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Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson
the Genealogy Bug

April 21, 2001

Some Duncan Families of
Eastern Tennessee Before 1800

1991 Revision

1991 Revision by Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson of Placerville, CA
1979 original version by Alice Young Duncan and Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson

Table of Contents

Section I  -  Marshall Duncan the Elder, born 1700-10; married Ann or Mary Ann          before 1739; in Prince William Co. VA 1739-1741; in "Granville Co." NC by 1751; in Rowan Co. NC 1764; died Surry Co. NC 1777. Children:

1.  John Duncan, born 1730-39 (1733?); married Roseannah          before 1768; in Rowan and Surry Cos. NC 1768-1776; in Washington Co. TN by 1778; died after 1794, probably in Sullivan Co. TN. His widow Roseannah married 2nd William Stevenson; she died 1825 Washington Co. TN. No children.

2.  Mary Ann Duncan, died after 1776.

3.  William Duncan, born before 1750 (1737?); in Rowan, Surry and Stokes Cos. NC 1768-1782; possibly in Montgomery Co. VA 1782; in Hawkins Co. TN 1790-1796; possibly in Shelby Co. KY 1797.

4.  Ann Duncan, died after 1776.
5.  Marshall Duncan Sr., born before 1743 (1739?); married Betsey Denston Rogers on 9 March 1765 in Rowan Co. NC; in Rowan Co. NC 1768; in Botetourt and Montgomery Cos. VA 1771-1782; in Sullivan Co. TN 1783; in Hawkins Co. TN 1786-1794; in Shelby Co. KY 1797-1815.

6.  Thomas Duncan, born 1740-50 (1741?); married before 1774; in Rowan Co. NC 1768, then Surry Co. NC, then Stokes Co. NC until his death in 1836.
7.  Rice Duncan, born before 1750 (1743?); married Elizabeth          about 1769; in Washington Co. TN by 1775; died about 1777.
8.  Charles Duncan, born 1748; married Luranah          1768-71; in Rowan and Surry Cos. NC 1768-1776; in Washington Co. TN 1778 until death in 1818.

9.  Joseph Duncan, born before 1751 (1749?); married Susannah          about 1772; in Rowan and Surry Cos. NC. 1768-1772; in Washington Co. TN 1778-1781; probably in Pendleton Co. SC 1786-1798; in Hawkins Co. TN 1796; in Warren, Allen, and Simpson Cos. KY 1800-1828.
10.  Robert Duncan, born about 1751; married about 1772; in Rowan Co. NC 1774; possibly in Sullivan Co. TN when he died before 1782, leaving an orphaned son Charles.

11.  James Duncan, born 1755-60 (1755?); married Avey or Arey Shelton about 1774; in Surry and Stokes Cos. NC 1774-1801; in Adair and Russell Cos. KY 1803-1833; in Sangamon Co. IL 1840 where he died before 1850.

Researchers' Names and Addresses - not included here

Section II  -  Thomas Duncan, born 23 Aug. 1768; married Mary "Polly" Lynch on 21 April 1790 in Washington Co. TN; in Washington Co. TN 1790-1795; in Carter Co. TN 1798; in Buncombe Co. NC 1810; in White Co. TN 1818 when he sold land in Greenville Co. SC; in White Co. TN until his death in 1832. His widow Polly married 2nd Reuben Harris Sr. on 14 Jan. 1838 in McDonough Co. IL. Children:

1.  Elizabeth Duncan, born 26 Feb. 1791.

2.  William Duncan, born 17 Feb. 1794; married Susannah          about 1821; in White Co. TN until his death in 1836. His widow Susannah married 2nd John Massa on 29 Jan. 1853 in White Co. TN.

3.  Samuel Duncan, born 11 June 1797.

4.  Sarah Duncan, born 13 Nov. 1799; married Archibald Hawks before 1824; in White Co. TN 1827-1833; in Hancock Co. IL 1840.

5.  Rachel Duncan, born Feb. 1803; married Joseph Atwater on 1 Jan. 1823; in White Co. TN 1823-1837; in Hancock Co. IL 1850 until death in 1871.

6.  John Duncan, born 21 Sept. 1805; married Mrs. Susannah (Pertle) Hooper on 23 Aug. 1839 in White Co. TN; died before 1840, probably in White Co. TN.

7.  Joseph Duncan, born 11 May 1807; married Nancy Harris about 1827; in Schuyler Co. IL 1829-1830; in McDonough Co. IL 1840-1850; in Hancock Co. IL 1860; in Las Animas Co. CO 1880, died about 1881.

8.  George Washington Duncan, born 22 April 1811; married          Hunter before 1835; in Hancock Co. IL 1850-1880.

9.  Mary Duncan, born 7 Aug. 1814; married Isaac Bennett on 6 March 1834 in White Co. TN; in Hancock Co. IL 1840 until death in 1876.

Researchers' Names and Addresses - not included here

Section III  -  Joseph Duncan the Elder, born before 1720, son of          Duncan and Miss          Bruce, from PA or MD; married          Burns. Children:

1.  Anthony Duncan, born 1743-44 Lancaster Co. PA; married probably before 1777; in Augusta Co. VA; in Montgomery Co. VA 1777-1782; in Washington Co. TN 1791; in Greene Co. TN 1794 until his death in 1839.

