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Formed 1852 from Baker
Calhoun formed 1854 from Baker & Early
Miller formed 1856 from Baker, Early
Mitchell formed 1857 from Baker


1860 Dougherty Co. GA Census (census gives county of birth if in GA)
Pg.544, #46, S.H. DARKONE (m) "(wf heirs" 38 planter $36,600-$89,500 [born] Sum? Co. (Gwin? Co.)
                  E.A. (f) 33 Jasper Co.
                  A. DUNCON (m) 11 Lee? (Sev.? Lev?)
                  E.A. (f) 9 Lee? (Sev? Lev?)
                  J.R. DINKONO? (f) 6 Allaway?
                  L.W. HERRINGTON (f) 15 Texas
                  (MAD: Alexander from 1850 Lee Co. GA census, son of Alex. B. Duncan of 1840 Baker Co. GA census)

1870 Dougherty Co. GA Census
City of Albany
Pg.445, #16-20, DICKINSON, Jno. T. 42 GA (white) retired farmer $20,000-$500
                  Ella C. 22 GA keeping house
                  Henry 14, Roger 10 GA at home
                  Jno. T. Jun. 5 GA at home
                  WHITE, Frances (f) 35 VA BLACK domestic servant $75
                  DUNCAN, Geo. 23 GA BLACK laborer
                  WHITE, Frederick 15 GA BLACK laborer
Pg.461, #247-269, BONNER, Nora (f) 18 GA BLACK domestic servant $0-$0
                  DUNCAN, Maria 50 GA BLACK wash woman
                  Lency (f) 30 GA BLACK domestic servant
Pg.462, #261-285, DUNCAN, Jno. 22 GA BLACK shoemaker $0-$0
                  Lizzie 21 GA MULATTO keeping house
                  Matilda 3/12 GA MULATTO b.Jan. at home
                  NEALY, Martha 26 GA BLACK domestic servt.
                  SANFORD, Delia (f) 14 GA BLACK domestic servt.
Pg.470, #375-407, DAVIS, Jno. A. 37 GA (white) lawyer & farmer $50,000-$12,000
                  Laura C. 35 GA keeping house
                  Joseph S. 17, Adella 15 GA going to school
                  Sallie 13, Dosea (f) 11 GA going to school
                  Eliza 9, Emma 5 GA going to school
                  Nannie 3, Minnie 1 GA at home
                  DE GROFFENRIAD?, Emma (f) 22 GA (white) farmer $4500-$2000
                  HAMPTON, Eliza 62 GA (white) at home
                  DE GRAFFENREID?, Anna 7 GA going to school
                  DUNCAN, Walter 37 GA BLACK laborer
                  Louisa 35 GA BLACK domestic servant
                  Josephine 11 GA BLACK going to school
                  [DUNCAN,] Wm. 35 GA BLACK carpenter
                  Rhoda 33 GA BLACK domestic servant
                  Ivanna (f) 14 GA BLACK nurse
                  Merryman (m) 11 GA BLACK domestic servant
                  Robert 14, Rosa 4 GA BLACK at home
P.O. Albany
Pg.472, #1-1, HINES, Richard K. 39 GA (white) lawyer $32,000-$9,000
                  Georgia E. 27 GA keeping house $9,500-$1,000
                  Hannah S. 4 GA at home $0-$600
                  Emily N. 3 GA at home $0-$600
                  Sarah A.E. 58 GA at home
                  DUNCAN, Adam 45 GA BLACK domestic servant
                  Mary 40 GA MULATTO domestic servant
                  Daniel 13 GA MULATTO domestic servant
                  Lizzie 8, Mary J. 4 GA MULATTO at home
                  HINES, Salitta? (f) 44 GA BLACK cook
                  Ozell (m) 8 GA MULATTO at home
                  Keziah (f) 18 GA BLACK domestic servant
                  DUNCAN, Honord? (Howard?) (m) 28 GA BLACK laborer
                  Matilda 24 GA BLACK laborer
                  HINES, Peter 21 GA BLACK laborer
Pg.489, #287-345, DUNCAN, Bettie 27 SC MULATTO domestic servant $0-$0
                  Bray (m) 1 GA BLACK at home
Pg.513, #706-804, DUNCAN, Moses 46 SC BLACK farm laborer $0-$200
                  Anna 40 VA BLACK keeping house
                  WILLAIN?, Elias 21 SC BLACK farm laborer
                  Emma 16 SC BLACK farm laborer
                  Lizzie 11 SC BLACK at home

