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Formed 1818 from Indian Lands, Coffee, Telfair
Lowndes formed 1825 from Irwin
Thomas formed 1825 from Baker, Decatur, Irwin, Lowndes
Worth formed 1852 from Dooly, Irwin
Coffee formed 1854 from Clinch, Irwin, Ware, Telfair
Berrien formed 1856 from Lowndes, Coffee, Irwin
Wilcox formed 1857 from Dooly, Irwin, Pulaski
Tift formed 1905 from Berrien, Irwin, Worth
Turner formed 1905 from Dooly, Irwin, Wilcox, Worth
Ben Hill formed 1906 from Irwin, Wilcox


1820-1870 Irwin Co. GA Census
      No Duncan indexed
      (MAD: one James Duncan was indexed on pg.226 in 1820, but this was Jasper Co. GA)


Irwin Co. GA Court of Ordinary General index to records & instruments 1821-1956
      Book 1, 1821-1901 (FHL film 394,632)
      Duncan, James R., marriage license, 7/10/1854, Book 14, pg.5
      no other Duncan to 1901
      Index to instruments, Book 1, 1823-1911 (FHL film 394,633)
      Duncan, James R., marriage license 4/6/1854, 1-171
      No other Duncan to 1905

Irwin Co. GA Court of Ordinary, Transcript of old records, 1821-1897 (FHL film 394,634; includes index)
      Pg.400: License, James R. Duncan and Mazura A. Horn, 6 April 1854, married 6 April 1854 by John S. Morston, JP. (MAD: indexed as Missouri Horne)
       (MAD: ?? b. 1835, ? 1850 Cobb Co. GA census)


Irwin Co. GA Wills, Bonds, etc., Book 1, 1821-1864 (FHL film 394,639)
      No index

Irwin Co. GA Probate records; Administrators & guardians bonds & letters 1822-1896 (FHL film 394,640)
      No Duncan

Irwin Co. GA Inferior Court Minutes 1820-1852 (FHL film 394,646)
      No index


GA Land Lotteries; Irwin Co. GA
      Name, lottery year, militia district & county of residence, draw
      Dunkin, Allen, 1820, of Bryants Dist., Wilkes Co., drew lot #105 in Dist.7, Irwin Co. (MAD: later Worth Co.)
      Duncan, Elbert, 1820, of S. Smiths Dist., Laurens Co., drew lot #214 in Dist.6, Irwin Co.
      Duncan, James A., 1820, of Brooks Dist., Jones Co., drew lot #108 in Dist.11, Irwin Co. (MAD: later Lowndes or Clinch or Echols Co.)
      Duncan, John Jr., 1820, of White & Christians Dist., Elbert Co., drew lot #354 in Dist.6, Early Co.
      Dunkin, John Sr., 1820, of Whites Dist., Elbert Co., drew lot #9 in Dist.10, Irwin Co. (MAD: later Berrien or Coffee or Clinch Co.)

Irwin Co. GA Deed Index Book 1, 1821-1896 (FHL film 394,615)
      3-314: 5 Jan. 1843, Eliza Ann (X) Ganey to William Duncan, both Irwin Co. GA, $150, 490 acres, lot #238 in Dist. 7; wit. Jonathan Lewis, Seaborn Land. (FHL film 394,616)
      3-388: 1 Nov. 1850, James Jenkins to William Duncan, both Green Co., 490 acres, lot #238, surveyed 10 Dec. 1817, drawn by and granted to said Jenkins 13 Nov. 1829, in Dist. 7; wit. George Redden, John Wilson JP.
      4-27: 22 May 1847, Wm. Duncan of Irwin Co. GA to Royal Roberts Jenkins, of Irwin Co., in consideration of a bond this day given to William Duncan for $2000 to make good title to land in 28th Dist. of now Sumpter but originally Lee Co., Lot #348, sell to Jenkins land in Irwin Co. in 7th Dist., 490 acres, Lot #238; no wife; wit. E.G. Brown JP (FHL film 394,616) (MAD: see Greene Co. GA)
      No other Duncan deeds to 1870.


