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GA Military Commissions in the State Militia, 1798-1860, by the GA Executive Department
      MAD: by year, includes index, frequently two items on a page; these are apparently orders that these men be commissioned a certain rank in a particular company. The early ones gave a county, the later ones only a militia district. I have added localities from 1830 census index.
   1820-1822 (FHL film 159,003)
      Pg.869: 15 April 1822, Absalom Duncan, Gent., Second Lieutenant of 478th District Company of Militia. (MAD: see ? Gwinnett Co.)
   1822-1824 (FHL film 159,004 item 1)
      Pg.809: 20 Oct. 1823, Absalom Duncan, Gent., 2nd Lieutenant of 444th District Company of Militia. (MAD: Gwinnett Co. GA)
   1829-1830 (FHL film 159,006 item 2)
      Pg.250: 14 Aug. 1829, Charles R. Duncan, 2nd Lieutenant, Gwinnett Independent Greens attached to 45th Regiment Company of Militia.

"Roster of Confederate Soldiers of GA 1861-1865" by Lillian Henderson, Director of the State Division of Confederate Pensions and Records for the state of Georgia, 6 vols. (FHL book 975.8 M22h)
      3:49: 24th Regiment GA Volunteer Infantry, Army of Northern VA; Co.F, Gwinnett Independent Blues, Gwinnett Co. GA: Hugh Duncan, Private, Aug. 24, 1861; discharged, disability, July 25, 1862.
            3:49: R.H. Duncan, Private, Aug. 24, 1861; roll dated Jan. 30, 1865, last on file, shows him absent with leave; no later record. (Resident of Georgia since 1835.)
      3:908: 35th Regiment GA Volunteer Infantry, Army of Northern VA; Co.H, County Line Invincibles, Gwinnett & Hall Cos. GA: Benjamin F. Duncan, Private, Sept. 24, 1861; Surrendered at Appomattox, VA, April 9, 1865.

GA Confederate Soldiers Pensions; Index - Dobson, W.P. to Ellington, Allen J. (FHL film 1,493,057)
      MAD: The Pension records themselves are alphabetic within the county. The index is small 3x5 cards preprinted with "Name:" and "Service:" and "Res.:" and "Remarks"; also looked at any Dunan and Dunk.. names listed; cards include witnesses for other confederate soldiers.
      Information in FHL Catalog: Confederate soldiers received pensions for military service beginning in 1879; law changed 1891 to include widows; cards in this record for the witnesses of these soldiers & widows attesting to service of each soldier; alphabetical by name of pensioner, included on card are notations concerning county of residence, unit designation, and husband's name in the case of widow cards.
      Mrs. Arminta Duncan, widow of David Duncan, Co.K, 10th GA, application in Fulton Co. GA (MAD: see Gwinnett Co. GA)
      B.F. Duncan, Co.H, 35th GA, witness for Mrs. Hester Williams, Gwinnett Co. GA
      Mrs. Christian Duncan, widow of Robert Duncan, Co.K, 36th GA, application in Gwinnett Co. GA
      I.W. Duncan, Co.F, 24th GA, application in Gwinnett Co. GA
      I.W. Duncan, Co.F, 24th GA, application by Mrs. L.F. Duncan, widow, in Gwinnett Co. GA
      Mrs. L.F. Duncan, widow of I.W. Duncan, Co.F, 24th GA, application in Gwinnett Co. GA
      Mrs. Martha E. Duncan, widow of Robert E. Duncan, Co.B, Graham's Bn. Arty, application in Gwinnett Co. GA
      R.H. Duncan, Co.F, 24th GA, application in Gwinnett Co. GA
      R.H. Duncan, Co.F, 24th GA, witness for Mrs. Rebecca E. Puckett, Gwinnett Co. GA
      R.H. Duncan, Co.F, 24th GA, witness for P.A. Puckett, Gwinnett Co. GA
      R.S. Duncan, Co.B, 35th GA, witness for Mrs. Matilda Turner, Gwinnett Co. GA (MAD: see also DeKalb Co. GA)
      Robert Duncan, Co.K, 36th GA, application by Mrs. Christian Duncan, widow, Gwinnett Co. GA
      Robert E. Duncan, Co.B, Graham's Bn. Arty, application by Mrs. Martha E. Duncan, widow, in Gwinnett Co. GA

