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Duncans in Wayne Co. IA


Duncan research files of
Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson
the Genealogy Bug

Last revised October 28, 2014

Formed 1846 from Appanoose


1850 Wayne Co. IA Census
Pg.576, #1, Thomas H. DUNCAN 35 KY farmer $500
                  Susan A. 30 GA
                  William D. 7 IA
                  Bassell B. (m) 6 MO
                  Harvey J. 4, Nancy L. 1 IA
                  Eliza B. BRAWNER (f) 18 TN
                  Moses FRANKLIN 18 KY BLACK farmer
                  James MURPHY 17 IL laborer
                  (MAD: Thomas H. Duncan mar. Susan Brawner 9/12/1841 Whitley Co. KY; 1860 Mercer Co. MO census)
Pg.576, #2, Harvy B. DUNCAN 50 TN farmer $0
                  Eliza 50 VA
                  Green B. 20, Joseph A. 18, Mary E. 17 KY
                  Sophia N. 14, Harvy M. 12 KY
                  (MAD: Harvy B. Duncan mar. Eliza Laughlin 10/12/1820 Whitley Co. KY; 1820-1840 Whitley Co. KY census)
Pg.576, #3, Dixon S. DUNCAN (m) 43 KY (blank) $0
                  Eliza A. 28 KY
                  Mary A. 11 KY
                  Harvy P. 7, Joseph 7 IA
                  Harriet E. 4, Eliza J. 1 IA
                  Alexander B. FORTNER 35 NC merchant $500
                  (MAD: Dixon S. Duncan mar. Eliza A. Berry 3/5/1838 Whitley Co. KY; 1840 Livingston Co. MO census; 1860 Santa Clara Co. CA census)
Pg.576, #4, Joseph DUNCAN 52 VA farmer $0
                  Jane 43 KY
                  John 18, Thomas D. 14 KY
                  Margaret S. 11, Joseph R. 10 KY
                  James H. 8 KY
                  Craig M. 5 IA
                  (MAD: Joseph Duncan mar. Jenny C. Ferguson 12/29/1831 Whitley Co. KY; 1840 Whitley Co. KY census)

1860 Wayne Co. IA Census
Grand River
Pg.529, #369-330, H.B. DUNCAN (m) 62 VA ("Vin") farmer $20,500-$4317
                  Eliza 60 VA
                  H.M. (m) 21 KY farmer
                  "----" CAROLENE (f) 20 KY (MAD: surname Carolene)
                  J. LAUGHLIN (m) 19 KY farmer
                  M.L. (f) 15 IA (not m/in/year)
Pg.530, #377-338, J.D. DUNCAN (m) 38 KY farmer $3290-$481
                  Margaret 34 KY
                  E.R. (f) 13, M.E. (f) 11, Sidney (f) 8 IA
                  S.H. (f) 9, Steven 3, Ellen 1 IA
                  Green L. (m) 15 IA
                  Elizabeth COLEMEN 24 KY
                  C. (f) 6, Frances (f) 1 IA
                  (MAD: John P. Duncan, 1850 Decatur Co. IA census; Green L. indexed as Green J.)
Pg.530, #380-341, J.A. DUNCAN (m) 25 KY farmer $9600-$100
                  Jesse PARISH? (m) 23 OH physician
Pg.531, #386-347, T.F. DUNCAN (m) 28 TN farmer $4000-$567
                  S.A. (f) 25 TN
                  L.J. (f) 8, L.J. (m) 6 IA
                  Joseph 4, Serena (f) 1 IA
                  (MAD: Thomas P. Duncan & wife Salina A. Lusk from Coffee Co. TN, 1850 Decatur Co. IA census)
Pg.532, #394-355, J.A. DUNCAN (m) 31 KY farmer $3600-$260
                  Mary 23 TN
                  J.C. (m) 3, S.E. (f) 2 IA
Pg.533, #401-362, G.P. DUNCAN (m) 30 KY farmer $6800-$528
                  J.A. (f) 27 KY
                  M.E. (f) 2 IA
                  "----" (m) 1 IA
                  "----" (f) 2/12 IA
Pg.536, #430-387, A.D. DUNCAN (m) 31 TN farmer $400-$158
                  M.J. (f) 19 KY
                  S.L?. (f) 9/12 IA

