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Formed 1825 from Green, Hancock, Oglethorpe, Warren, Wilkes


1830 Taliaferro Co. GA Census
Pg.365  James Duncan       0000,0100,1  - 2100,01
          (MAD: James age 30-40, ? William Sr. age 60-70)
          (MAD: 1840 Hancock Co. GA census)
   366  William Duncan     0111,001     - 1130,01
          (MAD: ? 1840-1850 Madison Co. GA census)

1840-1850 Taliaferro Co. GA Census
      No Duncan indexed

1850 Taliaferro Co. GA Census
Pg.322, #106, James EDGE 58 GA farmer $1500
                  Elizabeth 69 "Vet"
                  Amanda 26, Robert 25, Mary 18, James 12 GA
                  George RUFF 12 GA BLACK

1860 Taliaferro Co. GA Census
Pg.728, #219-216, James EDGE 69 GA farmer $2500-$6000
                  Elizabeth 70 GA
                  Robert Y. 35 GA farmer $2000-$1000
                  Mary GOODMAN 29 GA
                  M.M. DUNCAN (f) 23 GA
                  Missouri A. MURIEL 1 GA

1870 Taliaferro Co. GA Census
Crawfordville P.O.
Pg.159, #113-113, DOSTER, Amanda 47 GA (white) keeping house $0-$145
                  Mary C. 15, Robert E. 13 GA
                  Sarah E. 10, Jefferson (m) 9 GA
                  MARSELL, Missouri (f) 10 GA (white)
                  DUNCAN, Mary 33 GA (white)
                  Samuel 12 GA


Taliaferro Co. GA Marriage Record Book A, 1826-1870 (FHL film 220,539)
      No Duncan groom; no bride index


Taliaferro Co. GA Court of Ordinary Accounts Current (orphans) (FHL film 220,546)
      Book A, 1826-1835 - no Duncan
      Book B, 1836-1845 - no Duncan

Taliaferro Co. GA Court of Ordinary, Inventories, Appraisals, Sales, Divisions of Estates (FHL film 220,550)
      Book A, 1826-1834 - no Duncan
      Book B, 1834-1850 - no Duncan

Taliaferro Co. GA Wills, Book A, 1826-1866 (FHL film 220,541)
      No Duncan

Taliaferro Co. GA Estate Receipts, Vol.B 1836-1898 (FHL film 220,605 item 3)
      No Duncan

Taliaferro Co. GA Probate Records
      Annual Returns, 1827-1850 - no index; lists of guardians or administrators who should make returns on estates, not in order (FHL film 220,544 item 2)
      Guardians bonds Vol.A, 1826-1878 - no Duncan (FHL film 220,544 item 3)
      Inventories, appraisals, sales, division of estates & years support, 1833-1839 - no index (FHL film 220,553)
      Admin. bonds & Letters Vol.A, 1826-1866 - no Duncan (FHL film 220,543)


GA Land Lotteries; Taliaferro Co. GA
      Name, lottery year, militia district & county of residence, draw
      Duncan, James, 1832, of 608th Militia Dist., Taliaferro Co., drew land lot in Dist.7 Sec.2, Gilmer Co., granted before 1 Jan. 1838.
      Duncan, John, 1832, of 604th Militia Dist., Taliaferro Co., drew gold lot #1107 in Dist.21, Sec.3, Cherokee Purchase (MAD: later Cherokee or Bartow Co.)

