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Formed 1833 from Independence, Conway, Izard
Cleburne formed 1883 from White, Van Buren, Independence
Stone formed 1873 from Izard, Independence, Searcy, Van Buren


1840 Van Buren Co. AR Census
      No Duncan indexed

1850 Van Buren Co. AR Census (also from Ruth Robertson 4/1983)
Giles Twp.
Pg.305, #140, Harberd B. DUNKIN 35 KY farmer $0
                  Sallyann 23 TN
                  King M. 8, James W. 3 KY
                  Wm. H. 1 AR
                  Elizabeth CHANDLER 66 SC
                  Israel R. DUNKIN 20 KY
Pg.306, #150, Chittender DUNKIN 30 KY farmer $0
                  Amanda 29 KY
                  John C. 12, Wm. Z. 9 KY
                  James K. 8, Stephen P. 5 KY
                  Mary C. 1 AR
                  Wm. DUNKIN 22 KY
                  (RR & MAD: 1860 Searcy Co. AR census; RR: Mary C. age 1 was Jane)

1860 Van Buren Co. AR Census
Piney Twp.
Pg.404, #436-441, G.W. DUNGAN (m) 25 TN teacher $600-$45
                  Mary E. 25 TN
                  (MAD: alone, not mar/in/year, indexed "Duncan?")
Pg.406, #445-450, King M. DUNCAN 19 KY laborer
                  J.W. (m) 14 KY
                  W.H. (m) 11, Parmelia 7, Jno. L. 4 AR
                  A.G. SMITHERS (f) 1 AR
                  M.L. COLLUM (f) 19 GA?/IA?/? Seam (occupation)
                  Cordelia " 5/12 AR
Pg.408, #457-462, James DUNCAN 23 TN laborer
                  Polly 19 KY
Pg.408, #463-468, John H. GOFF 27 KY farmer $400-$300
                  Rebecca A. 22 KY
                  Thos. J. 4, Wm. E. 1 AR
                  Nancy E. DUNCAN 14, Mary L. 10 KY

1870 Van Buren Co. AR Census (also from Denzil Mauldin 1/1987 and part from Jerri McCoy 5/2000)
Cadron Twp., P.O. Quitman
Pg.6, #71-71, PARKER, William 35 VA farmer $250-$100
                  Mary J. 24 TN keeping house
                  Sally 1 AR
                  DUNCAN, Sophronia 20 TN
Davis Twp.
Pg.15, #40-40, DUNCAN, J.B. (m) 40 TN blacksmith $150-$200
                  Catharine 32 TN keeping house
                  James W. 14, Joseph H. 11 TN
                  Benjamin F. 7, George 4 TN
                  Samuel T. 2 TN
                  KIDD, Elizabeth 24 TN
                  (MAD: James Blanton Duncan, 1850 Blount Co. TN with Benjamin F. Duncan and wife Harriet Nance; one James B. Duncan mar. Catherine Caldwell 3/9/1861 Knox Co. TN; one J.B. Duncan 4/15/1829 - 9/14/1904 bur. Huie Cemetery, Van Buren Co. AR)
Giles Twp.
Pg.22, #33-33, DUNCAN, Amos (m) 67 KY kpg. house $0-$0
                  Mary A. 40 MO
                  Alex 16 AR
                  (MAD: 1850 ?? Shelby Co. IL census)
Valley Twp.
Pg.68, #39-39, GOFF, Melissa 40 AR widow household $100-$200
                  DUNCAN, King 21 AR farmer $0-$0
                  (MAD: one King Edward Duncan d. 11/26/1952 age 97y, buried King Cemetery, Crawford Co. AR; one K.M. Dunkan was in Co.G 1st Mtd Rifles, and one King M. Duncan was in Co.B 31st Inf., Confederate Service, AR)

