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Last revised July 9, 2004

Formed 1821 from Indian Lands, Walton
Fayette formed 1821 from Indian Lands, Henry
Newton formed 1821 from Henry, Jasper, Morgan, Walton
DeKalb formed 1822 from Fayette, Gwinnett, Newton, Henry
Butts formed 1825 from Henry, Monroe
Spalding formed 1851 from Fayette, Henry, Pike
Clayton formed 1858 from Fayette, Henry
Rockdale formed 1870 from Henry, Newton


1830 Henry Co. GA Census (no Turkett indexed)
Pg.200  Edmund Duncan      0011,101     - 0011,11
          (MAD: ? from Duplin Co. NC to Meriwether Co. GA ?)
   206  William J. Smith   2101,001     - 0001,01
          (MAD: one Thena Duncan mar. Wm. J. Smith 2/13/1825
            in Clarke Co. GA)
   211  William Turner     1110,01      - 1100,1
        Alexander Turner   0000,0000,1  - 0000,001
          (MAD: one Alexander Turner mar. Charlotte Duncan
   212  John Duncan        0000,1       - 2000,1
          (MAD: John Duncan mar. Elizabeth Turner 4/29/1827;
             ?? 1860 Chattooga Co. GA census)
   238  Elizabeth Pasinger 0001         - 0011,1
   239  Daniel Duncan      0010,001     - 0

1840 Henry Co. GA Census
888th District
Pg.347  W.A. Turkett       0000,1       - 0010,1
        8 names
        Snownden Thompson, John Mobley,
        J. Shettleworth, A.L. Hill,
        Elizabeth Duncan   0            - 0001,001
          (erased female age 20-30)
          (MAD: ??? Elizabeth Paysinger mar.
            Daniel Duncan 9/5/1832)
        James Davis, (p.348) Jonathan Newton,
        Thomas Dickey, Joseph B. Tanner
          (MAD: no Paysinger or Hudgens page 347,
            no Paysinger or Pasinger indexed in GA 1840)
525th District
Pg.349  F.W. Duncan        0001         - 0001
          (MAD: Fleming W. Duncan mar. Elizabeth Hodwell
            or Hodnett 1/30/1840; 1850 Troup Co. GA census)

1850 Henry Co. GA Census (no Duncan indexed; no Turner, Hudgens)
Pg.295, #---, E. Morris, J.C. Clark, J. Minton, W. Sprayberry,
Pg.295, #---, J.W. Clark, S. Clark, J. Grant,
Pg.295, #1571, E. PAYSINGER (f) 60 SC -- $0 (alone)
Pg.295, #---, J. Jones, S.C. Masters, W. Riley, L. Free, W. Moss, J. White
Pg.301, #---, L.D. Townsend, B.F. Bowden, W.W. Wright, J.L. Mitchell,
Pg.301, #---, J. Fleming,
Pg.301, #1642, W.A. TURKETT (m) 38 SC, J. (f) 34 SC
                  J.W.(m) 4 SC, E.E.(f) 1 GA
Pg.301, #---, E.M. Fleming, D. Bailey, M.A. Sorrow, etc.
                  (MAD: See Deed H-550, 1838, William A. Turkett to Elizabeth Duncan, Eliza C. Turkett & Martha A. Pasinger)

1860 Henry Co. GA Census
Pg.942, #1159, William DUNCAN 37 GA farm laborer $0-$40
                  Sarah A. 34 GA
                  William 12, James 5, John 2 GA
                  Mary 10, Josephine 6 GA
                  (MAD: 1850 Newton Co. GA census; Sarah & ch. in 1870 Clarke Co. GA census; ?? perhaps William R. Duncan b. 7/4/1823, son of Nathaniel Duncan & Mary Nelms or Nelhomes, Mary of 1860 Newton Co. GA census and 1870 Clarke Co. GA census)

1870-1880 Henry Co. GA Census
      No Duncan indexed


Henry Co. GA Marriage Licenses; index to white marriages 1821-1939 (FHL film 175,287)
      Duncan, Flemming to Elizabeth Hodnett, Jan. 30, 1840, Book 1837-51 pg.104b
      Duncan females - none until 1894, not copied
      Hudgen, John W. to Eliza Turkett, Aug. 5, 1839, Book 1837-51 pg.80b

