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Formed 1807 from Montgomery, Washington, Wilkinson
Montgomery formed 1793 from Washington, Laurens, Tattnall, Telfair
Pulaski formed 1808 from Laurens, Wilkinson
Johnson formed 1858 from Emanuel, Laurens, Washington


1820 Laurens Co. GA Census
Pg. 11  Albert Duncan       100100      - 00100
          (MAD: Elbert Duncan mar. Elizabeth Speir 8/19/1818)
    14  Thomas Duncan       020001      - 00101
          (MAD: one Thomas Duncan mar. Polly Alligood 7/1/1824;
            ?? see Jackson Co. GA 1830)

1830 Laurens Co. GA Census
Pg. 15  Elbert Duncan       1000,01     - 0100,1

1840 Laurens Co. GA Census
Capt. Wright's District
Pg.151  Elbert C. Duncan    0010,001    - 2201,01

1850 Laurens Co. GA Census
Pg.229, #4, Francis THOMAS 47 NC merchant $2350
                  Catherine 28 GA
                  Julia DUNCAN 22 GA
                  Wm. C. KNIGHT 26 GA clerk
                  James F?. THOMAS 3, Martha 1 GA
Pg.259, #464, E.C. DUNCAN (m) 53 GA farmer $1500
                  Elizabeth 30 GA
                  Elizabeth M. 19, Lisa A. 16, Serena 14 GA
                  Marinda 10, William 7 GA
                  (MAD: Elbert C. Duncan; one Elizabeth Duncan mar. Thomas Cury 8/19/1855; one Irene Duncan mar. Bryan A. Bacon 10/14/1857)
Pg.267, #585, Reuben WARREN 28 GA farmer $50
                  Caroline 28 GA
                  William 4, Thomas 2 GA
                  (MAD: Reuben Warren mar. Mary C. Duncan 2/19/1845; ?? see Dennis Duncan in Jackson Co. GA served War of 1812 as "Reuben Warren")
Pg.268, #600, Reuben WARREN 60 GA farmer
                  Betsy 40 GA
                  Hasseltine (f) 13, John 9, Davion? (m) 4 GA
                  Francis (m) 4, Ehulinda (f) 3, Jasper 1 GA
Pg.268, #612, Joseph DUNCAN 22 GA farmer
                  Nancy 20 GA (not mar/in/year)
                  (MAD: Joseph R. Duncan mar. Nancy J. Alligood 8/9/1849 or 9/9/1849)

1860 Laurens Co. GA Census
Pg.612, #231-224, Henry HESTER 52 GA farmer $350-280
                  Mary 35 GA
                  Tabitha A. 13 GA
                  (MAD: looking for "Henry Duncan or Hester" and wife Mary or Polly Looper, she a minor in 1855 Pickens Co. SC real estate, out of state by 4/8/1860)
Pg.628, #340-331, Elbert C. DUNCAN 62 GA farmer $2000-2300
                  Leacey A. (f) 22, Marinda C. 19 GA
                  William E. 17 GA
Pg.628, #341-332, Joseph R. do (DUNCAN) 32 GA farmer 0-$550
                  Nancy J. 33 GA
                  Edward E. 9, John J. 8, Ellen E. 7 GA
                  Leacey J. 3, Daniel E. 1 GA
                  (MAD: 1852-1857 deeds Wilcox Co. GA)
Pg.664, #607-591, John T. DUNCAN 29 GA clerk Supr. Court $1200-1600
                  Nancy 60 GA (sic)
                  Archabald T. 3 GA
                  Richard H. 17 GA
                  William E. 27 GA machanic 0-0
                  James M. HALL 35 NC painter 0-$700
                  John B. WOLF 22 GA lawyer
                  Julius C. WHITEHEAD 19 GA (blank) 0-$11,000 (sic)
                  (MAD: 1850 Hancock Co. GA census; John T. Duncan mar. Sarah A. Fuqua 8/13/1854)

