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1800-1820 Washington DC Census
        No Duncan indexed

1830 Washington DC Census
2nd Ward
Pg. 83  William Duncan      2200,21   - 0111,01
          (MAD: brother of Silas Duncan of King William Co. VA;
           mar. Sarah McEvoy 8/1/1816)

1840 Washington DC Census
Pg.204  Samuel Duncan       0000,01   - 0100,1001

1850 District of Columbia Census
Washington, Ward 1
Pg.40, #620-660, John KNOBLOCK 40 DC carpenter $0
                  Harriet 35 DC
                  Masseline PRICE (f) 26 DC
                  Jane DUNCAN 15 DC
Pg.41, #639-682, Henry DUNCAN 51 VA MULATTO none $0
                  Elizabeth 55 VA MULATTO
                  Emily 13, Elizabeth 6 VA MULATTO
                  Jas. H. SMITH 2 VA MULATTO
Pg.45, #692-738, George W. WHEELER 36 MD cabinet maker $2800
                  George W. 11, Elizabeth 9 DC
                  Janet KNOBLOCK 71 SCT
                  Frances (f) 29 DC
                  Hester WARD 22 DC BLACK
                  Wm. H. DUNCAN 19 DC (white) cabinet maker $0
Washington, Ward 3
Pg.163, #258-258, D.E. DUNSCOMB (m) 56 NY clerk
                  Jane 36 MA
                  Dennis 1 DC
                  M. KELLER (f) 37 IRE
Washington, Ward 5
Pg.22, #327-354, George DUNCAN 34 SCT clerk
                  J. (f) 32 VA
Washington, Ward 6
Pg.86, #--, W.C. Asylum, many people both BLACK and WHITE
                  Mary E. DUNCAN 19 VA BLACK
Pg.181, #--, Georgetown College
                  William H. DUNCAN 15 AL
                  James M. DUNCAN 16 AL
                  Charles K. DUNCAN 13 AL

1860 District of Columbia Census
Washington, Ward 1
Pg.395, #1364-1365, Wm. H. PERKINS 52 MD dry goods mercht. $5,000-$2,300
                  Susan 49 MD
                  Frances (f) 18 DC
                  Edwin (m) 16 DC clerk
                  Duncan (m) 12 DC
                  Louis (m) 9 DC
                  Jane DUNCAN 52 MD
Pg.401, #1405-1405, Henry DUNCAN 55 VA MULATTO (blank)
                  Elizabeth 65 VA MULATTO
                  James 12 VA, Elizabeth 15 VA MULATTOS
                  Fannie CARTER 84 MD BLACK
                  Wm. DULANEY 20 MD BLACK laborer
Washington, Ward 2
Pg.538, #841-845, Jane DUNCAN 43 VA prostitute $0-$500
                  Ann SKINNER 32 VA prostitute
                  Cordelia RAE 23 PA prostitute
                  T. PRESTON (f) 35 Wash. DC prostitute
                  Henneitta DALEHER? (f) 24 Wash. DC BLACK servant
                  Wm. DALEHER 6/12 Wash. DC BLACK
Washington, Ward 3
Pg.666, #61-61, Boarding house, including
                  Saml. DUNCAN 22 VA BLACK servant $1,300
Washington, Ward 4
Pg.167, indexed Fruni? Duncan, Georgetown 4th Ward; not found