Henry Co. GA Marriages (FHL film 175,289)
      Book 1822-1837, index in front:
            Pg.35: Alexander Turner to Charlotte Duncan, mar. 4 June 1827 by Charles Huley JP.
            Pg.40: John Duncan to Miss Elizabeth Turner, mar. 29 April 1827 by Wm. McConnell JP.
            Pg.56: John Dunson to Miss Jemima Mobly, mar. 24 Sept. 1828 by Henry N. Pope, JP.
            Pg.122: Daniel Duncan to Elizabeth Paysinger, mar. 5 Sept. 1832 by M.P. Morris JP.
      Book 1837-1851:
            Pg.80b: John W. Hudgens and Eliza Caroline Turket, license 5 Aug. 1839, mar. same date by William Garrett JP
            Pg.104b: Fleming W. Duncan to Elizabeth Hodnett, 30 Jan. 1840, mar. same date by Jesse Hightower JP.
      Book 1851-1868, white and colored - no Duncan indexed (FHL film 175,290)


Henry Co. GA Probate, Court of Ordinary, Wills and Bonds 1822-1834 (FHL film 175,297)
      No Duncan

Henry Co. GA Index to estates proceedings, 1821-1939 (FHL film 175,296)
      No Duncan until 1938

Henry Co. GA Court of Ordinary Records; Minutes 1825-1852 (FHL film 175,300)
      1825-1838 - not indexed
      1838-1853 - not indexed

Henry Co. GA Inferior Court Minutes & Vouchers (listed under Probate records)
      1826-1839 - no index (FHL film 175,307)
      1823-1856 (FHL film 175,308)
            Minutes 1822-1837, Court of Ordinary - no index
            Minutes 1836-1856 - no index

Henry Co. GA Register of Sales, Court of Ordinary, Vols.C-D 1839-1888 (FHL film 175,322)
      Vol.C, 1839-1858 - no Duncan; later not looked at

Henry Co. GA Letters of guardianship & admin; incl. index 1835-1853 (FHL film 175,338)
      No Duncan

Henry Co. GA Probate Records (other records not looked at)
      Guardian Bonds 1838-1871 - no Duncan, Paysinger, Turket (FHL film 175,334)
      Administrator bonds (FHL film 175,332)
            1835-1893 - no Duncan
            Vol. B 1st, 1837-1868 - no index
      Annual Returns, Vols. B-C, 1836-1853 (FHL film 175,310)
            Returns 1836-1840 - no Duncan or Paysinger
            Returns 1840-1853 - no Duncan
      Wills Vols. A-C 1834-1917 (FHL film 175,298)
            Vol.A, 1834-1869 - no Duncan, Paysinger or Turkett
            Vol.B, 1867-1896 - no Duncan


GA Land Lotteries; Henry Co. GA
      Name, lottery year, militia district & county of residence, draw
      Duncan, Edmund, 1832, of Dericks Militia Dist., Henry Co., drew gold lot #292 in Dist.19, Sec.3, Cherokee Purchase (MAD: later Paulding Co.)
      Duncan, John, 1821, of Duncans Dist., Franklin Co.), drew lot #296 in Sec.16, Henry Co. (MAD: later DeKalb and Newton Co.)
      Duncan, John, 1832, of Loven's Militia Dist., Henry Co., drew land lot in Dist.5 Sec.3, Cass Co., granted before 1 Jan. 1838.
      Duncan, John, head of family, 1832, of Lovens Militia Dist., Henry Co., drew gold lot #1272 in Dist.19, Sec.2, Cherokee Purchase (MAD: later Cobb Co.)
      Duncan, Robert, 1821, of Duncans Dist., Franklin Co., drew lot #181 in Sec.3, Henry Co.
      Duncan, William, 1827, of Capt. Wards Dist., Henry Co., drew lot #210, 23rd Dist., Sec.1, Lee Co.
      Duncan, William M., head of family, 1832, of Lovens Militia Dist., Henry Co., drew gold lot #151 in Dist.20, sec.3, Cherokee Purchase (MAD: later Polk or Haralson Co.)
      Swift, Fouur, 1821, of Eddin's Dist., Franklin Co., drew lot #3 in Sec.6, Henry Co.

