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Formed 1836 from Des Moines


1840 Louisa Co. IA Census
      No Duncan indexed

1850 Louisa Co. IA Census
Columbus City Twp.
Pg.81, #3-3, John C. DUNCAN 42 TN farmer $2150
                  Rebecca A. 33 TN
                  Samuel J. 16, Keziah J. 13 TN
                  (MAD: See pg. 93, #170)
Pg.86, #85-86, Margaret DUNCAN 43 TN -- $400?
                  Margaret E. 21, Nancy A. 20 TN
                  Lucinda 17, Andrew R. 15 TN
                  Sarah L. 13, Samuel 11 TN
                  (MAD: Margaret the widow of Andrew Duncan)
Pg.86, #86-87, Francis A. DUNCAN 26 TN farmer $560
                  Mary A. 24 TN
                  Andrew V. 1 IA
                  (MAD: Francis A. Duncan, 22, mar. Mary A. Shaw, 22, 11/27/1846)
Pg.86, #87-88, George B. JOHNSTON 34 TN farmer $350
                  Elizabeth H? 34 TN
                  Esther M. 10, Catharine A. 8 TN
                  Nancy J. 7, Francis E. (m) 4 IA
                  Robert C. 2, Sarah E. 3/12 IA
Pg.86, #88-89, John DUNCAN 49 TN farmer $2320
                  Rachel G. 42 TN
                  Mary A. 22, Joseph C. 20 TN
                  Jane C. 16, Nancy A.K. 15, Francis M. 11 TN
                  Elizabeth C. 9, John C. 5 TN
                  Robert 1 IA
                  Francis DUNCAN (m) 57 TN (blank) $0
Pg.89, #116-117, Andrew J. DUNCAN 34 TN farmer $700
                  Nancy J. 29 TN
                  Kizziah 8, James M. 6, Esther A. 3 TN
                  William 1 IA
                  Caroline NEWLAND 14 IA
                  (MAD: wife Nancy Jane Johnson)
Pg.92, #159-160, John C. RITCHEY 35 TN farmer $88
                  James H. 13, Robert N. 12, Nancy A. 10 TN
                  George W. 8, Mary J. 6 TN
                  William 2 IA
                  Mary DUNCAN 62 VA
                  Elizabeth RITCHEY 35 TN
Pg.93, #169-170, Archibald DUNCAN 30 TN farmer $0
                  Jane 27 NC
                  Samuel H. 8 TN
                  James H. 6, Nancy A. 4, William H. 12 IA
                  (MAD: wife Jane R. Bright)
Pg.93, #170-171, John C. DUNCAN 39 TN farmer $500
                  Rebecca A. 35 TN
                  Samuel J. 16, Kiziah (f) 15 TN
                  (MAD: see pg.81 #3)
Pg.93, #171-172, James H/K. DUNCAN 40 TN farmer $870
                  Margaret G. 35 TN
                  Catharine E. 12, Samuel H. 11 TN
                  Sarah A. J. 8 TN
                  Robert F. 5, Isabella 2 IA
Pg.93, #173-174, George B. DUNCAN 33 TN farmer $350
                  Ann S. 29 TN
                  Andrew L. 8, Samuel H. 6 TN
                  John C. 5, Mary J. 1 IA
                  (MAD: wife Ann S. DUNCAN)
Pg.93, #174-175, Matthew A. EDMUNDSON 34 TN farmer $0
                  Martha A. 31 OH (sic)
                  James S. 12, Jenette D.M. 11 OH
                  William 8, Mary 6 OH
                  Elizabeth J. 4, Eliza 6/12 IA
                  (MAD: Matthew Edmonson mar. Martha Ann Duncan 11/4/1836 Blount Co. TN)
Pg.93, #175-176, James A. DUNCAN 23 TN farmer $50
                  Melinda 24 TN
                  Joseph A. 10/12 IA
                  Nancy A. FINDLEY 11 IA
                  (MAD: James A. Duncan, 22, mar. Malinda Duncan, 22, 10/13/1848)