1900 Van Buren Co. AR Census (HeritageQuest image 8/2008)
Pg.312A, Craig Township, SD 4, ED 140, Sheet 2
#58-58 (crossed out: 24-24) DUNCAN, Rebecca L., head, W/F, Oct. 1859, [age] 40, Wid, mother of 5 children, 3 living, Arkansas, Tennessee, Tennessee, farmer, yes, yes, yes, O(wns) farm
  Humbert L., son, W/M, Feb. 1882, 18, S(ingle), Arkansas, Tennessee, Arkansas, farm laborer
  Jesse, son, W/M, Dec. 1888, 11, S, Arkansas, Tennessee, Arkansas, at school
  Nellie, daughter, W/F, Dec. 1891, 8, S, Arkansas, Tennessee, Arkansas, at school


Bureau of Land Management, General Land Office Automated Records Project. Batesville [Independence Co.], AR, Land Office, Act/Treaty of April 24, 1820, Entry Classification: Sale - Cash Entries
      Name, Acres, Date land document signed
      Duncan, Chittenden L, 80 acres, Jul 01 1859 (MAD: see Searcy & Van Buren Co)
      Duncan, Chittenden L, 80 acres, Oct 30 1857
      Duncan, Harbard B, 40 acres, Jul 01 1859 (MAD: see Searcy & Van Buren Co.)

Little Rock [Pulaski Co.], AR Land Office, Act/Treaty of May 20, 1862, Entry Classification: Homestead Entry Orig.
      Name, Acres, Date land document signed
      Duncan, Chittenden L, 80 acres, Oct 30 1877

Van Buren Co. AR Deed Index 1855-1930 (FHL film 1,029,956; copied by CVD in SLC 5/1/2013)
      No Duncan until 1890's, not copied


Alexander Co. IL Deed (SLC 9/11/2013)
      E-51/52: "Critenden" L. Duncan of Van Buren Co. AR for $150 paid by Trammell Parker and John Hodges of State of IL, have sold to said Tramell Parker and John Hodges my right, title and interest to any of the lands of which the late Josiah Chandler of Alexander Co. IL died seized, and also all the right, title and interest which I have in the estate property and assets of the estate of said Josiah Chandler, intending by this indenture to sell and transfer to the said Trammell Parker and John Hodges all my interest in and to the said estate of the said Josiah Chandler deceased, and hereby authorize the administrators of said Chandler's estate to pay to said Trammell Parker and John Hodges all money and property which would of right belong and come to me from the said Chandler's estate, but in the event of the said Parker and Hodges failing to get anything from said estate, I am in no wise to be liable. 6 Nov. 1848. /s/ Crittenden L. Duncan. Wit. L.B. Lisenbee, King S. Chandler. Ack. 6 Nov. 1848 before Lemuel B. Lisenbee, J.P., Alexander Co. IL. Received for record 6 Nov. 1848, L.B. Lisenbee, Recr. (FHL film 960,960)

Caldwell Co. KY Deed (FHL film 466,851)
      R-137: 20 Oct. 1852, indenture ... between "the heirs of John Duncan deceased (and William Ballentine) of the County of Caldwell and State of Kentucky" and "we the heirs (Viz. John J. Duncan, Elihu C. Duncan, Doctor W. Duncan of the County of Caldwell and State of Ky. and Owens Duncan and Barnet G. Perren of Crittenton County Ky. and Harbard B. Duncan and Chittendon L. Duncan of the State of Arkansas and Van Buren County"; for $65, sell ... to William Ballentine, our interest in ... land belonging to their father's estate ... on Skinframe Creek in the County of Caldwell ... 68 & 2/3 acres, part of a survey patented to John Davidson by Certificate No. 4153. /s/ John J. Duncan, Elihu C. Duncan, Barnet G. Perren, D.W. Duncan, H.B. Duncan, C.L. Duncan, Owens Duncan. Wit. C.H. Jones, E.C. Duncan. Certification for Harbard B. Duncan and Chitington (sic) L. Duncan in Van Buren Co. AR 21 Jan. 1853; Caldwell Co. KY deed proved by oath of C.H. Jones for signatures of John J. Duncan, E.C. Duncan, B.G. Perren, D.W. Duncan and Owens Duncan 20 Sept. 1853.


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