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Formed 1838 from Arkansas, Chicot
Lincoln formed 1871 from Arkansas, Bradley, Desha, Drew, Jefferson


1840-1860 Desha Co. AR Census
      No Duncan indexed

1870 Desha Co. AR Census (and from John B. White 10/2000 as James Duncan, from poor film)
Wilkerson Twp.
Pg.549, #79-79, DUNCAN, James H. 28 VA farmer $500-$400 (alone)


Desha Co. AR Deed Index 1839-1890 (FHL Film 985,108, copied by CVD in SLC 4/30/2013)
      A-220: Duncan, W.B. & wife to Jas. T. Whiting, Deed, A-220
      B-272: Duncan, William B. to Frances Surget, Deed, B-272
      B-327: Duncan, W.B. to Wm. Harwick, P.Atty, B-327
      B-328: Duncan, W.B. to Frances Surget, B-328

Desha Co. AR Deeds (copied SLC 7/22/2014)
   Deeds, v.A-B, 1839-1848 (FHL film 985,112)
      A-220/221: 28 Aug. 1840, William B. Duncan and Rebeca Duncan his wife of Monroe Co. AR to James T. Whiting of Desha Co. AR, for $540 paid, sell to said James T. Whiting a tract of land in said Desha Co., SW fractional 1/4 Sec.17 of Twp.10S Range 1E containing 75 and 40/100 acres as appears by Receivers Receipt No. 26.43, and warrant title. 28 Aug. 1840. /s/ William B. Duncan, Rebecca Duncan. Wit. Wm. Shinak?, John A. Womack. Ack. 28 Aug. 1840 before Wm. Harvick, J.P. of Monroe Co. AR. Recorded 28 Sept. 1840. (FHL film 985,112)
      B-269: (do not have pg.268) to be made and executed, on the reasonable demand of the said Noadiah Marsh his heirs or assigns, after the patent or patents which shall be issued for the lands so to be entered shall be received from the President of the United States, a good and sufficient deed, in fee simple to the said Noadiah Marsh his heirs or assigns forever, with a general warrantee of the title and estate in and to the said two quarter sections of land, together with a relinquishment of dower therein, to him the said Noadiah Marsh his heirs or assigns against the lawful claim or demand of myself or my heirs, and against the lawful claim or demand of myself, or my heirs, and against the lawful claim or demand of all and every other person or persons, whomsoever, claiming by through or under me or them, and free and clear of all incumberances whatsoever, then this obligation to be void and of no effect, otherwise to remain in full force and virtue. In testimony whereof, I, the said Ebenezer Crawford, have hereunto set my hand and seal at Helena A.T. on the day and in the year first hereinbefore written. /s/ E.B. Crawford." Wit. John R. Sanford, Geo. W. Ferebee. Ack. before J.R. Sanford, Territory of AR, County of Philips, Township St.Francis, a J.P. of twp afsd, the above Ebenezer Crawford ... who signed the foregoing bond and power of attorney for the uses and purposes therein named, 4 June 1835, /s/ John R. Sanford, J.P. (FHL film 985,112)
      B-269/270: Noadiah? Marsh for $1,000 paid, sell the annexed and foregoing obligation and condition to William B. Duncan and by virtue of the authority to me given in the annexed foregoing Power of Attorney do hereby nominate, constitute and appoint the said William B. Duncan as my substitute and the attorney of the said Ebenezer Crawford for the purposes in the said ... 22 Sept. 1835, /s/ Noadiah Marsh. Ack. 22 Sept. 1835 by Noadiah Marsh, of the foregoing assignment and power of substitution, before Solomon Jones, J.P., Philips Co. AR. Recorded Oct. 14, 1845. (FHL film 985,112)
      B-270/272: Deed of sale between John Rogers of Crawford Co. AR to William B. Duncan of Chicot in said Territory, the party of first part having become entitled by virtue of an act of Congress passed 24 May 1828 and sundry supplementary acts, to a donation of land not exceeding two quarter sections, which he is entitled by law to enter with the register of the proper land office in Arkansas per said act, and party of first part has sold to said party of second part, all his right and title to such land to be entered as a donation as afsd, and has authorized party of second part with power of substitution to enter such land in name of said party of first part, and such entry is hereafter then made ... and it is not at this time known on what lands said entry shall be made, now this agreement ... party of first part for $1,000 paid by party of second part, receipt acknowledged, ... issued by the President, deliver to party of second part a full warranty deed for such lands ... and execute a deed ... to describe such lands ... /s/ John Rogers, 4 Aug. 1835. Wit. W.C. Howell, D.D. Mason. Ack. before D.D. Mason, J.P., Pulaski Co. AR, on 4 Aug. 1835, as deed of bargain and sale. Recorded Oct. 14, 1845. (FHL film 985,112)
