/4 NW 1/4 Sec.29, all Twp.71 Range 3W, containing 120 acres. (FHL film 956,275) (MAD: see also McDonough Co. IL; Catharine the widow of Joseph Duncan)
      26-364: (above, with added note) Filed for Record Jan. 9, 1863, at 12 M. Recorded Feb. 16, 1863, Deed Record 26, page 31. Filed for Record June 20/63 at 10 1/2 o'clock A.M. Recorded July 9, 1863. (MAD's extract) Includes certification by Clerk of County Court of Henderson Co. IL re James Atwater JP who had taken oaths in Henderson Co. IL and acknowledgements on 16 June 1863 in Des Moines Co. IA for William and Adaline Jackson. (FHL film 956,275)


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