1870 Wayne Co. IA Census
Benton Twp.
Pg.251, #61-61, DUNCAN, Russell 35 TN farmer $4500-$1415
                  Catharine 28 TN keeps house
                  Enerine? E. (f) 9, Margaret R. 7 IA at school
                  Mary E. 5 IA at school
                  (MAD: Andrew Russell Duncan, son of Andrew Duncan & Margaret Alexander of Louisa Co. IA)
Clay Twp.
Pg.263, #76-77, DUNCAN, Samuel J. 36 TN farmer $5400-$1050
                  Mary E. 33 IN keeps house
                  Rosella J. 13, Melissa E. 8 IA at school
                  Andrew B. 5 IA at school
                  (MAD: 1860 Louisa Co. IA census)
Grand River Twp.
Pg.292, #2-2, JONES, Samuel 45 OH (whites) farmer $0-$0
                  Lucretia 37 PA keeps house $2400-$1010
                  Franklin 1 IA at home
                  DUNCAN, John 14, Allen B. 10 MO at school
                  Lurancy V. 7 MO at school
                  KENTCH, Jonathen 74 NY farmer $0-$0
                  Elizabeth 81 MA keeps house
Pg.292, #7-7, DUNCAN, John D. 45 KY farmer $7220-$3500
                  Margaret 38 KY keeps house
                  Mary E. 21, Cynthia H. 18 IA at home
                  Sidney I?. (f) 15, Susan C. 13 IA at home
                  Ellen S. 11, Harvey B. 9 IA at home
                  Henrietta J. 7, Thomas H. 5 IA at home
                  Otto D. (m) 3 IA at home
                  Margaret G. 6/12 IA b.Feb. at home $1400-$575
                  (MAD: value probably should have been for next household; Margaret G. at top of this page)
Pg.293, #22-22, BRYAN, Allen L. 32 TN farmer $5000-$1165
                  Sophia 33 KY keeps house
                  Elisa A. 11, Mary E. 6, Harvy B. (m) 4 IA at home
                  Henrietta F. (f) 2, Thomas L. 4/12 b.Apr. IA at home
                  DUNCAN, Elisa 72 VA keeps house
                  HENRY, Joseph A. 11 MO farm work
                  McKINNY, Byron (m) 27 OH
                  (MAD: Elisa the widow of Harvy B. Duncan; Allen L. Bryan mar. Sophia Duncan 12/18/1856)
Pg.293, #23-23, BRYAN, Allen S. 66 TN farmer $0-$300
                  Anna 63 NY keeps house
Pg.293, #24-24, DUNCAN, Harvy M. 32 KY farmer $12,000-$3,085
                  Elisabeth 25 IL keeps house
                  John H. 7, Rozilla M. (f) 3 IA at home
                  Della S. 8/12 IA b.Nov. at home
Pg.295, #44-44, DUNCAN, Green (m) 40 KY farmer $5000-$1600
                  Julia A. 27 KY keeps house
                  Mary E. 12, Harbard B. (m) 11 IA at home
                  Sarah A. 10, Francis D. (m) 8 IA at home
                  Sophia A. (f) 7, John P. 5 IA at home
                  Nebraska J. (f) 3, Charles 2 IA at home
Pg.300, #114-114, DUNCAN, Thomas D. 32 KY farmer $4900-$1165
                  Samira A. 25 MO keeps house
                  Sanoma (f) 6 IA at school
                  Hazard P. (m) 4, Florence (f) 2 IA at home
Pg.302, #134-134, DUNCAN, Peveril (m) 40 KY farmer $8000-$1900
                  Adaline 40 TN keeps house, blind
                  Louise (f) 16 IA at home
                  Lusk (m) 15, Sarina (f) 13 IA at school
                  Joseph 11, Harvy (m) 9 IA at school
                  Grant (m) 7 IA at school
                  Lorenzo P. (m) 5, Malvina L. 1 IA at home
                  (MAD: Thomas Peveril Duncan and wife Salina Adaline Lusk from Coffee Co. TN, son of Harvey Boyd Duncan & Elizabeth Laughlin)
Pg.302, #136-136, DUNCAN, John A. 35 KY farmer $8000-$3600
                  Jane C. 28 OH keeps house
                  Dora J. (f) 4, James W. 3/12 b.May IA at home
                  HOSTETLER, Duane (m) 15 MN ("Minnesota") farm work
Pg.302, #137-137, ELLIS, Charles 19 VA farmer, $0-$0, Sept.
                  Eliza J. 27 MO keeps house $2500-$600, mar. in Sept.
                  DUNCAN, Sarah J. 6 IA at home
                  Robert 4, Ida E. 2 IA at home
                  (MAD: Charles Ellis mar. Eliza Duncan 9/9/1869)
Warren Twp.
Pg.376, #30-30, DUNCAN, William 62 OH farmer $2000-$1400
                  Eliza 61 TN keeps house
                  Wallace (m) 31, Andrew 22 TN farm work
                  Martha 19 TN at home
                  George 17 TN farm work
                  EDMONSON, William 29 TN farmer
                  Eliza 24 TN keeps house
                  (MAD: William M. Duncan b.1809 TN per 1860 Louisa Co. IA census, had son William Wallace Duncan; Wm. A. Edmondson mar. Eliza A. Duncan 9/16/1869)
Pg.376, #31-31, DUNCAN, James 34 TN farmer $1600-$500
                  Nancy J. 27 TN keeps house
                  William 6, George 3 IA at home
Pg.380, #84-84, DUNCAN, William S. 38 PA ("Penn") farmer $2000-$1100
                  Angeline 28 OH keeps house
                  Georgia B. (f) 2 IA at home
                  BROWN, John W. 20 OH farm work
                  (MAD: William Duncan mar. Angeline Brown 8/18/1864 Washington Co. IA)
Wright Twp.
Pg.402, #159-162, DUNCAN, John 59 OH farmer $4000-$1700
                  Mary 56 KY keeps house
                  Mary A. 24 IN teacher school
                  Harriet E. 17 "MO" at home
                  James M. 12 IN at home
Pg.402, #159-163, DUNCAN, Alexander 32 OH farmer $0-$2000
                  Nancy J. 28 IN keeps house
                  William F. 7 IN at home
                  Archelaus S. (m) 3/12 IA b.Feb. at home