1860 Louisa Co. IA Census
Union Twp.
Pg.790, #88, William M. DUNCAN 51 TN farmer $2400-400
                  Eliza 50 TN
                  James C. 23 TN farmer 0-200
                  William W. 21 TN
                  Samuel K. 16, Eliza A. 13 TN
                  Andrew H. 11, Martha E. 9 TN
                  Mathew G.W. 7 IA
                  (MAD: 1870 Wayne Co. IA census)
Pg.797, #133, George W. DUNCAN 30 TN farmer $3300-$850
                  Kissah J. 23 TN
                  John C. 5, James J. 2, Rebecca A. 4/12 IA
                  Alonzo KNIGHT 16 IA
                  (MAD: George W. Duncan mar. Kigiah J. Duncan 11/2/1854)
Pg.800, #152, George B. DUNCAN 43 TN farmer $5500-150
                  Ann S. 40 TN
                  Andrew L. 18, Saml. H. 16 TN
                  John C. 14, Mary J. 11, Sarah A. 9 IA
                  James R. 8, Elisabeth A. 5 IA
                  Isabella 3, Kasiah E. 9/12 IA
Columbus Twp.
Pg.826, #330, Andrew J. DUNCAN 45 TN farmer $7650-816
                  Nancy J. 39 TN
                  Kissiah R. 18, James M. 15, Esther A. 13 TN
                  William A. 11, Mahala G. 3 IA
                  Mary P. 2, Josiah N. 6/12 IA
Pg.826, #333, John DUNCAN 59 TN farmer $9600-575
                  Rachael G. 57 TN
                  Mary A. 32 TN, Joseph C. 30 TN farmer $2000
                  Nancy A.K. 24 TN, Francis M. (m) 21 TN
                  Elizabeth C. 19 TN
                  John C. 14, Robert N. 11 IA
Pg.826, #334, Francis DUNCAN (m) 67 TN shoe maker 0-0
                  Andrew R. 24 TN farmer $1600-550
                  Catharine A. 18 TN
                  Saml. J?. DUNCAN 30 TN farmer
                  (MAD: ?? Samuel Duncan in 1870 Mendocino Co. CA census; A.R. Duncan mar. Catherine Johnson 1/20/1859)
Pg.827, #336, Francis A. DUNCAN (m) 36 TN farmer $6000-1660
                  Mary A. 34 TN
                  Andrew V. 11, Elizabeth A. 8, Thomas S. 6 IA
                  Marietta 3, James J. 7/12 IA
Pg.829, #350, Suflaster LINBACKER (f) 28 NY farmer 0-$400
                  Sarah E. 20 TN
                  Orval L. 6/12 IA
                  William A. DUNCAN 35 TN farmer
Pg.831, #365, James DUNCAN 34 TN farmer $2400-490
                  Matinda (f) 34 TN
                  Joseph A. 10 VA
                  Margaret A. 8, Nancy J. 6 IA
                  Philena W. 4, Mary E. 8 IA
Pg.834, #390, Arch W. DUNCAN 40 TN farmer 0-$1000
                  Esther A. 35 TN
                  Saml. H. 18 TN
                  William H. 11, Andrew M. 21 IA (sic)
                  Elizabeth J. 7/12 IA
                  John EDWARDS 18 TN
Pg.835, #391, James K. DUNCAN 50 TN farmer $8000-1550
                  Margarett G. 45 TN
                  Catharine 22, Saml. H. 21, Sarah 17 TN
                  Robert 15, Isabella J. 11, Joseph J. 7 IA
Pg.835, #397, Saml. J. DUNCAN 26 TN -- $300-800
                  Mary 22 IN
                  Rosilla J. 3 IA
                  (MAD: 1870 Wayne Co. IA census; Samuel J. Duncan mar. Mary E. Tedford 10/21/1856)
Pg.836, #398, John C. DUNCAN 52 TN farmer $4500-800
                  Rebecca A. 43 TN
                  Nancy A. FINLEY 19 TN
                  Kesiah A. JOHNSON 8 TN
                  John H. EDWARDS 17 TN

