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Duncans in the Revolutionary War - Georgia


JAMES DUNCAN, Rev. Pension Application S-37901, PA, NC, GA (MS) (FHL film 970,863; National Archives Roll 863)
      Applied 19 Nov. 1827, age 74-5? in Feb. 1827, in Baldwin Co. GA; enlisted in 1776 for 2 years at Pittsburg [Allegheny Co.] (PA) under Capt. Andrew Waggoner, Col. James Wood; witnesses Benjamin Gilbert of Putnam Co. GA who served with James, Wm. Y?. Hansell of GA.
      Statement of James Duncan, son of James, 22 Jan. 1850; that James Sr. lived in Baldwin Co. GA 4-5 years before his death, before that he lived in NC; James Sr. d. 17 Feb. 1834 in Baldwin Co. GA, leaving no widow and only 4 children heard of in 4-5 years: James, John, Jane Harris, Edy Neely. Eady Nealy of Jasper Co. MS on 16 June 1851; John Duncan and Jane Harris of Pontotoc Co. MS on 26 July 1852; James Duncan Jr. still living 26 July 1852.
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ROBERT DUNCAN, Revolutionary War Pension Application S-21167; S-29612 (FHL film 970,864; and from Lenox Baker 12/1980)
      Age 73 on 13 Oct. 1834; lived Randolph Co. NC, when entered the service; drafted 3 mos about 2 mos before battle of Guilford in 1782(?); guarded corn in Randolph Co. After discharge, enlisted 2 mos to count as 3 mos. Then moved into Washington Co. TN, on Wattauga River. In the Fall, draft of men against the Cherokee Indians. This was in the Fall of 1780(?). "He entered the service this time as a substitute for his cousin Charles Duncan who had been drafted for three months." Served not less than two months. Depositions of Elias Allread, Sr. of Hall Co. GA on 11 June 1834; and John Duncan of Hall Co. GA on 14 July 1834 who served with Robert. Robert born Randolph Co. NC on 14 June 1762; record of age in family bible. Lived SC since 2 years after end of Revolution where he now lives; known to Earle Hunt and Jno. Young Esq. who live in the neighborhood and can testify as to his character for veracity and their belief in his service as a soldier of the revolution. Depositions by William King clergyman and Jno. Young of Greenville SC. Paid to 4 ---- 1842.
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"Georgia's Roster of the Revolution" by Lucian Lamar Knight, 1920 (FHL film 547,588) MAD: this book includes more lists of Revolutionary War soldiers, as well as those below.
      Pg.62-73: Certificates of Service in the American Revolution on File in Office of Secretary of State, State Capitol:
            Duncan, James. Lieutenant. Certificate of Col. E. Clarke, 25th December, 1784, that he was a lieutenant in the Minute Batt. of this State, and is entitled to a bounty of 400 acres of land, and prays for same in Washington Co. (pg.62)
            Duncan, Joseph. Certificate of Col. E. Clark, 1st April 1784, that he was a captain in the Batt. of Minute Men, though not at the time of enlistment an inhabitant of the State. His brother, Matthew Duncan, prays for warrant as heir in Washington Co. (pg.63)
            Duncan, William. Certificate of Col. E. Clarke, 3rd January, 1785, that he was a Minute man, though not an inhabitant of the State at the time of enlistment. Prays for 250 acres of land in Franklin Co. (pg.64)
            Duncan, James. Certificate of Col. E. Clark, 25th December 1784, that he was a lieutenant in the Militia of Wilkes Co., and fled from the British enemy and took refuge in N.C. and served in the refugee service, and is entitled to a bounty of 400 acres. Granted 460. (pg.69)
            Duncan, Matthew. Certificate of Col. E. Clark, 1st April 1784, that he served as a lieutenant in the Batt. of Minute Men, though not an inhabitant of the State at the time of enlistment. Prays for bounty in Washington Co. (pg.72)
            Duncan, Thomas. Certificate of Col. E. Clarke, 10th December 1784, that he was entitled to a bounty of 250 acres of land, and prays for same in Washington Co. (pg.73)
      Bounty Surveys, Surveyor's Book F:
            Duncan, Matthew: 460 acres, Washington Co., bounded N. Abm. Landers, E. Gilbert Campbell, S. Wm. Anderson, W. Oconee river, survey 187. June 2, 1784, p. 96. (pg.257)
            Duncan, Lieut. David: 460 acres (on Reserve), Washington Co., bounded all sides vacant or surveyed, on branch of Oconee river, survey 210. Feb. 21, 1785, p. 108. (pg.259)
      Bounty Surveys, Survey Book K:
            Armour, Andrew: 287-1/2 acres, Greene Co., bounded N. Jas. Wilson, E. unknown, S. grantee, W. Miles Duncan. Cut by Beaverdam creek, survey 42. July 5, 1785, p. 26. (pg.302)

