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Richmond formed 1777 from St. Paul's Parish

"The Colonial Records of State of GA, 1732-1784" by Allen Candler, 28 vols. (FHL book 975.8 N2g)
      Vol.12, Proceedings and Minutes of the Governor and Council Aug. 6, 1771 to Feb. 13, 1782, pg.169: 7 Jan. 1772, Read a petition of John Dunkin setting forth that he had been some time in the Province, had a wife and three children but never had any land granted him and being desirous of obtaining land for cultivation therefore praying for 300 acres of land in Wrightsborough Township. RESOLVED that on condition &c the prayer of the said petition is granted.

"English Crown Grants in St.Paul Parish in GA 1755-1775" by Marion R. Hemperley, Surveyor General Department, State of GA (FHL book 975.8 R2hc, from Louis Boone 5/1984)
      Dunkin, John, 300 acres Wrightsboro Twp, St.Paul Parish, Granted June 7, 1774, Grant Book (book & page blank) (pg.52) (MAD: Indexed as Book I, pg.762.
            Memorial Book 2, pg.74: John Dunkin, 300 acres Wrightsborough Twp, St. Paul's Parish, 2/100 (quit rents of 2 sh. per 100 acres); bounded by vacant land. Granted 6/7/1774. Signed 8/10/1774 by Joseph Maddock for John Dunkin. (from pg.217, "GA Land Owners' Memorials 1758-1776" by Eve B. Weeks & Robert S. Lowery; FHL book 975.8 R2we)
      McKay, James, 1000 acres Wrightsboro Twp, St.Paul Parish, Granted Nov. 1, 1774, Grant Book M, pg.711. Bounded on SW by James Coats, Jacob Castle, John Dunkin, William Miller, and vacant land; NW by John More and Richard Smith; NW (MAD: sic) by Hixon Ross, the widow Stubbs, and vacant land; SE by John Perkins. (pg.126)
            Memorial Book 2, pg.162: James McKay, 1500 acres in 2 grants, 2/100. 1,000 acres, Township of Wrightsborough, St. Paul's Parish, bounded southwesterly by James Coats, Jacob Castle, John Dunkin, William Mills and vacant land, northwesterly by John More and Richard Smith, northeasterly by Hixo, Ross, widow Stubbs and vacant land, southeasterly by John Perkins. (from pg.250, "GA Land Owners' Memorials 1758-1776" by Eve B. Weeks & Robert S. Lowery; FHL book 975.8 R2we)

GA Land Grants (FHL film 465,077)
      I-1037: 7 June 1774, to John Dunkin, 300 acres in Wrightsborough Twp, Parish of St. Paul, bounded on all sides by vacant land; reg. 7 July 1774. (MAD: Richmond Co. 1777, later also Columbia Co.)
      MAD: listed as Dunkin, John, I-762, St.Paul's Parish, 300a

GA Colonial Conveyances (FHL film 158,989, extracted by Roy Hall)
      CC-2 pg.660 to 661: 2 Oct. 1775, John Watson, of St. Paul Parish, Wrightsborough Twp, GA, to Jacob Watson of same; that John Watson by virtue of a power of attorney given him by John Dunkin on 18 Aug 1772, recorded in the County Office of Savannah in Book Y, folio 333 & 334 on 3 Nov. 1774, by virtue of which John Watson hereby grants to said Jacob Watson, 300 acres more or less in said township & parish on the waters of the South Fork of Misslen's(?) (Replen's?) Creek, originally granted by George III to John Dunkin on 7 June 1774; wit. Tho. Watson, John Fell. (MAD: no consideration or money stated)


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