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Formed 1821 from Indian Lands, Henry
DeKalb formed 1822 from Fayette, Gwinnett, Newton, Henry
Spalding formed 1851 from Fayette, Henry, Pike
Clayton formed 1858 from Fayette, Henry


1830 Fayette Co. GA Census
        No Duncan indexed

1840 Fayette Co. GA Census
Capt. Hardman's? District
Pg.213  Hugh Duncan        1200,1       - 0001,1
Capt. Wilkins District
Pg.235  Benjamin Duncan    0020,01      - 2110,01

1850 Fayette Co. GA Census
29th District
Pg.2, #22-26, James WALKER 28 SC farmer $0
                  Mary 17 GA
                  William 1/12 GA
Pg.7, #94-103, Benjamin DUNCAN 42 SC farmer
                  Susan 42 GA
                  Elizabeth A. 20, Andrew J. 19 GA
                  Marion 14, Sarah 12, Katharine 10 GA
                  (MAD: on the line with Benjamin Duncan's name, all three columns had "1" in them: married in year, attended school in year, over 21 & cannot read/write; 1860 Coweta Co. GA census)
Pg.50, #748-#758, James WALKER 28 SC farmer $0
                  Mary 17 GA
                  William W. 1/12 GA
                  Andrew J. HARRIS 30 GA farmer $0
                  Louisa 27 GA
                  William 8, Jefferson 6, Mary 8/12 GA
Pg.66, #988-998, C.C. BOWEN (m) 24 GA farmer $4400
                  Louizar (f) 20 GA (not mar/in/year)
                  (MAD: looking for C.C. Boewes? & wife who were heirs of Robert Duncan d. 1853 Gwinnett Co. GA; see C.C. Brewer in other Gwinnett Co. GA documents)

1860-1870 Fayette Co. GA Census
      No Duncan indexed


Fayette Co. GA Marriages
      Book A, 1823-1832 - no Duncan groom (FHL film 209,384)
      Book B, 1832-1849 - no Duncan groom; pg. 244: Ann S. Duvin 1842, not Duncan; listed elsewhere as Ann T. Duncan to Jesse Melton, 11/28/1842 (FHL film 209,384)
      Book C, 1849-1871 - no Duncan groom (FHL film 209,385)
            Pg.92: License, James F. Walker to Mary Dunkin, 8 July 1849, married 8 July by John H. Cosley, JP.


Fayette Co. GA Wills, 1828-1953 (FHL film 209,388)
      Vol.A, 1823-1897 - no Duncan
      Vol.B, 1898-1953 - no Duncan

Fayette Co. GA Will (from Dianne Ladd 3/1991; also recorded in Cobb Co. GA per "Index to Georgia Wills" by Jeannette Holland McCall, FHL book 975.8 P28a)
      Will of Martha B. Duncan of Spaulding Co. GA; to son Robert Taylor Nesbit, his wife Rebecca Lawer Nesbit; grandchildren William Duncan Nesbit, Marietta Nesbit Glover, Robert Hugh Nesbit; daughter Lucie Berrien Starnes; children Lucia Berrien Starnes, Bayard McIntosh Starnes, Hugh Nesbit Starnes; granddaughters Lila Screven Atkinson, Mary Eleanor Atkinson; great-granddaughter Mary Joana Wylly. /s/ Martha Berrien Duncan, 18 June 1894. (DL & MAD: Martha Berrien Duncan, bur. St.James Episcopal Cem., Cobb Co. GA, plot 103, d. 13 July 1896 in 76th (or 78th) yr of her life; obit dated 17 July 1896 said Mrs. M.B. Duncan of "this place" (Griffin, GA) was spending summer at Marietta, died there Monday afternoon, about 76 years of age, closely related to Mrs. H.N. Starnes, of Experiment, Mrs. R.A. Nesbitt, of Atlanta, and others, from pg.312, "Marriage & Death Notices from the Griffin (GA) Weekly News & the Griffin Weekly News & Sun, 1882-1896" (Spalding Co. GA) by Fred R. Hartz; FHL book 975.84 V3h)

Fayette Co. GA Court of Ordinary, Administrator & Guardian Bonds (FHL film 209,410)
      Book A, 1830-1850 - no Duncan
      Book B, 1850-1874 - no Duncan

Fayette Co. GA Court of Ordinary, Returns of Administrators and Guardians, Inventories, Appraisements, etc.
      Vol.B, 1827-1837 - no Duncan estate (FHL film 209,394)
      Vol.C, 1837-1845 - no Duncan administrator (FHL film 209,395)
      Vol.[D], 1845-1853 - no Duncan (FHL film 209,396)


GA Land Lotteries; Fayette Co. GA
      Name, lottery year, militia district & county of residence, draw
      Dunkin, John, 1821, of Powells Dist., Madison Co., drew lot #47 in Sec.9, Fayette Co.
      Duncan, William, 1821, of Flowers Dist., Jones Co., drew lot #28 in Sec.14, Fayette Co.