Henry Co. GA Deeds; General Index, v.7 1822-1857 and v.8 1857-1887 (FHL film 175,353)
      No John W. or Eliza Caroline Hodges grantor deed after 1839
      No Paysinger grantor deed after 1839
      A-305 Robert Duncan to Parker Eason, 1/12/1824
      B-116 William W. Duncan from Thos. F. Buttrill, 5/18/1826
      C&D-101 R.B. Duncan & Co. from Jno. Brasley, 9/1/1824
      F-303 R.B. & P.E. Duncan to James Lavender, 1/16/1832
      F-430 William Duncan to Margaret Kuglar, 2/13/1830
      H-295: William Garrett to William A. Turkett, 11/1/1836, rec. 6/30/1837
      H-550 Elizabeth Duncan et al from William A. Turkett, 2/19/1838
      J-270: Thomas W. Slaughter to William A. Turkett, 1/16/1840, rec. 4/16/1840
      J-273: Isaiah Hollingsworth to William A. Turkett, 12/18/1838, rec. 4/28/1840
      J-347: William A. Turkett to Thomas W. Slaughter, 1/16/1840, rec. 10/7/1840
      No other Duncan until 1856

Henry Co. GA Deeds
      A-80: 9 Nov. 1818, James Wyatt of Morgan Co. to John Wyatt of Jasper Co., $100, land in Dist. 14, lot #127 on waters of Crooked Creek in Wilkinson Co.; wit. Wm. Hardin, Clerk, Daniel Duncan, James Heard; rec. Oct. 1, 1823. (FHL film 175,357; from pg.13, "Henry Co. GA Land Records 1821-1828, Deed Books A & B" by Kathleen Borders Moss & Freda Reid Turner; FHL book 975.8435 R2m)
      A-305: 12 Jan. 1824, Robert Duncan of afsd. county ("Henry" scratched out, "Irwin" written in) to Parker Eason of Henry Co. GA, $425, 202-1/2 acres, lot #181 on waters of Towaliga River, orig. grant to Robert Duncan 13 Dec. 1823. Recorded on oath of wit. James Ramsom and Peter Johnson. (FHL film 175,357; abstracted by others as Robert Duncan of Greene Co.)
      B-116: 18 May 1826, Thomas F. (X) Buttrell of Warren Co. GA to Wm. W. Duncan of Henry Co., $250, lot #40, Dist.12, 202-1/2 acres. Wit. John Hill, William Barnwell; rec. on oath of William Wornwell (sic). (FHL film 175,358)
      B-349 (1st): Gwinnett Co. GA, 25 Sept. 1826, Ranson ("B") Bennett of said Co. appoints William Duncan of Richmond Co. GA as his attorney to make deed to Peter Burnoch of first Co. & state, to Lot #57 in 7th District Henry Co. for $200 received by Ranson Bennett from afsd Peter Burnoch, twenty fifth September eighteen hundered twenty six, dated this 25 Sept. 1827; wit. John Moore JP, David Turner JP; rec. 21 Sept. 1827. (FHL film 175,358)
      B-349 (2nd): 30 Sept. 1826, Ranson Bennett to Peter Burnoch, $200, Lot #57 in 7th District Henry Co., /s/ Ranson Bennett by William Duncan, atty; wit. W.J. Wightman, A.J. Huntington JP; rec. 21 Sept. 1827. (FHL film 175,358)
      B-379: 24 Dec. 1825, William (X) Gilbert of Morgan Co. GA to Silas Moseley of Henry Co. GA, $500, 202-1/2 acres in Dist.11, Lot #59, joining lot 58 and 70 and others; wit. Wm. Gray, Daniel Duncan, Jacob Gurley, Henry N. Pope JP; rec. 6 Nov. 1827. (FHL film 175,358; not David Duncan, dated 24 Dec. not 21 Dec.)
      C&D-101: 1 Sept. 1824, John Besely of Richmond Co. GA to Alx. Sloan and R.B. Dunkan, otherwise known as R.B. Dunkan & Co., $125, lot #79, 202-1/2 acres surveyed by William Ellis, granted to said Besely; Alx. Sloan, Robt. B. Dunkan and Perry E. Dunkan merchants of State & Co. afsd ... (not copied further) (FHL film 175,359)
      F-303: 16 Jan. 1832, R.B. Duncan and P.E. Duncan (later: Perry E. Duncan) of Greenville Co. SC, to James Lavender, $300, lot #79 in Dist.3 in Henry Co., surveyed by William Ellis on 12 July 1821, drawn by John Beseley on 11 June 1824. Wit. Joseph Thompson who made oath in DeKalb Co. GA, and B.F. Maulden. (FHL film 175,360)
      F-430: 13 Feb. 1830, Wm. W. Duncan to Margarett Kuglar (Keeglar?), both Henry Co., $500, land south of Reeves Creek, part of lot #40 in 12th Dist., 152-1/2 acres. No wife. Wit. Wm. C. Adamson, Wm. McConnell JP. (FHL film 175,360) (MAD: not 101-1/4 acres)
      F-490: Henry Co., 13 Feb. 1830, William W. Duncan to David Kugler, both of said Co., $150, 50 acres of lot #40 on North side Reeves Creek in Dist. 12; wit. William C. Adamson, William McConnell JP; rec. Feb. 7, 1834. (FHL film 175,360; from pg.184-5, "Henry Co. GA Land Records 1824-1838, Deed Books C/D, F, G, H" by Kathleen Borders Moss & Freda Reid Turner; FHL book 975.8435 R2m Vol.2)
      H-12: Jones Co., 22 Dec. 1835, Andrew Wicks of said Co., guardian for orphans of Elisha Dubose, to Joshua Elder, $410, 202-1/2 acres of lot 7, Dist.3; wit. John H. Starr, Lee Duncan JP; rec. May 13, 1836. (FHL film 175,361; from pg.295, "Henry Co. GA Land Records 1824-1838, Deed Books C/D, F, G, H" by Kathleen Borders Moss & Freda Reid Turner; FHL book 975.8435 R2m vol.2)
