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Formed 1822 from Fayette, Gwinett, Newton, Henry
Fulton formed 1853 from DeKalb, Campbell


1830 DeKalb Co. GA Census
Pg. 72  Elizabeth Duncan   1100,2    - 0000,1001

1840 DeKalb Co. GA Census (no Duncan indexed)
240th District
Pg.223  Hiram Delay        2000,01   - 1000,01

1850 DeKalb Co. GA Census
Cross Road
Pg.121, #12, Philip DUNCAN 24 SC laborer
                  Emily 22 SC
                  Robt. S. 5, Sarah J. 3, Joshua 3/12 GA
                  Hannah 54 SC
                  (MAD: Phillip Duncan mar. Emily Demarius Marbut 12/12/1843 Newton Co. GA; Hannah Duncan in 1840 Newton Co. GA census, ?? 1860 Fayette Co. TX)
Pg.195, #19, Hiram R. DELAY 43 SC cabinet maker
                  Mary C. 35 SC
                  Christopher C. 14, Hiram R. 12, Nancy C. 10 GA
                  Julia DUNCAN 14, Jno. C. 8 GA
                  Patterson 6, Virgil A. 2 GA
                  Louisa DUNCAN 4, Wm. C.P. 1 GA
                  (MAD: Hiram "Delany" mar. Mary Duncan 1/13/1847 Clarke Co. GA; Julie Ann Duncan DeLay mar. John T. Carmichael 3/23/1854 Fulton Co. GA per "The Carmichael Clan, Westbrook and Allied Families" compiled by Mrs. Opal Carmichael Phoenix 1963; FHL book 929.273 C212p)

1860 DeKalb Co. GA Census
Pg.300, #306, O.J. DUNKIN (m) 22 GA cabinet maker $0-$0
                  Caroline 21 GA
                  George C. 8 mo. GA
                  (MAD: indexed James Dunkin; James A. Winn was #305; possibly Osborn age 12 in 1850 from Clarke Co. GA?; 1870 Monroe Co. GA census)
Pg.360, #765, John A. CLAY 49 GA, Agnes 49 SC & ch.
Pg.360, #766, Elizabeth DUNCAN 69 SC domestic $0 (alone)
                  (MAD: ?? 1850 Lumpkin Co. GA census)
Pg.360, #767, Absolum FULLER 44 SC farmer $0-$3000
                  Sarah L. 47 SC (no ch.)
Lithonia Dist.
Pg.386, #951, Elijah BISHOP 30 GA farmer $500-$1600
                  Emiley D. 33 SC domestic
                  Robert S.D. 15, Sarah J. 13, George J. 10 GA
                  Luke R. 3, James D. 1 GA
                  (MAD: Emily Demarius Marbut mar. Phillip Duncan 12/12/1843 Newton Co. GA; Emeline Duncan mar. Elijah Bishop 2/4/1855; George Joshua Duncan mar. as G.J. Duncan to M(ary) A(dolphus) Hines 3/22/1873 Arkansas Co. AR, to Wheeler Co. TX)