1880 Census, Wayne County, Iowa (from Kathy Cawley 8/16/2010)
Clinton Township
S.D.# 3, E.D.# 244, Page# 355A, image 1 of 13
Andrew M.,
w/m, age 23, Head, farmer, IA./IN./IN.
Laura B., w/f, age 22, Wife, OH./OH./OH.
Horton, Samuel, w/m, age 22, in employ, single, laborer, IA./TN./TN.
Warren Township
S.D.# 3, E.D.# 243, Page# 341B, image# 6 of 14
w/m, age 62, Head, farmer, TN./TN./TN.
Esther M., w/f, age 56, Wife, keeping house, TN./TN./TN.
Elizabeth, w/f, age 20, Daughter, single, at home, IA./TN./TN.
Sarah J., w/f, age 15, Daughter, at home, IA./TN./TN.
Effie E., w/f, age 13, Daughter, at school, IA./TN./TN.
Archibald G., w/m, age 10, at school, IA./TN./TN.
      *KDC: A.W. Duncan died June 2, 1881, buried in the Allerton Cemetery
      (KDC & MAD: see 1870 Louisa Co. IA census, pg.438)

1900 Census, Wayne County, Iowa (from Kathy Cawley 8/16/2010)
Warren Township, Allerton Town
S.D.# 8, E.D.# 156, Page# 154B, image 5 of 35
A. Madison,
Head, w/m, Oct 1857, age 42, M'd 20 yrs., IA./TN./TN., day laborer
L.B., Wife, w/f, Oct 1857, age 42, 5 chi. born, 5 living, IA./OH./OH.
Gertie, Daughter, w/f, July 1882, age 17, IA./IA./IA., saleswoman/dry goods
Jay, Son, w/m, Jan 1884, age 16, IA./IA./IA., at school
Myrtle, Daughter, w/f, Jan 1886, age 14, IA./IA./IA., at school
Ivy, Daughter, w/f, July 1888, age 12, IA./IA./IA., at school
Mary, Daughter, w/f, Dec 1891, age 8, IA./IA./IA., at school
      *KDC: Jay is Andrew J.

