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Formed 1846 from Arkansas, Bradley
Ashley formed 1848 from Chicot, Union, Drew
Lincoln formed 1871 from Arkansas, Bradley, Desha, Drew, Jefferson


1850-1860 Drew Co. AR Census
      No Duncan indexed

1870 Drew Co. AR Census
Bartholomew Twp.
Pg.561, #33-33, DUNCAN, James 47 KY farmer $2500-$2000
                  Sarah 37 VA keeping house
                  William 21 TN farm laborer
                  James T. 17 KY farm laborer
                  Susan M. 15 AR at home
                  Samuel F. 11 AR
                  Dannel J/F. (m) 5 AR
                  Margret 8 AR
Pg.561, #34-34, DUNCAN, Hester 33 VA keeping house $2000-$800
                  Henry 13 KY farm laborer
                  Willella (f) 11 AR at home
                  Thomas 9, Benjamin 6 AR
                  (MAD: ? 1860 Ashley Co. AR, pg.209, W.B. Duncan (m) 33 KY, H.A.(f) 22 KY, H.S.(m) 3 KY, W.E.(f) 2 AR)
Franklin Twp.
Pg.599, #48-48, DUNCAN, J.T. (m) 25 NC farmer $1000-$350
                  Mollie A. 25 MS keeping house
                  Bell (m) 12 MS BLACK
Pg.599-60, #56-56, MILES, Ben 43 MS farmer $0-$250
                  Sousan (f) 30 TN keeping house
                  John 13, James 10 AR
                  DUNCAN, Charley 9/12 MS b.Aug.
                  MILES, Albert 8, Allice (f) 4 AR
Spring Hill Twp.
Pg.671, #133-136, LYLE, Thomas 52 IRE farmer $2500-$1000
                  Jane M. 45 SC keepig house
                  Thomas B. 11, James M. 12 AR
                  Tulluh? (Tullech?) (f) 5 AR
                  Mary P. 18 TN
                  DUNCAN, Mary 12 MS
                  James 10 AR
                  MANUSE, Chas. 18 TN farm laborer
                  (MAD: Jane Minerva Duncan, b. 11/16/1820 Chester Co. SC, widow of William Roddy Duncan, mar. Thomas Lyle 1/22/1863, from Lyle Bible Record, pg.19-20, Vol.6 #1, Jan.-March 1968 "AR Family Historian" by AR Gen. Society; James S. Duncan 10/15/1859 - 5/30/1923, son of William Roddy & Minerva Jane Duncan, and Mary B. Duncan, 9/19/1830 - 10/21/1898, bur. Mt.Zion Cem., border of Lincoln & Drew Co. AR; 1860 Bradley Co. AR census; from 1850 Chester Co. SC census; from York Co. SC)


Drew Co. AR Deed Indexes (copied by CVD in SLC 4/30/2013)
   Index, direct A-Z 1847-1896 approx. (FHL Film 981,509 Item 2)
      Duncan starts 1873, not copied
   Index, direct [typescript of ca. 1843-1897 above; dates probably more carefully scrutinized] (FHL Film 986,576 Item 2)
      Duncan starts 1872, not copied
   Index, indirect A-Z 1847-1896 approx. (FHL Film 981,510)
      F-325: Duncan, Wm. B. to Jesse Bowden, 9/4/1860, Deed, F-325, N pt SW fr 1/4 E 1/2 NW 1/4 and W pt NE 1/4 14-13-4
      G-59: Duncan, Wm. B. from Dr. E.H. Abadie, 12/14/1860, Deed, G-59, E frl pt NE frl 1/4 15-13-4
      G-493: Duncan, Stephen from R.M. Gaines, 12/28/1858, Mtg, G-493, land 31-14-2 and 9,8,5,6,18,17,20,19 -15-2 (3500 acres)

