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Greene Co. GA Inferior and Ordinary Minutes (1805-1851 on FHL film 158,339; 1852 & later on FHL film 158,340)
   1805-1809 - no index
      Pg.55: 2 Nov. 1812, Rene Duncan came into open court & chose Jane Duncan as her guardian. Ordered Jane Duncan be appointed guardian of the persons and property of Francis Duncan, William Duncan, Lavina Duncan and Joyce Duncan, orphans of Nathaniel Duncan decd. (MAD: see Nathaniel Duncan in Caswell Co. NC 1786-1787)
      Pg.27: 7 July 1817, ordered that surveyor lay off to Jane Duncan her dower of the real estate of Nathaniel Duncan her deceased husband.
      Pg.54: 4 May 1818, petition of Danl. and Jane Duncan, admrs. of Nathaniel Duncan, to sell tract of 91-4/10 acres on the Appalachie adj. Phillips and Jenkins; petition granted.
      Pg.321: 9 Jan. 1826, ordered that William Duncan obtain letters of adm. on estate of Rainey Duncan decd; bond by Joseph Catching.
      Pg.387. Friday, 16 Nov. 1827, Application of William Duncan who posted bond, security William W.D. Weaver and Thomas W. Grimes, as guardian of Columbus Evans, orphan of William Evans decd. (no relationship given)
      Pg.394: 3 March 1828, application of William Duncan to sell real estate of Reney Duncan, decd; petition granted.
      Pg.9: 28 Jan. 1829, application of Wm. Duncan, adm. of Raney Duncan, and Joseph Catching, adm. of John Catching decd, to dismiss them as admrs.
      Pg.23: 11 Sept. 1829, William Duncan dismissed as admr.
      Pg.135: 20 Jan. 1832, William Duncan, gdn. of Columbus Evans, be permitted to remove his proceedings as guardian aforesaid to the Co. of Stewart, having given bond and security to the court of that county as appears from the certificate of the clerk of said county. (Note in margin: Proceedings drawn out at full length & forwarded to Stewart Co. 19 Feb. 1832.) (MAD: Stewart Co. GA Bond Book A, 1/2/1832, Columbus Evans, orphan of William Evans, guardian William Duncan, bondsmen Thomas Pate, Jared Erwin. Stewart Co. GA Letters of Guardianship, return filed in Stewart Co. Sept. 12, 1834; guardian in 1835 was James Webb, Columbus Evans apparently became of age in 1836; from pg.115 and 559 of "History of Stewart Co. GA" Vol.II and from pg.100 of "GA Intestate Records" by Austin, 1986) (MAD: see William Duncan of 1850 Sumter Co. GA)
   1836-1851 - index at back of book, no Duncan
   1852-1859 - (FHL film 158,340)
      Pg.3: Feb. 1852, Thomas L. Sanders applied for letters of admin. on estate of Daniel Duncan, late of Greene Co., decd; citation was published, letters to be issued; bond for $400 posted, security Joseph W. Varner; Thomas Stocks, Thompson Malone, Morgan Brown, John Branch and William Moncrief appointed appraisers.
      Pg.13: May 1852, Thomas L. Sanders, admin. of Daniel Duncan, has published in "Temperance Banner" for two months past that he would apply for leave to sell the land of said decd, there being no objections, permission granted.
      Pg.66: 8 Feb. 1853, Thos. L. Sandens (MAD: sic), admin. of Daniel Duncan decd, petition for letters dismissory; notice to be published for 6 months in "Temperance Banner."
      Pg.92: Sept. 1853, Thomas L. Sanens (MAD: sic) admin., published for 6 months; estate of Daniel Duncan was settled; letters of dismission to be issued, he and his security Joseph W. Vansser be released from liability.