      H-295: 1 Nov. 1836, William Garrett to William A. Turkett, both Henry Co. GA, $120, 80 acres, part of lot 166 in 12th Dist. on W.side; wit. J.W. Bailey, Jno. Bailey JP. (FHL film 175,361)
      H-550: 19 Feb. 1838, William A. (X) Turkett of Henry Co. GA to Elizabeth Duncan and Eliza C. Turkett and Martha A. Pasinger, all Henry Co., $100, 15 acres in SW corner lot #166, District 12, adj. road leading from Tuckers Cabin to John Callaways, warrant title during natural life of Elizabeth Duncan, then to be the property of said William A. Turkett in fee simple; wit. Jno. Bailey, Isaiah Hollingsworth JP. Rec. 8 Aug. 1838. (FHL film 175,361)
      J-54: Henry Co. GA, 2 Nov. 1832, David Wilkins to John R. Wilkins, both of said Co., $100, south part of lot #180 in 6th District, being 70 acres; wit. Edmund Duncan, Samuel Weems JP; rec. 25 Feb. 1839. (FHL film 175,362, not 75 acres)
      J-60: Henry Co. GA, 14 Feb. 1839, John (x) Duncan of afsd county to Samuel Lee of same; Duncan made promissory notes, three $30 notes and one for $2.62-1/2 dated 12th instant, Duncan promises to pay Samuel Lee or bearer $92.62-1/2 by 25 Dec. next, as security, lot #90 in 12th District Henry Co., 202-1/2 acres; wit. A.L. Hill and F.A. Landers; rec. 6 March 1839 on oath of A.L. Hill given 23 Feb. 1839. (FHL film 175,362)
      J-270: 16 Jan. 1840, William A. Turket (X) to Thomas W. Slaughter, both Henry Co. GA, $240, lot #187 in 12th Dist., that is, 50 acres in SE corner of said lot, secured by note; wit. William W. Lewis, John (X) Callaway, William Garrett JP. (FHL film 175,362)
      J-273: 18 Dec. 1838, William A. Turkett to Isaiah Hollingsworth, both Henry Co. GA, $550, lot in 12th Dist., lot #166, containing 80 acres on NW side of said lot, and with the exception of 15 acres to Elizabeth Duncan for her lifetime, after her death the 15 acres to return to Isaiah Hollingsworth or his heirs; wit. John L. Trapp, Peter H. Boyd, David R. Farmer. (FHL film 175,362)
      J-347: 16 Jan. 1840, Thomas W. Slaughter to William A. Turkett, both Henry Co. GA, $240, lot #187 in 12th Dist., being 50 acres of said lot on SE corner; wit. John (X) Callaway, William Garrett JP. (FHL film 175,362)
      J-363: Newton Co., 4 April 1840, Jesse Oslin of afsd. Co. to James D. Roseberry of Henry Co., $5, "all that land cleared and under fence" including the fence, belonging to #81 in 8th District Henry Co., 2 acres, being the part I cleared on said #81; wit. Willis Duncan, James Read JP; rec. 27 Nov. 1840. (FHL film 175,362)
      J-363 (2nd): 25 Nov. 1840, James D. Roseberry to Alexander Lemon, $10, 2 acres of #81, land cleared and under fence; wit. Edward F. Knott, James Knott; rec. 27 Nov. 1840. (FHL film 175,362)
      J-549: Cobb Co., 11 Jan. 1842, Robert Barnwell, William Barnwell, John (X) Watkins, Daniel May, James (X) Mehaffy, John Hill, and William W. Dunkin, (/s/ W.W. Duncan) legatees of John Barnwell Sr., late of Cobb Co., decd, to Henry Widener of Henry Co. GA, for $1000, west half lot #39 in Dist.12, Henry Co., 202-1/2 acres; wit. Wm. H. May, A.S.W. Thonel JP; rec. 28 Feb. 1842, John Goodwin, Clerk. (FHL film 175,362)
      K-201: Henry Co., 6 Dec. 1842, per writ of Fi Fa from Superior Court of Fayette Co. in the case of John Dorsey vs. William Segur, Principal, and Jesse Duren, Indorser; Sheriff James W. Crockett sold at public sale, lot #100, Dist.6, the property of Jesse Duren, was sold to John M. Dorsey as highest bidder at $255; wit. John Scarbrough, Thomas E. Hicks; rec. July 31, 1843, John Godwin, Clk. (FHL film 175,363) (MAD: not Jesse Duncan)
      K-310: Henry Co., 13 Nov. 1827, Thomas Gay Sr. to William L. Tuggle, both of said Co., for $500, 202-1/2 acre lot #1, Dist.12; wit. Daniel Duncan, Henry N. Pope JP; rec. March 27, 1844, John Godwin Clk. (FHL film 175,363)
      K-330: Holmes Co. MS, 1 March 1844, Thomas L. Deering of afsd. to Peter Faulkner of Henry Co. GA, $225, 202-1/2 acre lot #158, Dist.3; wit. Leroy S. Duncan, George P. Stafford J.P.; rec. April 17, 1844, John Godwin Clk. (FHL film 175,363)
      L-395: Henry Co., First Tuesday in May 1832; per writ of Fi Fa from Justice Court of Henry Co. in the case of Richard Mitchell vs. Daniel Duncan; Sheriff Thos. J. Johnson seized and sold at public sale to the highest bidder Alsa A. Gunnels for $5, 101-1/4 acres, North 1/2 lot #155, Dist.12; wit. Abel Lemon, Thos. D. Johnson JP; rec. Dec. 13, 1848, C.M. Speer, Clk. (FHL film 175,363) (MAD: Notice of Sheriff's Sale in Henry Co. at McDonough for this lot, property of Daniel Duncan, on fi fa of D. Hog, published 4 Feb. 1832 in "The Macon Telegraph"; from "The Macon [Bibb Co. GA] Telegraph, 1826-1832; ... Abstract of Marriages, Divorce, Death & Legal Notices" by Michal Martin Farmer; FHL book 975.8552 V2m)