AL Confederate Service Records, 1861-1865, cards in AL State Archives; Driver to Elich (FHL film 1,462,918)
      MAD: most items were small typed cards, 3x5; some items were very blurred in the filming and were double images and hard to read. Cards had name and rank in upper left corner, service unit usually in upper right corner, notation if Home Guard, details from source were given in center of card, and the "Authority" as the last line on the card. The service record from the Historical Record Roll frequently listed several engagements he served in, dates wounded, absent, present, etc., and I usually did not copy all the details.
      Duncan, Dilmus L., Private, Co.C, 48th Regt., enlisted at Bluntsville (MAD: sic), April 1, 1863, and served until he was paroled at the close of the war at Summersville. Born Aug. 29, 1844, Blountsville, Blount Co. AL, address 1921: Moulten, AL. Authority: 1921 Census of Confederate Soldiers.
      Duncan, Dilmus Lyle, Private, Co.C, Stewart's Battalion, Capt. Wm. Graves WAS (?), J.B. Broddys. Aug. 1863, Blountville, AL; born Aug. 29, 1844, Lawrenceville, Gwinnett Co. GA, address 1907-8: Bangar, AL. Continued until April 1865, was mustered out at Sommersville, AL. Authority: Census tax assessor, Blount Co. AL, 1907-8.

AL Confederate Pension Applications, in AL State Archives, Duke - Dunn (FHL film 1,502,781)
      MAD: Did not extract all pension applications for the same person if they gave no other genealogy information. Documents were extracted in order on film. Did not usually copy reason for pension request, which was frequently old age or rheumatism or feebleness; did not always copy witnesses names, which sometimes only said they knew the applicant was of good character and in need of the pension. "Cavalry" was frequently abbreviated "Calv" and spelled "Calvary." Did not usually copy the schedule of property unless it listed land. The complete pension papers should be rechecked individually, following is very brief extract of contents.
      DUNCAN, D.L., Blount Co. AL, Private, Co.B, 48th AL. Report 8 Sept. 1913, name of D.L. Duncan not found on rolls of Co.B, 48th Reg. AL Inf. CSA, May 1863 to Oct. 31, 1864 (several of these letters). Letter 27 Sept. 1913, Bangor, AL, from D.L. Duncan enclosing affidavit of Eli Frost. Affidavit 29 Sept. 1913 by William (X) Tidwell who also served in Capt. Graves Co., organized at Blountsville in 1863, part of Stuart's Battallion, Roddy's Command. Affidavit 24 April 1915, Blount Co. AL, D.L. Duncan, born Guinette Co. GA, over age 70; witness E.M. Cox, acquainted 50 years; 26 May 1916, D.L. Duncan desires to be transferred to Jefferson Co. Affidavit 26 May 1916, Lawrence Co. AL. Application 3 June 1904, D.L. Duncan, resides Blount Co. AL, enlisted as soldier in Co.B, 48th Reg., 29 July 1863 at Blountsville, AL, discharged 20 July 1865, now age 59, P.O. Bangor, AL, wit. E.B. Scott, J.P. Calwell.

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Gwinnett Co. GA Cemetery Records (from Jerry Brooks 3/1995)
      Robert Early Duncan, b. Jan. 13, 1846, d. Aug. 9, 1913, bur. Duncan's Creek Cem., Gwinnett Co. GA; wife Martha E. Langston, b. July 12, 1851 Franklin Co. GA, d. May 21, 1936, bur. Duncan's Creek Cem; at gravesites 2/14/1995.