1870 District of Columbia Census
Washington City, 1st Ward
Pg.47, #683-716, BESTER, William 47 D.C. clerk in bank $0-$0
                  Lalina? 47 ENG keeping house (not parents of foreign birth)
                  Mary 18 D.C.
                  Norman? (m) 18 D.C. clerk in bank
                  Anna 14, Ellen 10 D.C. at school
                  DUNIVAN, Mary 22 DC domestic, parents of foreign birth
                  CONN?, Bridget 22 IRE domestic, parents of foreign birth
                  BESTER?, Chauncy (m) 87 D.C. retired cashier
                  (MAD: indexed Mary DUNCAN)
Pg.87, #1276-1329, SMITH, James 56 VA MULATTO steward? $0-$0
                  Rosetta 50 VA MULATTO servant $1000-$0
                  Henry 20 VA MULATTO barber
                  DUNCAN, Elizabeth 85 VA MULATTO (blank)
                  WASHINGTON, Susan 14 VA MULATTO at school
Pg.93, (torn page) #1351-#1403, (last person in household)
                  DUNCAN?, Sarah 21 D.C. Oak? Quason? Dept??
Pg.177, #2559-2751, CUSTER, Henry 50 MD BLACK laborer $0-$0
                  Martha 60 MD BLACK servant
                  JOHNSON, Jane 14 MD BLACK at school
                  Martha 13 MD BLACK at school
                  DUCAN, David 45 MD BLACK laborer
Pg.204, #263-203, DUNKINS, Hallison? (m) 29 VA BLACK waitor in hotel $0-$0
                  Ann 28 D.C. BLACK servant
                  Mary 1 D.C. BLACK
                  PETERSON, Alexander 25 VA BLACK waitor in hotel
                  DUNKINS, Alfred 26 VA BLACK laborer
Washington City, 2nd Ward
Pg.344, #1742-1855, COOK, Henrietta (f) 29 MD (white) keeps house $0-$0
                  STEVENS, Carrie 27 DC prostitute
                  SHREVES, Florence 20 DC prostitute
                  PADGIN, Kate 17 DC prostitute
                  WILSON, Lizzie 23 VA prostitute
                  COVINGTON, Julia 25 MD BLACK Dom. servant
                  DUNCAN, Geo. 17 VA BLACK at home
                  SHEDD, Mary 16 D.C. prostitute
Pg.355, #1902-2020, DUNCAN, Jane 56 VA (white) keeps house $0-$300
                  FORSYTHE, Emma 28 NY clerk in treasury
                  ALLEN, Mary 23 VA BLACK dom. servant
                  BROWN, Maggie 30 IRE keeps boarding house $0-$500, parents of foreign birth
                  SMITH, Molly 23 MD prostitute
                  HAMILTON, Nettie 19 D.C. prostitute
                  BROWN, Ida 5 D.C., mother of foreign birth
                  JOHNSON, Lucinda 24 MD dom. servant
Pg.356, #1933-2046, DUNCAN, Aaron 49 VA BLACK laborer $0-$0
                  Maria 58 VA BLACK keeps house
                  Isabella 20, Harriet 18 VA BLACK laundress
                  Wilson (m) 12 VA BLACK at school
Pg.367, #2077-2204, SHURRALTER?, Henrietta 33 VA clerk pat. office
                  Victorine (f) 12, Adelaide 16 VA at school
                  DUNCAN, William 42 VA laborer
                  Julia 37 VA dom. servant
Washington, Ward 3
Pg.598, #2126-2363, MESSEL, S.J. (f) 30 NH keeping house $0-$0, father of foreign birth
                  DUNCAN, S.A. (m) 32 NH asst. comr. patents
                  Emma 28 NH
                  Ella 3 D.C.
Pg.626, #2498-2758, BULLARD, Jesse 75 MA boarding house $0-$1500
                  Matilda 70 VA
                  Mary 24, Matilda 15 VA at home
                  DUNCAN, Jas. 30 NY clk. war dept.
                  Mary 26 NY
                  BROWN, Robt. 40 MI Dept. Clk. & family & others
                  (MAD: indexed Georgetown)
Washington, Ward 4
Pg.709, #900-1095, HYDE, Margaret 35 NY keeping house $0-$300
                  & children & others, including
                  DUNCAN, Joseph 35 PA laborer
Washington, Ward 5
Pg.29, #375-448, DUICEN, Dabney (m) 50 VA BLACK laborer
                  Emma 30 NC BLACK keeping house
Pg.30, #383-461, PENDEGRASS, Michael 30 IRE laborer $0-$100, parents of foreign birth
                  Joanna 30 IRE keeping house, parents of foreign birth
                  John 4, Kate 2, Thomas 1/12 b.May Wshington D.C. at home
Pg.30, #383-462, DARISON?, John 35 IRE painter $0-$100, parents of foreign birth
                  Ellen 38 IRE keeping house, parents of foreign birth
                  George 9 Washington D.C. attending school, parents of foreign birth
                  Mary 5 Washington D.C. at home, parents of foreign birth
                  (MAD: indexed John DANSON)
Pg.66, #1024-1074, DYER, John W. 46 Washington D.C. furniture dealer $0-$300
                  Roberta (f) 39 VA keeping house
                  Willie (m) 17 Washington D.C. at home
                  Harry (m) 15 Washington D.C. in fancy hose? (Store?)
                  John 12, Frank 9 Washington D.C. attending school
                  George 3 Washington D.C. at home
                  Roberta (f) 4/12 b.Feb. Washington D.C. at home
                  DUNCAN, Jane 62 MD at home
6th Ward, Washington City
Pg.222, #1250-1279, MATHEW?, Praso? (m) 58 ENG cartman $1400-$200, parents of foreign birth
                  Charlot 60 ENG H.K.
                  DUNKIN, Wm?. 40 SCT ("Schotman") gardner, parents of foreign birth
                  Mary 29 ENG, parents of foreign birth
Ward 7
Pg.436, #2393-2576, LEE, Lewis 54 VA BLACK laborer $0-$0
                  Caroline 68 VA BLACK keeping h.
                  Lucy 20 VA BLACK home
                  DUNKIN, Jno. 29 KY BLACK laborer
                  LEE, Mary 9 D.C. BLACK sch.
                  DUNKIN, Caroline 19 VA BLACK keeping H.
West Part
Pg.746, #147-142, MASON, Otis T. (m) 32 ME professor in Col. $10,000-$2,000
                  Sarah E. 30 VA keeps house
                  George 4, Emily 2 D.C.
                  & servants, and students, including
                  DUNCAN, J.W. (m) 17 TX ("Texas") Student
Subdivision East of 7th Street Road
Pg.679 - indexed Henrietta Duncan; no Henrietta and no Duncan pg.679 or 679R
Pg.580, #1059-1142, BRADLEY, Joseph 38 D.Columbia lawyer $2000-$1020
                  Mary D. 35 PA keeping house
                  Magaret 12 DC going school
                  Mary 4, Nina (f) 2 MD
                  Joseph 3/12 DC b.Mar.
                  DUNCAN, Eliza 33 LA ("Louisiana") at home
                  WILLIS, Catharine 56 IRE domestic servant, parents of foreign birth
                  DONOHOE, Nora (f) 20 IRE domestic servant, parents of foreign birth
Pg.608, #1441-1556, CLAGGETT, Harriet 50 MD BLACK keeping house $0-$0
                  Emma 20 D.Columbia BLACK at home
                  HICKS, Peter 30 VA BLACK common laborer
                  Eugene (m) 11 D.Columbia BLACK at home
                  Emma F. 3, Butler (m) 1 D.Columbia BLACK
                  DUNCAN, Sylvester 9, John 2 D.Columbia BLACK

