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Formed 1832 from Cherokee, Lumpkin
Milton formed 1857 from Cobb, Cherokee, Forsyth

1840 Forsyth Co. GA Census (no Duncan indexed)
Pg.266  Ambrose Brown     0000,0000,001 - 001
          age 83, Rev. War Pensioner
            (MAD: looking for Clarer Dunken mar.
              Ambrose Brown 5/27/1827 Hall Co. GA)
Pg.280  Thomas Cantrell   1010,001      - 0011,0010,01
            (MAD: looking for Elizabeth Duncan mar.
              Thomas Cantrell 6/24/1832 Hall Co. GA)
        (MAD: no Arther Duncan mar. Peggy Tatum 2/21/1838)
        (MAD: no Robert P/S. Duncan mar. Armetta Smith 8/20/1837)

1850 Forsyth Co. GA Census (no Duncan indexed)
Pg.146, #25, Henry KEY 30 GA farmer $60
                  Mary A. 21 GA
                  William J. 1 GA
                  (MAD: wife said to be Mary A. Duncan; 1860 Attala Co. MS census)

1860 Forsyth Co. GA Census (no other name similar to Duncan, no Duncan indexed)
P.O. Cumming (county page is in parentheses)
Pg.487 (119), #843-843, Pascal H. DORCAN 22 GA farmer $0-$30
                  Sarah 37 GA
                  William R. 9, George W. 8, John G. 1 GA
                  (MAD: ages as given)

1870 Forsyth Co. GA Census (also from Stephanie Campbell 5/2000)
(households had smaller numbers crossed out, larger family and household numbers added above each)
Cumming Dist., P.O. Cumming
Pg.391, #1117/73-#1012/18, DUNCAN, J.N. (m) 23 GA farm hand $0-$100, can't read/write, eligible to vote
                  Duncan, Mary 20 GA keeping house can't read/write
                  Duncan, W. (m) 1 GA at home
                  DUNCAN, S.E. (f) 17 GA farm hands
                  (MAD: John N. Duncan mar. Mary M. Tidwell 1/19/1868; see St.Clair Co. AL deeds 1874-1876)
Chattahochee Dist., P.O. Cumming
Pg.420, #919/35-#825/33, DUNCAN, Sarah 51 GA keeping house
                  Elizabeth (f) 28 GA farm hand
                  Jas. F. (m) 20 GA farm hand, can't read/write
                  Mary J. (f) 14 GA farm hand, can't read/write
                  N. L.(S?.) (f) 12 GA farm hand, can't read/write
                  Sarah (f) 8 GA at home, can't read/write
                  (MAD & Stephanie Cambell: perhaps Sarah Vaughn, widow of Pearson Duncan, of 1850 Elbert Co. GA census; 1880 St.Clair Co. AL census)


GA Land Lotteries; Forsyth Co. GA
      Name, lottery year, militia district & county of residence, draw
      Duncan, Amy, widow, 1832, of 672nd Militia Dist., Harris Co., drew gold lot #10 in Dist.3, Sec.1, Cherokee Purchase (MAD: later Forsyth or Lumpkin Co.)
      Duncan, Edmund, 1832, of Bivins Militia Dist., Jones Co., drew gold lot #1186 in Dist.3, Sec.1, Cherokee Purchase (MAD: later Forsyth Co.)
      Duncan, John T., 1832, of Paynes Militia Dist., Meriwether Co., drew gold lot #895 in Dist.3, Sec.1, Cherokee Purchase (MAD: later Forsyth Co.)
      Duncan, Moses, 1832, of Sinclairs Militia Dist., Houston Co., drew gold lot #292 in Dist.1, Sec.1, Cherokee Purchase (MAD: later Forsyth Co.)
      Duncan, Moses, 1832, of Bowers Militia Dist., Elbert Co., drew gold lot #226 in Dist.14, Sec.1, Cherokee Purchase (MAD: later Forsyth Co.)
      Duncan, Stephen, 1832, of Shearers Militia Dist., Coweta Co., drew gold lot #111 in Dist.1, Sec.1, Cherokee Purchase (MAD: later Forsyth Co.)
      Duncan, Thomas B., 1832, of Liddells Militia Dist., Jackson Co., drew gold lot #256 in Dist.2, Sec.1, Cherokee Purchase (MAD: later Forsyth Co.)

