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Formed 1851 from Winnebago, Indian Reserve

1860 Bremer Co. IA Census
Jackson Twp.
Pg.388, #293-277, James Boyd 51 IRE HOTEL
                  Joseph DUNCAN 32 ME ("Maine") M.Sawyer $400-$0

1870 Bremer Co. IA Census
      No Duncan indexed

1900 Bremer Co. IA Census (from Kathy Cawley 1/2001)
Summer Twp., Sup.Dist.3, ED 33, Sheet 4B, Pg.106B, Village of Summer, First Street
#100-102, DUNCAN, Charles S., head 35 b. Dec. 1864 IA IN IN Merchant-Hardware, mar. 11 years
            Leonora A., wife 30 b. Dec. 1869 IA OH IA m.11yr, 4ch, 3 living
            Donald D., son 7 b. June 1892 IA IA IA
            John R., son 4 b. Nov. 1895 IA IA IA
            Edwards, son 1 b. Feb. 1899 IA IA IA

Formed 1851 from Sac, Clay

1860-1870 Buena Vista Co. IA Census
      No Duncan indexed

1900 Buena Vista Co. IA Census (from Kathy Cawley 2/2001)
Hayes Twp., Sup. Dist. 11, ED 5, Sheet 9B, Pg.242B
#162-162, DUNCAN, Robert, head 39 b.Aug.1860 mar.13 yrs, IA -- IN
            Ellen, wife 36 b. July 1863 mar.13 yrs, 6 ch., IA IRE SCT
            Inex, dau. 13 b. Apr.1887 single IA IA IA
            Olive, dau. 11 b. Mch.1889 single IA IA IA
            Earl K., son 7 b. Nov.1893 single IA IA IA
            Ellen, dau. 5 b. Feb.1896? single IA IA IA
            Dorif, dau. 2 b. Apr.1898 single IA IA IA
            Margaret, dau. 1/12 Apr. 1900 single IA IA IA
            Elizabeth G., mother 61 b. May 1839 widow, 1 ch., IN SC SC
            (KC: Ellen 36 was Alice, Inez 13, Ellen 5 was Allen son 5, Doris 2; 1910 Sac Co. IA census)
            (KC: per family bible & funeral home records, Robert Duncan b. 8/15/1859 Johnson Co. IA, son of "Capt." Robert Duncan, to "Grinnell" [Powesheik Co.] IA with parents when age 9, then to Storm Lake [Buena Vista Co.] IA when age 14; Robert mar. Alice Crowley 5/14/1885 at Lemars [Plymouth Co.], IA, to Idaho ca 1890 for 4 years, then returned to IA.)
Newell Twp., Sup. Dist. 11, ED 7, Sheet 10B and 11A, pg.268B-269A
#204-210, DUNCAN, Peter F., head 36 b.Oct.1863 mar. 6 yrs, IN IN IN farmer
            Velora, wife 26 b. Mar. 1874 mar. 6 yrs, 3 ch., IL IRE PA
            Blanch L., dau. 14 b. Nov. 1885 single IL IRE IL
            Albert F., son 5 b. Feb. 1895 single IL IRE IL
            Peter E., son 3 b. July 1896 single IL IRE IL
            E.iz? P., dau. 1 b. Aug. 1898 single IL IRE IL

Formed 1851 from Buchanan, Black Hawk

1860 Butler Co. IA Census
      No Duncan indexed

1870 Butler Co. IA Census
Butler Twp.
Pg.649, #220-227, DUNCAN, Edward 40 NY farming $0-$400
                  Mary 29 NY keeping house
                  Frances M. (f) 9 WI attends school
                  Fred L. (m) 5 WI attends school
                  Adelia M. (f) 1 IA
                  William S. 18 NY laborer
                  BARTIN, Elbert L. 20 NY laborer
                  (MAD: 1860 Waupaca Co. WI census)

1880 Butler Co. IA Census (from Kathy Cawley 1/2001)
Clarksville Twp. (page and household numbers not given)
DUNCAN, Edward, male, age 49, born in NY, parents born unknown
            Mary J., female, age 39, born in NY, both parents born NY
            Francis M., female, age 19, born in Wisc., parents born NY
            Ford L., male, age 15, born in Wisc., parents born NY
            Velia M., female, age 11, born Iowa, parents born NY
            Clara B., female, age 5, born Iowa, parents born NY