1870 Louisa Co. IA Census (Townships alphabetic so page numbers not in order; township page# in parentheses)
Columbus City Twp.
Pg.352 (3), #20-20, DUNCAN, James H. 26 IA farmer $2000-$1315
                  Sarah J. 23 TN keeps house
                  Frances (m) 2/12 IA b.March
Pg.352-3 (4), #30-30, DUNCAN, James H. 43 TN farmer $6400-$1897
                  Malinda 44 TN keeps house
                  Joseph 20 IA "non compes mentos" idiotic
                  Maggie (f) 19 IA assists in home
                  Nancy J. 17, Emma 12 IA assists in home
                  Mary 10, Ella? (Etta?) 9 IA going to school
                  Loui (f) 4, Charles 1 IA at home
(MAD: Andrew J?. Duncan indexed pg.353, not found; no other Andrew from pg.352 to 357)
Pg.354 (8), #52-52, DUNCAN, Andrew L. 28 TN farmer $2400-$578
                  Martha 21 IA keeps house
                  John E. 8/12 b. Sept. IA
                  George E. 8/12 b. Sept. IA
                  (MAD: Andrew L. Duncan mar. Mattie E. O'Laughlin 8/5/1868)
Pg.354 (8), #53-53, DUNCAN, Saml. H. 26 TN farmer $2400-$553
                  Mary J. 24 TN keeps house
                  ?Whas? L. (f) 1 IA
                  (MAD: Samuel "W." Duncan mar. Mary Jane Tedford 9/5/1867; 1889 "Portrait & Biog. Album of Louisa Co. IA" pg.581, children were Addie died in childhood; Anna L., Nevada M., George N., and Clyde J.)
Pg.355 (10), #70-70, DUNCAN, James K. 60 TN farmer $10650-$1911
                  Margaret G. 55 TN keeping house
                  Catherine E. 31 TN assists in house
                  Sarah J. 26 TN assists in house
                  Joseph J. 16 IA working on farm
                  EDWARDS, Sarah J. 14 IA going to school
                  FLACK, Wm. L. 40 IN clerk linber yard $0-$1040
Pg.357 (13), #94-93, DUNCAN, William 40 TN cattle dealer $2800-$8600
                  Maggie 32 NY keeping house, parents of foreign birth
                  Allen L. 5 IA going to school
                  Maggie G. 2 IA at home
                  COLLINS, Ellen 28 NY assists in house, parents of foreign birth
                  Patrick H. 39 NY cattle dealer, parents of foreign birth
Columbus City Twp., P.O. Clifton
Pg.358, #110-109, DUNCAN, Andrew J. 56 TN farmer $14,200-$4,416
                  Nancy J. 48 TN keeping house
                  William A. 21 IA working on farm $0-$100
                  Mahala G. (f) 13 IA going to school
                  Mary C. 11 IA going to school
                  (MAD: Andrew and Nancy's middle initial looks like a small "f" instead of a capital "J". "Nancy" could be "Mary")
Pg.358 (16), #112-111, DUNCAN, J?. Calvin (m) 24 TN farmer $3700-$1900
                  Sarah J. 20 TN keeping house
                  James C. 3, Clara J. 5/12 b.Jan. IA at home
                  (MAD: John Calvin Duncan; John C. Duncan mar. Sarah J. Tedford 4/3/1867)
Pg.359 (18), #127-125, DUNCAN, Frances A. (m) 46 TN farmer $10,000-$6,693
                  Ellen 30 NY keeping house, mother of foreign birth
                  Elizabeth 18 IA assists in house
                  Thomas L. 16 IA works on farm
                  Margarett 13, James J. 10 IA going to school
                  Sherman (m) 6 IA going to school
                  Victor E. (m) 6/12 b.Nov. IA at home
Pg.363 (26), #188-184, DUNCAN, Saml. J. 30 TN farmer $3500-$1412
                  Mary E. 30 TN keeping house
                  Mary R. 9 IA going to school
                  Charles E. 2 IA at home
                  Effey E. (f) 3/12 b.Feb. IA at home
                  GRIMES, William 21 OH hand on farm
                  (MAD: Samuel J. Duncan mar. Mary E. Robertson 12/27/1866)
Pg.329 (44), #318-309, DUNCAN, John 69 TN attends garden $10,720-$4,150, parents of foreign birth
                  HAMELL, Jane 37 TN keeping house
                  DUNCAN, Robert 21 IA farmer
Marshall Twp.
Pg.475 (19), #134-133, WIRES, Elizabeth 51 KY keeping house $15-20
                  Charles 18 IN day laborer
                  DUNCAN, Fannie (f) 32 IN "barding"
                  Ida 1 IL at home
Union Twp.
Pg.437 (9), #14-12, DUNCAN, George L?. 54 TN farmer $6900-$1240
                  Ann S. 50 TN keeps house
                  Mary J. 21 IA assists in house
                  James R. 17 IA works on farm
                  Elizabeth A. 14 IA assists in house
                  Margaritt E. 11, Emaline 9 IA going to school
                  Joseph 7 IA going to school
                  (MAD: probably George B. Duncan)
Pg.438 (10), #72-70, DUNCAN, Francis M. (m) 32 TN farmer $8880-$1115
                  Elizabeth P. 27 TN keeps house
                  Joseph H?. 5, Melvinus (m) 2 IA at home
                  William 2/12 b.Mar. IA at home
Pg.438 (11), #79-76, DUNCAN, George W. 41 TN farmer $13,320-$4,746
                  Kissiah J. 33 TN keeps house
                  John L?. 14, James J. 12 IA works on farm
                  Mary T. 7 IA going to school
                  Laura L. 3 IA at home
                  DUNCAN, John C. 62 TN grandfather $2800-$775
                  MAYER, Lewis T. 26 IL works on farm by month, parents of foreign birth
Pg.438 (11), #84-81, DUNCAN, A.W. (m) 51 TN farmer $5100-$891
                  Ester M. (f) 46 TN keeps house
                  Andrew M. 12 IA works on farm
                  Elizabeth J. 11, Sarah B. 5 IA going to school
                  Effa E. 3, Archbald G?. 7/12 b.Oct. IA at home
                  COOK, Christopher C. 33 TN breaking prairie $3000-$858
                  DUNCAN, Ellis R. (m) 20 TN breaking prairie
                  DUNCAN, Joseph R. 22 TN breaking prairie
                  (KDC & MAD: see 1880 Wayne Co. IA census)
Pg.439 (13), #94-92, DUNCAN, John C. 24 IA farmer $0-$1083
                  Annie J. 25 TN keeps house
                  Edward E. 2, Maggie E. (f) 9/12 b.Sept. IA at home
                  JENNINGS, Anista (m) 16 OH works on farm
                  (MAD: John C. Duncan mar. Anna Jane Johnston 1/1/1867)
Pg.440 (14-15), #105-104, DUNCAN, Harvy S. (m) 28 TN farmer $4800-$977
                  Mary T. 24 IL keeps house
                  Ellen A. 8/12 b.Sept. IA at home
                  William H. 21 IA works on farm
                  (MAD: Harvey S. Duncan mar. Mary T. O'Donnell 11/4/1868)
Pg.440 (15), #106-105, DUNCAN, Samuel H. 31 TN farmer $6800-$1447
                  Sarah E. 26 TN keeps house
                  Joseph K. 5 IA going to school
                  Charles L. 2, Robert? L. 6/12 b.Nov?. IA at home
                  EDMUNDS, James 22 CANada hired by the month, parents of foreign birth
                  STONEBRAKER, Frances (m) 17 IN hired by the month
                  (MAD: Samuel W. Duncan mar. Sarah E. Edwards, 11/5/1863)
Pg.440 (15), #107-106, DUNCAN, Robert F. 24 IA farmer $6000-$570
                  Malissa 20 OH keeps house
                  STORY, Thomas 18 IA hired on farm
                  ELLERMAN, Henry 12 IA going to school, parents of foreign birth
                  (MAD: Robert F. Duncan mar. Melissa Bobo 3/9/1870)