      B-272/273: 26 April 1844, William B. Duncan of Monroe Co. AR to Francis Surget of Adams Co. MS, for $1,000 paid, sell the north fractional half south of the Chute of Section 6 and the south fractional half south of the Chute of Section 5, all in Twp.9S Range 1W, containing 313.42 acres more or less, the land was located by a Lovely donation claim allowed and confirmed to Ebenezer Crawford and by said Crawford sold to Noadiah Marsh and by said Marsh conveyed to William B. Duncan, who located said claim, as appears by reference to said Crawford's conveyance dated 4 June 1835 and to said Marsh's conveyance to Duncan dated 22 Sept. 1835. (MAD: no signature shown) Wit. Burvin Harvick, William H. Daniel. 26 April 1844, ack by William B. Duncan before Wm. Harvick, J.P., Monroe Co. AR. Recorded Oct. 14, 1845. (FHL film 985,112)
      B-273/274: 26 April 1844, William B. Duncan of Monroe Co. AR to Francis Surget of Adams Co. MS, that said Duncan by virtue of a Lovely Donation Claim allowed and confirmed to John Rogers has located the W 1/2 of "Section Tree" in Twp.10S Range 1W in said State of AR containing 320 acres more or less, now for $1,000 paid, said Duncan has sold to said Francis Surget. And whereas said Duncan did take of John Rogers the original claimant a bond and Power of Attorney dated 4 Aug. 1835 investing said Duncan with power to locate said claim and giving assurance of title when located, now the said Duncan appoints said Francis Surget my substitute should it become necessary to relocate said claim ... /s/ William B. Duncan. Wit. Perrin Harvick, William H. Daniel. Ack. 26 April 1844 before Wm. Harvick, J.P., Monroe Co. AR. Recorded Oct. 14, 1845. (FHL film 985,112)
      B-327/328: Republic of Texas, County of Houston. William B. Duncan of Republic of Texas and County of Houston having forwarded to Francis Surget of Adams Co. MS in May last a deed transferring the donation claim of Ebenezer Crawford to which deed I inadvertently neglected to sign my name and forwarded also at the same time to said Surget a deed for certain other lands in Monroe Co. AR which may perhaps be also unsigned by me, now in order to remedy said omission to sign my name to said deed, I appoint William Harwick my attorney in fact to substitute for me and draw up a similar deed for the same lands and to the same parties therein named, or in short to deed to Francis Surget and John Ker any and all lands of which I was possessed on leaving state of AR, the portion or interest intended to be deeded to said John Ker will be explained in the aforesaid unsigned deed and my letters to them. And whereas a portion of my lands afsd were mortgaged to the Real Estate Bank of the State of AR, I also authorize my said attorney to execute a transfer to said Surget & Ker for all stock which I held in said Bank ... and all my lands in AR ... and ratify and confirm whatsoever my said attorney may do ... 18 Feb. 1845, /s/ William B. Duncan. Ack. before Cyrus H. Randolph, Chief Justice, Houston Co. TX & Ex Off. N.P., 18 Feb. 1845. Recorded April 1, 1846. (FHL film 985,112)
      B-328/329: 23 March 1846, William B. Duncan of State of TX to Francis Surget of Adams Co. MS, for $1,000 paid, sell the south fractional half (south of the whole of Sec.6 and south fract. half (south of Chute) of Sec.5, all Twp.9S Range 1W, containing 313 and 42/100 acres more or less, in Desha Co. AR, the said tracts of land were located by a lovely donation claim allowed and confirmed to Ebenezer Crawford and by said Crawford sold to Noadiah Marsh and by said Marsh conveyed to said Duncan who located said claiam, which appears by reference to said Crawford's conveyance 4 June 1835, Duncan warrants title. /s/ Wm. B. Duncan by his attorney in fact Wm. Harwick. Wit. W. ?. Ringo, R.S. Bell. Ack. 23 March 1846 before Robert S. Bell, Clerk of Circuit Court of Monroe Co. AR, by William Harwick, the attorney in fact for William B. Duncan, the grantor. /s/ R.S. Bell. Recorded April 1, 1846. (FHL film 985,112)