1900 Wayne Co. IA Census, partial (HeritageQuest image 5/5/2007; Series T623, Roll 464)
      South Fork Township, sheets 3 and 4, S.D. 8, E.D.152
Pg.104B, #79-79, PARIS, Buster??, head, w/m, July 1868, 31, single, Iowa, Vermont, Vermont, farmer, 0, yes/yes/yes, rent, farm
(Pg.105A) PARIS, Arthur E., brother, w/m, June 1877, 22, single, Iowa, Vermont, Vermont, farmer, 0, yes/yes/yes
  SMITH, Mary A., lodger, w/f, Mar. 1815, 85, widow, 8 children, 6 living, Massachusetts, Massachusetts, Massachusetts, no/no/yes
  Mary, servant, w/f, Jan. 1850, 50, single, New York, New York, Massachusetts, housekeeper, 0, yes/yes/yes
  DUNCAN, Andrew J., servant, w/m, Jan. 1884, 16, single, Iowa, Tennessee, Iowa, at school, 8, yes/yes/yes
      (KDC: 1910 Lyman Co. SD census)
      (MAD per Douglas Holcomb info 5/2007, one Andrew J. Duncan, born ca 1885 Iowa, mar. Elva Emeline McCloughan, died in 1928 in Marion Co. OR.)
      Warren Twp., Sheet 2, S.D.8, E.D.156, Allerton Town
Pg.154B, #48-48, McCLOUGHAN, John L., head, w/m, Apr. 1852, 48, mar. 21y, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, farmer, 0, yes/yes/yes, Rent, farm, 2
  A.E., wife, w/f, Oct. 1856, age 43, mar. 21y, 7 ch., 7 living, Missouri, Indiana, Indiana, yes/yes/yes
  Manford, son, w/m, Mch. 1874, 20, single, Missouri, Indiana, Missouri, day laborer, 2, yes/yes/yes
  Knerr?, son, w/m, Aug. 1881, 18, single, Iowa, Indiana, Missouri, day laborer, 2, 5, yes/yes/yes
  Blanch, daughter, w/f, Aug. 1883, 16, single, Iowa, Indiana, Missouri, day laborer, 0, 8, yes/yes/yes
  Elva, daughter, w/f, Feb. 1887, 12, single, Iowa, Indiana, Missouri, at school, 4, 8, yes/yes/yes
  Burnice, daughter, w/f Nov. 1888, 11, single, Iowa, Indiana, Missouri, at school, 4, 8, yes/yes/yes
  Weldon, son, w/m, Aug. 1893, age 6, single, Iowa, Indiana, Missouri, at school, 4, 8, yes/yes/yes
  Lester, son, w/m, Jan. 1896, 3, single, Iowa, Indiana, Missouri
  McCLOUGHAN, Mary, mother, w/f, Oct. 1830, 69, Wd., 7 children, 6 living, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Pennsylvania, yes/yes/yes
Pg.158, #147-148, DUNCAN, J.B., head, w/m, June 1821, age 78, wid, TN, TN, TN (blank occupation, owns)
  Hattie, daughter, w/f b.Aug. 1864 age 30 single, IA TN TN teacher
Pg.159A, #170-171, DUNCAN, Rush, head, w/m Oct. 1834, 65, mar. 40 years, TN TN TN
  Kate, wife, w/f, Sept. 1841, 58, mar. 40 years, 6 ch., 4 living TN TN TN
  Ella, dau., w/f, Oct. 1864, 35, sincle, IA TN TN
  Lenard, son, w/m, Aug. 1874, 25, single, IA TN TN
Pg.162, #237-238, DUNCAN, Robt, head, w/m, Aug. 1855, 44, mar., TN TN TN, day laborer
  Alice, wife, w/f, May 1859, 41, mar., (number of children blank), TN TN TN
Pg.163, #260-261, DUNCAN, J. Chas., head, w/m, Oct. 1835, 64, mar. 25y, TN TN TN farmer etc.
  Mary L., wife, Jan. 1842, 58, mar. 25y, 3 ch, 2 living, TN TN TN
  Fred, son, May 1877, 22, single IA TN TN farm laborer
  Robt. J., son, Feb. 1883, 17, single IA TN TN farm laborer
  & two servants
      S.D.8, E.D.156, sheet 11
Pg.163B, #262-263, DUNCAN, E.C., head, w/f, Jan. 1857, 43, "mar." (overwritten years mar.), 4 children, 2 living, IA TN TN, farmer owns farm, mortgage
  Ray, son, w/m, Dec. 1876, 23, single, IA TN IA farm laborer
  Hallie, son, w/m, Dec. 1878, 21, single, IA TN IA farm laborer
  MOORE, Vina boarder w/f Nov. 1810 90 Wd. 0 ch., 0 living, KY NC SC (blank)
      Warren Township, sheet 15, S.D.8, E.D.156
Pg.167A, #339-341, DUNCAN, S.J., head, w/m, Sept. 1839, 60, mar. 3 years, TN TN TN farmer 0 yes/yes/yes Rent farm
  L.M., wife, w/f, Apr. 1864, 36, mar. 3 years (children blank), IA OH PA yes/yes/yes
  (JAMISSON crossed out) Nora, daughter, w/f, Feb. 1870, 30, wd., 1 child, 1 living, IA TN TN
  DUNCAN, Ira C., son, w/m, Mch. 1884, 16, single, IA TN TN
  JEMISON?, Gerald, g-son, w/m, Apr. 1898, 2 single IA IA IA
  WADE, Elmer, boarder, w/m, Jan. 1881, 19, single, Missouri, Unknown, Unknown, farm laborer

1910 Wayne Co. IA Census (HeritageQuest image 4/23/2010)
Grand River Township, Lineville Town (part of), S.D.2, E.D.65
Pg.63B, #46-49, WILSON, Nicolis E., 62, IL OH IL; wife Lula F. 43 IL TN IL, Fern dau. 21 IL IL, Harry son 9 IA IL IL
Pg.63B, #47-50, DUNCAN, Eliza A., head, f/w, 45, Widow, 6 ch, 5 living, Iowa/Kentucky/Kentucky none yes/yes Rent house
  Cecil, son, m/w, 25, single Iowa/Iowa/Iowa salesman hardware
  Kirk, son, m/w, 20, single Iowa/Iowa/Iowa farmer laborer
  Eva M., daughter, f/w, 17, single Iowa/Iowa/Iowa
  Willma N., daughter, f/w, 12, single Iowa/Iowa/Iowa
  Ardath? (Aedath?) C., son, m/w, 10, single Iowa/Iowa/Iowa
Pg.63B, #48-51, MOORE, Susen E., head, f/w, 61, Wd, IN IN IN
Pg.63B, #49-52, SMITH, Jacob F. & family