Drew Co. AR Deeds (copied SLC 7/21/2014)
      F-325/326: Deed made at town of Monticello, Drew Co. AR, 14 Sept. 1860, by Jesse Bowden of afsd to William B. Duncan, for $1905? paid, sell lots or parcels, the N part of SW fractional 1/4 Sec.14 N of Bayou Bartholomew in Twp.13S from West containing 22-45/100 acres and E 1/2 of NW 1/4 Sec. afsd containing 80 acres and the W part of NE fractional 1/4 of same section & on the west side of the Bayou Bartholomew containing 20-33/100 acres, with appurtenances, warrant title. /s/ Jesse Bowden. Ack. 4 Sept. 1860 before Robert McKay, acting JP in Monroe Twp, Drew Co. AR. Recorded Sept. 5, 1860. (FHL film 981,521)
      G-59/60: 8 Dec. 1860, Doctor Eugene H. Abadie of US Army and Laura L. Abadie his wife of San Antonio, TX, to William B. Duncan of Drew Co. AR, for $424.25 paid, sell parcel of land in Drew Co. AR, on plat of survey, the E fractional part of NE fractional 1/4 Sec.15 Twp.13S of Base Line Range 4W of the 5th Meridian, containing 70-75/100 acres, with appurtenances, warrant title. /s/ E.H. Abadie, Laura L. Abadie. Wit. Larcen?, A.E. Cotton. Ack. 8 Dec. 1860 in before Julius Hafrur?, San Antonio, Notary Public of Bexar Co. TX. Certification for Julius Hafrar? by James Houston, 14 Dec. 1860. Recorded March 9, 1861. (FHL film 981,522)
      G-493/496: 27 Dec. 1858, Richard M. Gaines of Chicot Co. AR to Stephen Duncan of City of Natchez, State of MS, for $5 paid, and further consideration of debt hereinafter mentioned due, sell tracts or parcels of land in Chicot Co., S fractional 1/2 Sec.31, S fractional 1/2 Sec.32 except 12-50/100 acres, in Twp.14S Range 2W, also W fractional 1/2 Sec.4 part of SE 1/4 Sec.4 bearing thus just west of the Lake and above the Bayou, also that part of NW 1/4 Sec.9 which lies above the Bayou Bason, all of Sec.8, all of Sec.5, the E 1/2 of W 1/2 and SE 1/4 Sec.6, the E 1/2 and E 1/2 of SW 1/4 of Sec.18, S 1/2 and NW 1/4 Sec.17, NW 1/4 Sec.20, and N 1/2 NW 1/4 Sec.19 in Twp.15S Range 2W containing in the aggregate some 3,500 acres more or less, known as the Mason Lake Plantation. Also slaves, being the Negro force belonging to said plantation, to wit, John aged about 49 years, Luther? aged 37 years, Anges aged about 12 years, Robert aged 32 years, Margaret aged about 22 years, Olison? aged about 2 years, Speces aged about 60 years, Sylva aged about 60 years, Johnathan aged about 31 years, (MAD: Quit copying), also the following lands in Chicot and Drew Co., the NE fractional part of N NE frct 1/4 of fractional Sec.8, the NW fractional 1/4 of fractional Sec.5, E & W fractional parts of NE fractional 1/4 of fractional Sec.5, W 1/2 and NE 1/4 SW 1/4 Frac. Sec.5, E part of SE frac. 1/4 of (MAD: quit copying, many more land parts given), all in Twp.12S Range 4W in Drew Co., also all of Sec.18 except the W 1/2 of NW 1/4 and all of Sec.17 except the E 1/2 of E 1/2 in Twp.12S Range 3W in said Chicot Co., provided party of first part shall pay party of second part the following promissory notes ... $5,250 payable 1 Jan. 1860, same amount due 1 Jan. 1861, same 1 Jan. 1862, and one for same on 1 Jan. 1863, and one for $5,409 payable 1 Jan. 1864, all payable to the order of said Stephen Duncan agent at the Bank of Louisville in City of New Orleans, LA, 8% interest, /s/ R.M. Gains. Side note: The two first notes mentioned in this mortgage have been paid & the Clerk is requested to copy this statement on the margin of the record, /s/ R.M. Gains, July 9, 63. Ack. 3 Jan. 1859 in Chicot Co. AR, before Benjamin F. Steapherson, Clerk of Circuit Court. Certification 19 Jan. 1863 by Calvin Ashbrook, Clerk of Circuit Court and Ex officio recorder of Drew Co. AR, for record in Book II, Pages 439 to 442, inclusive of Mortgages of R.M. Gains & Stephen Duncan. Recorded Feb. 10, 1863. (FHL film 981,522)


Stewart Co. TN Deed (FHL film 554,338; and from Tammy Duncan)
      29-205: 5 April 1876, between heirs & representatives of Wm. T. Duncan decd, and children of heirs, and names of each and every one who is married, to wit: (1) Samuel T. Duncan and wife Margaret; (2) Daniel Duncan and wife Fanny; (3) Sarah Duncan now Frogg and husband Timothy Frogg; (4) Elizabeth Stevenson; (5) Mary J. Tucker; (6) Ann J. Gilbert; (7) The James Duncan children, he being dead, to wit, Wilkins Duncan, Tucker Duncan and wife Willilla, Sooky? Duncan now Henry and her husband Mr. Henry of AR; (8) the John P. Duncan children, to wit, William Duncan, Margaret now Hunt and her husband George Hunt, Anis now Tucker and her husband Franklin Tucker, and Robert Duncan, Eugene Duncan, Ella Duncan, Daniel Duncan, Hubbard Duncan; parties of the 1st part; to James Sumner of Stewart Co. TN, of the other part; for $240, land in Stewart Co. TN on waters of Saline Creek, corner Duncan Stuart's lower 1,000 acre survey. Thomas R. Henry and wife S.M. Henry appeared in Drew Co. AR 1 July 1879; Mrs. M.M. Hunt wife of G.W. Hunt appeared before James M. Duncan, clerk of Hill Co. TX; Sarah F. Duncan, and J.T. Duncan and wife W.E. Duncan appeared in Drew Co. AR; R.F. Tucker and wife A.M. Tucker appeared in Ashley Co. AR; E. Duncan appeared in Summer Co. TN; R.H. Duncan, J.E. Duncan, D.D. Duncan and H.H. Duncan appeared in Camp Co. TX; G.W. Hunt and W.T. Duncan appeared in Hill Co. TX before James M. Duncan, county clerk. Reg. 31 July 1880 in Stewart Co. TN.