1870 Laurens Co. GA Census
District 342, Dublin P.O.
Pg.316, #103-102, DUNCAN, R.H. (m) 26 GA (white) farmer $1500-$2000
                  Theresa P. (f) 21 GA keeping house
                  Freeman H. 3 GA
                  Haydon A. 8/12 GA b.Nov.
                  [DUNCAN,] Harriett S. 8 GA BLACK domestic servant
Dublin P.O.
Pg.353, #715-715, DUNCAN, John R. 39 GA farmer $3000-$1000
                  Lizzie 31 GA
                  Archabald S. 13, Jennie G. 7 GA
Pg.403, #1508-1508, DUNCAN, Wm. E. 27 GA (white) farmer $500-$490
                  Statina (f) 23 GA keeping house
                  REDEN, Martha E. 8 GA (white)


Laurens Co. GA Will Records 1809-1926 (FHL film 410,114)
      Book 1, 1809-1840
      1-68: Will of Thos. Duncan, 23 June 1823, rec. 12 July 1823, weak in body; to my wife Mary my plantation where I now live and all household and kitchen furniture, the crop now growing on the plantation, the plantation utensils, animals, etc., what money I have on hand and all the promissory notes I have and beef cattle sufficient to support the family, for her life and then between my three children, my daughter Rebeckey and my son Thomas and my son Ellis, and at her death to my daughter Elisabeth one cow and calf; to my dau. Easter one cow and calf, my son Elbert one cow and calf; the rest of my property to my three children: my dau. Rebeckey, my son Thomas and my son Ellis equally, to have their property when they come of age; my wife Mary my executrix; wit. Thos N. Witkinson, Robert Turner; proved July term 1823 by Thos. N. Wilkinson, Robert Turner. (MAD: one Thomas Duncan mar. Polly Alligood 7/1/1824; one Thomas Duncan was GA Soldier of the line, granted bounty of 250 acres, Washington Co., Dec. 10, 1784; from "Laurens Co. GA Abstract of Wills, 1809-1869; Marriages 1809-1855; Lottery 1819" typescript, by Henrietta Sanders Freeman, 1941, DAR; FHL film 7,140)
      1-131: State of GA, Laurens Co., will of Ellis Duncan, 3 May 1830, prob. July 1830, low state of health; killing all other [wills] heretofore made; to my mother Mary Archer all my estate for her life, all my land, cattle, my horse and all the rest of my goods; after my mother's death, to my sister Easter Johnson one cow and calf, and to Elizabeth Mat one cow and calf; after my mother's death the rest of my estate be equally divided between Elbert Duncan, Thomas Duncan and Rebecca Miller; my brother Elbert Duncan exec.; signed Ellis D. Duncan, wit. Hall Hudson, Charles Walden; proved July 1830, rec. August 21, 1830. (MAD: David Meats? mar. Elizabeth Duncan 2/12/1820; James Archer mar. Mary Duncan 12/14/1826; William Johnson mar. Esther Duncan 12/9/1819; James Miller mar. Rebecca Duncan 1/20/1825)
      Book 2, 1840-1868 - no Duncan
      Book B, 1862-1887 - no Duncan

Laurens Co. GA Ordinary Court Records
      Settlements Book C, 1826-1837 - no Duncan (FHL film 414,403)
      Settlements Book D, 1837-1851 - no Duncan (FHL film 414,403)
      Settlements, 1858-1861 (FHL film 414,404)
            Pg.13, Account of John T. Duncan, Jan. 1858; carried to page 337, 436, 549; sales of merchandise etc. during 1858; MAD: looks like store accounts of a merchant, not copied.
            Pg.49: Account of William E. Duncan, 1858-1859; MAD: these look like items bought from a store.
            Pg.287: Account of Joseph R. Duncan, March 1858 to March 14, 1859, when paid cash for items.
            Pg.380: Account of Elbert C. Duncan from June 18, 1858, to Feb. 12, 1859, for fabric, straw hat, etc., paid 12 Feb. 1859.