Henry Co. GA Superior Court Minutes; Vol.A, 1822-1827 (FHL film 175,394)
      A-127: 25 Sept. 1826, Robert E. Duncan (MAD: sic), Perry E. Duncan, and Alexander Stone vs. William Gray; Debt. I confess judgement to the plaintiff for the sum of $150.09 with interest and cost of suit, 25 Sept. 1826, /s/ William Gray. (MAD: see Greenville Co. SC)
      A-130: 25 Sept. 1826, Robert B. Duncan & Co., Bearer, vs. John W. Pogner, assumpsit; confession of judgement to plaintiff, $100 principal with interest and cost of suit, by defts' attorney Thomas C. Buning.
      A-135: Tuesday, 26 Sept. 1826, Robert G. Duncan (MAD: sic) vs. John W. Poyner (MAD: sic), Case & Verdict; deft pays costs and tenders James Ransom for security.
      A-263: (no date) Robert B. Duncan, Perry E. Duncan and Alexander Sloan, trading under the name Robert B. Duncan & Co.; William Gray owes them $150 by promissory note; Gray summoned to court 4th Monday March next to answer, was served 28 Feb. 1826, confessed judgement 28 Sept. 1826; judge orders pltf to recover $150.09 principal and $14.50 interest and $13.2-1/2 costs.