HISTORIES before 1923

1890 "Biographical & Historical Memoirs of Southern AR" Clark, Miller, Sevier, Howard, Pike, Lafayette, Hempstead, Columbia, Little River, Nevada, Cleveland, Ouchita (sic), Dallas, Bradley, Calhoun, Union, Ashley, Drew, Lincoln, Desha and Chicot Cos.; by Goodspeed (FHL film 266,242; and from Betty Laarveld 5/1987)
      Pg.946-947: Drew Co. James T. Duncan, native KY, born in Logan Co. Oct. 5, 1852, his father, James G. Duncan, being also born and reared there, the former event taking place Sept. 6, 1822; father a farmer and tanner, in 1852 to AR and settled near Hamburg, in Ashley Co., 7 years; then Drew Co. until his death in 1872. Master Mason, Methodist Episcopal Church South. His wife, whose maiden name was Sarah F. Tucker, was born in the Old Dominion [VA] in 1834, but was reared and educated in KY, her parents, Robert and Martha Tucker, having removed to KY in 1849. She was married in Ashley Co. in 1851, but is now residing on the old homestead in Drew Co. Her union with Mr. Duncan produced 4 sons and 4 daus: James T. and his sister Susan M. (wife of Thomas R. Henry of Drew Co.) being the only ones now living. James T. Duncan was reared in Drew Co., at age 21 a farmer. September 3, 1873, his marriage to Miss Willella Duncan took place in Drew Co. She was born in Ashley Co. AR, April 4, 1857, and is a daughter of William B. and Hester A. (Tucker) Duncan, the former of whom died in 1864. The mother is still living in Drew Co. To the subject of this sketch and his wife, 7 children: Thomas Edward, Teresa May and Sarah A. being the only ones living. The deceased are: William T., Ida, Susan E., Daniel G. Members Methodist Episcopal Church, South.
      Pg.954: Drew Co.: Thomas Ross Henry, b. Madison Co. West TN on Feb. 3, 1846, son of John L. and Martha (Ross) Henry; to AR with parents when 15, settled Chicot Co.; father d. 1868. Thomas Ross Henry to Drew Co. when age 26; 1863 enlisted Confederate army. He was married in Drew Co. AR on June 25, 1872, to Miss Sue M. Duncan, a native of AR, born in Ashley Co. on Sept. 4, 1854, a daughter of James G. and Sarah F. Duncan. She was reared and educated in Drew Co., where her mother is still living, and where her father died in 1872. To Mr. Henry and his wife 4 children: Claudius G., Fannie R. (d. Aug. 1875 age 3), two twin sons d. in infancy.
      Pg.988: Lincoln Co.: James Martin Lyle, b. Drew Co. AR Oct. 24, 1855, son of Thomas and Sarah M. (Knox) Lyle, natives of IRE and IL, respectively. The father was born in IRE in 1817, to the US when an infant with his parents; located in IL, continued there after his marriage. In 1851 to TN, then to Drew Co. AR where still lives. The mother died in 1862, and the father married Mrs. Duncan of Bradley Co. AR. To his first marriage were born 9 children (not copied here). By his last marriage there have been 2 children: Isabella (who is dead) and Lula (wife of J.A. Bishop). ...

1905 "The Centennial History of the Associated Reformed Presbyterian Church, 1803-1903" by the Synod, Charleston, SC (from Lenox Baker 9/1982)
      James T. Duncan is a native Kentuckian, born in Logan County, October 5, 1852, his father, James G. Duncan, being also born and reared there, the former event taking place September 6, 1822. The father was a farmer and tanner by occupation, and in 1852 removed to the State of Arkansas, and settled near Hamburg, in Ashley County, where he was engaged in farming for about seven years. He then opened up a farm on Bayou Bartholomew, in Drew County, which he continued to till until his death, in 1872, he was remarkably successful in his business transactions, and upon his demise left his family well provided for. He was Master Mason, and was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, for many years, having united with the church early in life. His wife, whose maiden name was Sarah F. Tucker, was born in the Old Dominion, in 1831, but was reared and educated in Kentucky, her parents, Robert and Martha Tucker, having removed to that State in 1849. She (end of page).


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