1910 Census, Warren Township, Allerton town, Wayne County, Iowa (from Kathy Cawley 8/16/2010)
S.D.# 8, E.D.# 173, Page# 165, image# 13 of 29
Spruce Street
Andrew M.,
Head, m/w, age 52, M1X, 30 yrs., IA./TN./TN., real estate/agent
Laura B., Wife, f/w, age 52, M1X, 5 chi. born, 5 living, IA./OH./OH.
Iva M., Daughter, f/w, age 21, single, IA./IA./IA., teacher/public school
      *KDC: Mammie living in another household as "boarder"

1915 census, Allerton, Wayne County, Iowa (from Kathy Cawley 8/16/2010)
Individual Cards
card # 161- Andrew J. DUNCAN, male, age 31, married, Iowa, parents born in Iowa, farm hand, Methodist
card # 162- Elva E. Duncan, female, age 28, married, Iowa, father's birthplace IN. mother's birthplace MO.
card # 163- Donovan Duncan, male, age 10, Iowa
card # 164- Shirley Duncan, male, age 7, Iowa
card # 165- Jay Eugene Duncan, male, age 4, South Dakota
card # 166- Conrad Duncan, male, age 2, Iowa
card # 167- De Wayne Duncan, male, age 1, Iowa
      (KDC: 1910 Lyman Co. SD census; 1920 Davison Co. SD census)
card # 168- Madison DUNCAN, male, age 57, married, Iowa, parents born in Tennessee, confectionary
card # 169- Belle Duncan, female, age 57, married, Iowa, parents born in Ohio
card # 170- MISSING
card # 171- Mammie Duncan, female, age 23, single, school teacher
      *KDC: Andrew Madison Duncan, *Laura Belle Duncan, *Mammie/Mamie is enumerated as Mary on the 1900 census

1920 Census, Allerton, Warren township, Wayne County, Iowa (from Kathy Cawley 8/16/2010)
E.D.# blank, S.D.# blank, District 185, Page #144B, image 14 of 30
Head, owns/free, m/w, age 62, IA./TN./TN., confectionary store
Laura Bell, Wife, f/w, age 62, IA./OH./OH.
      *KDC: Laura Bell is widowed by the 1930 census. She is living with Elizabeth M. Duncan, no relation stated, as a housekeeper. Still in Allerton, Wayne Co., Iowa. Andrew M. died in 1928, buried in Allerton Cemetery

1920 Wayne Co. IA Census (HeritageQuest image 4/23/2010)
Lineville, Grand River Township sheet 14B,, S.D.8, E.D.177
Pg.59, #187-188, DUNCAN, Eliza A., head, own/mortgage, f/w, 55, widow can read/write, Iowa/Kentucky/Tennessee, laundress, own home
  Cecil D., son, m/w, 35, single, Iowa/Iowa/Iowa salesman hardware
  Wilma H?, dau., f/w, 22, single Iowa/Iowa/Iowa saleslady dry goods
  Ardith C., son, m/w, 20, single Iowa/Iowa/Iowa none


Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.
      Duncan, Alexander, widow Duncan, Nancy G.; B 120 Ind. Inf.; filed 1890 June 16, Invalid Appl. #781876, Cert. #860423, S. Dak.; filed 1902 Oct. 10, Widow Appl. #771605, Cert. #547848, IND. (MAD: 1850 Clark Co. MO, 1870 Wayne Co. IA, 1880 Mahaska Co. IA, 1900 Montgomery Co. IN, not identified 1860; b.1838 OH; enlisted Montgomery Co. IN)
      Duncan, Harvey M., widow Duncan, Sarah E.; H 46 Iowa Inf.; 1900 Oct. 12, Widow Appl. #728124, Cert. #546844, Iowa. (MAD: 1850 Wayne Co. IA census)
      Duncan, Joseph A., widow Duncan, Rebecca; H 46 Iowa Inf.; 1888 July 31, Invalid Appl. #666352, Cert. #770227, Nebr; 1895 Feb. 12, Widow Appl. #608687, Cert. #419711, Nebr. (MAD: 1850 Wayne Co. IA census)
      Duncan, Joseph R.; Surg. 46 Iowa Inf.; 1879 May 7, Invalid Appl. #284881, Cert. #173616. (MAD: ? 1850 Wayne Co. IA census)