Irwin Co. GA Tax digest, 1830-1831-1832 (FHL film 159,155 item 1)
      MAD: top inch or two of pages missing, pages numbered at bottom center of opposing pages, Durham families on pages 48-49 and 61, no Duncan
      William Duncan on 1846 tax digest in 7th Dist., now Worth Co., from another source


Franklin Co. GA Tax Lists, 1821, Capt. Duncan's Dist.
      Dennis Duncan, 1n (1 black), 116-1/2a, Mabry, J. Duncan, Grove R.; 250a, Tredaway, #126, Dist. 10, Early Co.; 490a, Tredaway, #34, Dist. 16, Irwin Co.; 250a, E. Norris, #294, Dist. 27, Early Co. Capt. Duncan's Dist. Pg. not numbered.
      John Duncan, 6n (6 blacks), 275a, T. Banks, Thompson, Grove R.; 490a, Dunaway, #39, Dist. 8, Irwin Co.

Greene Co. GA Tax Records (FHL film 1,018,453)
      No columnar headings; but from later tax lists: Person taxed, (sometimes: District and) county of land if other than Greene Co., acres, lot number or waterway, (sometimes a column for person to whom granted), to whom adjoining, free white poles, slaves or black poles. Order of columns sometimes changes.
1834: Capt. Branchs or 146th Dist.
      Wm. Dunkin, Muscogee, 202-1/2a, (watercourse:) #144 - 32, 1 wp, 6 blacks
      do Irwin, 202-1/2a, (blank) - #7, 0 wp, 0 blacks
      do agent for Elizabeth Jenkins, Greene, 368a Town Creek, (adj.) -- Mils, 0 wp, 23 blacks
      do do, Greene, 183a-183a, (blank), (adj) Jourden, 0 wp, 0 blacks
      do do, Sumter, 202-1/2a, (watercourse) 305 - 15, (blank), 0 wp, 0 blacks
1837: Capt. Kearney's or 145th Dist.
      Wm. Duncan, Greene, 366a on the waters Oconee, adj. Jourden, 1 wp, 5 blacks
      do, Irwin Co., 490a (blank)

Wilkes Co. GA Tax Digests (FHL film 177,831 and 177,832; no 1824 tax list)
      MAD: 18 districts each year until 1825, then 16 districts; white poles not given but persons listed had tax due even though no slaves or land shown
1821: Dist.1, Capt. John Bryant:
      Duncan, Allen, 490a Apling Co., 7th (?Dist.), #460;
            490a Irwin Co., 7th, #105;
            157a Wilkes Co., Rocky Creek, adj. S. Watson, granted J. Kelly
1822: Dist.1, Capt. Bryant:
      Duncan, Allen, 1 black, 490a Irwin Co., 7th, #105;
            157a Wilkes Co. on Rocky Creek adj. J?. Watson, granted J. Kelly
1823: Dist.1, Capt. Bryant:
      Duncan, Allen, 1 slave, 490a Irwin Co., #105, 3rd;
            157a Wilkes Co., Rocky Creek, adj. P?. Watson, granted J. Kelly
1825: Dist.8, Capt. John Hammack's:
      Duncan, Allen, 2 slaves, 157a Wilkes Co. on Rocky Creek adj. C. Nelms, granted L. Kelley; (MAD: Taliaferro Co. formed 1825 partly from Wilkes Co.)
            490a Irwin Co., 7th (Dist.) #105

Henry Co. GA Deed (FHL film 175,357)
      A-305: 12 Jan. 1824, Robert Duncan of afsd. county ("Henry" scratched out, "Irwin" written in) to Parker Eason of Henry Co. GA, $425, 202-1/2 acres, lot #181, orig. grant to Robert Duncan 13 Dec. 1823. Recorded on oath of wit. James Ramsom and Peter Johnson.


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