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Formed 1851 as Risley, name changed to Webster in 1853
Humboldt, Kossuth, Wright formed 1851 from Webster
Hamilton formed 1856 from Webster


1860 Webster Co. IA Census
Wahkonsa Twp.
Pg.557, #23-23, John F. DUNCOMBE 28 PA atty at law (ditto)
                  Mollie A. 19 PA
                  (every family on page checked mar/in/year)

1870 Webster Co. IA Census
Deer Creek Twp.
Pg.424, #28-28, DUNCOMBE, G.H. (m) 45 NY farmer $2400-$1170
                  Susan 27 IA
                  Emma 13, George 7, Wm. 4, John 3 IA
                  WITLEY, Mary 47 OH
Fort Dodge, 2nd Ward
Pg.445, #19-19, DUNCOMBE, J.F. (m) 38 PA lawyer $75,000-$50,000
                  Mary 29 PA
                  Willie (m) 9, Chas. (m) 6, May (f) 3 IA
                  Carrie (f) 1/12 IA b.May
                  & gardner and laborers
Fort Dodge, 4th Ward
Pg.460, #42-42, Hotel, residents include
                  DUNCONE, W.L. (m) 27 NY " (fireman on RR)


Webster Co. IA Deed Indexes (FHL film 1,401,570; Placerville FHC 1/4/2011)
   Index 1, 1856-1857
   Grantors: - no Duncan; lots of John F. Duncombe not copied
      Duncombe, John F. to Tolman, John, Schl. fund Comr, filed June 19, 1856, dated Decr. 13, 1855, mtg, Mtg A-21, SE 1/2 NW 1/4 & SW 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec.30 T88"W" R27W and W 1/2 NE 1/4 NE 1/4 Sec.35 T88N R28W Conts 100 acres & undivided 3d of lots 7 & 8 Sec.6 T88N R28W
      Duncombe, John F. to Williams, Jesse, Mar. 3, 1856, Feb. 20, 1856, Mtg A-35, E 1/2 SW? 1/4 (written over) Sec.20 T89N R28W
      Duncombe, John F., to .... (not copied) warrantee deed, [town] Lot A-113, Blk 12 & W 1/2 Blk 11, Morrison's & Duncombes addition to Fort Dodge.
      More deeds for town lots
   Grantees: (dates filed not always given) - no Duncan; lots of John F. Duncombe not copied
      Duncombe, John F. from Grimes, James W., Governor of Iowa, June 9, 1855, Commission, Mtg A-131, Notary Public 3 years unless sooner removed.
      Duncombe, John F. from Williams, Henry, July 9, 1855, Power of Atty, Mtg A-132, to sell Sec.18 T90N R22W except SE 1/2 of same, also W 1/2 of NW 1/4 Sec.20 T91N R28W
      Duncombe, John F. from Roche, John, Mar. 17, 1856, Mar. 18, 1856, Mtg, Mtg A-36, Block 10, Morrison & Duncombes addition to Fort Dodge
      Duncombe, John F. from Morrison, Albert, Nov. 7, 1856, Nov. 7, 1856, warranty, [town] lot A-378-9, undivided 1/2 of Blks 5 & 19, Morrison & Duncombs addn. Fort Dodge.
      Duncombe, John R. from Funk, Jacob M. & Joseph, Aug. 25, 1856, Aug. 23, 1856, warranty, lot A-221, lots 2&3 blk 89? Ulist? New Castle N2 on 82 N3 on 89.
   Index 2, 1857-1860: Lots of John F. Duncombe not copied; no Duncan grantor
     Lots of John F. Duncombe grantors, Lot Book B, 1859-1860, and lots of grantees
      Duncan, Jonathan from John Miller, Aug. 12, 1858, Aug. 2, 1858, warranty deed, deed B-520, W 1/2 SE 1/4 4.87.30 (MAD: Sec.4 T87 R30 ?), 80 acres
   Index 3, 1860-1864 - lots of John F. Duncombe, not copied; no Duncan
      Duncombe, John F. & his wife Mary A., 1863 grantor
   Index 4, 1864-1868 - lots of John F. Duncombe, not copied; no Duncan
      Duncombe, John F., to treasurer of Webster Co., 1867