Greene Co. GA Estate Records, Dooley, Lillian L. to Durham, Dr. Jno. L., 1790-1943 (FHL film 1,766,304)
      DANIEL DUNCAN, 1852 (frame 319+): Warrant of Appraisal 2 Feb. 1852 to Thomas Stocks, Thompson Malone, Morgan Brown, John Branch & William Moncrief. Recorded Appr. & Ltrs A-4, April 14, 1852, admitted 20 March 1852. Appraisal by J. Branch, T. Malone & M. Brown, tools $11.12-1/2, 2 March 1852. Security rec. Book B, pg.30, bond of Thomas L. Sanders, sec. Joseph W. Varner, for $400, 2 Feb. 1852 to admin. estate of Daniel Duncan. Sale recorded Sales Book A, pg.13, May 14, 1852; sale 3 April "1851" to T.L. Sanders, J. Branch, M. Brown, J. Inglish & T.J. Moncrief, & Mr. Hobbs, total $6.50; returned May 3, 1852. (Frame 328+) Letters of Admin. to Thomas L. Sanders for estate of Daniel Duncan, 2 Feb. 1852. Order for sale 15 March 1825 to satisfy judgement in 399th Co., June 1825, in favour of Royal (fold/tear in document); the above lot #138 in 12th Dist. Dooly Co. sold for $20 on 1 May 1838 by Sheriff. (Frame 330) Return of Sheriff, served the within fifa on Lot #151 in 12th Dist. Dooly Co. on 10 June 1837; levied on Lot #138 in 12th Dist. 22 Jan. 1838. (Frame 331) 2 March 1853, Marion A. Jenkins the exec. of Royal Jenkins late of Sumter Co. decd, 2 March 1853, ... re estate of Daniel Duncan late of Greene Co. decd. Other receipts and accounts not copied; no heirs shown. (Frame 356) Final return filed 10 Feb. 1853, rec. Journal pg.381, balance $12.24. (MAD: one Daniel Duncan mar. Paty Johnson 12/7/1808, one Daniel Duncan mar. Milly Williams 1/16/1844; see Mildred Duncan next to Wm. Moncrief in 1850 census)
      NATHANIEL DUNCAN, 1810: (Frame 358+) Amount of sale Nov. 1817, Danl. Duncan said the original was deposited in the Clerk's Office some years ago, but was lost without being recorded. Schedule of property belonging to estate of Nathl. Duncan sold 21 Jan. 1807: 5 negroes sold to Jane Duncan, $1,580.00; /s/ Daniel Duncan, Jane Duncan, admins. List of notes due estate 31 Dec. 1810, incl. William Jenkins $20, and many others incl. Daniel Duncan $30.50, total $470.70. (Frame 364+) Receipt for $5; received from Mrs. Jane Duncan admx for surveying and dividing land of decd. (Frame 370) The estate of Nathaniel Duncan decd, Dr: To Jane Duncan, Administration; to Commissions on collecting and paying out on $2347.01-3/4, being the amount of sales of said estate, $117.35. To Boarding & Clothing Betsy, Sally Francis Rainey William Lavina and Joyse Duncan, children of said Nathaniel Duncan decd for the year of 1806 at $20 each per annum, $140. From the year of 1806 untill each of the heirs married or becomes of age I have boarded & clothed and schooled the heirs for their part of the interest on $1751.46-1/2, being the amount subject to division after the payment of debts & commissions. To cash paid Ebenezer Torrence Clerk as per vouchers No. 1 & No. 2, $2.50. To Cash paid William Browning Deputy County Surveyor for Laying Off Widow's Dower per voucher No. 3., $5. 6 July 1818, /s/ Jane Duncan administratrix of Nathaniel Duncan decd. Recorded in Book H, pg.147, 7 July 1818 (Frame 372) Sale of 91-4/10 acres to Jane Duncan, admin., on waters of Appalachia River, $200, 1 Sept. 1813. (MAD: one Daniel Duncan mar. Paty Johnson 12/7/1808, one Daniel Duncan mar. Milly Williams 1/16/1844; Betsy Duncan mar. James Jenkins 7/5/1810; Frances Duncan mar. James Winfield 7/20/1826; Lovenia Duncan mar. Joseph Catchings 3/8/1825)
      RAINEY DUNCAN, 1826: (Frame 373+) (Frame 379) Application of William Duncan, admin. of Reny Duncan decd, to sell the real estate, March 1828. 20 July 1828, payment by William Duncan for a grant for Lot #88 in 23rd Dist. drawn in name of and granted Rainey Duncan. (Frame 395) Receipt, 21 Jan. 1828, received of Wm. Duncan admin. of estate of Rainey Duncan decd, $106.52, /s/ R. Jenkins; Note to Royal Jenkins, I called at your house ..., /s/ Lemuel ?Rainey?. Many notes to and from Rainey or Rene Duncan (he signed his name "Rainey Duncan"); doctor bills June & July 1825. (Frame 413) Final account recorded Book K, pg.41, 19 Dec. 1829, included sale of lot #88 in 23rd Dist., 3 Nov. 1828, to Joseph Catchings. (more documents not copied; heirs not given)
      WILLIAM DUNCAN, 1832: (Frame 421+) Recorded Book K, pg.343, William Duncan appointed guardian for Columbus Evans, orphan of William Evans, 2 Jan. 1832. Accounts include board for 1831.