Pulaski Co. AR Probate Books (FHL film 1,302,564; and from Lorna LaFave 9/1983)
      D-41: April term 1857, 14th April; in the Estate of Charles D. Duncan, decd; this day comes Elmyra R. (plain) Duncan, administratrix of the estate of Charles D. Duncan, decd, by attorney and files her report as adm. of said estate.
      ? June? 1855, Application for adm. of the estate of Charles D. Duncan, who d. in Desha Co. ? on or about 8 Oct. 1854, leaving no will, the heirs being Elmyra R. Duncan and Charles D. Duncan. Appl. by Elmira R. Duncan.
      24 July 1855, Petition for sale of land by Elmyra R. Duncan in the matter of the est. of Charles D. Duncan, late of Pulaski Co., dec'd, being SE 1/4 of Sec. 17, 2S-11W, in Pulaski Co.

HISTORIES before 1923

1890 "Biographical and historical memoirs of southern Arkansas : comprising a condensed history of the state, a number of biographies of its distinguished citizens, a brief descriptive history of each of the counties mentioned, and numerous biographical sketches of the citizens of such county." pub. by Goodspeed (FHL film 1,004,960 item 3, SLC 9/2007; Sutro Library book F411.B65, 3/24/2010)
      [Clark, Miller, Sevier, Howard, Pike, Lafayette, Hempstead, Columbia, Little River, Nevada, Cleveland, Ouchita (sic), Dallass, Bradley, Calhoun, Union, Ashley, Drew, Lincoln, Desha and Chicot Cos.]
      Pg.1023. Desha County. Hugh L. Henry is a member of the mercantile firm of Henry Bros., of Tillar Station, Ark. He was born in Madison Co. TN in 1852 and is a son of John L. and Martha (Ross) Henry, the former of whom was born in the Old North State in 1818, and emigrated from South Carolina to Madison County, TN, at an early day, where he followed the occupation of merchandising and farming, these occupations receiving his attention throughout life. In 1861 he removed from the State of TN to AR, purchased land in Chicot County, and here was engaged in farming until his death in 1865, a member of the Masonic fraternity. His wife was born in TN in 1821, and died in 1889, having borne him a family of 7 children -- three sons and four daughters: Thomas R., Mary C. (wife of James H. Herron), Mattie L. (wife of S.T. Duncan), Frame W., Hugh L., Caroline L. and Sarah J. Both parents were members of the Presbyterian Church. Hugh L. Henry was married, in 1879, to Miss Mary L. Smith and by her has had a family of three sons and three daughters, only one daughter and two sons of whom are now living: Tommie R., Frank T. and Lucy T. Mr. Henry and his brother, Frame W., are the owners of 1,145 acres of land and well improved. He is a member of the K. of H., Arkansas city Lodge No.3215, and also belongs to the K. of P., Valley Lodge No.21. His wife is an earnest and consistent member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and is a lady much esteemed by all.


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