1870 DeKalb Co. GA Census (#672 also from Stephanie Campbell 10/2000)
Panthersville Dist.
Pg.249, #190-190, DUCAN, Elizabeth 78 SC (white) keeping house (alone)
Pg.253, #245-245, DUNCAN, James 28 GA BLACK farmer $0-$0
                  Elizabeth 20 GA BLACK keeping house
                  Ellen 1 GA BLACK
Pg.258, #330-330, DUNCAN, John C. 21 SC farmer $0-$0
                  Mary I. 28 GA keeping house
                  William T. 3 GA
                  (KDC: 1860 and 1880 Gwinnett Co. GA census)
Diamonds Dist.
Pg.260, #664-664, DUNCAN, Burton 32 GA BLACK farmer $0-$100
                  Louisa 25 GA BLACK keeping house
                  Grant (m) 5, Henry B. 3 GA BLACKS
                  William A. 5/12 GA b.March BLACK
                  Luellay (f) 10 GA BLACK
Diamonds District, Lithonia P.O., taken 26 July 1870 by Joseph Walker, M593 roll 147, line 32
Pg.260, #672-672, BRASWELL, Wesley (m) 69 SC farmer $700-$700
                  Mary A. 65 GA keeping house
                  MARBUT, Florence (m) 13 GA farm laborer
                  Pressley W. (m) 10 GA farm laborer
                  DUNCAN, Josa (f) 19 GA at home
                  (MAD: Josa copied as age 17 by Stephanie Campbell)
                  (MAD: ?? Josa Duncan 19 was Josephine 7 in 1860 Walton Co. GA with B. Duncan)
                  (SC: This is the family of Wesley Braswell [b. 1 Apr 1801 SC d. 6 Mar 1874 DeKalb Co. GA] and his wife Mary Ann New [b. 25 May 1804 GA d. 4 Jun 1883 DeKalb Co. GA]. They are raising their two grandsons, Florence Hill Marbutt [b. 13 Feb 1856 GA] and Presley Willington Marbutt [b. 1 May 1861 Lithonia, GA d. 18 Feb 1906]. Their daughter was Sarah Ann Braswell [b. 20 Feb 1835 GA m. 7 Dec 1854 DeKalb Co. GA d. 9 Jan 1863 DeKalb Co. GA] and her husband was Dr. Daniel Presley Marbutt [b. 11 Jan 1833 Ninety-Six District, SC d. 30 Jun 1863 Vicksburg, MS])
Pg.260, #673-673, BRASWELL, Elijah 27 GA farmer $400-$250
                  Sarah C. 26 GA keeping house
                  MARBUT, Eugenia (f) 10 GA at home
Pg.263, #706-706, WEAVER, Oliver 45 GA BLACK farmer $0-$0
                  Hannah 43? GA BLACK keeping house
                  John 11 GA BLACK farm laborer
                  Mary 3 GA BLACK
                  DUNCAN, George J. 21 GA (white) farmer $0-$0
                  (MAD: ?? George J. Duncan 21 was perhaps George 10 in 1860 Walton Co. GA with B. Duncan)
Pg.266, #750-750, DUNCAN, Robert S. 25 GA farmer $200-$250
                  Susan C. 18 GA keeping house
Brownings Dist.
Pg.274, #339-339, DUNCAN, Parthenia 80 VA BLACK infirm
                  VAUGHN, Caleb 20 GA BLACK farm laborer $0-$0
Lithonia Dist.
Pg.294, #635-635, BRASWELL, Newton J. 30 GA retail grocer $2500-$600
                  Sarah 25 GA keeping house
                  Mary S. 4, Henry W. 2 GA
                  Jacob V. 7/12 GA b.Dec.
                  SMITH, William D. 20 GA farmer $0-$0
                  DUNCAN, Levi 16 GA farmer $0-$0
                  (MAD: ?? Levi Duncan in 1860 Walton Co. GA with B. Duncan)
Pg.295, #647-647, DUNCAN, Robert L. 45 GA farmer $200-$400
                  Mary J. 30 GA keeping house
                  Ida (f) 12 GA at home
                  Lizzie 9, George P. 4, Adda (f) 2 GA
                  WILKIN, Cromwell D. (m) 28 SC farm laborer $0-$0
                  (MAD: 1860 Floyd Co. GA census; Charles Walton Duncan age 5 years, son of Rev. R.L. & M.J. Duncan, d. 1/22/1868 DeKalb Co. GA)
Cross Keys Dist.
Pg.299, #63-63, DUNCAN, Robert H. 32 SC farmer $0-$200
                  Nancy A. 31 GA keeping house
                  ..fus H. (m) 12 GA farm laborer
                  James N. 10 GA farm laborer
                  (MAD: 1860 Gwinnett Co. GA as Haynes Duncan; son Rufus in 1860 and 1880, but first letter here not written as "R")


DeKalb Co. GA Ordinary Court Minutes, v.A-B 1842-1870 (FHL film 365,903)
      Book A, 1842-1862 - No DeTay or DeLay
            A-349: Court Oct. 1858, George W. Duncan has caused a citation to be published in "Atlanta Intelligencer" to apply for letters of administration on estate of Solomon Hodges, no objection raised, letters issued. (MAD: Administrator Bond Vol.2, 1852-1863, lists securities for George W. Duncan, 10/4/1858, as John N. Pate and N.H. Austin; from "GA Intestate Records" by Jeannette Holland Austin, 1986; FHL book 975.8 P28a)
            A-416: Court May 1861, application of Robert S. Duncan and Sarah Jane Duncan, orphans of Phillip Duncan decd, to have John P. Marbit appointed guardian; he gave bond $1780. May, 1861, John P. Marbit applied for letters of guardianship of person and property of George J. Duncan, orphan of Phillip Duncan decd, resident of DeKalb Co. GA, and gave bond.
      Book B - not looked at
      Administrators Bonds Vol.2, 1852-1863
            Richard Hall decd, J.A. Juhan and N.S. Juhan admrs. 8/27/1862, James M. Hart, J.A.J. Duncan, John R. Mehaffey sureties (from pg.131, "GA Intestate Records" by Jeannette Holland Austin, 1986; FHL book 975.8 P28a) (MAD: ? James A.J. from Cobb Co. GA, son of Samuel & Elizabeth)
            Richard Holt, decd, John W. Scruggs, Nathaniel S. Juhan, admrs, 10/6/1862, William N. Duncan, J.H. Kimbrell, H.R. Hannah, J.A. Juhan, sureties (from pg.154, "GA Intestate Records" by Jeannette Holland Austin, 1986; FHL book 975.8 P28a)

