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Formed 1857 from Cobb, Cherokee, Forsyth
Milton Co. merged with Fulton 1911
Campbell Co. merged with Fulton 1926-32


1860 Milton Co. GA Census (pages very faint)
Pg.587, #9-9, James COBB 41 NC farmer ("do") $2000-$1050
                  Martha 37 GA
                  Robert H. 18, M.J. (f) 16, Rachel 14 GA
                  James L. 12, William 10, John 7 GA
                  George 5, Peter 3, Enoch 1 GA
                  (MAD: Martha, wife of James Cobb, was heir of Robert Duncan d.1853 Gwinnett Co. GA)
Pg.616, #640, Lawson McGINESS 46 NC farmer $1500-$700
                  Rachel 46 GA
                  Francis DUNCAN (m) 23 GA farmer
                  Elizabeth DUNCAN 20 GA
                  (MAD: Lawson McGinnis adopted his stepchildren Francis W. Duncan and Martha A.E. Duncan, already over 21, in 1873; Rachel McGinnis an heir of Robert Duncan d. by 1854 Gwinnett Co. GA; not in McGinnis household in 1850 Gwinnett Co. GA, nor L.Q.C. McGinnis 40, Delilah 28, ch. 14 to 4 in 1850 Forsyth Co. GA)

1870 Milton Co. GA Census
Alpharetta P.O.
Pg.469, #475-426, "McGUIRE", Lawson (m) 53 GA farmer $1240-$250
                  Rachel 58 GA keeping house
                  Elizabeth 29 GA at home
                  (MAD: last name should be "McGinnes")
Pg.469, #476-427, DUNCAN, Francis (m) 24 GA farmer $200-$200
                  Caroline 23 GA keeping house
                  Robert W. 3, John B. 1 GA
Pg.475, #575-518, COBB, James F. 50 NC farmer $2200-$1000
                  Martha 48 GA keeping house
                  James T. 21 GA day laborer
                  Eliza R. 19 GA at home
                  John T. 17, George W. 15 GA farm laborers
                  Peter L. 12, Enoch F. 10 GA attending school
                  Jefferson 7, Martha Lee 3 GA
Pg.490, #826-751, DUNCAN, Elmira 34 GA keeping house $0-$0
                  Henrietta 16, Elizabeth 14 GA at home
                  Franklin 12 GA day laborer
                  Jesse (m) 9, William 9 GA
                  (MAD: one Nancy E. Duncan mar. John G. Prewette 12/17/1871; Henrietta Duncan mar. J.T. Brown 3/29/1874; Franklin Duncan mar. Sarah M. Turner 9/26/1880; J.W. Duncan mar. Martha Ellis 9/16/1885; 1880 census indicates Franklin, Jesse and William were born in AL)

1880 Milton Co. GA Census
Newton, pg.14, SD 1, ED 149
Pg.449B, #108-110, COBB, Martha 52 GA widow keeping house GA GA
                  Peter L. 21 GA son farmer GA GA
                  Enoch T. 18 GA son farmer GA GA
                  Budy (m) 16 GA son farmer GA GA
                  Mattie L. 13 GA dau GA GA
Grogans, pg.38, SD 1, ED 149
Pg.461B, #331-349, (Another family, white, not copied)
Pg.461B, #331-350, DUNCAN, Peter 50 GA BLACK mar. farmer (blank) (blank)
                  Mahaley 55 GA MULATTO wife keeping house (blank) (blank)
                  David 21 GA MULATTO son farmer GA GA
First Dist., 842nd District, pg.3, SD 1, ED 150 (indexed Grogans)
Pg.464C, #26-26, DUNCAN, Elmira 48 GA widow keeping house TN SC
                  Franklin 25 AL son farming GA GA
                  John 22 AL son farming GA GA
                  Jessie (m) 22 AL son farming GA GA
842nd District, pg.10, SD 1, ED 150 (indexed Old First)
Pg.467B, #92-92, McGINNIS, John 27 GA mar. farmer GA GA
                  Elizabeth 20 GA wife keeping house GA GA
                  Robert H. 2 GA son GA GA
                  Joseph 6/12 GA b.Oct. son GA GA
                  (MAD: Joseph indexed as 8 mo.)
Alpharetta, pg.5, SD 1, ED 151
Pg.481A, #39-39, DUNCAN, E.B. (m) 25 GA mar. farmer SC SC
                  Sarah J. 24 GA wife house keeping GA GA
                  Dovie 5 GA dau. at home GA GA
                  William 4 GA son at home GA GA
                  Jane A. 3 GA dau. at home GA GA
                  Caroline 1 GA dau. at home GA GA
                  (MAD: Ebenezer Bright Duncan; 1860 Gwinnett Co. GA census)
Alpharetta, pg.7, SD 1, ED 151
Pg.482C, #61-61, McGINNIS, J. (m) 45 GA mar. farmer NC GA
                  Caroline 34 GA wife housekeeping SC NC
                  Robert W. 14 GA son laborer GA GA
                  John T. 12 GA son laborer GA GA
                  McGINNIS, Lawson 62 NC (blank) mar. farmer NC NC
                  Rachael 62 GA wife housekeeper GA GA