Fayette Co. GA Deeds (direct & indirect index 1821-1900 on FHL film 209,337)
      B-520: 29 Dec. 1829, Isaac Duncan of Pike Co. AL to Alexander Ware of Fayette Co. GA, $100, Lot 34 in 6th Dist. Wit. John W. Smith, Thomas C. Mathews, Stephen English. Recorded 1831. (FHL film 209,338)
      Other nearby deeds to Alexander Ware from various people for lots.
      No other Duncan grantor indexed through 1900; no Duncan grantees indexed to 1900
      MAD: The 1827 tax digest of Fayette Co. GA, for that year only, included William Duncan, Nathan Duncan, Ellas (Elias) Duncan, Peter Dunkin, John T. Dunkin and John Dunkin, all listed without land (from pg.37 "First Tax digests of Fayette Co. GA 1823-1834" by Ancestors Unlimited; FHL book 975.8426 R4f). Not identified otherwise in the county records.


Fayette Co. GA Court of Ordinary Minutes and Record Books (FHL film 209,389)
      Vol. 1823-1837 - no index
      Vol. 1850-1861 - no Duncan

Fayette Co. GA Inferior Court Minutes & Misc. Court records
      Minutes 1824-1843 - no index (FHL film 209,406)
      Minutes & oaths 1823-1856 - no index
      Minutes 1823-1843 - no index
      Minutes 1824-1829 - no index
      Minutes Vol.A 1825-1853 - no index
      Minutes 1829-1835 - no index
      Minutes 1829-1834 - no Duncan
      Minutes 1843-1847 - partial index, no Duncan (FHL film 209,407)
      Minutes 1836-1843 - no Duncan
      Minutes 1856-1862 - sketchy index, no Duncan
      Minutes 1848-1856 - no Duncan pltf. (FHL film 209,408)
      Minutes 1853-1869 - no index
      Minutes 1857-1862 - not looked at (FHL film 209,409)

Fayette Co. GA Superior Court Writs, Declarations & Petitions
      Vol. 1825-1831 - no Duncan found in index (FHL film 209,365)
      Vol. C 1829-1833 - no Duncan pltf
      1832-1839 - no Duncan pltf. (FHL film 209,366)
      1839-1842 - no index
      Vol.A, 1842-1844 - no Duncan pltf. (FHL film 209,367)
      1844-1857 - not looked at (FHL film 209,368)


Campbell Co. GA Deeds
      D-170: Dooley Co. GA. 10 March 1838, George (X) Mansell of Pulaski Co. to Larkin C. Duncan of Lowndes Co. AL, for $250, 202.5 acres in lot #94, Dist.14, Fayette now Campbell Co. GA; wit. William J. Lawson, Charles Powell, J.P. (FHL film 401,779)
      D-514: Campbell Co. GA. 6 March 1849. Per Writ of Firi Facias from the Superior Court of Campbell Co. in the matter of James B.A. Sneed vs. John C. Duncan, Sheriff Wiliam Bartlett sold 202.5 acres in lot #92, Dist.14, Fayette now Campbell Co. GA, as the property of said John C. Duncan, at public outcry to William McWilliams as highest bidder for $30; wit. James M. Cantrell, Thomas Camp, JIC. (FHL film 401,779)
      F-173: Muscogee Co. GA, 15 Dec. 1856, Larkin C. Dunkin of "Lundes" Co. AL to John C. Dunkin of same, $200, land in Fayette when surveyed now Campbell Co., 14th Dist., lot #92, 202-1/2 acres; wit. John Clustain (Christian??), Thomas Bowland JP. (FHL film 401,781)

Cobb Co. GA Deeds (from Dianne Ladd 9/1993)
      B-85: 4 Aug. 1869, Elizabeth Lester of Fayette Co. GA to John B. Duncan of Cobb Co. GA, $90, lot #354, 18th Dist., 2nd Sec., 40 acres. Wit. J.N. Hobbs, J.Y. Hobbs, W.H. Anderson JP; rec. Dec. 8, 1869.
      E-662: 5 April 1880, James M. Johnson (X) of Cobb Co. GA to John B. Duncan of Cherokee Co. GA, $1330, lots #282, 293, 294, in 18th Dist., 2nd Sec., 140 acres. Wit. W.A. Booth, S.R. McClasky JP; rec. April 6, 1889.


Portion of John W. Brown Family Bible (from Lucy Moye 2/1995; see Fayette and Campbell Co. GA)
      "The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ," pub. 1856 in New York by American Bible Society.
      Josiah V. Brown was born January the 20th 1827
      E.A. Duncan was born December the 7th 1829
      J.V. Brown & E.A. Duncan was maried Decr. the 7th 1854
      Luther Augustus Brown was born January the 13th 1858
      Eseir Ellin Brown was born August the 6th 1859
            Another page
      John W. Brown Departed this Life April the 18th 1846
            Separate slip of paper
      Wilson M. Duncan July 15th 1862 (LM: death date)


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