Taliaferro Co. GA Deeds (FHL film 220,576 index 1826-1900)
      Book A, 1826-1835 (FHL film 220,578)
      A-70: 21 Dec. 1827, John J. Murphy, exec. of Thomas Pollard decd. of Taliaferro Co. GA, to William Duncan of same, $335, 135 acres on Little River joining John Lauson, Thomas Truit, James Findley, Buford Bird. Wit. Edward Janis JP, D.A. Farmer, Cyrus Billingsbee. (FHL film 220,578)
      A-120: 18 Oct. 1825, Allen Duncan of Wilkes Co. GA to Clevers A. Nelms of same, $680, land in the fork of Rockey Creek, one of the watercourses of Ogeechee River in Wilkes Co. and adj. said Clevers A. Nelms, William Little, Soloman Watson and others, containing 157 acres, beg. corner on Amos Hadaway line, on Cedar Branch, being a part of a grant to James Kelley 15 Sept. 1792; wit. John Bryan, William Little JP. (FHL film 220,578)
      Book B, 1835-1840 (FHL film 220,578)
      B-64: 12 Feb. 1836, James Duncan of Taliaferro Co. to Soloman Barefield of Hancock Co., $176 part in promissory note, lot #302, 160 acres in 7th Dist., 2nd Section of Cherokee Co. Wit. Solomon Barefield, Frederick Barefield. (FHL film 220,578)
      Book C, 1840-1844 (FHL film 220,579)
      C-76: 7 Jan. 1839, William Duncan Senr. of Taliaferro Co. to Enoch C. Lawrence, $472-1/2, 135 acres on north branch of Little River adj. lands of John Finley, Buford Bird, Thomas Truit & others. Wit. Joel E. Mercer, William M. Harrison JP. No wife. (FHL film 220,579)
      C-78: 3 Feb. 1841, Enoch C. Lawrence to David S. Anderson, John W. Battle, Thomas D. Boram, ... it being the land said Lawrence purchased of William Duncan and Thomas Truitt; wit. John Dewberry. (from another source)
      C-349/50: Taliaferro Co. GA, 25 May 1842, William Lancaster to Malcom Johnston, both of co. afsd, for confidence & trust in my friend and brother Malcom Johnston and $5, convey to him all my interest to the land in Taliaferro Co. GA on waters of Powels Creek, 200 acres more or less, where I now reside, together with all the personal property, ready money and notes and accounts of which I am now possessed or may hereafter be possessed, to hold the said land etc. in trust for my three daughters, that is Elizabeth Sharp wife of James Sharp, Nancy Duncan wife of James Duncan, and Frances Collins wife of Josiah Collins, to be disposed of by him as follows; Nancy Duncan wife of James Duncan to have the interest of $200 and only for her life and at her death the $200 to be equally divided between her children, and to Frances Collins the interest of $200 for her life and at her death the $200 to be equally divided between her children, and to Elizabeth Sharp the wife of James Sharp the use and benefit of the land I now live on for her life and then her children, but it is expressly understood that James Sharp the husband of my dau. Elizabeth Sharp shall give my trustee his notes for whatever may be the deficiencey of $200 given in trust for my dau. Nancy Duncan and my dau. Frances Collins out of the ready money, notes & accounts & personal property mentioned above, and William Lancaster reserves the use and improvements of the land and all the property etc. for life, and at his death the said Malcom Johnston or his successor to take immediate possession ... and trust, and if said Johnston dies before the death of my daughters, he will appoint a successor or that his executors shall be his sucessor; I wish it expressly understood that this instrument is not made to defend anyone but that my three daus. shall have during their life the benefit of what I have; wit. Benjamin Jones, I.W. Jackson, Henry B. Jones. (FHL film 220,579)


Taliaferro Co. GA Tax Digests (FHL film 220,572)
1826: Capt. Moses S. Guise's 604th Dist.
      Duncan, William, 1 free male, 250a 2nd quality land, Guinnett Co., 6th Dist., Lot #195.
1827: Capt. Ezekiel M. Cobb's 604th Dist.
      Duncan, William, 1 free male, 250a 2nd quality land, Guinnett Co., 6th Dist., Lot #195.
            (MAD: 1827 School census, Dist.604, Pg.6: William Duncan, 3 males 0-18, 1 male 18-45, 0 males over 45; 3 females 0-18, 1 female over 18, 0 slaves)
1828: Capt. Ezekiel M. Cobb's 604th Dist.
      Duncan, William, 1 free male, 135-1/2a land, Taliaferro Co., on Little River, adj. Finley. (MAD: no land shown for Gwinnett Co.)
      608th Dist. - no Lancaster listed.
1829: Capt. Ezekiel M. Cobb's 604th Dist.
      Duncan, William, 1 free male, 135-1/2a land, Taliaferro Co., on Little River, adj. Truitt.
      Capt. James Peeks' 608th Dist.:
      Duncan, James, 1 free male (no land, not on 1828 list)
      William Lancaster, 1 free male, 200a Taliaferro Co., Powel's Creek, adj. Jones.
      Ditto, 250a Early Co., 3rd Dist., lot #261
      (blank) Gdn. for Catherine Lightfoot, 202-1/2a Munroe Co., 3rd Dist., Lot #23
1830: 608th Dist., first page missing, start with "E" surnames.
      No Lancaster listed
      Capt. Joel Chivers' 604th Dist.:
      Duncan, William, 1 free male, 135-1/2a land, Taliaferro Co., on Little River, adj. Truit.
1831: Capt. Abraham Howel's 608th Dist.
      Duncan, James, 1 free male, 2 slaves, 250a Early Co., Dist. 4, lot #261
      Ditto, agent for W. Lancaster, 1 free male, 200a Taliaferro Co. on P. Creek adj. Jones.
      Ditto, gdn. for Catherine Lightfoot, 202-1/2a Monroe Co., Dist.3, Lot #23, granted "self"
      Capt. Richard Anderson's 604th Dist.:
      Duncan, William, 1 free male, 135-1/2a Taliaferro Co., L. River, adj. Truitt.