Formed 1855, formerly FOX County

1860-1880 Calhoun Co. IA Census
      No Duncan indexed

"Portrait and biographical album of Polk County, Iowa : containing full page portraits and biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens of the county, together with portraits and biographies of all the presidents of the United States and governors of the state." (anonymous); pub. Chicago: Lake City Pub. Co., 1890, 848 pgs. (LH11540, HeritageQuest images 4/2007; FHL film 934,959 item 3)
      Pg.786-787: THOMAS DUNCAN, who is living a retired life in Mitchellville, has been a resident of Polk County for the long period of thirty-five years. He was born in Glasgow, Scotland, April 28, 1817, and is a son of William and Margaret (Smith) Duncan, who were also natives of the same country. His father was a representative business man of Glasgow, and in that city engaged in the wholesale grocery trade until 1820, when he bade good-by to his native land and with his family sailed for America. He located near Granby, Shefford County, in the Province of Quebec, where he purchased land and engaged in farming until advanced age forced him to lay aside all business cares, when he removed to Granby and there lived a retired life until his death, which occurred several years ago. His wife, the mother of our subject, died some twenty years previous, after which he was a second time married. By the first union nine children were born, six of whom are living at this writing in 1890 - Margaret, widow of John Parker, resides in Granby, Canada; Thomas is the next younger; John also makes his home in Granby; William is a citizen of Atlantic, Iowa; Janet is the wife of W. Hale of Granby; and James is also living in Atlantic. Our subject spent but three years of his life in his native city when he was brought by his parents to the province of Quebec, then Lower Canada. During his youth he received a common-school education and at the age of 20 years left home ... making his way to Vermont he secured a position as a farm hand, ... continuing to reside a greater part of the time in that State until 1855, he then followed the course of emigration westward and became a resident of Polk County, Iowa. ... He purchased 52 acres of wild land on section 22, Beaver Township, and after erecting a log cabin began the work of developing and improving a farm. After a number of years he sold and purchased a 160 acre tract in the same township, on which he resided until March, 1890, when he leased his land and removing to Mitchelville, retired to private life. In a pleasant home, furnished with the comforts and many of the luxuries of life, he and his wife expect to spend the remainder of their days. The 2nd of May, 1842, witnessed the celebration of the marriage of Thomas Duncan and Sarah Todd, who have now traveled life's journey together for more than 48 years. Mrs. Duncan is the daughter of Simon and Anna (Wood) Todd, the former a native of New York, and the latter of Canada, both of English parentage. By occupation her father was a farmer and followed that business in Shefford County, Canada, until his death. Mrs. Todd survived her husband a number of years, passing to her final rest about 1868. In their family were twelve children, eight of whom are now living - James, Caroline, Peter, Lydia, Sophia, Esther, Robert L. and Sarah.
      Mr. and Mrs. Duncan are the parents of eight children - Elizabeth, wife of Alexander C. Tigner, a farmer of Howard County, Neb.; Robert, a farmer of Sac County, Iowa; Margaret, wife of J.C. Garret, who is engaged in agricultural pursuits in Camp Township, this county; Mary, deceased; Thomas H. who makes his home in Sac County; Sarah A., at home; William C. a resident of Calhoun County, Iowa; and one child who died in infancy. Mr. Duncan ... owner of a highly improved and valuable farm in Beaver Township besides some property in Mitchellville. Republican, member of the Old Settlers Association of Polk County. His wife holds membership in the Methodist Episcopal Church and to its support Mr. Duncan contributes liberally, although he himself is not a member. (MAD: Atlantic, Cass Co. IA; 1850 Chittenden Co. VT)


Formed 1846 from Polk
Greene formed 1851 from Dallas

1850-1860 Dallas Co. IA Census
      No Duncan indexed

1870 Dallas Co. IA Census
Walnut Twp.
Pg.640, #10-9, DUNCAN, Thomas 43 PA farmer $8125-$1044
                  Mary A. 34 PA keeping house
                  Isaphena 5 IL
                  Mary A. 3, Emily I. 1 IA
                  BASS, George M. 25 IL farm L.
                  (MAD: Thomas K. Duncan and family in 1880 census; ? Thomas K. 23 PA in 1860 Mercer Co. IL census, mar. Mary Ann Robbins 1/29/1861 Mercer Co. IL)

Formed 1837 from Dubuque
Buchanan formed 1837 from Delaware
Black Hawk formed 1843 from Delaware