Laurens Co. GA Ordinary Court Probate Records, Division of Estates 1820-1860 (FHL film 414,405)
      No index


GA Land Lotteries; Laurens Co. GA
      Name, lottery year, militia district & county of residence, draw
      Duncan, Elbert, 1820, of S. Smiths Dist., Laurens Co., drew lot #214 in Dist.6, Irwin Co.; granted 12 Jan. 1838
      Duncan, Mary, Widow, 1827, of Capt. Beachams Dist., Laurens Co., drew lot #117, 16th Dist., Sec.1, Lee Co.
      Duncan, Thomas, 1820, of Harris Dist., Laurens Co., drew lot #168 in Dist.7, Early Co. (MAD: later Baker Co.)

GA Land Lottery grants, 1820-1904; index of names of fortunate drawers, 1820 (FHL film 514,012 item 4)
      Dist.7, Lot 168, to Thomas Duncan of Harris Dist., Laurens Co., granted 8 Nov. 1821, Early Co. GA, in the 1820 lottery

Laurens Co. GA Deed indexes 1808-1900 (FHL film 394,592)
      G-134: 28 March 1818, Thomas Duncan to James Warren, rec. 4/12/1821
      G-209: 17 Sept. 1822, Thos. Duncan to Thos. H. Wilkinson, rec. 2/24/1823
      J-242: 24 Feb. 1837, E.C. Duncan to John Perry, rec. 3/3/1837
      N-74: 6 March 1855, Jno. T. Duncan, "Shff" to F. Thomas, rec. 3/12/1855
      N-78: 3 April 1855, Jno. T. Duncan, "Shff" to Chas. L. Holmes, rec. 4/3/1855.
      N-101: 5 June 1855, Jno. T. Duncan, "Shff" to T.N. Greyton, rec. 6/6/1855
      N-108?: 3 July 1855, Jno. T. Duncan, "Shff" to Chas. L. Holmes, rec. 7/24/1855
      N-127?: 1 Jan. 1850?, Jno. T. Duncan, "Shff" to T.N. Greyton, rec. 2/20/1856.
      Many more Shf or trustee deeds for J.T. Duncan to 1866; quit
      E-267: 15 April 1817, Thomas Davis to Thomas Duncan, rec. 5/1/1817
      F-31: 26 Dec. 1817, Josh. Creek to Thos. Duncan, rec. 7/25/1818
      F-209: 1 Dec. 1818, Burrell Beaty to Thos. Duncan, rec. 11/22/1819
      G-66: 29 Dec. 1818, Thomas Hall to Thos. Duncan, rec. 4/2/1821
      N-338: 18 Sept. 1856, Francis Thomas to Jno. T. Duncan, rec. 7/14/1857
      Many more deeds 1858-1864 in Book P and later to John T. Duncan, not copied