Forsyth Co. GA Deeds (index 1887-1901 only)
      MAD: General index starts 1887, but most deed books have grantor index; checked that index page by page for Duncan grantees.
      Vol.A, 8/1832-1834 - no Duncan indexed (FHL film 329,948)
      Vol.B, 1832-1835 - "Index" listed but none found
      Vol.C, 1835-1836 - no Duncan indexed (FHL film 329,949)
      Vol.D, 1836-1840:
            D-305: Harris Co. GA, 2 June 1837, Branch Ligon to John Duncan, $75, lot #34 in 2nd Dist. 1st Sec. (acres not given), orig. Cherokee purchase now Forsyth Co.; wit. John Lake, John C. Gray JP. (FHL film 329,949)
            D-305 (2nd): State of GA, 30 June 1837, John Duncan of Harris Co. GA to Jesse Holbrooks of Forsyth Co. GA, $75, lot #34 in 2nd Dist. 1st Sec., 40 acres; wit. Eli M. Connell, James Jordan JP of Cherokee Co. (FHL film 329,949)
            D-464: 12 Nov. 1835, Brazelton Addison, attorney in fact for John Jeffers of Habersham Co. GA, to Alexander Duncan of Union Co. GA, $150, lot #115 in 14th Dist. 1st Sec., 40 acres; wit. Thomas R. Williams, John Warmax JP. (FHL film 329,949)
      Vol.E, 1838-1839 - no Duncan indexed (FHL film 329,950)
      Vol.F, 1839-1841 - no Duncan indexed (FHL film 329,950)
      Vol.G, 1841-1845 (FHL film 329,951):
            G-104: Jackson Co. GA, 15 May 1840, Thomas (X) Duncan of Clark Co. GA to James Delay of Co. & State afsd, $100, lot #886 in 1st Sec. of 3rd Dist., 40 acres; wit. Tandy H.K. Randolph, Tilman Harrison JIC.
            G-382: Forsyth Co. GA, 13 Jan. 1842, Alexander Duncan of Union Co. GA to Absalom Martin of Co. & State afsd, $100, lot #115 in 14th Dist., 1st Sec. of formerly Cherokee now Forsyth, 40 acres; wit. G.W. Smith, Benjamin Martin.
      Vol.H, 1845-1848 (FHL film 329,951):
            H-372: Butts Co. GA, 1 May 1846, James (X) Duncan of State of AL to Jos. Goddard of St. & Co. 1st written, $80, lot #505 in 2nd Dist. 1st Sec., 40 acres (deed later has warrant by said "Joseph" Duncan); wit. J.W. Lumsden, John L. Barnett. (FHL film 329,951) (MAD: see Russell Co. AL)
      Vol.I, 1848-1850 - C & D grantor index missing, no Duncan indexed on other pages (FHL film 329,952)
      Vol.J, 1850-1852 (FHL film 329,952):
            J-379: Coweta Co. GA, 9 July 1834, Archabold Benton of afsd to Peter E. Duncan of same, $40, lot #52 of 40 acres in 1st Dist. 1st Sec. originally Cherokee now Forsyth Co.; wit. Orsamus (X) Spraggins, Stephen Duncan; Stephen Duncan appeared 10 July 1834; rec. 23 Sept. 1851. (FHL film 329,952)
            J-381: Coweta Co. GA, 25 Dec. 1835, Peter E. Duncan of afsd to Elias Duncan of same, $30, 40 acre lot #52 in 1st Dist. 1st Sec., /s/ P.E. Duncan; wit. Thomas Dyar, Moses W. Stamps JP. (FHL film 329,952)
            J-382: Coweta Co. GA, 19 Nov. 1850, Elias Duncan of afsd to Thomas H. Moore of Cobb Co. GA, $40, lot #52, 40 acres, in 1st Dist. 1st Sec.; wit. A.M. McCain, John Elson? JP. (FHL film 329,952)
      Vol.K-L 1852-1856 - quit


Forsyth Co. GA Probate Records
      Wills & related probate matters, Vol.A, 1833-1844 - no Duncan (FHL film 329,930)
      Wills etc., Vol.B, 1844-1848 - no Duncan (FHL film 329,930)
      Wills, Vol.A, 1856-1892 - no Duncan (FHL film 329,931)