DeKalb Co. GA Probate records, Index to estates, minutes, A-L, 1840-1929 (FHL film 365,273)
      George J. Duncan, Minutes A-416, Bonds 1-137, Letters 1858-78 pg.111 etc.
      No other Duncan early
      No DeKay, DeLay or DeTay


GA Land Lotteries; DeKalb Co. GA
      Name, lottery year, militia district & county of residence, draw
      Duncan, John, 1821, of Duncans Dist., Franklin Co.), drew lot #296 in Sec.16, Henry Co. (MAD: later DeKalb and Newton Co.)

DeKalb Co. GA Deed index 1840-1910, A-E
      Deeds start with Vol.H and L, 1842-1852, M-N 1850-54, O-P 1854-67, & later, Book BB 1887-89, Book EE 1891-92
      Grantors, pg.492 (FHL film 365,305):
      L-193: Philip Duncan to David Chupp, Dist. 16, Lot 189, 80a S.side
      BB-141: R.S. Duncan to James Weeks, Dist.16, lot 187, 17a
      Grantees, pg.432 (FHL film 365,309):
      R-187: Hansford Augustus Duncan, trustee, from Thos. Little, 21-1/2a Decatur
      EE-295: R.S. Duncan et al from John M. Philips, Dist.16, lot 56, 50a
      Later not copied

DeKalb Co. GA Deeds
      L-192: DeKalb Co. GA, 27 Nov. 1846, J.B. Bond of afsd to David Chupp of same, $65, 60 acres in 16th Dist. then Henry Co. now DeKalb Co., being part of lot 189 lying between Swift Creek and Shoal Creek in the fork of said creeks "to". /s/ Joseph B. Bond; wit. Philip Duncan, George Watts; rec. 4 Feb. 1847 on oath of Philip Duncan. (FHL film 365,313)
      L-193: DeKalb Co., 28 Oct. 1846, Philip Duncan of said co. to David Chupp of same, $200, land in 16th Dist. orig. Henry now DeKalb, 80 acres on S.side lot #189, all on the S. side of both the creeks running through the lot; wit. Wm. Goldsburry, John Boyd; rec. on oath of William Goldsburry 20 Feb. 1847.


GA Confederate Soldiers Pensions; Index - Dobson, W.P. to Ellington, Allen J. (FHL film 1,493,057)
      MAD: The Pension records themselves are alphabetic within the county. The index is small 3x5 cards preprinted with "Name:" and "Service:" and "Res.:" and "Remarks"; also looked at any Dunan and Dunk.. names listed; cards include witnesses for other confederate soldiers.
      Information in FHL Catalog: Confederate soldiers received pensions for military service beginning in 1879; law changed 1891 to include widows; cards in this record for the witnesses of these soldiers & widows attesting to service of each soldier; alphabetical by name of pensioner, included on card are notations concerning county of residence, unit designation, and husband's name in the case of widow cards.
      R.S. Duncan, Co.B, 35th GA, application in DeKalb Co. GA
      R.S. Duncan, Co.B, 35th GA, application by Mrs. Susan E. Duncan, widow, DeKalb Co. GA
      Mrs. Susan E. Duncan, widow of R.S. Duncan, Co.B, 35th GA, application in DeKalb Co. GA
      R.S. Duncan, Co.B, 35th GA, witness for Mrs. Matilda Turner, Gwinnett Co. GA


Anderson Co. SC Deed (FHL film 22,847)
      Y-34: 7 Aug. 1843, Flemming (X) Duncan, James Duncan, and Richard Duncan by his guardian David Duncan in DeKalb Co. GA, to Alfred Fant, $65, 96 acres in Anderson Dist. SC on Hencoop and Broadaway Creek waters of Rocky River, adj. lands of John Brown, Moses Chambler?, James Fant & Peter King. Wit. Elijah Webb (clerk of court), James King. /s/ Flemming (X) Duncan, J.H. Duncan, David Duncan. Rec. on oath of James King 7 Aug. 1843.

Cherokee Co. GA Deed (FHL film 325,886)
      G-326: Writ of Firi Facias issued by DeKalb Co. GA in suit of Petit & Banks against Flemin W. Dunkin of county aforesaid; Sheriff seized land and sold it 4 June 1844 to William M. Bell, the highest bidder, for $5; deed 7 Feb. 1845, for lot #591 in 15th Dist. 2nd Sec., 40 acres.


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