1840-1880 Delaware Co. IA Census
      No Duncan indexed

"The History of Delaware County, Iowa : containing a history of the county, its cities, towns, &c., a biographical directory of its citizens, war record of its volunteers in the late rebellion, general and local statistics, portraits of early settlers and prominent men, history of the Northwest, history of Iowa, map of Delaware County, Constitution of the United States, miscellaneous matters, &c." (anonymous); pub. Chicago: Western Historical Co., 1878, 678 pgs. (LH10564, HeritageQuest images 4/2007; FHL book 977.7385 H2t and film 962,657 item 1 and 934,936 item 4)
      Pg.407: On Friday evening, January 6, 1871, Edward Kennedy, a respectable Irish farmer, living alone a few miles west of Hopkinton, was shot while he was preparing his supper, by John Duncan, who had been at work for some months for a Mrs. Cook, who lived not far from Kennedy's. No suspicion of foul play seems to have been entertained by the neighbors until the following Tuesday, when, upon investigation, the old man was found lying on the floor of his house, dead. Duncan had gone, but he was suspected, followed and arrested. At the next term of the District Court, at Delhi, in April, 1871, Duncan was indicted for the murder and transferred to Buchanan County for imprisonment and trial.

Formed 1851 from Black Hawk

1860 Grundy Co. IA Census
Palermo Twp.
Pg.417, #1, Byron? G. CUMMINGS 26 NY farmer $1000-$500
                  Elizabeth A. 23 PA
                  Franetta? (f) 2, Charles 1 IA
                  Elizabeth DUNCAN 63 VT
                  Jasper BLAKE 20 NY farm laborer
                  (MAD: ? 1850 Erie Co. PA census, widow of James)

1870 Grundy Co. IA Census
Palermo Twp.
Pg.133, #32-32, CUMINGS, Byron 36 NY farmer $5000-$2500
                  Elizabeth 33 PA housekeeping
                  Frances (f) 12, Charles 10 IA
                  Elmer 8, Ernest 4 IA
                  MILLER, Caroline 23 PA domestic servant
                  JOHNSON, Mary 23 IL school teacher
                  LOBDELL, Charles 18 Not Known farm laborer
                  LEE, William 20 IL farm laborer
                  DUNCAN, Elizabeth 73 NH living with daughter

Formed 1856 from Webster

1860 Hamilton Co. IA Census
      No Duncan indexed

1870 Hamilton Co. IA Census
Pg.269, #237-241, DUNCAN, William 36 PA digging wells $500-$200
                  Julia 34 IN keeping house
                  FOLK, Jacob 24 PA laborer
                  DUNCAN, Charles T. 12 IA at school

Formed 1836 from Wisconsin Territory

1840-1880 Henry Co. IA Census
      No Duncan indexed

"Biographies and portraits of the progressive men of Iowa : leaders in business, politics and the professions : together with an original and authentic history of the state" by B.F. Gue; pub. Des Moines: Conaway & Shaw, 1899, 1210 pgs. (LH11543, HeritageQuest images 4/2007; FHL book 977.7 D3b v.1&2 and film 934,927 items 2-3 and fiche 6,051,353)
      Pg.269: HANNA, Dr. JOHN WALKER, of Winfield, has sucessfully (sic) practiced medicine since 1873. His father, Thomas Hanna, a wealthy retired farmer, died in Connellsville, Pennsylvania, aged 79 years. The Doctor's mother, whose maiden name was Jane Cooper, died at the age of 30. Dr. Hanna was born September 23, 1846, in Prosperity, Washington County, Pennsylvania. ... He received a good elementary education, and in 1869 came west and entered the medical department of the State University of Iowa. He was graduated from this institution in 1873, and took several courses of post-graduate work in St.Louis and Chicago. ... He located in Winfield, Iowa, in September, 1879, and that has been his residence ever since. The Doctor was married October 26, 1882, to Miss Carrie E. Duncan, of Council Bluffs. They have two children: John Thomas, born August 31, 1890, and Walker Duncan, born August 26, 1892. ... (MAD: Winfield, Henry Co. IA; Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co. IA)

Formed 1851 from Webster
Pocahontas formed 1851 from Humboldt, Greene

1860 Humboldt Co. IA Census
      No Duncan indexed

1870 Humboldt Co. IA Census (VERY faint filming)
Rutland Twp., T92?N R30
Pg.103, #8-9, DUNKIN?, Hannah 24 CAN keeps house $0-$300
                  Fannie? (f) 1 MA ("Mass")

Humboldt Co. IA Marriage Record, Vol.3[A] 1890-1895, for George R. Duncan (FHL film 1,401,932, item 3; from Kathy Cawley 9/2007)
      Pg.345: George R. Duncan, age 22, to Mary Noll, age 22, married at LaVerne, Iowa, on 18 Oct. 1894.

