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Last revised October 18, 2013

Formed 1819 from Johnson


1820-1830 Alexander Co. IL Census
      No Duncan indexed

1840 Alexander Co. IL Census
Pg.98  Patrick Dongan      1111,001  -  0101,11

1850 Alexander Co. IL Census
      No Duncan indexed

1860 Alexander Co. IL Census
City of Cairo
Pg.53, #351-351, W.C. GRAHAM (m) 22 OH comm.merchant $0-$2000
                  Ellen 21 OH housekeeper
                  Mary DUNCAN 19 OH boarder
                  Joanna McGUIN 29 IRE servant
                  Henry (blank) 30 GERM servant
P.O. Clear Creek (indexed Shawneetown)
Pg.110, #751-751, Wm. THOMPSON 40 IL farmer $0-$500
                  Amanda 30 MO housekeeper
                  Wm. H. 6, George W. 4 IL
                  James DUNKIN 17 IL laborer

1870 Alexander Co. IL Census
S. Cairo Precinct
Pg.5, #58-58, WINTER, Henry 46 ENG Wh. Lqr. Dealer $5,000-$1,000, parents of foreign birth
                  and family
                  DUNCAN, Chas. 22 NC BLACK dom. servt.
Pg.13, #175-176, HILL, Isaac 38 MS BLACK (blank occupation)
                  Addaline (f) 25 MO BLACK
                  DUNCAN, M. (f) 23 MO BLACK
                  SHAW, Emaline 23 LA MULATTO
                  LEE, Madison (m) 25 LA MULATTO laborer
N. Cairo Precinct
Pg.67, #485-488, GALAGHER, Chas. 44 OH miller $5000-$2500
                  A.A. (f) 35 OH
                  Frank 14 OH
                  A. (m) 8, F. (m) 2 IL
                  GRAHAM, R.A. (f) 35 OH (blank occupation)
                  DUNCAN, Mary 35 IRE (blank) parents of foreign birth
                  & others
Clear Creek Precinct
Pg.128-9, #120-120, DAVIS, Nias (m) 55 TN farmer $0-$800
                  Sophia 53 NC
                  Thos. N. 23 IL
                  Fannie 20 IL
                  N.E. (f) 2 IL
                  A.J. (m) 4/12 IL b. Apr.
                  Louisa (f) 24 IL
                  Lavina 19 IL
                  DUNCAN, Robt. 10 IL
                  Geo. (m) 8 IL


Alexander Co. IL Deed Indexes (copied by CVD in SLC 5/11/2013)
   Grantor index, city of Cairo 1858-1864 (FHL Film 960,946 Item 1)
      No Duncan
   Grantee index, city of Cairo 1858-1864 (FHL Film 960,946 Item 2)
      No Duncan
   Grantor index v.A, 1819-1857 (FHL Film 960,946 Item 3)
      E-51&c: Duncan, Crittenden to Parker & Hodges, deed, Nov. 6, 1848, $150, filed Nov. 6, 1848, all interest in the estate of Josiah Chandler
   Grantor index v.B, 1857-1866 (FHL Film 960,946 Item 4)
      L-190: Duncan, T.J. to James Lucky, Deed, Dec. 18, 1862, $200, filed May 16, 1864
   Grantee index v.A, 1819-1857 (FHL Film 960,950 item 1)
      A&B-470?: Duncan, James M.G. from Auditor (E.C. Berry), Deed, Jany. 1, 1828, $2.60, NE 1/4 Sec.1 T14S R3W
   Grantee index v.B, 1857-1866 (FHL Film 960,950 item 2)
      Earliest was 1861, not copied

Alexander Co. IL Deeds (SLC 9/11/2013)
      A-470: E.C. Berry, Auditor, to James M. Duncan, Deed. The Auditor of Public Accounts of State of IL, ... on 1 Jan. 1828 in conformity with the requisitions, exposed to public sale a tract of land, the NE 1/4 Sec.1 Twp.14S Range 3W for $2.60, being the amount of tax for the year 1827 with interest and charges on said tract of land, and James M. Duncan offered to pay the afsd sums, being 154-20/100 acres, which was the least? quantity bid, and James M. Duncan has paid the sum of $2.60 into the Treasury of the State, as Auditor, I have sold the whole of the SE 1/4 of Sec.1 in Twp.14S Range 3W of 3rd Principal Meridian to James M. Duncan. 16 Aug. 1830. /s/ E.C. Berry, Auditor. (FHL film 960,959)
      E-51/52: "Critenden" L. Duncan of Van Buren Co. AR for $150 paid by Trammell Parker and John Hodges of State of IL, have sold to said Tramell Parker and John Hodges my right, title and interest to any of the lands of which the late Josiah Chandler of Alexander Co. IL died seized, and also all the right, title and interest which I have in the estate property and assets of the estate of said Josiah Chandler, intending by this indenture to sell and transfer to the said Trammell Parker and John Hodges all my interest in and to the said estate of the said Josiah Chandler deceased, and hereby authorize the administrators of said Chandler's estate to pay to said Trammell Parker and John Hodges all money and property which would of right belong and come to me from the said Chandler's estate, but in the event of the said Parker and Hodges failing to get anything from said estate, I am in no wise to be liable. 6 Nov. 1848. /s/ Crittenden L. Duncan. Wit. L.B. Lisenbee, King S. Chandler. Ack. 6 Nov. 1848 before Lemuel B. Lisenbee, J.P., Alexander Co. IL. Received for record 6 Nov. 1848, L.B. Lisenbee, Recr. (FHL film 960,960)
      L-190/191: 18 Dec. 1862, Thomas J. Duncan to James Luckey, for $200 paid, sell parcel of land in Alexander Co. IL, the NW fractional 1/4 of SW fractional 1/4 Sec.31 Twp.15S Range 2W containing 48 acres and 72/100 of an acre more or less, together with appurtenances, warrant title. /s/ Thomas J. Duncan. Wit. O.A. Osborn, Clinton? Champlin. Ack. 18 Dec. 1862 before O.A. Osborn, J.P., Pulaski Co. IL. Filed May 16, 1864. (FHL film 960,963)

HISTORIES before 1923

1910 "History of the City of Cairo [Alexander Co.], IL" by John M. Lansden (FHL film 934,970 item 2)
      Duncans indexed pg. 35, 48, 112, 162, 222, 238, 269
      Looked at, minor mention only, not copied; no biographical sketch

1883 "History of Alexander, Union and Pulaski Counties, Illinois" by William Henry Perrin, pub. by O.L. Baskin (FHL book 977.399 H2p and film 982,493 item 11)
      Minor references not copied
      See Union Co. IL for references


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