Greene Co. GA Original Wills (FHL film 1,765,911)
      Will of James Jenkins, 1832, recorded Book F, pg.179 and 180, 6 May 1833. James Jenkins, weak of body and feeble health, revoke all former wills, all to wife Elizabeth Jenkins both real and personal, land, negroes, etc; execs. wife Elizabeth and friend Thomas Stocks; 28 Jan. 1832; /s/ James (X) Jenkins; wit. William Nicholson, Mark Jackson, Elizabeth B. Jackson; proved May 1833. (MAD: James Jenkins mar. Betsy Duncan 7/5/1810)

Greene Co. GA Original Estate Papers (FHL film 1,765,913)
      James Jenkins, Will 1833, Estate 1835. Frame 631 & 632: Appraisement by Y.F. Gresham, Wm. Duncan, Y.L. Gillen, J. Jackson, March 1835, recorded Book of Appraisals and Sales, pgs. 209 and 210. Frame 633, executor Thomas Stocks, total appraisal $12,891.23. Nothing else in folder.

Greene Co. GA Original Estate Records (FHL film 1,766,402)
      Frames 26-35, Columbus Evans, 1830; William Duncan guardian, accountings incl. board and clothing, Columbus Evans orphan of William Evans - nothing to explain why William Duncan was guardian.
      No file listed for William Evans, no other orphans listed.

Greene Co. GA Inferior and Ordinary Court Records (FHL film 158,359)
      Inventories, appraisals, etc., Vol.A, 1852-1865:
            Pg.4: 2 March 1852, appraisal of Daniel Duncan's estate; no household furniture; total $11.12-1/2; appraised by John Branch, T. Malone, Morgan Brown.
      Appraisements, Vol.B, 1865-1890 - no Duncan

Greene Co. GA Inferior and Ordinary Court Minutes 1836-1851 (FHL film 158,359)
      No index

Greene Co. GA Court of Ordinary, Court records 1820-1836 (1837-1858 missing) (FHL film 158,343)
      MAD: incl. petitions, applications, orders, etc.; each volume individually indexed
      Rane Duncan estate indexed pg.117, 157, 184; Wm. Duncan guardian on pg.255; looked at, not copied; we have extract from original papers.

Greene Co. GA Returns & Divisions of Estates, Court of Ordinary, each vol. individually indexed
      Vol.H-I, 1816-1829 (FHL film 158,367)
            Vol.H, 1816-1822 - looked at pg.108, 147, 165, not copied
            Vol.I, 1822-1829 - index at back, no Duncan
      Vol.K-L 1829-1837 (FHL film 158,368)
            Vol.K, 1829-1833 - no Duncan or looked at & not copied
            Vol.L, 1833-1837 - no Duncan
      Vol.M, 1837-1842 (FHL film 158,369)
            No Duncan
      Vol.N-O 1842-1851 (FHL film 158,370)
            Vol.N, 1835-1847 Returns on estate - no Duncan
            Vol.O, 1847-1851 - no Duncan


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