1900 Louisa Co. IA Soundex (partial; from Ruth Burns 8/1983; she sent complete for Louisa, Taylor and Ringgold Cos., but following are the only households in Louisa Co. with a Duncan born before 1850; page numbers not given)
Union Twp.
DUNCAN, Francis M., Jul 1839, 61, Tenn, head
            Elizabeth, Sep 1845, 54, Tenn, wife
            & ch.
(no location given)
DUNCAN, George W., Aug 1828, 71, Tenn, head
            Margaret J., Nov 1844, 55, Tenn, wife
            Margaret, Dec 1873, 26, Iowa, dau
Columbus City Twp.
DUNCAN, James A., Jun 1826, 73, Tenn, head
            Malinda, Feb 1826, 74, Tenn, wife
            & Allis ALBIN, b. Dec. 1861, age 38, b. Iowa, nephew
DUNCAN, John C., Sep 1845, 54, Tenn, head
            Martha E., Mar 1883, 46, Iowa, wife (sic)
            Nathaniel C., Jan 1883, 17, Iowa, son (sic)
            & other children
Columbus Junction
DUNCAN, Robert, Aug 1843, 56, Iowa, head
            Melissa, Feb 1850, 50, Ohio, wife
            & COBB children, names as daus.
Columbus City Twp.
DUNCAN, Robert N., May 1849, 51, Iowa, head
            Rosannah, Aug 1854, 45, Iowa, wife
            & ch.
Union Twp.
DUNCAN, Sam, Oct 1839, 61, Tenn, head
            Sarrah, Dec 1840, 59, Tenn, wife
            & ch.
Columbus Junction
DUNCAN, Samuel, Jun 1843, 57, Tenn, head
            Mary J., May 1847, 53, Tenn, wife
            & dau. Anna L. b. 1871
Columbus City Twp.
DUNCAN, William A., May 1849, 51, Iowa, head
            Mary A., Sep 1855, 44, Iowa, wife
            & ch.