HISTORIES before 1923

"Recollections and sketches of notable lawyers and public men of early Iowa : belonging to the first and second generations, with anecdotes and incidents illustrative of the times" by Edward Holcomb Stiles; pub. Des Moines: Homestead Pub. Co., 1916, 993 pgs. (LH10678, HeritageQuest images 4/2007; FHL film 934,927 item 1)
      Pg.599-601: John F. Duncombe, born in Erie Co. PA in 1831, died at Fort Dodge in 1902, son of a farmer ... Alleghany College at Meadville, PA, then legal studies, to Fort Dodge in 1855. Elected to the State Senate in 1859, served 1860 and 1862, elected to House in 1871 and again in 1879. ... (MAD: Fort Dodge, Webster Co. IA)

"Biographies and portraits of the progressive men of Iowa : leaders in business, politics and the professions : together with an original and authentic history of the state" by B.F. Gue, pub. Conaway & Shaw, Des Moines, IA, 1899 (HeritageQuest Book LH11543, 1/5/2011)
      Vol. 2 has title: "Biographies and portraits of the progressive men of Iowa ... together with The beginnings of a western commonwealth" by Benjamin F. Shambaugh.
      Vol.1, Pg.161/163: DUNCOMBE, JOHN FRANCIS, of Fort Dodge, is, and has been, for more than 40 years, one of the best known citizens of Iowa. He is a direct descendant from the Duncombes of England, several of whom have, in different generations, served their country in parliament and other public positions. Charles Duncombe, from whom the American branch of the family has descended, was a staunch patriot in revolutionary days. Out of his large fortune he contributed more than L60,000 in aid of the struggle of the colonies for independence. He gave his life as well as a large share of his fortune to the patriot cause in the war for national freedom. His son, the grandfather of John F., was a volunteer in the American army in the second war with Great Britain in 1812. Eli Duncombe, the father of John F., was a farmer in Erie county, PA, in moderate circumstances. His son was born on the farm October 22, 1831. His education began in a log school house, and when 16 years of age, he was sent to Allegheny college, at Meadville, where he pursued his studies for three years. From there he went to Centre college, at Danville, KY, where he graduated with high honors, in June, 1852, and, returning to Allegheny college, graduated there the same month. Afterwards, Allegheny college conferred on him the degree of A.M. During his college course Mr. Duncombe taught school during vacations to procure the means to defray his expenses, beginning to teach before he was 17 years of age. After leaving college he studied law at Erie, PA, was admitted to the bar and entered into practice in 1853. December 29, 1852, he was married to Miss Carrie Perkins, who died November 19, 1854, at Erie, where they had settled. In 1855 Mr. Duncombe borrowed $300 from his father, having surrendered his interest in the paternal estate in consideration of money advanced to meet college expenses, and with that small sum as his entire fortune, boldly struck out for the west to make his way in the world. He pushed on out to the little frontier town of Fort Dodge, Iowa, then (in April, 1855), a village of a few hundred inhabitants, remote from railroads, and surrounded by vast, wild, unbroken prairies. Here he opened a law office in a county that had a population of but little more than 1,000 people, counting men, women and children. ...
      In 1858, Mr. Duncombe became one of the editors of the Fort Dodge "Sentinel," which had been started by A.S. White, in July, 1856. Some years later he was editor and proprietor of the Fort Dodge "Democrat," but he never relinquished his law practice while connected with journalism. In 1859 he was nominated by the democrats of the Thirty-second district, consisting of twenty-three counties, for state senator, and was elected, serving four years. He has been a member of the house twice, and was, for 18 years, one of the regents of the State university. ... For many years he has been engaged largely in coal mining and in the manufacture of stucco and all its products from the extensive gypsum deposits which underlie a large tract of country about Fort Dodge, his sons having charge of the business.
      .... May 11, 1859, Mr. Duncombe was united in marriage with Miss Mary A. Williams, daughter of Major Williams, the founder of Fort Dodge and for many years one of the best known citizens of northwestern Iowa. They have two sons and three daughters living. The family attend the Episcopal church. ... (MAD: children not named)


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