Formed 1846 from Monroe
Clarke formed 1846 from Lucas

1850 Lucas Co. IA Census
      No Duncan indexed

1860 Lucas Co. IA Census
English Twp.
Pg.564, #523-485, Josiah MUMFORD 45 MD farmer $100-$85
                  James 11, Sarah A. 12, John L. 7 MD
                  Louisa M. DUNCAN 14 IA
                  (MAD: ?? 1850 Mahaska Co. IA census, dau. of Warrenton S. Duncan & Catherine Newman)

1870 Lucas Co. IA Census
      No Duncan indexed

Clarke Co. IA Deeds (SLC 6/5/2015; have jpg images)
      J-96/97: (Heading: Elijah Duncan to Joseph Binegar) For the sum of $350, Elija Duncan and Mary Duncan of Lucas Co. IA sell to Joseph Brinegar of Lucas Co. IA, the tract of land, the NW 1/4 of SW 1/4 Sec.1 Twp.72 Range 24 containing 40 acres more or less, and also 30 acres off the west side of the SW 1/4 of NW 1/4 Sec.1 Twp.72 of Range 24 containing 30 acres more or less in Clark Co. IA, and warrant title. 2 Aug. 1865. /s/ Elijah Duncan, Mary Duncan. Ack. 2 Aug. 1865 before E.C. Rankin, J.P. Filed Jany. 18, 1866. H.H. Hess, recorder. (FHL film 1,009,810)

Formed 1851 from Woodbury

1860-1870 Lyon Co. IA Census
      No Duncan indexed

Iowa State Census, 1895 (from Kathy D. Cawley 1/5/2008)
Name, Age, Birthplace, Race, County, Town
Charles A. DUNCAN, 35, Wisconsin, White, Lyon, Doon
Grace Duncan, 24, Germany, White, Lyon, Doon
Obid R. Duncan, 6, Lyon ??, White, Lyon, Doon
Arther A. Duncan, 5, Lyon ??, White, Lyon, Doon
Charles E. Duncan, 3, Lyon ??, White, Lyon, Doon
      (KDC & MAD: 1880 Crawford Co. WI; 1900 Moody Co. SD)

Formed 1851 from Chickasaw
Worth formed 1851 from Mitchell

1860-1870 Mitchell Co. IA Census
      No Duncan indexed

1880 Mitchell Co. IA Soundex (looking for Isaac Wilbur Duncan b.1872-73 OH)
Osage Twp., City of Osage, Vol.23, ED 309, Sheet 52, Line 27
DUNCON, Frank 32 WI ("Wis") (white male)
            Martha E. 31 IA wife
            Eva J. 8 IA dau.
            Willie T. 5 IL son
            Ebben F. 2 IA son
            (MAD: 1850-1860 Waukesha Co. WI census, son of Thomas Duncan and Elizabeth Cation)

"American Biography, a New Cyclopedia" (spine title: "Encyclopedia of American Biography") Old Series, pub. by American Historical Society (FHL book 973 D36e; index on FHL film 1,425,550)
      Vol.20, 1924, p.212: sketch of Samuel W. Melendy; this article contains information about the Duncan line of Windsor Co. VT, Nathan Duncan who mar. Betsey Graves and had a son Henry Duncan b. Jan. 1807, mar. in 1831 Caroline Boynton, moved to Rock Co. WI in 1849, and later to Mitchell Co. IA.

Formed 1851 from Polk

1860-1870 Montgomery Co. IA Census
      No Duncan indexed

1880 Montgomery Co. IA Soundex (looking for Isaac Wilbur Duncan b.1872-73 OH)
Jackson Twp., Willaca? Town, VOL.24, ED 149, Sheet 19, Line 17
DUNCAN, Joseph 37 IL (white male)
            Francis 38 IN wife
            Ida 10 IL dau.
            Willie 7 IA son
            Louis 5 IA son
            Minnie 1 IA dau.