Louisa Co. IA Marriages 1847-1870 (FHL film 1,006,645 & later, Marriage records v.A-C 1842-1867 & later; from Margaret Foster 12/2001)
      Duncan, A.R. to Catherine Johnson, 20 Jan 1859
      Duncan, Andrew L. to Mattie T. O'Donnel, 4 Nov. 1868
      Duncan, Archibald W. to Esther Mehina Edwards, 16 Dec 1856
      Duncan, Ellen to Alex Deumind, 5 Dec. 1848
      Duncan, Ellis R. to Maria A. Gould, 20 Nov. 1873
      Duncan, Francis A. to Mary A. Shaw, 27 Nov. 1846
      Duncan, Isabell to John W. Oats, 27 Sept. 1867
      Duncan, Isabella Janes to Ambrose P. Bell, 25 May 1858
      Duncan, James C. to Nancy Jane Johnston, 20 Nov. 1862
      Duncan, James C. to Mary S. Johnson, 12 March 1874
      Duncan, Jane C. to Joseph Hamiel, 6 Nov. 1858
      Duncan, Jeanett W. to Samuel J. Shaw, 19 Feb. 1853
      Duncan, John B. to Mary An McCoy, 5 June 1860
      Duncan, John C. to Anna Jane Johnston, 1 Jan. 1867
      Duncan, John C. to Sarah Tedford, 3 April 1867
      Duncan, Kesiah to John Robertson, 2 Oct. 1861
      Duncan, Kigiah to George W. Duncan, 2 Nov. 1854
      Duncan, Lucinda to Francis J. Moore, 29 Sept. 1853
      Duncan, Malinda to James A. Duncan, 3 Oct. 1848
      Duncan, Margaret E. to John C. Ritchey, 30 Jan 1851
      Duncan, Mary E. to James Robertson, 12 Dec. 1859
      Duncan, Nancy A. to J.D. Edmondson, 31 Mar. 1864
      Duncan, Nancy A. to Thos. L. Beard, 29 Sept. 1853
      Duncan, Nancy J. to Samuel E. Hawthorne, 2 Mar. 1849
      Duncan, Robert F. to Melissa Bobo, 9 March 1870
      Duncan, Robert N. to Rosanna Robertson, 28 Sept. 1871
      Duncan, Samuel J. to Mary E. Tedford, 21 Oct. 1856
      Duncan, Samuel W. to Mary Jane Tedford, 5 Sept. 1867
      Duncan, Samuel W. to Sarah E. Edwards, 5 Nov. 1863
      Duncan. Sarah to Samuel M. Fuget, 10 Oct. 1849
      Duncan, Sarah L, to James R. Acheson, 12 Apr. 1855
      Duncan, William A. to Sarah J. Shearer, 13 Oct. 1870

