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Formed 1827 from Lee, Muscogee, Stewart
Crawford formed 1822 from Houston, Marion, Talbot, Macon
Muscogee formed 1826 from Creek Lands, Harris, Lee, Marion
Talbot formed 1827 from Crawford, Harris, Marion, Macon, Muscogee
Macon formed 1837 from Houston, Marion
Taylor formed 1852 from Marion, Talbot
Chattahoochee formed 1854 from Muscogee, Marion
Schley formed 1857 from Marion, Sumter


1830 Marion Co. GA Census
Pg.142  John C. Dunkin      2100,1  -  0000,1
      (MAD: mar. Fanny Reaves 9/1/1822 Jones Co. GA; 1840 Macon Co. GA census; 1850 Pike Co. AL census)

1840 Marion Co. GA Census
      No Duncan indexed

1850 Marion Co. GA Census
Pg.261, #477, Andrew DUNCAN 28 SC farmer
                  Mary Ann 34 GA
                  Octavia 11, Martl? (m) 9 GA
                  John H. 8, Gabriel M. 3, Epsa (f) 1 GA
                  (MAD: "Mart" definite, final "l" or large "C"; NOT William)
                  (MAD: ? Andrew Duncan mar. Mary Lalisted 11/18/1844 Meriwether Co. GA; see ? 1860 Leake Co. MS census)

1860 Marion Co. GA Census (no Duncan indexed)
Red Bone District
Pg.324, #641, Sterling TURNER 23 GA farm laborer $0
                  Josephine (f) 20 GA
                  Mary 10/12 GA
                  (MAD: Starling Turner mar. Josephine Duncan 12/8/1858 Chattahoochee Co. GA; one John H. Turner mar. Mary Duncan 8/12/1858 Chattahoochee Co. GA but not identified 1860 census)

1870 Marion Co. GA Census
Kinchafoonu Dist.
Pg.77, #993, Malin T. HOLLIS 51 GA farmer $3000-$1185
                  Mary 39 GA
                  Nancy 19, Sarah 18, Pasharin? (Pasham?) (f) 17 GA
                  Richard 15, Marlin (sic) (m) 14, Mattie 12 GA
                  Gouidin (f) 11, Minnie 8, Millie 7 GA
                  Effie 3, Letillia (f) 3, Adelia 1 GA
                  (MAD: Mr. M.T. Hollis mar. M.A. Duncan, bride, 11/11/1866 Chattahoochee Co. GA; 1860 Chattahoochee Co. GA census)
Red Bone
Pg.137, #(blank)-#1365, BURT, Hillard (m) 55 GA (white) farming $7200-$2000
                  Sarah E. 42 GA housekeeper
                  Georgia 17, Henrietta 16 GA
                  William Z. 15, Emily F. 13 GA
                  Seabron M. (m) 10, Rinas? S. (f) 6 GA
                  John H. 4 GA
                  Homer H. 7/12 GA b.Sept.
                  DUNKIN, Jissie (m) 21 GA (white) school teacher
Fort Perry
Pg.140, #(blank)-#1407, FIELAN, William P. 46 GA (white) farming & milling $300-$185
                  Susan B. 41 GA house keeper
                  William A. 16 AL
                  Marcus T?. (m) 13, Leander F. (m) 11 GA
                  Josiah T. 11, Martha E. 3 GA
                  Lucious P. (m) 1 GA
                  GRENE?, Franklin 26 GA (white) works in saw mill
                  TIBLEY, Henry 18 GA works on farm
                  DUNCAN, Jane 26 GA (white) (blank)
                  Millia L.B. (f) 1 GA


Marion Co. GA Letters and temporary administrations, guardianships & testamentary 1852-1893 (FHL film 422,219)
      A-18: 14 Jan. 1854, Letters of guardianship, William Duncan guardian of William, Sarah Ann, Valentine, Adaline and George M. D. Vertire (Nertire?) orphans and minors of Buebar? B. Nertire (Nertue?).
      A-99: 6 Aug. 1860, Amos Duncan decd, application by William A. Bell for letters of administration, granted Aug. 6, 1860. (MAD: ? see Sumter Co. GA)

Marion Co. GA Returns and Vouchers
      Returns & vouchers Book E, 1854-1856 - no Duncan (FHL film 422,224)
      Returns & vouchers Book G, 1857-1859 - no Duncan (FHL film 422,224)
      Returns & vouchers Book H, 1859-1861 - no Duncan (FHL film 422,225)
      Returns & vouchers Book I, 1861-1864 - no Duncan (FHL film 422,225)
      Returns & vouchers Book L, 1863-1870 - no Duncan (FHL film 422,226)
      Returns & vouchers Book M, 1870-1875 - no Duncan (FHL film 422,226)

Marion Co. GA Court of Ordinary Minutes
      1854-1858 - no Duncan (FHL film 422,214)
      Book A, 1859-1865 (index at back) (FHL film 422,214)
      Duncan, Amos, estate of., W.A. Bell Admin. of Amos Duncan, pg.64, 85, 198, 200, 205, 206, 213, 217, 223, 231, 243, 249, 266 (not found), 267, 284, 289-3 (289-293?), 298, 303, 309, 316, 330 (all looked at, most not copied, heirs never given)
      A-64: Court Aug. 1860, William A. Bell applied for letters of administration on estate of Amos Duncan decd, estate to be appraised.
      A-85: Court Nov. 8, 1860, application to sell land of Amos Duncan decd.
      A-198: Court May 1862, Application for letters of dismission, continued. (MAD: this is the first time the application was made but it was continued almost every month or quarter.)
      A-330: Court Jan. 1864, application for letters of dismission by William A. Bell as admin. of estate of Amos Duncan decd.
      Book A, 1864-1873 - no Duncan, no William Bell (FHL film 422,215)

Marion Co. GA Will Records, 1846-1940; incl. index (FHL film 422,213)
      Book A, 1846-1915 - no Duncan


Marion Co. GA Deed indexes
      Grantors A-Z 1845-1949 (FHL film 423,222)
            Duncan starts 1883 & later, Bell not listed as admin.
      Grantees A-Z 1845-1949 (FHL film 423,224)
            Duncan starts 1889


Carroll Co. GA Deeds
      A-494: Houston Co., 30 June 1830, John C. Duncan of Marion Co. to John Ruskin of Houston Co., $500, lot #119 in 8th Dist. Carroll Co.; wit. John C. Rodgers, L.R. Thipan; rec. 14 Feb. 1831. (from pg.48, "Carroll Co. GA Abstract of Deed Book A&B, 1827-1836" Vol.I, by Mary Florence Arthur Word; FHL book 975.839 R2w) (MAD: John C. Duncan of Davis Dist., Jones Co., drew lot #119, in 8th, Sec. 5, Carroll Co. GA, in the 1827 Land Lottery)


"American Encyclopedia of Biography, New Series" pub. by American Historical Society, Vol.28, 1958 (FHL book 973 D36ea)
      Pg.401 of this volume contains a biographical sketch of JAMES R. GRAVES DUNCAN, JR. of Prattville, Autauga Co. AL, born in Marion Co. GA 11/24/1896, son of James R. Graves Duncan, Sr. born Macon Co. GA, who was a son of William Franklin Duncan and Nancy Ann Duke of NC. The article gives more on the James R. Graves Duncan family. (MAD: see Duplin Co. NC, William Franklin Duncan possibly the William F. b. 1840, in Macon Co. GA 1860, son of Davis Duncan who was son of Edmund Duncan)


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