Formed 1851 from Cherokee

1860-1880 O'Brien Co. IA Census
      No Duncan indexed

"Past and present of O'Brien and Osceola Counties, Iowa" by J.L.E. Peck; pub. Indianapolis, Ind.: B.F. Bowen & Co., 1914, 1428 pgs. (LH9018, HeritageQuest images 4/2007; FHL book 977.71 H2p v.1&2 and film 934,957)
      Pg.968-969: OLE F. OLSON. ... business man of Hartley, O'Brien county, Iowa, ... born November 22, 1871, in Albert Lea, Minnesota, and is the son of Theo and Mary (Helle) Olson, both of whom were born in Norway ... In 1894, he (Ole F. Olson) when only 23 years of age, came to Oelwein, Iowa ... in 1905 he sold out and moved to Hartley ... Mr. Olson was married January 15, 1900, in Chicago, to Clara Duncan and to this union have been born two children, Thelma and Teddy, both of whom are still with their parents. ...

Formed 1858 from Kossuth

1860-1870 Palo Alto Co. IA Census
      No Duncan indexed

"History of Palo Alto County, Iowa" by Dwight Gaylord McCarty; pub. Cedar Rapids, Iowa.: Torch Press, 1910, 222 pgs. (LH9005, HeritageQuest images 4/2007; FHL book 977.7155 H2m and film 934,958 item 4)
      Pg.100: C.S. Duncan, in the spring of 1871, drove through from Wisconsin to Palo Alto County, and located a homestead on the land which is now a part of the north side of Graettinger. After building a shack he sent for his wife and children. ... grasshoppers took their crop year after year ... By teaching, as both Mr. and Mrs. Duncan were excellent teachers, they managed to get ahead and after having lived on their homestead a year (Mr. Duncan having served in the army four years, and Mrs. Duncan also having had experience as an army nurse), they proved up, raised $500 on the place and built a very comfortable house. In 1876 he sold his place in Walnut township and bought a place in Ellington township, in the south part of the county, where he lived until he moved to the city of Emmetsburg. (footnote: Letter of C.S. Duncan.)
      Pg.130: A painter by the name of Walt Duncan was put to work painting boards - 'Staketown or bust,' ... (MAD: cannot determine year)

Formed 1843 from Mesquakie Indian Lands

1850-1860 Poweshiek Co. IA Census
      No Duncan indexed

1870 Poweshiek Co. IA Census (and from Kathy Cawly 5/2001)
Scott Twp., P.O. Montezuma
Pg.373, #44-45, DUNCAN, Peter 37 SCT farmer $1600-$540, parents of foreign birth
                  Isabella 31 SCT housewife, parents of foreign birth
                  Christenia (f) 7, William 4, Agnes 1 IA, parents of foreign birth
                  (MAD: Peter Duncan mar. Isabella Morrison 1/16/1862 Scott Co. IA)

Formed 1847 from Taylor

1850-1870 Ringgold Co. IA Census
      No Duncan indexed

1900 Ringgold Co. IA Soundex (partial; from Ruth Burns 8/1983; she sent complete for Louisa, Taylor and Ringgold Cos., but following is the only household in Ringgold Co. with a Duncan born before 1850; page number not given)
Lincoln Twp.
DUNCAN, Harvey S., Aug 1841, 58, Tenn, head
            Mary T., Aug 1846, 53, Ill., wife
            & ch.

1881 "History of Taylor County, Iowa : containing a history of the county, its cities, towns, etc., a biographical directory of many of its leading citizens, war record of its volunteers in the late rebellion, history of Iowa and the Northwest" by Evans, pub. State Historical, Des Moines (FHL book 977.779 H2h)
      Pg.710, Holt Twp. R.H. DUNKIN, farmer, stock-raiser and feeder, post-office Holt. Subject was born in Morgan Co. IN, February 17, 1831. His early days were spent on a farm, engaged with the plow and hoe. Was educated in the subscription schools of his native county. In the fall of 1856 he removed to Ringgold Co. this state, remained about 3 years, and came to Taylor Co. in 1859. Shortly after his arrival he purchased a tract of land, 30 acres of which had been broken and at once commenced improving it for his future home. Mr. D. has been twice married; first to Miss Susan McCartney, of Louisville, KY, in March, 1852. Of their children seven are living: John H., Benjamin F., Abram L., Ulysses S.G., Mattie Nora, Lorenzo Dow and Rufus. Seven are deceased. December 29, 1872, Mrs. Dunkin passed away to join her loved ones who had gone before. Subject was again married, this time to Amanda Everson, of Champaign Co. IL. They are the parents of five children; three, Charley, Mary and Freddy K., are living. ...