1901 "Story of GA and GA People 1732-1860" by George Gilman Smith, 1918 reprint (CA State University, Sacramento, Library book F286 S66 1968)
      No Duncan in main text.
      Headrights granted by Colonial and State Governments, 1754-1800 (by parish or county; then semi-alphabetical):
            St. John's, Liberty, St. David: 1774, Davis (sic) Duncan (pg.571)
            St. Mathews, Effingham, St. Phillips: 1766 & 1767, John Duncan
            Wilkes Co.: 1783 & 1784, Miles Duncan, Samuel Duncan, Henry Duncan (pg.572)
            Washington Co.: (no years), Jos. Duncan, Jos. Duncan (two), Mathew Duncan, Miles Duncan, Gilbert Dinkins.
      List of Soldiers of the Line (pg.611):
            John Ducains (sic), Captain.
            (MAD: also GA Roster of Rev. by Knight)
            Thos. Duncan
            Mathews Duncan
            James Duncan, lieutenant
            Mathew Duncan
            Sebua Dinkins (sic)
            (MAD: GA Roster of Rev. by Knight: Lebua Dickins)
            Wm. Dunkin
      Soldiers paid in money: Wm. Duncan, Thomas Duncan (pg.125)
      Bounty Warrants: no Duncan; apparently lists from the Secretary of State's Office. (pg.626)
      Wilkes Co.: 5 ms. folios in Clerk's office in "Washington" containing plats of grants in that county 1784-1800; copy of list in Secretary's office: Samuel Duncan, David Duncan. (pg.630)

GA Land Grants
      G3-103: 22 Feb. 1785, to Mathew Dunkin, 460 acres in Washington Co., bounded on E by Campbell's land, S by Anderson's land, W by Oconee River, N by Sanders land; on bounty. (later Columbia Co.) (FHL film 465,080)
      H3-776: 7 Jan. 1786, to James Duncan, 460 acres in Washington Co., bounded SW and SE by unknown lands, other sides vacant; on bounty. (FHL film 465,081)
      H3-780: 7 Jan. 1786, to David Duncan, 460 acres in Washington Co., bounded on S & NW by unknown, all other sides vacant; on bounty. (later Glynn Co.) (FHL film 465,081)
      K3-307: 20 July 1786, to David Duncan, 550 acres in Glynn Co., bounded SE by David Duncans land, NE by William Graves, all other sides vacant; on bounty. (FHL film 465,083)

Rev. Soldier's receipts for GA bounty grants, pub. at Atlanta, issued by GA State Dept. of Archives & Hist. 1928 (FHL film 163,524)
      MAD: wanted Robert Duncan, 30 July 1798, Bounty Warrant #170, 640 acres; not found ("GA Gen." Summer, 1974, #19).
      Pg.29, Account of Bounty Land Certificates being issued to persons claiming as Refugees & Citizens by resolve 19 August and Act of 20th ditto 1781 by His Honor Governor Houstoun in the year 1784 brought forward and continued.
            Columns: (1) Persons names who are entitled to Bounty Lands; (2) Quantity mentioned in said certificates; (3) No. of the certificate; (4) Vouchers that such persons are entitled thereto; (5) Persons names taking up such certificates either for themselves or others.
            Francis Puch, 17 Feb. 1784, 250 acres, #170, John Twiggs B.G., Francis Pugh (MAD: sic)
            Matthew Duncan, 20 Feb., 250 acres, #180, Gdy? Leo Cole. Taken up by Wm. Candles.
      Pg.85: Orders issues between 31st July and 31st August 1782:
            7/31/1782, to Mr. Duncan, on Issombergen Ac (account) of Jno?, by Gov. Houniel?, State use, 1 barrel rice.


"Military Certificates of GA, 1776-1800" [Revolutionary War and Oconee War, 1787-1790] by Hemperly, 1983 (FHL book 975.8 M2hm; SUTRO book F285 H45 1983, CA State Library, Sutro Branch)

"GA Bounty Land Grants" by Alex M. Hitz; reprint from GA Hist. Quarterly Vol.38 #4, 12/1954 (FHL book 975.8 R2hi)

"GA Revolutionary Bounty Land Records, 1783-1785" by Nicole M. O'Kelley and Mary Bondurant Warren, ca1992 (FHL book 975.8 R2g)
      (includes) GA Archives' Manuscripts:
      Certificates for Bounty Warrants Issued 1783-1784 to Refugee Citizens, and Soldiers of the Revolutionary War, (pgs.1-47)
      Orders for Certificates of Land Issued in 1783 and 1784 (pgs.48-81)
      An Account of Certificates Granted for Bounty Lands to Refugees and Citizens [1784-1785] (pgs.82-89)
      List of Persons Petitioning for Land in 1784 (pgs.90-126) (MAD: none)
      Bounty Warrants [1784] (pgs.127-202)
      Land Warrant Book from Washington to Franklin Cos. in 1784 (pg.203-211)
      Augusta Land Court, 1784-1785 (pgs.212-253)
      Bounty Warrants, May 17th, 1784 (pgs.254-286)


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