HISTORIES before 1923

1886 "Biographical and historical record of Wayne and Appanoose counties, Iowa : containing a condensed history of the state of Iowa, portraits and biographies of the governors, personal histories of many of the leading families" pub. by Inter-State Pub. Co. (FHL book 977.78 D3b and film 1,000,023 item 4; LH11542, HeritageQuest images 2/2007)
      Pg.313-314 - M.A. CLEVER, a leading farmer of Richman Township, Wayne County, has a well-improved farm of 240 acres on sections 33 and 34. ... Mr. Clever was born in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, August 10, 1849, his parents, Martin and Elizabeth (De Groff) Clever, being natives of the same state. The father followed agricultural pursuits the greater part of his life, and is now living retired from his active labors at Albia, Iowa. The mother died of camp fever in September, 1863 ... Bert, as the subject of this sketch is commonly called, was reared on his father's farm, receiving his education in the best schools in his native State. In the spring of 1869 the family immigrated to Monroe County, Iowa, and settled on land which the father had entered in 1854, and March 22, 1872, he was married to Miss J.A. Dunkin, a native of Indiana, and daughter of Joseph and Sarah A. Dunkin. After the death of her father her mother came with the family to Iowa, where she still lives. Mr. and Mrs. Clever are the parents of six children - Mabel, Joseph Martin, Lulu, Homer, Warren and Albert. ....
      Pg.274-275: Wayne County. JAMES C. DUNCAN, residing on section 6, Warren Township, is a son of William M. and Eliza A. (Edmondson) Duncan, and a grandson of James and Mary Duncan. The parents had a family of ten children, seven of whom are living -- Mrs. Janet Shaw, James C., Mrs. Mary E. Duncan, Andrew H., Mrs. Eliza A. Edmondson, Mrs. Martha E. Abel and George W., all being residents of Wayne County except George W., who lives in Nebraska. In 1851 the parents removed with their family, which then consisted of nine children, to Louisa County, Iowa, and in 1868 located in Wayne County, on section 6, Warren Township, where the father lived till his death in 1873. His widow still resides on the homestead farm. (MAD: 1850 Blount Co. TN census)
      James C. Duncan, whose name heads this sketch, was born in East Tennessee, October 13, 1835, his father being a native of the same State. He came to Iowa with his parents in 1851, and September, 1861, enlisted in Company C, Eleventh Iowa Infantry. He received a severe gunshot wound in the elbow of his right arm on the first day of the battle of Shiloh, which resulted in the amputation of his arm a few days later, receiving his discharge September 15 of the same year. He has made agricultural pursuits the principal avocation of his life, and notwithstanding the misfortune which happened to him while in the service of his country, he has been a successful farmer. He came to Wayne County in the fall of 1867, and has resided on his present farm since the spring of 1868, having broken the first eighty acres of his land almost entirely without assistance.
      Mr. Duncan was first married to Nancy J. Johnston, a daughter of George B. Johnston. She died June 27, 1870, leaving two children -- William F. and George A. He was again married, taking for his present wife Mary S. Johnston, a daughter of Francis H. and Jane (Ferguson) Johnston. Three children have been born to this union -- Freddie H., Robert J. and Marietta. The latter died aged ten months. Politically Mr. Duncan is a Republican ... both he and his wife are members of the United Presbyterian church.
      Mrs. Duncan's parents were both born, reared and married in Tennessee, and in that State their eleven children were born. They came to Iowa, locating in Louisa County, in the fall of 1856, leaving their native State and the parents of Mr. Duncan, because of the existence of slavery. They made their home in Louisa County till their death, the death of the father taking place December 24, 1882, at the age of eighty years, the mother dying in her seventy-sixth year. Eight of their children still survive -- James H., John N., Mrs. Robert Orr, Mrs. Esther McConnell, Thomas J. (who served with Mr. Duncan in the Eleventh Iowa Infantry), Mrs. Margaret L. Tedford, Mrs. Mary S. Duncan and Mrs. Sarah I. Duncan, Mrs. Mary S. Duncan being the only one now residing in Wayne County.
      Pg.353: ANDREW R. DUNCAN, section 31, Benton Township, was born in Blount Co. TN, October 21, 1834. His father, Andrew Duncan, moved with his family to Louisa Co. IA, in the spring of 1844, and there died in June, 1848. Our subject was reared to agricultural pursuits, ... He came to Iowa with his parents when ten years old, and in the spring of 1867 removed to Wayne County, and the following fall located on the farm where he now lives, ... Mr. Duncan was married January 20, 1859, to Catherine Johnson, a native of Monroe Co. TN, daughter of George B. Johnson, an early settler of Warren Township, Wayne County. They have had a family of six children but four of whom are living -- Emma, Rosa, Ella and Leonard. Emma is the wife of George Bell, of Warren Township, and has one child -- Edith. Mr. Duncan has served his township as trustee two terms.
      Pg.360: HARVEY M. DUNCAN, farmer, Grand River Township, was born in Whitley Co. KY, November 10, 1837, a son of Harvey B. and Eliza (Laughlin) Duncan. In the fall of 1841 his parents brought their family to Iowa and settled in Wayne County, on section 8, Grand River Township, where the father died in 1861. They had a family of eight children, only 3 of whom, Harvey M. and John D., of Lineville, and Joseph A., of Custer Co. Nebraska, are living. .... In 1880 Mrs. Duncan took up the study of been culture .... He moved to Lineville in 1883 that his children might have the advantage of its schools. He was married January 19, 1862, to Sarah E. McMurtry, daughter of John McMurtry. She was born in Monroe Co. IL, in 1844, and accompanied her parents to Lineville, Iowa, in 1851, her father still being a resident of the village. To Mr. and Mrs. Duncan have been born 8 children, 3 sons and 5 daughters, of whom 7 are living -- John H., Maude, Della S., Eliza E., Hamilton L., Olive B. and Elizabeth E. One son, James W., was killed by the kick of a colt when 2 years old. Mr. Duncan enlisted in ... the war of the Rebellion, and served as a member of Company H, 46th Iowa Infantry. He is a member of the Masonic fraternity, being a charter member of the Lineville Lodge. Mrs. Duncan is a member of the Methodist Episcopal church.
      Pg.364-5: THOMAS D. DUNCAN, farmer and stock-raiser, residing on section 17, Grand River Township, Wayne County, was born in Whitley Co. KY November 4, 1836, a son of Joseph Duncan, who was also a native of Whitley County, born September 15, 1798, and a grandson of John Duncan, who was born February 25, 1765. Our subject was reared on a farm ... He came with his parents to Wayne Co. IA, in 1844, they locating in Grand River Township, where the father died about 1855. .... Thomas D. Duncan was married July 3, 1863, to Smira A. Moore, a daughter of Robert Moore, of Mercer Co. MO. Four of the 5 children born to Mr. and Mrs. Duncan are living -- Hazard P., Florence M., Alex and Bertha J. One daughter, Senoma E., died at the age of 18 years. ... Mrs. Duncan is a member of the Methodist Episcopal church South.
      Pg.446-7: GREEN P. DUNCAN, deceased, was a native of Whitley Co. KY, born February 27, 1829, and was a son of Harvy B. Duncan. He was reared a farmer .... He came with his parents to Wayne Co. IA, in 1841, and settled in Grand River Township .... Our subject was married January 1, 1858, to Julia A. Gatliffe, a daughter of Charles Gatliffe, an early settler of Decatur Co. IA, now deceased. Twelve children were born to this union of whom ten still survive -- Mary E., Harvard B., Sarah A., Dickson L., Sophia A., John P., Nebraska J., Thomas J., Iva L. and Oliver L. Mr. Duncan was a hard-working and industrious farmer, and at his death, which occurred March 30, 1882, he left 800 acres of good land which he had acquired by his own efforts.