Taliaferro Co. GA Superior Court Records
   Minutes, Vols. A-[D] 1826-1849 (FHL film 220,591)
      Vol.A, 1826-1833 - no index
      Vol. 1834-1838 - no index
      Vol. 1838-1843 - no index
      Vol. 1843-1849 - no Duncan
   Writs, Vols. A-[B] 1826-1837 (FHL film 220,595)
      Vol.A, 1826-1831 - no Duncan
      Vol. 1831-1837 - no Duncan
   Vol. C, 1836-1840 (FHL film 220,596)
      C-54: July 1837, James Duncan vs. Jesse Veazey, both Taliaferro Co., Veazey damaged Duncan to the amount of $100; that 1 Jan. 1837 Veasey owed Duncan $41.60 as per account for goods, merchandise and for work and labor done at special request of Veasey, and he promised to pay but has not ... summons issued 5 May 1837 for Veasey to appear in court; Deft. (Veasey) appeared July 1837 and denied claim, case settled by parties.


Madison Co. GA Deed (FHL film 351,773)
      G-146: 3 Feb. 1838, William (X) Ogletree of Taliaferro Co. GA to William Duncan of same, $405, land on waters of Broad River adj. Polks land and Dawson Williamses and Jas. Bone and Cauthern and White, 505 acres; wit. John T. Acrea?, Micajah L. Pittman JP.

HISTORIES before 1923

1889 "Biographical souvenir of the states of Georgia and Florida : containing biographical sketches of the representative public, and many early settled families in these states" pub. by F.A. Battey (Los Angeles Public Library book R975.8 B615; FHL book 975 D3bg and fiche 6,088,141)
      Pg.249-50, Georgia: J.T. DUNCAN. ... John T. Duncan, of Laurens County. ... He is not a native, however, of Laurens, but was born in Taliaferro County, where his father, a native of Dutchess County, N.Y., settled when a young man. Judge Duncan's mother was a descendant of an old Taliaferro County family, her maiden name being Lancaster. The subject of this sketch is the third of six children. He was reared in Taliaferro County and educated at Mount Lion Academy, in Hancock County, ... He located in Dublin, then the county seat of Laurens County, at the age of twenty quitting school, and there began life and there has lived since. After a residence of three years he was elected sheriff of the county, which office he held six years by re-election. He was then elected ... for six years. Following his services in this capacity, he was elected judge of the county court and held this office till the court was abolished in 1868. ... (MAD: 1850 Hancock Co. GA census, b. 1831; mother Nancy b. 1813)


"Family Bible Records" by GA DAR, at GA Department of Archives & History, 1938, Series 1 (FHL film 6,976)
      Pg.740 contains Judge John Thomas Duncan's Bible, including information that Mrs. Nancy Lancaster Duncan, born 1798, died 1865, married to James Duncan (blank), she the dau. of William Lancaster, ... John Thomas Duncan b. 12/7/1830 Taliaferra Co. GA, d. 8/3/1891, mar. Sarah Amelia Fuqua 8/13/1854 Laurens Co. GA, mar. Sarah Elizabeth Stokes 12/8/1861, mar. Nancy S. Stokes 11/27/1875. The Bible gives more information about each wife, and information about their children.
      Series 2, pg.122-123 (FHL film 6,979) gives information similar to the Bible in Series 1, but also includes information about James Duncan, b. 7/18/1798, mar. Nancy Lancaster 9/18/1825, and their children.


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