1890 Washington, DC, Census
Washington Twp.; ED 0, Stamped pg.#628; 1430 Corcoran Street, Dwelling House #1, 1 family, 9 persons
Pg.628, #1, Rudolph A. KING 48 Dist. of Col., Confederate, head white male, married, father born MD, mother born NY, agriculturist
            Bettie W. KING 45 VA wife white female, married, mother of 5 children all living, VA VA (blank occupation)
            Mary A. MOORE 76 VA mother-in-law white female, widow, mother of 7 children two living, VA VA (blank)
            Mary L. TINNER 21 VA dau. white female, married April 23rd 1890, mother of 0 children, DC VA "no occupation"
            William P.M. KING 19 VA son white male single DC VA pharmacist
            Zebulon M.P. KING 17 KY son white male single DC VA photographer
            Lily S. KING 13 VA dau. white "male" single DC VA private
            Rudolph A. KING 9 VA son white male single DC VA private
            Julia E. DUNCAN 20 VA servant BLACK female single VA VA servant

1920 District of Columbia Census; partial (from Kathy Cawley 4/2004)
Part A 9th Dist., 320 Massachusetts Ave., 38-54
      DUNCAN, John K., married, age 45, born IA, Father b. PA, Mother b. IL, dentist
      Alice, wife, 2 children born, 2 living, born IOWA, father b. IRELAND, mother b. SWITZERLAND
      Ethelbert James, age 18, born IA, both parents born IA
      Wallace T., age 16, born DIST. OF COLUMBIA, both parents born IA

1930 District of Columbia Census; partial (from Kathy Cawley 4/2004)
Washington City, 9th Dist., 702 E. Capitol Street, 279-348
      DUNCAN, John K., age 55, married at 24, born IOWA, father b. PENNSYLVANIA, mother b. ILLINOIS, dentist at Home
      Alice A., age 56, married at 25, born IOWA, father b. IRELAND, mother b. SWITZERLAND
      Wallace J., age 26, single, DIST. OF COLUMBIA, Both Parents born IOWA Accountant / Bank
Washington City, 9th Pct., 436 10th Street, 130-276
      REDDISH, Mayhen R., head, age 57, married at 31, born MARYLAND, both Parent born MARYLAND, Watchman
      Florence H., wife, age 47, married at 21, born MARYLAND, both parent born MARYLAND
      Dorothy F., dau., age 22, born MARYLAND, both parent born MARYLAND, Bookeeper in Telephone Co.
      Kermit, son, age 21, born MARYLAND, both parent born MARYLAND, Salesman in Retail Electric Supplies
      Ethelbert J. DUNCAN, son-in-law, age 29, married at 26, born IOWA, both parents born IOWA, Salesman/automobile
      Maude DUNCAN, dau., age 25, married at 22, born MARYLAND, both parent born MARYLAND


Marriage records of Washington, DC, have been extracted and published:
      "Marriage Licenses of Washington, DC, 1811-1858" by DAR, V.19 & 20, pg.206 (FHL film 845,769)
            From the Marriage Index in the Supreme Court, District of Columbia; Marriage records after 1858 are to be found in the Supreme Court at the Court House, Washington.
            MAD: This extract lists the marriages as "Ducan" or "Dunean" instead of Duncan.
      "Marriage Records of Washington, DC, 1811-1858" by DAR; V.7, pg.391-2 (FHL film 845,825)

Death and marriage records of Washington, DC, have been extracted and published:
      "Marriage and Death Notices from the 'National Intelligencer,' Washington D.C. 1800-1850" by George A. Martin and Frank J. Metcalf, 1968 (Vol.1, FHL film 929,472; Vol.2, FHL film 929,473; Vol.3, FHL film 929,474; from Charles A. Duncan 7/1989)


Index to Compiled Service Records of Volunteer Soldiers Who Served During War of 1812; National Archives Roll 62, Microcopy 602 (FHL film 882,580, Dun to Duq; copied all Duncan and variant spellings)
      All last names are Duncan unless otherwise noted (MAD: have interfiled by first name); all entered service as privates and were discharged as privates unless otherwise listed. Vols = Volunteers; Mil = Militia
      William; 1 Regt. Dist. of Columbia Mil, Colonel Magruder, Lt. Col. Thompson; Matross - matross

Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.
      Duncan, Edward A., widow Duncan, Alice B.; C 21 & Asst. Surg. 38 Iowa Inf., Cont. Surg. Med Dept. US Vols., Hosp. Std. 21 Iowa Inf.; 1885 Sept. 3, Invalid Appl. #548702, Cert. #408325; 1915 Feb. 19, Widow Appl. 1041930, Cert. #788341, D.C. (MAD: ? 1850 Hartford Co. CT or ??? Gloucester Co. NJ; 1860 Dubuque Co. IA; MAD: Edwin A. Duncan enlisted 20 August 1862, Fifer, age 32, Union; Resided in Dubuque; C Co. 21st Inf Reg. IA and S Co. 38th Inf Reg. IA; Transferred on 09 September 1862 from Company C to Company S)
      Duncan, Frank C., 100 E. Capital St., Wash., D.C.; R-21605.
      Duncan, Harry P.; I 104 PA Inf., F 1 D.C. Inf., F 2 D.C. Inf.; 1896 May 19, Invalid Appl. #1177692, Cert. #981138, NJ.
      Duncan, James G., widow Duncan, Mary F., now Blackmore, minor Duncan, Garnett G.; naval service, Chief Yeoman, enlisted 1892, discharged 1908, Minnesota, Richmond, Portsmouth, Vermont, Marblehed, Columbia, Raleigh, Olympia, Ohio, Hancock, Wabash, Chesapeake, Lancaster, Yankee, Independence; 1910 Aug. 10, Widow Appl. #29242, Cert. 717043, NY? (NH?); remarks Sailor died July 26, 1910, Washington, D.C.
      Duncan, Robert H.; G 5 US Art., 23 & 24 Cos. US Coast Arty, G.M.C. USA; 1931 April 9, Soldier(S) Appl. #1692702, Cert. #A-9-23-31, D.C.; remarks C2607985.
      Duncan, Thomas, widow Duncan, Mary S.; Maj. 3 US Cav., Lt. Col. USA retired, Lt. Col. 5 US Cav.; 1887 Jan. 20, Widow Appl. #349119, Cert. #230186, D.C.
      Dunkin, Thomas, widow Dunkin, Jeannette F.; G 162 NY Inf.; 1892 Aug. 2, Invalid Appl. #1124460, Cert. #869925, Texas; 1905 Aug. 1, Widow Appl. #832657, Cert. #610112, D.C.
      Duncan, Thomas, widow Duncan, Mary; G 25 US Inf., D 9 US Cav.; 1892 April 11, Invalid Appl. #1103399, Cert. #855597, VA; 1910 Aug. 18, Widow Appl. #947587, Cert. #709121, D.C.; remarks XC969863 died 3/6/10.


Winston Co. MS Will Record 1860-1929 (FHL film 901,718)
      I-62: Will of John Duncan of City of Jackson, MS, 11 Dec. 1865; It having pleased Almighty God to disolve my earthly household by taking to himself all my worldly treasures, Walker my first born; Lucy the young the bright and intellectual the beloved wife of my bosom; Mary my peerless daughter, and Garnett the last and youngest of them all, and being myself in good health of both mind and body yet far distant from my home and constantly exposed to perils and dangers of travel, I do hereby make ... last will. I give in her own right and free from all incumbrances to my niece Mary Jane Duncan, hereafter if she chooses, to be called Mary McFarlan Duncan, in memory of my deceased mother, my residence at Jackson, MS, known as Casamia with the furniture therein and everything thereto appertaining. The entire residue of my property real and personal to my three sisters and the aforesaid niece Mary to be equally divided; that is, to my sister Mary, the widow of Charles Stewart, 1/4 of said residue; to my unmarried sister Jane A. residing in New York, 1/4 of said residue; to my sister Louisa Brodie the wife of George Payne Quackenbros, 1/4 of said residue, and to my aforesaid niece Mary the daughter of my deceased brother William the remaining 1/4 of said residue of my estate. Appoint as my executrix and executor my niece the aforesaid Mary J. or Mary McFarlan Duncan and her brother my nephew L. Alex Duncan of the State of MS, and my brother in law George P. Quackenbros of the City of New York; no security of any kind to be required from either of them. Signed 11 Dec. 1865, John Duncan of MS. Wit. Fred. J. Stanton, Washington DC, and Duncan S. Walker, Washington DC. John Duncan of City of Jackson, being in feeble health, codicil to my will dated at the City of Washington on 11 Dec. 1865, which will was wholly written by me in my own handwriting, that the aforesaid will 11 Dec. 1865 ... that my niece Mary J. Duncan shall have my residence in Jackson MS known as Casa Mia with the furniture etc. and my jewelry and momentos, my watch, pictures, and everything else, leaving it to the pleasure of my niece to take the name of Mary McFarlin Duncan instead of Mary Jane Duncan as she may choose. Dated 26 Jan. 1872. Also make my aforesaid niece Mary McFarlan Duncan as my sole executrix, recoumenting? to her my nephew L. Alex Duncan and my brother-in-law. Wit. 26 Jan. 1872 by James R. Yerger, Wm. C. Crane, Elliott F. Ash. George R. Quackenbros as safe and reliable councellors but revoking the clause in my will of Dec. 11, 1865, as far as the same makes them executors. This 26 Jan. 1872. John Duncan. First Dist., Hinds Co., State of MS, Chancery Court in vacation, Feb. 23, 1872; last will and testament of John Duncan deceased of Hinds Co., First District, on 23 Feb. 1872 appeared W.C?. Crane and Matt F. Ash and James R. Yerger, witnesses to will of John Duncan decd ... proved on their oaths; filed for record 23 Feb. 1872; certification in Carroll Co. MS that will was recorded in Book A, Pg.525-528, 20 July 1872; certification in Winston Co. that will was recorded in Book 1, pages 62-67, 12 Sept. 1872.