1889 "Portrait and biographical album of Louisa County, Iowa : containing full page portraits and biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens of the county" pub. by Acme Pub. Co. (CA State Library, Sutro branch, microfilm 63, reel 27, and FHL film 934,952)
      Pg.496-7: GEORGE W. DUNCAN, a progressive farmer residing on section 5, Union Twp, and a prominent citizen of Louisa Co., was born in Blount Co. TN Aug. 26, 1828. His parents, James and Mary (Mitchell) Duncan, were also natives of that State, and the father died when our subject was six years of age. He was a farmer by occupation and was called to his final home when in his fifty-first year. Mrs. Duncan, the mother of our subject, died in 1860, at the age of 72. They were both members of the Associate Presbyterian Church, of which Mr. Duncan was an Elder, and one of the liberal contributors and earnest workers. His family of nine children all grew to manhood and womanhood: Andrew who died at the age of 60 years in Crawford Co. IL; William who died at the age of 63 in Wayne Co. IA; Jane widow of George McKay is living in Union Twp, Louisa Co.; James K. died in Crawford Co. IL at the age of 60; Samuel d. in this county, where he was one of the early settlers, at the age of 45; Elizabeth, wife of John C. Ritchie of Columbus City, died in 1849; Martha, wife of Mathew Edmondson of Union twp, died age 45; John, who went to TX in 1844, has not been heard of since the war with Mexico; George W. is the youngest of the family. (See Louisa Co. IA for more)

"History of Decatur County, Iowa, and its people" by John McDaniel; ed. by Prof. J.M. Howell and Heman C. Smith, Supervising Editors; pub. Chicago: S.J. Clarke Pub. Co., 1915, 727 pgs. (LH8987, HeritageQuest images 4/2007; FHL film 985,423 item 5)
      Pg.20: At the August election in 1852, Decatur and Wayne Counties had to elect a representative to the Legislature. O.N. Kellogg, of Garden Grove, was a candidate, and Harvey Duncan, of Wayne County, was a candidate for the same office. ... Mr. Duncan was in favor of the voters of the county locating the county seat by vote of the electors ...