Forsyth Co. GA Inferior Court records
      Inferior Court Records Vol. 8/1843-1850 - no Duncan (FHL film 329,932)
      Inferior Court Records Vol.C, 1840-10/1865 - no Duncan
      Inferior Court Sitting for Ordinary Purposes, Vol.B, 5/1844-1848 - no Duncan (FHL film 329,933)
      Inferior Court Minutes, 1848-1875 - no Duncan

Forsyth Co. GA Court of Ordinary Minutes (FHL film 329,934)
      Book D, 1852-1854 - no Duncan
      1856-1863 - no Duncan


Cherokee Co. GA Deed (FHL film 325,884)
      D-495: Forsyth Co., 2 March 1838, Edmund Duncan of Cherokee Co. to Jacob M. Scudder of Cherokee Co., $350, (1) Lot #174, 3rd Dist., 2nd Sec., 40 acres more or less, originally drawn by and granted to Moses G. Anderson; and (2) Lot #187, 3rd Dist., 2nd Sec., 40 acres more or less, originally drawn by and granted to William Kay; wit. Alfred Scudder, Thomas McGuillion; sworn in Cherokee Co. 2 April 1838 by Alfred Scudder before Martin Roberts JP.

Lumpkin Co. GA Deed (FHL film 281,680)
      A-389: 8 April 1833, Anny (his X mark) Dunkin of Meryweather Co. GA to James C. Laughridge of Gwinnett Co. GA, $90, lot 10 in 1st Sec., 3rd Dist. of Cherokee Co. when surveyed now Forsythe Co. Wit. John H. Dunkin, James Laughridge.

Sumter Co. GA Deed (FHL film 255,333)
      P-384: Cobb Co. GA, 26 Oct. 1870, Harriet A. Duncan appoint George S. Foster attorney to make a deed for my interest in our plantation in Sumter Co. known as Foster plantation, of some 960 acres, and sign my name to deed they made to Julius M. Byrd, and other property in Americus ... land in Gilmer Co., Gordon Co., Forsyth Co., belonged to Foster estate (details not copied).

HISTORIES before 1923

1895 "Memoirs of Georgia : containing historical accounts of the state's civil, military, industrial and professional interests, and personal sketches of many of its people" or "Memoirs of Georgia, Historical and Biographical" abstracted by Georgia Genealogical Gleanings; pub. by Southern Historical Assn. (FHL book 975.8 H2m and film 1,697,814 items 1 & 2; from Evelyn Sigler 1984)
      Vol.1, Pg.763: DOCTOR JOHN WESLEY DUNCAN was born on a plantation in Union Co. GA, Sept. 29, 1842, and resided there until he reached his majority, attending schools of the county and the academy in Clay Co. NC, where he was pursuing his studies when the war began. In 1865, having finished his accedemic course, came to Forsyth Co. GA, studied medicine with Dr. E.M. Bacon. ... Graduated from Atlanta Medical college after two years, in 1868; practiced for a time in western NC, then to Philadelphia (in) east TN for 13 years; 1883 to Atlanta, GA. ... Member of Grace Methodist Episcopal Church in Atlanta. Dr. Duncan married first in western NC on Oct. 1, 1868, to Mary M., dau. of Watson Curtis, had six children; he married again, Sept. 16, 1885, to Minnie E., dau. of Dr. A. Ellis, Milton Co., GA, had six children, three boys & three girls. Dr. Duncan's father was David Newton Duncan, native of Burke Co. NC, born in 1806, came to GA 30 years later, locating in Union Co. where he farmed until death in 1879; married Nancy Gillespie and had 5 children, 4 grew up, three now survive, William Rufus of Union Co. GA; Dr. John Wesley; Dr. Moses C. of Madisonville, TN. Dr. Duncan's grandfather was Charles Duncan, b. VA, who migrated to NC in early manhood and there married; in later years to Union Co. GA, where he lived until his death which occurred during the war in his 91st year. The emigrant ancestor was a Scotchman. ... (MAD: David Newton Duncan married in Macon Co. NC)


There is Cherokee information on Edmond, Charles and John Dunkin in Forsyth Co. GA in the following:
      "History of Forsyth Co. GA 1832-1932" Vol.1, by Garland C. Bagley (FHL book 975.8265 H2b Vol.1)
      "Cherokee Emigration Rolls 1817 - 1835" transcribed by Jack D. Baker ca 1977 (FHL book 970.3 C424be)


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