Chariton Co. MO Deeds (FHL film 975,969)
      P-409: 27 Aug. 1819, US Grant to Coleman Duncan, late a matross in Hobert's Corps of Lt. Artillery, per warrant #22413, 160 acres, being the SW 1/4 Sec.11 T56N R19W.
      P-410: 27 Aug. 1819, Coleman Duncan late a matross in Holbart's Corp. of Light Artillery and now a resident of Loudon Co. VA, to Samuel Hill of Wilson Co. TN, $100, all the tract of 160 acres in Missouri Territory in the area for military bounties, the SW 1/4 of Sec.11 T56N R19W, by patent 27 Aug. 1819 granted to said Coleman Duncan, conformably to Warrant #22413. /s/ in City of Washington (DC) by Coleman Duncan; wit. Edward Fallon?, Henry Whitcraft. (next deed is from Hill to someone else; many deeds to and from Hill for military land)

HISTORIES before 1923

1901 "Celebration of the one hundredth anniversary of the establishment of the seat of government in the District of Columbia" by Henry B F Macfarland; Geo C Perkins; John B Wight; pub. Washington: G.P.O. (LH10461, HeritageQuest images 4/2007; no index)
      Pg.303: Twenty-fourth council, 1826. Common Council ... William Duncan
      Pg.303-304: Twenty-seventh council, 1829. Common council ... William Duncan.
      (MAD: 24th council included both William Duncan and William Gunton)

c1903 "A History of the city of Washington : its men and institutions" ed. by Allan B. Slauson; pub. Washington, D.C.: Washington Post Co. (LH10455, HeritageQuest images 4/2007)
      Pg.257-259: FRANK HUME, wholesale grocer, ... (In 1721) George Hume emigrated with his uncle Francis to the colony of Virginia, settling in St. George Parish, County of Spotsylvania, ... 1751 was appointed by the crown as surveyor of Orange County, ... From the second, Francis, the subject of this sketch is descended. Planter in the county of Culpeper, where he married Elizabeth Duncan, by whom four sons and two daughters were born. The second son, Armistead, also a planter, married Priscilla Calvin, daughter of John and Sarah Calvin, December 25, 1798, and died in Culpeper county, January 19, 1815. They had six sons and one daughter. Charles, the youngest of the sons, was born July 1, 1814, .... (MAD: no sources given for this genealogy, use caution)

1881 "History of St. Clair County, Illinois : and biographical sketches of some of its prominent men and pioneers" pub. by Brink, McDonough & Co. (FHL book 977.389 D3h from Petie Schee 9/1986, from Sue Monaghan, FHL film 1,000,512)
      Pg.210: R(isdon) A. MOORE. ... 2nd in family of 9 children; son of William Moore, b. GA 1791, to IL 1812, m. 1814 Margaret Alexander. Risdon A. Moore raised Belleville, m. (1) 26 Nov. 1835 to Ann Middlecoff, b. 6 Aug. 1818; settled Sec. 199, Twp 1N, Range 7W. Ann (Middlecoff) d. 25 Nov. 1843. In 1845, Risdon A. Moore joined Fremont on exploring expedition to CA; the winter after his return, that of 1847-8, he spent at Washington, where he was a witness in the trial by courtmartial of Gen. Fremont, against whom charges had been preferred by Gen. Kearney. While there, on 16 March 1848, his second marriage took place, to Sarah Ann Duncan, daughter of William Duncan. In the spring of 1848, he returned to his farm in St. Clair Co. His 2nd wife died 14 Feb. 1856. He mar. 3rd on 30 Nov. 1856 to Sarah Ann Wilderman ... (MAD: Risdon A. Moore mar. Sarah A. Duncan 3/16/1848 in Washington, DC)

1900 "Men of progress : embracing biographical sketches of representative Michigan men, with an outline history of the state." pub. by Evening News Association., Detroit, MI (HeritageQuest image 2/2007, Local History Reel/Fiche Number 4543; FHL film 1,015,819 item 3)
      Pg.251 (includes photo): DUNCAN, MURRAY MORRIS. Murray Morris Duncan was born May 10, 1858, in the city of Washington, District of Columbia. His father was Rev. Thomas Duncan, D.D., of Pennsylvania, and his great-grandfather was Chief Justice of Pennsylvania from 1842 to 1848. His mother was Maria L. Morris, daughter of Commodore Morris, U.S. Navy.
      Murray M. Duncan attended private schools until he was 16 years of age, and then entered the Leheigh University at Bethlehem, Pa., from which he graduated as a mining engineer, in 1880. He was engaged as chemist, having taken a course in eclectic chemistry at the University, by the Cambria Iron Co., at Johnstown, Pa., and remained with this company for one year. The following year he engaged with the Roane Iron Co. at Chattanooga, Tenn., and stayed in that position for ten years. The first year he served as chemist and the next he was promoted to superintendent of the Open Hearth Steel Co.'s plant. For nine years he acted as manager for all the company's mines and furnaces. He came to Michigan in 1892 to take charge of the Antrim Iron Co.'s plant at Mancelona, as manager. On Jan. 1, 1897, Mr. Duncan went to Ishpeming [Marquette Co.], Mich., as agent for the Cleveland Cliffs Iron Co., which is one of the largest iron ore producers on the Upper Peninsula, and operates the Cliffs Shaft, Cleveland Lake, Moro, Salisbury, Tilden, Volunteer and Imperial Mines. Over 1,500 men are on the pay roll of the company. Mr. Duncan has held the position of manager for this big company ever since, making his home at Marquette, Mich. He is a member of the Board of Public Works of Ishpeming and is a director in the Ishpeming National Bank of that place.
      Mr. Duncan married in 1881 Miss Harriet DeWitt Coppee, the daughter of Dr. Henry Coppee, LL.D., formerly the president of the Leheigh University, from which Mr. Duncan graduated. He has three children, all of whom are now attending school. They are William Coppee, aged 14; Pauline Coppee, aged 12, and Helen Coppee, aged 10.
      His long experience in the finer branches of mining, as an assayist, and his practical knowledge of the work necessary in developing and securing the best results from mining property have placed Mr. Duncan in the front rank of his profession. This knowledge is coupled with a knowledge of men and he shows good executive ability in the handling of those in the employ of the company he represents. Mr. Duncan is a member of Marquette Commandery and a Shriner of Ahmed Temple, Marquette. He has a wide circle of friends, and when at college he became a member of the Greek letter fraternity by joining the Phi Kappa Sigma Society of the Leheigh University.
      (MAD: Rev. Thomas Duncan was the son of Stephen & Louisa Pollard from Cumberland Co. PA; Thomas Ducan mar. 5/26/1857 in Washington DC to Maria L. Morris; 1860 Fauquier Co. VA census; 1870 Montgomery Co. MD census; Murray M. Duncan in 1900 Marquette Co. MI census)