The Louisa Co. IA marriage records from 1837 to 1899 have been published by the Iowa Genealogical Society in 1980.


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Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.
      Duncan, Andrew L., widow Duncan, Sarah L.; C 11 Iowa Inf., 172 Co. 2 Bat. V.R.C.; 1870 April 9, Invalid Appl. #154925, Cert. #142128; 1895 June 8, Widow Appl. #616957, Cert #466324, Iowa. (MAD: enlisted 23 September 1861, Private, age 19, Union; Resided in Clifton; 1850 Louisa Co. IA)
      Duncan, Harvey S., widow Duncan, Mary T.; C 11 Ia. Inf.; 1891 Jan. 30, Invalid Appl. #988950, Cert. #776932, Iowa; 1913 Dec. 8, Widow Appl. #1018559, Cert. #772506, Iowa. (MAD: enlisted 23 September 1861, Private, age 20, Union; Resided in Clifton; Samuel H. Duncan in 1850 Louisa Co. IA)
      Duncan, James C.; C 11 Iowa Inf.; 1862 Nov. 24, Invalid Appl. #4761, Cert. #16719. (MAD: enlisted 23 September 1861, Private, age 24, Union; Resided in Clifton; 1860 Louisa Co. IA)
      Duncan, James H.; F 25 Iowa Inf.; 1884 May 20, Invalid Appl. #573477, Cert. #432919, Iowa. (MAD: enlisted 02 August 1862, Private, age 18, Union; Resided in Columbus City, Louisa Co. IA)
      Duncan, John C., widow Duncan, Martha E.; C 11 Ia. Inf.; 1888 March 19, Invalid Appl. #645320, Cert. #411903, Iowa; 1917 Aug. 27, Widow Appl. #1106372, Cert. #848644, Iowa. (MAD: 1860 Louisa Co. IA census)
      Duncan, Samuel H., widow Duncan, Mary J.; F 25 Iowa Inf.; 1880 June 28, Invalid Appl. #398887, Cert. #226211; 1906 Oct. 19, Widow Appl. #857112, Cert. #618737, Iowa. (MAD: enlisted 02 August 1862, Private, age 19, Union; Resided in Columbus City; 1850 Louisa Co. IA)
      Duncan, Samuel J., widow Duncan, Elizabeth M.; C 11 Ia. Inf.; 1889 July 8, Invalid Appl. #715732, Cert. #482509, Iowa; 1919 Sept. 29, Widow Appl. #1146761, Cert. #882351, Iowa; remarks XC2700708. (MAD: enlisted 23 September 1861, Private, age 22, Union; Resided in Columbus City; 1850 Louisa Co. IA)
      Duncan, Samuel K., mother Duncan, Eliza A.; F 25 Iowa Inf.; 1890 Aug. 2, Mother Appl. #458291, Cert. #328032, Iowa. (MAD: enlisted 02 August 1862, Private, age 18, Union; Resided in Columbus City; 1860 Louisa Co. IA)
      Duncan, William H.; Unassd. & E 2 Ia. Inf.; 1883 Jan. 9, Invalid Appl. #468981, Cert. #323187, Iowa. (MAD: enlisted 01 January 1864, Corpl, age 25, Union; Resided in Fairfield, Jefferson Co. IA; ? 1860 Louisa Co. IA)