Laurens Co. GA Deeds
      E-267: 15 April 1817, Thomas Davis of Laurens Co. GA to Thomas Duncan of same, $400, 192-1/2 acre lot #22 in 1st Dist. formerly Wilkinson now Laurens Co. GA; wit. Jno. Guyton, Neil Munroe JP; rec. 5/1/1817. (FHL film 394,594; acres as given)
      F-31: 26 Dec. 1817, Joshua (X) Creek of Laurens Co. GA to Thomas Duncan of same, $50, 12 acres, part of lot #21 in 1st Dist. formerly Wilkinson now Laurens Co. GA; wit. William Roberts, Neill Munroe JP; rec. 7/25/1818. (FHL film 394,594)
      F-209: 1 Dec. 1818, Burrell Bailey of Telfair Co. GA to Thomas Duncan of Laurens Co. GA, $800, lot in 17th Dist., fraction No. #287, of 177 acres; wit. William Cawthorn, Elbert Duncan; rec. 11/22/1819. (FHL film 394,594)
      G-66: Laurens Co. GA, 29 Dec. 1818, Thomas (X) Hall to Thomas Duncan, both of Co. afsd, $67.50, part of lot #30 in 1st District of old Wilkinson beg. on fraction lot #22, 51 acres; wit. Wright Sanders, Soloman Hall, Josiah Horn JP; rec. 4/2/1821. (FHL film 394,594)
      G-134: 28 March 1818, Thomas Duncan of Laurens Co. GA to James Warren, $34, 202-1/2 acres lot #32 in 1st Dist., surveyed 11 Dec. 1804 and granted 5 Dec. 1805; wit. William (X) Rye, Micajah Fort Champion; rec. 4/12/1821. (FHL film 394,594)
      G-209: Laurens Co. GA, 17 Sept. 1822, Thomas Duncan to Thomas H. Wilkinson, $600, lot #22 in 1st Dist., 191-1/2 acres, and the part of lot #21 containing 12 acres, and lot #31, and 50 acres of lot #30; wit. Lott Warren, Edward (X) Seally; rec. 2/24/1823. (FHL film 394,594)
      J-242: Laurens Co. GA, 24 Feb. 1837, Elbert C. Duncan and Lewis J. Ramsey execs. of estate of James Spiers, to John Pery, all of afsd; that James Spiers' will requested lot #249 in 1st Dist. be sold at public sale, this a deed to John Pery the highest bidder for $376; wit. Daniel N. Scarborough, Jethro Weaver JP; rec. 3/3/1837. (FHL film 394,595)
      N-338: Laurens Co. GA, 18 Sept. 1856, Francis Thomas of afsd to John T. Duncan of same, $226, five town lots in town of Dublin, #153, #165 and #164 (MAD: sic) and (?) whereon said John T. Duncan now lives; ... rec. 7/14/1857. (FHL film 394,597)


Warren Cemetery #1 (SW), Laurens Co. GA (from Hazel Clack 1/18/2010; MAD: reformatted)
      From I-16, take Exit 13, travel south on GA 257 about 3 miles, turn left on Eastman-Dublin Rd., go abt 3 miles and turn left on Antioch Church Rd. Go past the church on the hill on the left side of rd. Cemetery is far back in woodland. This cemetery has many large cedar trees growing, dying and rotting, with lots of other trees and undergrowth. Rocks & stones indicate many more graves than those found with markers. by Vernon Alligood Jan 1998.
      *These directions were given before houses were built in that area. The cemetery is in the woods behind the houses (some mobile homes) on the top of the hill. It is a large cemetery that is not easily accessible. The underbrush is thick with plenty of thorny vines.
      Headstone Inscriptions
      HC note: It appears that Charityan was probably the 1st wife of James Reuben, son of Reuben Warren and Mary Caroline Duncan. On the 1900 census there is a Jim (James?) Warren married to Dollie for 1 year with older children in the household.
      HC: In Aug 2009, only 5 graves were accessed after clearing away underbrush and vines. There are many, many more graves that were not accessed. The other 3 are:
1. Mary, daughter of J R & C G Warren
2. Willie Thomas, son of James R and Charity Warren
3. Sarah C (could be O or G), daughter of W E & Sarah J Warren
      HC: William E. Warren, son of Reuben and Mary Caroline (Charityan?) Warren, married a Sarah J (?).


Early Co. GA Land Lottery Grants, Dist.5-10 (FHL film 519,018)
      Dist.7, pg.23: Grant 8 Nov. 1821 to Thomas Duncan of Harris Dist., Laurens Co., 250 acres in 7th Dist. Early Co., Lot 168.

Lee Co. GA Land Lottery Index, 1827; by District, Section & Lot (FHL film 514,014)
      16th Dist., 1st Sec., #117, granted Mary Duncan widow, of Beacham's Dist., Laurens Co., 2 Dec. 1829.

Campbell Co. GA Deed (FHL film 401,779)
      D-360: Laurens Co. GA. 24 March 1840, John Holliman of Laurens Co. to W.B. Smith of Wilkinson Co., for $73, 40 acres in lot #671, Dist.18, Cherokee now Campbell Co.; wit. Phillip Payne, J.J. Duncan.