1922 "The book of Englewood : together with matter on the world war by other writers from official sources." (Bergen Co. NJ) by Adaline Wheelock Sterling; pub. Englewood, N.J.?: Mayor and Council of the City of Englewood (LH 1469, HeritageQuest images 5/2007; FHL book 974.921/E1 H2s and fiche 6,046,044)
      Pg.170-171: The death of General Samuel A. Duncan, on October 18th, ['95,] came as a shock to a community by which he was much beloved. General Duncan was born in Meriden, N.H., and was a graduate of Dartmouth College. A teacher at the beginning of the Civil War, he gave up his position and enlisted in the army, was commissioned and speedily promoted - Colonel, 1863; Brigadier-General, 1864, and Brevet Major-General, 1865. After the war he practiced law in Washington, D.C., where he married Miss Julia Jones, then engaged in hospital work. In later years he practiced his profession in New York, specializing in patent law. The Duncans made their home in Englewood in the '80s. As one greatly interested in home affairs, General Duncan had been president of ... (MAD: see Sullivan Co. NH)

1911 "Who's who in New York City and State : a biographical dictionary of contemporaries." (anonymous); pub. New York: W.F. Brainard (LH11427, HeritageQuest images 6/2007; FHL film 2,055,148 item 9)
      Pg.292: DUNCAN, LOUIS : Elec. eng'r; b. Washington, D.C., Mar. 25, 1862; s. Thomas and Maria (Morris) Duncan; grad. U.S. Naval Acad., 1880; studied physics and mathematics at Johns Hopkins Univ., Ph.D., 1885; m. Philadelphia, 1887, Edith McKee; children: McKee, b.1889; Dorothy, b.1891; Harriet, b.1893; Edith, b.1899. Served in U.S. Navy until 1887; resigned; prof. applied electricity, Johns Hopkins Univ., 1887-98; head Dep't Electrical Eng'ring, Mass. Inst. Technology, 1902-04. Wrote article on Electric Traction in Encyclopaedia Britannica; also many articles on engineering subjects in technical journals. Served as major 1st Vol. Eng'rs in Spanish Am. War. Mem. Am. Inst. Elec. Eng'rs (twice pres.); hon. mem. Franklin Inst.; fellow Am. Philos. Soc.; mem. Mathematical Soc. of France and Physical Soc. of France. Clubs: University, Eng'rs (N.Y. City), Maryland (Baltimore), Army and Navy (Washington & N.Y. City), Automobile Club of America. Residence: Pelham Manor, Westchester Co., N.Y. Address: 55 Liberty St., N.Y. City.

1898 "Emma Willard and her pupils, or, Fifty years of Troy Female Seminary : 1822-1872" (Rensselaer Co. NY) ed. by Mrs. A.W. Fairbanks; pub. New York: Mrs. R. Sage (LH4363, HeritageQuest images 6/2007; FHL film 6,071,296)
      Pg.681: Duncan, Mrs. C.C. - Tella C. Effinger. EFFINGER, TELLA C., daughter of Dr. Michael and Elmira (Catlin) Effinger, was born in Lancaster, O. She entered Troy Seminary in 1866, and left in 1867. In the same year she married Charles Convers Duncan, and has had four children. Her husband died in 1879. Address, in 1894, Mrs. Tella C. Effinger, 1524 Eighteenth Street, N.W., Washington, D.C.


"Chicago Daily Tribune" Chicago, Illinois, 28 Jan 1883 (from Kathy D. Cawley 10/2006)
      Obituary. MRS. ALICE DUNCAN CHURCH. MRS. ALICE DUNCAN CHURCH, whose funeral took place Wednesday morning from the Park View, 427 West Monroe street, was the wife of FRANK L. CHURCH, one of the old settlerd of Chicago. MRS. CHURCH was born in Newark, O., July 22, 1846. She was the daughter of the HON. DANIEL DUNCAN, who died at Washington, D.C., in his seat in Congress. Her mother followed him soon after. She was left an orphan at an early age.
      She was married at Lancaster, O., in 1864, to FRANK L. CHURCH, then an officer in the United States marines, and went with her husband to his various stations. She was a lady beloved by a large circle of friends for her kind and cheerful manners, always administering to the pleasures of others, oftentimes to the sacrifice of her own. She was a devoted wife and mother, and leaves a husband, sister, and four sons to mourn her early death.
      The Rev. Dr. Clinton Locko conducted the funeral services at the residence and Mr. C.S. Squiers, Mr. Frank Sturges, Mr. Jansen, Mr. Hill, Mr. Relleuger, and Maj. Carroll officiated as palbearers. The remains were interred at Rosehill. (MAD: Newark, Licking Co. OH; Lancaster, Fairfield Co. OH; Washington, D.C.; Chicago, Cook Co. IL)