Newspaper clipping (no source) found in an old chocolate box among the treasures of George Katherine Walden Blake, daughter-in-law of Elizabeth Almira Johnston Blake by Ruth Blake Burns (typed copy from Ruth Burns 8/1983)
            FAMILY REUNION
      A very pleasant family reunion was held at the home of A.D. Johnston in north Clearfield, Saturday, September 17, 1910. Fifty-eight relatives and friends were present. All the brothers and sisters of Mr. Johnston were present except J.C. Johnston of Vale, Oregon and Mrs. Margaret Cox, Lewiston, Idaho. At noon a spendid (sic?) dinner was served. In the afternoon a literary program was given consisting of readings and music. Speeches were made by Uncle Harve Duncan and A.D. Johnston. W.A. Duncan in his closing speech said, "We may (sic) all may never meet again on earth but may we all live that we may meet again in heaven.
      In the evening all departed for their homes feeling they had spent a very pleasant day.
      Brothers and sisters of A.D. Johnston were: -- Mrs. Anna Duncan, San Fernando, Cal., Mrs. Elizabeth Blake, Pond Creek, Okla., Mrs. Belle Siverly, Diagonal, Ia., George Johnston, Lone Tree, Ia., S.H. Johnston, Seymour, Mo.
      Relatives and friends: -- W.A. Duncan and wife, Columbus Junction, Ia., Mrs. Lee Duncan, Columbus City, Ia., Mrs. Mattie Johnston, Des Moines, Ia., Andrew Johnston, [Ruth: the continuation of the article was not attached].

HISTORIES before 1923

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Blount Co. TN Deeds
      U-223: 13 Nov. 1846, Francis A. Duncan and wife Mary formerly Mary A. Shaw, of Louisa Co. IA, for diverse good causes, appoint Andrew Ferguson of Blount Co. TN to receive from exec. or adm. of estate of Thomas Shaw late of Blount Co. TN ... Wit. Philip Gore JP; reg. in Louisa Co. IA. (FHL film 888,883)
      V-414: 16 April 1849, Mark Carson, heir of estate of Robert Carson decd. of Louisa Co. IA, to Andrew Ferguson of Blount Co. TN, $5, assign interest in undivided 50 acrs of land of estate of Robert Carson decd. on Cloyd's Creek, adj. Wm. Wilson, A. Ferguson. Wit. Robt. Ferguson, Josiah J. Orr. Rec. on oath of Orr. (FHL film 888,884)
      V-493: 8 Aug. 1849, Francis A. Duncan and wife Mary A. of Louisa Co. IA, being in legal possession of land in Blount Co. TN, being property of Mary A. Shaw formerly of Blount Co. TN and now married to Francis A. Duncan, party hereto, appoint Andrew Ferguson attorney to sell land. Wit. Wesley W. Garner, W.S. Robertson. Rec. Louisa Co. IA.

Washington Co. TN Deed (FHL film 825,533)
      37-627: 7 Nov. 1860, John B. Duncan of Louisa Co. IA power of attorney to Joseph Conley for my interest in estate of Joseph Duncan and Molly Duncan my father and mother. (not copied in full).


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