Henry Co. GA Superior Court Minutes; Vol.B, 1827-1835, book ends April 21, 1835; next books were 1841-1850 (FHL film 175,394)
      Robert B. Duncan & Co. - references not copied
      no "State of GA" or "GA" cases; these volumes may have covered civil matters only, not criminal
      Next books were 1841-1850, not looked at (FHL film 175,395)
      MAD: looking for Fleming W. Duncan, Henry Co., farmer, b.SC, age 15, 5 feet, in prison for 4 years, 12/30/1835 to 12/30/1839, for Voluntary Manslaughter, pardoned 8 Aug. 1838; from pg.90, "The GA Black Book" by Robert Scott Davis Jr.; FHL book 975.8 D2da, from Evelyn Sigler 3/1984. (MAD: from Anderson Co. SC; see DeKalb Co. GA)

Henry Co. GA Superior Court Writs; Book A&B 1825-1831 (FHL film 175,276)
      MAD: writs issued by Superior Court judge to be served by Sheriff, in date order
      no index; quit


GA Military Commissions in the State Militia, 1798-1860, by the GA Executive Department
      MAD: by year, includes index, frequently two items on a page; these are apparently orders that these men be commissioned a certain rank in a particular company. The early ones gave a county, the later ones only a militia district.
      1815-1818 (FHL film 159,001):
      Pg.676: 16 July 1817, Daniel Duncan, Gent., Lieutenant of 282nd District Company of Militia. (MAD: see Morgan or Henry Co.)

"Roster of Confederate Soldiers of GA 1861-1865" by Lillian Henderson, Director of the State Division of Confederate Pensions and Records for the state of Georgia, 6 vols. (FHL book 975.8 M22h)
      2:1003: 22nd Regiment GA Volunteer Infantry, Army of Northern VA; Co.K, Henry Volunteers, Clayton & Henry Cos. GA: Henry M. Duncan, Private, Aug. 31, 1861; discharged on account of ill health, at Camp Blanchard, VA, Dec. 30, 1861. (MAD: see Newton Co. GA)


Carroll Co. GA Deeds
      A-118: Greene Co., 13 Jan. 1829, Wilson Stallings of Greene Co. to William W. Duncan of Henry Co., $400, lot #18, 2nd Dist. Carroll Co., 202-1/2 acres; wit. Abner Baker, Garrett Woodham JP; rec. 4 April 1829. (from pg.13, "Carroll Co. GA Abstract of Deed Book A&B, 1827-1836" Vol.I, by Mary Florence Arthur Word; FHL book 975.839 R2w) (MAD: one William Duncan of Shores Dist., Washington Co., drew Lot #205, 9th, Sec.5, Carroll Co., in the 1827 Land Lottery)
      A-532: Carroll Co., 22 March 1830, William W. Duncan of Henry Co. to Charles Hulsey of Henry Co., $600, lot #18 in 2nd Dist. Carroll Co. granted to William Stalling; wit. John Barnwell, William Cammell JP; rec. 28 March 1831. (from pg.51, "Carroll Co. GA Abstract of Deed Book A&B, 1827-1836" Vol.I, by Mary Florence Arthur Word; FHL book 975.839 R2w)