1910 Census, Militia District #45, Albany, Dougherty County, Georgia (from Kathy D. Cawley 9/2006)
S.D.# 2, E.D.# 69, Page# 77B, image 28 of 33
700 Washington Street
Head, m/w, age 54, M1X, 25 yrs., TN./TN./TN., machinist
Jane, Wife, f/w, age 47, M1X, 6 chi. born, 6 living, TN./TN./TN.
Eliza, Daughter, f/w, age 24, single, TN./TN./TN.
Lillie, Daughter, f/w, age 22, single, TN./TN./TN.
Carl, Son, m/w, age 20, single, TN./TN./TN., chaffuer/private family [sp]
Larry, Son, m/w, age 18, single, TN./TN./TN., chaffuer/private family [sp]
Harry, Son, m/w, age 15, TN./TN./TN., attends school
Ellis, Son, m/w, age 10, TN./TN./TN., attends school
      (KDC: 1900 Hickman Co. TN census)


Dougherty Co. GA Wills, 1854-1925 (FHL film 285,296)
      No Duncan


"Roster of Confederate Soldiers of GA 1861-1865" by Lillian Henderson, Director of the State Division of Confederate Pensions and Records for the state of Georgia, 6 vols. (FHL book 975.8 M22h)
      1:591: 4th Regiment GA Volunteer Infantry, Doles-Cook Brigade, Rodes' Div., 2nd Corps, Army of Northern VA; Co.E, Albany Guards, Dougherty Co. GA: Joseph L.R. Duncan, Private, Sept. 24, 1863; captured at Spotsylvania, VA, May 10, 1864; died of smallpox at Ft. Delaware, DE, Jan. 5, 1865.
      2:646: 18th Regiment GA Volunteer Infantry, Army of Northern VA; Co.D, Davis Invincibles, Dougherty Co. GA: Miles M. Duncan, 4th Corporal, May 1861; discharged, disability, Sept. 4, 1861.

Case Files of Applications from Former Confederates for Presidential Pardons ("Amnesty Papers") 1865-1867, Group I, Pardon Applications Submitted by Persons from the South (from Kathy Cawley 9/2007; MAD's extract)
      Perry E. Duncan of Dougherty Co. GA, application for special pardon; he is native of South Carolina age 65 years and now and for the last two years a resident of Dougherty County Georgia and by occupation a planter. That for the last four years of the late unhappy war he has remained at home in the pursuit of his business, that he has never borne arms against the government of the United States ... that he was formerly the owner of about 100 negroes which he now acknowledges to be free and acquisces in the act of the government making them free. That he has a wife and nine children dependent upon him and that what property remains to him will barely support & educate them. That the government of the US has taken possession of no part of his property ... /s/ P.E. Duncan, Aug. 22, 1865. (Roll 18, Georgia, Di-Gra names, FHL film 1,578,756)


Lee Co. GA Deeds (FHL film 367,177)
      B-94: Dougherty Co. GA, 7 Oct. 1871, Alexander B. Duncan of Lee Co. GA to Mary Ellen Forester of Lee Co. GA, $10, fractional lot #129 and also 134-1/2 acres off N. side of fractional lot #160, the first of the fractional lots containing 159 acres and the latter containing 162 acres, both in 2nd Dist. Lee Co.; and also lots #129 and #159 containing each 202-1/2 acres in 3rd Dist. formerly Lee now Terrell Co., the same being the share of the Duncan place assigned to said Mary Ellen Forester on partition granted by Lee Superior Court at Sept. term 1871; wit. R.N. Eley; rec. 27 Nov. 1871.
      B-134: Dougherty Co. GA, 11 Oct. 1871, Mary Ellen Forester of Lee Co. GA to Alexander B. Duncan of Lee Co. GA, $10, all of fractional lot #161 in 2nd Dist. Lee Co. containing 164 acres and also 26 acres off S.side fractional lot #160 in same, also lots #161 (MAD: sic), #162, #163, each of 202-1/2 acres in 3rd Dist. formerly Lee now Terrell Co., being the share of the Duncan place assigned Alex B. Duncan on partition granted by Superior Court Sept. 1871; wit. R.N. Ely, T.B. Leppert N.P.; recorded 1 July 1872.