Pulaski Co. GA Deed (FHL film 177,769)
      M-26: 24 Oct. 1854, Charles Illius of City of NY and Elizabeth his wife to Alexander Duncan, Watts Sherman, William B. Duncan and Charles H. Dalney, composing the firm of Duncan, Sherman & Co., mortgage; Illius owes them $2500 secured by bond for $50,000 of this date, mortgage land of 300,000 (three hundred thousand) acres in GA in Pulaski, Laurens, Telfair and Montgomery Cos., conveyed to Illius by Amos Davis by deed 16 Dec. 1853 recorded Pulaski Co. Deed Book L pg.515-518, Laurens Co. Deed Book M pgs.402-406, Telfair Co. Deed Book W#14 pgs.1-7, and Montgomery Co. Deed Book T pgs.195-199; wit. M.M. Benton, Edwin F. Corey. M-364, 23 Jan. 1856, mortgage paid. (MAD: see Rhode Island and New York)

Telfair Co. GA Superior Court Deed (FHL film 327,638)
      W-440: 12 March 1861, Samuel Duncan of Laurance Co. "state afsd" to William P. Campbell of Telfair Co. State afsd, $75, land in 9th Dist. Telfair Co., lots #252 and #201, of 202-1/2 acres each; wit. Mark Suaine, M.A. Durr JIC.

Wilcox Co. GA Deeds (FHL film 271,329)
      C-113: Dooly Co. GA, 25 July 1852, William G. Hamilton of afsd to Joseph R. Duncan of Lawrence Co. GA, $150, lots #257 and #258 in 12th Dist. of Dooly Co. containing in the two lots 405 acres; wit. Bryant (X) Coleman, B.B. Hamilton NP of Dooly Co.; rec. Feb. 25, 1882.
      C-116: Dooly Co. GA, 12 Jan. 1857, J.R. (X) Duncan of Lawrence Co. GA to Alfred Owens of afsd, $425, lots #257 and #258 in 12th Dist. Dooly Co., 405 acres; wit. Henry J. Williams, James Owins NP; rec. Feb. 25, 1882.

Montgomery Co. GA Court of Ordinary minutes; Old minutes transcribed 1809-1862 (FHL film 218,823)
      Pg.568: Dec. 6, 1858, ordered the county pay John L. Duncan, Sheriff of Laurence Co., $61.40 on board & medical attention of Simon H. Hampton while confined in the jail of Laurens Co.


"Roster of Confederate Soldiers of GA 1861-1865" by Lillian Henderson, Director of the State Division of Confederate Pensions and Records for the state of Georgia, 6 vols. (FHL book 975.8 M22h)
      2:389: 14th Regiment GA Volunteer Infantry; Co.H, Blackshear Guards, Laurens Co. GA: Richard H. Duncan, 4th Sergeant, July 9, 1861; appointed 3rd Sergeant July 18, 1861; discharged, disability, at Richmond, VA, Aug. 24, 1861.
            2:390: William E. Duncan, Private, May 3, 1862; wounded at Gettysburg, PA, July 2, 1863; appointed 2nd Sergeant July 1, 1864; wounded at Wilderness, VA, May 5, 1864. Elected 1st Lieutenant in 1865. Wounded and captured near Petersburg, VA, March 25, 1865; released at Point Lookout, MD, June 26, 1865.
      5:253: 49th Regiment GA Volunteer Infantry, Army of Northern VA; Co.G, Laurens Volunteers, Laurens Co. GA: Richard H. Duncan, 2nd Lieutenant, March 4, 1862; resigned, disability, Aug. 15, 1862. (Born in 1843.)