Early Co. GA Deed (FHL film 164,053; and from Harold Hopkins 2/1996)
      D-37: Henry Co. GA, 1 Dec. 1831, John Duncan (X) to James Ward, both of county & state afsd, $200, Lot 133 in 4th Dist. of Early Co. GA granted to said Duncan of Henry Co. on 22 Dec. 1826; wit. Martha McConnell, Wm. McConnell. (MAD: Grant was to John "Dunson" of Milicans Dist., Madison Co. GA, 11/22/1826) (MAD: John Dunson mar. Miss Jemima Mobly 9/24/1828 Henry Co. GA)

Lee Co. GA Land Lottery Index, 1827; by District, Section & Lot (FHL film 514,014)
      23rd Dist., 1st Sec., Lot #210, granted William Duncan of Ward's Dist., Henry Co., 22 Dec. 1830.

Meriwether Co. GA Deed (FHL film 327,700)
      B-142: 18 Sept. 1831, Edmund Duncan of Henry Co. GA to Enos Smith of Troupe Co. GA, $50, lot 165 in 10th Dist. now Meriwether Co. Wit. George Bennett, Isaac Downs. Reg. on oath of George Bennett.

Newton Co. GA Deed (FHL film 325,771)
      A-441: 14 July 1824, John (JB) Brooks of Newton Co. GA to Samuel Duncan of Twiggs Co. GA, $800, lot #31 in 10th Dist. Henry Co. now Newton Co. Wit. Robert Rabb, John Harbeson JP.

HISTORIES before 1923

1895 "Memoirs of Georgia : containing historical accounts of the state's civil, military, industrial and professional interests, and personal sketches of many of its people" or "Memoirs of Georgia, Historical and Biographical" abstracted by Georgia Genealogical Gleanings; pub. by Southern Historical Assn. (FHL book 975.8 H2m and film 1,697,814 items 1 & 2; from Evelyn Sigler 1984)
      Pg.615: JOHN B. DUNCAN, farmer, Douglasville, Douglas Co. GA. Son of William W. and Mary (Barnwell) Duncan, b. in Henry Co. GA, Nov. 5, 1826. His paternal grandfather was John Duncan, b. in SC. His father was born in Greenville Dist. SC, July 1800. Father was orphaned at 10 years of age. William W. in Jan. 1823 mar. Mary Barnwell of Jackson Co. GA; to Cobb Co. GA. William W. Duncan died Jan. 23, 1847; Mary Barnwell Duncan died March 8, 1850. John B. was in the Civil War; married Feb. 15, 1849 to Louisa Matthews. She d. six months later; he mar. (2) Oct. 17, 1850 to Miss Martha E. Mosley. (MAD: see under Cobb Co. GA)


Certificate of Death, Georgia Department of Public Health, for William Washington Duncan (copy from Bobbi Keenan 7/2004)
      Death Certificate #24824, Registered No. 318
      Place of death: Clarke Co.; Militia District: Princeton, 1467; State of Georgia; City or Town: Athens, Ga; Street & Number: RFD, Princeton Road.
      William Washington Duncan, residence of Athens, Princeton Rd., Ga.
      Male, white, widowed, born October 13, 1849, age 88, retired, born Henry County, Georgia; Father Riley Duncan born Georgia; Mother Miss Ford born Georgia; Informant Mrs. C?. J. Williamson, Athens, Ga.
      Burial: Princeton Cemetery, Athens, Georgia, 10/18/37. Undertaker: McCarican? Funeral House, Athens, Ga.
      Date of death: October 15, 1937, 8:45 pm, (cause of death omitted here).


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