MAD: Campbell and Milton Co. GA records are separate but in Fulton Co. courthouse


Milton Co. GA Marriages 1865-94 from index (FHL film 409,838; also from Dianne Ladd 3/1991)
      A-118, Nancy E. Duncan to John G. Prewette, lic. 16 Dec. 1871, mar. 17 Dec. by Thomas Collins, JP
      A-170, Henrietta Duncan to J.T. Brown, lic. 23 March 1874, mar. 29 March by Thomas Collins, JP
      B-78, Franklin Duncan to Sarah M. Turner, lic. 26 Sept. 1880, mar. same date by Thomas Collins, JP
      B-270, J.W. Duncan to Martha Ellis, lic. 2 Sept. 1885, mar. 16 Sept. by W.J. Wortin, MG


Milton Co. GA Probate Record (from Dianne Ladd 3/1991)
      A-206: Lawson McGinnis to adopt his stepchildren already over 21, Francis W. Duncan and Martha A.E. Duncan, Feb. 27, 1873. (DL: Lawson McGinnis was buyer of Robert Duncan's decd. land, Milton Co. GA Deed Book L, pg. 598.)

Milton Co. GA Probate Records
      Estate bonds 1858-1889 (FHL film 415,376)
            Book A - No Duncan, no McGinnis
      Inventories & appr., bills of sales 1858-1924 (FHL film 415,379)
            Book A, 1858-1881 - no Duncan, no Lawson McGinnis

Milton Co. Wills Book A-C 1865-1932, 1936 (FHL film 409,882)
      Book A, 1865-1882
            No index; no pg.206; looking for adoption by Lawson McGinnis of his two stepchildren, probate record A-206, 1873.
      Book B, 1879-1928
            No Duncan
            B-72: Milton Co. GA, will of Lawson McGinis (X), 24 March 1884, no proved or recording date, of advanced age; to my wife Rachel all real estate and perishable property for life, may not be sold; after her death, my son F.W. McGinnis take control of real estate for his life, not be sold; after death of my son F.W. McGinnis, to my two grandsons Robert W.B. and John T.J. McGinnis all my real estate, Robert W.B. to have the old lot of land and portion of dwelling house and half of other lots (not copied); and John F.J. McGinnis to have land west of above described line; when they come of age, they may work the land during their father's life free of suits; at my death, Robert to live with his grandmother and at her decease the two grandsons to divide the furniture; if one dies without heirs, his share to go to the other; exec. my son F.W. McGinnis; wit. H.I. Seale, A.S. Norman, O.P. Skeltin. (MAD: Lawson McGinnis married Mrs. Rachel Duncan and adopted her two adult children Francis W. Duncan and Martha A.E. Duncan in 1873.)


Milton Co. GA Deed index 1867-1888 (FHL film 401,809)
      No Deed book A; deeds start 1867 with Deed Book B (no other deed indexed through 1888)
      D-435: Duncan, Stephen to R.M. Audrey, rec. 8/20/1887

Milton Co. GA Deeds
      D-435: Milton Co. GA, 23 Aug. 1887, Stephen Duncan of Brooks Co. GA to R.M. Autrey of Milton Co., $40, land in 1st Dist. 1st Sec. or originally Cherokee now Milton Co. GA, lot 111, containing 40 acres; wit. J.K. Thompson, W.M. Bates JP. (FHL film 401,811)
      K-5: 16 Nov. 1912, A.J. Morris of Cobb Co. to S.F. Duncan of Milton, lots #241, #196. Rec. 25 Nov. 1912. (from Dianne Ladd 3/1991)
      L-442: 21 Nov. 1910, Elizabeth Holmes, Mary Harris, T.L. Cooper, Mary New, J.S. Rawlins, Florence Roberts, C.C. Rawlins, Lizzie Hogan, A.H. Rawlins, G.F. Fossett, Leila Duncan of Bibb Co. GA, Essie Little, Mrs. E.J. Fosset, all heirs at law of Martha Strickland. (from Dianne Ladd 3/1991)
      L-598: 20 May 1853, John Duncan adm. and Catherine Duncan adminx. of Robert Duncan, decd, to Lawson McGinnis for $1336.55, in Cobb Co., 120 acres, lots #637, #638, #639 in 1st Dist., 2nd Sec. Wit. N.L. Hutchins, Herman F. Terrell J.S.C.; rec. Jan. 8, 1921. (from Dianne Ladd 3/1991) (MAD: 1850 Gwinnett Co. GA census)
      M-289: S.F. Duncan to Lillian Augusta Duncan for $500, deeds her land, she will take care of him and his wife; rec. 1922. (from Dianne Ladd 3/1991)


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