"New York Times" New York, New York, 9 Jan 1887 (from Kathy D. Cawley 10/2006)
      OBITUARY NOTES. BREVET BRIG.-GEN. THOMAS DUNCAN, United States Army, retired, died on Friday afternoon, after a short illness, at his residence in Washington. During the war of the rebellion GEN. DUNCAN was struck on the head by a cannon ball and a portion of his skull was knocked off. Trepanning was resorted to, and for more than 20 years he had worn the silver plate which took the place of the abstracted portions of his shattered skull. (MAD: Washington, D.C.)

"Washington Post, The" Washington, District of Columbia, 17 Sep 1890 (from Kathy D. Cawley 10/2006)

"The Washington Post" Washington, D.C., November 7, 1905 (transcription by and from Kathy Cawley 5/2004; MAD: Antrim, Hillsborough Co. NH; Edward A. Duncan, 1860 Dubuque Co. IA)
      DR. DUNCAN a Living Refutation of Oslerism.
      MINCE PIE SCARES HIM NOT. Hot Biscuit, Welsh Rarebit, Beer and Cigars Also Looked Upon by Him as Being Part of the Pleasures of His Old Age -- Took Lively Part in Civil War -- Of Scotch-Irish Decent.
      Dr. E.A. Duncan, the cheerful gentleman of seventy-five years, author of the short rhyme in the Sunday Post in refutation of Dr. Osler's contention that a man after the age of sixty is practically useless, was visited at his home, 1018 D street notheast, by a Post reporter, to whom he talked interestingly of his philosophy of life.
      Dr. Duncan may well lay claim to being the youngest old man in Washington. Spry and active as a cat; as full of life as a young man of twenty; ruddy complexioned and in the enjoyment of good health and appetite, he looks anything but what he is, a man of seventy-five. His philosophy is to avoid feeling old by associating with younger people, and to laugh at everything that is funny. He eats three square meals a day; hot biscuits, mince pie, Welsh rarebit, and everything he likes; drinks beer, smokes a dozen or so black stogies every day, and has not missed a day at the Pension Office for twenty years. He also drinks water, germs and all, and is of the opinion that the problem of age is, after all, more a question of the man than it is of what he eats or drinks, thinks or does.
            Of Scotch-Irish Descent.
      Dr. Duncan was born in Antrim, N.H., in 1830, of Scotch-Irish stock, his forefathers having emigrated from County Antrim, Ireland, shortly after the battle of Culloden (sp.), settling in New Hampshire at a locality, which they named after their home county. Early in life he went West, settling in Dubuque, Iowa, as a physician. In 1860, he helped to place Senator Allison in nomination for Congress. At the breaking out of the Civil War, Dr. Duncan enlisted as surgeon in the Thirty-eighth Iowa Infantry, and performed such valuable service at the siege of Vicksburg that Gen. McPherson had him transferred from the Thirty-eighth Iowa to his own staff. Dr. Duncan served under Gen. McPherson until the siege of Atlanta, where he saw his commander killed.
      At the close of the war he remained for six years in the army as a military surgeon. He also was, for a time, mayor of Vicksburg under the reconstruction rule. Later he came to Washington, serving for a time as secretary to one of the Congressional Committees, and later getting an examinership in the Pension Office, a position he still holds.
      Dr. Duncan is a 'wit' and elocutionist as well as poet and writer, and through the winter is in constant demand at social affairs.
            The Birth of "Shellanna."
      During the battle of Jonesboro, which was regarded by the Unions as the key to Atlanta, a log cabin, occupied by some "crackers," stood right in the line of fire of both armies. The men of the cabin had fled, leaving an old woman and her daughter, who during the battle gave birth to a girl baby. Cannon shots and bomb shells had blown the roof off the cabin; a bomb had knicked an outer smoke house to pieces, and when the battle ceased it was found that a shell has crashed through the cabin within a few inches of the mother's head.
      The fact that a child had been born during the fight soon became noised about, and Gen. Logan and his staff, of which Dr. Duncan was a member, came to see the baby. The people were wretchedly poor, and the soldiers, in marching by, emptied their haversacks of tea, coffee, bacon, flour, & e., upon the cabin floor, for the benefit of the wretched inmates. At Gen. Logan's suggestion, "Holy Joe," as the chaplain was called, baptized the child after Dr. Duncan had dressed it up in some cloth which he cut from a deserted loom near by, and, at the latter's suggestion, the baby was named "Shellanna."
      Dr. Duncan wrote a full account of this affair some years after the war, and it has, since then, traveled everywhere throughout the United States. Before leaving, Gen. Logan gave the child's grandmother a twenty-dollar gold piece, the largest sum of money thay had ever possessed.

"The Washington Post" Washington: Tuesday, October 9, 1906 (transcription by and from Kathy Cawley 1/2004)
      Funeral of Mrs. Duncan - Funeral services were held yesterday over the remains of Mrs. Mary Shields Duncan, widow of Gen. Thomas Duncan, U.S.A., and sister of Gen. John M. Wilson, U.S.A., at the family residence, 1216 Fourteenth Street northwest. The pallbearers were Gen. John M. Wilson, U.S.A.; Lieut. Downes Wilson, U.S.N.; Beverly R. Mason, and Dr. Gabriel S. Johnson. Rev. C. Ernest Smith, rector of St. Thomas' Episcopal Church, officiated, and interment was at Glenwood Cemetery. Mrs. Duncan is survived by two children - Mrs. L.E. Baxter and Col. J.W. Duncan, Sixth Infantry, U.S.A., who is now on his way from Manila.