Formed 1853 from Cass
Crawford formed 1851 from Shelby

1860 Shelby Co. IA Census
      No Duncan indexed

1870 Shelby Co. IA Census
Jackson Twp.
Pg.29, #14-14, DUNCAN, Z. (m) 32 IL farmer $0-$915
                  Ann Eliza 27 IN keeping house
                  Warren C. (m) 5 IA at home
                  (MAD: ? Zanthus Duncan, 1850-1860 Menard Co. IL)

Formed 1846 from Jasper, Polk and Boone

1850-1880 Story Co. IA Census
      No Duncan indexed

Iowa State Census, 1885, Ames, Story County (from Kathy D. Cawley 6/2007)
John E. Duncan, Kellogg [residence], age 49, publisher, Pennsylvania
Harriet P. Duncan, age 40, house keep[ing], England
Ruth Duncan, age 13, Wisconsin

Iowa State Census, 1895 (from Kathy D. Cawley 6/2007)
Name Age Birthplace Race County Town
John E. Duncan 60 Penn White Story City of Ames Washington
Harriett B. Duncan 51 Eng White Story City of Ames Washington
Ruth Duncan 22 Wis White Story City of Ames Washington

1900 Census, Washington, Story County, Iowa (from Kathy D. Cawley 6/2007)
S.D.# 7, E.D.# 129, Page# 228A, Image# 13 of 49
1103 Kellogg Street
DUNCAN, [kdc-indexed as Duncon]
John E., Head, April 1835, age 65, m'd 31 yrs., PA./PA./ENG., landlord
Harriet B., Wife, June 1842, age 57, 4 chi. born, 1 living, ENG./ENG./ENG.
      (KDC: 1880 Hardin Co. IA census)
      KDC: John E. Duncan died 8 Oct. 1900, born 12 Apr. 1836.
            Harriet B. Duncan died 14 Jan. 1915, born 19 Jun 1843.
            both bur. Ames Cemetery, Wash. town, from Tombstone Records of Story County, Iowa (Inclusive), pg.81.
      KDC: Harriet Bray Duncan is enumerated with her daughter & son-in-law on the 1910 census. Ruth Duncan married Lucien C. Tilden about 1897 and resided in Ames, Story County, Iowa. They had 2 children, Clark Duncan Tilden (b. 4/25/1898 per WWI Draft Reg. Rec.) & Harriet Tilden (b. June 22, 1902 per SSDI record). Both of these children died in Ames, Story County, Iowa, but I have no record to verify that Lucien & Ruth Duncan Tilden also died there.

Formed 1843 from Boone, Benton

1850-1870 Tama Co. IA Census
      No Duncan indexed

1883 "History of Tama County, Iowa : together with sketches of their towns, villages, and townships, educational , civil, military and political history, portraits of prominent persons, and biographies of representative citizens" pub. by Union Pub. Co. (FHL book 977.756 H2h and FHL films 924,573 and 1,000,021 item 1)
      Pg.670-1: CHARLES F. DUNCAN is also engaged in the harness making trade. He is a native of Benton Co, IA, where he was born, November 3, 1857. He is a son of William Duncan, a pioneer of that county. Charles received a common school education, and afterwards learned the trade of harness making at Vinton. During 1878, he settled in Dysart, and in July, of the same year, opened the shop where he is at present. He was united in marriage, in 1880, with Miss Effie E. Sutton, a native of this State.

Formed 1851 from Indian Lands (formerly Wahkaw)
Lyon, Osceola, Plymouth formed 1851 from Woodbury

1860 Woodbury Co. IA Census
Sioux City Twp.
Pg.1004, #109-89, J.T. CAPLAN (m) 27 PA farmer $5000-$6000
                  Elizabeth C. 25 PA
                  Jesse D. 4, William F. 2 IA
                  Mary L. 7/12 IA
                  Fanny DUNCAN 11 PA

1870 Woodbury Co. IA Census
      No Duncan indexed

Formed 1851 from Mitchell

1860 Worth Co. IA Census
      No Duncan indexed

1870 Worth Co. IA Census
Union Twp.
Pg.440, #10-10, GARDNER, R. (m) 50 CT farmer $3325-$1500
                  L.F. (f) 48 CT keeping house
                  L.L. (f) 18, H.C. (m) 9 IA at school
                  BUTTS, S.L. (f) 78 CT none
                  DUNCAN, F. (m) 21 New York? (Wisconsin? - written over)
                  farm laborer (values erased)
                  (MAD: Frank Duncan mar. Martha E. Penell 8/22/1871; 1880 Mitchell Co. IA census, b. WI)


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