"History of Santa Clara County, California : including its geography, geology, topography, climatography and description : together with a record of the Mexican grants, its mines and natural springs, the early history and settlements, compiled from the most authentic sources, the names of original Spanish and American pioneers, full legislative history of the county, separate histories of each township, showing the advance in population and agriculture : also, incidents of public life, the Mexican War, and biographical sketches of early and prominent settlers and representative men, and of its cities, towns, churches, colleges, secret societies, etc., etc." by Titus Fey Cronise, J J Owen, Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo, Jackson Lewis, et al; pub. San Francisco: Alley, Bowen & Co., 1881, 878 pgs. (LH11401, HeritageQuest images 4/2007; FHL book 979.473 H2sc and film 468,748 item 1; CA State Library book c979.473 H67)
      Pg.604-605: JOSEPH H. DUNCAN. Born in Wayne county, Iowa, November 19, 1842, educated at University of the Pacific. Crossed the plains to California with his father, Dixon S. Duncan and family, in 1853, being five months and five days on the journey after crossing the Missouri river; arrived at San Juan September 5, 1853, and there remained until the Fall of 1856. In that year he came to Santa Clara county and located on his present farm situated three miles west of Gilroy. Married, March 2, 1873, Angie I. Litton, a native of Merced county, Missouri, and has: Edith V., born March 31, 1874; Edna G., born February 5, 1876; Gemma E., born July 5, 1878.


Mercer Co. MO Deed (SLC 7/18/2014; have jpg image)
      H-627: Peter K. Sims and Martha Sims the wife of said Peter K. Sims of Mercer Co. MO for 460 paid by John Duncan of Wayne Co. IA, sell tracts or parcels of land in Mercer Co., the NW 1/4 of SE 1/4 Sec.11, the NE 1/4 of SW 1/4 Sec.11, Twp.66, Range 24, containing 80 acres, with appurtenances, warrant title. /s/ 23 Jan. 1861, Peter K. Sims, Martha Sims. Ack. 23 Jan. 1861 by Peter K. Sims and Martha Sims his wife before Wm. Arga, J.P. Filed Jan. 25, 1861. (FHL film 1,008,195)

Putnam Co. MO Deed (SLC 7/17/2014; have JPG images)
      C-446: 4 Sept. 1857, Joseph Wells and Catharine his wife of Wayne Co. IA to Silas Dunkin of afsd, for $100 paid, sell tract or parcel of land in Dodge Co. MO, the W 1/2 of NE 1/4 Sec.10 Twp.66 Range 20 containing 84-1/2 acres more or less, with appurtenances, warrant title. /s/ Joseph (X) Wells, Katharine (X) Wells. Wit. Soloman Burner. Ack. 4 Sept. 1857 by Joseph Wells and Catharine his wife before Seth Anderson, County Judge of Wayne Co. IA. Filed Oct. 7, 1857, recorded March 2, 1858. (FHL film 1,010,771) (MAD: per Handy Book, Dodge Co. MO was formed 1851 and discontinued in 1853, from/to Putnam Co. MO)

Coffee Co. TN Deed (FHL film 802,760)
      K-31: 29 March 1859, Thomas P. Duncan and wife Salina A. (X) formerly Salina Lusk, of Wayne Co. IA, to George W. Lusk of Coffee Co. TN, $425, their interest in the estate of James G. Lusk decd late of Coffee Co., being 1/5 of said estate, the said Salina A. Duncan being a daughter and heir at law of James G. Lusk decd and there being five children in all entitled to equal share in said estate. Wit. W.E. Taylor, Wm. Jackson (clerk of Wayne Co. court). Reg. Wayne Co. IA.


"Harvey Boyd Duncan, From MO to IA" by Joseph George Duncan, 1968, 7-page booklet; reprinted from the "Iowa Journal of History and Politics," Vol.40 #4 Oct.1942, pgs.415-421 (booklet from Joseph G. Duncan 5/1991, FHL book 921.73 D912d)
      MAD: This booklet and article concern Harvey Boyd Duncan, Mercer Co. MO State Representative before 1851, who lived in Wayne Co. IA; two years later was member of House of Representatives in Iowa General Assembly. He was born 29 Feb. 1796, the son of John Duncan and wife Mary Laughlin; John Duncan was the son of John Duncan Sr. who died in 1817. Harvey Boyd Duncan married in Whitley Co. KY 12 Oct. 1820 to his cousin Eliza Laughlin. There is much more in the booklet about his family.


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