"The Washington Post" Washington: November 7, 1907 (transcription by and from Kathy Cawley 1/2004)
      The marriage of Mrs. Georgia B. Denison, widow of William O. Denison, of this city, to Dr. George S. Duncan, was solemnized at noon yesterday at Baltimore. The ceremony was performed in the Brown Memorial Presbyterian Church by the pastor, Rev. Dr. John T. Stone. Dr. Duncan is a member of the presbytery of Washington. He was the first pastor of the Eckington Presbyterian Church, and formerly professor of Semitic's in the Howard University. For the past few years he has been professor of Semitic languages and literature in Berlin, Germany, and for two years pastor of the American church at The Hague, Holland. Dr. and Mrs. Duncan will reside at 2900 Seventh street northeast.

"The Washington Post" Washington, D.C., May 15, 1912 (transcription by and from Kathy Cawley 5/2004)
      Commander of Department of Texas Will Be Buried in Arlington.
      San Antonio, Tex., May 14.-- Brig. Gen. Joseph W. Duncan, commander of the department of Texas, who died suddenly at 12:30 o'clock this morning, will be buried in the National Cemetery at Arlington, Washington. Arrangements for his funeral have not yet been completed.
      Gen. Duncan was born at Fort Ewell, Texas, while his father, Capt. Thomas Duncan was stationed there. In campaigns against the indians, in the Phillippines and in the Spanish-American war he won several service medals.
      Gen. Duncan's military career extended over 40 years. He rose from the rank of second lieutenant to brigadier general. His widow and Capt. Thomas Duncan, a son stationed at Fort Monroe, and a daughter, the wife of Lieut. Palmer, of Fort Sam Houston, survive him.

Adams Co. PA Newspaper Article (from Kathy D. Cawley 12/2005)
   Gettysburg Compiler, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Wednesday, June 17, 1908
      Schmucher Duncan of Washington D.C. is visiting his mother Mrs. Catherine Duncan on Lincoln Ave. and will spend part of the summer here.


Index to Rev. William H. Duncan, SJ, Papers, in Special Collections, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. (internet address posted by Angela Loy on [email protected] mailing list 5/1999)
      REV. WILLIAM H. DUNCAN, SJ PAPERS. Duncan was born in Alabama in 1835, and attended Georgetown as a young man. After graduating in 1853 he studied law, but entered the seminary to become a secular priest in 1860. He was ordained in 1862 and spent the next seven years working in Mobile. In 1869 he decided to become a Jesuit, and entered the Novitiate at Frederick. Completing the work rather quickly, presumably because of the education he already had, he spent almost all of the rest of his life at St. Mary's Residence in Boston. Only a year before his death in 1894 was he sent to Georgetown to serve as procurator.
      BULK DATES: 1855 - 1888 ; SPAN DATES: 1855 - 1888; EXTENT: 1 box
      (MAD: index is to 6 folders, mostly to do with the church, not copied here.)
      Box: 1 Fold: 5. Duncan, Rev. Wm. H., SJ: Concerning the Guardianship; DATE SPAN: 03/02/1858 - 01/01/1871. DESCRIPTION: Duncan was named guardian of two minors, the Harrises, following the death, apparently, of Margaret Harris. There are two ledgers here pertaining to plantation management and guardianship, and several promissory notes from a relative of Duncan, perhaps his brother.
      Box: 1 Fold: 6. Duncan, Rev. Wm. H., SJ: Ledger re his inheritance, 1860; DATE SPAN: 11/10/1855 - 02/25/1860. DESCRIPTION: Ledger of estate settlement, Lowndes, Co., Alabama, 1860. The plantation grew cotton and had slaves, some of whom were distributed in the settlement.
      (MAD: see 1850 Georgetown, DC census; 1860 Montgomery Co. AL census; probably son of John Duncan & Catherine Moffett Creyon, see 1850 Montgomery Co. AL for their other children with Nathaniel & Margaret Harris)

"Old New Kent Co. - Some Account of the Planters, Plantations and Places in New Kent Co. [VA]" by Malcolm Hart Harris, Vol.1 and 2, 1977 (TN Gen. Society Library #2726, #2727, from Evelyn Sigler 11/1984; FHL book 975.5 H2har)
      MAD: Pg.831 refers to the Aylett Family, and Martha Dandridge Aylett, dau. of P.& E. Aylett, who mar. Silas Duncan, Capt. in the U.S. Navy, on 3 Feb. 1831.
      MAD: Pg.836 refers to Silas Duncan and wife Martha, who lived at the Tavern at Aylett [King William Co. VA], that Martha died on 11/26/1833 at the residence of her husband Capt. Silas Duncan of the US Navy (Richmond Whig 11/26/1833) and that Capt. Silas Duncan [b.1788] died 9/14/1834 at Dixon's Tavern, he a native of Morris Co. NJ. After his death, the tavern became the home of Capt. William Duncan, formerly of Washington, D.C., who died 10/11/1836, age 47, leaving a wife and 9 children, former publisher of the National Journal.


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