2.  Andrew Duncan, probably born 1750-60; married Jane          before 1782; in Montgomery Co. VA 1777-1787; in Washington Co. TN 1788 until his death between 1806 and 1808.

3.  John Duncan, born about 1750-1752; married Margaret Paul Alexander on 17 July 1788 in Craigs Fort at French Broad River; in Fincastle Co. VA in 1774; in Montgomery Co. VA 1781-1782; in Blount Co. TN 1788 until his death in 1836.

4.  Joseph Duncan, born 1751; married before 1781 possibly to a Miss          Shaw; in Botetourt, Fincastle and Montgomery Cos. VA 1771-1782; in Washington Co. TN 1778 until his death after 1840.

5.  James Duncan, in Montgomery Co. VA 1782; in Washington Co. TN 1783-1788.

6.  A daughter who married John Allison.

Researchers' Names and Addresses - not included here

Section IV  -  Jeremiah Duncan, born about 1750; married Rebecca          before 1773; in Botetourt Co. VA 1794; in Greene Co. TN 1797; may have been in Rhea Co. TN in 1809; probably in Overton Co. TN in 1820. Children:

1.  George Duncan, born 1773; married 1st Levina Weirs on 30 Dec. 1796 in Botetourt Co. VA; married 2nd Anne Moore on 12 Oct. 1809 in Greene Co. TN; in Greene Co. TN 1809-1814; in Blount Co. TN 1816 until his death in 1862.

2.  Mary Duncan; married 1st          Wright; married 2nd Daniel Donnekin or Dunagan on 13 Jan. 1802 in Greene Co. TN.

3.  Rebecca Duncan; married John Garretson on 9 May 1795 in Botetourt Co. VA; possibly in Greene Co. TN 1801.

4.  Amos Duncan; married Christiana Derryberry on 6 Aug. 1807 in Williamson Co. TN; in Williamson Co. TN until 1812; in Maury Co. TN 1823 until his death in 1829.

5.  Nancy Duncan; married William Baker on 22 April 1805 in Greene Co. TN; died before 1861.

6.  Benjamin Duncan, born 1784-85 Botetourt Co. VA; married 1st Nancy Ross on 1 Dec. 1812 in Greene Co. TN; married 2nd Mary Ross Cobb on 15 July 1838 in Shelby Co. TN; in Greene Co. TN 1810-1821; in Limestone Co. AL 1822-1834; in Shelby Co. TN 1834 until death in 1860.

7.  David Duncan, born 1790 VA; married by 1815; in Madison Co. AL 1815 until death in 1852.

8.  Joseph Duncan, born before 1775?; married Mary Howard on 12 Jan. 1814 in Jefferson Co. TN; in Overton Co. TN 1820 until his death in 1848.

9.  Jeremiah Duncan; married by 1809; in Rhea Co. TN 1808 until his death between 1819-1823.

Researchers' Names and Addresses - not included here

Section V  -  Questions, Loose Ends, Leads. John Duncan of Pittsylvania Co. VA; Craven Duncan and wife Agnes of Greene and Jefferson Co. TN; Newberry Duncan of Blount, Knox and Anderson Co. TN; and others.

Researchers' Names and Addresses - not included here

Appendix  -  Bible and Family Records

   Sec. I -   Geo. R. Duncan letter of 1913
   Sec. I - 7.2.1.   Lucinda Parker Bible
   Sec. I - 8.5.   Joel Duncan Bible
   Sec. I - 8.5.3.   Charles Duncan Family Record
   Sec. I - 9.1.1.   Allen Duncan Bible
   Sec. II - 2.1.   William E. Duncan Notebook

Additional Information not in published book
   Sec. I - 8.5.3.  Story of Crossing the Plains to California in 1864
   Sec. IV - Additional Information about Jeremiah Duncan

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There were many Duncans in Eastern Tennessee in the early 1800's. Where did they come from? Where did they go? Were they related to each other? In an effort to identify as many Duncans as possible, they have been separated into five sections. The first four sections include individuals who are most likely related to each other. The fifth section includes questions, loose ends, and leads; some of the individuals do not seem to be related to any of the other four sections, although they were in the same place at the same time. The appendix contains some Bible and Family Records of these families which have not appeared in print elsewhere. These are included so the information will not be lost.

As much as possible, the specific sources have been given for the information about each individual, with three exceptions:

1. Birth years. If only a year of birth is given and the family was on the 1850 or later census, the year of birth was usually computed by subtracting the age on the census from the year of the census.

2. Marriage dates. If the date and the county and state of marriage are given, the marriage record should be available in the county records, either on microfilm or in book form.

3. Death dates. If the name of the cemetery is given, the birth and death dates would have been taken from the cemetery records.

Occasionally the information is from the files of another researcher, in which case the researcher's name is given. The addresses of the researchers are on file but not posted here.

This book was made possible by the generous sharing of research by everyone. Special thanks go to my husband, Charles Dobson, for his support and tolerance. Special thanks also go to Alice Duncan and Evelyn Sigler, who urged me to publish and who did a lot of typing and proofreading.

Enjoy your genealogy!

Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson, the Genealogy Bug


Comments - Addresses and library copies, 1 July 2000

The addresses of the researchers listed in this book are not included here in this on-line version although they are listed in the published book.

The following libraries have printed copies of this book.
North Gila Co. [AZ] Gen. Soc. Library, Payson, AZ
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