Biographical Questionnaires in GA Dept. of Archives & History, alphabetically arranged, incl. biographies of those who served in Public Office in GA and those who fought in the war between the states; data gathered by Mrs. Mary Givins Bryan in 1926, per "GA Gen. Mag." (FHL film 288,172)
      Isaac Franklin Duncan, died Oct. 27, 1929, born June 8, 1859 at country home in Gwinnett Co., GA; father William Washington Duncan born Jan. 27, 1817 in Anderson Co. SC, lived at Gwinnett Co. near Sardis Church. Father died 1894, Dec. 24. He was son of Robert Duncan, and his wife (a couple of words had been written in and then scratched out). Full name of mother: Sarah C. Wright, born Aug. 29, 1820 in Anderson, SC. Mother died Aug. 31, 1901. I.F. Duncan only went to a common country school, Sardis academy in Gwinnett Co. GA. Profession or occupation: farmer as well as political leader. Date and place of marriage: Sept. 30, 1877, country home in Hall Co.; wife's maiden name Johannah Tuggle, born Jan. 23, 1862, dau. of John Wilson Tuggle, born Oct. 1830 and died 1897, and wife Janette Pirkle Tuggle, born 1828 and died Jan. 23, 1903. Methodist, Democrat, Mason. Civil office held: In House of Representatives 1922 - 1923 - 1924 - 1925; State Senator 1927-1928 from 33rd District. (printed form filled in by handwriting)
            Isaac F. Duncan, Senator, 33rd Dist., P.O. Flowery Branch, GA, died Oct. 27, 1929, born 1859, June 8th at Canes District in Gwinnett Co. GA. Father: Washington W. Duncan b. 1821 in Anderson Co. SC, lived in GA about 60 years, he served in the Confederate Army short time and was discharged on account of his age & health. He died Dec. 1898. He was the son of Joel Duncan and his wife Margaret Wright who lived at Anderson SC. Mother Sarah C., born Scotland (dates and places blank). Educated at Sardis Academy, Gwinnett Co. GA in 1875, entered business late 1877, farmer, merchant & banker. Married Sept. 30, 1876, Hall Co. GA to Joanna Tuggle, dau. of John W. Tuggle, born 1830, died Oct. 16, 1897, and his wife Jeannettie Pirkle Tuggle, born 1828, died June 22, 1903. Children: D.C. Duncan, Mae Duncan, Flora Duncan, Onie Duncan, Eula Duncan, Lucius Dean Duncan. Methodist, Democrat, Masons, K.K.K. No military record. Civil office held: Board of Education of Hall Co., County Commissioner, Chairman Democratic Executive Committee, Member of General Assembly 1919 - 1920 - 1921 - 1922. "Miscellaneous" Always been very active in business succeeded well now. At this time one of the largest farmers in Hall Co., made 1000 bushels wheat in 1926 - 1200 bushels of oats in 1926. Has made as high as 250 bales of cotten in one year. Canes 3000 acres of land in Hall & Guinett Countys. Very strong Methodist liberal with his church. Always been prompt to pay debts has a fine rating with Bradstreet & Dun at this time. /s/ Yours Respectfully, I.F. Duncan. Signature: I.F. Duncan, Flowery Branch, GA, 11-1926. (printed form, mostly filled in by typing but some handwritten additions and the "Misc." note at the end is handwritten.)
            Isaac F. Duncan, Representative Hall Co., born June 8th 1859 Guinett Co.; residence Hall Co. F. Branch, GA; father's name William W. Duncan; Mother's name Sarah C. Duncan. Where educated: Educated at Buford, GA, High School. Date and place of marriage: Sept. 3, 1877. Wife's maiden name: Miss Johanna Tuggel. Children: 4 girls & 2 boys. Methodist, "allways Democrat", Masonic Order. Public Offices Held: County Com. & Board of Education, other County Offices, Business mercantile, farming, milling, manufacturing fertilizer. /s/ Yours Truly, I.F. Duncan. Miscellaneous (in different handwriting): This is all I can find out about my fathers people. I tried to answer as near as I could. The old Bible don't give much & I never hearad my father say anything about his grandfather or mother, only when they were small they came to this country from Ireland. I hope you can understand my answers. Respt, Mrs. Tyler E. Peeples, Lawrenceville, GA. (printed form filled in by handwriting; different handwriting on last page with "Misc.")
            Newspaper clippings copied at bottom of "Misc." page of Mrs. Tyler E. Peeples, handnoted "Constitution, Oct. 28, 1929" I. Frank Duncan, Former Solon, Passes Sunday. Lawrenceville, GA, Oct. 27-- I. Frank Duncan, 70, died Sunday afternoon at his home after an illness of 10 days from typhoid fever. His father was one of the pioneers of Gwinnett county and one of the founders of Sardis Methodist church near the Duncan homestead. He was a member of the Hall county commissioners for a number of years and represented Hall county in the legislature two terms and was state senator from the 33rd senatorial district. Mr. Duncan leaves a widow and the following children: Mrs. Green Braselton, Mrs. S.J. Roberts of Atlanta; Mrs. A.E. Ewing and Mrs. T.E. Peeples of Lawrenceville; Cleveland (nothing further.)
            (second clipping) "Oct. 28, 1929" Mr. Frank Duncan, Ex-Legislator of Hall Co., Dead. Former Legislator was Pillar in Church and Large Landholder. Lawrenceville, GA, Oct. 28-- Mr. Frank Duncan, 70, one of the best known men of this section of the state, died Sunday afternoon at his home in Hall Co. after an illness of ten days from typhoid fever. He was the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Washington Duncan, being the youngest of eleven children. His father was one of the pioneers of Gwinnett Co., and one of the founders of Sardis Methodist Church, near the Duncan homestead. Uncle Frank, as he was familiarly known ... Mr. Duncan leaves his widow and the following children: Mrs. Green Braselton, of Braselton; Mrs. S.J. Roberts, of Atlanta; Mrs. A.E. Ewing and Mrs. T.E. Peeples of Lawrenceville; Cleveland and Lucius Duncan, of Hall Co.; one brother, John Duncan, of Gwinnett Co.; two sisters, Mrs. Katherine Davis, of Atlanta, and Mrs. J.A. Cain of Gwinnett Co.; also a large number of grandchildren, nephews and nieces. Funeral will be held at Sardis Methodist Church, of which Mr. Duncan had been a lifelong member, Tuesday morning ... Burial will be in the churchyard.

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