HISTORIES before 1923

1889 "Biographical souvenir of the states of Georgia and Florida : containing biographical sketches of the representative public, and many early settled families in these states" pub. by F.A. Battey (Los Angeles Public Library book R975.8 B615; FHL book 975 D3bg and fiche 6,088,141)
      Pg.249-50: Georgia. ALEXANDER B. DUNCAN, M.D., of Leesburg, GA, was born in Lee Co. GA February 10, 1849. He is the son of Alexander B. and Ellen A. (Holland) Duncan. Alexander B. was born in Philadelphia, PA, in about 1812, went to New Orleans when twelve years of age, where he was reared and educated. In about 1830 he moved to Albany, GA, where he lived for many years but died in Lee County, in 1852. He was a farmer by occupation and one of the pioneer settlers in Dougherty County. The mother of the subject was born in Jasper Co. GA in about 1823 and died in 1883. She bore her husband two children, viz.: Alexander B. and Mary E.
            Alexander B. was reared in Lee County and was educated at Albany and Mercer University. In 1866 he commenced to read medicine ... he commended clerking (1873) in Albany, GA; from there in 1876 he went to Leesburg. He remained in Lee County, farming and clerking, until 1878, when he returned to Albany ... January 10, 1877, he was married to Mrs. Addie H. Cooper, widow of W.C.H. Cooper (deceased), of Albany, GA, and a daughter of Stephen Wright, of Knoxville, GA. To their union were born five children, viz.: Mary F., George F., Edward, Pleman and Stephen A. His wife died May 28, 1883. (MAD: Alexander B. Duncan mar. A.H. Cooper 1/10/1877 Crawford Co. GA; Crawford Co. GA will B-114 of Stephen S. Wright, 14 Nov. 1878, named dau. Addie Duncan and Addie Cooper)

1906 "Georgia : comprising sketches of counties, towns, events, institutions, and persons, arranged in cyclopedic form" by Allen D. Candler and Clement A. Evans, Vol.1 (from Evelyn Sigler 6/1983 and Ray Duncan 9/1991; FHL book 975.8 A7c and films 1,000,160 and 896,883 item 1)
      Pg.634: George Washington Duncan, is engaged in the real-estate and loan business in the city of Macon [Bibb Co. GA], where he controls a large and prosperous enterprise, and is also land and industrial agent for the Atlanta, Birmingham & Atlantic railroad; born in Greenville, Greenville Co. SC Feb. 22, 1852, a son of Perry Emory and Mary Anne (Hill) Duncan, the former born in Greenville, SC, in 1800, and the latter in Wilkes Co. GA in 1814. The Duncan family is of staunch old Scottish stock, the great-grandfather of the subject having immigrated to America from the "land of hills and heather" and settled in VA, whence he later removed to SC. His son, the grandfather of George Washington Duncan, was a loyal soldier in the Continental line in the war of the Revolution, having taken part in the battles of Cowpens, SC, King's Mountain, NC, and other engagements. Perry E. Duncan amassed a very considerable fortune, owned a fine plantation about 5 miles northwest of Greenville, and was also the owner of a large number of slaves prior to the Civil war. He also had a large cotton plantation 7 miles below Albany, Dougherty Co. GA, where the family passed the winter seasons. He was a Union man when the matter of secession was brought up, but when SC seceded he gave to the state his unqualified support, having given his signature to the ordinance of secession. His advanced age rendered him ineligible for active service in the army of the Confederacy, but three of his sons were loyal and faithful soldiers in the Confederate ranks, in the Army of North Virginia, and participated in the first battle of Bull Run. ... One of the number, Col. Robert Perry Duncan, was promoted chief of staff to Gen. R.H. Anderson of SC. ... The parents of George W. Duncan died while he was still a boy. His early education was secured at West Point, MS, and Wilkes Co. GA, after which he continued his studies in Oglethorpe university near Milledgeville. ... On Jan. 23, 1884, was solemnized the marriage of Mr. Duncan to Miss Carrie Tracy Johnston, dau. of Col. William B. and Annie Clarke (Tracy) Johnston of Macon. Concerning the children of this union, the following brief data are given: George W., Jr., was born in 1886 and is now attending the US naval academy at Annapolis, MD; Anne Tracy was born in 1888 and is now a student in Mrs. LeFebvre's school, Baltimore, MD; John Baxter was born in 1890 and graduated in the high school of Macon as a member of the class of 1906, is to attend Mercer university and later the medical department of Johns Hopkins university at Baltimore. (EDS & MAD: This is a desc. of Robert Duncan and Hannah Carr.)
      (MAD: Amelia J. Duncan, dau. of Judge Perry E. Duncan of Doughterty Co. GA, mar. Joseph H. Burke of LaGrange, GA, 11/7/1866; Mattie P. Duncan, dau. of Mr. Perry Duncan of Dougherty Co. GA, formerly of Greenville Dist. SC, mar. George C. Bell of Terrel Co. GA 3/20/1867; from "Marriage & Death Notices from the Southern Christian Advocate, 1860-1867" and "1867-1878" by Brent Holcomb; FHL books 975 B38h and other libraries)