GA Confederate Soldiers Pensions; Index - Dobson, W.P. to Ellington, Allen J. (FHL film 1,493,057)
      MAD: The Pension records themselves are alphabetic within the county. The index is small 3x5 cards preprinted with "Name:" and "Service:" and "Res.:" and "Remarks"; also looked at any Dunan and Dunk.. names listed; cards include witnesses for other confederate soldiers.
      Information in FHL Catalog: Confederate soldiers received pensions for military service beginning in 1879; law changed 1891 to include widows; cards in this record for the witnesses of these soldiers & widows attesting to service of each soldier; alphabetical by name of pensioner, included on card are notations concerning county of residence, unit designation, and husband's name in the case of widow cards.
      Joseph R. Duncan, Co.E, 4th GA, application by Mrs. Nancy J. Duncan, widow, Colquitt Co. GA (MAD: see Laurens Co. GA)
      W.E. Duncan, Co.H, 14th GA, application by Mrs. S.A. Duncan, widow, Laurens Co. GA
      Mrs. S.A. Duncan, widow of W.E. Duncan, Co.H, 14th GA, application in Laurens Co. GA
      W.E. Duncan, Co.H, 14th GA, witness for J.D. Bates, Laurens Co. GA
      W.E. Duncan, Co.H, 14th GA, witness for Green B. Faulk, Laurens Co. GA
      W.E. Duncan, Co.H, 14th GA, witness for William J. Hall, Dodge Co. GA
      W.E. Duncan, Co.H, 14th GA, witness for Mrs. Liddy Ann Jones, Washington Co. GA
      W.E. Duncan, Co.H, 14th GA, witness for John McCant, Wilkinson Co. GA

Case Files of Applications from Former Confederates for Presidential Pardons ("Amnesty Papers") 1865-1867, Group I, Pardon Applications Submitted by Persons from the South (from Kathy Cawley 9/2007; MAD's extract)
      John T. Duncan of Laurens Co. GA, application for special pardon, Sept. 18, 1865; he held an unimportant office under Rebel Rule, statement by J. Johnson 10/18/1865. Petition by John T. Duncan, resident citizen of Laurens Co. GA, that he is by profession a clerk in the mercantile business, a poor man with a family entirely depending on him for subsistence. He is excluded from the amnesty proclamation because he held the office first of collector of taxes then the collector of tax in the Confederate Government. He is conservative in his politics, and tried to support his family. Sept. 4, 1865. (Roll 18, Georgia, Di-Gra names, FHL film 1,578,756)

HISTORIES before 1923

1889 "Biographical souvenir of the states of Georgia and Florida : containing biographical sketches of the representative public, and many early settled families in these states" pub. by F.A. Battey (Los Angeles Public Library book R975.8 B615; FHL book 975 D3bg and fiche 6,088,141)
      Pg.249-50, Georgia: J.T. DUNCAN. ... John T. Duncan, of Laurens County. ... He is not a native, however, of Laurens, but was born in Taliaferro County, where his father, a native of Dutchess Co. NY, settled when a young man. Judge Duncan's mother was a descendant of an old Taliaferro County family, her maiden name being Lancaster. The subject of this sketch is the third of six children. He was reared in Taliaferro County and educated at Mount Lion Academy, in Hancock County, ... He located in Dublin, then the county seat of Laurens County, at the age of twenty quitting school, and there began life and there has lived since. After a residence of three years he was elected sheriff of the county, which office he held six years by re-election. He was then elected ... for six years. Following his services in this capacity, he was elected judge of the county court and held this office till the court was abolished in 1868. ... (MAD: See 1850 Hancock Co. GA census; James Duncan mar. Mrs. Nancy (Lancaster) Lightfoot)


"Family Bible Records" by GA DAR, at GA Department of Archives & History, 1938, Series 1 (FHL film 6,976)
      Pg.740 contains Judge John Thomas Duncan's Bible, including information that Mrs. Nancy Lancaster Duncan, born 1798, died 1865, married to James Duncan (blank), she the dau. of William Lancaster, ... John Thomas Duncan b. 12/7/1830 Taliaferra Co. GA, d. 8/3/1891, mar. Sarah Amelia Fuqua 8/13/1854 Laurens Co. GA, mar. Sarah Elizabeth Stokes 12/8/1861, mar. Nancy S. Stokes 11/27/1875. The Bible gives more information about each wife, and information about their children.
      Series 2, pg.122-123 (FHL film 6,979) gives information similar to the Bible in Series 1, but also includes information about James Duncan, b. 7/18/1798, mar. Nancy Lancaster 9/18/1825, and their children.


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