"Memorial history of Syracuse, N.Y. : from its settlement to the present time" (Onondaga Co. NY) ed. by Dwight H. Bruce; pub. Syracuse: H.P. Smith & Co., 1891, 912 pgs. (LH3178, HeritageQuest images 6/2007; FHL book 974.766 H2b and film 1,425,598 item 1)
      Part II, Biographical, pg.89-92: WILLIAM A. DUNCAN, Ph.D. - William A. Duncan came to Syracuse sometime previous to 1840, when it was but a hamlet. He had been trained from youth as a workman on the granite buildings of Aberdeen, Scotland, and was a finely educated builder and master mechanic. He was the son of Alexander Duncan, a man well known in his day as an educator, and one of the best educated men on Dee side. With him came his young wife Mary, the daughter of James Wood, of Airlie, Scotland. He located here because he saw the great possibilities of the city, because of its nearness to the limestone quarries. ... Syracuse owes much of its admiration for the substantial and the beautiful in architecture to his early presence. Their children were William A.; James D.; Joseph M., President of the Duncan Salt Company, Silver Springs; John H., Superintendent of the American Dairy Salt-Mills, Syracuse; Mrs. F. Morgan; and Mrs. E. Tankie. Memorial windows in memory of William and Mary Duncan have been placed in the First Ward Presbyterian church and in the Good Will Congregational church of this city. ...
      Dr. William A. Duncan, eldest son of William and Mary Duncan, was born at Oswego, N.Y., in 1837, and while in infancy came to Syracuse, where he has since resided, and during his mature years has been one of its most active, useful, and respected citizens. ... Dr. Duncan became an educator when he was a young man as the Principal of an academy, ... Board of Education of this city for fourteen years, ... His greatest achievements have been in the religious field. ... elected President of the New York State Sunday-School Convention held in Saratoga, N.Y., in June 1891, and has been for eleven years Chairman of its Executive Committee ... Dr. Duncan is the creator of a branch Chautauqua at Albany, Ga. ... Dr. Duncan has been hailed as a missionary of Northern good-will, and his Georgia visits are occasions of public rejoicing. He owns a cotton and fruit plantation of 3,500 acres twelve miles from Albany, which is in Dougherty county, 200 miles south of Atlanta. ... (MAD: much more on his achievements, not copied) Dr. Duncan married Miss Julia B. Coleman, dughter of J.M. Coleman, esq., of Seneca Falls, N.Y. Two daughters, liberally educated and now traveling with Mrs. Duncan in Europe for educational benefits, bless the union.


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